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Post by Nareik123 » Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:54 pm

I've also been ill recently, annoying.
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Post by Libra » Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:35 am

Ah well, Real Life Comes First. Get better soon. :D
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Post by Nareik123 » Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:57 pm

I'M BACK! And don't you hate it. :D

Mark Davies (Homebrew)

Players Name: Nareik123
Power Level: PL10
Unspent PP:

Characters Name: Mark Davies
Alternate Identity: Intel
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Weight: 205lbs
Hair: Short, black
Eyes: Blue

Description: Mark Davies is a well dressed, well groomed man in his mid 30’s. He usually dresses up in a Royal Navy “Number Ones” Uniform while onboard “Sternguard” while occasionally wearing an armoured flak jacket while on the ground. His uniform consists off brightly polished boots and Admiral Epaulets. A naval white front resides underneath a gold buttoned naval Jacket, with a Cap.

Mark Davies is a Navy man, through and through. Raised in England, the perfect place to join the Navy, Mark breezed through his Primary school and Secondary school, making many friends, although he doesn’t know them now, having never seen them again. During this time in school and studies, he went to Sea Cadets, a youth organization based on the Royal Navy. He studied under Engineering and Leadership improving skills, while focusing on his education. In the end, and a lot harder than Mark reckoned, he passed his exams and was accepted College, finally going onto university and then leaving to join the Navy.

Mark had a illustrious career in the Navy. He joined in the middle of the Iraq war and was dispatched there under command of Lieutenant Joseph Alex on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a Destroyer tasked to deliver covering fire to Marine assault forces as they stormed into Iraq’s contested zones. However, this went off badly as the Iraq militants managed to capture a 50mm Cannon and repositioned it on the beach. The destroyer took excessive damage, only being saved by Marks Engineering skills and, when the captain was unfortunately assassinated, his Leadership Talents. He managed to pull the ship out of danger, laying suppressive fire.

Due to his immense record, Mark was entered into a test that was kept top secret. He not only passed, but scored about 50 other candidates. He was not expecting to find the surprise that awaited for him.

Thus Mark Davies became the Admiral of the SternGuard, a huge Airship and pride and joy of the British forces and British Engineers. As a field test, Mark Davies took command of the ship and brought it to Freedom City. It was “Officially” a field test, but what Mark dreamed off was becoming more than a captain of some of the most amazing pieces of technology on the planet. He wanted to save lives, become a hero he could never have been. And so, Intel was born.

Personality & Motivation: Intel has ended enough lives in the Iraq wars, even if they wanted to end his. He wants to save people this time, possible with his huge Airship.


“The guns fall silent”
While Sternguard has an impressive array of weapons as benefits a floating fortress, Mark Davies virtually NEVER uses them. He came here to save lives, not obliterate the city. He will only ever use them in the direst circumstances.

“Dead, but breathing”
Mark Davies has been listed KIA to keep Sternguards commander from being a target. He tries to avoid his past which will be denied by his school teachers and the like.

“Nobody dies today”
Mark Davies will rarely, if ever, claim a life by his direct actions. If a criminal is about to escape and a civilian is trapped in a building, Mark will go save the civilian, even if it means he will lose the Villain. This also includes Mark trying to never kill anybody himself, he always tries to Subdue.

Stats: 24pp
Str: 12 (+1)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 16 (+3)
Wis: 12 (+1)
Cha: 16 (+3)

Combat: 18pp
Attack: +5
Grapple: +4
Defense: +14 (+12 flat-footed)
Knockback: -3 (-1 without tactical vest on)
Initiative: +1

Saves: 7pp
Toughness: +6 (+2 Con, +4 Tactical Vest)
Fortitude: +3 (+2 Con, +1)
Reflex: +4 (+1 Dex, +3)
Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3)

Skills: 236r = 59pp
Computers 3(+15)
Concentrate 3 (+13)
Craft (Mechanical) 3 (+15)
Craft (Electrical) 2 (+15)
Diplomacy 3 (+15)
Disable Device 2 (+11)
Gather Information 3 (+15)
Investigate 3 (+15)
Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 2 (+11)
Knowledge (Civics) 3 (+15)
Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+15)
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 3 (+15)
Knowledge (Popular Culture) 3 (+15)
Knowledge (Tactics) 3 (+15)
Knowledge (Technology) 3 (+15)
Notice 3 (+13)
Pilot 3 (+14)
Profession (Royal Navy) 3 (+13)
Search 3 (+15)
Swim 3 (+13)

Feats: 42pp
Attack Specialization (Ceremonial Sword)
Defensive Attack
Equipment 22
Improved Defense
Improvised Tools
Master Plan
Minions 7
Move by action
Well informed

Powers: 0pp

Drawbacks: 0pp

DC Block:
Sword slash (19/Toughness) Bruise (Staged)
Pistol shot (17/Toughness) Bruise (Staged)

Costs: Abilities (24) + Combat (18) + Saves (7) + Skills (59) + Feats (42) + Powers (00) - Drawbacks (00) = 150

HQ: “Sternguard” [Cost: 22 ep)
Huge (+3ep)
Toughness 15 (+2ep)
Personnel (+1ep)
Communications (+1ep)
Computer (+1ep)
Defense Systems (+1ep)
Fire Prevention System (+1ep)
Gym (+1ep)
Hanger (+1ep)
Holding Cells (+1ep)
Infirmary (+1ep)
Isolated (+1ep)
Laboratory (+1ep)
Living Space (+1ep)

Powers: (+4ep)
[Blast 5 [50mm Type 5 Infantry Disrupter Flak Cannons; Extras: Area/Burst 2]
Blast 10 [50mm Type 7 Single Shot Plasma Destructor]
Flight 4

Forcefield 10 [Type 9 Shield projection systems; Extra: Impervious]]

Power System
Security System (+1ep)
Workshop (+1ep)

Vehicle: Mark 6 Armoured Transport Shuttle [cost: 66ep]
Size: Huge (+2ep)
Strength: 60 (+6ep)
Toughness: 10 (+5ep)
Alarm (DC 30) (+3ep)
Navigation system (+1ep)

Force field 10 [Type 9 Shield Projection systems; Extra: Impervious] [cost: 20ep]
Blast 6 [Experimental Plasma Weaver; Extra: Autofire 2; Feat: Accurate] [Cost: 19ep]
Flight 5 [Plasma Propulsion systems] [Cost: 10ep]

Mark Davies Equipment: (+20ep)

Commlink (+1ep)
Laptop (+1ep)
PDA (+1ep)
Concealable Microphone (+1ep)
Night vision Goggles (+1ep)
Flashlight (+1ep)
Gas mask (+1ep)
GPS receiver (+1ep)
Multi tool (+1ep)
Hold out pistol (+2ep)
Sword (+5ep)
Tactical vest (+4ep)


10 Storm troopers

Str 14 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 10
Skills: Climb 4 (+6), Intimidate 2 (+2), Knowledge (tactics) 4 (+5), Notice 2
(+2), Profession (soldier) 4 (+4)
Feats: Equipment 5
Equipment: Hold out pistol, assault rifle (+5 damage), grenades, Carapace armor (+6 Toughness)
Combat: Attack +6, Damage +1 (unarmed), +5 (rifle), Defense +5, Initiative +2
Saving Throws: Toughness +7 (+1 without body armor), Fortitude +4, Reflex +1, Will +1

Abilities 11 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) Feats 4 + Powers 0 + Combat 22 +
Saves 4 = 45

Designer Notes:

:arrow:Mark Davies, your Navy Admiral, with an airship!

:arrow: Unlike pretty much every build I make, Mark Davies is extremely poor and useless alone, aside from his skill ranks. Mark Davies is a team player, not a solo man, hence why he has his bodyguards. (Minions who outperform him in combat...)

:arrow: The best thing is that even though he has an armed airship, if played as how he is supposed to be, he won't park over Freedom City and blow it apart with sustained volleys of Flak fire. No, even I won't want that to happen!

:arrow: Another point I would like to make is that, being strictly an equipment only combatant, Mark Davies can pick up (Or "borrow") an assault rifle from one of his Bodyguards, useful when your primary ranged weapon is a hold out pistol!

:arrow: The major problem is that a floating fortress isn't the most compatible thing ever in a MnM game. I will probably never see Mark Davies in action, let alone in a long running campaign, unless the GM has a special scenario in mind.
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Post by Nareik123 » Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:21 pm

When riots get tough, you can always call upon the:

Divine Riot Shield!

Armour: Divine Riot Shield


Device 5 (Hard to lose) (20pp)
Toughness: 8 (8pp)
Shield: 8 (8pp)
Strike 4 (Feat: Mighty) (5pp)
Immovable 4 (4pp)

:arrow: The Divine Riot shield, handy if your going to be hit by a tank shell!

:arrow: Based on Nick Masons Riot shield from Urban Chaos: Riot Response. That thing could take an RPG shot and not even dent, let alone a chainsaw and a grenade launcher!
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Re: Nareik123: Mark Davies, Divine Riot Shield

Post by Nareik123 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:23 am

Damn, been some time since I posted on this thread. Shame as well.

Basically, I'm currently seeking help. I'm playing a character who is supposedly nigh indestructible (although he is rather easy to hit) a la Colossus style. Any advice from you Pro's?


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Re: Nareik123: Mark Davies, Divine Riot Shield

Post by Frank_Scenario » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:14 pm

Well, what counts as nigh-invulnerability depends on the campaign. Easy to hit means low defense, which means high toughness relative to PL. Make it all Impervious, and you'll be off to a good start. The main book suggests that a tank's main gun is a Blast 10, so anyone with Impervious Toughness 11 or higher will shrug off tank blasts. If you want to be tougher, Immunity (all damage; Limited [half effect]) can be had for 40 points. That, plus a decent Impervious Toughness, will let you ignore most any attack. The next step up is full invulnerability to damage at 80 points; that's too costly for most PCs, unless it's their only schtick.

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Re: Nareik123: Mark Davies, Divine Riot Shield

Post by Nareik123 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:48 am

[tt]When worlds collide...

Welcome guest user

Access personnel files: Libra Alpha
->Access Denied, enter security clearance

Security clearance: Alpha Omega Foxtrot 1-1-6-9-3-1
->Access Granted, welcome Lt. Philip Sparks.

Access Personnel logs: Austin Powell, Corporal. Search, last 4 years
->Access Granted, displaying all field and personnel logs.

July 5th, 2008. 2342 hours.

Humanity is virtually extinct. The major towns, the major states, the major cities do not exist, replaced by the smoking rubble caused by all out war between Humanity and the species known as the Daegeri. The team Libra Alpha has not been seen for a whole year, only pockets of survivors in the 3rd world countries remain alive, and they are stuck with what little technology remains working. A house, fresh water, food, resources. Fossil Fuels are completewly diminished. All remain prized possessions and various small warbands constantly whittle down the human race just to survive. The Daegeri fleet has left Earths orbit. I am still alive, but I have no idea how long.

January 21st, 2007. 1012 hours

What the holy hell?! The Daegeri are attacking us! Dear Gods! We are so outclassed! Death is coming to us!

August 6th, 2006. 1408 hours

I have left Libra Alpha. Physik is getting a lot more disturbing after the last mission and I appear to be the only one who notices her changing from the calm collected sergeant to the more cold warrior. Is this the effects of war, or is this the latest effect of the Comment deleted by Lt. Philip Sparks. I have no idea, admittedly. Poor girl is lost in whatever she is doing now.

September 21st, 2004. 1042 hours

Team Libra Alpha formed off the famed/infamous characters. Heading up the team is Physik, with Tektonic, Wild dash, Patience, Leaping Faith and myself in supporting. We are earths answer to anything that wants to take us, with the Daegeri fleet being the biggest threat. Those alien freaks are still up in orbit, and they have been for at least a month. Apparently, the rumour mill indicates that we will be going up there in what seems to be a boarding rocket. No idea what the hell a boarding rocket is, but I can not wait to try it out! Also, anybody noticed that Physik is actually really damn good looking? Girls probably got all four of us men in the unit dancing after her.

March 30th, 2004. 1301 hours

I'm... a freak of nature. I have no idea whats going on, or why I am like what I am. Why the hell can I break walls with my own bloody hands? Why can I walk through houses as if walking through paper? How the bloody hell do I smash a mans face, as in completely destroy the face, with a kick? It's... I'm freaking out here! I need help... My military career could be over.

I wonder sometimes, when I'm busy not breaking all my punching bags with a single right jab, what happened to the three other men, and the two ladies in the same Comment deleted by Lt. Philip Sparks? I hope they made it out alive and not like me...

End of logs within search criteria.

"Little does our friend, Mr Austin Powell, know that humanity is blossoming, but he chose no longer to be part of it."


This has been my little idea for the past week or so. An elite team with nowhere to go, nowhere to run, now that the land they fight for no longer exists. Throw in the complication of unstable superpowers and the fact that they have new issues to accomplish, and then the idea that the world is effectively destroyed with no real towns and the ilk. I'll be putting up profiles for Team Libra completely.
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Re: Nareik123: It's hammer time!!!

Post by Nareik123 » Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:25 am

Ok, here we take a small, short break. For my time of vengeance is at hand. Now I can pay my respects to the vampire who we all love to hate, to the vampire who starred in a film which everyone went to see, and even more wanted to burn it to the ground. Now, is my time of justice...

It's time to take a hammer (more specifically, the Ion hammer of Daniel Grays ATES suit) to the face of Edward Cullen, and it's now the ultimate test whether my builds suck hardly, or whether I am able of winning a pvp combat.

So, with many thanks for Kreuzritter for making the ultimate punching bag. I bring you, a Nareik special:

Daniel Grey (Complete with his ATES suit)


Edward Cullen!
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Re: Nareik123: It's hammer time!!!

Post by Nareik123 » Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:34 pm

It was a cold day, cold and chilly, Edward reflected as he leaned against a street light, breathing deeply, watching his breath condense. He folded his arms, pondering what was going to happen today, as he does everyday, and how many people will he meet, how many will he become friends with, how many will he hate and how many will hate him? Edward sighed, it didn't really matter, not with his girlfriend. Next thing he knew, his phone was ringing, his ring tone blazing across the street. Edward sighed and flipped it open.
Edward he answered, irritated.
Hello Edward, I wouldn't run away if I were you, you vamp freak the voice hissed back. Edward stood up, glaring at the phone. Who the hell knew about his secret? He turned away from the main road, ignoring a large lorry passing by.
You see Ed, we got your girl at our place. Unfortunately, you see, this world takes no crap from vampires, and so if you want your girl back, well, you'll have to speak to my comrade, who is on his way the voice chuckled.
You'll know him when you see him the voice added, before the line went dead. Edward sighed and looked up, straight into the face of Daniel Grey, all fully armoured in his ATES. Daniel smirked, his fingers flexing around his Ion Hammer.
"Great" Edward groaned.
"You see, Mr Vamp, I have one question. Why do you exist, if to do nothing but piss me off? You see, bunch of murders coming in, all with fang marks on their necks. So naturally, I'm taking justice to you, hammer style" Daniel grinned. Then, all hell broke loose.
Edward Cullens Initiative: 28
Daniel Greys Initiative: 27
Edwards going to take a swing at Daniel Grey, before running the hell away down the street.
He hits the suit, forcing Mr Grey to take a toughness check at DC21, which he fails by 4, causing the Grey to be bruised. Then Edward pelts down the street. Daniel decides that enough is enough and pursues, his ATES granting him the speed to catch Edward before flinging a hammer blow at him. He takes a power attack with his hammer, meaning he is -5 to hit, but +5 to his already impressive damage of 8, making the total damage 13. Amazingly enough, the hammer blow hits him, forcing Mr Cullen to take a Toughness check of DC28! With his toughness mod of +8, its possible! He then proceeds to roll a 4, making his total 12. Normally, I'd grant him a GM Hiatus to save him, but seeing as that wouldn't be fun as the idea for Edward is to die horribly, I'm going to be an ass and say he fails by 15. Now, the REAL fun begins, with the exceptional knockback produced by the power attacking hammer. The total damage is 13, minus half his tough (4) means the result is 9. Edward Cullen, ladies and gentlemen, has just been hit 500 FEET backwards. De- dear gods! 500ft! He's going to only fly 230ft, representing him flying through a few houses, although every house he goes through will force toughness checks. The first being DC 23, then the next DC 18, then the final DC 15 to represent the fact that going through several houses first will eventually slow you down. He fails the first by 9, the 2nd by 6 and he passes the last. To rub salt into the wounds, thanks to the regen provided by his ATES suit, Mr Grey can attempt to Regen his bruised status. Seeing as he has +10 on his con mod for a DC 10 test, he auto passes and is no longer bruised.

End of Round 1
Edward Cullen: 230 ft from Daniel Grey, Unconscious, Bruised.
Daniel Grey: Unharmed.
Despite the surprise of a fully armed and armoured battlesuit wearing hater, Edward was quick to react. He quickly slammed his right fist into Daniels right chest plate with exceptional and inhumane force. Daniel rocked a little, riding the blow to rob it of most of his strength as he snarled. Edward, seeing his opening employed his secret weapon, his exceptional speed. Taking off, Edward fled as fast as he could down the road. He panted as he pushed himself to run as far as he could, jerking his head over his shoulders, hoping to see the Battlesuit nut job far behind in the distance. He wasn't, he was right on Edwards tail, as in an inch behind. Daniel grinned as he raised his hammer, and, with the force of a titan of war, he swung it at Edward. In a split second, Edward could see the Ion field discharging it's deadly and thunderous roar, before he lost consciousness. Little did Edward know he was flung. Daniel grinned as he ceased his suits acceleration and stopped dead, gripping his hammer tightly, watching Edward get sail through the air. One house he crashed straight in and out of, another house, and a third, before stopping on the ground, face down, unconscious.
Round 2
Edward is unconscious, and so is unable to act this turn. Daniel Grey however, isn't. And so, he storms over, using his speed 4 to reach Edward Grey. Then, he'll deliver another thundering power attack to Mr Grey, and fling him back 500 feet, forcing Edward to take even MORE Toughness tests. Daniel Grey is still on non-lethal setting for his Ion Hammer. This time, Edward only fails by a 10, not that it really matters at this stage. His first Toughness check at a the DC of 21 (the wall is not as solid now that Edwards been already flung through it once) and gets a 13, meaning he fails by 9 (the bruised result hits him). Even with the -2 mod, he passes his next Toughness check of DC16, and easily passes his last toughness check.
End of round 2
Edward Cullen: Unconscious, 2*Bruised, staggered.
Daniel Grey: Uninjured.
It took less that a minute to find the miserable excuse of a villain in the field behind the wrecked houses Edward was flung through. Daniel grinned as his suits servo's powered him to the vampire without a sweat broken from the man himself. He stormed over, adrenaline pumping as he picked up the conscious vampire and shrugged. Then, with a gentle toss into the air, Daniel Grey swung his Ion Hammer two handed again, and Edward took the trip through the wrecked houses for the second time, breaking through each easily with the momentum as his abused body took even more punishment and pain. Daniel grinned, hefting his hammer, before pondering quickly. Then grins, knowing fully well where Mr Cullen was going next time.
Round 3
Edward is still unconscious, and so unable to deny Daniel Grey of anything he wants to do. Daniel Grey is going to get a little.... creative. He's going to power hammer Edward into the air this time, having used speed 4 to catch up to him! Edward fails his toughness check by 13 and is propelled into the air 500ft!
End of Round 3:
Edward Cullen: Unconscious, 500ft above the ground, bruised twice and about to take the pain.
Daniel Grey: Uninjured
Daniel, waltzed the remaining foot to Edward, having used the ATES servo's to power himself to Edwards location. Grabbing Edward by the neck, Daniel smirked, hefting his hammer, before sending Edward into the heavens with a double handed power swing with his Ion Hammer. Daniel raised his right hand to block out the sun as he watched Mr Cullen sail into the air, grinning.
"Perks of the job, and the tech" Daniel grinned. He then realizes he has to wait for Edward to come back down, and sighs, before folding his arms. This is going to take a few minutes.
Round 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Nobody does anything till round 8, where Edward finally lands. In time to take a DC 35 toughness check. He fails by 15, and is dying. Daniel Grey, having had enough fun, brings his hammer down one last time, crushing the vampires already pretty much shattered skull and killing the vampire.
End of round 4:
Edward Cullen: Dead
Daniel Grey: Uninjured
Finally, Edward fell from the stars and slammed into the earth. There was no way anyone, vampire or no vampire, could survive such a full, and so to make sure Mr Edward was killed dead, Daniel Grey raised his hammer for the last time. The skull of Edward Cullen was no more.
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Re: Nareik123: Edwards meets the Stratosphere!

Post by Kal'El Wayne » Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:39 am

May the Emperor bless your work, Administratum Brother Nareik!
Your work is truly a credit to the Emperor's service.
As a humble servant of the Emperor, I submit a request for the Basic Statistical Data Form for a Tactical Space Marine.
May Our Deaths Serve Him Well!

Edit: *Data Classified*
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Re: Nareik123: Out till the 28th

Post by Nareik123 » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:03 pm

---Recieving Urgent Astropath Communication---

--Communicae recieved, translating to Data Slate--


Name: Generic Space Marine
PL: --

Str: 26 (+8)
Dex: 22 (+6)
Con: 22 (+6)
Int: 18 (+4)
Wis: 18 (+4)
Cha: 16 (+3)
Cost: 62pp

BAB: 6
BDB: 6
Initiative: +10
Cost: 14pp

Toughness: +6 (+13 in Mark VII Astartes Power Armour)
Fortitude: +10 (+6 Con)
Reflex: +6 (+6 Dex)
Will: +6 (+4 Wis)
Cost: 6pp

Climb +4/+12
Concentration +8/+12
Diplomacy +4/+7
Disable Device +4/+8
Escape Artist +4/+12 (Strength mod in place of Dex)
Gather Information +8/+11
Intimidate +8/+11
Knowledge: Civics +4/+8
Knowledge: Current Events +4/+8
Knowledge: History +8/+12 (Restrictions on Chapter topics only)
Knowledge: Tactics +12/+16
Knowledge: Technology +8/+12
Knowledge: Philosophy and Religion +12/+16 (The Emperor of man kind)
Medicine +4/+8
Notice +8/+12
Profession: Soldier +12/+16
Search +8/+12
Sense Motive +4/+7
Survival +8/+12
Cost: 33pp

All-out Attack
Attack Focus: Ranged 2
Benefit: Space Marine
Defensive Attack
Eidetic Memory
Equipment 11
Fast Overrun
Fearsome Presence 4
Improved Aim
Improved Grapple
Improved Initiative
Improved Pin
Improved Sunder
Power Attack
Precise Shot
Move-by Action
Seize Initiative
Ultimate Effort
Uncanny Dodge
Weapon Bind
Weapon Break
Cost: 45pp

Equipment: (4/7)
Mark VII Astartes Power Armour (Total ep: 42)
Communication: 5 (Feat: Selective) (5ep)
Protection 7 (Power Extra: Impervious) (14ep)
Immovable 3 (3ep)
Leaping 1 (1ep)
Super Senses (9ep)

(Extended Auditory Sense
Extended Sight Sense
Direction Sense
Distance Sense
Infra Red Vision
Time Sense)

Super Strength 2 (4ep)
Immunity (4ep)

(Vacuum, Cold, Heat, Pressure)

Astartes Goddwyn pattern Boltgun (Total: 29ep)
Blast 7 (Extras: Autofire) (Extra: Penetrating) (28ep+1ep)
AP: Blast 7 (Feat: Accurate) (Extra: Pentrating)

Immunity: Aging, Poison, Need for sleep, Disease (4pp)
Healing 1 (Flaw: Self) (Extra: Free) (3pp)


Costs: Abilities (62) + Combat (24) + Saves (6) + Skills (35) + Feats (45) + Powers (7) - Drawbacks (00) = 177/177

Designer Notes:

:arrow: Finally, I have done a request. Sorry about the delay, it just took some inspiration which paid off.

:arrow: This is one of the hundred of thousands of Astartes out there in the 41st Millenium. This is a space marine, recently promoted from scout but not seen much combat. Admittedly, combat or not, this is almost the pinnacle of his skills, as almost no humans in the 41st millenium can outfight a marine without specific wargear.

:arrow: Onto the build. The first thing you probably notice is the attribute points. The thing is, a space marine isn't just a Schwarzenegger style man in huge freaking armour armed with a mini rocket firing rifle. A marine is a smart, tactical and efficient fighting man, reliable to make correct and smart decisions in the heat of battle, as well as shooting the enemies of mankind. Hence why his Int and Wis score is above average. In addition, a marine is a charismatic individual, trained to function as part of a squad, hence his Cha.

:arrow: Skills wise, like I said above, a marine is a smart superhuman and can pick up skills, mostly combat oriented but some when the bullets aren't flying everywhere. Gather Information is used to attain new information from cautious individuals. His human side is how he knows the knowledge side. In addition, seeing as a marine can't really be held down by ropes, he uses his strength modifier for escape artist attempts. Just in case you are wondering, his philosophy and religion covers all prayers, catechisms and sermons to the Emperor and to the things he has been taught to, such as prayers to his weapons spirit. Same with the history, the Marine knows common chapter lore, and common Imperial lore. The marine knows first aid.

:arrow: Same as above, the marine is intelligent. He knows the flow of combat, when to apply pressure and advanced, and when to back up a bit. He can also destroy weapons, as an unarmed enemy is a dead enemy. Benefit: Space Marine indicates that the Marine is going to get above average treatment. He has access to a squad at pretty much all times, with access to certain Imperial Guard functions like temporary command of a few men. He can move around Marine restricted territory, like a base of ops, a strike cruiser and the chapter home world.
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Re: Nareik123: Space Marine!

Post by Arthur Eld » Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:47 pm

Is it just me, or is that Space Marine build a little overpowered?

INT and WIS of 18 to me jump out as being too high. 14s would probably be better, at best. 18 is like genius level, 12 or 13 to me would seem more fitting. Intelligent, but only really smart in a few areas. Like Tactics. 12 ranks seems excessive, 7 or 8 would be better I feel and when your Religion is hammered into by zealot like precision but really only amounts to 'Rule 1-The Emperor is awesome. Rule 2-In case of any questions, see Rule 1' 12 ranks seems unecessary.

Overall, I think this is a case of your love for the Space Marines (who I think are awesome, BTW) coloring your judgment of the mechanics of the build.

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Re: Nareik123: Space Marine!

Post by Nareik123 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:03 am

I agree Arthur Eld.

The reason why this has happened is probably because we all know that I enjoy warhammer 40,000 a lot due to the dark and gritty atmosphere, the characterization of most humans caught in the middle of affairs that are usually above them. I play Tau as a race on TT, but even then I still paint marines because they have some real nice models.

Anyway, onto the build!

The problem I find is that I don't know the comparative ranks. For example, I was unaware that 12 ranks is exceptional training. And while I thought 18 Int is good for a superhuman, I suppose a marine isn't going to be as smart as, say, an Adept or an Inquisitor. They probably could be as smart, but marines willingly forgo this to be better in combat. I'm going to knock them down to 14, and if I re-do my Guardsmen build, I'll probably reduce the Guardsmen to be Int 12 (if they aren't already)

Do you think one Knowledge: Philosophy and Religion skill should cover the Imperium as a general? Don't forget, there is a prayer for generally everything in the Imperium. Guardsmen are even trained to say a prayer of reloading their weapon, before inciting the prayer of accuracy and the prayer of the lasgun (which, strangely, being an owner of the Imperial infantrymans uplifting primar, I know...) and while marines don't pray every five damned seconds of their lives, they have rites and catechisms for war, weapons and the like.
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Re: Nareik123: Space Marine!

Post by Arthur Eld » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:13 am

Well, there's a handy section in the core rulebook for things like this. The section on abilities covers things like what a score of 18 means, for example. And you should also check the supporting cast archetypes in the back of the book. The average scientist has an INT of 15, given that Space Marines are future soldiers, they should be smart, but not that smart.

1-4 ranks is basic training, 5-8 is a 'professional' level of training. 9-12 is expert, and anything above that is master level. Does that help?

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Re: Nareik123: Space Marine!

Post by Nareik123 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:34 am

A lot, thank you.

By that, I'd probably knock down the Space Marines INT and Wis and represent his better knowledge through higher skill rankings. Is it me, or do more people go skill increase in 4's? I mean, I don't recall every having skill ranks of anything apart from +4, +8 or +12. I got to remember I can!
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