Infinite New Vindicators Book 2: 10 years Later

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Infinite New Vindicators Book 2: 10 years Later

Post by Horsenhero » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:34 pm

Before I begin this tale, I'd like to explain a couple things. First, this was inspired by Sanderson Cooper's awesome Ultimate New Vindicators April Fool's Day prank. I had originally intended to release this in a single post to go up on own trick or treat homage to the story and the game we all love so well.

Second, I tried to put just enough of twist on the characters and events, that when the full story is posted, its origins are obvious, but, it is uniquely entertaining because of the twists involved. Also, this is pretty much planned as a one shot sort of thing. Two episodes. One little story. Over and done.

So without further ado...

In the infinite ripples of time and dimension, everything started with the first. As events transpired, every possible choice gave birth to another place, another time, alternate realities spreading out from the one in infinite waves. Some are marked by differences so small, as to be nearly unnoticeable. Some are marked by changes so vast they are nearly unrecognizable. Most fall somewhere in between. this is a story of one of those in between places, Earth 720...home of Infinite New Vindicators!

Chapter 1: Brawl at the Mall-

"Welcome to the New Vindicators Academy European Campus." Doctor Talley had said, under idyllic Autumn skies.

Welcome indeed.

"Welcome to school. Now beat the snot out of each other." Alex Murphy thought sourly.

Alex, like most of the others in the locker room looked decidedly unhappy about their first official activity at school. The Sophmore Blitz they called it. A tradition they said. Absolutely effing stupid was how would term it, and that was being gracious. Gazing balefully at the uniform inside the locker, the brown haired youth felt his stomach churn.

"What happens in Fight School, stays in Fight School." He grumbled.

To his left, a tall Spanish youth, all oily charm and casanova swagger looked askance at the garment. "It looks like polyester. I can't be seen wearing polyester, my reputation will be ruined!"

"Oh, I do not zink zese uniforms are polyester Viktor." Piped the diminutive French boy on Alex's right. "Eet eez obviously a zyntheteek of zome zort, but, more durable zan zimple polyester."

"Bueno, though I wish I had time to modify this rag. Really? Matching uniforms? I did not think this was Catholic School."

"Neither did I." Grumbled Jack Rexroth from across the locker room. "I especially didn't think it was Catholic Girls' School, but, damn he whines like a bitch."

"Excuse me, did you say something?" The large, blonde Finn beside Jack asked.

Jack looked at him for a second, trying to decide whether that was a challenge or not. The bigger teen had an open, friendly demeanor, so Jack decided not.

"Just talkin' to myself bud."


"Just talkin' to myself Otso."

"Oh. So how do they choose the sides..." The burly Finn let sentence trail off.


"Right. So how do they choose sides Jack?"

"Dunno." The sharp featured American said, then a sly look crossed his face. "But I bet most of these guys don't want to fight each other."

"How do you know?"

"In America, Neos have to play it cool. You don't run around showing off what you can do. While Europe might be more tolerant about it in theory, I bet no SPB shows off here either. It's like being gay in the freakin' military."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't ask, Don't tell bubba. You can only be good at fighting if you practice. Since we're all new here, we know there hasn't been a whole lot o' that."

Otso just grunted and went about changing. What he didn't say was, Jack was only partially correct. What if fighting was part of your powers? What if you became primitive and powerful? When then?

Not far away, a youth with bright green eyes and a mop of black hair quickly stripped out of his dark clothes and slipped into the uniform. Surreptitiously, he looked over his classmates. He wondered who among them might be weak? Which would be tough? Which would scream? His eyes were drawn to Gaspar and Cornelis. They were the best of last years' freshmen? Pathetic. Morose whiners, the whole lot of them.

"Has antone got a knife or scissors?" Jack asked loudly.

"What evaire do you need zem for?" Martin asked.

"I need to make some adjustments to this flippin' costume." Came the reply.

"Zuch as?"

"I need everything above the waist cut off."

"Zen I can be of assistance." Martin smiled and a pair of chrome shears winked into existence. A shimmering tether of energy linked them with the French teens' hand. In a flash, Jacks' uniform was bisected.

"Thanks Martin." The tattooed youth said, pulling on his pants. He left the severed upper portion and the boots sitting by the locker.

"All you're wearing is pants?" Otso asked.

"Yeah. It's easier that way jack said nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, the green eyed youth, Vladislav Radikovich, had added tight black gloves and a black, semi-sheer, nylon hood, complete with painted on clown's face to his uniform.

"You brought that with you? Who're you supposed to be?" Asked Alex, taking notice of Vlad for the first time. "Serial killer boy?"

Vlad just turned his head toward Alex without saying a word. Even with his eyes obscured by the stocking mask, the American youth could feel the weight of his stare.

"Freakin' great!" Alex swore, turning away. "It's too early in the day for bugnuts crazy."

As Alex stalked away, Viktor trotted to catch up. "Alex mi amigo, wait up!"

Meanwhile Jack turned and shot a thumbs up gesture at Vlad. Vlad instinctively returned the gesture, but, his attention was still on Alex. Alex and warm cascades of blood.

In contrast to the noisy chatter of the men, the women's locker room had been fairly quiet. Only three girls would be participating in the Blitz. They dressed silently, each lost in their own thoughts. Emily finally broke the silence.

"So," She said, zipping up the black and white bodysuit. "what can I expect today?"

"Expect to fight, I would think." Tatjana Nelson deadpanned, fluffing her luxurious auburn locks in front of the mirror. Once satisfied with her hair, she reached into her compac and pulled out some lipstick.

"Doing your make-up Tat?" The lean. blonde, British girl, Kirstie Arnett asked. "Before the Blitz?"

"Never pass up a chance to look good darling." The German girl responded.

Emily rolled her eyes dramatically, and both she and Kirstie burst out laughing.

"It's not nice to make fun darlings." The tall girl pouted.

Striking a sexy pose, hands on hips, her modest bosom outthrust, Emily pouted back. "But darling, you make it so easy!"

"I may be a lot of things," Tatjana said, with mock severity."but easy isn't one of them."

"Oy." Kirstie groaned, laying back on the locker room bench, covering her face with her hands. "Dear God, save me from Marlene Dietrich's evil clone."

Now it was Emily's turn to grin. "Marlene Dietrich was a blonde you."

Kirstie snickered. "A femme fatale, I most certainly am not."

"So what do you suppose is the liklihood of us all ending up on the same squad?" Emily asked, while examining her uniform in the mirror. "I really need to customize this." she murmured.

"There's zero chance of we'll end up on the same squad darling." Tatjana explained. "Gaspar wants you and hates me, ever since what happened last summer."

"What happened last summer?" The dark haired Esper asked, snagging the red lipstick out of Tatjana's hand.

"Gaspar and I finally hooked up darling." Tatjan met her eyes in the mirror, lifted her hand and wagged her pinkie finger suggestively. "There was a ... little problem."

"TAT!!" Both girls squealed.

"Sorry darlings, but, for all his muscles, Lluvia is lacking firepower...if you get my drift. I'm tall though and Em, you're petite, maybe he thinks you'll be a better match."

"Can we just go now?" Kirstie growled, beet red with embarrassment. Pulling on a baseball cap to cover her blonde curls, she turned toward the door.

"Sure." Responded Emily, a small smile gracing her lips.

Outside, the sophmore class of the NVAE assembled under the watchful eyes of their fellow students and the staff. Standing slightly apart, Cornelis Nooteboom and Gaspar Zorilla de Higueras readied themselves to choose their squads. Gaspar had won the coin toss, thus got first pick.

"Emily." He announced. All three girls rolled their eyes and giggled.

"Martin." Cornelis intoned loudly, over the noise.

And so it went until the two teams were finalized.

Team Lluvia:

Gaspar (Lluvia)
Emily Adler (Apocrypha)
Jack Rexroth (Cacodemon)
Kirstie Arnett (Parabola)
Otso Karrell (Narwhale)
Jason Lamperouge (Paradigm)

Team Apex:

Cornelis (Apex)
Tatjana Nelson (Fach)
Alex Murphy (Exemplar)
Martin Curie (Indomitable)
Viktor DeGallow (Raze)
Vladislav Radikovich (Tatterdemalion)
To be continued wrote...

Fighting is done. Blood is spilt and Martin pukes.
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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by McGuffin » Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:13 am

Narwhale!? :D Man, it took me a moment to pull myself together after reading that. Good stuff though, I'm gonna go check out some stand-up comedy today but I'm foreseeing this running through my head the whole time. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything at the moment.
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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by GPrime » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:13 am

Apocrypha is a pretty awesome codename. This looks pretty cool.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:18 am

Well, Killer Whales have been done, Blue Whales are too big, Sperm Whale is just...unacceptable, so to cover his powerset in this little deviant world, Narwhale sounded cool. I know in reality, the "Unicorns of the sea" are hardly apex predators, but, the name is evocative, so it's what I went with.

And before anyone asks...yes, there are 3e character sheets that go with every character who has changed from their original design (all the pc types essentially). After all, despite the fact that the story essentially cleaves to the Sophmore Blitz, with Otso and Emily replacing Randy and Eve, I had to be able to write each characters' powers properly.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Arthur Eld » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:37 am

Yeah, this looks pretty sweet. The codenames all sound pretty awesome. Gotta wonder how the character's powers differ.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:40 am

Some differ only slightly, like Raze and Exemplar and some differ drastically, like Apocrypha and Cacodemon. Jason for example is a whole lot more "Batman" than he is in the canon storyline, complete with his weapons array (no guns though, this is Europe after all). Perhaps I'll post the builds along with the story, so everyone can see how I jacked with...I mean reinterpreted... the characters.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Arthur Eld » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:03 pm

Horsenhero wrote:Perhaps I'll post the builds along with the story, so everyone can see how I jacked with...I mean reinterpreted... the characters.
That would be really cool, I think.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by McGuffin » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:41 pm

Like I said, I liked it a lot and look forward to finding out the characters behind the new code names.
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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by flynnarrel » Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:40 pm

Did you keep Martin's nose? The Frenchman's got to have his nose.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:09 pm

Actually Martin has upgraded a little. He has the Senses power as defined by 3e, but, it pretty much duplicates Green lanterns' ring with Analytical, Auditory, Chemical and Visual (a 6 point powerset). Martin is one of the more unique members of the cast in that I changed his powers dramatically, yet he still has the same "feel" to me. He remains the second smartest member of the cast after Jason and just ahead of Emily.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Michuru81 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:09 pm

You realize, of course, I'm going to hound you to death for more chapters, right?

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:37 pm

That's okay. You'd hardly be the first person trying hasten my exit off this mortal coil.

Plus, you never know, the story as I write it may turn out to suck. :|

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by Horsenhero » Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:02 pm

It's, It's a Sophmore Blitz!-

The atmosphere in the Wreck Room was beyond tense. The morphic, combat training facility had been programmed to resemble an outdoor mall. The length of the plaza was lined with shops. Trees and small gardens broke the quaint monotony of red brick streets. Kiosks advertising everything from sunglasses to pirogi were interspersed from one end of the boulevard to the other. It could have been one of hundreds of outdoor bazaars, in any number of cities around the globe. Here though, no children played near the central fountain. No lovers shared Italian Ices. Not a single, lonely, octegenarian tossed bread crumbs for the pigeons. Not a single pigeon was to be seen for that matter. The plaza was empty, save for twelve neo-sapien youths. Two groups of six, one at either end of the mall.

"This just gets better and better." Alex Murphy griped. "It's like the O.K. Carral meets Zombie Apocalypse out here."

Then, remembering that the open promenade was an illusion, he amended his statement. "In here."

"Plenty of cover." Vlad observed. "Lots of opportunity to ambush the enemy."

Cornelis cleared his throat loudly. "Not to interrupt your musings gentlemen, but, we should discuss tactics."

Viktor snorted derisively. "What tactics? We meet them in the middle of the plaza and demolish them. I will take care of Gaspar." Viktor's tone was light, flippant even, but, there was an undercurrent of anger.

What no one knew, what none of his fellow students could know, was the insult Viktor felt, not being asked to join his countrymans' squad. That was something that required redress. Viktor DeGallow was a callow young man, and a cad to boot, but he was a patriot and that feeling extended to his fellow Spaniards. In his mind, that alone should have been reason enough for Gaspar to choose him first. Gaspar had not chosen him first though. Hell, the other Spaniard had not chosen him at all, and Viktor was a vengeful young man.

"Not to put too fine a point on it darling," Fach said, cocking an eyebrow at the lanky Spaniard. "but exactly, what is it that you do that makes you believe you can overmatch Gaspar?"

"I control thrust."


Viktor grinned slyly and winked at the tall, German girl. "Major thrust."

"Zat all seems...fascinateeng," Martin broke in, not wanting Viktor's flirting to side track them. "But, per'aps a more detailed description would be in order?"
"Een fact, allow me to begin; my name eez Martin Curie, codename: Indomitable. My particular Neo zapien ability allows for me to break my body into a mass of quantum particles, rendering me invulnerable to physical 'arm and allowing me to fly. Eeen addtion to zat, I 'ave zee ability to manipulate virtual particles. Createeng implements zuch as zee scissors I manifested in zee locker room is but one of my powers."
"Of course zince my virtual engineering requires zat I 'ave an eentimate underztanding of 'ow zings work, I 'ave a 'ighly developed zeries of analytical zenses."

Looking at his poleaxed comrades, Martin nodded once. "Zat zort of explanation should be far more 'elpful to Apex when eet comes to determining ztrategy, no?"

Tatjana smiled seductively and mussed the short boys hair. "I think I've finally found my Napoleon. My codename is Fach. I sing. That's it I'm afraid." She sighed dramatically, making sure Martin got an eyeful of her heaving bosom.

Alex scowled at Viktor and Tatjana, though he included Martin in the glare, just because. "Could we save all the cheap porn for later? Alex Murphy. My codename's Exemplar. I'm fast. Very...very fast, and I generate light. Anything from a penlight to a laser beam."

Cornelis cleared his throat to draw attention to himself, before Alex's bitterness united the rest of the squad against him. "I spin. Combine that with my superhuman strength and durability and the results can be quite devastating."

Everyone's eyes then turned to the hooded youth, crouched on the periphery of the group. For a moment, he said nothing as he hunkered down, then, just as the silence was becoming unbearable, he spoke. "My name is Vlad. I am a human ragdoll. You may address me as Tatterdemalion."

"Well ain't that anticlimactic. All that waiting, to find out serial killer boy has the lamest powers here." Exemplar groused.

"You complain often." Vlad observed. "You yap like a small dog."

"Part of my charm Raggedy Ann."

Cornelis physically stepped between his classmates this time. "Stop this now! We have some idea what each of us is capable of at this point. Now...we nned a plan to beat the other team or trust me, Gaspar will slaughter us."

At the same time, on the opposite end of the plaza, Lluvia was also determining what his team could do and how best to utilize those abilities.

Standing in the shade of an awning, the tall, muscular Spaniard, stroked his chin with his fingertips. Except for missing out on drafting Martin for his team, everything seemed perfect.

"Allright, I realize the initial impression you might get, looking at me, is my powers are...physical in nature. Despite appearances..." Gaspar gave a little flex. " powers are elemental. I control the rain and the lightning."

Standing not far away, Emily Adler rolled her eyes. Exactly what had Tatjana found attractive about Gaspar? Sure, when he was the moody, brooding rain king, that might have been sexy, but, this look at my muscles
garbage got old quick. Especially here, with the tattooed, ripped to shreds, Jack and the broad, brawny, Otso.

"Right." Emily piped up. "Thank you for the pose Lluvia. My name is Emily Adler. In the field you can call me Apocrypha. I'm a phantasmist. think of me as an illusionist who works inside the minds of my victims...umm ... targets."

"Can you actually hurt anyone?" Asked Jack.

"Define hurt. Can I do actual, physical damage? No. Can I mess up your world? Absolutely."

"Sweet." Was Jack's sole comment.

Silence settled in over the group for a moment, then the blonde in the baseball cap squealed. "Ouch! No pinching Em! I'm Parabola...that is, Kirstie Arnett; codename Parabola. I absorb and redirect energy."

Rubbing her bottom, she shot a sour look at the pretty brunette. "Crikey O'reilly Em, that's gonna bruise!"

" We are about to spend the next, who knows how many minutes in violent combat and you're concerned about a pinch?" Asked Jason, a lanky American with icy blue eyes.

"It's different."

"Could we get on with this?" Gaspar asked. "At this rate, they'll have pummelled us into oblivion before we get introductions finished."

"Not freakin' likely." Growled Jack. "Still, we better get show and tell done. I'm Jack Rexroth. Call me Cacodemon when we're doin' this kinda crap."

"Sounds...hellish." Kirstie ventured.

"Yeah, there's a reason for that sweetness." Jack inhaled deeply and let his breath out slowly. Wisps of black smoke trickled from between his lips with the exhalation. Suddenly, he jerked and grimmaced. His skin darkened to ash gray and took on a scaly texture, like a snake. From each temple, a thick horn sprouted, curling backward, following the curve of his skull. His hands and feet twisted into claws. Finally, extra bones, like vanes of a kite or glider sprouted from his writs and elbows. Stretched between them was tough, leathery skin, bestowing upon him batlike or demonlike wings. The stench of brimstone filled the air.

"Christ!" Gaspar swore.

"Not hardly bubba."

Otso smirked. "I guess that would be my cue."

With but moments to absorb the impact of Jack's metamorphosis, they were faced with another. Otso's body exploded outward and upward. His flesh went from fair hued to a rich brown. His newly bald head was noseless and a blowhole formed at the crest of his brow. On his brow itself, from the center of his forehead, a thick, short horn, twisted like a unicorn's sprouted. At 5' 11" and 200lbs, otso was a fairly large sixteen year old. At 8' and 800lbs, he was monstrous.

"Otso Karrell, also known as Narwhale. I'll give you three guesses why...and the first two don't count." He grinned.

"Where'd your uniform go?" Asked Kirstie.

"Ah. I absorb some of the extra mass I'm wearing when I transform. When I shrink, it'll reappear."

"What?!" Gasped Jack. "My clothes just shred! I'm gonna sue somebody for poor SPB design, when I discover who's responsible."

Ignoring Jack, Emily was studying otso with a critical eye. finally, she gestured toward his lower half. "Where's your junk?"

"My mean my genitalia?"

"Isn't that what I said?"

The huge Werewhale smirked. "It's got covered to speak."

"Oookay," Kirstie interrupted, beet red. "So,'s Jason right? What's your, hopefully not embarrassing, power?"

"I'm a synergistic prodigy."

"Bloody yanks! A what?"

"A synergistic prodigy. I am a polymathic genius, meaning I excell at everything intellectual, plus, I'm an athlete of Olympic calibre. Both my physical and mental attributes represent near, or in excess of, top tier humanity, making me the embodiment of Nietche's superman."

"I imagine that's why the weapons." Observed Jack, gesturing to belt of equipment Jason wore.

"Precisely. Even with all my considerable skills, I require some assistance in levelling the playing field against physically empowered SPB's. thus, I make use of a modualr array of weapons, that is effective, yet if hidden, unlikely to draw the attention of the authorities. No guns. No knives."

" are going to hand us the victory here." Gaspar fairly chortled. "Cornelis couldn't understand why I chose you, but, he failed to listen to Dr. Fischer and Dr. Newton describe our new classmates."

"So, our strategy is in my hands?"


"Excellent. I recommend everyone take up defensive postions then."

Gaspar's jaw dropped. "What?"

"We lack the speed and mobility of Cornelis' team." Paradigm explained. "Of our number, only Jack can fly and none of us has increased land speed. Conversely, Apex, Indomitable and Raze can all fly, Exemplar is possessed of frightening land speed and Tatterdemalion can make rather epic leaps. In fact, the only member of Apex's squad not possessed of some sort of extraordinary movement is Fach."

It was obvious Jason knew a lot more about all of them, than anyone knew about him.

Suddenly, a roar filled the air and Raze swooped down, dropping Fach into their midst. Before anyone could react, she called to mind Handel's Messiah, and sang.

Moments earlier...

"So, what's the plan Stan?" Alex asked. taking a moment to supercharge the particles racing through and around him.

Cornelis rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I'm not sure."

"Zen per'aps I may zuggest zomezing." Martin said, his voice taking on a strange, echoing quality in his inhuman form. "I zink we should ztrike fast an' 'ard. Zince Tatjana cannot accurately target 'er attack, I zuggest Viktor fly 'er een to our enemies' ranks, zen exit as she unleashes 'er zonic assault. 'Opefully zat weel ztun or disable zeveral of zem, zen ze rest of us can join 'er an' end zis fast."

"Nice plan Martin, but, what if they nail her? Hmmm?"

"Come with us amigo." Viktor volunteered. "You can be her bodyguard while she smites our foes."

"I'm no more immune to her attack than the rest o' you hombre."

"Do you 'ave anozer plan Alex?" Martin asked. He sounded non-judgemental. Not accusing Exemplar of anything for challenging the plan, only curious.

"Not really." The light manipulator admitted.

"Then either cooperate with the rest of us or stay behind." A harsh, raspy voice cut in. It was Vlad, his back still to the group. From somewhere he had gotten several shiny, long needles and was balancing them on his fingertips.

"You gonna make me there, Raggedy Ann?"

Vlad looked back, the white smile and arched eyebrows painted on the tight nylon hood, lending him that "evil clown" look.

"Not today. There are other objectives, but..." In a blur, he flicked a four inch needle at a tree, burying it in the wood. " day we may have to test your lasers against this poor, stuffed toy."

"Enough!" Snapped Cornelis. "Participate or don't Exemplar. Viktor, Tatjana...go! We'll be right behind you."

Scooping the redhead into his arms, Raze grinned and with a bone rattling rumble, rocketed across the mall.


Waves od ultrasonic force hammered Lluvia's squad, scattering them like leaves in a hurricane. Emily stumbled, retching under the onslaught. Jason pressed his hands to his ears and dove to the ground, trying to find cover from the worst. Gaspar felt the shockwave throw him back with bone jarring force. Jack cursed under his breath, but withstood the assault better than most. Otso reeled back, the sound waves wreaking havoc with his senses. Underwater, he used echolocation to navigate. Despite its' fearsome appearance, his horn was actually the sensory reciever. Now, the vibrations through it threatened to burst his skull. Caught unaware, the attack blasted Kirstie into unconsciousness.

"Ha!" thought Viktor. "That has thrown them into disarray. Now I'll put an exclamation point on it!"

Arcing around in a tight turn, Viktor dove toward the crippled Otso. The impact reverberated like an explosion, but, Viktor ricocheted away and the Finnish behemoth still stood.

"Gotta turn this around now!" Jack snarled. With one snap of his wings, he was airborne. Climbing up to where the entirety of the battlefield was visible, Cacodemon saw the rest of Cornelis' team closing. He missed Apex himself dropping from the sky above him though. The spinning juggernaut slammed into him with freight train force, sending him hurtling to the ground.

"Dammit!" He growled, his eyes glowing with a hellish light. Now he was really mad.

Dark energy, like liquid shadow, bled down from his tattoos until his claws, both ahnd and foot and the edges of his wings were coated with it. Even spitting blood, he could hear the helicopterlike whup-whup-whup of Apex's approach. Pivoting at the last moment he swung his wing into Cornelis' vortex, sending a spray of gore showering the area, as he nearly eviscerated the young hero.

Cornelis spiining came to an abrupt end as he collapsed against a nearby wall, trying to hold his entrails in place.

Not far off, a flash of light arced from one point to the next on the field of combat, faster than the naked eye can follow. Unseen by anyone, the source of the comet trail, Alex Murphy...Exemplar sped along, a grin on his face. Few things made Alex happy. Despite a fairly normal, if impoverished, upbringing with loving parents and a close knit group of friends, the young American suffered from self-esteem problems. His way of coping was to judge, insult and demean anything and everyone who didn't behave or believe how he thought they should. Alex sneered at bigots of every stripe. An ironic behavior, his own attitudes considered. Running though, that made Alex happy. he loved the feel of the hyper-charged, photonic particles swirling through and around him.

It was time to get involved in this lunacy though, just in case he got reprimanded for loafing. Alex hated doing what other people wanted, but getting called out for it made his insides churn. that was one reason he loved his friends. He was the big wheel there, the unique one. they idolized him and envied his abilities, so he got to call the shots. Here he was just one more neo in a crowd, and that sucked.

His mind swirling sourly, Exemplar whipped around a gigantic...thing. Who the hell was this? Didn't matter. Blue light flared as he hit the brakes.

"Excuse me!" he said, rapping his knuckles against a gargantuan thigh. As the giant turned, red light flared as Alex zipped around him the opposite direction and made for his true target.

Gaspar was shocked, as suddenly Alex, flaring brilliantly appeared not five feet from him.

"Tag!" Exemplar let fly with a weak laser. "You're it!"

The beam exploded in a rainbow of harmless light as it hit the cloud of moisture, Gaspar instictively summoned. Lluvia smiled a cocky smile. "Is that the best you've got?"

"Crapcakes." Another red flare and alex was moving again.

Tatterdemalion watched the ebb and flow of the battle with interest. He perched, seemingly impossibly on a narrow window sill of an apartment upstairs from a bakery. he could feel the thrill of the struggle, and his heart yearned to join in, but the rules expressly forbade it. He had read through the section his Babushka wrote concerning school twice, looking for a loophole, but, he could find none. He sighed heavily, willing a handfull of needles into existence. he closed his eyes and imagined what it might be like to use them. To perforate the weather summoner repeatedly. Listen to his wheezy, high pitched, feminine sobs, as he bled from dozens of wounds. Sighing again, he let his weapons vanish. The rules were clear. No killing...yet.

On the ground, Jack and Emily hit upon the same idea, at the same time. End this combat. Emily had fallen to her knees, driven to the brink of unconsciouness by Tatjana's song. Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, she spat blood from her mouth.

"So this is the way it's played is it? Well, you rattled my body darling, I'll return the favor and melt your brain!"

Jack, on the other hand, turned his back on Apex. The Dutch teen waa far too busy holding his guts to be a threat. Tatjana though, would sweep them all away if someone didn't act. It might as well be him. Hell, except for Tatjana, not one of these eurotrash neo's had gone hardcore. It made him wonder if the Vindicators were all they were cracked up to be. Crouching, he made ready to move.

Viktor rocketed around the combat zone, a careless smirk on his face. More than likely, this crowd thought all he did was crash into people, like he'd done to the big northerner. he was about to show them what thrust was really about. Swooping in low, he lined himself up with the greatest concentration of his classmates. Blazinbg along, he pushed his fists out in front of him and let the power flow.

From where he was hunkered down, Jason observed the battle and the disastrous convergence about to take place. he had seen the mass of quantum particles that could only be Martin circle around behind Cornelis and Jack, but had since lost track of it. Otso was tending to the unconscious Kirstie. Gaspar was trying to strike Alex with lightning. A dubious proposition at best. The young genius had but a single potential ally left.

"Vlad! You've got to stop Jack! I'll handle Viktor!"

"No." The masked boys' voice was icy calm.

Emily's power lashed out, snaring everyone in range into her mindscape.

"Got you!" She felt triumphant, right until Raze exploded her world.

Viktor blasted his power out, carving a swath of destruction through the plaza. He would defeat them all! Friend or foe, it mattered not. They would recognize his superior power! Then his hands twisted. Boils and sores erupted on his flawless skin. Caught in Emily's nightmare world, his concentration shattered and he crashed, explosively, flinging anyone near him tumbling through the air.

the crash left Viktor stunned. Emily hurtled with bone crunching velocity into a fruit cart, knocking her unconscious. Flying concrete clipped Tatjana, dropping her to her knees. a nearby statue toppled off its pedestal toward the seseless Kirstie. Fortunately, the blonde was shielded by Otso's massive bulk. Now both were temporarily pinned. Gaspar. Alex. Jason. All were thrown by the shockwave. Only Jack seemed able to act.

And act he did. Lunging across the broken promenade, he snagged Tatjana by her voluminous mane of red hair and pulled her to her feet.

"Surrender Cornelis, or I tear this pretty things' throat out!"

Of course he was bluffing. He might crack her upside the head with a fist, but, he had no intention of inflicting lethal harm. The question was...would they believe him?

"You psychotic bastard! I'll..." Exemplar snarled. Only he didn't know what he would do. Cacodemon had the drop on them all.

Or not. Martin Curie was not necessarily overly shy, nor was he unattractive, but, barely topping 5' 4" at fifteen years of age, he was not often the recipient of female attention. Tatjana had only mussed his hair. For him though, she may as well have swept him up into a passionate embrace. the most beautiful creature the young scientist had ever seen had been flirtatious, nice to him. Now she was in mortal danger.

"No!" Indomitable boiled up behind Jack like the wrath of god. Quantum particles flashed cosmic fire. a wordless roar of rage accompanied the torrent of raw power that engulfed the demonic neo-sapien.

Bones cracked under the strain. Flesh fissured, then tore away. Exposed tissue blackened. Blood and viscous fluids boiled away before the fury of Indomitable. Jack couldn't even scream. Steam gargled out of his maw and he toppled.

Horrified at his actions, Martin coalesced back into human form...and vomited loudly.

"Enough!" Otso bellowed, freeing Parabola and himself. "This has gone far enough!"

"Si!" Gaspar held his hands up, shocked at the devastation and injury. "We surrender!"

Watching from above, Tatterdemalion pouted behind his painted hood. "Damn, and things were just getting good."

And so it ends, my little homage. I hope you enjoyed the telling of this tale and recognize the artistic licenses I took with the characters and forgive me for it. I'll be making use of this thread for just a little while longer to post the write ups for our protagonists...minus those unchanged. For now though, I turn my back on Earth-720, and wish the very best to its Infinite New Vindicators!

Oubliette for ever and ever folks.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

Post by GPrime » Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:48 am

And now I have the image of Emily grabbing Kirstie on the butt in my head. Awesome.

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Re: Infinite New Vindicators

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I love how every alternate version of Lex seems to have the most arrogant sounding codename ;~)

I also get the feeling that people don't like his attitude ;~)