Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

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Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by whiteprofit »

Player builds from Avatar: The Orphan Prince and Avatar: The Secret Hero can post their characters here. This will also include NPC character sheets as time goes on.

Rules and Extras: Avatar: The Secret Hero Avatar: The Orphan Prince
  • Jao played by Reaper
    Zanko played by Nilrem
    Laira played by Coyotzin

    Retired Characters:
    Kaze played by Godwall
    Sandra played by Gabrie
    Yo'Fang played by Fatty (Guest at Nozomi)
    Jang Jang played by Plan B (Guest at Nozomi, Never posted)
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by Nilrem »

For Avatar the Orphan Prince

PL 5 (76/76pp)

Abilities (16pp)
Str 14
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 12

Saves (9pp)
Fort +4
Ref +5
Will +4
Toughness (+5/+3 (flat-footed)

Skills (8pp)

Bluff Rank 6
Diplomacy Rank 7
Knowledge Firebending Rank 7
Notice Rank 6
Ride Rank 4
Search Rank 4
Sense Motive Rank 6

Feats (10pp)
All-Out Attack
Defensive Roll 2x
Dodge Focus 2x
Equipment 2x
Luck 2x
Power Attack

Equipment (9/10ep)
Travler's Garb
Protection Rank 2 (Subtle)

Strike Rank 3 (PF:Mighty, Improved Critical) Master-Work

Spare EP as needed

Combat (14pp)
Attack +4 (Sword +5) (Spitting Dragon +6)
Damage Unarmed +2 (Sword +5 19-20) (Spitting Dragon +4) (Erupting Dragon DC 15)
Defense 15 (Flat-Footed 11)

Powers (19pp)
Firebending Rank 5 (Alternate Power 5x)

* Spitting Dragon Blast Rank 4 (Power:Feats Accurate, Split Attack)
* Breathing Dragon Blast Rank 5 (Extras:Cone)(Flaws:Touch)
* Erupting Dragon Strike Rank 5 (Extras:Area Burst)
* Rising Dragon Flight Rank 1 (Flaws:One Direction)
Blast Rank 4 (Extras:Trail)(Flaws:Touch)(Power Feats:Trail)
* True Dragon Create Object Rank 5

Stance of the Tricky Dragon (4pp)
Enhance Skills (Bluff Rank 4)
Improved Feint
Improved Defense 2x

Powerloss Firebending (When top half is immobile) -1

Basic Background
Age 62
Height 5''6
Weight 135

A fire bender who idealizes the dragons for being the original fire bending masters. Zanko had studied the dragons and believed they are one of the planet's greatest creatures. He based his fire bending after the forms and style of the dragons themselves. He had lived mostly a peaceful life teaching youngsters and anyone else who was interested in what he referred to as true fire bending. He admits their are things he still has to learn, for knowledge is not absolute.

With the birth of the New Avatar , Zanko believes it is his duty to come to the Earth Kingdom and help the Avatar master the four elements. Furthermore, by traveling with the Avatar maybe Zanko could learn new things himself.
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by Godwall »


Name: Kaze
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Height: 5" 7
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Black (Shaved head)
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Kaze, like many Airbenders, has pale skin and dark hair, although his time travelling has given him a bit of a tan. His black hair is beginning to grow back in, in an attempt to hide his lack of a tatoo, but his scalp is still largely visible. He wears a dark blue head wrap and an Airbender vest with feathers on his shoulders, torso and forearms. He wears black trousers and durable boots.

Stats: (16 PP)
STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 12 (+1) INT: 10 (-) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 10 (-)

Saves: (7 PP)
TOUGH: +1/+3
FORT: +4 REFLEX: +5 WILL: +4

Combat: (18 PP)
Attack Bonus: +5
Defense Bonus: +7 (+2 flatfooted)
Initiative: +4 (+8 in Blinding Squall Stance)

Skills: (6 PP; 24 ranks)
Acrobatics 4 (+8), Escape Artist 4 (+8), Knowledge (Airbending) 4 (+4), Navigation 4 (+5), Notice 4 (+5), Sleight of Hand 4 (+8)

Feats: (12 PP)
Acrobatic Bluff, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 3, Evasion, Improved Critical (Glider Staff), Improved Defense, Uncanny Dodge (Hearing), Up The Wall, Weapon Bind

Powers: (16 PP)

Glider Staff (Device 1, easy to lose)
-Flight 2 (25 mph; 220 ft/rnd; Limited - requires Airbending to use)
-Strike 2 (Mighty)

Airbending 5 (Air Control 5)
-AP: Blinding Squall Stance (Speed 2, Enhanced Improved Initiative, Leaping 3, Blur)
-AP: Deflect 5 (Slow Projectiles, Reflection)
-AP: Trip 5 (Knockback)
-AP: Blast 4 (Split Attack, Subtle)

Drawbacks & Complications
Power Loss (Airbending Array; Unable to move; -1 PP)
No Tatoos (Airbenders, and people who know Airbender ways, dont take him seriously)
Temper (... which is a shame because not being taken seriously is his hot-button)

Da Maths: Abilities 16 + Skills 6 + Feats 12 + Powers 16 + Combat 18 + Saves 7 - Drawbacks 1 = 75

Personal Information

People call me Kaze. I'm an Airbender. Yes, I know I don't have a tatoo yet. Shut up.

I was born and raised in the Western Air Tribe. Almost all Air Nomads are benders from birth, and we use it to travel from place to place. I saw a lot of the world on my dad's flying bison until I turned ten and he decided I should be sent to the Western Air Temple to become a monk. Shaved all my hair, put me in a saffron robe, the works. My teacher was Monk Uinto, this really boring geezer. He was the sort of guy who thinks he's funny, but isn't, you know what I mean? Kept trying to make philosophy and spirituality seem fun and making all these so-called witty remarks. He was my personal teacher, so we spent a lot of time together. He used to call me all kinds of nicknames; Storm, Squall, all stuff that was meant to chide me for being so easy to anger when I should be a light, playful zephyr. All it did was irritate me more.

Part of Airbending is learning what the monks teach you, but the final stage of becoming a master is to develop techniques yourself. You show it to the monks, they approve it and give you your tatoo, which marks you as a true Airbender. Except when I went before the monks and showed off what I had developed, they criticised me. They encouraged creativity and freedom, but said that my style was too aggressive and combative; that I should be a playful wind, not an angry one. I - I got really angry at that. Stormed out of the Temple. They just seemed so stupid. I didn't understand why they were against me.

I don't like violence, don't get the wrong idea. It's just that everyone else in the Air Nomads seemed content to just go around all lackadaisy, like the world can't touch them. I just want to keep people safe. That's why I use my Airbending like I do.

I left the Temple, but there are other ways to prove your worth as an Airbender, to get your markings. Even if the Monk Council didn't accept your technique, if you could accomplish something of great worth, the Council couldn't deny you your tatoos. It's not the most common way, no-one's done it in my life time, but if the monks wouldn't accept my techniques it was the only thing for me, the only way I could become a man. So on my sixteenth birthday, I left the temple and used my glider to seek out something of great worth. There was much scandal in the Earth Kingdom that apparently the Air Nomads were refusing to teach the Avatar Airbending. Well, what's of greater value than the Avatar? If I could be the one that taught the Avatar Airbending, there would be no way for the Council to deny me any more. They would have to accept me, give me my tatoos and make me a man.

So I got my glider staff and I headed for Ba Sing Se, to teach the Avatar Airbending if no other Nomad would.
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by Gabrie »

[Picture coming later]

Sandra was an unwanted child. After all, her father wanted the Avatar, not a mere girl that did not even have bending ability. From an early age, she was hidden away. While she obtained an education of some sort, it was never that of a true heir, in the eyes of her father, she was anything but.
This was, overall, nothing the girl came to dislike, for it gave her freedom. From an early age, she had little interest in “female” things, like dresses, cute fuzzy animals or boys. She preferred the outdoors, physical activity, and even the martial arts.
Her caretaker, an old, gentle noble, actually took a fancy to her – and granted even her more outlandish wishes. After all, she would never become a noble in public, he thought, so why not teach her something useful?
While any other princess would have been taught etiquette, she learned acrobatics. While another girl would have studied history, she practiced martial arts taught by a monk from a nearby monastery.
And finally, she learned the one thing she was really good at: Throwing knives. She had a fine sense for details from the beginning, and over the years learned to be incredibly precise with her knives, many of which she would hide on her body.
And as far as she was concerned, she liked it like this, away from the court. Sure, sometimes she would meet with some nobles – like when she was eleven years old and got presented with her older brother, who was, apparently, the Avatar. At such times, she would keep quiet and pretend to be demure and obedient.

Today, she is mostly grown up. A princess in name only, she has become a rather cheerful girl, curious about the world. She wants to see more of it, see the different countries her caretaker told her about. Also, she hopes to leave behind her heritage, for her biggest fear is that, one day, the king will call for her, to marry. That is the one thing she rejects. She wants to be free – after having tasted the freedom of not being a proper part of the court, she never wants to give it up again.

[Additions after a PM discussion:]
-Father: Her relation to her father is not particularly close - it has a reason she was hidden away, after all. While he has never treated her badly, he has made his displeasure with her known to her. She avoids him when she can and has little love for him. She does not particularly hate him either, though - it is a relation ship of mutual indifference, and on Sandras part a wish to keep it so.

-Mother: I'd imagine her to have a somewhat more positive connection to her daughter. While she, of course, had to go along with what her husband wanted, she no doubt got the most of the blame for the lack of children, and can't really blame her daughter for not adhering to her husbands silly proclaimation. I'd have her as the one who suggested a specific lord to whom her daughter would be put for the time being, as that lord was a friend of hers, and thus she knew he'd not cause undue trouble for the daughter. Sandra does not know most of these details, however, and has not interacted much with her mother. But then, royal protocol probably isn't exactly friendly on mother-child relations, anyway.

Fei Shang is a noble living outside the capital (the princess was to be taken aside of the court, after all), a retired, somewhat pragmatic general who has known the queen for years. He is past his fifties, and lives as the local lord of a rather peaceful province.
He's tall, somewhat scarred and muscular, wears his greying hair in the usual Earth Kingdom fashion, giving him a somewhat "aging Asian martial arts master" kind of look, I suppose. Clichéd, but hey.

He agreed to the request of the queen to take care of the child in secret. Letting the child have her wishes was done both out of loyalty to the queen, and of a somewhat pragmatic conclusion he took. Since the girl apparently wasn't meant as the heir, and was in fact actively kept from it, it would at least end up with her having some sort of use. He hasn't pampered her, but not been overly clichéd strict, either, and the girl considers him to be a kind of father, since her real father wasn't really...a good one.

Appearance: Plain. She is neither beautiful nor ugly, neither tall nor short. Apart from being the first-born child of the king, she could be a completely ordinary citizen. The prettiest thing about her is her long, beautiful black hair.

Stats: 18pp
Str 10 (+0), Dex 16 (+3), Con 12 (+1), Wisdom 20 (+5), Int 10 (+0), Cha 10 (+0)

Saves: 0pp
Toughness: +1 (+5 with defensive roll)
Fortitude: +1
Reflex: +3
Will: +5

Skills: 48 ranks = 12pp
*Acrobatics 10 (+13), Bluff 6 (+6), Diplomacy 2 (+2), *Escape Artist 5 (+8), Knowledge: Civics 2 (+2), Notice 6 (+11), Profession: Noble 3 (+3), Sense Motive 2 (+7), *Sleight of Hand 5 (+8), *Stealth 7 (+10),
*marked are Mastered Skills.

Feats: 27pp
Acrobatic Bluff
Attack Focus Ranged 4
Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 2
Blind Fight
Defensive Roll 4
Dodge Focus 5
Evasion 2
Move By Action
Precise 2
Skill Mastery(Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Escape Artist, Stealth)
Uncanny Dodge(Auditory)
Zen Strike

Powers: 16pp
Leaping 2 2pp
Device rank 3 (Hard to lose) 12PP + 2AP
->Throwing Knives Array
< This isn’t meant as an actual single device but as her entire outfit. She’s meant as one of those characters that, for some reason, always have a ton of throwing knives on hand - these characters often use, during the course of battle, knives in a total amount heavier than their own body weight!
Her usual ranged attack is nailing her opponent with three or more knives, thrown with quite the precision, alternate uses are throwing a LOT of knives in a fan-like pattern , hitting people in a small area, or nailing a target to the ground or a wall with her knives.>
Main Ability: Throwing Knives Blast 5 (Autofire Extra, throwing knives descriptor)
AP: Fan of Knives: Blast 5 (Area Extra: Shapeable)
AP: Pinning Knives (Snare 5 linked with Drain: Reflex safe, representing the encumbrance from being nailed somewhere by a dozen knives)

Combat: 2pp
Attack: +1(2pp)
Defense: +0 Flat Footed when uncanny dodge doesn’t apply, otherwise +5 Dodge due to Dodge focus for a Defense DC of 15.

Fame: She is a princess, and while she has rarely appeared in public, due to the king not aknowledging her as the true hair, she might still be recognized, causing her a complication
Hatred(no, not phobia): The possibility of being married
Obsession: The wish to be more than "just a princess", but to stand on her own and being free.

Total: 18 + 12 + 27 + 16 + 2pp = 75pp

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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by Shock »

Rukko - 78 points - PL 5

Abilities - 14 points
Str - 12 - 2 points
Dex - 14 - 4 points
Con - 14 - 4 points
Int - 10 - 0 points
Wis - 14 - 4 points
Cha - 10 - 0 points

Attack - +2 - 4 points
Defense - +4 - 8 points

Saves - 6 points
Fortitude +4 (+2 Con +2 bought)
Reflex +4 (+2 Dex +2 bought)
Will +4 (+2 Wis +2 bought)
Toughness +3/+5 (+2 Con +1/+3 protection)

Powers - 21 points
Water Bending Array - 16+5 points
-Base Power:Water Control 6 (Extensive Training, Precise, Split Attack, Subtle)
-AP:Water Cloak Stance 3
--Elongation 2(Projection, Arms only) --Enhanced Strength 6
--Snare 4(Touch, Tether) --Protection 3
-AP:Water Skate Stance 3
--Super Movement 1 (water walking) --Speed 1
--Trip 5(Trail) --Dodge Focus 3
-AP:Snare 4 (Autofire, Indirect 3)
-AP:Blast 4 (Autofire, Indirect 3)
-AP:Create Object 5 (Continuous)

Skills - 16 points
Acrobatics 2(4)
Concentration 7(9)
Craft(Structural) 4(4)
Diplomacy 2(2)
Drive 8(10)
Knowledge(Water Bending) 6(6)
Medicine 2(4)
Notice 5(7)
Profession(Sailor) 8(10)
Ride 2(4) - still learning
Sense Motive 4(6)
Survival 8(10)
Swim 6(6)

Feats - 11 points
Attack Specialization 2 (Water bending)
Defensive Attack
Dodge Focus
Equipment 1 --Leather Armor --Boat (Size Huge, Swim 2)
Improved Disarm
Improved Grapple
Improved Trip
Skill Mastery (Drive, Profession, Survival, Swim)

Drawbacks - 2 points
Power Loss(water bending, without water) - 1 point
Power Loss(water bending, if upper body is immobile) - 1 point

Unarmed - Attack +2 Damage +1
Water Cloak - Attack +6 Damage +4
Tether Snare - Attack +6 DC 14 Reflex
Water Snare - Attack +6 DC14 Reflex Autofire
Water Blast - Attack +6 Damage +4 Autofire
Grapple - +7/+10 (+6 attack +1/+4 strength)
Defense +5 (+2 permanent +3 dodge)
Knockback -1/-2
Initiative +2

Abilities 14 + Combat 12 + Saves 6 + Feats 11 + Skills 16 + Powers 21 - Drawbacks 2 = 78pp

-Bowa's Secret

Rukko was born in a trading village just outside the gates of the city of the Southern Water Tribe. From an early age, his passion was exploration. He spent little time in the city and much time on his own. As a boy, he met Avatar Lysira several times, much more than any young child could expect to, because of the relationship his grandfather had with her. Her skill with bending made quite an impression on him and he took to learning as much water bending as he could.
Now grown to 22 years old, Rukko has become a skilled water bender and sailor. He has explored much of the southern part of the world and uses his knowledge as a guide and occasional trader. Now on his own, he has started exploring farther and farther away from home. Recently, he decided that he was going to pay a visit to the new Avatar in Ba Sing Se. He does not realize that the nobility in that Earth Kingdom is much less accessible than it is with the Water Tribe. His first stop on his trip is the trading village of Somudd.
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by Serris »

PL5/75 pp +2 pp
+2 Attack, -2 Damage
+2 Defense, -2 Toughness

Attributes: 22 pp
Str: 16 (+3)
Dex: 18 (+4)
Con: 12 (+1)
Int: 12 (+1)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 12 (+1)

Combat: 16 pp
Attack: +7 in melee/+4 (8 pp)
Defense: +7 (+2 flat-footed, 8 pp)
Grapple: +8
Initiative: +7

Saves: 8 pp
Toughness: +3/+1
Fort: +3 (+1 Con+2)
Reflex: +7 (+4 Dex+3)
Will: +5 (+2 Wis+3)

Skills: 12 pp +1
Acrobatics 6 (+10)
Bluff 9 (+10)
Disable Device 5 (+6)
Notice 6 (+8)
Sense Motive 4 (+6)
Sleight of Hand 10 (+14)
Stealth 8 (+12)
Survival 4 (+6)

Feats: 14 pp +1
Dodge Focus 3
Equipment 2
Improved Initiative
Improved Taunt (Taunt as Move Action without penalty)
Improved Throw
Melee Focus 3
Power Attack
Twin Weapon Strike
Uncanny Dodge (Visual)

Powers: 2 pp
Super-Movement 1 (Swinging, 2 pp)

Equipment: 10 ep
Caltrops (1 ep)
Leather clothing (Protection 2)
Lockpicks (1 ep)
Whip (+0 damage, 20 foot reach, Improved Trip and Improved Disarm Feats with +2 bonus, 6 ep)

Drawbacks: 1 pp
Power Loss (Super-Movement, if whip is not available)

Costs: Abilities (24) + Combat (16) + Saves (8) + Skills (12) + Feats (14) + Powers (2) - Drawbacks (1) = 75

Kleptomaniac (Jail sometimes feels an irresistible urge to steal something for varying reasons: the owner looked stupid, it was shiny, it would be really cool if he stole it, etc, etc...resisting this for any amount of time turns this urge into a temporary obsession.)
Luck (Bad things happen to him. Jail tends to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and probably wearing the wrong outfit and expression on his face.)
Wanted Man (Jail is still remembered in several small towns, due to both the previously stated complications.)

Jail is a young man, somewhere between 20-24 years old. He features both dark skin and hair, which he finds to be a blessing when hiding from those who would wish him harm, be it a mob of angry villagers or a surly warrior looking for the dastard who cheated him in cards. His voice is sharp, and seems to inherently carry an undertone of disrespect. He is handsome, in a sort of rogue-ish fashion.

Jail was born in a small town within the realm of the Earth Kingdom, and turned out to be a bit of a sneak. It started small, with pieces of candy, food, toys, but his antics soon escalated to thieving from the stores and pickpocketing his own neighbors. Even worse, was his skill with a whip, he often boasted that he could snap a fly out of the air and would playfully *almost* hit the observers. Eventually, the town as a whole had enough, and Jail was driven out, and told never to return.
While he took this hard to begin with, Jail eventually found that OTHER towns, which typically hadn't had to cope with a Jail for any amount of time, were easy pickings. It wasn't always easy, though - he made plenty of enemies.

Group: The Secret Hero
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by flynnarrel »

Subject: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign
flynnarrel wrote: Marika
PL5 75
+1 (earned)
trained: +1(Rukko, Water Cloak Stance), +.5 (Rayna, +2 Ride), +1.5 (Gather, +4 Diplomacy, +2 Knowledge:Local)

Abilities: St 10 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 10 [12pp]

Tradeoffs Def +2/ Tough -2,

Saves: Fort 1+2, Ref 3+3, Will 2+3 [8pp]
Toughness +1+2 leather = +3

Skills [8pp+3learned]: Sense Motive +6 (+8.), Notice +2 (+4.), Concentration +8 (+10), Survival +1 (+3), Medicine +3(+5), Acrobatics +7 (+10), Knowledge History +1, stealth +4 (+7), ride +2 (+5), Diplomacy +4, Knowledge local +2,

Feats [12pp+1pp]: equipment 1, Attack Focus Melee 2, Dodge focus 3, Uncanny dodge (hearing), improved initiative, Evasion, Skill Mastery (Concentration, Acrobatics, Medicine, Stealth), Prone Fighting, Power Attack, Teaching

Equipment: Leathers (Protection 2), medical kit (masterwork), large waterskin x 2,
Purchased: Longknife, (strike +2, mighty, throwable, crit range [19-20])
Purchased: Amulet, reroll medicine check or target's Healing check 1/day
Purchased: Tent, rope, various travelling gear and supplies in saddlebags

Combat: BAB 3 [6pp] Ranged +3 / Melee +5
BDB 4 [8pp] +3 Dodge = +7, +2 if Uncanny dodge doesn’t apply
Initiative: +7

Powers (+1learned):

Wave Riding – Flight; Flaw: Platform, Drawbacks: Low ceiling 2, Reduced Load 2, Feats: Improved Overrun, Fast Overrun, Improved Throw, PR 2 [1pp]
{Marika summons a wave upon which she rides forth at 25 mph. The wave can lift her no higher than 15 feet and she is prone to being knocked or pulled off. If she has more than a light load the wave won’t lift her. She can ride the wave over people in succession, knocking them to the ground. If she fails in this, they might be able to ‘break’ the wave [a counter trip effect], she’ll wind up prone at their feet. Note, this triggers her motion sickness after 20 minutes.} [Move at 250 ft/move action, When overrunning, they cannot choose to step aside, 1d20+9 (movement rank, plus Dex, plus 4 for imp.overrun) vs 1d20+ lower of their dex or str + size + immobility boni. If succeed, continue to next opponent 10 feet away to try again. Stop if trip fails for any reason.]

Water Bending:
Water Bending gets a -1 Drawback for requiring Water to work
and a -1 Drawback for Powerloss if upper body is immobile.

Streaming the Water - Water control (feats: Innate Ability, Extensive Training, Environmental Adaptation (water)) pr 7 [17pp + 7AP] {Basic water movement.} [Str 35, Heavy Load 3,200 lbs, ~400 gallons ]

AP: Deflect (slow projectiles, melee is included); Extra: Reflection, Feats: interpose, extended Reach, Precise, pr 7
Flow of Battle{This fighting style is based on redirection of energy. Marika keeps a band of water flowing over her which she maneuvers to accept any melee attack or any projectile launched at her location. In a flowing, circular motion she directs the attack, with momentum preserved, back at the attacker.} [+7 to deflect, Melee attacks are +5 to hit originator, Ranged is only +3 to hit, very imprecise, Damage/effects are same as incoming attack.]

AP: Healing; Extra: Total, Feats: Stabilize, Split attack, pr5
Wholeness of Blood{Surrounding a target with water and with an application of chi, Marika can will blood and body to knit back together at accelerated speeds} [Con check +5, DC to Heal anything, by every 5 over, heal another, can ‘split’ to heal two people at a much lower rank. They must be near each other.]

AP: Create Object; Extra: Moveable, Impervious, Flaw: Concentration, Feats: Stationary, Selective. pr 5
Stance of Shaping{This is a Water bender’s ability to make hardened water objects. As long as she keeps concentrating she can form objects and move them at her command or keep them as barriers. Any minor attacks on the objects are simply ignored, flowing off harmlessly. She can also choose what the objects simply flow around what they don’t. Note: She cannot form ice.} [5, 5 foot squares, +5 vs. Str to oppose movement. Toughness +5 Impervious. Standard action to maintain every round. Hard water. Can Trap, DC15 Reflex to avoid, Can drop in area DC15 Ref, DC 20 Toughness, Moves/Supports with 25 strength, Heavy load 800 lbs]

AP: Snare pr5; Feats: Tether, Chokehold, Accurate, Indirect, Subtle (meaning the 'tether' she has is a mental effect, not like a tangible lariat), Super strength 2, limited: Tether only.
Tide Flows Over{At the completion of this maneuver, Marika launches a sphere of water that splashes over whatever it hits. It clings and spreads, impeding movement, possibly encasing entirely. If so, at her direction, it covers mouth and nose. The water, at her mental direction, can move the snared individual as well.} [+5 to Hit, DC 15 Reflex, fail = Entangled, -2 attack, -2 defense, -4 Dex, no dodge, move@ half; if Save fails by 5 or another successful attack, Helpless and can choose to apply choke, or 'exert strength against' her strength counts as 20 with the Tether. Snare Toughness +5, needs to fail by 5 or more to make hole or escape artist DC 25]

AP: Strike; Area Shapeable (targeted), (5 contiguous squares, any shape, starting from Marika), Feat: Homing, pr 5 +Linked Trip; Flaw: Touch, Area Shapeable, Feat: Improved Trip. pr 5
Water Whip{a whip of water shoots and writhes at her direction, striking and likely knocking to the ground opponents. Even if it misses, the chaotic flailing of the whip may still hit a target as it withdraws.} [5, 5foot squares, +5 attack, DC 20 Toughness, 1d20+5 vs 1d20 + LOWER of Str or Dex or be knocked prone, Homing]

AP: Blast; Extra: Autofire 2, Feats: accurate 2, Precise, Ranged Pin, Improved Range pr 3
Shower of Sharpened Shards{In the only ability she has that calls upon the frozen land of her birth, Marika projects several dozen icicles toward and opponent. She can choose to pin their clothing instead.} [+7 to Hit, If attack succeeds by 1 over defense DC 19 Toughness, If hits by two or more DC 20 Toughness, out to 75 feet, Alternatively, ranged pin (counts as anchored Entangle), Reflex vs. attack roll, if fail, DC 15 str or escape artist as move action to free, Can attack a line, can lay Cover Fire]

AP: Immunity Suffocation by water, cold; Affects others, Area – burst +Linked Swimming pr 2; Affects Others, Area-Burst +Linked Obscurement (Visual); Extra: Selective Attack, Continuous, Flaw: in Water only, Touch range, Feats: Subtle, pr 2,
Bubble{She creates a hemisphere 10 feet around her that sustains those with her, moves rapidly, and completely invisible to those above, but those within and still see normally, though they are half in water, floating effortlessly. Oddly enough, out of the water, she can keep her companions warmer by keeping moisture and snow in the air from her companions.} [Everything 10 feet around her moves 50 feet per round in water, isn’t drowned by water or suffer cold, has total concealment from others while DC 20 Notice to even see anything in the water]

AP:Water Cloak Stance 3
--Elongation 2(Projection, Arms only)
--Enhanced Strength 6
--Snare 4(Touch, Tether)
--Protection 3

Drawback: Motion sickness: Weakness, -1 on all checks, att, def, DC 10 Fort to overcome, on vessel/cart or riding after 20 minutes, Common, Moderate -2

“I have to do what?!?” Marika protested when she first heard the elder’s hydromancy predictions. “Protect the Avatar? Why would the Avatar need *my* protection? He’s the AVATAR for Luna’s sake. And these directions make no sense. This isn’t the way to the King’s palace.”

“Oh, uhh… yes, of course I will give all in my Service to the Tribe. Yes, I know I owe you all for my education. Yes, I know my training as protector of the Sacred Pools was trying on everyone here. Yes, I know the aversion I seem to have for fast travel is… limiting. Yes, I know I am past the age of betrothal, but all the boys here are all… Yes, I’ll be quiet. *sigh* Yes, I will honor the vision of the Mother Seer.”

Marika, having completed her training in the Southern Tribe benders is the object of one of the elders’ hydromancy visions. She is given directions and told to protect the Avatar. (Which is odd because the Avatar is the Prince and certainly needs no protection by a 17 year old Water Tribeswoman.) But ever-dutiful, if somewhat complaining, Marika sets forth on the next ship for a miserable journey to Somudd, the Earth Kingdom.

Marika was also charged with delivering the Scrolls of Lysira - the diary and written notes of the previous Avatar (Lysira) to the next Avatar for the small amount of guidance they can provide. They are bound in watertight, fireproof scrollcases.

Abilities 12+ Saves 8+ Skills 9 + Feats 11 + Combat 14 + Powers 25 – Drawbacks 4 = 75
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

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PL: 5 (75pp)

Abilities: STR: 18 (+4) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 12 (+1)

Skills: Concentration 4 [+7], Diplomacy 4 [+5], Intimidate 4 [+5], Knowledge [Earthbending] 4 [+6], Knowledge [Tactics] 4 [+6], Notice 4 [+7], Ride 4 [+5], Survival 4 [+7]

Feats: Accurate Attack, Benefit [Member of the Order of the White Lotus], Dodge Focus 3, Tough 1

Earthbending (Earth Control 6 [Power Feats; Extended Training; 13pp])
AP: Eternal Mountain Stance (Rock Shield [Deflect 5 (Slow Projectiles); 5pp], Unyielding Stone [Immovable 3; 3pp], Rock Armor [Impervious Toughness 5; 5pp) (1pp)
AP: Earth/Rock Levitation (Blast 6 [Earth]; 12pp) (1pp)
AP: Shifting Earth Stance (Earth Launch [Leaping 2; 2pp], Earth Gauntlet [Strike 2; Mighty; 3pp], Earth Spikes [Trip 4; Area [Cone]; 8pp]) (1pp)

Combat: Attack +4 [Unarmed +4; Earth Blast +6; Earth Gauntlet +6] Defense 15 (11 Flat-footed) Init +1

Saves: Toughness +5 (+5 Impervious / Rock Armor) Fortitude +5 Reflex +3 Will +5

Abilities 30 + Skills 8 (32 Ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 16 + Combat 12 + Saves 5 – Drawbacks 2 = 75pp

Powerloss (If no earth present; Minor/Uncommon; -1)
Powerloss (If lower body immobilized; Minor/Uncommon; -1)

Name: Jao
Age: 24
Hair: Brown [Long; Tied Back]
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 180 lbs


Jao is a promising Earthbender and part of the Order of the White Lotus. Members of the order have become suspicious of the King's claim to have fathered the next avatar and have sent out members to investigate one being Jao himself.

Before becoming a member of the order Jao practiced earthbending in Ba Sing Se under a wise old master who eventually brought him into the order. The talent he had combined with his steadfast determination and sense of right has made him into a formidable opponent and friend among those who know him.

From there... He could stumbled upon the real avatar in the village on his way at the beginning of the game or already known depending upon what you think would work better.
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

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Avatar Bowa
PL 5- 75 pp +5 pp

Str- 14(+2)
Dex- 14(+2)
Con- 16(+3)
Int - 12(+1)
Wis- 12(+1)
Cha- 14(+2)

Skills:- Riding 7, Notice 5, Profession: Cooking 7, Perform- Strings 5, Bluff 4, Dipolmacy 4, Sense Motive 4. Handle Animal 4

Feats: Jack of All Trades, Defensive Roll 3, Ranged Attack Focus 2, Benefit: The True Avatar, Trance 1*, Withstand damage*.


Avatar State 5 (Uncontrolled, Unreliable, Tiring) [10]

Earth Bending:- Earth Control 5 (Powerloss; Unable to move lower body, Requires Earth) [11]
Alt Create Object 5
Alt Blast 5
Alt Moving Earth Stance:- Speed 1 , Tremorsense, Enhanced Feat: Melee Focus 2, Stirke 3(Mighty)
Alt: Deflect 3 (Slow Projectiles, Reflection, Redirection)

Combat: Att +3/+5 Ranged, Def 14/12 Flatfooted
Saves: Toughness +6/+3 Flatfooted, Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +4

Total: [22]+[8]+[7]+[21]+[14]+[3]=75

Bowa Ro-Don, the next avatar, was born to a pair of innkeepers in Somudd. It was a simple, uneventful life for Bowa, growing up at the Ro-Don Inn, helping his family in the running of the play, though his parents were sure to find him an earthbending teacher, a kind man by the name of Kegru. Though he was often busy working with his parents, Bowa proved to be a very talented student, easily keeping up with Kegru's other students, despite having less time to dedicate to his studies.

Unaware of his destiny, Bowa enjoyed his life at the inn. It was a popular spot for the many travellers that past through Somudd, and travellers brought with them stories and tales, and came from all walks of life. He learnt alot listening to their stories of far away places and of their own lives. Despite his happy life, he couldn't help but feel a longing to leave and see the world he'd heard so much about. Having never left the boundaries of Somudd, the world outside holds a strange allure to the young man.

He grew to be a kind, thoughtful man. With a love of life and learning new things. It was on his 18th birthday that his parents revealed to him a shocking secret. The tales from the Ba-Sing-Sa, that the Avatar was the son of the King were false, that he was the true Avatar. Take some time to come to terms with this discovery, Bowa prepares to leave Somudd, unsure whether to believe his parents words, to learn if his is infact the true Avatar.
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

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Power Level: 5; Power Points Spent: 75/75 +3

STR: +0 (10), DEX: +3 (16), CON: +1 (12), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +3 (16)

Tough: +1/+3, Fort: +3, Ref: +5, Will: +4

Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+10), Bluff 8 (+11), Craft (chemical) 7 (+8), Diplomacy 2 (+5), Escape Artist 2 (+5), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 9 (+10), Medicine 8 (+10), Perform (dance) 6 (+9), Survival 7 (+9), Swim 4 (+4)

Feats: Artificer, Attack Focus (melee) 4, Attack Specialization (Grapple), Attractive, Defensive Roll 2, Distract (Bluff), Dodge Focus 4, Elusive Target, Equipment 1, Evasion, Evasive Retreat, Fascinate (Perform), Grappling Finesse, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Leadership, Move-by Action, Skill Mastery (Bluff, Acrobatics, Medicine, Perform [dance]), Teamwork, Up the Wall, Zen Strike

Equipment: Knife, Medicine Bag (Herbs, ointments and general medicinal supplies)

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +2, Melee: +6, Grapple: +11)
Attacks: Knife, +6 (DC 18), Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 17)
Defense: +5 (Flat-footed: +1), Knockback: -1
Initiative: +3
Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 20 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 31 + Powers 0 + Combat 6 + Saves 6 + Drawbacks 0 = 78

Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com!

Laira is a tribeswoman from the Swamp, apprenticed to her people's Medicine Man. However, she was not a bender, and her inability to manipulate water limited her potential. She compensated by learning all she could about the natural properties of plants and becoming a very accomplished healer during her teens, unwilling to give up and refusing to consider her lack of bending abilities as a weakness. Despite her value to the tribe, the Medicine man decided to exile her after a vision he received. In secret, he told her that the world at large would need her knowledge and dedication. He gave her a name of a man who would help her understand the ways of the civilized kingdoms and sent her off with his blessings.

The Medicine Man's friend received her and taught her a non-bending style of martial art that exploited her natural grace, and also turned her into a quite skilled dancer. She resumed her travels, earning her keep by performing in towns and cities and plying her trade as a healer. Now in her early 20s, she heard the news of the refugees traveling to Nozomi, and she made her way there to help people in any way she could.

Appearance: A very pretty member of the Swamp tribe, with a dark coppery skin that she reveals lots of thanks to the minimal clothing she wears, although the cooler and less oppressive weather outside the marshlands has her adopting more of the Earth Kingdom's fashions in a long skirt and a loose vest over her top. Her hair is worn very short (long hair in the Swamp is like a big "Vacancies" sign for all sorts of creepy crawlies) and is a natural pure black, but following tribal customs she dyes it white with a combination of herbs and insect extracts that makes for a powerful stink the first couple of days. She always carries a brown satchel hanging from her shoulder where she carries all her medical supplies.

Personality: Happy and somewhat eccentric, she has both influences of being a Swampwoman as well as raised by the Medicine Man, which makes for a sometimes loopy combination. She's generally oblivious to the intricacies of the world, as she's stuck on enjoying simple things.

Martial Arts: Influenced by waterbending even if she can't move a drop of water for the life of her, and further trained in very balanced and defensive style by her mentor, Laira seems to be dancing when she fights, and prefers not to actually hurt anyone, but simply misdirect, avoid and control her opponents while she tries to talk things through.

1st pp gain = 3: Purchased 2 ranks in Bluff, Knowledge (arcane lore), Medicine and Survival, purchased Attack Specialization (Grapple).
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Re: Avatar: The Orphan Prince and The Secret Hero Campaign

Post by Fatty »


Yo’Fang - Earthbender - Sculptor/Architect

Power Level: 5; Power Points Spent: 75/75

STR: +5 (20), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +4 (18), INT: +2 (14), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +4, Fort: +8, Ref: +4, Will: +4

Skills: Craft (artistic) 6 (+8), Craft (structural) 6 (+8), Knowledge (EarthBending) 4 (+6), Notice 4 (+6)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Dodge Focus 2, Power Attack, Skill Mastery (Craft(Artistic, Structural), Notice, Knowledge (Earthbending) ), Takedown Attack

Earth Bending (Earth Control 5) (Strength: 25, Carry: 266 / 533 / 800 / 1.6k, DC 20; Damaging; Accurate 2 (+4))
. . Creation Stance (Create Object 5) (Alternate; Max Size: 5x 25' cubes, DC 15; Impervious [4 ranks only]; Progression, Object Size 2, Precise)
. . Destruction Stance (Linked)
. . . . Earth Maul (Strike 1) (Linked; DC 21; Penetrating; Mighty, Accurate 2 (+4), Thrown (Range: 50 ft., incr 10 ft.))
. . . . Immovable 2 (Linked; Resist Movement: +8, Resist Knockback: -2; Unstoppable)
. . . . Protection 2 (Linked; +2 Toughness; Impervious)
. . . . Super-Strength 1 (Linked; +5 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 800 lbs; +1 STR to some checks; Groundstrike (Radius: 50 ft., DC 15))
Growth 3 (+6 STR, +3 CON; Permanent; Innate)

Attack Bonus: +0 (Ranged: +0, Melee: +0, Grapple: +5)

Attacks: Earth Bending (Earth Control 5), +4 (DC 20), Earth Maul (Strike 1), +4 (DC 21), Unarmed Attack, +0 (DC 20)

Defense: +4 (Flat-footed: +1), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +2

Drawbacks: Power Loss (All Powers), uncommon, minor, Requires Earth to Work & If lowerbody is immobile +1

Languages: Common

Totals: Abilities 25 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 29 + Combat 4 + Saves 8 - Drawbacks 2 = 75

Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com!

Yo’Fang is a 20 year old Sculpture/Architect from BaSingSe, after training under his master for the last 4 years he has decided to travel the world to gain some appreciation of other cultures.

He is a gentle giant slow to anger and easy going. He stands over 6 and a half feet tall and is well muscled.

After first people will mistake him for a stupid brute due to his laid back nature, however is intelligent and a skilful artist, many of his works have been bought by collectors in BaSingSe hoping one day they will be worth more. He is also employed in the design and creation of buildings.

With the recent news of destruction and chaos across the land he is hoping he can help in the reconstruction efforts.
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Grunt - Brute with a hammer
Power Level: 5; Power Points Spent: 75/75

STR: +3 (16), DEX: +0 (10), CON: +2 (14), INT: -1 (8), WIS: -1 (8), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +2/+5, Fort: +9, Ref: +5, Will: +4

Skills: Climb 3 (+6), Gather Information 2 (+4), Handle Animal 1 (+3), Intimidate 4 (+6), Notice 1 (+0), Ride 4 (+4), Search 1 (+0), Survival 4 (+3)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 4, Chokehold, Diehard, Improved Block 3, Improved Disarm 3, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Sunder, Improved Throw, Interpose, Power Attack, Rage (+1 Increased Duration x5 rounds), Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Toughness 3, Withstand Damage

Hammer (Device 1) (Easy to lose)
. . Strike 1 (DC 19; Mighty)

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +2, Melee: +6, Grapple: +9)

Attacks: Strike 1, +6 (DC 19), Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 18)

Defense: +4 (Flat-footed: +2), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +0

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 10 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 28 + Powers 3 + Combat 12 + Saves 17 + Drawbacks 0 = 75
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Grit - Young Man in Somudd

Power Level: 6; Power Points Spent: 90/90

STR: +2 (14), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +4 (18), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +4, Fort: +8, Ref: +5, Will: +5

Skills: Bluff 6 (+8), Diplomacy 4 (+6), Disguise 2 (+4), Gather Information 2 (+4), Handle Animal 2 (+4), Intimidate 6 (+8), Knowledge (Earthbending) 4 (+4), Notice 6 (+6), Ride 4 (+5), Search 4 (+4), Sense Motive 4 (+4), Stealth 4 (+5), Survival 4 (+4)

Feats: Defensive Attack, Diehard, Endurance, Equipment 1, Improved Defense, Instant Up, Leadership, Power Attack, Stunning Attack, Withstand Damage

Earth Bending (Element Control 6) (element: earth; Custom)
. . Boulder Throw (Blast 6) (Alternate; DC 21; Split Attack (2 targets))
. . Defensive Stance (Linked)
. . . . Deflect 5 (Linked; deflects: all ranged attacks)
. . . . Protection 2 (Linked; +2 Toughness; Duration (concentration))
. . . . Shield 2 (Linked; +2 dodge bonus)
. . Rock Hand (Snare 6) (Alternate; DC 16; Indirect (in front of you, directed away))

Equipment: Sword

Attack Bonus: +6 (Ranged: +6, Melee: +6, Grapple: +8)

Attacks: Boulder Throw (Blast 6), +6 (DC 21), Rock Hand (Snare 6), +6 (DC Ref/Staged 16), Sword, +6 (DC 20), Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 17)

Defense: +4 (Flat-footed: +2), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +1

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 18 + Skills 13 (52 ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 16 + Combat 20 + Saves 13 + Drawbacks 0 = 90
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Spark - Firebender

Power Level: 6; Power Points Spent: 90/90

STR: +2 (14), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +0 (10), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +0/+4, Fort: +5, Ref: +5, Will: +5

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+5), Bluff 4 (+6), Climb 2 (+4), Diplomacy 2 (+4), Disable Device 4 (+5), Escape Artist 4 (+5), Intimidate 6 (+8), Knowledge (Firebending) 6 (+7), Navigation 6 (+6), Notice 6 (+6), Ride 5 (+6), Sense Motive 4 (+4), Sleight of Hand 2 (+3), Stealth 3 (+4)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Assessment, Break the Style, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 3, Evasion, Improved Critical (Other Attack), Improved Trip, Instant Up, Last Stand, Power Attack, Redirect, Takedown Attack 2, Toughness 2, Withstand Damage

Firebending (Element Control 6) (element: fire; Custom)
. . Meteor Shower (Blast 4) (Alternate; DC 19; Autofire (interval 2, max +5); Split Attack (2 targets))
. . Rising Phoenix (Strike 6) (Alternate; DC 21; Targeted Burst Area (15 ft. radius) [3 ranks only]; Power Loss (Not Prone))
. . Sweeping Fire (Linked)
. . . . Blast 4 (Linked; DC 19)
. . . . Trip 5

Attack Bonus: +5 (Ranged: +5, Melee: +5, Grapple: +7)

Attacks: Blast 4, +5 (DC 19), Meteor Shower (Blast 4), +5 (DC 19), Rising Phoenix (Strike 6) (DC 21), Trip 5, +5 (DC 15), Unarmed Attack, +5 (DC 17)

Defense: +5 (Flat-footed: +1), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +1

Drawbacks: Power Loss (All Powers), uncommon, minor

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 12 + Skills 15 (58 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 16 + Combat 14 + Saves 14 - Drawbacks 1 = 90
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Geyser - Waterbending Pirate

Power Level: 6; Power Points Spent: 90/90

STR: +3 (10/16), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +1 (12), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +1/+6, Fort: +5, Ref: +7, Will: +6

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+6), Bluff 5 (+7), Concentration 4 (+4), Disable Device 5 (+6), Escape Artist 3 (+5/+6), Intimidate 3 (+5), Medicine 3 (+3), Navigation 4 (+4), Notice 4 (+4), Pilot 4 (+6), Ride 2 (+4), Search 4 (+5), Sense Motive 6 (+6), Sleight of Hand 4 (+6), Stealth 2 (+4), Survival 2 (+2), Swim 1 (+4)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 2, Catch Attack (Waterbending Attacks), Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus, Equipment 2, Favored Environment (Ocean/Open Water), Improved Block 2, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Power Attack, Weapon Bind

Waterbending (Element Control 6) (element: water; Custom)
. . Jet Stream (Blast 5) (Alternate; DC 20; Penetrating [3 ranks only])
. . Watercloak Form 1 (Linked)
. . . . Elongation 2 (Linked; Elongation: 10 ft., range incr 20 ft., +2 Escape & Grapple; Custom (Projection); Custom (Arms Only))
. . . . Enhanced Strength 6 (Linked; +6 STR)
. . . . Protection 4 (Linked; +4 Toughness; Duration (continuous); Duration (sustained))
. . Watercloak Form 2 (Linked)
. . . . Elongation 2 (Linked; Elongation: 10 ft., range incr 20 ft., +2 Escape & Grapple; Custom (Projection); Custom (Arms Only))
. . . . Snare 5 (Linked; DC 15; Indirect (in front of you, directed away))
. . Watercloak Form 4 (Linked)
. . . . Additional Limbs 2 (Linked; 2 extra limbs, Feats: Improved Grapple; Duration (continuous); Duration (sustained))
. . . . Elongation 1 (Linked; Elongation: 5 ft., range incr 10 ft., +1 Escape & Grapple; Custom (Projection); Custom (Arms Only))
. . . . Enhanced Strength 6 (Linked; +6 STR)
. . . . Protection 4 (Linked; +4 Toughness; Duration (continuous); Duration (sustained))

Equipment: Marika's Leather Armor, Sword

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +4, Melee: +6, Grapple: +9/+10)

Attacks: Jet Stream (Blast 5), +4 (DC 20), Snare 5, +4 (DC Ref/Staged 15), Sword, +6 (DC 21), Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 18)

Defense: +6 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -3

Initiative: +2

Drawbacks: Power Loss (All Powers), uncommon, minor +1

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 12 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 17 + Combat 18 + Saves 15 - Drawbacks 2 = 90
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