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Fusion Universe

Post by Prescient » Mon May 17, 2010 2:54 pm

The Fusion Universe is a completely player-made superhero universe based on the types of comics that were released during the '90's. The name "Fusion" represents the impact that every contributor has on the setting. Every player character becomes a major force in the setting - their backstory actually altering events that have occurred. This allows for characters to be alive and shape events within the setting, rather than simply trying to fit in.

What makes the Fusion Universe unique is its multiple storytellers. It started out as the brainchild of Prescient, others were quick to take the Fusion Universe in hand and begin writing (GMing) stories for it. Interest for the premier super team, Vanguard, was so large - and only so many could be chosen - that EPIC was not willing to see them all turned down for inclusion. So he created the first team of rogue heroes to join the Fusion Universe.

Below lies various postings on setting information. Since the Fusion Universe is organic, with PCs laying out the history of the setting while the GMs list the supporting characters/locations and primary villains. Thus, information will be presented as it occurs.

If this is your first time discovering the Fusion Universe, this thread is the perfect repository for archived and current information on the setting. If you're interested in playing a character in the Fusion Universe, or in writing (GMing) for it, please visit the recruitment thread for details.

Source Material
Although the Fusion Universe takes from many comic titles, from many publishers, that were produced in the 1990's for its ambiance, it especially ties to emulate the perfect balance between gritty action and heroic stories that was achieved by comics in the Wildstorm and Top Cow publishing companies.
Synopsis of Source Material - Prescient

SPB Teams
SPB stands for Super Powered Being. Since they began coming onto the mainstream of the world culture decades before the current storyline of the Fusion Universe, all but the most powerful of them have banded together in teams - either government sanctioned or not - to meet common goals.

The premier superhero team of the Fusion Universe. It is controlled by the UN and has jurisdiction in any of its member countries. The team consists not of SPBs who are extremely well-trained in CST tactics (Counter-Super-Terrorism).
Notable Team Members
The Director (Status: Active) - Overseer of Vanguard and commander of the Bastion space station.
Diehard (Status: Active) - Field leader of Vanguard Prime.
Elite (Status: Active) - Section leader and genetically engineered super soldier.
WiFire (Status: Active) - Electronics expert turned technopath after emergency surgery and cybernetic upgrades.
Spartan (Status: Active) - A former soldier who volunteer to become a genetically enhanced powerhouse.
Shatter (Status: Active) - Vibration controller as a result of bonding with a mysterious crystalline element.
Eagle (Status: Active) - High-flying scout with powerful wings that span 14ft.
Arsenal (Status: Active) - The perfect war machine, an experienced soldier with powered armor.

A rogue team that is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the Earth from those who would endanger it, arrogantly believing that they are the only ones qualified to do so. Blackline members are unusually powerful SPBs.
Flux (Status: Inactive) - A former villain and leader of Blackline with the ability to control spatial energy.
Onyx (Status: Inactive) - Earth controller with the ability to change into a super dense stone form.
Cougar (Status: Inactive) - Bestial fighter and acrobat with a healing factor.
Kid Nova (Status: Inactive) - An untrained young man with immense raw power.
Guardian (Status: Inactive) - Android with the mind of a deceased hero.
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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Prescient » Mon May 17, 2010 2:54 pm


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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Prescient » Mon May 17, 2010 2:54 pm


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Re: Fusion Universe

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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Prescient » Mon May 17, 2010 5:19 pm

The Director

Christine Trelane is the commander of Bastion and oversees the entire operation of Vanguard.

Yes, I totally "borrowed" - the term is "borrowed" - her from Stormwatch :).

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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Project Icarus » Mon May 17, 2010 6:27 pm

The first thing that John remembers is waking up in the ER at New York Downtown Hospital, Manhattan. The nurses told him that he had been found unconscious in the street, with several broken bones, severe lacerations, and even burned-away flesh. Miraculously, he had fully recovered within a day. They said it should have taken weeks. That wasn't the only extraordinary thing, however. John had wings. Fourteen feet of them, in fact.

John couldn't remember anything about his past before waking up. The hospital listed him as John Doe, since he didn't have any ID on him, and one of the nurses put down John "Eagle" Doe as a joke. The nickname stuck. Of course, the hospital had wanted to keep him and run more tests on him, but John stubbornly refused to stay. For some reason, it just didn't seem right to him.

So, free on the streets of Manhattan with nowhere to go and no life to live, John eventually began to experiment with his abilities. He found that he had higher than normal strength, toughness and agility. He seemed to be able to regenerate almost instantaneously, and he was fairly hard to hurt in the first place. His large wings could be a bit cumbersome on the ground, and he felt most comfortable in the air.

Although his experiences have made him a bit world-weary at times, John is the kind of person who cannot let something bad happen if he has the means to stop it, so he naturally "fell" into vigilantism. The authorities naturally condemned it as dangerous, but he became quite popular in some sections of the city's population, and some of the newspapers chronicled his adventures as best as they could, using the name Eagle as his alias. The police never had the opportunity to arrest him, but would if they could.

John has been about his vigilante activities for about a month. One of his recent publicity increases came about when he singlehandedly stopped a car of suspects fleeing a robbery at high speed in downtown Manhattan, despite the fact that he was shot several times in the process. A WCBS reporter was on the scene for another story and managed to snag a quick interview with him. Her first and only question was to ask what his real identity was, and John's answer was simple: "I have no identity." That was all he said before he flew away.

He normally goes by John, but he has begun to embrace the nickname Eagle during his heroic endeavors. His wings have a fourteen-foot wingspan and are colored brown and white. Other than that, he appears normal, though he does prefer to go without a shirt, since they tend to interfere with his wings, even if there are holes cut in it.

John "Eagle" Doe
Age Unknown (looks to be in early-to-mid thirties)
Height: 6'0" Weight: 150 lbs.
Brown hair and eyes
PL 8, 129 PP

Abilities: 15 pp
STR: 20 (+5) (5 points enhanced STR)
DEX: 18 (+4) (5 points enhanced DEX)
CON: 22 (+6) (9 points enhanced CON)
INT: 12 (+1)
WIS: 12 (+1)
CHA: 10 (+0)

Saves: 11 pp
Toughness: +6
Fortitude: +8
Reflex: +7
Will: +7

Combat: 24 pp
Attack: +6 (+6-8 in the air)
Melee Attack: +8 (+8-10 in the air)
Defense: +7 (+3 flat-footed, +7-9 in the air)
Grapple: +12
Knockback Resist: -4
Strike: +8 Damage (DC 23)
Unarmed attack: +5 Damage (DC 20)

Skills: 13 pp
Acrobatics 4 (+7), Bluff 4 (+4), Climb 0 (+5), Concentration 0 (+1), Diplomacy 2 (+2), Disguise 0 (+0), Escape Artist 0 (+3), Gather Info 4 (+4), Handle Animal 0 (+0), Intimidate 6 (+6), Medicine 5 (+6), Notice 9 (+10), Search 5 (+6), Sense Motive 4 (+5), Stealth 5 (+8), Survival 4 (+5), Swim 0 (+5)

Feats: 7 pp
Attack Focus 2 (Melee)
Dodge Focus 1
Favored Environment 2 (Air)
Move-By Action
Uncanny Dodge 1 (Hearing) (Granted via power)
Improved Defense 2 (Enhanced)
Interpose (Enhanced)

Powers: 59 pp
Enhanced Abilities 19 (5 DEX, 5 STR, 9 CON) (Continuous duration, 1 pp/rank, 19 pp)
Flight 4 (100 mph, 880 ft./rnd) (Move action, Sustained duration, Feat: Alternate power, Drawback: Power Loss 1: loss of use of wings, 2 pp/rank, 8 pp)
-Alt Strike 3 (Feats: Mighty, Extended Reach 1) DC 23, 1 pp/rank, 4 pp)
Regeneration 14 (Permanent duration, Resurrection 1 (1 week unless burned or otherwise disintegrated), Bruised 3 (recover 1/round w/o rest), Disabled 1 (Recover 1/5 hrs), Injured 4 (Recover 1/round), Staggered 4 (1/round), Unconscious 1 (recover 1/round), Power Feats: Regrowth and Persistant, 1 pp/rank, 16 pp)
Super-Senses 4 Eagle Eye (Extended Sight 3 (10,000 foot increment)), Eagle Ear (Extended Hearing 1 (100 foot increment)) (Feat: Uncanny Dodge, Permanent duration, 1 pp/rank, 4 pp)
"Under My Wings" (Enhanced Feats 3) (Improved Defense 2, Interpose: Power Feat- Extended Reach 1) (Permanent duration, Drawback: Power Loss- loss of use of wings, 1 pp/rank, 3 pp)

Healing Blood (Healing 8 ) (Flaws: Others Only (-1), Empathic (-1), Distracting (-1); Extra: Total (+1), Resurrection (+1); Power Feat: Alternate Power (Battle Form) 1pp/rank; 9 pp including AP feat) (This power represents the fact that John's blood contains the same stem cells that power his regeneration.)
Battle Form 3 (Drawback: Involuntary Transformation(Major: DC 15 Will Save, Common (approx. every other adventure) (-4); total of 8pp)
- Enhanced Feats: Evasion 1, Seize Initiative, Takedown Attack 1, Fearless, Improved Pin
- Enhanced Trait: Defense +1
- Talons (Strike) 3 (Extra: Penetrating 3 (+1), Power Feat: Mighty, Feat: Improved Grab (free grapple on successful attack)

Complications: No memory of his past, His wings are rather noticeable... , He is wanted by NYPD for vigilantism.
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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by EPIC » Tue May 18, 2010 12:05 am

Demian Monsen (EX Zero-Elite)
HP: 1

Sheet wrote:EXS-Zero Elite / PL8 / 120PP

STR 18(+4) DEX 18(+4) CON 18(+4) INT 14(+2) WIS 14(+2) CHA 14(+2)

Toughness +7(4+3) , FORT +8(4+4), REF +8(4+4), WILL +7(2+5)

Attack +6, Defense +9(3+6)(FF:+2)

[17]Skills[68sp] +4
Acrobatics 6(+10), Climb 8(+12), Diplomacy 6(+8), Investigate 4(+6), Knowledge(Tactics) 6(+8), Knowledge(Technology) 6(+8), Notice 6(+8), Sense Motive 6(+8), Stealth 8(+12), Survival 4(+6), Swim 8(+12)

[37]Feats +4
Acrobatic Bluff, All-Out Attack, Ambidexterity, Attack Focus:Melee 2, Attack Specialization:Assault Rifle, Attack Specialization:Commando Pistol, Benefit(Security Clearance), Deep Ties(Honor), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 6, Endurance, Equipment 8, Evasion, Improved Grapple, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Leadership, Master Plan, Power Attack, Set-Up, Sneak Attack, Teamwork 2, Uncanny Dodge(Audio)

[ 9]Powers

[ 5]Device 1 {D-Gauntlet; Hard to Lose;PF: Restricted(Access Code)}
[ 1]Immunity {Disease, Poison; Limited(Half Effect)(-1)}
[ 3]Super-Strength 1
ALT: Speed 1 {10mph}, Leaping 1 {x2 Jump Distance}

[-2]Recurring Nightmares {DC 15}

Device 1 (5dp)
D-Gauntlet: Dimensional Pocket 1 {PF: Progression 2(500lbs)}, Super-Senses 2 {Radio, Time Sense}

Equipment 8 (38/40ep)
Arsenal (24ep):
(17ep) -Assault Rifle [Blast 5 {Autofire(+1);PF: AP(Blast 5)}, Laser Sight]
( 1ep) -Commando Pistol [Blast 5 {PF: AP(Strike 1 {Penetrating(+1);PF: Improved Critical, Mighty})}, Suppressor]
( 1ep) -Vibro-Sword [Strike 4 {Penetrating(+1);PF: Improved Critical, Mighty}]
( 1ep) -Throwing Knife [Strike 1 {PF: Accurate, Improved Range, Mighty, Thrown}]
( 1ep) -Stun Gun [Stun 7]
( 1ep) -Fragmentation Grenade [Blast 5 {Explosion(+1)}]
( 1ep) -Flash-Bang [Dazzle 4 {Visual; Area:Burst(+1)}]
( 1ep) -Smoke Grenade [Obscure 2 {Visual; Independent(+0)}]

Gear (14ep)
-Binoculars, Cell Phone, Commlink, Gas Mask, Flashlight, GPS Receiver, Handcuffs, Mini-Tracer, Multi-Tool, NV Goggles, Parabolic Mic, Rebreather, Tactical Vest (Protection 2)
Complications wrote:Family: Daniel's mother is around and worries constantly about him. She doesn't know what happened and he intends to keep it that way, though she obviously knows he is a soldier. She knows he's keeping something from her beyond the obvious stories of his days in the field, but she doesn't know exactly what it is and doesn't press him for it.(IOW, she doesn't know his identity as EXS-Zero Elite if she were captured to get that info, but she makes good bait anyways)

Aggressive Nature: Not so much like Temper as much as when there is an option for patience or taking a defensive position, he will opt to bring the fight to the enemy, his motto being "First to strike, first to win".

Honor: Typical soldier's honor, making him entirely a sucker for innocents being held hostage. He'll try to save them at all cost, and he won't disobey a direct order unless he has no choice or is prepared to break off entirely from the authority that issued the order. Loyalty and trust are two very important things to him.
Background wrote:Daniel Monsen was raised a soldier. His father was a soldier, his grandfather was a soldier, his great grandfather was a soldier, all died in the line of duty, protecting their country from those that would harm her. Daniel's mother of course was worried to lose her only son to the army after losing her husband, but there was no escaping what was so firmly ingrained in his blood.

Known for his fearsome aggression in combat, Daniel quickly picked up the moniker, D-Man, or Demon, however, despite this aggressive streak, Daniel was a brilliant field tactician, scoring him a squad captain rank and his squad, the 'Demon Elite', known for seemingly reckless but somehow flawlessly successful battlefield actions due to Daniel's tactical ability to use his mens' strengths to their best advantage.

However, as the saying goes, nothing good can last forever. During a mission, Daniel was outmaneuvered, resulting in the massacre of his squad, leaving him left for dead as a bloody mess. His unconscious and rapidly dieing body was found by a recon squad, who rushed him back to base camp and immediate medical attention.

His condition was terminal. He had taken too much damage, his body functions were shutting down from the strain of trying to keep his body alive. The only choice was to have him sign into the EX-Soldier program. The purpose of the program was to create physically and mentally superior soldier, SUPER soldiers, but the process was not near complete and was barely experimental at best, but it was the only chance he had.

Fading fast, he signed the waver with a blood-covered hand and he was rushed into the procedures. It was a close thing, but his newly strengthened body combined with military medical experts were able to keep Daniel alive as the first, yet still imperfect, super EX-Soldier, dubbed EXS-Zero 'Elite'.
Updates wrote: :arrow: Additions to be marked in BOLD
:arrow: Name changed from Monsten to Monsen due to Pres' typo. Liked Monsen better so stuck with it.
:arrow: Added Vanguard Training
:arrow: Reminder to self, still have 2ep unspent, and need to replace Radio Sense with a 1pp Super-Sense or other power

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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Reaper » Tue May 18, 2010 9:16 am

John "Spartan" Underhill

PL: 8 (120pp)

Abilities: STR: 14 [30] (+10) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 12 (+2)

Skills: Concentration 4 [+6], Intimidate 6 [+8], Knowledge (Tactics) 6 [+6], Notice 6 [+6], Profession (Soldier) 6 [+6], Survival 4 [+4]

Feats: Attack Specialization [Assault Rifle] 1, Chokehold, Endurance, Equipment 4, Improved Initiative 1, Teamwork 2

Powers: Density 8 (+16 Str, Protection 4 [Impervious], Immovable 2 (Unstoppable), Super Strength 2 [Power Feat: Ground Strike]; Continuous [+1]; Permanent [-1]; Subtle 2; 29pp), Immovable 4 (Unstoppable; 8pp), Protection 4 (Impervious 6; 10pp)

Assault Rifle (16ep), Commlink (1ep)

Combat: Attack +6 [Unarmed +10] Defense 16 (13 Flat-footed) Init +6

Saves: Toughness +10 [10 Impervious] Fortitude +10 Reflex +5 Will +6

Abilities 12 + Skills 8 (32 Ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 47 + Combat 24 + Saves 18 – Drawbacks 0 = 119pp

Honor (Military)

Age: 26
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: .75 tons (1400 lbs)
Occupation: Soldier
Description: John is typically dressed in military outfits. Nothing visually distinguishes his ability. Touch reveals a super hard (rough) surface. In military fashion his hair is short and his face is shaven.

John was an average soldier. Nothing special but nothing negative to say about his career. After a couple tours he was approached to join a special program codenamed spartan. The program was designed to create super soldiers.

Using a formula previously tested and hopefully perfected they began treatment on the subjects. The desired effect was an more pronounced physical enhanced than previously achieved. The results began with an intense feeling of burning followed by a ravaging pain. His body felt as if it were going to explode.

Blacking out from the sheer intensity he awoke later to the noise of heavy machinery. Strangely he felt pretty good. Nothing worse than a hangover. Opening his eyes a confused look crossed his face as he watched the ceiling pass by. Sitting up he suddenly fell forward as the everything shifted. Voices began shouting from everywhere as he leaned back to balance himself. A face suddenly hovered into view above him. "How are you feeling son?"

Following the awakening on the lift carrying him he was debriefed. The treatment was successful in enhancing his body. It had increased the amount of carbon present in his body causing him to harden and become more dense like. To put it in simple terms for him he was tough as diamond.
:arrow: Have 1pp left to spend. Will try and get that taken care of quickly.
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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Storm Vermin » Wed May 19, 2010 1:44 pm

Background: Jack Turkocki was an only child in a middle-class family living in the suburbs of Chicago. He was just a normal baby, although he developed faster than most of his peers. And he would have probably lived a normal, boring life, if not for an accident that happened to him when he was 18 months old. An Air Force plane, transporting a rare radioactive substance, suffered a terrible malfunction when flying over Jack’s neighborhood. It crashed in one of the suburban houses, and the compound it carried spilled over the area, promptly bathing a large area in bizarre radiation. It had a rather predictable effect on most of population. 98 percent of people present in the area of the accident died of cancer several years later. Turkocki’s family, however, seemed to be immune to those adverse effects. It only had a subtle, yet huge influence on young Jack. The radiation caused a strange mutation in his body, that led to his mental skills developing to outstanding proportions.
Jack couldn’t complain. He graduated from MIT at the age of 13 and gained his first PhD when he was 16. Whilst he sometimes felt somewhat deprived of his childhood, Turkocki usually reveled in all the knowledge he could gain. He even sometimes joked that he could achieve much more if he weren’t such a slacker. Jack finally decided to stop his education at the age of 22, when he was already a member of senior faculty. He wanted to use his incredible mental abilities and vast knowledge of robotics and electronics to revolutionize these branches of industry. However, he wanted to strike out on his own, and for that, he needed a partner, someone who would know how to do business. Fortunately, he quickly found just a person he needed – Mat Verson, a young, yet quite ambitious businessman. Jack eagerly offered his brilliant plans and inventions to Verson, who then proceeded to sell them for obscene amounts of money. After a while, Mat decided that he had enough blueprints and projects to live of them for his entire life. He promptly fired Jack, so that he didn’t have to share income with him.
Jack was absolutely stunned by this development. He could, of course, forget about the whole mess and live on, but he wanted to get his revenge on Verson. Unfortunately, the official authorities couldn’t help him there, as the businessman had many contacts and colleagues in various position, so trying to solve this problem in a legal manner could do Jack more harm than actually help him. There was also a third way – Turkocki could take matters in his own hands. He decided to do this. In order to achieve his goal, Jack needed something that could protect him from Verson’s bodyguards and at the same time was a weapon potent enough to easily take care of Mat. Jack had something that could just handle the job at hand. For the next three months, he rarely left his house, whilst he focused on carefully planning and building a groundbreaking invention. Using available resources, Jack managed to build an operating powered armor. Of course, the result wasn’t perfect. That suit was crude, prone to malfunction and had a primitive energy source, meaning it could be activated for no more than one hour. But for Jack, that was enough. He knew he would be completely screwed after dealing with Verson, so he only cared about the fact that his machine was suitable for the task.
Long story short, Jack managed to kill Verson, as security guards were unable to stop him. However, after military arrived to deal with this super-powered threat, Turkocki was quickly subdued. Normally, he would be sent to prison or executed, but Army was interested with this individual. After long questioning, they found out that Jack built the suit by himself, using his own blueprints and utilizing limited resources, which qualified him as a potentially useful associate. The fact that Jack climbed in an untested tin can and used it to waltz in front of armed enemies proved that he would be willing to test his inventions and use them on the field of battle. After some hesitation, Jack was offered complete amnesty in return for working for the military. He gladly agreed.
Now, Jack performs two functions for the military. First, his technical genius aids other scientists in technologically developing the US Army. Second, he is a pilot of the combat armor based on his initial project. Naturally, time and resources let him upgrade this design. The armor is now loaded with various weapons, that let it handle a wide variety of situations. It also lets Jack fly, increases his strength and has many combat-aiding systems, which compensates for Turkocki’ s lack of formal training. The whole suit is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor, which is one of the most potent energy sources the military could whip up. It still can’t power all functions of the armor at once, so Jack has to choose the right tools for the job at hand. As an additional security measure, Arsenal Combat Armor has a DNA scanner, which is attuned to only handful of people. Those who aren’t recognized by it simply won’t be able to even turn on the suit, yet alone use it.
Real Name – Jack Turkocki
Codename – Arsenal (official suit’s name – Arsenal Combat Armor. Jack prefers to call it “The Big Stick”)
Identity – Classified information
Ethnicity - Caucasian
Age - 29
Height - 5’ 10’’(6’1’’ in suit)
Weight - 160 lbs (800 lbs in suit)
Eyes - Green
Hair – Dark

Powel Level 8

Abilities (6 pp):
STR: +0/+10 (10/30), DEX: +0 (10), CON: +0 (10)
INT: +3/+8 (16/+26), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +0 (10)

Saving Throws (10 pp):
Toughness: +0/+10, Fortitude: +4, Reflex: +0, Will: +6

Skills (11 pp):
Computers 4(+12), Craft (Electronic) 8(+16), Craft (mechanical) 8(+16), Disable Device 6(+14), Knowledge (physical sciences) 4(+12), Knowledge (technology) 8(+16), Notice 6(+6)

Feats (5 pp):
Benefit (security clearance), Dodge Focus 2, Inventor, Skill Mastery (Craft (Electronic), Craft (mechanical), Disable Device, Knowledge (technology))

Powers (84 pp):
Arsenal Combat Armor v2.5 (Device 18, hard to lose; Restricted (those who know password)
Radiation Ray (Blast 10)
AP: Gatling Gun (Blast 6; Extra: Autofire; PF: Accurate 2)
AP: Flamethrower (Strike 6; Extra: Area(general, cone), Duration(concentration); PF: Incurable)
AP: “Terminator” Rocket (Blast 8; Extra: Area (general, explosion); Flaws: Unreliable (5 uses))
AP: Homing Missile (Blast 8; PF: Accurate, Homing 2, Improved Range)
AP: Enhanced Strength 20
Protection 10 (Impervious 7)
Flight 5
Super-Strength 3
Immunity 9 (life support)
Communication 5 (radio; PF: Subtle)
Integrated Combat Systems (Enhanced Feats 6: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Dodge Focus 2, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge (auditory))
Super-Senses 1 (Radio)
Super-Senses 9 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Radar (PF: Extended), Time Sense)
AP: Tactical Targeting Systems (Enhanced Attack 4)

Enhanced Intelligence 10
Mental Quickness 2 (x5)

Combat (8 pp):
Attack +2/+6 to +10(suit) Damage +0(unarmed)/+6 to +10(suit), Defense +6(+1 flatfooted), Initiative +0

Drawbacks (-4 pp):
Normal Identity (full round, 4 points)

Total cost: 6+10+11+5+84+8-4=120

Responsibility and Debt (military) – Jack practically owes military his life. Not only is he a free man, he can work also on top secret projects and introduce his own inventions. In return, he is expected to blast Uncle Sam’s enemies into oblivion, and when he is outside of his suit, he has a job to maintain in Army’s R&D department.
Secrets – Because of Jack’s position, he knows a lot about newest technological developments in US military technology. He is also one of few people who have the right genetic code to launch the Arsenal Combat Armor. That makes him a potent target for foreign spies.
Terrible judge of character – Jack has many various talents. Being able to see true intentions of those around him is not one of them. As a result, he is rather gullible and easy to fool.
Vindictive – Jack isn’t a type of person who easily forgives. Quite to contrary, actually – he remembers almost everyone who has wronged him. It doesn’t mean that he will always try to get his revenge on everyone who did that, but if someone will particularly offend him, he will make dealing with this person a high priority. Of course, orders from military will override this goal.

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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Jameson » Wed May 19, 2010 2:28 pm

Name: Carter Linwood
Nicknames: Flux, formerly Tesseract
Age: 28
Race: White
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: ~165
Concept: Displaced refugee from a mirror universe

Personality: Carter is an intense man used to a world where the worst in humanity was the rule not the exception. Now stuck on our Earth, Carter seeks to continue his old occupation while also trying to enjoy the fruits of a world where right is more common than wrong. Carter is otherwise a fairly likable fellow who tends to be a little out of touch as nearly all of his cultural touchstones are backwards, Ghostbusters was a horror movie, the Saw series are a farce, Gladiator was a science fiction epic and more.

Appearance: Tall and somewhat good looking with auburn hair and blue eyes. Carter possesses a thin wiry frame that allows him to move swiftly with superb agility.

Background: Carter Linwood was a bad man. Murdered, thief, traitor, and more, he was the kind of monstrously evil human who owned the title of Super-villain. Carter finally murdered, stole, and betrayed his way to the personal attention of the hero, Arcanos. With his powerful sorcery and array of magical tools and allies Arcanos personally led the hunt for Linwood, who was known by the moniker Tesseract. After days and weeks of chasing the space warping Tesseract intermixed with running battles and horrific loss of life (including the other four members of Arcanos' supergroup The Pentacle) Arcanos finally faced Tesseract in a final battle.

Beaten Tesseract prepared to once more flee with his teleportational power but knew that he needed to do something different to prevent Arcanos from tracking him yet again. Arcanos meanwhile prepared a blast of specially prepared magical energies that would bypass dimensional limits and penetrate Tesseract's well known spatial defenses. The blast of arcane power slammed into Tesseract just as he activated his own power. There was a horrific moment when the local area imploded, and then it exploded outward like a compressed rubber ball released. At it center Carter Linwood wavered and then collapsed. Arcanos took the villain into custody, but that was only the start of the weirdness.

Arcanos quickly noted the inverse color of Tesseract's uniform, and the presence of a recent wound he'd inflicted on the wrong side of the man's body. Arcanos returned them to his sanctum, the Grand Spire, and locked Linwood into his cells. When the man awoke Arcanos and Carter had a long discussion and Arcanos quickly realized what had happened. The power of his attack and Tesseract's space fold had torn a hole between dimensions and the center of the tear had swapped places with his double.

Carter Linwood was a good man, a pinnacle of moral virtue on a world gone dangerously insane. Pursuing the evil super-group known as the Pentacle he defeated its members one by one until only Arcanos the Vile was remaining. As Carter prepared to teleport himself and the defeated villain to a secure dimensional prison the villain had made a surprise attack on Linwood causing a dimensional breach.

Stuck now in a world where all of his greatest allies are evil men and his greatest enemies are bastions of moral and ethical strength Carter Linwood took the new name Flux and has set out to continue his heroic work all the while making himself a new home in this mirror universe.

Attributes: (38 PP)
Str: 10, Dex: 30 (+10), Con: 16 (+3), Int: 16 (+3), Cha: 12 (+1), Wis: 14 (+2)

Saves: (6 PP)
Reflex: +10
Fortitude: +6
Will: +5
Toughness: +8

Combat: (18 PP)
Attack: +2 (melee), +4 ranged, +6 (Spatial Prison), +10 (Spatial Blast, Banish) (4 PP)
Defense: +12 (+4 FF) (14 PP) (50% miss chance with Displacement)
Damage: +0 (melee), +10 (Spatial Blast)

Feats: (22 PP)
Dodge Focus 5, Evasion 2, Instant Up, All-out attack, Power Attack, precise shot x2, Interpose, Assessment, Leadership, Master Plan, Teamwork 3, Well Informed, Attack Focus (Ranged) 2

Skills: (15 PP = 60 ranks)
Acrobatics 6 (+16), Bluff 6 (+7), Notice 8 (+10), Stealth 8 (+18), Sense Motive 6 (+8), Investigate 4 (+7), Diplomacy 4 (+5), Gather Info. 7 (+5), Knowledge: Physics 6 (+9), Knowledge: Tactics 5 (+8)

Powers: (8+34+5+4 = 51)
Spatial Senses: Carter possesses an innate mental awareness of his surroundings and the distance between objects. The acuity of this sense is such that he can sense and precisely locate any solid objects within his sensory radius. In addition the sense is able to register the contents of objects inside containers or beyond barriers within his sensory range.
:arrow: Super Senses 8: Spatial Sense (Accurate, Radius, Ranged Mental Sense, counters visual concealment), Uncanny Dodge (spatial sense), distance sense (8 PP)

Spatial Warping: The mutant ability to manipulate and control space itself. Carter can compress, expand, and twist space like a sculptor and manipulate clay. By folding space around himself he is able to teleport himself and a limited amount of additional mass. Likewise he can create ripples in the fabric of space for offensive and defensive use, and even create wormholes connecting non-adjacent spaces.
Spatial Control Array 14 ranks (Feats: Alternate Powers x6) (34 PP)
:arrow: PP: Space Fold - Teleport 10 (200,000 miles) (Extra: Accurate; Flaw: Action (standard); Feats: Turnabout, Easy, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression 2 (500 lbs), Hide in Plain Sight, Dimensional (to pocket dim)) (2 PP/rank + 8 PP = 28 PP)
:arrow: AP: Wormhole - Teleport 9 (20,000 miles) (Extra: Portal; +2; Flaw: Long Range; Feats: Progression (10’x10’)) (3 PP/rank + 1 PP = 28 PP)
:arrow: AP: Banish - Teleport 11 (1100 ft) (Extra: Attack (+0), Ranged; Feats: Accurate x3, Progression x3 (1000 lbs)) (2 PP/rank + 6 PP = 28 PP)
:arrow: AP: Spatial Blast – Blast 10 (Feats: Accurate x3, Indirect x3, Ricochet, Split Attack) (2 PP/rank + 8 PP = 28 PP)
:arrow: AP: Spatial Prison – Dimensional Pocket 9 (Extra: Ranged; Feats: Accurate) (3 PP/rank + 1 PP = 28 PP)
:arrow: AP: Spatial Concussion – Trip 9 (Extra: Knockback, Area (Burst), Selective; Flaw: Range (touch); Feats: Improved Trip) (3 PP/rank + 1 PP = 28 PP)
:arrow: AP: Shunt Mass – Insubstantial 4 (Extra: Affects Others; Feats: Progression 2 (5 ppl), Selective) (6 PP/rank +3 PP = 27 PP)

Reflexive Warping: Carter’s natural control over the structure of space, coupled with his innate spatial senses, allow him to reflexively exert minor warping effects around his immediate person. Specifically this affords him two methods of self preservation. The first is by allowing warping effects to misdirect blows from head on to glancing and provide passive impact absorption. The second is an active defensive mechanism whereby he makes dozens of extreme short range (<5 ft) teleports to confused and misdirect his true location.
:arrow: Enhanced Feats: Defensive Roll 5 (5 PP)
:arrow: Displacement (UP pg 149) (4 PP)

Attributes 38 PP + Saves 6 PP + Combat 18 PP + Feats 22 PP + Skills 15 PP + Powers 51 PP = 150 PP
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Re: Fusion Universe

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Name: Onatah Neasa Xavier
Hero Name: Onyx
Group Affiliation: Blackline
Ability: Earth Control and Manipulation
Age: 22
Build: Athletic
Height: 5' 7" (6' 3" in Alternate Form)
Weight: 125 (220 in Alternate Form)
Ethnicity: Native American (Iroquois) / Irish
Personality: Kinda upbeat, into many traditional things and equally as many new, very down to earth and level headed,though her Irish temper does show sometimes. Since moving into the city she has become addicted to strawberry Twizzlers and has a bag of them on her at all times



Onatah Neasa Xavier is Irish-Native American mix. Her Mother, who was a member of a tribe of Iroquois indians in the states who had grown up living a somewhat traditional life by her tribe's standards, however confined to whatever reservations their people were given. She decided at the age of 20 years old, she would try living the outsiders life, and moved into the nearest city, against the wishes of her mother the local priestess and seer. She located a member of their tribe who had done this previously and who now owned a shop selling indian nick-nacks to the pale faces, but also running a natural remedy shop for herbal medicines and things of the like. She moved in with him in his apartment above the shop and began working there.

A few months after moving into the city, she was working in the shop when an Irishman walked in looking for a remedy for headache, aggravated that no conventional medicine worked he was willing to try the obscure, and stopped mid-sentence after seeing the woman behind the counter. Onatah's mother was equally atracted to the man who had just walked in and after selling him some rot to help with his headache, she talked with the man for a bit. talk turned into a date, a date into a relationship, a relationship into a child on the way.

The day that the two concieved their child, they were playing around in a corn field near her home vllage and the goddess of the Earth disguised herself as the tribal woman while keeping the woman occupied and made love with the Irish man in the cornfield. Afterwards she ran off into the field and beyond the veil.

That night, as Onatah's mother slept, she delivered the would be baby into the mother's womb and their it grew into a child. he news made the two very happy and they named the little girl Onatah, after the corn goddess that blessed them that day in the field, Neasa, after the Irishman's mother, Xavier, being as they went and were married the afternoon they found out she was pregnant.

The day the baby was born, the father was rushing to get to the hospital and died in a car crash when a drunk man ran a red light. Crushed by the news of her husband's death, she moved back to the tribe and returned to the traditional life of her people. Illness took the mother away from the child at the age of 4 and her Grandmother raised her there-after, teaching her traditional ways as well as her learning's in the art of being priestess, like how to perform a proper tribute ceremony to their tribes totem, the goddess of the Earth. At 18, she followed in her mother's footsteps and moved into the city, on her own though and did very well for herself, getting a job as a librarian, but still went back to her grandmother every weekend to visit and to learn more from her.

After her grandmother died, she was heartbroken, and had a feeling of being lost in herself. Not knowing what to do, she did what she thought her grandmother would do, the only thing that felt right . . . . . .. she wandered around the city until she found a rock quarry and performed a tribute ceremony to Mother Earth in remembrance of her grandmother and afterward felt better than after any other ceremony she had ever done. She felt whole, she felt home, and she felt at peace as she left the quarry to go home. The following week, after the final ceremony, she was going about her business as usual, still grieving over her grandmother's passing when she passed by a mugging in an alley. Still with a sense of peace from the tribute, Mother Earth filling her with light, she decided to intervene, leading to her being overpowered as well as the original victim. However just as the muggers were about to deliver the final blow, and with Onatah having enough of their punishment, she began to resist, her anger building. She waved her arm to get them to move back when suddenly, a giant chunk of the alley uprooted beneath the attackers and threw them out of the alley, moving in time with her hand. Both the group of muggers and the initial victim ran in horror as the slab of concrete-covered rock fell back into place as if a rug being laid down. That was her first time she every used her "gifts from Mother Earth"

It's been several months since her first brush with her new talents and she has come to grip with her new responsibilities and helps when she can, though she is still learning to discover and control all of her abilities. She still is proud of her heritage and maintains her traditions to this day, though she goes by the nickname Onyx nowadays in lieu of her real name. When people ask "Why Onyx?", she just smiles and shrugs as she plays with an onyx pendant on her necklace about the size of a fifty cent piece . . . . . the first bit of stone she every made herself.

Onatah Neasa Xavier AKA Onyx - PL8 (120pp)

Totals = [14+14(28)+22(50)+22(72)+28(100)+53(153)-3(150)=150]

STR 12/26(+1/+8), DEX 14(+2), CON 12/18(+1/+4), INT 12(+1), WIS 12(+1), CHA 12(+1)

Toughness +3(2+1)/+12(Impervious)(2+10), FORT +6(1+5), REF +6(2+4), WILL +6(1+5)

Attack +6(Melee:+8, Ranged+7, Unarmed:+10), Defense +8(5+3)(FF: +3)

Acrobatics 11(+13),
Bluff 3(+4/+8),
Climb 7(+8),
Computers 1(+2),
Concentrate 4(+5),
Craft(Art) 10(+11),
Diplomacy 3(+3/+7),
Gather Information 3(+3),
Investigation 6(+7),
Knowledge(Arcane) 10(+11),
Language([NL]Iroquois) 1,
Notice 2(+3),
Search 7(+8),
Stealth 8(+10),
Survival 8(+9)

Acrobatic Bluff,
Attack Focus:Melee 2,
Attack Focus:Ranged,
Attack Specialization:Unarmed,
Dodge Focus 3,
Favored Environment(Natural Environment),
Grapple Finesse,
Improved Critical,
Improved Disarm,
Improved Grab,
Improved Grapple,
Improved Pin,
Power Attack,
Sneak Attack,
Stunning Attack,
Uncanny Dodge(Visual)

[43pp]Alternate Form(Solid: Rock) 11 {Tiring(-1), Noticeable -1}
[12]`->Density 4 {Str+8/SS 1/Im 1/IT 2}
[ 8]`->Enhanced Strength 6 {Alternate Powers: Super-Strength 3, Immovable 6}
[ 6]`->Enhanced Constitution 6
[12]`->Protection 4 {Impervious 8}
[ 9]`->Immunity 9 {Life Support}
[ 3]`->Burrowing 6 {500mph; Limited(Natural Earth)(-1)}
[4]`->Concealment(Visual) 4 {Limited(Natural Environments)(-1)}

[4pp]Comprehend(Plant) 2

[6pp]Earth Control 10 {HL: 12tons; Duration(-1), Range(-1)}
ALT: Create Object 8 {Continuous(+1), Medium(Earth)(-1), Permanent(-1);PF: Innate}

Involuntary Transformation: Uncommon Moderate(DC10 to overcome transformation when under extreme stress or anger)"What?! You have a breakdown.........I turn into a boulder. Sorry about your couch by the way"

Proud Heritage: She tends to be very short with people who talk in a negative way about Native Americans, doubly so in regards to her people, the Iroquois
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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Lord Fell » Thu May 20, 2010 12:07 pm

Character redacted.
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Kid Nova

Post by Shadow13 » Sat May 22, 2010 1:11 am

Codename: Kid Nova
Real Name: Lance McKnight
Orgin: Mutant

The Rookie

“Dude did you see that?.. He just got owned when I caught the tank and smacked him with it.”

Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Black Note hair spikes up becuase of enrgy build up. IE static Electricity.
Eyes: Blue


Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Education: Highschool/Currently enrolled in Vocational program.

Occupation: Adventurer, Student

Known Relatives:

Trade Offs
-2 Attk/+2 Damage
-2 Def/+2 Toughness

Powers and Abilities

Lance was from a military family. With his parents moving around from duty assignment to duty assignment he was never around at one place to make friends. He mostly reads books (science fiction, fantasy, magna, comics..ect), played video games and studied martial arts. The latter was to make sure he wasn’t bullied every time he went to a new school. So other than a few fights in school that is all the fighting experience he has.

When he turned 16 Lance found out he had amazing ablities. He was messing around and fell off a building. But he never hit the ground instead he just hovered a few feet off the ground. From there he found out he was able shoot energy blasts or increase his strength. He seemed to be able to absorb the energy from a punch or a blast which would increase his own energy powers.

So Lance did what every normal kid did when he found out he had powers. He showed off a little in school. Got into trouble for breaking the school bully’s ribs and sending him and the bully’s goon squad to the emergency room with broken bones.

Lance decided to make a costume and take on some “bad” people only to find out that he was very unprepared for being a super hero. He got his butt kicked and got nearly killed. It was only the fact he had some untapped powers that he surrived the battle. Lance decided he needed to train and understand how his powers worked before he went out again. It took him 6 months to understand the nature of his powers with the pros and cons of his ablities. He could absorb some of the energy from a punch or laser which would increase his energy reserve for his energy blast, dazzle and strength enhancement. He found out that his force field is only active when he is conscious so he becomes very vunerable once he is unconscious.

Lance went and refocused part of his physical training in martial arts. Within 2 years retrained himself in mixed martial arts. He still has no real fighting experience but he is better trained than he was before. (I will put his feats in a Martial arts Stance an make a unrealiable flaw to it since he hasn’t fought anyone with real skill, he basically telegraphs when he is fighting to people with real fighting experiance.

Lance is currently in a Vocational program that he is learning basic Electronic repair and the theory behind electronics. He is also beginning to study physics so he can understand the energy types he is able to wield.

So from learning from his mistakes and he renamed himself “Kid Nova” as a way to remind himself even though he has some power he still is a rookie and he needs to be careful and gain more experiance.

Note: Lance will have the drawback holding back. Even though he thinks his powers are cool and stuff Lance subconsciously holds back due to when he was nearly killed his full powers came out and he destroyed a building hurting the people he was trying to help as well as the people he was fighting. Because of his powers lance is evolving into an energy hybrid so he can never truly die. He is able to absorb more energy in this powered up form. Draw power to himself from his force shield. He is able to generate plasma to shield him self or punch or blast with. He gains impervious protection as well as become stronger.

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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by Prescient » Mon May 24, 2010 11:05 pm


The Guardian
Lucas Grant

Abilities: STR: 22 [30] (+10), DEX: 14 (+2), CON: 26 (+8), INT: 14 (+2), WIS: 14 (+2), CHA: 10 (+0)

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+8), Computers 0 [8] (+10), Craft [Electronics] 0 [8] (+10), Craft [Mechanical] 2 [6] (+8), Investigate 4 (+6), Knowledge [Tactics] 6 (+8), Knowledge [Technology] 0 [4] (+6), Notice 4 [8] (+10), Pilot 4 (+6), Sense Motive 4 (+6), Stealth 6 (+8)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Dodge Focus 6, Interpose, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Takedown Attack, Teamwork

Powers: Density 4 (Extras: Continuous [+1]; Flaws: Permanent [-1]; Power Feats: Innate; 13pp)
Enhanced Feats 4 (Eidetic Memory, Improved Initiative, Online Research, Well-Informed; 4pp)
Enhanced Skills 7 (Computers [8 ranks], Craft [Electronics; 8 ranks], Craft [Mechanical; 4 ranks], Knowledge [Technology; 4 ranks], Notice [4 ranks]; 7pp)
Flight 4 (250 mph; Dynamic; 9pp)
DAP: Super Strength 3 (Power Feats: Ion Blast [Blast], Energized Blades [Corrosion]; 2pp)
Immunity 9 (Disease, High Pressure, Poison, Radiation, Sleep, Starvation, Suffocation, Vacuum; 9pp)
Impervious Toughness 5 (5pp)
Regeneration 4 (Recovery Rate 4 [Resurrection 4]; Flaws: Limited [Requires spare Guardian body; -1]; Power Feats: Diehard, Reincarnation; 4pp)
Super-senses 6 (Infravision, Normal Vision [Extended], Radar, Ultra-Hearing; 7pp)
AP: Communication 7 (Radio - 200 miles; 1pp)
AP: Datalink 7 (Radio - 200 miles; 1pp)
AP: Machine Control 7 (1pp)

Density Effects
Strength +8, Impervious Protection +2, Immovable +1, Super Strength +1, Mass x3

Combat: Attack +10; Damage +10 (Unarmed, Ion Blast, and Energized Blades); Defense 20 (12 flat-footed); Initiative +6

Saves: Toughness +10 (+7 Impervious), Fortitude +8, Reflex +6, Will +6

Drawbacks: Disability (Cannot heal unless repaired; Common, Major; -5pp), Susceptible (Technological Effects; Uncommon, Moderate; -2pp), Vulnerable (Magnetic Attacks; Uncommon, Major; -3pp)

Abilities 40 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 65 + Combat 28 + Saves 8 - Drawbacks 10 = 150

Complications: Prejudice (Synthetic Being), Reputation (Legally Dead), Responsibility (Prophet's Bodyguard)

Biography: Lucas Grant was hired on as executive protection for the CEO of a major technology applications company. To get such a high profile job he had to be good, and he was. Ten years with the LAPD - serving as everything from beat cop to detective to SWAT - and a tour in Iraq with the Army Rangers gave him the credentials necessary, and he came highly recommended.

Heading up the security team, Grant was always close to the principle, but when the entire team was killed by a super powered being attempting an assassination, Grant became the CEO’s last line of defense. Most men would have ran, would have left their charge and took off to save their own skin, but not him. He stayed, he fought, and he killed the SPB by himself.

He was fatally wounded in the fight, but he got the principle out in one piece. While Grant was in the hospital, his boss went to work on an invention save Grant's life in an attempt to pay him back for his loyalty. With his unique talents not only as a technologies expert, but also as a first class psionic, he was able to create a computer that could house human brainwaves, thus preserving the personality and identity of anyone. It was finished just in time, and Grant’s brainwaves were transferred into the device before his body passed on.

His brainwaves were passed on from body to body as new versions were quickly created for him. At first they were clumsy, depended on primitive locomotion, or none at all, but eventually a near perfect android was built. This new body looked and felt like a real human’s, but it was stronger, more durable, and ran on a miniature fusion reactor implanted in Grant’s chest.

His boss calls the android the Guardian series, and made several to be kept in various storehouses around the world for Grant to download himself into if the one he was currently in was ever irreparably damaged. He was also uploaded with the technical schematics of his new body and the knowledge of how to make repairs himself, if the injuries were not too great.

With a new lease on life, and a better body than ever, Lucas Grant agreed to stay on as his benefactor’s personal bodyguard. They had a new mission, they were going to stop men like the one who had attempted the assassination. With great power comes great responsibility, and these SPB’s needed to be taught that.
New Drawback
Susceptible: Minor susceptibilities require the character to save against 50% of the save DC modifier. Moderate susceptibilities require the character to save against the full save DC modifier. Higher forced save DC modifiers should be handled with the Vulnerable Drawback as usual; there is no Major intensity for the Susceptible Drawback.

Guardian is susceptible to technological effects like Datalink and Machine Control (acting like Mind Control against him). He saves against them at their full save DC modifier. Possibly (at the GM's discretion) substituting Datalink rank or Knowledge [Technology] bonus for his Will save depending on the effect.
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Re: Fusion Universe

Post by starfoxx70 » Tue May 25, 2010 12:53 am

Name: Cougar

Real Name: Chance Logan
Age: 40 [looks about late teens to early twenty’s] Height: 6 ft Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel [Looks more like a cat than human]
Personality: Chance is by definition the very meaning of free spirit. He lives carefree with not too many cares in the world. He likes helping people when he can. The best and worst thing about chance is his sense of humor, he loves to pull pranks on other people, or watch their surprised looks when he pulls an impossible Parkour trick.

PL: [10 / 150]
STR: 18 [+4] Dex: 18 [+4] Con: 18 [+4]
Int: 10 [+0] Wis: 14 [+2] Cha: 14 [+2]

Acrobatics: 12 [+16], Escape Artist: 8 [+12], Intimidate: 12 [+14], Notice: 8 [+10], Stealth: 8 [+12], Survival: 8 [+10]

Attack Focus [Melee]: 4, Benefit [wealth - trust fund], Dodge Focus: 4, Improved Initiative, Luck: 2, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown Attack:2, Task Focus - Parkour - Acrobatics, Toughness: 4, Ultimate Save [Will], Uncanny Dodge [ Smell ], Up the Wall

Healing Factor: 10 [Feats: Diehard, Extra: Total +1, Drawbacks: Self only -1]
Immunity: 1 [Age]
Leaping: 3 [X10 to jumping]
Running: 2 [25 mph]
Strike: 6 [2 inch cat-like claws; Feats: Mighty,]
Super-Senses: 4 [Danger Sense - smell, Low-light, Scent, Tracking - Scent]

Toughness: *+8 / +4 [*with Toughness]
Fort +6 [+10]
Ref +6 [+10]
Will +6 [+8]

Attack: +6 / melee +10
Grapple: +14
Damage: +4 [unarmed] +10 [claws]
Defense: +10 (+3 flat-footed)
Knockback: -4
Initiative +8



Wild Child - Well when you are raised in the middle of no where and you hunt for your food, with your own two hands, you tend to act like a loner and not think of other people.

Cat-like - Or is that cougar-like. Not that he goes after people younger than him just he act very cat like. Dislikes water, loves chicken and fish, and enjoys smoking his own rolled cigarettes made from cat nip. Even the way he stretches would remind some one that this could be a cat walking upright.

Dislikes cougar jokes - Really hates the cougar jokes.

Famous - Well at least around the Parkour and Free Runners.

Costs: Attributes: 32 + Skills: 14 + Feats: 25 + Powers: 37 + Saves: 18 + Combat: 24 - Drawbacks: 0 = 150 pts.

From the day Chance was born it was known that he was different. His grandpa called him a wild child. Well grandpa was a full blooded Native Indian, and a legend of the tribe was that to protect the tribe 10 of the bravest braves asked the Great Spirit for help to protect the tribe. The Great Spirit gave the warriors the Wild Child Spirit, a gift that would make them part human and part animal. Each warrior had a different animal. His Grandpa had thought it only a legend until his grandson was born.

His parents were simple folk that farmed and lived off the land, only coming into town to get supplies. Chance went to school like any other kid. The other kids were nervous around him, but that was because he had one inch cat like claws, eyes like a cat, and had a great sense of smell. The bullies tried to pick on Chance but he had learned early on how to fight with out using the claws, so in the end all they did was talk trash and make his life rough.

Things would have been like that if a couple of hikers had not gotten lost. The police had sent a rescue party but had not been able to find them. Chances’ grandpa had an idea and went to Chance. He asked him to use his gifts and find the hikers. Chance said he would give it a try. The officer in charge at this point was Officer Rice. He was at the end of the rope and would try anything. Chance was given some of their stuff and he got there scent. It was faint but he followed it and then he took off. Only the motorcycles could keep up with Chance as ran across the rough terrain. It took him about half an hour but he found the hikers. One of the hikers was Officers Rice’s little brother.

After that day the bullies didn’t bother Chance but he didn’t want to be treated any differently than before. The adults of the town decided to help Chance and his parents out by keeping Chance’s secret. Chance was thankful and anytime that some one needed help Chance was there to help, lost hikers was the thing that the town called on him the most. Officer Rice would take the credit if there was a news crew. Chance had learned to move through the woods in almost complete stealth, and cause of the bullies, Chance had learned how to intimidate people.

Things like this went on for a couple of decades, until Chances’ parents passed away. First it was his mother then his father a couple of months later. Chance and the town knew that his father had died of a broken heart, but in all that time chance had not grown older. He still looked like a teenager or at least in his early 20’s.

When Officer Rice retired, his daughter took over as Head of the police force. She brought the small Washington town police force into the 21 century. As she did this she heard rumors about an elite force that a person had to find. Their mission was to help people, but all over the world. When the new officer Rice brought this info to Chance, he told her that he would have to look into it. She told him that the town would keep his secret even if he was gone but he would have to give them ways of contacting him encase hikers got lost.

The bank had set up a trust fund for him. He used that money to take care of the land and had turned the 200 acres back into woods. With the knowledge that his land was safe, he set out find the secret group and helps save the world if it came to that. All he knew is that he liked saving people.

As Chance traveled looking for Blackline, He had found out the name from the last city that he was in. While there he found out the he was a natural at Parkour, or Free Running. Chance knew this was a good thing, now he could cross a town faster, jumping off and over walls, from building to building, and some times over people. The other thing that he found out is that the Traceur and Traceuse loved what he could do. They didn’t see him as different but as one of them.
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