Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

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Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby Wexiomatic » Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:02 pm

Welcome to my character page. Here you can find all the wonderful characters and NPCs I've created, along with all the players participating in my campaigns.

My Characters:

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Milvane ‘Widget’ Copperbottom - flynnarrel
Arek XIV - ZuluEchoNovember
'Wiseman' Qadir Hisham Ahcas - kingk
Clang - DubiousKing
Kai 'Golden Eye' Kuhl - sirzanek

My NPCs:
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby Dreaming Psion » Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:23 pm

Welcome to the Roll Call board, hope you enjoy your stay.
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby ZuluEchoNovember » Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:56 pm

Long ago in the ancient times, a tribe of humans worshipped Hie-Re the sky goddess. This tribe was at war with one of their neighbors, a tribe which worshipped Gul-Kar Lord of the Underworld. On the Summer Solstice, as the sun reached its apex, the worshippers of Hie-Re celebrated the holiest day of their religion. As they prayed to their goddess, the worshippers of Gul-Kar came out of their dark caves and attacked. They were vicious and unmerciful. Women and children were killed the same as the men. The worshippers of Hie-Re fled for they did not carry weapons during their prayers and could not fight back. They fled across the fields and hills until they came to the Cliffs of Cashem. Trapped at the edge of the perilously precipice with only the depths of Gul-Kar below, they prayed to the sky goddess Hie-Re and leapt. Rather than allowing her devoted children to be swallowed by the Lord of the Underworld, Hie-Re transformed them and gave them wings to fly like her holy messengers the birds. They soared off into the sky and were saved. So was born the Hierons, Children of Hie-Re.


Real Name: Sol'Arek Hielorus XIV
Race: Hieronian
Home Region: The Floating City Hieropolis
Occupation: Clan Leader, deposed Lord of Hieropolis
Group Affiliation: Red Wing Clan
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: yellow
Hair: n/a; Red-brown and white feathers

Power Level: 10 (150pp)

Abilities: STR: 16 (+3), DEX: 16 (+3), CON: 20 (+5), INT: 14 (+2), WIS: 16 (+3), CHA: 16 (+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 12 (+15), Diplomacy 8 (+11), Gather Information 12 (+15), Knowledge [Civics] 4 (+6), Knowledge [Current Events] 4 (+6), Language [Base: Hieronian; "Common" Ranterian, High "Royal" Ranterian, Ancient Ranterian, Old Theborian] 4, Notice 8 (+11), Search 8 (+10), Sense Motive 8 (+11), Stealth 4 (+7)

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Specialization (Sun Blades) 2, Benefit [Status: Nobility], Contacts, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 4, Environmental Adaptation (High-Altitude), Evasion, Inspire, Leadership, Move-By Action, Well-Informed

Device 3 "Sword of The Shining Sun" (Easy to Lose; 9pp)
Device 2 "Sun Blades" (Easy to Lose; 6pp)

Hieronian Racial Template (15pp)
Additional Limbs 2 (Feet; Feat: Ambidexterity, Improved Grab; 4pp)
Flight 3 (50 mph; Drawback: Power Loss [if wings immobilized; Uncommon, Minor; -1pp]; 5pp)
Strike 1 "Talons" (Feat: Improved Critical, Mighty; 3pp)
Super Senses 3 (Low-Light Vision, Normal Sight 2 [Extended 2]; 3pp)

Sun Blades (10pp)
Blast 3 (Feat: Mighty 3; Extra: Area [Shapeable] +1; Flaw: Side Effect [disarmed on missed range attack] -1; 9pp)
Shield 1 (1pp)

Sword of the Shining Sun (15pp)
Enhanced Feat (Quickdraw; 1pp)
Light Control 2 (10-ft. radius; 4pp)
Strike 7 (Feat: Improved Critical, Mighty; 9pp)
AP: Strike 7 (Feat: Improved Critical, Mighty; Extra: Penetrating +1; Flaw: Tiring -1; 1pp)

Combat: Attack +10 / +14 (Sun Blades); Damage +3 (Unarmed) / +4 (Talons) / +6 (Sun Blades) / +10 (Sword of the Shining Sun); Defense +12 (+4 flat-footed) // +1 (Shield); Grapple +13; Initiative +3

Saves: Toughness +7 (+5 flat-footed), Fortitude +8, Reflex +8, Will +6


Leader of the Red Wing Clan & Lord of Hieropolis. Arek feels a sense of duty to his people despite his exile.
His exile has forced Arek into a life characterized by shades of grey, but his behavior still reflects his desire to remain worthy of his birthright.
Arek is under constant risk of assassination by agents of the rival clan leader that stole his throne.
Arek must keep the truth of his identity a guarded secret to protect himself.

Abilities 38 + Skills 18 + Feats 17 + Powers 30 + Combat 36 + Saves 11 - Drawbacks 0 = 150

:arrow: Due to their avian physiology, Hierons are muscular, agile and blessed with fast metabolisms and hardy constitutions. Their upper limbs are wings with spans twice their height. Their large claw-like feet have sharp talons and are as dexterous as the humanoid hands on their arms. In addition, Hierons have extremely keen eyesight.

:arrow: The Hieron religion, based around the worship of the sky goddess Hie-Re, is preserved by the Order of the Sun and Wind. Gifted devotees possess magical abilities to control various elements associated with their mother goddess such as the wind, the flame of the sun, and to command the birds in the sky.

:arrow: Hieron warriors wield many weapons, but the most common armament is a pair of Sun Blades. These circular bladed rings, inscribed with magic symbols resembling the rays of the sun, can be wielded both in melee combat or launched in arcing paths through the air to slice through their targets only to then return to their wielder. Skilled warriors can use them to block attacks as well.


:arrow: The most common profession for Hierons to have is a messenger. In fact, with their ability to cover vast distances quickly and without regard for terrain, the Hieronic Messenger Guild has a virtual monopoly on the dissemination of news across the many kingdoms. Traveling Hierons have an easy time making friends as people of all races and creeds are always thirsty for knowledge of events in distant lands.

:arrow: The home kingdom of the Hierons, called Hieropolis, is a floating city in the clouds kept aloft by the power of their sky goddess. The buildings shine with golden surfaces, and the air around them is full of Hierons going about their daily business. People from other lands can reach the cities via airship or by ascending the great mountain Hiegor and crossing the Cloud Bridge.

:arrow: Hieronians view themselves as the chosen people of their sky goddess, and they are, as a whole people, properly called the Children of Hie-Re. The Hieronians' social structure is defined also by clan membership. The clans are the Red Wing Clan, Broken Talon Clan, Dancing Flock Clan, Morning Song Clan, and the Blue Feather Clan. The five chiefs of the clans form the ruling council of Hieropolis. Traditionally, the chief of the Red Wing Clan was Lord of the Clans and leader of the ruling council, but the chief of the Broken Talon Clan currently holds the seat. Physically, Hieronians are, regardless of clan, varied in appearance with feathers of many colors tending toward many shades of white, gray, or brown, with the occasional black.

:arrow: Sol'Arek Hielorus, fourteenth of his family line, is chief of the Red Wings, smallest clan of the Children of Hie-Re. Due to political maneuvering over the last century and culminating in a coup during the time of his father Sol'Arek Hielorus XIII, the Red Wing clan has lost most of its standing amongst the other clans despite being the ancient First Clan of Hie-Re, the descendants of the chief of the first tribe of Hieronians. With his clan spread across the many kingdoms and he himself deposed from his throne in Heiropolis, Arek has begun a quest to regain his rightful place as heir of Hie-Re and Lord of the Clans. He now travels across Ranteri to visit with the members of his far-flung clan and hopefully find a way to restore their honor. Despite his clans loss of standing, Arek still maintains many contacts within the Messengers Guild which keeps him apprised of all the latest news in Ranteri.

:arrow: Still a young hieron, Arek is 31 years old and in his prime. He is both a gifted warrior and diplomat. He is incredibly skilled with his two Sun Blades, the traditional weapon of the Hieronian warrior. In addition, Arek carries the Sword of the Shining Sun, a mighty blade passed down by the chiefs of the Red Wing Clan. It is both a fearsome weapon and a symbol of his birthright.

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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby kingk » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:30 pm


STR: 14 (+2) | DEX: 20 (+5) | CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 12 (+1) | WIS: 18 (+4) | CHA: 14 (+2)

:SKILLS: 88/4=22pp
Acrobatics 6 (+11), Bluff 8 (+10), Climb 6 (+8), Craft: Mechanical 8 (+9), Diplomacy 6 (+8), Drive 6 (+11), Intimidate 6 (+8), Language 2 (Base: Eastern Sandspeak, Extra: Ranteri, Niz Tradespeak), Medicine 6 (+10), Notice 8 (+12), Ride 4 (+9), Sense Motive 6 (+10), Sleight of Hand 6 (+11), Stealth 4 (+9), Survival 6 (+10)

:FEATS: 25pp
Attack Focus 2 (Ranged), Attack Specialization (Steam Sixshot), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 2, Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Critical (Steam Sixshot), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Seize Initiative, Sneak Attack, Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

:POWERS: 25pp

STEAM SIXSHOT [Device 3, Easy to Lose] 9pp
--Blast 6 (Power Feats: Alternate Powers 3) 12pp
---Blast 4 (Extras: Autofire) 12pp
---Blast 4 (Extras: Explosion) 12pp
---Blast 4 (Extras: Penetrating) 12pp

"TANZIS"'S LAMP [Device 5, Easy To Lose, Power Feat: Restricted-Those who know the magic words] 16pp
--"TANZIS" THE DJINN [Summon Minion 8, Extras: Heroic, Duration (Continuous), Flaws: Action (Full Action)] 24pp

-Scimitar (Sword) 5ep
-Leather coat 1ep

:COMBAT: 32pp
Attack: +12 (Steam Sixshot), +10 (Ranged), +8 (Melee)
Defense: +12 (+4 Flat-Footed)
Damage: +6 Steam Sixshot, +5 Sword
Initiative: +9

:SAVES: 12pp
Toughness: +8 (+4 Flat-Footed with coat, +3 Flat-Footed without coat)
Fortitude: +6
Reflex: +8
Will: +10

"TANZIS" THE DJINN PL10/120pp Minion Rank-8

STR: -- (-) | DEX: 12 (+1) | CON: 10 (+0)
INT: 10 (+0) | WIS: 14 (+2) | CHA: 12 (+1)

:SKILLS: 40/4=10pp
Bluff 10 (+11), Intimidate 8 (+9), Knowledge: Arcane Lore 8 (+8), Notice 8 (+10), Sense Motive 6 (+8)

:FEATS: 6pp
Attack Specialization (Blast) 5, Improved Initiative

:POWERS: 78pp

Blast 10 (Power Feats: Alternate Power) 21pp
-AP: Telekinesis 6 (Power Feats: Precise, Extras: Perception) 19pp

Comprehend 2 (Languages, Speak and Understand All Languages) 4pp

Flight 2 4pp

Immunity 19 (Life Support, Mental Effects) 19pp

Insubstantial 3 (Feats: Innate, Extras: Continuous, Flaws: Permanent) 16pp

Protection 10 10pp

Super-Senses 4 (Magical Awareness, Darkvision, Time Sense) 4pp

:COMBAT: 20pp
Attack: +10 (Blast)
Defense: +10
Damage: +10 (Blast)
Initiative: +5

:SAVES: 8pp
Toughness: +10
Fortitude: +0
Reflex: +6
Will: +5


Qadir Hisham Ahcas was born to poverty in a small, unnamed settlement near the famed trading city of Niz-Yakir, in the vast Eastern Stretch of Ranteri's Great Desert. As a boy, he was surrounded by famine and the harsh, unrelenting desert environment. The settlement he lived in barely contained 200 people, and was slowly but surely dying out, the small well it formed around having long ago dried up. The traders long stopped arriving, there profit of delivering supplies not worth the expense.

The only visitors the settlements got were the occassional pirate sandship and its crew, seeking to hide out from the Merchant Family's hired Lawmen. They would stay a few days, and trade useful goods for whatever alcohol the villagers had, then get drunk and tell grand stories of their conquests, always horribly exaggerated. It was the only entertainment the villagers had, and Qadir would spent the little free time he had listening to them. He was dimly aware that most of the fantastic tales they told were exaggerations, if not total lies, but the one thing they were always honest about was the freedom their lifestyle provided them with, and the knowledge that their survival was entirely dependent on their own luck and ability.

So, after his parents died during a sandstorm, a fourteen year-old Qadir snuck aboard a pirate sandship, and never looked back. When he was discovered, the crew threatened to throw him over the side, but he managed to persuade them to keep him by performing menial tasks the crew was usually to drunk or just to bored to do themselves. The crew in question began to accept the boy, and after two years, he was generally considered a member of the crew, albeit a remarkably young one.

The pirates may have grown to accept the boy, but they were hardly appropriate parents, and made no effort to hide the worst aspects of their lifestyle from him, and before he was even 18 he was a hard drinker, and had seen dozens of men die, a few of whom by his own hand. He never really recovered from his starved upbringing, being much thinner then most his age, but making up for it with a wiry, fast body, and sharp wits.

When he was 19, the ship he was aboard was destroyed in a battle with a Lawmen ship, and he was cast adrift into the sands below, barely surviving a massive sandstorm before being found and taken aboard by a different pirate crew, who had suffered major losses of their own. While unusually young, Qadir's hardtrained survival instincts made him exceptionally skilled at leading recovery efforts, and just before his 20th birthday, he was elected captain of the ship. This was the start of a ten-year career of piracy that would end up with Qadir becoming one of the most respected (by pirates), hated (by the Merchant Families), and feared (by everyone else) sandship pirates in the history of the Eastern Stretch.

Qadir proved to be a skilled pirate captain, despite having no formal education of any kind. His survival instincts, coupled with his wits and proven record of victory made his crew follow him loyally, and he spent years raiding the trade ships of the wealthy Merchant Families who controlled the Niz trade network, and therefore most of the Eastern Stretch. He became known as "Wise Qadir", the name that appeared on wanted posters throughout the cities in the sands, and his ship, which he christened the Phoenix of the Desert was a sight that all Merchant Family traders, and even their hired mercenary Lawmen, prayed they would never see coming at them from behind a dune.

Much of "Wise Qadir's" success and notoriety, however, came from his possession of "the Lamp". After a hard fought battle against determined resistance aboard a Merchant Family trade ship, Qadir and his crew began their looting. The crew found what they believed to be the reason for such determination, the ship's massive treasure hold, stuffed to the top with spices, silks, and gems, but only Qadir noticed the small chest that the captain had been attempting to hide before he was killed by cannon-fire. Qadir opened it and found a small, rusty lamp. He was perplexed, until he saw the small scrap of paper with it, which contained the true name of the powerful Djinn trapped inside.

Qadir committed the name to memory and destroyed the paper, before rubbing the lamp and summoning the Djinn, who he called "Tanzis" (after the captain of the first pirate ship he served on), holding his true name safe inside his head, so that he could retain power over the Djinn. Tanzis quickly became one of the most powerful weapons in Qadir's arsenal. The Djinn's magic was useful both as a weapon and as a deterrent to the crews of ships who feared the Djinn's wrath as much as the reputation of the man who commanded it.

However, all good things come to an end, and after nearly a decade as one of the most powerful, rich, and successful pirate captains in history, Qadir's career slowly came to an end. New advances in technology slowly but surely made their way over from the rest of Ranteri. It began with better armed and armored sandships, but these were rapidly replaced by flying craft, which had much greater freedom to travel over the desert and the dangers it held, both natural and man-made, and which were also more difficult to maintain without the proper parts, manpower and facilities, much too difficult for pirates to get their hands on in the middle of the desert.

With their entire source of income and lifestyle gone, the pirate crews of the Eastern Stretch began to die out, a process hastened by their tendency to raid eachother in place of Merchant Family ships, and the increasingly common attacks by Lawmen using flying craft, eager to take advantage of the situation, the tables finally turned. "Wise Qadir" and the Phoenix of the Desert were never caught, managing to fight off other pirate crews and avoid the Lawmen, but Qadir knew his time was up, and rather then fight it, he dropped the crew off at settlements across the Eastern Stretch, giving each of them a share of the last of the ship's great treasure and some advice to avoid being caught, which many heeded, while others were either not cautious enough or unlucky and were captured and hung by the Lawmen.

Finally, Qadir himself took the Phoenix of the Desert to the location of his old village, long since abandoned and covered by sand, and scuttled it, giving it a proper burial beneath the sands. He wandered for a time after this, avoiding the surprisingly large number of Lawmen who still pursued him in hopes of having the honor of bringing "Wise Qadir" before the Merchant Families who so desperately wanted his head.

Eventually, he was forced to leave the Eastern Stretch all together, and only the most dedicated Lawmen continued to pursue him. Since then, he has begun to wander Ranteri, searching for a new life, ready to rise once again, the "Phoenix of the Desert" once more.


-ENEMY: The Lawmen and the Merchant Families of the Eastern Stretch of the Great Desert.
The Merchant Families are the dozen or so families that control the major city's and trade networks of the Eastern Stretch, shipping goods from one end to another, reaping enormous profits. The Lawmen are their hired muscle, part-privateer, part-Western sheriff. Their moral reasons may differ, but they all work for hire and to fight the sandship pirates who raid the trade ships.

As a notorious sandship pirate, Qadir is a wanted criminal throughout the Eastern Stretch, and any of the Merchant Families would pay a great deal of money to see him hanged and put on display. And every Lawman knows this, though only a few are committed enough to chase Qadir now even though he's left the Eastern Stretch, but those few would likely be willing to do almost anything and go almost anywhere to catch him.

-REPUTATION: "Wise Qadir":
This only applies to the Eastern Stretch, though other parts of the Great Desert may have heard of "Wise Qadir", and he is widely regarded as a fearsome and dangerous sand pirate. While his face isn't well known outside of the deserts, he would be recognized very easily within them, and most people would believe him (not entirely incorrectly) to be a dangerous felon.

Qadir spent his entire life up to the past year in the Great Desert, and has never seen, much less swam in, a large body of surface water. While he's not afraid of water, he is uneasy around it, and is in danger if thrown into it without warning, as he is unable to swim.

-MASTER OF A GENIE: Gotta keep an eye on him
Qadir is the possessor of a magical lamp, holding the Djinn he has dubbed "Tanzis". Tanzis is bound to obey him as holder of the lamp, and Qadir treats him well, but Tanzis, like all Djinn, wishes to be released, and Qadir has no intention of doing so. However, like all Djinn, Tanzis is tricky, and while he can't reveal his true name to others so that they can free him, he can manipulate him into assisting his escape. This means Qadir must keep an eye on him when he is summoned, and while he does so, he can't be watching all the time.


-Qadir is a criminal, and he has killed people in the past and would be willing to do so again, but won't do so unnecessarily. He's not a sociopath, and not a murderer. He won't kill a helpless or greatly wounded foe unless its absolutely necessary for his immediate survival.

-Tanzis, the Djinn, is compelled to obey whatever the holder of his lamp says, within reason, provided they know his true name. They don't need to say it each time, they just have to address him with it once. Naturally, Tanzis wants to be free and can try to bluff his way to freedom, which is why I gave him the bluff skill. (All of this is part of the build, with the Summon Minion, Restricted power feat, etc., but I felt the need to justify it here).
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby DubiousKing » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:27 pm




Vision came to it slowly. Nothing was seen except rubble and debris and dust and ruins all around it. It looked around and noticed a large chunk of rock, which was probably what fell to hit its head and make that sound. It pushed the slabs of stone and bars of steel off of its body and stood, moving around. It was confused, curious as to how it knew the words for all these things and actions. It saw a light from somewhere other than its eyes and followed it.

Blue sky met its vision, almost blinding it as its eyes adjusted. It found itself on the side of a mountain, just outside of a well-hidden cave. There seemed to be nothing for miles, so it began walking. And walking. Days later, it reached a forest, which it kept walking through. Then plainlands, which it also walked through. Then a lake, which it also walked through. It had been months of walking before it saw something towering in the distance. It later learned that was a gnomish city, made of towering buildings of steel and wood and stone.

Its first contact with other beings was with the guards at the city gates. They pointed their spears and demanded to know what it was, what it wanted here. Before it could try to answer, the city's head researcher (who was coincidentally just returning from a trip outside) ran up and declared he was fascinated just by looking at it and wanted it delivered to his lab for further study. It thought the guards looked somewhat flustered, but they did as the researcher said.

Over the next few years the researcher studied it intently everyday and everyday it obliged. It learned how to talk and how to read, which fascinated the researcher even more. It also learned how to use magic, which the researcher also found fascinating. It learned that magic seemed to just flow through and out of it. It wondered if the crystals on its body did this, which it told the researcher, who found the existence of its logic fascinating as well.

As much as it seemed this would go on, the researcher began finding less and less fascinating about it until it was kept around merely because it had nowhere to go. But its consciousness kept developing and it began to ask why it was here. It did not bring this up to the researcher, for the lack of attention allowed it to wander more and more each day. Eventually, it just left and the researcher didn't seem to notice.

It began to walk from gnomish city to gnomish city searching for answers, though it could find none. All it found was more researchers who were always fascinated with it. It gave up on gnomes and wandered farther, through deserts and snow and mountains. It learned many things, including names. It adored names and decided to give itself one. It named itself Clang, the first thing it remembered. It liked its new name very much.

Power Level: 10 (150)

Abilities: STR 20 (+5), DEX 14 (+2), CON --, INT 14 (+2), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 8 (-1)

Skills: Craft (structural) +10 [8], Knowledge (magic) +6 [4], Knowledge (technology) +6 [4], Search +6 [4]

Feats: Fearless, Improved Block, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Improved Sunder, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Weapon Break

Powers: Blast 8 (Alt Powers: Blast 4 (Extras: Burst Area; Power Feats:, Knockback 4), Blast 5 (Extras: Line Area; Power Feats:Improved Range)), Immunity 30 (Fortitude; Power Feats: Innate), Power Reserve 5 (Blast, Burst Blast, Line Blast, Strike), Protection 10 (Extras: Impervious; Power Feats: Innate; Drawbacks: Noticeable), Strike 5 (Extras: Penetrating; Flaws: Full Action; Power Feats: Mighty 5), Super-Senses 1 (Geomancy Awareness)

Combat: Attack +5; Damage +5 unarmed, +8 (Blast), +4 (Burst Blast), +5 (Line Blast), +10 (Strike); Defense +10; Initiative +6

Saves: Toughness +10, Fortitude --, Reflex +4, Will +3


"It does not understand...": Clang is still not used to the nuances of social interaction and is very likely not to understand references, jokes, or certain speech inflections. It is still learning and so may pick these up eventually, but for now it has a long way to go before interaction will be easy.
"It cannot remember": Clang has no memory of who or what created it and is still searching for any clues. Hopefully it will one day learn its origins and be able to rest.

Abilities 8 + Skills 5 + Feats 11 + Powers 92 + Combat 30 + Saves 4 - Drawbacks 0 = 150
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby flynnarrel » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:16 am

Milvane ‘Widget’ Copperbottom
Gnome Pl10 150

Str 12/8 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 26 Wis 12 Cha 10 [24pp]
Fort save 2+4 Ref save +6 Will save 1+7 [17pp]

Feats[12pp]: Speed of Thought, eidetic memory, equipment 1, artificer, improvised tools, Master Plan, Dodge 2, Move by action, Power attack, Attack Focus - Ranged, Luck

Skills [17pp]: Craft: Chemical 2 (+10), concentration 6 (+7 ), craft (structural) 4 (+12), craft (mechanical) 8 (+16), disable device 6 (+14), pilot 8 (+8 ), knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+16), knowledge (physical sciences) 4 (+12), knowledge (streetwise) 2 (+10), knowledge (technology) 8 (+16 ), language 1 (Gnomish*, ‘Common Randari’), medicine 3 (+4), notice 4 (+5), search 4 (+12)

Equipment: flash goggles 1ep, multitool 1ep, heavy wrench (str +2, non-throwable club)3ep,

Combat (base attack +6 [12pp], base defense +6 [12pp])
Initiative: +8
Attacks: unarmed +7 melee (-1 damage), heavy wrench +7 melee (+1 damage), +8 Ranged, Lightning Bolt +10 (+10 damage), grapple +1
Defense: +6+2Dodge+1size= +9 (aware), +3+1=+4 size flatfooted
Toughness: +2-1 = 1(without field) / +2-1+10= +11 (force field)

• Device (homeostasis force field backpack) [hard to lose; Powerloss: Batteries charged daily -1, pr 5 [19pp, 25 pool]
*Force Field, Continuous, Noticeable, Action Drawback: Full Round Action to activate -3, pr 10 {16points} + LINKED
*immunity: heat, cold, High pressure, vacuum, radiation, Suffocation, {7points} + LINKED
*Flight; Levitation, Continuous pr1 {2points}
{with an audible and ominous hum this device powers up. After several seconds, a field envelopes Widget trapping in air as insulation against the elements (a recycler keeps the air breathable). It also has a measure of buoyancy - Widget can secure himself with line and harness to the ship and affect repairs even in the highest altitudes.)

• Device (Lightning thrower) [easy to lose; Powerloss: Batteries charged daily -1, Power loss: immersed in water -1 pr 7 [19pp, 35 pool]
*Bolt -Strike 10, Accurate, Affect Insubstantial 1, increased Range, Area line (targeted), Autofire, {electricity} (33 points)
AP: Static field – Stun, Area Cone (general), reversible, Sedation, Indirect, pr10 (area bypasses cover as static ‘spreads’) (1point)
AP: St. Elmo’s Fire – Obscurity, (All visual, Olfactory), Independent, Slow Fade PR5 + Environmental Control, Hamper Movement (1/2), Distraction (DC10), Independent, Slow Fade, Affect Insubstantial pr5 (1point){Ball lightning shoots from the end, where it hits creates a field of shifting, rolling lights, ‘sticky’ to movement, permeated by the smell of ozone.}

• Gadgets [hard to lose] Accurate, pr2 [15pp]
{Default configuration: Remove One Arm 2p, Ambidexterity 1p, Elongation (single arm only) 1p {10feet}, Enhanced str (arm only) +6, 6p}

• Shrinking 4 [small size (+1 attack and defense, -4 grapple, +4 stealth, -2 intimidate, carry capacity x3/4) -4 strength (already figured into strength score); extra: duration to continuous; feat: innate; flaw: permanent] [5pp]

Drawbacks: one arm -2 (oftentimes Gadget is a prosthetic {removes this disadvantage}, when he reconfigures the mechanisms and arcane energies for other uses though, he again suffers this disadvantage)

Personality and Motivations: Milvane takes pride in his work. He is Head Engineer on the Artemise (or other convenient airship if the Sky Pirate isn’t chosen) and keeps her running at peak efficiency. He is interested in all manner of new technology though, and the captain has to sometimes… curb his enthusiasm for upgrades or refocus his attentions from some new project. Nevertheless, he is extremely loyal to the Captain to which he owes a great debt.

History: Milvane ‘Widget’ Copperbottom was a fine student of all things mechanical. An accident in the crafting labs (perhaps in designing something for another character) crushed his left arm to uselessness. He lost all confidence in his abilities until he was, inspired by the Captain and gifted with a metallic meteorite charged by lightning that serves as power source for his configurable arm (never needs recharging, unlike his other inventions). He set about working on the Artemise with fervor and ferocity.

imagine this but somewhat less muscular

Complications: Loyal to Ship, Loyal to Captain, Curious, Hyper-focused

Edit: UPDATED based on GM feedback
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby 9thDoctor » Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:38 am

Aristide Géhalon de Porpoura, Sky pirate

Listen to this while reading.

Me? Who I am? Dear Lady, can it be you haven't heard of me? The great menace of the clouds? The uncatchable rogue? The dashing rascal who just seeks true love? Then let me educate you....
*drinks a sip of wine*
Well, oh most beautiful flower of a royal garden, I am Aristide Géhalon de Porpoura, Sky Pirate at your service. I was born a long way from here in a land even I can't remember. I just remember that my family was poor, very poor. My father was a drunkard and my mother a harpy, literally. I had a sister, a bit younger than me, and we tried all day to avoid our parents for they would beat us.
Oh please don't cry, I am not worthy of your pity, I was the older boy anyway. My sister, Artemise, she was always a bit sick because of the hunger and the beatings.
So one day, my father was drunk asleep and my mother was gossiping with the hag next door, I grabbed what was of any value, took my sister by the hand and off we went, as fast as our little feet could carry us.
Here, may I pour you another glass, oh lady whose eyes would put all the stars to shame...
So for the next years, we lived in a small village in Bhurasta, I as a stableboy in an inn and Artemise was helping in the house. It was a hard life, but it was our own and noone beat us. As we got older, I felt a longing...a longing I never could grasp or explain. Then one day, I was 17 summers old then, I think, I saw them. Sky Pirates. They had docked at our village. Oh how magnificent they appeared to me back then, how daring did I picture them, dashing through the sky on their airship....
I knew that was the life for me. So I kissed my sister goodbye, packed my meager belongings and went to the skyship. At first they laughed at me, but then they agreed to take me on as a cabin boy and deck swabber.
The next year was a hard one.
These pirates, as I learned the hard way, they had no style, no class, no savoir-vivre....they were mere thugs. But they were good at it. I learned to fight, to drink, to curse, to live like a sky pirate...until the day we happened upon a Scyndia Skyfrigate. What a ship....my heart beat so fast, it almost felt like love. These lines, the bluff bow....amazing....of course, even that ship couldn't hold against your beauty which lets the sun pale high on the firmament, my lady.

*takes another sip of wine*
Well, to cut a long battle short, they captured us and we were put into the frigate's hold. There we were held until we would be back in Scyndia to hang.
The captain of the frigate, he was a decent man. He saw me, the boy among thugs, and his heart overflowed with pity. He let me out and made me his valet.
Again I had to serve and learn, but I learned a lot. He taught me how to steer a skyship, to navigate by the sun and the stars, to care for your men...all so far had missed.
Oh shame on me, how i did repay this man's kindness. But I couldn't do otherwise, my will for freedom was too strong, my dream too driving. Maybe I felt drawn to this day, when i would meet you, o fairest of the fair.
I ran away, again.And not just that, I stole from that generous and kind man. Oh what a shame. I can only offer my existence as a pirate as an excuse, as meager as it is. I stole a sword he always kept in his weapon rack.
It was a marvellous piece, here look at it. See its clear lines, its shap edge...
He used to sit there in his cabin in a dark night, holding this sword and watching the skies outside as if waiting for something.
Anyway, I took it and ran.
This time I joined another pirate crew, much more sophisticated than my first, and there I stayed. I rose through the ranks and became a mate at first, then an officer and now I am their captain. See, there she is, my pride and joy...the Artemise, named after my sister. Isn't she wonderful?
Oh my Lady, your smile melts my heart, I have to part now...oh sweet sad pain of goodbye. I hope my story could ease your loss of your cargo, my Lady, but a pirate has to live.

*kisses the Lady's hand*
Farewell, my dear....

PL 10 150pp

Abilities 34+ Skills 22+ Feats 28+ Powers 30+ Combat 24+ Saves 12 = 150

STR 14 (+2)
DEX 18 (+4)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 16 (+3)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 18 (+4) [34pp]

Acrobatics 6 (+10)
Bluff 8 (+12/+16)
Diplomacy 8 (+12/+16)
Disable device 4 (+7)
Escape Artist 4 (+8)
Gather information 6 (+10)
Knowledge Streetwise 8 (+11)
Language: Bhurastan, Scyndian, Ranteri
Notice 8 (+10)
Pilot 6 (+10)
Ride 4 (+8)
Search 4 (+7)
Sense Motive 6 (+8)
Sleight of hand 4 (+8)
Stealth 6 (+10)
Survival 4 (+6) [22pp]

Accurate Attack
Attack Spec (Skyblade) 3
Attack Spec (Throwing Daggers) 1
Defensive Attack
Defensive Roll
Dodge Focus 3
Equipment 8
Improved Defense
Improved Disarm
Master Plan
Quick Draw
Ranged Pin
Up the wall [28pp]

Skyblade [Device (easy to loose) 10] [30pp]
-Strike 6 (Mighty, Penetrating 5, Alternate Power)
--AP: Blade revolver [Blast 8 (Flaws: Unreliable (5 shots); Limited range (increments are only rank*5)]
-Deflect 6 (all ranged attacks, free action)
-Shield 3
-Enhanced Feat: Improved Critical 2, Weapon Bind
-Super Senses: Direction Sense

Base Attack 6; 12(skyblade, Dam 8, Crit 18-20, penetrating 5); 8(throwing dagger, Dam 4, Crit 20)
Base Defense 6 +3 +3 = +12 (Flatfooted +3) [24pp]
Toughness 2 +4(vest) +1 =7

Fortitude 2 +4 =6
Reflex 4 +4 =8
Will 2 +4 =6 [12pp]

The Artemise (27ep)
Studded Dragon Leather vest (+4 toughness, immunity (environmental cold); 5ep)
2 Throwing daggers (+2 damage; 4ep each)

The Artemise
Just other colours; the main sail is white with a cobalt blue emblem, the hips body is cobalt-blue with white railings.

Flying Skyship
Strength: 50
Speed: Flight 3
Defense: 6
Toughness: 11
Size: Gargantuan
Features: Crew, Hidden Compartments, Holding Cells (Brig), Living Quarters, Workshop
Powers: Blast 10 [Cannons( Flaw: Full round action)
--AP: Snare 12 [Grappling Hook (Tether, Flaw: Full round action; Drawback 5 minute action (-2pp)]

The Skyblade
Looks a lot like this, just a slightly longer blade and a solid basket hilt guard.
It is the sword of the mighty sky captain Felicao, a pirate who was feared not only for his battle prowess but especially for his mastery of the arcane arts. They say he was a necromancer and that he and his undead crew still roam the skies in dark nights, looking for those that stole their treaure....among that the sword.

:arrow: My sister! Aristide still loves his sister, who is now married to the innkeeper's son in Bhurasta. He visits her as often as possible.
:arrow: Sky Pirate! Though many kids dream of being a sky pirate and some ladies are filled with dreams of romance, there is another side to this way of life as well, being hunted by the various governments.
:arrow: My Enemy!Being a sky pirate does not endear you to all. Aristide's main adversary is another sky pirate, Captain Carlos Alonze di Nunez. The cause for this enmity is that Aristide has robbed Nunez twice and, what weighs more in Nunez eyes, has romanced withNunez wife as Nunez was away from his home.
That is true, but Aristide did not know thatshe was the wife of his rival.
:arrow: Undead Curse! Aristide doesn't know that his sword once belonged to the dreaded Felicao and that the ghost pirate is now after him to rgain his sword.

Here he is, a loveable rascal of the skies:
Aristide Géholan de Porpoura
Race: Human (Bhurastan)
Height: 5'10''
Weight: app. 65 kg
Hair Colour: dark brown, almost black
Eye colour: Hazel
Skin tone: Tanned
Voice: deep and resonating
Clothing: He usually wears a white silk shirt with billowing sleeves. Around the forearms are fastened 2 black bracers of embossed leather, studded with polished silver studs. His vest is from a thick, blueish leather which has a scaly look (like alligator hide). Around his waist he keeps his black weapon belt and a blue, silk cloth belt. He wears tight fitting dark-blue trousers which are stuffed into his knee.high, black boots made of soft leathe with wide cuffs.
Like these just black.
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby MorningKnight » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:42 am

Delightful group. Arek and Clang are pretty fantastic, and Qadir strikes me as a competent Johnny Thunder with his Djinn. Great work!

I'd play any of them.

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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby sirzanek » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:59 am

Kai “Golden Eye” Kuhl

To be a trader meant seeing wondrous things and facing horrible dangers. However, That did not deter young Kevin, youngest son of the merchant class house of Kuhl. He wished to see every realm possible, meet all of the people he had heard stories of from his older relatives, really experience everything life on the road could offer. So he begged and wheedled and finally his father gave in, allowing him to go with a caravan heading to the plains. A safer trip, Kevin’s father could not imagine. However it was on this trip that Kevin met his downfall. Not in the form of monster or blade, but a smile.
Stopping at one encampment of the plains people for the night, Kevin accompanied the other traders to the large tent of the storyteller of the tribe Panjira. While the wizened old woman told tales of heroes of old, the shadows on the tent walls seemed to leap to life and the traders could swear they could hear the roar of battle as the shadows clashed phantom swards in mock battle. Kevin saw nothing of it though. He was entranced by a simple plains girl weaving grass into a little doll in the corner. Her name was Genn, and she was the storyteller’s only daughter.
Well, as things usually go in these tales, the two would come to fall in love, Kevin eventually taking over the plains trade route exclusively. And were this the end of the tale, the birth of their son would be shortly followed by the phrase ‘and they lived happily ever after’. Unfortunately, it is not the tale of Kevin and Genn that is being told. The birth was hard and unfortunately meant the end for Genn. As her son came into the world, she left it. Kevin grieved for two weeks outwardly, then set off for other routes, figuring he could drown his grief in work. Panjira offered to raise the child, who had been named Kai, as one of the Plains people, but Kevin refused, not wanting to lose the last connection to the woman he had grown to love. However, out of respect to Panjira as grandmother to his son, he vowed that Kai would come and visit every year when work took Kevin to the treacherous northern tundra.
And so, many summers passed in this fashion. Kai grew to love the time spent amongst the plains people. There he had friends and freedom. With his father he was kept always within his father’s sight and spent most of his time amongst the lifeless things in the caravan wagons instead of making friends. His one companion was his father’s chief driver Rodney, a surly gnome with a soft spot for the boy. It was during his visit to his grandmother in his fourteenth summer that he finally complained about his solitude. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate father and what he does. I love him, and I know in his way he loves me. But it’s just so boring! I’m always surrounded by dull, lifeless things. We see so many places but don’t really belong in any of them. Here there is so much life.”
Panjira simply smiled her quiet smile. “Everything is alive and has tales to tell. The trick is knowing how to listen. Your father doesn’t even know this, but you carry some fae blood in you. Not much, as that chapter of the family’s story is far, far in the past. But it’s enough that you might learn how to hear the spirits in those things you consider so lifeless. Perhaps I shall teach you in our next summer. Your father is due back tomorrow to get you and would not want to start you down a road without the right knowledge.”
Kevin did not arrive the next day. Rodney, crestfallen, arrived in a wagon. The caravan had been caught in a storm and Kevin had become ill. He struggled through, pretending it was nothing, but in the end he simply passed in his sleep. Rodney fished in his pack for a moment and came out with a small doll made of grass and a few scraps of cloth. He handed it to Kai. “It was your father’s most treasured possession. Made by your mother, it was. Don’t know why it hasn’t fallen apart yet, but he always had it with him, to remind himself of her when you were away. Seems only right it should be yours now.”
Rodney left two days later, with the promise that he would come back every year to check on the boy. Meanwhile, Panjira began educating Kai in the ways of spirits. He became quite adept at contacting the spirits within objects, while others could speak with plants or animals. He guessed it was because he had spent so much time in cities as a youth, he felt more comfortable around things made by men. He also becam an able entertainer, learning how to awaken objects to tell stories, as Panjira could make the shadows dance to her will.
On his eighteenth summer, after receiving his birthday present from Panjira (the Iron Grass Cloak), he left the plains people, travelling with Rodney in the caravans as a puppeteer, using his gifts to keep morale up and to earn a bit of coin in the cities that they stopped in. He has found his gift even useful in defending the caravan at times, as bandits panicked when their swords began writhing like snakes in their hands, or the wagons began to rear up like wild horses. He has gotten tired of the same old trade routes though, and has after two years struck out on his own, seeing what new stories he can learn. While quite bright, Kai is a bit impulsive and naïve, surviving on his wits when he gets himself into trouble. His nickname/stage name is derived from the fact that whenever he uses his powers, his left eye glows with a faint glittering golden radiance.

Str:14 Dex:14 Con:12 Wis:10 Int:16 Cha:18
Attack: 4 Defense: 12 flatfooted/20 with dodge/ 23 with Dodge and Shield
Toughness: +1/+7 Fortitude: +1 Reflexes: +7 Will:+5

Skills: Perform Puppetry 12 (+16), Notice 4, Search 8 (+11), Craft Artistic 8 (+11), Survival 4, Diplomacy 12 (+16), Bluff 8 (+12), Stealth 8 (+10)

Feats: Dodge Focus 6, Ambidexterity, Fascinate Puppetry, Connected, Uncanny Dodge Hearing, Favored Opponent Constructs, Critical Strike Constructs, Equipment 2

Awaken Spirit (34pts)
Animate Object 8 (Perception Range, Mental Link Feat)
-AP Animate Object 3 (Horde Extra, Perception Range, Free action, Continuous, Progression 4, Mental Link)

Artificer’s Tongue (4pts)
Communicate with Object 2

Wind Glamour (8pts)
Auditory Illusion 5 (Progression 3)

Call to Battle- Weapon Awakening Array (19pts)
-Primary power: Boost Strike 5 (Affects Objects Only, Move Action, Total Fade, Slow Fade, Drawback-Noticeable: Weapon begins to emit loud battle cries and glows brightly, trash talking opponents in appropriate accents), Enhanced Feats 8 (Attack focus melee 6, Power Attack, Takedown attack) as the living weapon helps out.
-AP Enhanced Feat 17 (Attack focus ranged 6, Throwing Mastery 6, Ranged Pin, Improved Ranged Disarm, Ultimate Aim, Precise Shot 2) as the weapon twists in flight to assist with its purpose.

Iron Grass Cloak (8pts)
Device 2 (Hard to Lose): Protection 6, Immunity to Hot and Cold Environments (Half Effect), Gliding 2, Dimensional Pocket 1(Storage only)

Argus, the battle hardened shield (3pts)
Device 1 (Easy to lose): Shield 3, Danger Sense, Enhanced Knowledge Tactics 4

Low Pain Threshold -2 (1/3 wounds as penalties): Being over protected for much of his youth, Kai never really developed the tolerance for a good beating that most boys his age seemed to have. That combined with his relatively frail build make him feel pain fairly keenly.

Power Loss -4 (All non-device powers when bound by iron chains): There is still enough fae blood in Kai that he loses his powers when bound by cold wrought iron.

Weapon Array: Javelins, Scimitar, Iron Wings (Shuriken)
Spyglass (Binoculars), Little grass and rag doll “Punch”

Complications: Fascination with/Mistrust of Northerners, Very protective of Punch (the little doll)
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby 9thDoctor » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:54 am

Well, what's a pirate without a Nemesis? Nothing.
So here we have the Nemesis of Aristide, problem is he doesn't know that he has one.

The Dread Sky pirate Felicao

"Grandfather, tell me a story."
"Alright, my boy, go and get your storybook."
"No, not one of those. A real story."
"Well, then, a real story. Alright...
It was a long time ago, in a darker age than now, when many things struck fear into the hearts of the people in the seven reaches. One of them was Robert Felicao, a sky pirate as cruel as noone who ever sailed the skies. He and his men were a bunch of bloodthirsty rascals, so brave to laugh death in the face avery minute.
When they captured a ship, they murdered..no, butchered all who were aboard it. They sacrificed them to dark gods to ensure their own safety.
Of course, they were hunted. Many brave admiral and captain sailed out to defeat them and bring them back to stand trial, but all they ever achieved was to die.
After a few years it became clear that Felicao was in alliance with powers not from this world. There would be no other explanation for his almost reckless behaviour. One day he even sailed right into the perpetual Tornado, a sure death for captain, crew and ship...but he survived unscathed.
But one day, he made a mistake. He captured the wrong ship. Because on board was a young woman."
"Grandfather...who was this woman."
"She was a mighty priestess of some god named Woodhoo or so they say. She pleaded with felicao to spare her life and in exchange she would teach him to prolongue his into eternity.
And Felicao took the plea. The woman gave him a recipe for the Everliving potion, glad to be spared, but then Felicao pierced her heart with his cutlass.
The following new moon he started to brew the potion, but something must have gone wrong. He surely is still around, just not living anymore.
And if you are very attentive, you can hear him howling in rage, as he and his ghostly crew sail the skies in their neverending crusade for bounty, blood and salvation.
Well, that's it. Did you like the story?"
"Yeah, it was great!"

Felicao made a mistake while brewing the potion. It demanded to use a rubber chicken, but he never heard of rubber so he took a normal one.
He is now bound to roam the skies, until he can be killed.
His death is only achievable if he gets defeated once by each of the 6 ancient blades of the elements. The sword of the shining sun, a mighty sword that stands for the light; the axe of two moons, a hefty battleaxe that represents the darkness; The skyblade, a sword he once wielded himself that stands for the air; the sea sting, a dagger made of coral; the earthshatterer, a mighty stone warhammer and finally the burning lash, a whip solely made from fire.

The dread sky pirate Ro...er, Felicao

STR n/a
DEX 16 (+3)
CON n/a
INT 14 (+2)
WIS 12 (+1)
CHA 16 (+3)

Intimidate 8(+11)
Pilot 4(+7)
Notice 4(+5) (4pp)

Melee Focus 2, Dodge Focus 4, Power Attack

Insubstantial 4 (Permanent) (16pp)
Immunity (Fortitude effects) (30pp)
Emotion Control 10 (Limited: Fear, Sense Dependent: Visual) (5pp)
Invisibility (all visual senses) (8pp)
Mental Blast (Mental weapon, cutlass, affect corporeal) 10 (30pp)
Possession 6 (Unreliable, 50% chance) (18pp)
Mind Shield 5 (5pp)

Base Attack 8 (+2melee)=10
Base Defense 6 (+4) =10 (flatfooted 3) (28pp)

Fortitude n/a
Reflex 3 +3 =6
Will 1 +3+5 =9 (6pp)

[This build is just a raw concept to get the idea. If you have suggestions on making him scarier and better, please PM me.]
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby 9thDoctor » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:16 am

Crew of the Artemise

Boatswain Hermano; a mean human. In essence a brutal thug, whom Aristide took over with the hip as he gained captaincy. Uggy is very envious of Aristide and always plots to finish him off.

Cook Uggy; a goblin (more the D&D kind than the WoW kind). He is quite naive and cheerful. He sees every crewmember of the Artemise as his friends, no matter how they treat him. He is absolutely loyal to Aristide, but he can't see through any deception, so he often gets used in one of Hermano's plots.

Boatswain's mate Gharrrk; a troglodyte. He is as nasty and mean as his friend and superior Hermano. He is the muscle of the two, strong but dull.

Helmsman Greg Bonden; a halfling. He is the undisputed masterof the wheel. Only Aristide is allowed to replace him. He takes great pride in his skills and despises 'landlubbers'. He is a bit addicted to chewing willow bark.

Bragosh, Harbosh & Galen; two dwarves and a human. They are simple sailors, working as deckhands. Galen often supports Hermano, but keeps his hands clear not to be caught in anything that might raise Aristide's ire.

Ahmed; a young Herbit (a race that looks like chipmunks walking on two legs). He is the good spirit on board, always grinning. When he has free time he loves playing in the rigging (he is the best climber of the crew). He doesn't like Hermano who always wants him toswab the deck. He is Uggy's best friend.

Rest of the crew. There are always about 3-6 other crew members on board.They are mostly humans but other races are possible.

Rules onboard the Artemise

--During the capture of a ship,all have to deal as less damage to people and property as possible. Opponents that surrender are to be treated with kindness and mercy.

--After a successful seize, only half of the opponent's cargo/valuables are to be taken. If he resisted strongly, a bit more may be taken for compensation, but he has to be left with at least a quarter of his possessions.

--No member of the Artemise is to harm a woman of any race unless he is attacked by her. In the latter case he has to try to subdue her with as less bodily harm as possible.

--No woman is to be raped or in othe form forced against her will under any circumstance.

--No slaves will be made nor is any opponent hold for ransom.

--If an opponent's ship is too damaged to continue its voyage, hospitality and transport is to be given to any who wants it (for a small fee of course).

--Anyone who objects to these rules has to discuss them with the captain....sword in hand.
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby Wexiomatic » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:04 am


(Thanks a million to Inventor for this awesome picture!)

Skitter's early life is still a blur to him. He remembers being in out of consciousness, remembers the smell of test tubes, of strange chemicals and death. He remembers the scientists, watching him from inside his tube, taking notes. He remembers the pain too, the experiments, day after day, that hurt so much, causing him pain down to the celluar level. Most of all, he remembers wanting to ask why, wanting to know why there was pain, why he was there; but he never could ask. He never could choose. At least, until the day he escaped.

Skitter was created by a company called Geno-Tech. To the public eye, they were a company who studied genetics for medical purposes. Their real purpose though, was creating genetic super weapons, manufacture biological beings or enhancements to sell to the highest bidder. Many super-villians purchased their services often, giving themselves new powers or obtaining freakish minions.

Skitter was a result of one of their experiments to harness super-speed as a reliable ability for their products. Skitter was created a strange hybrid of DNA from various insects combined with human tissue. As insects moved and reacted relatively faster than almost any other lifeforms on the planet, it was hoped that their DNA, when properly modified, would contain the secrets they were looking for.

Skitter far exceeded their expectations. Not only was he able to achieve the velocity and reaction time they were hoping for, but his insectoid design brought with it other added benefits. Skitter's digestive system contained strange and dangerous chemicals, which could be spewed as a type of acid, or even hardened into a substance as strong as concrete. His hieghtened metabolism and digestive chemicals also allowed him to consume about any substance. He also had inherited a variety of useful combat qualities, such as poisoned stingers, protective carapace, and enhanced senses. They done more than create then isolate the secret of super speed; they had created one of the most useful weapons they could have asked for.

Unfortunately for them, Skitter didn't want to be their weapon. Though unable to talk, Skitter was plenty intelligent, and learned from listening and watching his creators and keepers. He began to understand the purpose they had created him for, that to them, he was nothing more than an object to be used. He bided his time though, and kept his real intelligence hidden from his masters. Then one day, when their defenses were lowered, Skitter made his escape.

Skitter found the world he'd escaped to both amazing and terrifying. Everywhere there were new things to see, but also new things to hurt him. He soon learned that due to his apperance and lack of ability to communicate, he could not simply walk the streets openly. Instead, he stayed in hiding, using his speed and mobility to experience the parts of life he had never known before.

While he saw many wonders and wonderful people in this world, he also saw many terrible things as well. He saw crime and violence, people getting hurt. While he didn't fully understand the social logic behind many of these actions, he knew what it was like to feel pain. He understood that those who caused misery and suffering should not be allowed to do so; they were no better than his creators.

So Skitter began his superhero career, though he never thought of it as that (or even understood that concept until much later). He would stop the crimes and catch the criminals that took place in the dark and unseen places, the places where the forces of justice couldn't always get to right away. The only warning anyone had before his arrival was the skittering of his legs and the strange clicking of his manidbles. And before anyone even got a good look, he had already skittered away.

Recently, Skitter has come to the attention of the Global Shield. Not sure exactly what to make of him, but seeing the good he did, they decided to approach him. It took awhile, but they finally managed to communicate with him well enough to ensure they weren't a threat, and ask him if he wanted to join their team, High Octane. Though slightly weary, Skitter agreed, believing that he could both see more exciting things and stop more pain at the same time.

Skitter is a very hard individual to read. He cannot talk, only make unintelligble clicks and whistles, with his only reliable way of communicating being with pheromone chemicals (which almost no human can pick up on). He's also very distrustful of new people, as he's never sure if they mean to cause pain or not (his insect instincts at work). This combined with his insect like brain and mannerisms, along with his lack of understanding of social norms and niceties, makes Skitter come off as very unappealing to most people. Those that get to know him will know his heart (or whatever organ passes for his heart) is in the right place, and that he has an ethuiasm and passion for almost everything he does.

Power Level 7 (105pp)

Strength 10
Dexterity 18 +4
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 8 -1

Acrobatics 8 +12
Notice 9 +10
Search 5 +5
Stealth 6 +10
Survival 4 +5

Acrobatic Bluff
Dodge Focus 5
Elusive Target
Evasion 2
Grappling Finesse
Fast Overrun
*Improved Grapple (When not using Additional Limbs grapple bonus)
Move by Action
Seize Initiative
Uncanny Dodge (Mental)

Additional Limbs 2 (2 Extra Arms; 2pp)
Blast 5 (Extras: Secondary Effect; 15pp)
AP: Corrosion 3 (Extras: Secondary Effect; 1pp)
AP: Create Object 5 (Quick Hardening Slime; Extras: Continuous; 1pp)
AP: Drain Dexterity 5 (Extras: Linked [Strike], Power Feats: Slow Fade 1 [1 Minute]) and Strike 5 (Extras: Linked [Drain], Penetrating 2, Power Feats: Improved Critical, Subtle) (1pp)
AP: Matter Eater 10 (1pp)
AP: Snare 5 (Extras: Constricting; 1pp)
Communication 2 (100 ft, Pheromones; 2pp)
Leaping 2 (x5; 2pp)
Protection 4 (4pp)
Super Movement 2 (Wall Crawling 2 [Full Speed]; 4pp)
Super Senses 7 (Danger Sense [Mental], Infravision [Tracking], Scent, Tremorsense; 7pp)
Super Speed 5 (250 mph, x50, Burrowing 5 [25 mph, Extras: Penetrating], Power Feats: Water Run; 1pp)
Super Strength 2 (Heavy Load: 400 lbs; 4pp)

Attack +9
Grapple +15/+17
Damage +0 (Unarmed), +3 (Corrosion), +5 (Blast, Strike)
Defense +7 (+1 Flat Footed)
Knockback -3
Initiative +24

Trade Offs:
Attack +2/DCs -2

Toughness +7
Fortitude +5
Reflex +8
Will +2

Disability (Colorless Vision; Uncommon, Minor; -1pp)
Disability (Illiterate; Uncommon, Minor; -1pp)
Disability (Mute [instinctual clicks and whistles only]; Very Common, Moderate; -4pp)

14 Abilities + 8 Skills + 14 Feats + 46 Powers + 22 Combat + 7 Saves – 6 Drawbacks = 105


Enemy: Geno-Tech hasn't forgotten about their escaped creation. He still contains the secret to genetic Super-Speed, a secret that hadn't quite finished harvesting when Skitter escaped. Asides from his obvious genetic and weapon use (or even a rival company getting the secret from his DNA), he's also a dangerous loose end. If Skitter ever figured out the reprecussions of his existance and was able to inform someone in power, it would mean the end for Geno-Tech. They are not about to let that happen, and they will get him back, no matter what it takes.

Obsession: While Skitter loves to try and do all types of new things, one thing he has a special weakness for is food. Skitter has an especially heightened sense of taste and smell, sand combined with his ability to consume nearly anything means almost anything tastes good. And thanks to Skitter's heightened metabolism, he's almost always a little hungry. If presented with a new food (even something that's not food at all, like a substance or liquid he's never seen before), Skitter will almost always have a sample, if not straight up gorging himself. Sometimes this can get him into some social trouble, or worse, he might eat something important, or possibly even dangerous.

Prejudice: Skitter is very obviously not human. He looks like some sort of bug alien right out of the movies, with his insect-like look and strange behaviors. At best, people will be slightly disturbed by his appearance and at worst they will mistake him for an alien or a monster, and treat him as such.

Still Learning: While Skitter has learned a lot from this new world he finds himself in, he still has a long way to go. There are many things that are considered common knowledge that Skitter will not know. The worst cases of this are social norms and customs, as Skitter has a very hard time understanding the nuisances and uses of things like politeness, small talk, or table manners. To this extent, it happens often that Skitter will accidentally offend or disrespect somebody, and not even know he has done so.
Wexiomatic's Wonderful World - My Roll Call Thread

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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby Wexiomatic » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:27 am



Real Name: Sunny Skyes

Power Level 9 (135+2pp)

Strength 10
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18 +4
Charisma 14 +2

Acrobatics 2 +4
Concentration 8 +12
Craft (Artistic) 10 +10
Diplomacy 8 +10
Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 4 +4
Notice 8 +12
Perform (String Instruments) 2 +4
Stealth 6 +8

Accurate Attack
Attack Focus 5 (Ranged)
Benefit (Occasional Insight while on Drugs)
Defensive Roll 2
Dodge Focus 5
Equipment 1 (Hippie Robes [Protection 1 (Subtle)], Rainbow Bliss, Far Out Shades [Super Senses 2, (Counters Color-based Obscure)])
Fascinate (Diplomacy)

Color Control 10 (100 ft cube; Power Feats: Precise, Progression 1 [10 ft cube/rank], Dynamic, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Not taken Rainbow Bliss for a week]; 22pp)
*DAP: Create Object 9 (90 ft cube; Extras: Movable, Power Feats: Precise, Progression 1 [10 ft cube/rank], Selective, Stationary, Flaws: Distracting)
DAP: Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses; Extras: Affects Others, Range [Ranged], Flaws:
Limited [Partial]; 2pp)
AP: Confuse 11 (Extras: Linked [Nauseate], Flaws: Sense Dependent [Sight]) and Nauseate 8 (Extras: Linked [Confuse], Range [Ranged], Flaws: Sense Dependent [Sight]) (1pp)
AP: Dazzle 11 (Visual; 1pp)
AP: Dazzle 7 (Visual; Extras: Area [Burst], Power Feats: Progression 1 [10 ft area radius/rank); 1pp)
DAP: Dazzle 9 (Visual; Extras: Area [Cone], Flaws: Range [Touch]; 2pp)
DAP: Illusion 9 (Visual; Power Feats: Progression 4 [100 ft]; 2pp)
DAP: Light Control 11 (2 mile radius; 2pp)
AP: Obscure 11 (2 mile radius; Visual; 1pp)
Device 5 (Karma and Love [Medallion], Easy to Loose; Power Feats: Restricted [User is able to and has experienced the hallucinogenic effects of Rainbow Bliss]; ESP 3 [All senses; Power Feats: Subtle, Flaws: Check Required (Concentration)], AP: Emotion Control 9 [Power Feats: Subtle, Flaws: Limited to Calm Only], AP: Emotion Control 9 [Power Feats: Subtle, Flaws: Limited to Love Only], Immunity 5 [Emotion Effects], Mind Shield 6, Super Senses 2 [Detect Emotions (Mental, Ranged)]; 16pp)
Immunity 2 (Light Based Dazzle Effects, Drugs; 2pp)
Super Senses 2 (Infravision, Ultravision, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Not taken Rainbow Bliss for a week]; 1pp)

Attack +2, Ranged +7
Grapple +2
Damage +0 (Unarmed)
Defense +13 (+4 Flat Footed)
Knockback -1/-2
Initiative +2

Trade offs:
-2 Attack/+2 DCs
+4 Defense/-4 Toughness

Toughness +5 (+4 without armor, +3 flat footed, +2 flat footed and without armor)
Fortitude +5
Reflex +7
Will +8 (+14 vs mental effects)

Abilities 20 + Skills 12 + Feats 18 + Powers 53 (55) + Combat 20 + Saves 12 = 135+2

Hippie (Beliefs and practices can sometimes get him in trouble or anger the wrong people, such as endorsing certain drugs, or performing war protests)
Honor (Pacifist, will not physically injure someone)
Prejudice (Hippie)
Responsibility (Commune and followers)


Sunny Skyes, originally named Marvin Jackson, was born in the late 70's to a wealthy family in new york city. His father was a CEO of a major corporation, and from the earliest stages of Sunny's life, he tried to raise him to be organized and business minded. Sunny could never focus on the things his father wanted though, and was always day dreaming, his head in the clouds. As he got older, the gap between him and his family grew wider and wider, especially when he became interested in the Hippie movement of 60's. He found their way of life both fascinating and enticing, so much so that he would sneak into 'special interest' shops run by them and just sit there, soaking up their lifestyle.

Sunny separated the last ties with his family when he reached age 16 and dropped out of school. He managed to get by, and began to integrate himself in the hippie subculture in new york city. For the next two years, he absorbed and experienced nearly everything about their lifestyle; the drugs, the philosophy, the fashion, everything. But it wasn't enough for Sunny: he wanted his enlightenment and experiences to be more complete, something he could never do on the east coast, where the children of love weren't prominent enough. So as soon as he turned 18, he changed his name to Sunny Skye, and left on a bus for California.

The west coast was everything Sunny dreamed it would be, and he soon joined a commune. For the next decade, Sunny became a prospering member of the community. He learned about many talents he never knew he had, including art, meditation, and yoga. In particular, Sunny completely embraced the Hippie philosophy. He came to believe that all life was sacred, and was must never harm, hurt nor kill; there is always another way. Hate, anger, and destruction only cause more problems; it was only through love and creation that we can strive to make the world a better.

Sunny had embraced the lifestyle and philosophy, but he still longed to do more. He wanted to spread his message to the world, to convince everyone to stop the fighting and share the love. He become a protest organizer in his commune, and would start peaceful protest rallies against guns and war. While arrested many times, he continued his rallies, and even organized community construction and art projects in the nearby town. The more he did, the more popular he became, and soon both his commune and his town acknowledged his as a key figure.

It was around this time, at the height of Sunny's influence, that a new drug came under the Hippie community's attention. It was known as Rainbow Bliss, an experimental designer drug manufactured somewhere overseas. Apparently, it was supposed to be the most powerful psychoactive drug out there, but wouldn't work for just anyone. Only one out of five people could actually experience the effects, though it seemed to work for Hippies more than most people. Otherwise, it would just do nothing. Best of all, even for the people it worked on, it apparently had no side effects. This odd combination of factors had made it so the drug hadn't come under the government's scrutiny, and hadn't been completely outlawed yet.

It wasn't long before Sunny's commune managed to obtain some samples of the drug. Everyone in the commune got to try the drug, and for about half of them, it was a groovy trip. It worked for Sunny too; it was the most intense trip he had ever had. And best of all, he seemed to be in control of the colors he was seeing. Like a controlled hallucination, he could just reach out and change the images and colors to whatever he wanted. He sat there for an hour, giggling as he draw pictures out of the rainbow haze in front of him. As his high was ending, he noticed that everyone was staring at him in awe. As he watching, he saw the colors and the pictures had not gone away, they were actually there.

For some reason, Rainbow Bliss had triggered something hidden in Sunny's system, something that allowed him to control color and multi colored light. Soon, throughout the area of Sunny's strange new abilities, and people from miles around, both hippie and non-hippie, were gathering to see the strange things Sunny could do. Sunny saw his new abilities as a blessing, something the universe had decided to give him so he could create the most things in the world. He decided he had to share this gift with the world, to use it spread his message.

Sunny traveled the US for the next few years, preaching his message, and helping people where ever he could. He gained more and more followers as time went on, and soon had his own commune following him around. News of him spread like wildfire throughout Hippie culture, the blessed one, the true rainbow child, the avatar of the children of love. The news eventually reached a strange old Hippie, from the first generation, and upon hearing it, he sought out Sunny. When he found him, he gave Sunny a beautiful beaded necklace with a medallion in the center. He told Sunny that he was destined to bring peace to the world, and he had been saving this necklace for the one who could do this. He told Sunny the necklace would bring love and balance to anyone the bearer wanted, as long as they were enlightened enough to use it. Sunny thanked the man, who then promptly left, and was never seen again.

Since then, Sunny has become even more active his quest from promoting love and peace. He travels between city's staying for a few months in each one, using his powers and the powers of the necklace to stop hate where ever he can find it. Through all the good he does though, he finds himself more and more stopping petty criminal activities he sees happening. Using his powers, he's almost always able to find a way to make sure no one gets hurt and everyone ends happily. The media has even started calling him a superhero for the way he's made the places he's visited better. It's gotten Sunny thinking that maybe that's not a bad idea, that maybe his strange, but groovy abilities can be used to do even more good for the world. Action is better than talk after all, and what better way to make the world a peaceful place then to show it how you can solve even the most seemingly violent problems without hurting a soul.

With this in mind, Sunny has moved his Commune to the midwest, to set up outside one the major cities there. These cities tend not to see much of the major superheroes, so he figures that's where he can do the most good. Taking on the name Psychedelic, Sunny is ready to create a world of peace and harmony, through both word, action and example. It's gunna be far out.

Sunny's powers are based around the drug Rainbow bliss acting oddly with his system to give him unique abilities. With his powers, he can change, modify, and create and color or colored light imaginable. Combined with his artistic talents, Sunny can create some truly beautiful and realistic creations. Sunny must frequently take Rainbow Bliss to use his powers, though his body has long since created an immunity to the harmful effects of any drug. Along with his magic necklace, which he calls Karma and Love, Sunny fights in the way only a pacifist like him can. Afterall, who needs to beat up your foe when you can just make them agree with you, or disorient and incapacitate them until the authorities arrive? This combined with Sunny's active practice of Yoga and fitness activities, keeps him loose and limber on the field and out of the way of attacks long enough for him to work his rainbow magic.

Friends and Allies:
Moondreamer: Sunny's current lover, and a major player in the commune, Moondreamer has stuck by Sunny for years and is always willing to lend him a hand or help him get the people's support.

Moss: A twelve year old in the commune who looks up to Sunny and wants to be just like him. Spends a lot of time with Sunny learning about the Hippie ways and Philosophy.

Mr. Terry Gardner: A government official from the city's public interests department, Terry is the liason to the commune. He tries especially hard, working with Sunny when possible, to make sure that both the commune and the city people don't come into conflict with each other.

Henry Jackson: Sunny's father back on the east coast. The two haven't spoken to each other since Sunny left. Sunny sometimes wonders if his father still thinks of him.

The Mysterious Old Man: The strange old Hippie that gave Sunny the medallion. Sunny hasn't seen him since that day, but he's got a feeling that Old Man is still out there, waiting for something important to happen.
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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

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Sanford Templeton always had the problem of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sanford came from a world where America lost the revolutionary war, and stayed a British Territory. Because of this, Britain was able to use the power and resources from America to maintain its empire even through it bad periods, and managed to gain control of most of the civilized world. This did affect the technology of the world though, as without the innovation and competition produced by America, electricity and other modern innovations didn’t develop for almost a century.

In a world with older technology, where much of the word is still a mystery, there is no better nor more exciting profession than an explorer of the unknown. Sanford always wanted to be that kind of person, ever since he was a young boy growing up in Britain. It was this love and his fascination with the past that made him become an archeologist. But he never could manage to make the big discovery that would make his career; his leads either went nowhere or someone else had gotten to the big find first. Still, Sanford continued to pursue ancient secrets and civilizations, in the hope of learning that one thing that would change his world completely.

That day would come soon than he thought. Sanford had been investigating ancient Arabian civilizations, looking for an ancient artifact known as “The Sands of Time”. According to legend, the Sands were the essence of time itself, collected by the ancient Arabians by some long forgotten means. They were said to be contained in a giant hourglass made of pure gold. Sanford didn’t put much stock in magic, but he knew this ancient Arabians were miraculous time keepers, with one of the most accurate calendars in the world. The knowledge from them civilization alone would be an archeological gold mine, and if the hourglass really did exist, it would make one of the most spectacular museum exhibits ever.

Sanford gathered funding and an expedition team and set out in search of the Hourglass. For months he searched the entirety of the Arabian Wastes, following every lead, clue and dig. His efforts finally paid off when he located the Ancient Arabian’s capital in the middle of the desert, half buried and hidden in the sands. The dig began immediately, until finally, Sanford found an entrance into the city. He was amazed to discover that the majority of the city was actually housed in an underground cavern, protected from the ravages of the elements. Sanford was beside himself; it was what he’d always been waiting for.

He and his team began to explore the ruins, amazed at the sights they were seeing, eventually, the group reached an antechamber deep in the city. In that room they located the Hourglass foretold in legends. It stood twenty feet tall, made of solid gold, and even more amazingly, the glass was made of the purest diamond. Inside swirled a strange looking sand, that shifted colors every few seconds. As Sanford examined the artifact, a strange figure revealed himself from out of nowhere, clad in strange robes. Speaking with an almost ethereal voice, he called himself the Keeper of Time, and told them that were not welcome in this place. Sanford tried to question the Keeper on where he came from, that he was only there to learn about his civilization.

As he talked though, one of the diggers became greedy, and tried to break a piece off the hourglass with everyone’s back turned. As soon as he struck the hourglass though, it began to crack, and before anyone could stop it, it had broken open. The sands inside poured out, and began to do strange things to the room, shifting time around them and sucking everything into it. One by one it picked up the diggers, and consumed them completely. Sanford ordered his team to run, and directed them out of the now collapsing chamber. Sanford wasn’t quick enough though, and one of the tendrils of sand grabbed him and began to pull him into the void. Sanford managed to grab an outcropping though, and hung on for dear life as the room collapsed around him. He closed his eyes as the world spun around him and he felt as if his mind was being ripped apart.

Then a second later, everything was back to normal. The room was restored, and the hourglass was back to normal in the center of the room. Sanford felt strange; everything felt slower one second, then faster the next. To his horror, he found his body was dissolving into sand. But then the Keeper appeared before him, and told him he’d been tainted by the Sands of Time. He would soon dissolve into sand and be spread across all of time.

The Keeper then offered Sanford a choice. He told him he could stop Standford from being sucked into the time stream is Sanford agreed to help him, to make up for the potential temporal damage his crew had done. Sanford, having little choice, agreed. The Keeper bestowed upon a magical harness that was able to stabilize Sanford’s time flow, and keep him stable in reality. Sanford also found that he could not use the sands in his body to manipulate time around him, that even with the harness, his own temporal perceptions and reality were flexible, and somewhat disorienting.

The Keeper told him that by breaking the glass, he’d disrupted the time flow. In order to fix it, he would have to become a time traveler, using his new abilities to manipulate the sands of time within, and stop any temporal problems that would occur. Sanford tried to ask more, but the Keeper told him the answers would come when the time came; the Sands were part of him now and they would be drawn to the problems, even if his mind wasn’t fully capable of comprehending them.

Now Sanford, who sometimes goes by Hourglass when need be, travels throughout time, searching for the lost problems in time. He hopes that by doing this, he might be able to find a way to rid the sands from himself, and have a normal life again. Until then though, he understands that fixing the problems that pop up is important, and will do what it takes to these paradoxes and events from causing more trouble. He always wanted to help make people’s lives better; he’s just not doing it in the way he expected.

Recently though, Sanford has been having visions of a future that terrifies him. Sanford’s normal visions of time and its infinite possibilities has been narrowed to one where time just ends. There is nothing but void, the end of time itself. It is all that occupies Sanford’s mind; he knows something bad is coming, something that will end the entire universe. He just doesn’t know what it is yet, but he knows its coming. A few days, a few years, even a few minutes, it’s all the same to Hourglass. And he’ll do anything it takes to prevent that from happening.

Hourglass' universe hasn't been destroyed by Terminus yet, but it soon will be. Hourglass has experienced enough in his time travels of fixing causality problems to know that the work he would do reality hopping could save his universe potentially, along with many others. For this reason, he will go along with Norn, for he knows all too well the consequences of actions that blossom out of control in unseen ways.

Sanford's powers involve producing the sands of time from his body and using them by touch or in a very limited area to affect time. He can do things like slow or stop time to freeze people in time, speed them up, or even do things like heal people's wounds, or age them to death. He also experiences time differently then others, allowing him to move and think quickly, see pasts and futures, and even teleport by having taken a different path in the past and simply being somewhere new because of it. His powers are slightly disorienting and inconsistent though, as he does not experience time like others; sometimes things appear to be moving at a blur, while other times everything moves at a snail's crawl. Even Hourglass's body is in flux, and while the suit prevents the worst from happening, it doesn't stop him from randomly getting older or younger, or even randomly jumping into another place in time!

Power Level 13 (195pp)

-Anything marked with a * is Hourglass' stats when he's in Child Form

Strength 10 (6*) (-2*)
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 14 +2
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 10

Bluff 4 +4
Concentration 6 +8
Disable Device 3 +5
Disguise 0 +0(+20 when morphed)
Language 3 (Arabic, Egyptian, Latin)
Intimidate 0 +0(-2*)
Knowledge (History) 8 +10
Notice 6 +8
Search 8 +10
Stealth 0 +0(+4*)
Survival 2 +4

Age Shift (Flaws: Uncontrolled; 4pp)
Device 37 (Chronal Harness, Hard to Loose; Power Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 2; 151pp)
Super Movement 3 (Temporal Movement 3 [Flaws: Uncontrolled]; 3pp)

Enhanced Attack 9 (18dp)
Enhanced Defense 9 (18dp)
Enhanced Feats 19 (Attack Focus 5 [Melee], Defensive Roll 5, Dodge Focus 5,
Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Seize Initiative; 19dp)
Enhanced Reflex Save 12 (12dp)
Immunity 7 (Aging, Disease, Need for Sleep, Poison, Starvation and Thirst, Temporal Effects; 7dp) Protection 2 (2dp)
Regeneration 8 (Recovery Bonus +7, Resurrection 1/Week, Extras: True Resurrection); 9dp)
Super-Movement 1 (Slow Fall; 2dp)
Super-Senses 11 (Danger Sense [Mental], Postcognition, Precognition, Temporal
Awareness [Mental], Uncanny Dodge [Mental]; 11dp)
Time Control 11 (25,000 mph, x5,000 routine tasks; Extras: 3 points/rank to Array, Flaws: Range [Touch]; 44dp)
BP: Deflect 17 (Fast and Slow Projectiles; Power Feats: Precise; 35dp)
AP: Concealment 5 (All Visual Senses and Normal Hearing; Extras: Affects Others, Power Feats: Close Range) and Enhanced Feats 16 (Fast Overrun, Improved Disarm, Improved Overrun, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Interpose, Move-by Action, Quick Change 2, Quick Draw 2, Redirect, Takedown Attack 2, Time Sense, Ultimate Save [Reflex]) (1dp)
AP: Corrosion 11 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will; Drain Toughness], Power Feats: Incurable, Reversible; 1dp)
AP: Healing 8 (Extras: Resurrection, Total, Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth,
Stabilize; 1dp)
AP: Healing 11 (Extras: Affects Objects [Only], Total, Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth; 1dp)
AP: Nullify 11 (All Temporal Effects; Extras: Duration [Concentration], Range [Perception], Power Feats: Selective, Subtle, Flaws: Action [Full]; 1dp)
AP: Paralyze 11 (Extras: Duration [Concentration], Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial,
Reversible; 1dp)
AP: Teleport 9 (Anywhere on Earth; Extras: Accurate, Power Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Progression 5 [5,000 lbs]; 1dp)
AP: Time Stop 8 (Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Progression 1 [10 ft radius/rank], Reversible, Flaws: Duration [Concentration], Range [Touch], Tiring; 1dp)

Attack +10 (+11*), +15 (+16*) Melee, +1 (+2*) Without Chronal Harness
Grapple +15 (+9*), +1 (-5*) Without Chronal Harness
Damage +0 (-2*) Unarmed, +11 Corrosion
Defense +17 (+18*) (+6 [+7*] Flat Footed), +3 (+4*) Without Chronal Harness (+1 [+2*] Flat Footed)
Knockback 0/-2/-4 (-1/-4*)
Initiative +44

Trade offs:
Attack +2, Damage -2
Defense +4, Toughness -4

Toughness +2/+4/+9 (+1/+3/+8*)
Fortitude +7
Reflex +17 (+5 Without Chronal Harness)
Will +7

Disability (Staggered, When not wearing harness; Uncommon, Major; -3pp)
Weakness (-1 to all ability scores once per 5 minutes, When not wearing harness; Uncommon, Major; -5pp)

Abilities 12 + Skills 10 + Feats 0 + Powers 158 + Combat 8 + Saves 15 - Drawbacks 8 = 195pp

Accidents (Time Warps or Paradoxes, causes unexpected things to happen)
Enemy (Unknown foes made in the future or that a future version of hourglass has made in the present)
Prejudice (Supernatural Appearance, Sands of time swirling around or dripping from hourglass)
Responsibility (Fixing time causality and paradox problems)
Wexiomatic's Wonderful World - My Roll Call Thread

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Re: Wexiomatic's Wonderful World o' Character Builds

Postby Wexiomatic » Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:35 am

Real Name: Carah Dullard

In the past few months, a new hero has risen to prominence in Freedom City. She is known as Gem, the glistening Diamond Bombshell that has blessed the city with her beauty and strength. Showing incredible amounts heroism, the type of which has not been seen in years, Gem has quickly become one of Freedom City’s newest and greatest heroes. Using her invincible Diamond Body and crystal creation powers, Gem has slowly begun to shift the dark ages that have plagued the city for so long. Her fans love her, and she has quickly become a celebrity to the people, recognizable everywhere. Yet despite all the public appearances and displays of heroism, who is she? Where did she come from? She has given no other name to herself, and said nothing of her past. Still, the citizens are grateful, and the paparazzi will just have to remain disappointed.

In reality, Gem is quite amazed at the situation she has found herself in. Until a few months ago, she was woman named Carah Dullard. Carah was a shy, unassuming and plain looking woman, nothing like the bold, brave and beautiful superhero she had become. You see, Carah was the child of a supermodel and charismatic celebrity talent agent, two of the most beautiful and successful people you could hope to find. Unfortunately for Carah, her parents were never interested in her, particularly because she never seemed very interested or attractive to them. Carah spent most of her childhood in the care of babysitters and nanny’s while her parents lived the good life.

Things weren’t much better growing up. Carah tended to be overlooked in school because of her appearance and demeanor. Or worse, the popular kids would always pick on her, calling her names for being “ugly”. After awhile, Carah really did start to believe them, that she was ugly and unimportant. It was sad really; she just wanted to be beautiful, to be special, to be noticed by someone as a unique person. And the older she got, the more she began to think that maybe there really was nothing special about her, and that she really would never be noticed.

Fate had other things in mind for Carah though. Carah eventually became a librarian for the Freedom City public library. One thing Carah had always loved more than anything were books. When she was reading a book, she could always pretend for a second that she wasn’t Carah, but a stronger, more attractive, more beautiful person. She could imagine herself as the hero, rather than the cameo side character with only one line. Besides, she thought it would be a safe profession, keep her out of trouble.

Freedom City is a dangerous place though, and Carah and the other patrons of the library found themselves caught in the crossfire of a supervillain battle for control of the territory. The library was half destroyed and the residents of the library found themselves trapped. They all managed to locate an emergency exit, and quickly exited before the building fell in on itself. As she was about to leave, Carah heard a small voice cry out. She turned to see a small girl trapped under a fallen bookcase. Without thinking, surprising herself immensely, Carah turned around and tried to help the girl free herself. It was then that the building gave way and collapsed around them, and Carah’s vision went black.

The events of the next few hours are hazy to Carah even now. She remembers the weight of the building on her, pressing down on her while she tried to protect the little girl from being crushed. Then she remembered there was a light, a warm light. It spoke to her, though she knew not the words. It was comforting somehow though, and she suddenly felt strong, important, that she, and ONLY she could keep this little girl safe. The next thing she knew, Carah was in a stretcher being taken into an ambulance. She sat upright looking around desperately for the little girl, who she spotted just outside the ambulance. She looked fine, and was talking excitedly to her mother.

“It’s true mommy. This beautiful lady saved me. She was so pretty and strong. She sparkled like a diamond! It’s the truth!”

Carah was taken to the hospital, and was miraculously in perfect health. She was amazed, and was checked out later that day. When she got home, she just lay in bed, trying to remember what had happened. She saved that girl. It didn’t make sense, but somehow she knew she had saved her. But the girl had said she was saved by a beautiful woman, who sparkled like a diamond. That couldn’t be Carah. She wasn’t beautiful or special. She was just Carah. Right? And that’s when she noticed she was changing.

Before she knew it, her flesh slowly was replaced by solid crystal, until her whole body was completelty made of the stuff. Carah was shocked at first and began to panic, accidentally smashing some of her furniture with her strange new body. She continued to freak out, until she saw herself in the mirror. She was beautiful, one of the most beautiful things she had ever laid eyes on. Was that her? It couldn’t be. But then the girl’s words came back to her. It had been her.

Before she knew it, Carah was using her new body and powers to fight crime. She amazed herself, day after day, how she would simply boldly go out and help people, and even do it, well, in a sexy manner. She had NEVER felt attractive, yet here she was, doing things she never dreamed she would do. There was something about this new form, these new powers, that made her feel like she could take on the world. For the first time in her life, Carah felt beautiful and powerful. She was going to show the world what she could really do.

As gem, Carah is a complete media sensation, although she didn’t try to be. She’s just trying to use her new, better self to make a difference and show the world what she can do. Yet the source of these new abilities still eludes Carah, like the itch at the back of her mind. She’s sure something important happened, something that’s she’s missing, to give her these abilities, this chance to rise above her own limitations. But she can’t figure out what. Perhaps, the answer will present itself soon, but until then, there’s crime to fight. And the sky’s the limit for this shining star, this diamond in the rough


Fame: Gem has become an overnight celebrity thanks to her beauty. The media can’t get enough of her and Gem loves the attention, and plays right into it. While normally this is a good thing, it sometimes means she gets founded in the middle of something important, and has to be very careful when going about her private affairs.

Hatred (Egotistical Beautiful People): While she is beautiful now, Carah never forgets that it isn’t beauty that makes a person special and unique. She remembers the cruelty of her parents and the kids at school, and hates it when she seems those gifted with beauty use their blessings so cruelly. Gem goes out of her way to confront and humiliate these arrogant elites, and it can sometimes lead to very embarrassing, uncomfortable, or even dangerous situations.

Secret (Identity): Carah is absolutely terrified people will find out who she really is, who Carah really is. What would they do if they knew their beautiful star was just a shy homely librarian. Because of this, Carah rarely transforms back into her human form, and has severed almost all ties with her old life. She loves who she has become, and fears the truth getting out will destroy the new sense of self she has miraculously attained.

Power Level 11 (165pp)

Strength 10/32 +0/+11(+5 for skills)
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14 +2
Wisdom 16 +3
Charisma 10

Concentration 4 +7
Notice 4 +7
Search 8 +10

Attack Focus 2 (Melee)
Dodge Focus 1
Eidetic Memory
Power Attack

Solid Form 20 (Continuous; 100pp)
-Create Object 11 (Crystals, 55 ft cube; Power Feats: Innate)
-AP: Snare 11 (Power Feats: Accurate)
-AP: Dazzle 8 (Visual; Extras: Area [Perception], Flaws: Limited [Must be in
bright light], Drawbacks: Full Power)
-Density 6 (+12 Strength, x5 Weight, Auto Fails swim checks, Extras: Continuous,
Flaws: Permanent, Immovable 2, Protection 3 [Extras: Impervious], Super Strength 2)
-Enhanced Fortitude Save 7
-Enhanced Strength 10
-Immunity 14 (Light Damage, Life Support)
-Protection 10 (Extras: Impervious 7)
-Power Feats (Attractive 3, Fascinate [Diplomacy], Regrowth)
-Super Strength 3 (Heavy Load: 34.4 Tons)
-Drawback (Vulnerable [Sonic Damage, +50%; Uncommon, Moderate])

Attack +9, Melee +11
Grapple +11/+27
Damage +0/+11 (Unarmed)
Defense +9 (+4 flat footed)
Knockback 0/-13 (-15 Immovable)
Initiative +2

Trade Offs:
Defense -2/Toughness +2

Toughness +13 (+10 Impervious)
Fort +3/+10
Reflex +2
Will +7

14 Abilities + 4 Skills + 6 Feats + 100 Powers + 34 Combat + 7 Saves = 165pp
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