Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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And now comes a new thread, one for my 3rd edition creations. From original characters, creatures, gadgets and gear, to modified versions of famous characters and more. Hope I get the hang of making characters in the 3rd Edition style so I can make them faster. :lol:

Optional Rules Used In All Builds
Here are the optional rules I will be using in all builds, unless noted otherwise. Any additional optional rules used for specific setting builds will be noted.
•Ability Strain, Ability Strain and Extra Effort [Physical Abilities only], and Ability Strain and Powers
•Knockback and Hero Point Tradeoffs
• Pursuit Challenges [Threat Report page 129]; So, What’s My Laptop’s Will Defense? [Threat Report page 131]
• Impervious Defense limited to PL ranks, Impervious Defense ignores effects with a rank less than its own.
• Dying allowed as 3rd degree condition for Affliction.
• Illusions as Afflictions from Illusion Power Profile. For illusions projected directly into mind or mind-influencing drugs, etc.
• Expanded Luck option from Luck Power Profile.
• 2nd Morphing Feature automatic part of any morph descriptor.
• Obscure from Sensory Power Profile as default.
• Long-Ranged Sensing option for senses in Sensory Power Profile.
• Features from Size and Mass Power Profile as default, 2nd default feature limited to special costumes and devices.
• Size and Area Effects from Size and Mass Power Profile in use.
• 2nd Speed Feature assumed benefit of having speed powers.
• Reflect and Redirect extras of Deflect and Immunity may be applied to Enhanced Defenses.
• Mitigating Gadgets from Armor GG in use.
• Computer Skill checks from Computers GG in use when complexity is preferred; otherwise use simple checks.
• Scattering Area Attacks rules from GG Heavy Weapons in use, regular Area Attacks allowed to choose between normal area attack or using attack roll with chance of scattering attack on miss.
• Rules from the GG Mecha used in design of mechas and their use.
• Independent Modifiers from GG Powers in use, including Additive +0 modifier, etc.
• Wide Arrays rules from GG Utility used when appropriate.
• Anything from 2nd edition which translates easily to 3rd edition, such as many feats/advantages, some power extras, etc.

General House Rules and Converted 2nd edition stuff

General PL and stats benchmark charts

The Center items #1: Babel Stone, Omega Sphere, Twisted Fate Coin and Silver Moon Artifacts
The Center items #2: Titan's Tome, Stealth Spear, Wizard's Scarab, Guardsman's Helmet, Solar Stone and Ruby Blade of Power
The Center items #3: Lightning Scepter, Chainshirt of the Earthlord, Shining Armor of the Healer, Ring of the Crypt Raider, True Treasure Map, Shard of the Godstone and Quantum Rearranger


The Center
The Order

Minions and Monsters
Aquatic ninja
Blood Wraith
Cyberoid 004
Dark Essence Viper
Dread Beast
Horned Rock Snake
Inazuma Ryu Kame
Kami Shokunin
Metal Destroyer Beast
Sand Ripper
Serpent Horse
Shadow Death Fish
Stalker Lizardman
Toxic Bear
Toxic Eagle
Viper Rat

Blur vs Green Arrow [Connor Hawke] [DC Universe]
Eve vs Knockout [DC Universe]
Lightning Blade vs Granny Goodness [DC Universe]
Shadowstrike vs. Robin [DC Universe]
Solomon Grundy vs a Dracoant [DC Universe]
Techno-Girl vs. Ice [DC Universe]

Training sessions

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Psistrike's Freedomverse

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Psistrike's Freedomverse Information
Psistrike's Freedomverse Details
Psistrike's Freedomverse History
Freedom City Secrets
Freedomverse PL and stat breakdown chart

Devices and Gear
Artifacts pure and foul
Cosmic Artifacts and creations of science
Genie Bottles and Lamps
Godly artifacts
The Strange and Cursed
Transformation Devices

Headquarters, Organizations, and Miscellaneous Things
Archimago's Artifacts
Central Park after the Gene Pulse event
Chaos Virus
"Gene Pulse" incident
Monster Squad
The Library

New Cities, Countries, etc.
Janus Island

Minions and Stock Monsters
Splicer's Chimeras


Training Sessions


Freedomverse Characters
AEGIS Characters and gear
AEGIS Field Agent
AEGIS gear
C. Horatio "Harry" Powers
Monster Squad [Special AEGIS squad]
Commander Floppy
The Reserve [AEGIS official super team]
The Patriot

Agents of Sin characters

Albright Institute staff and patients

ARCADE members and resources

Arcadian Academy students and staff

Atom Family

Bestiary members

Black Guard members

Brimstone House members

Church of Mankind resources and Knights For a Pure Mankind members

Claremont Academy Students and Staff
Kid Sentinel

COBRA members, agents and resources

Crime League members

Crown Guard members

Cult of Arachne members

Cult of Hecate members

Danger Angels members

Dark Anarchists members

Death's Head members and resources

Eurostar members

Factor Four members

FORCE Ops members

Freedom Friends members

Freedom League characters
The Centurion [Deceased]
Bowman III
Captain Thunder
Lightning Blade

Freedomverse citizens, etc.
Constantine Urallos
Hieronymus King
Jessica Bunny
Jonathan Grant
Langston Albright
Lucious Cabot
Rich "Voyuer" Royer
Typical Blackguard
Warden Drummer

G.I. Joe members and resources

Golden Age characters

Individual Anti-Heroes
Jack Basilisk

Individual Heroes
Emily Angelus

Indvidual Villains
Bloody Bunny
Bomber Bunny
Bone Stalker
Dread Hunter
Fire Tyrant
Iron Duke
Kid Crusher
Miss Disaster

Invisible Inc. members and gear

Iron Age characters

Larceny Inc. members

Masters of Fortune members/b]

Mighty Miracle Guardians and resources

Neutral Beings and Plot Device Characters
Alchemist X
The Pencil Maker

Order of the Dragon members and resources

Orion Private Security members and gear

Paradox Rangers members

Project: Freedom members

Project: Icarus members and resources

PURGE members and resources

Rosemont Center members, resources, and the Collected

Ryerson Academy students and staff

Shadow Academy characters

SHADOW characters

Shadow Patrol members

Silver Age characters

Sisterhood of Enlightenment members

SixGun members

Sons of Salem members and resources

STAR Squad members and gear

The Alliance members and resources

The Celestials members

The Champions members and resources

The Foundry characters

The Furies members

The Gene Nation members and resources

The Labyrinth characters

The Library agents and gear

The North Watch members

The Oktobermen members

The Order members and resources

The Power Corps

The Psions characters

The Sentinels members and resources New York based team
Red Phoenix

The Thieves' Guild members

The Toon Gang

Tiger Squad members

Tomorrow Society members and resources

Winter Guard members

Zero Latitude members
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Placeholder post for now.

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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C-C-C-Combo Breaker 8)

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Lightning Blade [DC Universe version]

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Lightning Blade PL 10

Quote: "Prepare to taste ancient power, fiend!"
Concept: Archaeologist empowered by god-powered sword
Occupation: Archaeologist, adventurer
Base of Operations: New York City
Real Name: Sandra Owens
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brunette
Age: 28 years old

Strength 1, Stamina 6, Agility 2, Dexterity 1, Fighting 1, Intellect 4, Awareness 7, Presence 1

Endowed Godly Skill: Enhanced Advantages 11 [Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Improved Critical [Lightning Blade] 2, Improved Disarm, Power Attack, Precise Attack [Close, Concealment], Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Break], Enhanced Dodge 6, Enhanced Parry 7, Enhanced Skill 3 [Close Combat: Lightning Blade 6 [+7] • 27 points
Endowed Godly Stamina: Enhanced Advantages [Diehard, Great Endurance], Enhanced Stamina 5, Immunity 3 [cold, heat, aging], Regeneration 2 • 17 points
Endowed Godly Swiftness: Enhanced Advantages [Improved Initiative 4], Speed 5 [60 mph] • 9 points
Endowed Godly Wisdom: Enhanced Awareness 4 • 8 points
Armor of the Gods: Immunity 2 [Critical hits], Protection 4, Impervious, Impervious Toughness 2 • 12 points
Lightning Blade: Close Damage 13, Penetrating 8 • 21 points

Advantages Accurate Attack, Benefit [Wealth, well-off], Defensive Attack, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Great Endurance, Improved Critical [Lightning Blade] 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 4, Languages 3 [Base: English; Arabic, German, Greek, Spanish], Power Attack, Precise Attack [Close, Concealment], Second Chance 2 [falling, triggering traps], Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Break

Skills Athletics 4 [+5], Close Combat: Lightning Blade 6 [+7], Expertise: Archaeology 8 [+12], Expertise: History 8 [+12], Insight 3 [+10], Perception 3 [+10], Persuasion 4 [+5]

Initiative +18
Lightning Blade +7, Close, Damage 13, 19-20 Critical

Dodge 9, Parry 10
Toughness 10, Fortitude 8, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 26 + Powers 94 + Advantages 7 + Skills 15 [30 ranks] + Defenses 8= Total 150

Responsibility: Sandra has always felt driven to look out for others, with her new powers driving her to be a superhero.
Honor: Lightning Blade always fights fair and never uses lethal force. She will do anything to protect the innocent, taking any risks.
Secret Identity: Sandra Owens, archaeologist
Temper: Sandra has a soft spot for children and seeing them threatened or harmed will trigger a fury within her.

:arrow: DC Universe character who only recently became a superhero. A rookie with a lot of power and room to grow. Yes, she is capped in everything except most skills and Dodge defense, but that is how I envisioned her in the first place.

Description of Powers: The lightning blade was imbued with a small piece of Zeus' power and went into Sandra when the blade did. Thus Lightning Blade was endowed with the skills of a true warrior, allowing her to strike with power, speed and accuracy with ease. She can dodge, parry or duck out of the way of attacks easily for someone who has only ever been in a few fights before becoming a hero. Her stamina was increased to enhanced human levels, capable of withstand strong illnesses and toxins, granting her great endurance, making her unaging and immune to heat and cold and healing from injuries 4 times faster than a normal human.

She has superhuman reflexes and can run as fast as the wind, able to keep up with most cars. She was imbued with greater awareness, willpower and wisdom. When she summons forth the Armor of the Gods, she is immune to anything less than high powered pistols and greatly shielded from harm. With a simple act of will, she can summon the lightning blade into her left hand, a powerful blade capable of cutting through a tank and harming even impervious targets.

Living in the Present, Mind in the Past
Sandra was always a curious young girl, wishing to know about the history of things. In school she excelled in most of her class, acing history in all areas. It wasn't long before she went off to collage and began to train to be an archaeologist. It wasn't long before she was working as an assistant in a local museum. But cataloging artifacts wasn't what she had dreamed up as a young girl. She want to go out and make discoveries, to see the world and explore lost civilizations.

And her chance finally came by the age of 22, when she went to Egypt with one of the museum's major archaeologist. Leaving New York for the first time, she saw a world completely different from that which she grew up in. And she loved it. The dig was hot and the weather brutal, especially the sand storms, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Heading home 6 months later was hard, she had tasted the true thrill of exploring and discovery and didn't wish to give it up. And she didn't have to, having done such a good job on the dig she was taken on all future digs.

The Find of a Lifetime, Destiny Unfolds
Years later and she was one of the best archaeologist in the field, having helped locate lost artifacts all over the world. But her dream dig finally came, when a previously uncharted small island just 100 miles off the coast of Greece was found. Sent in with a team, the pieces found showed no signs of wear or even age. Taking a break from the dig to go for a walk, she discovered an old cave hidden beneath foliage nearby. Heading inside without telling anyone, she felt drawn to the site, as if by unseen hands.

Heading down tunnels for what seemed like forever, she finally came to a grotto with what appeared to be a stone coffin in the center. Shoving the lid off seemed like child's play to her, as if it were much lighter than it appeared. Inside she saw something which should be impossible, a glowing blue blade, seemingly made of electricity. Reaching in, the moment she touched the hilt images began to flash into her mind.

A tale of a thief in ancient times, one so bold or so foolish as to break into Olympus and steal one of Zeus' lightning bolts. Escaping with his life, it took it to an old smith, offering him the ultimate challenge. To forge it into sword of unequaled power in the mortal world. Working with a zeal, the smith spent 4 days and nights working on the lightning bolt. Til he collapsed dead from exhaustion. The blade was finished, one forged of godly might. But Zeus had discovered the theft and decided to finally act.

The thief was smote as he reached for the blade, nothing but ash left behind. Admiring the skill of the smith at turning one of his lightning bolts into such a blade, Zeus revived the smith and restored his youth. But such a blade couldn't be wielded by just anyone, the mortal world could not handle the havoc of it being in the wrong hands. Thus he found an island with only a small settlement, cloaking it from the minds of all who didn't dwell there. Placing the blade into a stone coffin inside a cave, one which could only be found by someone noble enough to use it justly.

Lo, a Hero is Born
As the images faded from her mind, Sandra saw the blade sink into her body, merging with her and infusing her with great power. Reeling from the flood of images and power, she pushed it out of her mind for the remainder of the dig. Once back in her New York apartment, she began to have dreams, of Zeus telling her to take up arms against the evil plagueing the mortal world. Waking up in strange blue armor with the blade in her left hand, she knew it wasn't just a halucination.

On the night of her first patrol of the city, she halted a robbery in progress and without thinking charged them, blade in hand. In what felt like a blur to her, she subdued all 10 of the thugs. But what came next nearly ended her carreer and life. Caught from behind, the leader of the operation was wearing a blue power armor and definately was no pushover. Brushing off the first blow, she moved with lightning quick reflexes and struck with her blade, as if it were guiding her hand. But the power armor absorbed most of the blow and he fought back, firing a wrist laser which she barely avoided.

After almost 30 seconds of fighting this guy, she got lucky and hit a power cable on the back of the armor, shutting it down. Right as the police finally arrived, thanks to the silent alarm. The thug could only describe her as a woman "wielding a blade of lightning." And thus the name stuck, as the press dubbed the new herione Lightning Blade. Only 3 months later and she is starting to make a name for herself, although having to deal with a visiting Joker and his gang almost ended her, if not for Power Girl showing up and saving the day.

Description: Sandra is an attractive woman with a slender build and athletic muscle tone. Her skin has a dark tan from working outside for years. She keeps her brunette hair shoulder length and easier to manage, while her blue eyes show a strong spirit behind them.

She tends to wear simple shirts, slacks and tennis shoes or flats most of the time, prefering comfort over fashion. As Lightning Blade, armor of light blue that molds to her body appears on her, with the lightning blade in her left hand. A light blue helmet protects her head and hides her identity.

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Unknown Soldier wrote:C-C-C-Combo Breaker 8)
Har har. I just like having a couple extra post for an index for future builds linked to new settings where I plan to make a lot of characters for it. Than to do what I did with my first thread, have to move old builds to make room for index post on the first page.

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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

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Dang it, you have a lot more foresight than I do. I forgot to allocate a few posts for table of contents in my new thread. Good going.

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Techno-Girl [DC Universe version]

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Techno-Girl PL 9

Quote: "Let's see what I can make out of this."
Concept: Mutant technopath
Occupation: Student, inventor
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Real Name: Masako Inoue
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status:
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Black
Age: 16 years old

Strength 1, Stamina 2, Agility 3, Dexterity 5, Fighting 3, Intellect 6, Awareness 4, Presence 1

Force Field Belt: Enhanced Advantage 1 [Improved Defense], Protection 10, Impervious 9, Removable [-4 points] • 16 points
Gadgets Harness: Array [20 points]
  • Sonic Disorienter: Affliction 10 [Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated], Ranged • 20 points
    Immobilizer Ray: Affliction 10 [Resisted by Fortitude; Hindered, Immobile], Ranged, Cumulative, Limited Degree [limited to 2 degrees] • 1 point
    Pain Inducer: Affliction 10 [Resisted by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled], Ranged, Cumulative, Limited Degree [limited to 2 degrees] • 1 point
    Kinetic Blaster: Ranged Damage 10 • 1 point
    Tractor Beam: Move Object 10 • 1 point
Gravity Boots: Leaping 3 • 3 points
Mutant Technopath: Enhanced Advantages 4 [Improvised Tools, Inventor, Second Chance 2 [Technology checks for designing and building inventions], Skill Mastery [Technology], Ultimate Technology], Enhanced Skills 6 [Technology 12 [+18] • 12 points

Advantages Attractive, Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Languages [Base: Japanese; English], Luck 2, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 3, Second Chance 2 [Technology checks for designing and building inventions], Skill Mastery [Technology], Ultimate Technology]

Skills Athletics 2 [+3], Expertise: Science 4 [+10], Perception 4 [+8], Stealth 4 [+7], Technology 12 [+18]

Initiative +3
Gadgets Harness Array +8 , Ranged, Damage +10 [See Gadgets Harness for specifics]

Dodge 6, Parry 4
Toughness 12/2*, Fortitude 6, Will 10
*Without Force Field Belt bonus

Power Points
Abilities 50 + Powers 55 + Advantages 9 + Skills 7 [14 ranks] + Defenses 14= Total 135

Responsibility: Masako believes if she had used her powers for more than tinkering sooner, her father might have lived. Now she feels driven to use her powers and creations to make sure no one else will have to live through what her and her mother did.
Power Loss: Her devices sometimes short out or overload and require regular maintainance. It is not impossible for her gadgets harness and other gadgets to be taken from her or find her in trouble without them.
Relationships: Masako is all her mother, Ai, has left. And her new teacher, Steel.
Secret Identity: Masako Inoue, mechanic

:arrow: Yes, a mutant similar to Forge. It is a good concept and I like making at least one character with it in any game system capable of it. And I like linking new heroes to existing heroes and villains, both from official settings and my own originals. Besides, an apprenticeship to Steel would be a dream job.

Description of Powers: Techno-Girl is a mutant technology, able to intuitively understand any form of technology, making repairs, building and even inventing new technology with ease. She has used this to outfit herself with various gadgets, several of which she always has on her in the field. A silver belt of unknown design generates a powerful force field capable of allowing her to survive a direct hit from a tank blast and normally blocking most small-arms fire completely.

She has a harness of many pockets, each with a gadget inside. The ones she always has in the easy access pockets are a miniature radar-like dish which emites ultrasonic frequencies to disorienter and even knock unconscious those hit; a ray gun which can immobilizer a target, preventing them from moving from one spot; what appears to be a simple remote, which causes the pain receptors in the body to overload, inflicting debilitating pain; a blaster which fires powerful pulses of kinetic energy, with the equal force of a rocket launcher; and another remote-shaped device which emit a tractor beam of blue energy. A pair of ankle-length boots manipulate gravity and allow her to make leaps up to 60 feet long.

New Home, New World
Growing up for the 6 years of her life in Kyoto, Japan, Masako was shocked when her father's company sent him to America, as a company rep in the Metropolis office. Going to a new school and barely speaking the language, she was the odd girl of her grade. Sitting alone and having no one to talk to, she began to tinker with small objects, taking them apart and putting them back together again. The teachers helped her to grow out of her shell, by the age of 12 she was fluent in American English with only a small accent.

Proving smarter than her classmates, she skipped a couple grades and was in 11th grade by the age of 14. Her social skills lagged behind but she proved herself able to adapt to change quickly. Her parents began to take note that small appliances around their home began to disappear, only to show up as part of some strange device Masako built. Chalking it up to her natural intelligence and skill with technology, they left her to her own devices and continued to work long hours. With her parents around very little, Masako developed a stronger connection to machines than to people.

Tragedy Leads to Transformation
16 years old and one of the hottest girls in the area, guys lined up to ask her out, despite being intimidate by her intelligence and the fact she was in college already. Acting the part, her father became the sterotype of an overprotective parent, having to immediately meet any new friends, especially guys, in her life. Those not scared off at first by all his questions eventually broke up with Masako when she refused to go "all the way." Masako began to slip back into dealing with machines more than humans soon, while her parents watched.

Toyman was fighting the police near her father's place of business, easily holding his own while Superman was busy on the other side of town dealing with Metallo. Masako had come to visit and could only watch as a stray explosive flew into the building's exit, catching her father in the blast. Furious at seeing her father cut down before her eyes by a madman made her snap. Picking up a dropped blaster from an officer, she pulled out her bobbypin and tweaked it in a minute, boosting the power output 300%. Taking aim, she fired on Toyman and actually hit, sending him slamming into a nearby wall and stunning him.

Through tears streaming down her face, she walked towards him and prepared to put him out of his misery, before Steel showed up and stopped her with a few simple words. "Would your father want this?" Dropped the blaster, she collapsed into Steel's arms and continued to cry til the police contacted her mother. The funeral was a somber occasion, her mother wearing black and trying to hold back the tears. The life insurance would set her mom up for life but that was a small condolance after what happened. Moving to a new apartment in the city, her mother said it was to have a fresh start.

But Masako couldn't help thinking that she could have done something, anything, if she would just use her gifts more of justice than for simple tinkering. Taking all her old gadgets, getting stuff from the junkyard and fixing it up, she began to work on her own arsenal of devices to fight crime. To stop other kid's from losing a loved one to madmen and supervillains that seemed drawn to the city. Donning a costume of blue and black with a force field belt and a harness of gadgets, she felt ready to take on the world. Choosing a simple codename, Techno-Girl was born and ready to punish the wicked.

She took down thugs, gang members and minor threats with ease. But she was far from ready for the big league when Metallo showed up and Superman was off on a mission in outer space with many of the other heavy hiters of the JL. Breaking through her force field, he lifted her off the ground like a ragdoll and was about to slam her into the ground when Steel suckerpunched him.

Dropping to the ground, she was disoriented and only able to watch as the two powerhouses pounded on each other, til Steel finally hit the kryptonite powercore on Metallo's chest hard enough to break it even through his armored shell. Powered down and taken off by the MPD, Steel took note of the devices Masako was using and took her back to his place to patch up. Asking where she got such advanced technology, she told the truth. They were all her own creations, made from household appliances and salvaged parts from the dump.

More than a little shocked to hear this, he asked her what kind of training she had. Stating none, it was obvious he was dealing with a metahuman. Sitting her down, he began to give her a speech about how dangerous the world she involved with was. How most of the villains around Metropolis were out of her league and she could be severely hurt or worse. But he finished up his speech with something that brought a huge smile to the young woman's face. She would be his apprentice and he would train her on how to be a hero, on tactics and combat skills. Til she was ready to join the Justice League herself. Leaping to hug him, she vowed to prove herself worthy of this honor, no matter how hard the training got. Setting her up with a job at his garage, she is proving more than capable, both in training and as a mechanic.

Description: Masako is a highly attractive woman of Japanese decent, with curves in all the right places and a smile which lights up the room. She has blue-green eyes which show both intelligence, determination and innocense, while she wears her deep black hair down to her shoulders.

She tends to wear simple shirts, jeans and tennis shoes, being a tomboy still despite her looks. As Techno-Girl she wears a full-body costume of blue with black trim and a mask covering most of her face except her eyes and mouth. She wears a silver belt which generates a strong force field capable of stopping bullets, as well as a harness with various gadgets in pouches.
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Alchemist X [DC Universe version]

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Alchemist X PL 11

Quote: "Nothing will stop me from recovering my past!"
Concept: Alchemist driven to recover his past and memories
Occupation: Alchemist, criminal
Base of Operations: Mobile
Real Name: Unknown [Uses assumed name of Darian Sands]
Legal Status: Unknown nationality, wanted in several countries for various crimes
Identity: Public [true name and identity unknown, even to him]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black
Age: Unknown [appears to be in early 30s]

Strength 1, Stamina 1, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 6, Awareness 4, Presence 2

Permanent Alchemical Treatments: Enhanced Fortitude 5, Permanent; Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison]; Protection 6; Regeneration 2 • 16 points
Nose for Alchemy: Super Senses 4 [Detect Alchemical Creations [sense of smell], Acute, Analytical, Ranged] • 4 points
Alchemical Creations: Array [30 points]
  • Petrification Potion: Affliction 11 [Resisted by Fortitude, Hindered, Immobile, Transformed [turned to stone], Cloud Area, Reach 8 • 30 points
    Mind Control Potion: Affliction 12 [Resisted by Will, Entranced, Compelled, Controlled], Progressive, Limited [Target must injest potion] • 1 point
    Sleep Mist Potion: Affliction 11 [Resisted by Fortitude, Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep], Cloud Area, Reach 8 • 1 point
    Alchemical Acid Vial: Close Damage 12, Penetrating, Reach 6 • 1 point
    Wings of Eagle Draught: Flight 7, Affects Others [+1], Continuous [Float safely to ground], Wings • 1 point
    Stoneskin Potion: Impervious Toughness 7, Protection 7, Impervious, Continuous • 1 point
Advantages Artificer [Uses Expertise: Alchemy], Great Endurance, Power Attack, Skill Mastery [Expertise: Alchemy]

Skills Athletics 4 [+5], Close Combat: Thrown Alchemical Creations 6 [+10], Deception 4 [+6], Expertise: Alchemy 14 [+20], Insight 4 [+8], Perception 6 [+12], Sleight of Hand 6 [+9], Stealth 4 [+6]

Initiative +2
Alchemical Acid Vial +10, Close, Damage 12, Penetrating, Reach 6
Petrification Potion, Area [Cloud], Affliction 11, Reach 8
Sleep Mist Potion, Area [Cloud], Affliction 11, Reach 8
Mind Control Potion, Affliction 12, Must be injested

Dodge 8, Parry 6
Toughness 7/14*, Fortitude 12, Will 10
*With Stoneskin Potion

Power Points
Abilities 46 + Powers 55 + Advantages 4 + Skills 24 [48 ranks] + Defenses 20= Total 149

Accident: Sometimes he is a rush and gets components mixed up, resulting in unexpected results from his creations.
Obsession: He will do anything to regain his memories and find out about his past.
Reputation: Most who know about him either consider him a dangerous madmen or an unstable, yet pitable, man.
Cursed: A powerful curse of unknown origin was placed upon him, stripping him of his memories and blocking all attempts to read his past. No attempts to read his mind to access his memories will work, nor does any form of power to see his past or read his aura to figure out who he is.

:arrow: A villain, yet not truely a villain, Alchemist X is poor fellow under the effects of a powerful curse. I figured since the blocking all attempts to figure out his past through his memories, etc. are a hindrance to him, it would be a complication and not listed under his Powers.

Description of Powers: Alchemist X has several permanent alchemical treatments which make him hardier, harder to hurt, immune to disease and poison and able to heal wounds 4x faster than normal humans. He has no idea yet that he doesn't age. He has an accurate nose for alchemical creations, able to tell the exact components and purpose of any he smells. But his true strength is from his alchemical creations. He can whip up nearly anything given time, from draughts which can regrow limbs and heal any wounds, to powerful explosives capable of taking on armies. But the ones he always has ready are fewer, 6 ones which he specializes in for the most part. From a potion which makes whomever injest it grow large wings with which to fly and one which makes his skin as tough as stone, to powerful acid, mind control potions and ones which either turn a living target to stone for a short time or put them to sleep.

He is cursed, for reasons unknown, to not have any memories of his own past, only the skill and knowledge with alchemy remained. All means of detecting his past, who he is or reading his memories are blocked, despite him being more than willing to let anyone reveal these to him and end his decent into madness.

Faded Past, Clouded Future
He came out of a wasteland in Europe, a place uncharted and feared by the locals. His memories, a blank. His identity, a mystery even to him. All he retained was his intelligence, his strength of will and his knowledge and skill in the ancient art of alchemy. No records of a man of his appearance could be found, nor any details on his manner of dress nor the strange vials and other containers he had with him. But it was soon found out, he was a man to be feared.

A local gang attempted to push him around, demanding he leave and they didn't like strangers around there. When one of them dared to lay a hand on his shoulder, he whirled around with a wild look in his eyes. One vial of strange blue liquid smashed at their feet later and the gang was no more, turned into statues of marble before they could even cry out. The other locals nearby ran in fear, not wishing to earn his wrath. Drinking a draught of swirling white and sky blue liquid, wings sprouted from his back and he flew off, in search of who knows what.

His memories a jumble, images of castles and knights flashed in his mind, then faded once more. His own identity gone, he sought any clues as to who he was or means of restoring his memories. But with no memories of how the world works to guide him, he soon drew the attention of the authorities with his actions. Some of the Justice League was called in, after he proved too powerful for the local police to deal with. Star Girl, Green Arrow and Black Canary overpowered him and took him into custody, the local prison unable to handle superhumans.

Memories Locked Away
All the mystics and psychics in the JL proved unable to pierce the barrier keeping his memories locked away. Even scrying his aura and past proved impossible, whatever blocking his identity was ancient and powerful. Locked up in a special cell, he was counceled and taught about the modern world and its laws. Yet still a fire burned within him, one which wished to know who he was, his own past, no matter what the price. Thus he bidded his time and planned.

Months of being locked up, couceled and told about how the world works, he finally saw his chance. Slipping a vial of dark purple liquid into his guard's drink, the man fell under his sway and released him, even directing him to the teleport pad and sending him back to Earth. Continueing on his quest, he avoided the authorities and broke into public records all over Europe, trying to find even a clue or glimmer of his past.

Time and again the Justice League has defeated him and locked him up, trying to help him acclimate to modern society and each time he has escaped. The secrets of his past locked away, driving him further and further into madness in his quest to recover them. It won't be long before he becomes a threat which can't simply be locked up and taught the error of his ways. When that day comes, the world will face the full fury and madness of Alchemist X.

Description: Alchemist X appears to be a man of middle Europian decent, with chiselled features and a strong build. He keeps his black hair trimmed and neat, while his violet eyes can show intelligence or madness. He has several burn scars on his arms from past experiments.

He always wears simple clothing to try and blend in, never wearing a costume as he knows it will draw attention to him.
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Shadowstrike [DC Universe version]

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Shadowstrike PL 8

Quote: "Try to hide in the shadows, it won't help."
Concept: Low-level mystic shadow weaver
Occupation: Freelance writer, Crime fighter
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Real Name: Jamie Sonders
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Blonde
Age: 22 years old

Strength 1, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 3, Intellect 4, Awareness 6, Presence 4

Shadow Magic Tricks: Concealment 2 [Normal Vision], Limited: Only in Shadows; Senses 2 [Darkvision] • 3 points
Mystical Sense: Senses 4 [Detect Magic, Acute, Ranged] • 4 points
Shadow Veil: Enhanced Dodge 6, Enhanced Parry 4, Movement 1 [Safe Fall], Protection 2, Sustained • 14 points
Shadow Magic: Array [12 points]
  • Shadow Blast: Ranged Damage 6 • 12 points
    Blanket of Shadows: Concealment 2 [Normal Vision], Area [Burst] +2 [60' radius], Attack • 1 point
    Shadow Shapes: Create 6 • 1 point
    Shadow Binding: Snare 4 • 1 point
Collapsible Bo-staff: Strength-based Damage 2, Features 1 [concealable] • 3 points

Advantages Equipment, Ritualist, Trance

Skills Athletics 2 [+3], Close Combat: Bo staff 2 [+5], Close Combat: Unarmed 2 [+5], Deception 4 [+8], Expertise: Magic 4 [+8], Expertise: Writing 4 [+8], Insight 4 [+10], Perception 4 [+10], Persuasion 2 [+6], Ranged Combat: Shadow Magic Array 7 [+10], Stealth 4 [+6], Treatment 1 [+5]

Initiative +2
Shadow Blast +10, Ranged, Damage 6
Shadow Binding +10, Ranged, Damage 4 [Affliction]
Unarmed +5, Close, Damage 1
Bo Staff +5, Close, Damage 3

Dodge 12/6*, Parry 9/5*
Toughness 4/2*, Fortitude 4, Will 9
*Without Shadow Veil bonus

Power Points
Abilities 50 + Powers 36 + Advantages 3 + Skills 20 [40 ranks] + Defenses 11= Total 120

Power Loss: Jamie has to be able to gesture to cast her shadow magics.
Relationship: Her mother, Batman and Robin
Responsibility: Raised with a strong belief in right and wrong, Jamie feels she must use her powers to help others. No matter what the cost to her.
Secret Identity: Jamie Sonders, freelance writer

:arrow: A low-level magic user with some training in hand to hand combat. She has a long way to go and only meets her caps with her Shadow Blast and Dodge/Toughness. She can grow in many areas, including improving her Parry, Fortitude, and Will Defenses so they meet her caps, increase her Close Combat skills and add Advantages to represent her training with Batman and Robin.

Description of Powers: Shadowstrike comes from a long line of shadow magic wielders. She has learned how to sense magic thanks to her mother's training. 2 minor tricks she has developed which she can reflexively use are to cloak herself from sight while in shadows and the ability to see through darkness. She can create a veil of shadows around herself which takes the form of a literal cloak of shadows, providing her with some protection, making her harder to hit as her form blends with the cloak some and even slowing any falls so she remains unharmed.

Her shadow magic isn't that strong yet, although she has several tricks so far. By making shadows more solid she can project powerful blast with more force than a shotgun, creating bindings of solid shadows and even shape shadows into simple shapes and small size. Since she began her training with Batman and Robin, she has taken to mainly using her ability to blanket an area in shadows to give her an edge in hand-to-hand combat.

Shadows in the Dark
Jamie was afraid of the dark since she was a little girl, he parents told her there were no monsters but living in Gotham City she knew better. Madmen, supervillains, they were all out there and who knows when one of their plots would bring them to her neighborhood. Seeing shadowy figures in the dark, she would pull the blankets over herself and pray for them to go away. But they never seemed to leave, always creepy in the corners and just out of sight, in her mind at least.

This fear drove her for years, as even in junior high she would always make sure to be home before dark, teased and mocked for her childish fear of the dark. But the truth of her fears was a dark family secret, having decended from a long line of shadow magic wielders. The shadows obeyed her subconscious and were shaped into the things from her nightmares as a child, never having been trained in controlling them.

It took a true shock to finally unlease her mostly dormant power, when she was at a concert and the Scarecrow unleased his fear gas into the stadium. Under the influence, she saw her fears take shape like never before, yet cornered and with nowhere to run from her own fears, she lashed out by projecting a blast of solid shadows out. Caught off-guard, Scarecrow was hit by the shadow blast and dazed, when Batman showed up he was taken down in one punch and the gas turned off.

Training Long Needed
Sensing the change in her daughter when she arrived home, Mrs. Sonders sat her down and told her the hidden history of her family. It all made sense now, how the shadows always looked like she imagined them, the strange sense of something more and the power she felt that night. Angry at having been kept in the dark for so long, she demanded to be trained how to control her shadow magic. Having no other choice anymore, her mom began training her in the ancient craft.

Between the training and her college courses, Jamie had little time for anything else. But at last her fears were under her control, the shadows could do so many things. From shaping them into simple forms and cloaking herself in a veil of shadows, to blacking out whole areas in shadows and projecting blast of shadowy energy, she was only beginning to tap into the limits of her heritage.

Lurking in the Shadows, Fighting for Justice
Graduating from college as a writing major, she had a lot of free time between freelance jobs she was able to dig up. Seeing the state of the city, along with the memories of what triggered her fears all those years, she knew another hero for justice was needed in Gotham. Batman and his allies couldn't be everywhere. Thus she doned a costume of light black, a mask covering her face and went out into the night.

A mugging stopped here, a car theft there. Nothing much, but she felt better that at least she was trying to improve things. But she nearly lost her life one night, chasing some thugs who robbed a warehouse into the sewers. Only to come face to face with their boss, Killer Croc, trying to make some quick cash. Barely able to hold her own against the giant reptile-man, he broke through her shield and lunged for the death blow. Only to be knocked back by a powerful flying roundhouse from Batman, who had been on the trail of the thugs for a while now. Dazed, she could only watch this mortal titan duke it out with the bloodthristy man-monster.

In the end Batman stuffed a sleep gas grenade in Croc's mouth, finishing the fight and the thugs off with ease. Helping Jamie up, he aided her out of the sewer and asked what she was thinking, going into such a place without backup. Shamed, she simply said she thought her powers would be enough. Shaking his head, he began to lecture her on the dangers of relying on powers too much and not on skill, training and experience. But she was determined and wouldn't give up, feeling it was her responsibility to use her powers to help others. With a sigh, Batman offered to take her on and train her, otherwise she would just get into more trouble he would have to bail her out of.

Thus the training began, just a few 6 months ago, alongside Robin who was far more skilled than her. She still saw her shadow magic as something to be used, yet knew anything Batman could teach her would be valuable. So far she has given in to carrying a collapsable bo staff with her like Robin's, as well as going on patrol with him regularly. All the while she still worries about her mother, living on her own, as Gotham was definately not the safest place for a single woman.

Description: Jamie is an attractive young woman with a lithe build and athletic muscle tone. She keeps her blonde hair shoulder length, while her red eyes are distinctive and stand out.

Jamie tends to wear simple shirts or blouses, slacks or jeans and tennis shoes most of the time. As Shadowstrike she wears a costume of light black fibers, with a mask to hide her face, only leaving her mouth uncovered and tinted lens over her eyes.
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Goliath [DC Universe version]

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Goliath PL 9

Quote: "Back down, puny."
Concept: Naturally large human
Occupation: Bouncer, thug
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Real Name: Terrance Dane
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with criminal record
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Height: 10'
Weight: 2,000 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with white streak in front
Age: 30 years old

Strength 7, Stamina 8, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Natural Giant: Growth 4 [Innate, Permanent], Power-Lifting 1 [Lifting Str 8, 6 tons] • 10 points
Tough As a Sherman Tank: Impervious Toughness 6, Protection 4 • 10 points

Advantages All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 2, Diehard, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical [unarmed], Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improvised Weapons 4, Interpose, Power Attack, Precise Attack [Close, Cover], Skill Mastery [Athletics], Startle

Skills Athletics 10 [+17], Close Combat: Unarmed 5 [+11], Deception 4 [+6], Expertise: Criminal 8 [+8], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+8], Intimidation 10 [+14], Perception 4 [+6], Ranged Combat: Throwing 7 [+8]

Initiative +1
Unarmed +11, Close, Damage 7
Improvised Weapons +6, Close, Damage 10
Thrown Improvised Weapons +8, Ranged, Damage 10

Dodge 6, Parry 6
Toughness 12, Fortitude 10, Will 5

Power Points
Abilities 34 + Powers 20 + Advantages 19 + Skills 28 [56 ranks] + Defenses 16= Total 117

Greed: Terrance is driven by a need for power and sees money and material goods as a way to that power.
Enemy: He is watched by the police and Batman, due to his long history of crime.
Relationship: Terrance feels he owns the Penguin for giving him work and will do anything to help him out.
Temper: Calling him a freak is a surefire way to make him blow his top.
Vulnerability: Due to his large size and strong lungs, gas-based attacks are highly effective against him. His Fortitude is halved against them.

:arrow: A brutal giant of a man, Goliath is designed to be tank for heroes to deal, slowing them down while his partners rob a place. He loves to use things like lamppost, sewer lids, etc. to fight with, even throwing them with great skill.

Description of Powers: Goliath is a true giant of a human, standing 10' tall and weighing a ton, with the strength to back it up. He can lift up to 6 tons on average and can damage steel with his punches, even capable of wrecking a tank when he puts all his strength behind his punches. Wielding improvised weapons, he can hit with the force of a tank blast and take on small armies. Both from training and natural development, he is literally as tough as a Sherman tank, his immune barely being bruised by small arms fire and capable of taking powerful hits and shrugging them off.

A Giant is Born
Terrance was born big, at 36" and 24 lbs. he was the largest human baby ever born in recorded history. His mother barely survived giving birth to such a giant, falling into a coma which lasted for 3 months. Supporting such a child put a strain on the family's funds and soon they were forced to give him up. 1 year old and already in child welfare, he grew rapidlyand by the age of 10 was over 6'6". The state had to allocate additional funds for larger clothes, more food, etc. to support the giant and the other kids picked on him due to this size.

But soon he realized his size gave him power, power which he soon learned to use to bully the other kids into doing what he said. The adults weren't able to handle him and thus this continued for a while, til he finally left on his own at the age of 15, weighing over half a ton and standing 8'6" and still growing. He hooked up with a local gang, serving as muscle on jobs and even proving himself able to slow down the Batman for a short while. Being in and out of jail, he only got more bitter at the world over how he was treated due to his size. This cycle continued til his mid-20s when opportunity came looking for him.

Steady Job with Fun on the Side
The Penguin had need of a bouncer with his kind of power, to handle of the thugs and superhumans who come through his establishment. Taking the job of a bouncer, he proved more than able to deal with most who came through, although the Joker just smiled at him creepily. Several times he was sent out as muscle on jobs for clients of the Penguin, being out in the field once more felt like home. His nickname of Goliath pleased him, as he took to using it on jobs.

More than once being taken down by Batman and his allies, he normally spent only a couple months in prison thanks to the Penguin's connections. And though he has stopped growing, topping out at 10' and weighing a ton, he is still getting stronger with time. Testing done on him on orders of Penguin show he naturally develops muscle mass at 300% the speed of a normal human, with no known limit. He could even become as strong as the likes of Wonder Woman given time. And then he could truely move into the big leagues.

Description: Terrance is a giant of a man, standing 10' tall with rippling muscles and a powerful build. He has a light tan with several minor scars on his arms and chest from his early days in a gang. He keeps his black hair trimmed and short, a streak of white in the front standing out. While his blue eyes show an intensity that can intimidate easily even without his massive size.

He tends to wear tee-shirts, blue jeans and steel-toed boots most of the time. He only adds a black ski mask and gloves to his look when on a job.