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Twentieth Century
  • January 1, 1900: The Blood War ends; the Fallen are loosed.

    August 9, 1911: Michael Hawpe is born.

    1911: The Thule Society formed.

    September 5, 1919: The Thule Society establishes the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or German Workers’ Party; later in the year, Adolf Hitler joins the party.

    February, 1920: The Deutsche Arbeiterpartei is reconstituted as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or National Socialist German Workers’ Party; a schism occurs when several members of the Thule Society, devoted to the study of antiquity and occult, split off to form the Illuminati Society.

    1926: Michael Hawpe eats a golden apple and transforms; Crusader leaves Michael in Tartarus. (NV #47)

    1934: The Illuminati uncovers a conspiracy...

    1944: Michael Hawpe, Willoughby, Wolfe, and Apollo escape Tartarus and participate in the tournament at Drenthe. (NV #87)

  • September 8, 1945: The Fuhrer and the Fourth Reich make their move; the Vindicators are assembled to stop them; the world learns of the existence of Neo-Sapiens.

Vindicators IV
  • December 24, 1978: Mister Mayhem takes over the airwaves and announces the Mokshan government.

    December 31, 1978: Hordes of Neo-Sapiens migrate en masse from Ellis Island to Moksha. Weeks later, the Vindicators arrive on Moksha and Walkabout solves everyone's problems...

Vindicators VII
  • September 8, 2001: Atlas holds the earth in rotation, threatening to begin a new ice age. When the Vindicators VII make their assault on him they stand victorious, at the cost of Chimera’s arm and Bio and Xianbei’s lives. Heartbroken, the team disbands.

    September 11, 2001: Duplicates of the villain Jihad hijack four commercial airlines. Two crash into the World Trade Center buildings, one into the Pentagon and a third is reclaimed by the passengers and brought down into a field. The newly disbanded Vindicators are blamed for the devastation and anti-NS sentiments inflate.

    September 18, 2001: The United Nations Security Council signs the Vindicators Act officially decommissioning super-hero teams and granting the Department of SPB Affairs the authority to police all SPBs; the New Vindicators Academy is founded.

New Age
  • September 8, 2006: After almost five years without an active team of Vindicators, the Department of SPB Affairs debuts a new team of UN-sponsored heroes; Samael gives Drew Jenkins a fraction of the power he took from Apocatastasis 6,000 years earlier in preparation for Abaddon bringing him back. (NV #1)

    May 27, 2007: Graduation day is interrupted by the Affiliation; hundreds of thousands die in the White War. (NV #11-12)

    September 8, 2007: The Trials begin. (NV #13)

    September 23, 2007: The Trials end with the abduction of Iris. (NV #15)

    May 14, 2008: Senator Amy Bedford is assassinated.

    May 15, 2008: Black Box raids the New Vindicators Academy of America; the Neo-Sapien diaspora begins.

    September 8, 2008: Deimos takes on the Vindicators at the Empire State Building and Bulwark rides the bastard into the street (NV #70); a handful of American refugees experience their first day of classes at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe. (NVAE #1)

    September 9, 2008: Emissaries from Laputa abduct the parents of Emily Adler and coerce her into mind controlling Captain Ronald Nelson, creating a hostage situation in Kaiserslautern. (NVAE #2)

    September 16, 2008: Vicente DeGallow arrives at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe. (NVAE #3)

    September 20, 2008: Greystone rescues Parabola from human traffickers; Kuq Hundë fills Current with bullets; Impasse and Prodigy take down a member of Arkan's Tigers. (NVAE #3)

    September 27, 2008: The New Vindicators go to Florence, Italy and run into Iconoclast at the Uffizi Gallery; Elle Curie and Herta Elaide arrive at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe; Herta sets off a bomb and Candyman; Lacuna takes over Elle's body and proceeds to let Basilisk free. (NVAE #4)

    October 1, 2008: Candyman and Ursa prevent Savateuse from stealing a scroll; Current saves Elfriede from Presto; Fluxx, Impasse, and Prodigy apprehend Tristan Vitesse (NVAE #5)

    October 2, 2008: Isaac Newton steps down as headmaster. (NVAE #5)

    October 4, 2008: Candyman defects to Laputa. (NVAE #5)

    October 13, 2008: Kasamir Flaegler arrives; Fluxx leads a recruitment mission to Australia; Mildew shoots Diamond Dust; Nadja Nelson is murdered... (NVAE #6)

    October 14, 2008: The New Vindicators of Europe successfully capture Therianthrope; Captain Ronald Nelson is arrested for his wife's murder; Cornelis Noteboom spends his 16th birthday flying from Laputa to Vienna in order to warn the school of Laputa's plans. (NVAE #7)

    October 15, 2008: Emily Adler, Martin Curie and Gaspar Zorilla e Higueras testify against Captain Nelson and a confession is successfully coerced; Entier attacks the Hague and is defeated; Current leads a team to Algeria and comes across a plot of Al-Akhwan; Fluxx and Impasse awaken Isaac Newton from his 13-day slumber. (NVAE #8)

    October 24, 2008: At the school dance, Eddy takes over Jason's body, prompting his classmates to enter his head and help him reclaim control. (NVAE #9) Upon their return to consciousness, the young heroes learn that Laputa has made their move, and that their island fortress has appeared in the skies above Vienna. Accompanying the Vindicators, they invade the island and defeat the terrorist group, albeit at the loss of Warder and Apex's lives. (NVAE #10)

    October 25, 2008: Violet Lear enrolls at the school; Blue Knight arrives in Vienna. (NVAE #11)

    October 26, 2008: Elemenoh arrives in Europe; Otso unwittingly aids the UUB in finding his father and the guerrilla forces he leads, resulting in the end of their opposition. (NVAE #12)

    January 10, 2009: Magnus Loder and Maria Espada marry; David and Cassandra are in a car accident; the Vindicators encounter Castor and Pollux. (NV #75-76)
    January 17, 2009: Venefica is saved by Phobos. (NV #77)
    January 23, 2009: Phobos versus Absalom; Wilt saves Phobos. (NV #78)
    January 26, 2009: The Vindicators arrive in Japan to help their sister team deal with the White Witch. (NV #79)
    February 2, 2009: Castor and Pollux attack Denver while Pisces, Libra and Deimos move on New York. (NV #80)

    March 14, 2009: Ironside attacks a rally in Vienna; Astrid, Gaspar, Harry, Jack, and Kas join the Drifter in hopping dimensions. (NVAE #13)

    March 16, 2009: Quintessence takes Martin, Mira, Otso, and Viktor to Romania, where the remaining Amânar children have manifested the power of flight, but are unable to control it. Meanwhile, in the other dimension, Harry meets his double, Ritter Gwyn. (NVAE #14)

    March 21, 2009: Magnus and Maria return from their honeymoon; the outbreak begins. (NV #81)

    May 27, 2009: Adonis Skraag sends the Affiliation into Black Box's headquarters to retrieve the absconded school files from the New Vindicators Academy; after learning who was behind the pandemic, the New Vindicators headed to Egypt. (NV #89-90)

    June 1, 2009: Corey Ander’s funeral (NV #92)

    June 16, 2009: Miss Multiple attacks New York City. (NV #93)

    June 19, 2009: The Vindicators versus the Basileus. (NV #99)

    June 20, 2009: Dana O'Laughlin's funeral.

    June 26, 2009: The Vindicators are reinstated. (NV #99)

    July 1, 2009: Deimos attacks the New Vindicators Academy of America; Joshua Cron dies; Michael Luom dies; half of Magnus Loder dies. (NV #100)

    September 8, 2009: Andrew Woodford's Neo-Sapien powers manifest; Chienne leads the newest class of New Vindicators (Pandora Filash, Gideon, Carl Hamilton, Lloyd Hilton, Ranaan and Razi Lumanta, Gage Morris, Maxwell Swift, Gregaro Vincentson), (NV #101)

    October 2, 2009: Jude Bellows is expelled from the New Vindicators Academy of America (NV #102)

    October 24, 2009: The Damned raises an army of undead (NV #103)

    October 26, 2009: A group from the New Vindicators Academy of America visits the New Vindicators Academy of Europe (NV #104)

    October 29, 2009: Remnants of Black Box activate Levi Carmichael, Jack Rexroth, and Doug Droll in an attempt to abduct Doctor Bethany Fisher (NV #104)

    November 2, 2009: Elemenoh arrives and Raanan leaves (NV #105)

    November 6, 2009: Gregaro opts to find Raanan; Justice and Absalom take hostages; Lloyd dies. (NV #106).

    November 10, 2009: Lloyd Hilton's funeral (NV #107)

    November 13, 2009: The New Vindicators locate Anomaly. (NV #109)

    November 14, 2009: Doctor Howell’s wedding (NV #109); Black Box activates Gregaro Vincentson; Gregaro and Gideon get their memories back (NV #110); Autumn Colbenson is activated and every Nephilim and Neo-Sapien on Earth have their powers suppressed (NV #111); a coalition of Vindicators and Affiliation move to stop her; Christmas Clark kills Autumn; Justice kills Chienne; Adonis declares war on humanity (NV #113)
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On September 8, 2001, the seventh incarnation of the Vindicators disbanded after the events of the Ragnarok. Amongst the heroes was a sixteen-year-old Breanne Jordan, better known to the world as Rift. The trouble was, Rift was known to the world; the Vindicators VII had been more than heroes- they had been spokesmen for the Neo-Sapien race. They had spoke before congress and toured the talk show circuit. The Department of SPB Affairs realized that Breanne’s face was too widely known as Rift and she would be denied a normal high school existence.

They also realized that they were short-handed. The heroes had been assembled in an emergency to begin with- the Department scrambled to replace them and was proven vulnerable in the wake of the disbanding. It was then that the New Vindicators Academy was conceived- the institution would serve as a safe haven for young Neo-Sapiens; they could exist in an environment without fear of the persecution they would suffer from their peers in any other school. They could learn to use their powers in a better habitat… and possibly be cultivated into the next generation of heroes.

The Campus
In 1935, Welfare Penitentiary forever closed its doors with the completion of a new prison on Rikers Island. Nearly four decades later, Welfare Island changed its name to Roosevelt Island in an attempt to attract more residents by erasing the island’s lurid history. The name changed… but the foundations remained. What once was a prison was taken over by the Department of SPB Affairs and construction began on what was intended to be a new headquarters for the Vindicators.

Construction of the facilities was done in secret for many years. It was postponed in the early 1990s when the Vindicators were assumed dead and a new team took up their mantle on the East Coast. However, when the Vindicators dissolved and gave rise to the Vindicators VII, construction began again…

By 2001, the institution was completed- but once more the Vindicators were no more. It was then that the Department requisitioned the use of the grounds as a school campus, founding the New Vindicators Academy on the island.

The campus is collectively referred to as ‘the Lighthouse’ by many- due to the adjoining lighthouse that connects the various wings of the campus and acts as a nexus to the school’s subterranean levels.
  • Size: Huge; Toughness: 20; Features: Chapel, Classrooms, Combat Simulator [Wreck Room], Communications, Computer, Concealed [School], Dock, Fire Prevention System 2, Garage, Hangar, Gym, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space 10, Pool, Power System, Security System, Workshop. Cost: 35 equipment points
Dormitories: Students of the New Vindicators Academy sleep four to a room. Each room is furnished with pairs of bunk beds, a pair of desks, a large closet and single bathroom. Disputes and petty squabbling is expected to be handled by the prefects of the school.

Faculty Apartments: Each member of the faculty retains a studio apartment equipped with many amenities. The housing features hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. The receiving rooms also possess a small nook with a refrigerator and microwave oven concealed under a granite bar.

Memorial Gardens: In 2007, during the White War, a small fraction of the Affiliation moved against the New Vindicators Academy of America. Rift, a member of the school’s alumni turned faculty member, led an attack on the students on campus. Their objective was to prevent their enemies from drawing on the students as reinforcements and ultimately they succeeded in slaying thirty-seven young Neo-Sapiens.

In honor of their memory, the memorial gardens were erected on the grounds of the institute. The names of all thirty-seven are engraved on a stone monument rising from a pile of ash.
  • Victims: Earnest Belker, Jodi Bennett, Ester Brady, Travis Brucker, Veronica Cambridge, Roy Cardall, Shelly Doone, James Dorian, Brett Englebrecht, Troy Ewing, Sean Foster, Theresa Hector, Millie Hertz, Hailey and Heather Huener, Destiny Jones, Shauna Kyle, Willie Langley, Laura Largeman, Madeline Lester, Montana Little, Douglas Lock, Jonah Mitchell, Diane Mizota, Josie Nutter, Fruscian Riguez, Lawrence Ryan, Martel Schroeder, Shannon Sharp, Jesse and Reice Smith, Reggie Sutton, Sean Tore, Delilah Valentine, Donald Walters Jr., Hubert Whilce
See Also: New Vindicators Academy of Asia and New Vindicators Academy of Europe

The Syllabus
While the New Vindicators Academy of America caters to Canada, Mexico and the nations of South America, English is the preferred language of the school. Students not proficient in such a tongue are required to attend classes that help them assimilate with the alien dialect. Additionally, proficient students are encouraged to learn a second language from numerous available options: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

All students are required to fulfill three years of humanities (history and literature) as well as sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics) and pursue a special field of study in their senior year. In this term students begin to concentrate their studies in one realm or knowledge or another. Additionally, students may elect to undergo a broader curriculum.

Students are also required to attend special classes that concentrate on their powers and abilities. Telekinesis Tactics is a class for students possessing an aptitude for moving objects without touching them, while students with area-affecting abilities are ideal candidates for Environmental Manipulation. Aerodynamics is a branch of physical education, helping students to cope with various movement-based powers.

ex ante (“From Before”)
In order to accommodate Breanne Jordan with a normal high school experience, the New Vindicators Academy was founded and Rift was enrolled as the first student. The school also recruited four mysterious young people--Blitzkrieg, Bogart, Nor’easter and Ambrosia--the last of which revealed to the school the existence of Project: PRIME. As the students became embroiled in the conspiracy of the secret organization, their numbers increased and the student body was created from amongst the Primes.

graviora manent (“Heavier Things Remain”)
In the wake of the original class’ graduation, Caliber took the reins of leadership from Rift and steered his team of Bulwark, Okami, Tide and Tusk in a new direction. Ultimately, the New Vindicators found themselves the only ones capable of stopping Brimstone, a young Nephilim convinced their powers had made her the Biblical Anti-Christ.

radix malorum est cupiditas (“The Root of Evils is Desire”)
Amongst the influx of new students was Adonis Skraag, a young man recently orphaned when the Church of Genetic Purity lynched his parents. Adonis’ crime: unknowingly using his powers to seduce Chienne Bedford, daughter of the Church’s founder and leader, Forrest N. Bedford. Adonis barely had time to mourn his parents though, when the school came under attack from a clandestine organization in their midst. The Affiliation was gathering their numbers from within the school and preparing for a war with humanity… and only a new class of New Vindicators could stop them…

sic semper tyrannis (“Thus Always to Tyrants”)
In the wake of the most recent class’ graduation, the Trials came. Graduates of the Asian and European schools gathered on American shores, ready to compete against each other and demonstrate all they have learned and maybe go on to join the ranks of the Vindicators. However, a plot was set in motion to abduct one of the children… and make them an heir to a tyrant’s empire…

memento mori (“Remember That You Will Die”)
The Wisent created a criminal empire, possessed more power than any man should ever have and had enough money to buy anyone. The one thing he lacked though was revenge… revenge on the family Loder. As Lodestone accepted the inheritance of his fathers, he also received the hatred of a powerful foe. The Wisent moved not only to end the life of Magnus Loder… but to ensure his last days were spent in torturous agony.

absit omen (“Let an Omen be Absent”)
Black Nephilim across the nation began to awaken to the realization that something huge was coming. Three young women sensed that something was coming for them. As a new class of New Vindicators cames together, they found themselves in the fight of their lives… Apocatastasis arrived… and few survived.

Though in the past, Professor Philip Alston (Professor Incendiary of the Vindicators IV) served as the administration of this institute. Following Professor Alston’s arrest Patrick Goodman (Coach Crag, also of the Vindicators IV) assumed the duties of headmaster and served until his death. It was then that Doctor James Howell (Silverback) was given the responsibility of running the school. During his honeymoon he appointed an interim headmaster—Alexander “Lex” Sway (Anomaly) to take his place.

HOWELL, Doctor James (Silverback): While Doctor Howell possesses genius intellect he is also cursed by his powers: permanently trapped in the form of a gorilla, Doctor Howell was unable to avoid the persecution humanity reserves for Neo-Sapiens. Believing his Brobdinagian brain contained within it the cure for most maladies and unable to get research grants because of his appearance, Doctor Howell turned to crime to fund his scientific studies. Though branded a super-powered criminal he retained his ethics and strove to keep from harming anyone—including the Vindicators who moved to stop his misdeeds—during his capers. He was eventually captured and spent many years in Alcatraz before being paroled in 2007.

Beginning his life again as the resident doctor of the New Vindicators Academy he watched as the mantle of administration was passed to Patrick Goodman. Barely a year later Mister Goodman was killed in battle and Doctor Howell was named headmaster in his place.

The Faculty
The New Vindicators Academy is staffed by Vindicators of the past few decades and (ironically enough) by the villains they bested.

ALTAIR, Ben (Coldfire): Once upon a time, the music teacher was a student at the New Vindicators Academy who believed his power was to create ice. Originally codenamed Frostbite, it was after his graduation that he learned his powers were actually temporal in nature—by slowing down the molecules he could create ice and by speeding them up he could cause things to ignite. Following a fight with his father, the Nephilim known as Firn, all of the senior Altair’s powers were transferred to Ben—effectively doubling his power. It’s theorized that Ben may very well have enough power to summon a new ice age and that may be the reason he so rarely evokes his powers.

ALTAIR, Alicia (Captain Canada): When Alicia Gladstone first met Ben Altair during her senior year at the New Vindicators Academy, she never imagined the two would one day be married. Alicia had such simple dreams back then: she imagined honing her weather-manipulating powers and following in her forefather’s footsteps as the fourth Gladstone to protect her home and native land as Captain Canada. These days she has multiple responsibilities: Missus Altair is the science teacher at the school and also acts as mother to the Altair’s three children: Neige, Margaret and the one more on the way.

BEDFORD, Chienne: Chienne grew up believing her parents were Forrest and Amy Bedford—founder of the Church of Genetic Purity and a New York senator, respectively. The people who raised her were two of the most outspoken opponents of Neo-Sapiens in the country and their upbringing may have been the catalyst for Chienne’s stint as the NS-hunting ZERO. Soon she discovered that her father was in actuality Samael, one of the Seven Fallen. Now Chienne is aware of her powers as a Nephilim and uses them, as well as the combat training she received from her half-brother Michuru, to fight the good fight and teach self-defense and combat training to the New Vindicators.

DOE, John: An amnesic Nephilim who was inexplicably drawn to the New Vindicators Academy, John teaches history. John wields black hellfire.

GENIS, Jean (Bookworm): By touching another being Bookworm can siphon their learned abilities—knowledge and other skills are transferred from them to him. Decades before he used this ability for evil, taking hold of some of the most intelligent men and amalgamating their combined knowledge to make himself into the smartest man alive. With his dazzling intellect he began to create doomsday weapons that he used in typical super-villain fashion: holding the planet hostage. He was beaten by the Vindicators and spent several years in Alcatraz before breaking out in 2007 during a riot. Though he was found and captured by the NYPD during the White War, he bargained for the same treatment Silverback was shown and used his powers to save the lives of several students who had been caught in an explosion. These days he teaches linguistics, being very fluent in several languages himself.

LODER, Magnus (Lodestone): A graduate of the New Vindicators Academy, Magnus Loder used his magnetic powers as the fourth Lodestone. Eventually he found himself the leader of the ninth incarnation of the Vindicators. However his tenure was not to last as Chimera posed as Magnus and assassinated presidential hopeful Amy Bedford on live television. The act spawned a campaign against Neo-Sapiens in America and to this day Magnus’ name has not been cleared.

Married to the current leader of the Vindicators, Loess, Magnus stays out of the public eye and remains at the school—teaching power control to the students while tending to his infant children Jim and Krystal.

MCDOUGALL, Michael: A Neo-Sapien capable of manipulating kinetic energy, Michael was captured by Operation: Black Box and made a prisoner of the concentration camp hidden in Peoria, Illinois. He wasn’t there long before being released by the Aurelius and a handful of New Vindicators. Strangely enough, Michael used his new-found freedom by returning to Peoria and took a position amongst the teaching staff at Central High School. He tried to get close to the New Vindicators undercover there and attempted to guide them towards a force known as the Alpha. Following the Sixth Reich’s attack on the school he departed with several Espers…

After taking a teaching position at the New Vindicators Academy, Michael revealed that he was actually Asmodeus possessing a Neo-Sapien. The Fallen eventually departed the man’s body, allowing Michael to live his life by his terms. Ultimately his attraction to Kat Wellor caused him to stay on and serve as the school’s English teacher.

WELLOR, Katherine: As an Esper, Katherine has the ability to locate anyone on Earth. Her status made her the victim of the Fuhrer’s summons—she inexplicably quit her job as an accountant and moved to Peoria to start over as a math teacher. Following the Sixth Reich’s assault she left with the Espers, seeking out the New Vindicators Academy where she remained as a math teacher.

  • Former Faculty Members
ALSTON, Philip (Professor Incendiary)

BLACK, John: A man of mystery, the eccentric John Black arrived at the school in the wake of the Vindicators’ defeat in Berlin. He displayed numerous abilities on various occasions, leaving some wondering just what his power actually was. Well versed in history and legend, as well as arcane lore, he served as the history teacher until exposing himself as the Aurelius. He left the school with three students—Adrianna Covington, Joshua Cron and Roland Birkmeyer—opting to teach them magic in preparation for the coming battle with Apocatastasis. In the battle the Aurelius lost an arm, stripping him of his ability to wield arcana. He has since retired to his home in San Francisco.

BRADLEY, Kenneth (Doctor Splash)

BRADSHAW, Michuru (Michuru)

DIMERA, Pandora (Pandora)

DRESSEL, Alan: In high school, Alan earned a reputation as Alan the Invincible. Once a semester, the young man was involved in one car accident after another; while several other students perished as a result of their reckless driving, Alan seemed to come through each incident without a scratch on him. Overtime he began to realize he possessed an impervious hide and hid the revelation well. Alan continued his education after high school (where he met his wife) and specialized in graphic design. Alan taught visual art and related electives at the school until Black Box abducted he and his wife, transforming them into agents.

DRESSEL, Courtney: The elder sister of Addison Truman (Avian), Courtney had much more control over her avian form than her younger sister ever possessed—enough to allow her to attend college without alarming her peers to her status. Courtney majored in education and minored in music. Her true talent is for mathematics, making her an ideal candidate for the institute’s algebra teacher—a position she filled until Black Box abducted her and brainwashed her into serving as an agent.

FREEMAN, Rosa (Onyx): Once upon a time, Rosa dreamed of becoming the first gold medalist in women’s boxing. Her dreams were dashed when her Neo-Sapien powers were exposed… but a new dream was soon to follow. Rosa was recruited by the Aurelius to join his team of Vindicators and when that team slowly fell apart, she found herself leading a new team- the Vindicators VII. Once more, her path changed: Rosa taught physical education at the New Vindicators Academy until the war with Apocatastasis—where she lost her life fighting Zagan.

GOODMAN, Patrick (Coach Crag): After graduating from John Adams High School in Chicago, Illinois, Patrick Goodman signed on with the army and served a tour in Vietnam. He survived, thanks in part to his Neo-Sapien powers manifesting on the battlefield but was also discharged for them by the government. Still, the Department of SPB Affairs fought to keep his identity a secret and placed him in a position at his former high school. As the football and wrestling coach, Patrick also acted as the driving instructor until the school learned of his abilities while protecting his former girlfriend (and fellow educator) Victoria Richmond from harm. As a result of their powers being revealed, three teachers were expelled and formed the Vindicators IV. They disbanded in 1980, following Patrick and Victoria’s wedding. As of 2001, the two have returned to the exotic lifestyle once believed left behind. Initially, Patrick served in the same capacity he had at JAHS. It was after the White War that he was bumped up, promoted to headmaster of the institute along with his loving wife.

GOODMAN, Victoria (Miss Mist): Victoria was more than just a pretty and popular young girl during her tenure as a student at John Adams High School in Chicago- she was also a brain. Her intellect attracted the attentions of the nerdy Kenny Bradley and her charms beguiled jock Pat Goodman. She and Pat dated throughout high school, with him breaking things off as he joined the army. She went off to college, earning a BA in English and Literature and returning to her former high school as an educator. She was reunited with Kenny and Pat- now a doctor and a soldier respectively –and their triangle began again. Still, something else spurred them than budding romance. When Miss Multiple attacked the school, looking for young Neo-Sapien Richard Jorgenson, the trio exposed themselves as Neo-Sapiens as well and defended their student. The result was the termination of their employment and the birth of the Vindicators IV. For six years the heroes triumphed over evil- disbanded after Victoria’s wedding to Patrick. Three children later she had thought herself done with the world of capes and cowls but in 2001 she returned as an educator and hero. Blessed with Neo-Sapien children herself, she wanted to provide an environment where they could develop naturally. She joined on initially as an English teacher though left the school following her husband’s death in 2008.

HIGGINS, Alexander (Nock): Recruited by the Aurelius to join his team of Vindicators, Alex began to find himself attracted to his juvenile teammate Natalie Styles (Halogen). It was due to this budding infatuation that he left the team, attempting to put such thoughts far from his head. He returned to the life of a Vindicator following the news of Natalie’s death, joining the faculty of the New Vindicators Academy in her honor. Alex taught industrial trades until rejoining the Vindicators briefly. He fought in the war with Apocatastasis and lost his life while fighting a former student—Gabriel Farouk—alongside the hero Momentum.

HIGGINS, Shelia: Married to the former Vindicator Nock, Shelia was also offered a job upon the recruitment of her husband. A normal human, Shelia managed the housekeeping staff of the school. Following her husband’s departure, Shelia resigned just months before Black Box’s raiding of the institute.

JORDAN, Breanne (Rift)

STYLES, Natalie (Halogen)

YOUNG, Mary (Ambrosia): A Prime, made as a means of swaying government leaders, Ambrosia freed herself from her creators and captors and found the New Vindicators Academy. She played an instrumental role in destroying Project: PRIME and liberating her fellow Primes. After graduating from the school, she went on to try her hand at a musical career. Still, in the wake of the White War she found herself unable to turn her back to the school that had given her the very freedoms she enjoyed. She returned to the school as an educator, teaching music to the students of the institute until the night Black Box raided the school. Captured and reeducated, Ambrosia became another agent.

The Alumni
Many young people have walked the halls of the New Vindicators Academy. Some have graduated and gone on to greater destinies and others have had their blood smeared on the walls of this institution.
  • 2003 Graduating Class
GLADSTONE, Chase (Nor’easter): The original Captain Canada once cheated on his wife, creating a second line of the dynasty in Australia. Much in the way Alicia is the fourth generation of Captain Canada, Chase Gladstone is a descendant of the legendary hero. Despite inheriting the same weather-based powers as his ancestor, Chase doesn’t claim the mantle for a number of reasons… For one, he’s never been to Canada, and second- the original Captain Canada denied Chase’ grandfather… making Nor’easter deny his legacy.

HART, Brian (Bogart): After Apocatastasis slew Michuru, the Vindicator known as Siphon became enraged. For years the men had lived on a shaky truce; Siphon believed Michuru responsible for his sister’s death and vowed to kill the man the moment his guard was down. Forever denied his chance at revenge, Siphon transferred some of Chronos Aeon’s power to himself- allowing him to shift through time in order to end the man’s existence before the arrival of Apocatastasis. In order to attack the man he assumed the identity of a teenager and took to calling himself Bogart.

JORDAN, Breanne (Rift): The former Vindicator known to the world as Rift became the reason the New Vindicators Academy was founded. Capable of turning her body intangible, the Flathead Indian passes through solid matter easily. However, while her insubstantial body is not so stable, neither is her psyche. The girl obsessed over her teammate, to the point that she devoted herself to Adonis’ cause.

MEINSTEIN, Daniel (Blitzkrieg): Noah Meinstein believed a Neo-Sapien responsible for his wife death. In some sense he was right… he just never suspected that his wife was the one responsible. When his sons displayed her abilities, Noah began working for a way to “cure” them- subjecting the younger boy with the virus first. Upon seeing what their father intended, a teenaged Daniel fled his home and took up residence with the New Vindicators instead. Still, he hid his origins and even his name from his new family- opting instead to go by Blitzkrieg.

YOUNG, Mary (Ambrosia): Ambrosia escaped her creators and captors at Project: PRIME and found her way to the New Vindicators Academy. There, the young woman led her new friends in a crusader against the agency that spawned her and so many others, turning her pheromone powers against her designers.

2005 Graduating Class
2007 Graduating Class
  • ALTAIR, Benjamin (Frostbite): Able to create ice, Ben Altair stayed on with the school after his graduation and served as one of the New Vindicators. After the battle with the Wisent, he remained while his teammates left for other careers. Now, Ben teaches a new generation of young heroes- acting as squad leader and counselor.

    BROWN, Malachi (Kelvin): An overweight young man, Malachi was torn between his parents for many years. His father wanted the boy to continue the Brown tradition as an Eagle Scout while his mother yearned for him to embrace his Jewish heritage. Kai attempted to create his own identity, adopting Japanese culture as his own. With dreams of being a hero, he moved to protect Rumble from the Affiliation- only to give his life to her defense.

    CARLSON, Jeremy (Deimos): Abandoned by his parents, Jeremy was raised by his aunt and her husband. The two tried to show the young man their love but he persisted in acting out. He joined a street gang in his teen years- one that succeeded in uniting New York’s criminal element under them. When Deimos thought to leave the organization for a better life, his peers turned on him and forced him to take cover within the halls of the New Vindicators Academy.

    ESPADA, Maria (Loess):

    GLADSTONE, Alicia (Captain Canada IV):

    GOODMAN, Cassandra (Hourglass): The daughter of Coach Crag and Miss Mist as well as the twin sister of Cloud Goodman, Cassie has the Neo-Sapien ability to transform every fiber of her being into a grain of sand.

    GOODMAN, Cloud (Fog)

    HAWK, Alexandra (Fathom)

    HOWELL, Lucas IV (Psion)

    JENKINS, Drew (Copycat)

    JORGENSON, Quinton (Quint)

    KIRK, James (Lurker)

    LODER, Magnus (Lodestone IV)

    MANTHER, Donna-Anne (Jetstream)

    MURPHY, Lawanda (Black Widow)

    O’CONNELL, Mae (Circe)

    SKRAAG, Adonis (Adonis): Though Adonis was only with the school for a year, he did more in his tenure than most. Adonis successfully slipped under everyone’s radar; few believed him to be the threatening figure behind so many deaths- likely do to his power. Adonis’ Neo-Sapien abilities make him a charismatic leader who is also capable of obliterating a woman’s defenses and leave her utterly infatuated with him. Under everyone’s noses he formed the Affiliation out of former and current students- building an army to attack the world that had oppressed him so much.

    SWAY, Alexander (Amalgam, Anomaly): For his first seven semesters at the school, Lex Sway operated under the codename Amalgam. During Winter Break, his senior year, Lex’s power to adapt to whatever he touch reacted to a blast of gravitational energy- altering his powers and prompting a change in codenames.

    TRUMAN, Addison (Avian)

    Verón, Marcos (Coriolis)

    WEATHERS, Gale (Forecast)

    WEBBER, Jacquelyn (Tripper)

    WHITE, Atlanta (Rumble)

    ARNOLD, Eric (Drifter): A teleporter, Eric teleported himself to safety as the Massacre began. Fearing how the other survivors would look at him after such a cowardly act, Eric opted not to return to the Academy for his senior year and began to be home schooled instead.

    BENNETT, Jodi (Megaton): Permanently dense, the obese young woman was killed by the Affiliation during the Massacre.

    CAMBRIDGE, Veronica (Amnesty): Blessed with the ability to imbue others with protective barriers, Veronica was killed during the Massacre.

    CASPER, Rory (Spook): Able to turn invisible and intangible, Rory survived the Massacre.

    DAVIDSON, Chad (Beekeeper): Capable of turning his body into a swarm of bees, Chad joined the Affiliation and took part in the Massacre on his peers and classmates.

    ENGLEBRECHT, Brett (Hit): Illegitimate son of the villain known to the world as Haymaker, Brett possesses the same “super-punch” as his father, allowing his bare knuckles to sunder even the strongest of steels. Unfortunately, such a punch didn’t allow him to survive the culling the Affiliation delivered on the student body.

    EWING, Troy (Run): Scrawny Troy Ewing was always picked on as a child- but his Neo-Sapien speed allowed him to escape even the harshest of scuffles. Sadly, his fleet feet didn’t help him against the Affiliation and his life was forfeited during the Massacre.

    HAYNES, Vincent: Gifted with enhanced hearing, Vincent’s natural athleticism allowed him to survive the Massacre. During Terahertz’s attack on the school, he found himself fighting Scrimshaw with several other students, thus surviving a second culling.

    HARDING, Julie (Rapunzel): Blessed with prehensile hair, Julie joined the Affiliation and acted in the Massacre.

    KIRK, Douglas (Occultus Unus): Occultus Unus never permitted the school to learn his name during his tenure there. The young man hid his status as one of the Shadow’s children (and Lurker’s twin brother) until the Trials. He betrayed the New Vindicators and made an attempt on Lodestone’s life.

    KYLE, Shauna (Prism): Able to form crystalline shards over her body, Shauna was considered one of the more gifted of her graduating class. She is remembered as a hero to many- fighting to hold off the Affiliation and giving her life to ensure others could escape the carnage of the Massacre.

    LAWRENCE, Mackenzie (Orbit): Mackenzie was recruited to the New Vindicators Academy by Loess and Coriolis, only to find herself engulfed in the battle with the Affiliation. Still, her gravitational powers allowed her to survive and lead a group of students out (with some help from Portal). Since the Massacre, Mackenzie has been promoted to New Vindicator status.

    LOCK, Douglas (Linguist): This bright young man possessed an aptitude for comprehension- if there was a meaning in anything, his brain translated it, allowing him to understand any and all languages, codes, and ciphers. Unfortunately, his life was cut short when Rift phased him through the wall of his dorm room, letting him fall several floors to his death.

    MIZOTA, Diane (Filter): Half-Japanese, half-American, this young woman possessed an ability to generate energy screens that drained Neo-Sapien energies. Though her ability dampened his powers considerably, Professor Incendiary put an end to the threat Filter caused. However, it is due to her powers that David Meinstein (as Gumeshoe II) was ultimately able to triumph over the former Vindicator.

    MURPHY, Brian (Shiva): Brian possesses additional arms that channel an energy that unmakes matter. In 2007, he joined the Affiliation and took part in the massacre of thirty-seven of his fellow classmates.

    REAGAN, Owen (Wilt): During their senior year, Deimos, Copycat, Rumble, Forecast and Chimera (posing as Fog) attempted to recruit this young man. However, when Drew’s powers synched up with Chimera’s, another gravity storm ensued and a panicked Owen Reagan fled the grounds. He turned up months later, tired of running from the police, and helped save Hourglass from Shiroi Kage. Owen’s Neo-Sapien ability is an uncontrollable ability to drain the life force from anything he touches. This young man normally keeps to himself, terrified that the powers which killed his mother may harm someone else.

    SHARP, Shannon (Bramble): Though many pitied Shannon for his Neo-Sapien abilities, he never saw it as a curse. His ability had caused his skin to grow thorns across its surface- he often joked that he was a human sticker burr. The young man was determined not to be defeated by his powers… no matter how they had damned him. Unfortunately, Shannon lost his life in 2007; thirty-seven students at the school were slain by their teachers and peers- members of the Affiliation.

    SMITH, Jesse (Flint) and Reece (Steel): The Smith brothers were twins capable of transforming their flesh into denser forms- in Jesse’s case rock while Reece’s body turned to metal. Unfortunately, these forms did nothing against the intense heat given off from Professor Incendiary- the headmaster murdered the brothers.

    ARBORS, Monique: A sophomore during the Massacre, Monique’s Neo-Sapien ability to resist other Neo-Sapien abilities came in hand shielding her from Shiva’s disintegration rays as well as Stockholm’s mind altering abilities. She survived the attack and a year later came under attack once more, fighting beside Gabrielle and Boson against Paragon.

    BELCHER, Brody: A young pyrokinetic from Long Island, Brody was killed by Occultus Unus and hung in the hallways to taunt Bulwark.

    CHARLOTTE, Selma: One of Monique Arbors’ three roommates, Selma’s sickness aura was of no hindrance to Paragon during Terahertz’ assault.

    COVINGTON, Adrianna: Considered the queen of the school, Adrianna is pretty, popular, shallow and vapid. The younger sister of Kitty (of the Order of Chaos), she possesses the abilities of a feline- powers which have kept her alive through two assaults on the campus.

    DEL ARISE, Portia: One of Monique Arbor’s roommates, Portia was killed by Paragon. She possessed an ability to disrupt electronics.

    DORIAN, James: Possessing a Neo-Sapien ability to leap great heights, James Dorian was killed during his sophomore year by the Affiliation- chased down by Professor Incendiary and incinerated in the air.

    ERRONS, Peter (Savant): Peter possesses a reflex memory, allowing him to perfectly mimic fighting styles. When Rift attacked students using Capoeira, Peter instantly learned all that Rift did and was able to use the martial art against Shiva and Rapunzel. Peter’s actions helped save many students in the Massacre and a year later, they saved his peers again. Peter found himself in a group of students who ran into Scrimshaw. With one slash into Vincent Haynes, Peter had learned the Norwegian’s swashbuckling style. Once Scrimshaw was disarmed of his bone sword, Peter took up the blade and fought the villain deftly- incapacitating him and capturing him. Peter’s actions earned him a promotion to the New Vindicators.

    FAROUK, Gabriel: Born in Egypt, the Farouk twins are blue Nephilim, each born with individual powers. Gabriel’s powers manipulate life and death- decaying the flesh or rejuvenating it. Upon promotion to the New Vindicators, Gabriel opted not to take a codename.

    FAROUK, Gabrielle: The twin sister of Gabriel Farouk, Gabrielle’s Nephilim abilities allow her to teleport with a great flare of blue hellfire. She possesses a mental rapport with her twin brother and like him, opted not to take on a codename upon her promotion to the New Vindicators.

    GLOCK, Pastel: Pudgy and bespeckled, Pastel possessed an ability to manipulate colours- saturating an object with a new hue or allowing it to blend into backgrounds. She took her powers more seriously than most and pushed herself to join the ranks of the New Vindicators. When she and her roommates came up against Paragon during Terzhertz’s assault on the school, she pushed herself further than her injuries would allow and died fighting beside her peers.

    HALCYON, Melynda (Bluetooth): Melynda’s Neo-Sapien power allows her mind to synch up with any device that operates on a wireless signal, allowing her to send and receive the same signal and use it to access such devices. Such an ability has given her an uncanny intellect that rivals even Doctor Howell’s. An incredible tactician, the girl is a brilliant leader but lacks the charisma and influence a leader often requires. Still, her tactile proficiency helped her save many of her peers from Terahertz herself- granting Mel a promotion into the New Vindicators.

    HERTZ, Millie: Millie’s Neo-Sapien powers make her hairless and cold-blooded. She lost her life during the Affiliation’s raid on the school.

    HUENER, Hailey: The elder of the Huener sisters, Hailey was capable of generating illusions. Unfortunately, her illusions apparently were not enough to fool the Affiliation. She died attempting to shield her younger sister from Professor Incendiary’s blasts.

    KENNEL, David (Suicide King): Though lacking Melynda Halcyon’s tactical prowess, David Kennel has an aptitude for people that she lacks- making him complementary to her as a co-leader. The two worked together to evacuate the students when Terahertz attacked the school and his actions warranted a promotion to New Vindicator status. After rejecting the ideas of polyhedron and tesseract as possible code names, he took the name of a playing card- Suicide King.

    LARGEMAN, Laura: Possessing super-ventriloquism, Laura was incapable of protecting herself from the Affiliation’s assault on the school.

    LEIGH, Aurora (Stockholm): Recruited by Anomaly and Tripper during their junior year, Aurora shied away from the student body due to her numerous mental problems and her Neo-Sapien ability; when she made flesh to flesh contact, she transformed their mindset to mimic her own mentality, causing them to become as unstable as she was. That instability was played upon by the Affiliation and she joined them- playing an instrumental war in unleashing a hellfire beast on New York City. However, something happened when she attempted to override her instructor’s mind. Watching the chaos she unleashed had her change sides once more and she left the Affiliation to fight alongside the New Vindicators and attempt to undo what she had done. For her efforts, she was accepted back at the school. Still unstable, Aurora strives to make up for her past as a member of the New Vindicators.

    LITTLE, Montana: With an ability to exhume acid, Montana's inexperience made her easy prey during the Affiliation's attack on the school.

    MITCHELL, Jonah: Cousin to Ellie Mitchell, Jonah possessed eyes that could see for miles. He was slain in the Massacre, strangled to death by Shiva.

    NUTTER, Josephine: Another victim of the Massacre, Josephine could talk to and command animals.

    RYAN, Lawrence: Killed by Beekeeper during the Massacre, Larry possessed a Neo-Sapien ability to morph his body into a dinosaur.

    SCHROEDER, Martel: Possessing an ability to channel any element into a blast, Martel fought valiantly against the Affiliation but was cut down by Professor Incendiary’s own fire blasts.

    SLADE, Isaac: A brilliant pianist, Isaac Slade possesses a Neo-Sapien ability to influence people’s emotions with his singing. He fought through Terahertz’s attack beside Doctor Howell and was instrumental in stabilizing Ben Altair during the delivery of Neige Merrick-Altair.

    TOWNSEND, Clarissa (Boson): Able to create objects made of pure force, Rissa is one of the more powerful younger students at the school whose force fields protected her during the massacre. She held Paragon at bay during Terahertz’s attack, buying time for Gabrielle to teleport their roommates to safety. Her performance earned her a promotion to the New Vindicators, where she took the name Boson.

    TORE, Sean: Slain during the Massacre, Sean possessed super-strength.

    VALENTINE, Delilah: Able to influence the growth of flowers, Delilah Valentine lost her life during the Massacre.

    WALTERS, Donald Junior: Donald used his plasma control to protect numerous students during the Affiliation’s attack. However, his batteries soon ran out and before he could make it outdoors to recharge he was caught by Rapunzel and thrown down an elevator shaft.

    WRIGHT, Jacob: Able to manipulate kinetic energy, Jacob’s powers are often explosive- rocketing himself (or others) forward at perplexing speeds. An apathetic individual and a man of few words, Jacob mysterious survived both the Massacre and Terahertz’s assault due to unknown means.

    BELKER, Earnest: The unstoppable Earnest Belker lost his life fighting alongside D.J. Walters in the Massacre.

    BIRKMEYER, Roland (The Damned): Having not been enrolled at the New Vindicators Academy during the Massacre, the young emo found himself oddly calm during Terahertz’s attack. He was instrumental in taking down Scrimshaw and was promoted to New Vindicator status alongside Peter Errons. Rejecting codenames such as Zippo and Wick, the young man opted to call himself ‘the Damned’.

    BLEAU, Julia: A young telekinetic girl, her abilities and quick thinking kept her alive through both assaults on the school.

    BRADY, Ester: A victim of the

    BRUCKER, Travis:

    CARDALL, Roy:

    CLARK, Christmas (Prompt): For most of her life, Christmas was an obese young woman who was forced to endure the taunting of her peers. She always wanted to be someone else and then one day… she was. Christmas discovered she was an Esper with the ability to switch bodies with nearly anyone.

    CRETE, Connor (Bulwark): Forever trapped in his rocky form, this perpetual sophomore has a simple mentality. Though Connor never technically graduated, he was promoted to the Vindicators where he took a new codename: The Curler.

    CRON, Josh (Breeze):

    DOONE, Shelly:

    FORD, Cheyenne (Ripple): Adopted by the Fords as a baby, Cheyenne was raised on their horse farm in West Virginia. She had a happy, peaceful childhood—even after discovering her strange talent for teleporting liquids.

    FOSTER, Sean

    GERALDO, Laura (Exempt)

    HAMILTON, Carl (Solar Flare): Abandoned as a baby and raised in foster care, when Carl manifested his ability to manipulate light he was sent to the New Vindicators Academy where he was not only drafted to Chienne’s team of New Vindicators but named prefect.

    HECTOR, Theresa

    HUENER, Heather:

    JOB (Civility)

    JONES, Destiny:

    ITOU, Kasunda (Prodigy):

    LANGLEY, Willie

    LESTER, Madeline:

    MANTHER, Christine-Sue (Magnitude): Together with her twin sister, Katherine-Joan, Christine-Sue Manther marks the fourth and fifth of the Manther children to develop the same Neo-Sapien powers. Despite not being a full New Vindicator, she (and her sister) have “dibs” on codenames, with Christine-Sue preferring to be called Magnitude.

    MANTHER, Katherine-Joan (Propel): Twin sister to Christine-Sue Manther, Katherine-Joan Manther possesses the same unstoppable flight that Velocity, Caliber and Jetstream all manifested.

    MCGEE, Everett (Quake): An epileptic youth from East Saint Louis, Ev was recruited by Adonis and Lodestone in their senior year and brought to the school to learn to control his wild powers. Thus far, there hasn’t been an incident like in the last; Everett’s powers have been known to cause earth quakes when he has seizure.

    MITCHELL, Ellie:

    MORRIS, Gage (Coulomb)

    NEWTON, Gideon (Sentry)

    POTTER, Steve (Blur): Thanks to his super-speed, Steve survived the Affiliation’s attack and has recently been promoted to the New Vindicators.

    PERRIN, Francis:

    RAMMIS, Brogan

    RIGUEZ, Fruscian:

    STRANGE, Candace

    SUTTON, Reggie:

    TODD, Samantha: As a toddler, Samantha Todd survived the car accident that claimed her mother’s life. However, injuries she sustained rendered her mute. Unable to speak, she was always quiet as a mouse… and then her Neo-Sapien powers manifested. Samantha doesn’t make a single noise. Her footsteps are inaudible, as is her breathing. Immune to sonar and similar techniques, Samantha is completely immune to the effects of sound.

    UESHIBA, Cale (Déjà Vu)

    VINCENTSON, Gregaro (Cold Detective): The son of a Vindicator, Gregaro was frozen in suspended animation for over six decades before finding himself in the year 2009. Though he has no respect for authority, is prone to violence and regularly drowns his sorrows in alcohol, Gregaro was drafted by Chienne to the New Vindicators.

    WHILCE, Hubert

    WITTE, Carlin:

    CALHOUN, John

    CONVERSE, Lyle

    COYNE, Yoshimi (Wuxia)

    DURRIN, Terrance

    FRANKLIN, Shelly:

    HAYWORTH, Richard:

    LODER, William (Dipole): The original Lodestone vanished in 1957 and fifty years later, the Illuminati learned what had happened to him. The villain known as Indrid Cold had transformed Loder’s memories- as he had for each member of the second incarnation of Vindicators and the Cold Warriors. Although Loder regained his memories, an attack on the Vindicators saw him deaged. Reverted to a teenager, he joined the New Vindicators Academy- opting to take a new codename (claiming Magnus was THE Lodestone now).

    KNOXVILLE, Arthur: Arthur was killed by Scrimshaw during the attack on the institute.

    MARTIN, Jessica (Puppeteer):

    MODELL, Stephen:

    NORRIS, Mort (Rebreather):

    SPRAKLIN, Mathew

    STURGIS, Jorge:

    VOLKOV, Nikoleivitch (Iron Curtain): Along with William Loder’s team of Vindicators, the Cold Warriors had their memories transformed and lived out the remainder of their lives as normal humans. Among his cohorts, only the

    WHISPER, Sabline

    WILLIAMS, Alfred

    BELLOWS, Jude (Geist)

    FILASH, Pandora (Phaeton)

    GREEN, Ivy (Ether)

    HILTON, Lloyd (Malik):

    LUMANTA, Raanan: A young man from the Philippines, Raanan’s ability is influence over plants—a talent that has made him a lucrative career in less the less-than-noble realms infesting New York City.

    LUMANTA, Razi (Kudzu): Able to mimic the attributes of plants, this young Filipino girl is standoffish and difficult to approach. Despite this social awkwardness, Razi was picked to join Chienne’s team of New Vindicators.

    SWIFT, Maxwell (Nova)

    TITUS, John (Torrent)

    WOODFORD, Andrew (Bleach)

    NESWANDER, Agatha (Prominence)
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Michuru81 wrote:MIZOTA, Diane (Filter): Half-Japanese, half-American, this young woman possessed an ability to generate energy screens that drained Neo-Sapien energies. Though her ability dampened his powers considerably, Professor Incendiary put an end to the threat Filter caused. However, it is due to her powers that David Meinstein (as Gumeshoe II) was ultimately able to triumph over the former Vindicator.
I thought it was a bit odd how, in #12 pt.2, a PL5 David without his armour could defeat a PL10 Prof. Incendiary even with the flame-retardant foam shooting out the walls and Alston being a one-trick-hero.

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HART, Brian (Bogart): After Apocatastasis slew Michuru, the Vindicator known as Siphon became enraged. For years the men had lived on a shaky truce; Siphon believed Michuru responsible for his sister’s death and vowed to kill the man the moment his guard was down. Forever denied his chance at revenge, Siphon transferred some of Chronos Aeon’s power to himself- allowing him to shift through time in order to end the man’s existence before the arrival of Apocatastasis. In order to attack the man he assumed the identity of a teenager and took to calling himself Bogart
brilliant, just brilliant.

There were a couple of quite ineresting characters in the list of deceased heroes, too bad we'll never get to know them.

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Heroes, Vindicators

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Following the defeat of the Vindicators in 2007, the world saw the rise of three localized teams. One group of Vindicators appeared in America, while another spawned in Europe. In Asia

  • Arthropod







Former Members
  • Melody

    The Rising Sun


  • Cabal



    The Sanada Juuyuushi


  • Karaoke King

    The White Witch

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Leader: Jihad
Roster: Hanafi, Hanbali, Ja’fari, Maliki, Shafi’i (deceased), Zaidi, Ibadi, Zahiri
Base of Operations: Several
First Appearance: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #8
Significant Appearances: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #8

Biography: In 1990, leaders of Al-Akhwan, a network of militant Islamists, observed a wondrous demonstration: an American scientist, Doctor Noah Meinstein, had found a way to bestow select Neo-Sapien abilities on children in vitro. Seeing the potential for this, Al-Akhwan, purchased eight Primes—all boys to be fathered by one of their members—a mysterious figure who would be known universally over a decade later as Jihad.

Though the world would not learn of Jihad’s Neo-Sapien ability until September 11, 2001, Al-Akhwan knew: Jihad was a man capable of creating seemingly limitless duplicates of himself. It was hoped that the eight children would manifest more than the absconded abilities they paid for and that each of the children would also possess their biological father’s talent for cloning himself.

Indeed, seven of the eight Primes showed themselves capable of creating duplicates of themselves. Each of the children was subjected to martial training and special training in the use of their respective abilities.

Recent History: What began as a simple search and rescue mission took a turn for the worse... Led by Current and Quintessence, Greystone, Impasse and Sublime had journeyed to Oran, Algeria in search of the missing Mouloud Poundstone. The trail led them to the Islamic Relief Foundation and, posing as an amnesic Algerian named Ismail, Greystone won passage into the group’s lower levels. There, he discovered the group was researching ways to imbue normal humans with simulacrums of Neo-Sapien powers. Confronting three of Jihad’s clones, as well as Ja’fari, a Prime imbued with the powers of both the Vindicator Onyx and Jihad, Jack, Lex, and the others destroyed the base and rescued Mouloud. (NVAE #8)

Goals: Al-Akhwan has a single goal: establishing a global caliphate. To this end, they seek to defeat “the empire of the United States” as well as “the Jewish world government”.

Crimes: 9/11. Everything else is sort of moot.

Aïn El Turk, Algeria: Operating under the front of Islamic Relief Foundation, this facility possessed a laboratory where Al-Akhwan researched possible ways of imbuing ordinary humans with Neo-Sapien abilities.
  • Members: Antar Sahraoui, Hassan Sahraoui, Gabir, Kahlil (information officer)
Notes: Al-Akhwan’s motto is “Every sun must set.”
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HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa....HA! :lol:
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And now I have to scroll to the right to read anything...

smashed, can you put a space or a break somewhere in your laughter :P My monitor would thank you.

Michuru! Very nice, Im glad to see you were able to get this done. Very interesting power, to say the least, heheh.

Please, check out what I'm working on at:

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Yes, Mr Flashpoint sir, right away sir.

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I greatly appreciate it, smashed. Thank you :oops:

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Just bumping this a tad, so I can find it easier.

I'd make a request for more (specific) stuff, but A:anything you write is fine by me, and B: You've definitely got more than enough on your hands!

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Very nice primer for your fictions and....anything else OUBLIETTE one might fall into. Love the Rhino by the way. He's always been a fave of mine, right up there with Bulwark, Boson and Suicide King.

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I've enjoyed what I've read so far Michuru - please keep up the good work! :D
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*bump* Just so I can find this more easily. 8)

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On June 28, 1914, a 13-year-old Nephilim saved Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife from an assassination attempt. Years later, he and Princess Sophie fell in love, and after a morganatic marriage, became husband and wife. As the years passed, the Habsburgs began to realize that powers are heritable traits and began seeking out other SPBs, breeding their blood into the royal line. Other noble houses followed suit, giving rise to an age of super-powered empires...


  • Austrian Empire (yellow): Ruled by the Habsburgs, Austria is considered one of the strongest nations.
    • Princess Sophie: The Crown Princess of Austria, Sophie possesses unbreakable skin, as well as the power to manipulate both magnetic fields and the cold. Sophie is engaged to Herzog Kasamir of Germany.
    • Graf Oscar, Count of Celje: Sophie's younger brother, who possesses the same powers and abilities.
      • Ritter Xun: A knight pledged to the service of Graf Oscar.
      • Ritter Gwyn: A knight pledged to the service of Graf Oscar.
  • Empire of Great Japan (dark blue)
  • German Reich (orange): Kaiser Wilhelm II urged his eldest son to take a special as a bride. Equating the royal line to thoroughbred horses, his father, the former Kaiser, opposed such plans as much as Prince Wilhelm did, suggesting that an unequal union would produce only mongrels. The prince listened to neither man, and after abdicating his right to succession, married a common woman who possessed no abilities. His younger brother Frederick (fourth from the throne) did, however. Years later, his children manifested their mother's ability to control the air. Accompanied by several other specials, the Kurfürst (Electorate) was established, turning the German Reich into an elective monarchy, who typically seat only those with strong abilities on the throne.
    • Erzherzog Frederick III: The former Kaiser of the German Reich, Frederick III inherited both his father's power to command the air, and his mother's danger sense. Like his father, Frederick took a special as a bride, in the hopes that his children would inherit his abilities, as well as hers. The Kurfürst commanded him to abdicate his throne when his grandson came to power.
    • Großherzog Frederick IV: Once heir presumptive of the German Reich, the prinz is the son of the previous kaiser and father of the current kaiser. He is blessed with his father's command over the air, sixth sense for danger, and his mother's ability to alter his appearance.
    • Kaiser Frederick V: The young Kaiser of the German Reich, Frederick possesses the power to manipulate the air, is attuned to danger, can alter his appearance, possesses a paralyzing gaze, and has developed telepathy independently. At the age of fifteen, he convinced the Kurfürst that he was more powerful than his grandfather, and ascended to the throne.
    • House Flaegler
      • Herzogin Gitta of House Flaegler: The eldest child.
      • Herzog Kasamir of House Flaegler: A young duke with the power to command gravitational forces, Kasamir had been betrothed to Princess Sophie, heir apparent to the throne of Austria.
    • House Fromm: Considered to be the second-highest ranking house in the empire (after Flaegler), the Fromm are a family of super-strong Neo-Sapiens.
    • House Ronke: A low-ranking house in Sweden, these barons have the ability to shape and remove their bones.
      • Freiherr Hans: Eldest son of House Ronke, Herzog Kasamir was in the process of negotiating a marriage between Hans and Kasamir's sister, Gitta.
  • Great Britain (green): With the revelation that powers were heritable, the third son of King George V and Queen Mary, Henry of Gloucester, was married to a special, Naomi Brewington. When his brother took the throne in 1936, Henry was named regent for his niece. While out of the country, his brother was killed. Back home, Princess Elizabeth became ill. Through a series of sudden deaths, Henry found himself acceding to the throne. He ruled from 1936 until his death in 1974. Today, the realm is ruled by his widow and their eldest son.
    • Queen Naomi: The Ageless Queen Consort and the Last Queen of Great Britain, Naomi is a special possessing the power of flight, super-strength, and impervious flesh. Furthermore, Naomi owes both her nicknames to her immortality.
    • King Thaddeus: Eldest son of King Henry and Queen Naomi, Thaddeus possess his mother's powers.
    • Prince James, Duke of Gloucester: The second child of King Henry and Queen Naomi, James inherited his mother's powers.
  • Ottoman Empire (brown)
  • Persian Empire (violet)
  • Romanov Empire (red)
    • Vladimir Volkov:
  • Third French Empire (light blue): When the Second French Empire collapsed in 1870, the French Third Republic rose up. Following the revelation that specials pass their powers onto their children, Louis, Prince Napoléon was urged to take a Neo-Sapien bride. With the birth of his son, Napoleon VII, the Bonaparte dynasty was revived, and the Imperial throne of France restored.
    • Emperor Napoleon VII: Though in his late seventies, Napoleon still sits on the throne. His power allows him to absorb heat and to conjure an intense aura of flames around himself.
    • Royal Prince of the Blood Napoleon VIII, Dauphin of France: Nicknamed the Comet of France, Napoleon VIII inherited his father's flame aura, and from his mother, he inherited her super-speed.