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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Interest check]

Post by LasomBrujha » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:01 pm

I just came up with something I tried to pitch in another game. A Dragon Hybrid Paragon, but Arkrite, If you are dead set on a paragon I can come up with something else no problem.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by Tattooedman » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:03 pm

Wow, I'd say that enough people expressing an interest in the game. So I'll go ahead and change this to a recruiting thread.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by kirinke » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:25 pm

I'd be interested too. I'd have to kick around a couple of ideas (I'll stick to hero lab for character generation as doing it on my own tends to bring on math miscalculations). How about a pure psionic? telepathy, telikensis, teleportation, that sort of thing?
What power levels are we talking about?

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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by ClassDunce » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:33 pm

Tattooedman wrote: The characters would be PL 8/120 pp.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by heretic454 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:41 pm

I would be interested. I have a character that I started playing in a teen titans game that ended and would like to play again, but she was just a costumed hero. I would have to find a power for her - but considering she was deaf, I could totally go the way of daredevil and just jack up her non-hearing senses, and have that be her power. What would you think?

Here would be the 2e build, and I would need to tailor her background to setting:
Character Sheet wrote:Black


Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

Abilities: (22 pnts)
STR: +1 (12), DEX: +5 (20), CON: +1 (12), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +1 (12)

Combat (32 pp)
Attack: Melee: +10 Ranged: +8 Grapple: +9
Defense: 13/4 flat footed Toughness: +1/+3

Saves: (15 pp)
Reflex: +12 Fort: +6 Will: +5

Skills: (13 pp)
Acrobatics 4 (+9), Diplomacy 5 (+6), Disguise 5 (+6), Escape Artist 10 (+15), Intimidate 5 (+6), Investigate 7 (+8), Notice 8 (+10), Stealth 7 (+12), Languages 1 (1 extra Langauge)

Feats: (27 pp)
Martial Arts: Power Attack, Takedown Attack, Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Stunning Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Elusive Target, Martial Strike 5 (+1/rnk to Unarmed Damage),

Other Feats: Ambidexterity, Attack Focus (Close) 1, Attack Specialization (Black Blades), Dodge Focus 5, Equipment 4, Wealthx3
  • Equipment: Black Blades [Strike 3, DC 19; Mighty, Thrown (Range: 50 ft., incr 10 ft.)],
    Costume [Protection 2, +2 Toughness, Feats: Babel; Super-Movement 3, swinging, wall-crawling 2 (full speed)]:
    • Alternate Equipment: (Costume (+2 Toughness, Subtle, Feats: Babel Software)
Powers (12 pp)
Super Senses (Super-Senses 12) (accurate: Smell, acute: Smell, darkvision, extended: Smell 1 (x10), infravision, ultravision, x-ray vision)

Unarmed: +10 DC21 Toughness Save
Black Blades: +12 DC19 Toughness Save
Background wrote: Where were you?
My Dad used to tell me he knew exactly where he was when JFK was shot. He said he remembered where he as was when the Challenger blew apart on national television. He said he knew where hew as on 9/11 when the planes flew into the towers and supposedly destroyed the America we knew. he remembers where he was when the Terminus Invaded, and upended our world.
The Terminus. I still have nightmares about it. Undending battalions of drones who's only goal in life was to extinguish ours. It wasn't an enemy we knew how to face. It was an enemy we barely understood. There was no negoiating, there was no diplomacy. There was only war and death. So where were you when the Terminus Invaded?
It's years later now, but for me it's right now, all the time. I was just starting middle school then; my father had sent me to the best school that money could buy and why shouldn't he? He had a lot of it. I don't think he would have sent me if he had known what would happen there. A portal opened up on the quad.
Do you remember that? It was hell come onto Earth. I remember I got out of my dorm room in the initial insanity. But my room mate, a young scholarship girl named Melissa, did not. I stood weeping at the bottom of the stairs, not knowing if she was dead, or if she'd gotten out. At the time I thought how tragic it was
that she had gotten out and I didn't. That's when I began to hear the screams. Like I said, not everyone had gotten out of the building before the horoes came to save our day. And there I was left with a choice - walk away and pray everything would be okay, or go to her and hope she was still alive.
For the life of me I don't know why I chose the latter. Maybe it was duty, maybe it was kindness. Maybe it was just guilt for having stole her CDs.
But that's why I was there. And that's why i was too late. I watched Melissa die. I watched the drones vaporize her with ash and fire her only remains.
The whine of the energy weapon was also the last thing I heard. They say - the doctors my father had hired to "cure" me - that there's no reason for my deafness.
I should be perfect of hearing, but the fact remains that I simply cannot hear anything since then.
In the absence of sound, however, I've found that the Terminus Invasion left a parting gift. I can see farther and better than anyone else, and I can msell as good as any blood hound's.
My father says that i'm one of the lucky ones. I don't know what that means. I watched my room mate die, and I'm not sure what that means. Lucky. How am I lucky? What I do know is that I am blessed. I should have died that day but life offered me an extra chance. I'm not going to waste it. I don't want
anyone to suffer again.
Complications wrote: Right now, all the time: Jenna has issues with PTSD from the trauma she went through during the Terminus Invasion. Sometimes she's back there in her mind, and the only sounds she hears still are the ones she keeps in her head from back then.

Everything, all the time: Jenna's family is wealthy. Very wealthy. And as such she has a history of getting everything she wants, all the time. After the Terminus that has shifted over from selfish reasons to more altruistic ones, but she's still a trust fund girl sitting on many millions - if not billions - of dollars when she turns 20.

I'm Deaf, not stupid: That about covers it.
More complicated background wrote wrote:
I ran up the stairs with the building collapsing around me. It was so hot. So damn hot, and I couldn’t breathe, I could only think of getting to Melissa. I’m honestly not even sure why I was there. I mean, I hated Melissa and she hated me. She snored and she resented my wealth. And I…I don’t know. But they were talking about some kind of invasion outside, some kind of war, and all I knew was the building was on fire. And Melissa hadn’t gotten out.
I could hear the sound of crashing, and the sounds of screaming, and some kind of high pitched whine that wasn’t either. Glass shattered and I ran up the staircase towards danger. I ran onto the fourth floor to see my door open. There was the sound of crying, and this strange mechanical buzzing. I dashed forwards, “Melissa!” I yelled. And then I got to see inside the room.
They looked like monsters. And there was Melissa backed against the wall. The monster pulled the trigger. There was a whine and then….

And then I woke up. And my world was quiet. My world was always quiet. That day had changed my life, no question. I was in my room…my own room on the estate. My father’s estate.
I needed to get out. Quickly I moved out of bed, slipping into some leathers and a faded white t-shirt that had a picture of a star. Daddy was asleep, I could see him through the walls in his bed. A gift from that night, that kind of vision. Everyone was asleep and so no one would miss me.
My motorcycle was in the garage and I put on my helmet and gunned the engine. The night air felt cool on my skin, and I could almost taste the breeze. Without the sounds of the road, the night was completely still. I took the bike straight down the 410 gunning well past the speed limit. It felt good to get away after a dream like that. It wasn’t the first time I’d had it, and it won’t be the last. My father wants me to go see a therapist, so I can talk about what I went through. I told my Dad I’d go when he goes and sees one about Mom’s death. Neither one of us is going any time soon I guess.
And all of a sudden I’m there. I’m not even sure how I got there, since they closed most of the roads that had connected. They rebuilt so much after the invasion, but they didn’t rebuild this. Maybe it was because of what happened here. So many children died when the heroes were too late to save anyone but a select few. They saved me.
I stood outside of the broken building and just stared at it for a moment. It looked like a carcass. A dead rotting thing that should tell no tales; except I don’t think that’s true though, that dead things tell no tales, because this one does. The remnants of the life that used to flourish here lie everywhere if you know where to look. The twisted black of the metal that used to be the see saw. The cracked pavement of the tennis court. All of it.
God, I was wound tight now. I wanted to atone, if there was anything to atone for. Is that why I’ve gone through hours of training, learning how to fight, learning how to defend myself? Because all those years ago I couldn’t for Melissa? It sounds so simple when I put it that way. But life, of course, is more complicated than that. The invasion didn’t just take Melissa; it took my Mother, it took my father’s best friend. It took the city’s spirit and we’re just rebuilding that again. My father has put all of his money into rebuilding what she would have wanted him to. I…I’ve spent my time another way.
I took a small circular blade from my back pack; it was razor sharp, and it was cold to the touch. I left it there at the building. I was here, it says. I’m still here I answer. And I go back out into the night.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by badpenny » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:38 pm


Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: +5 (10/20), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +2 (14), INT: +2 (14), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +3 (16)

Tough: +2/+6, Fort: +6, Ref: +6, Will: +6

Skills: Bluff 8 (+11), Computers 4 (+6), Concentration 7 (+9), Diplomacy 4 (+7), Drive 4 (+6), Knowledge (Current Events) 4 (+6), Knowledge (Popular Culture) 4 (+6), Language 1, Notice 4 (+6), Perform (Singing) 4 (+7), Sense Motive 8 (+10), Stealth 4 (+6)

Feats: Equipment 1, Luck; Enhanced Feats: Ambidexterity, Attack Focus (Melee) 6, Blind-Fight, Chokehold, Improved Block, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Improved Sunder, Prone Fighting, Takedown Attack, Uncanny Dodge (Visual), Weapon Bind

Tendrils (Container, Active 12)
. . Additional Limbs 4 (10 extra limbs; +4 to Grapple when not using Imp. Grapple, Feats: Ambidexterity, Chokehold, Improved Block, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Improved Sunder, Weapon Bind; Extra: Projection)
. . Elongation 4 (Elongation: 50 ft., range incr 40 ft., +4 Escape & Grapple; Extra: Projection; Flaw: Limited (Additional Limbs only))
. . Enhanced Strength 10 (Flaw: Limited (Additional Limbs only))
. . Enhanced Feats 11 (Attack Focus (Melee) 6, Blind-Fight, Improved Initiative, Prone Fighting, Takedown Attack, Uncanny Dodge (Visual))
. . Force Field 4
. . Shield 8
. . Strike 2 (Power Feat: Mighty)
. . Super-Movement 2 (Slow fall, Wall-crawling 1 (half speed))
. . Super-Strength 5 (Heavy load: 6.4 tons; Flaw: Limited (Additional Limbs only))

Equipment: iPhone [5ep]

Attack Bonus: +3 (Ranged: +3, Melee: +9, Grapple: +23)

Attacks: Strike 2, +9 (DC 22), Unarmed Attack, +9 (DC 20)

Defense: 20 (Flat-footed: 11), Knockback: -3

Initiative: +6

Languages: English, Spanish

Complication: Secret (terminus mutant), Responsibility (school)
Motivation: Acceptance

Totals: Abilities 22 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 60 + Combat 10 + Saves 12 + Drawbacks 0 = 120

Raney O'Rourke is a Terminus mutant. Due to the nature of her power (her "tendrils" of ectoplasmic energy) she has kept her power secret form everyone. If the manifestation of the tendrils wasn't so freaky, she might have gone public with the power because the desire to use the tendrils to help others is a burning desire.

But she's terrified that people will think her some kind of freak, including her own parents. She has used her power on several occasions, but she managed to hide her identity behind crude masks and even went so far as to throw away the clothes she had been wearing lest someone remember them at another time.

Raney would jump at a chance to be around other people like her (her age), and to learn more about her power.

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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Interest check]

Post by Arkrite » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:40 pm

LasomBrujha wrote:I just came up with something I tried to pitch in another game. A Dragon Hybrid Paragon, but Arkrite, If you are dead set on a paragon I can come up with something else no problem.
I'd just say pitch yours. It'll likely be a far sight more interesting than mine ;~)

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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by kirinke » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:10 pm

linkie: ... eychuk.jpg

Real Name Keisha Nelson
Alias: Light Weaver
Age: 16
Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 130/130

STR: +0 (10), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +4 (18), INT: +6 (22), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +6 (22)

Tough: +8, Fort: +6, Ref: +6, Will: +10

Bluff 2 (+8), Computers 1 (+6/+8), Concentration 5 (+8), Craft (artistic) 1 (+7), Craft (chemical) 1 (+7), Craft (electronic) 1 (+7/+9), Craft (mechanical) 1 (+7), Diplomacy 4 (+10), Disable Device 2 (+8), Escape Artist 4 (+8), Notice 5 (+8), Search 2 (+8), Sense Motive 7 (+10), Sleight of Hand 4 (+8)
Knowledge: current events 6. popular culture 6. physical sciences 6. tactics 7. technology 6.

Attack Focus (ranged) 6, Benefit 2 (Wealth), Eidetic Memory, Equipment 2, Fearless, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Luck 2, Master Plan, Tough 4

Light Control 8
Blast 8 (Alternate; DC 23)
Deflect 8 (Alternate; deflects: energy + fast)
Snare 8 (Alternate; DC 18)
Super-Senses 16 (Alternate; infravision, spatial awareness, uncanny dodge: sight)
Teleport 5 (Alternate; 500 ft. as move action, 5 miles as full action; Accurate; Change Velocity)
Teleport 7 (Alternate; 700 ft. as move action, 200 miles as full action; Change Velocity, progression mass 2)

Computer Kit:, Electronics' Kit, Laptop Computer, 3x Mini-Tracer, Multi-Tool, PDA, Toolkit (Basic)

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +2, Grapple: +2)
Attacks: Blast 8, +8 (DC 23), Snare 8, +8 (DC Ref/Staged 18), Unarmed Attack, +2 (DC 15)
Defense: +5 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -4
Initiative: +8

Native (English)

Well to start off, my name is Keisha Nelson, daughter of Eric Nelson (he and his partner Mr. Bannerly run a law firm together) and Emily Nelson, a pretty prominant doctor.

My life kinda began when the Terminus were routed from Freedom City. I was just a baby, barely two years old, when it happened. I guess I was changed or chosen or something.... No one is sure. Mom told me later that we were about to get buried under some rubble from a falling building when my powers activated. I just began to glow bright white and the rubble just sorta bounced off of us, like it was being deflected or something. I saved her... And I didn't even know it at the time. Mom still cries sometimes, thinking how close it had been.

But it became pretty clear, soon after that she and dad couldn't deal with me, especially when I began to teleport. Kinda like a case of see cookie, want cookie, go to cookie. After they found me sleeping on top of a giant donut, they kinda knew I had to have specialized care, so they brought me to the Albright Institute, hoping they could help. I grew up here at the institute, Mom and Dad visited often, but it was Mr. Albright who really helped me. He trained me, taught me right from wrong, pretty much adopted me.


Keisha has always loved a good joke or prank, especially when it's on the villian of the week who's decided either kidnap her or break into the Albright Institute. Since enrolling to Claremont, she's been expanding her pranking to epic levels, mostly targeting the bullies of the school as well as people she thinks deserve it,

Keisha is fearless, this can be both benefit and bane, combined with Albright and her father's teachings on protecting the weak and helpless, well anyone could see this coming a mile away. Bullies in general offend Keisha's deepest sensibilities and bring out the urg to curb-stomp the lil sods. Since curb-stomping fellow students is way against the rules in Claremont, she's decided on a more sneaky route to get the bullies in question to stop their extra-curricular activities. Her method of choice? Why pranking of course. Though if she does see a bully actually getting physical with a student, she intercedes. She won't be able to help herself.

Keisha is the acknoweledged heir to Langston Albright legacy, from the time she was identified at the tender age of two, she has been taught and trained by him, to follow in his footsteps when she is ready to take the mantle of "light's champion". Langston Albright is a second father figure to her.

Keisha is very loyal to Langston Albright and the Institute and believes in his ideals as well as the ideals and moral code of her own true father. If anything were to adversely happen to either her family or the institute, heaven help the transgressors.

-Keisha sleep-teleports. While she has conscious control over her teleport powers, while she's unconscious, it's somewhat problematic. So, she generally sleeps in a teleport-proof room, mainly for the sake of safety and the sanity of Dr. Albright. He really doesn't want a repeat of the Foundry incident.

Keisha tends to be very friendly and outgoing, though she takes both her work and training very seriously. To those who get to know her, she reveals other facets of her personality. She is mischevious, brash and impulsive, opinionated, snarky and mouthy, though to balance this, she truly cares for other people, is highly loyal to her friends and family and is generally a nice kid, who would rather talk her way out of fights than hurt others. Though when push comes to shove, she will stand her ground.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by Horsenhero » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:11 pm


PL 8 127pp

Identity: Sean O'Toole
Age: 18
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Green/Yellow
Hair: Red/Flaming Corona


Strength 10(+0) Dexterity 16(+3) Constitution 16(+3) Intelligence 12(+1) Wisdom 12(+1) Charisma 16(+3)


Toughness 8 (Con. 3+ F.F. 5) Fort. 6 (Base 3+ Con. 3) Reflex 8 (Base 5+ Con. 3) Will 6 (Base 5+ Wis. 1)


Acrobatic Bluff, All-Out-Attack, Attack Specialization (Fire Control Array) 1, Attractive, Dodge Focus 4, Evasion, Improved Initiative, Inspire, Leadership, Luck 2, Equipment 4, Power Attack, Precise Shot 1, Taunt


Acrobatics 4(+7), Bluff 8(+11/15), Concentration 10(+11), Diplomacy 2(+5/9), Gather Information 4 (+7)KS:History 4 (+5), Notice 6(+7), Sense Motive 6(+7)


Alternate Form (Fire): 16- Energy Aura(Fire) 8, Flight 5, Force Field 5(Impervious), Immunity 11(Fire/Heat Effects, Cold), Insubstantial 3, Super-Senses 2 (Infravision, Low-Light Vision)
Flaw: Uncontrolled (-1), Tiring (-1), Activation/Move Action (-1)

Fire Control: 10
AP: Fireball 6 (Ranged, Explosion, Damage)
AP: Fireflash 10 (Ranged, Visual Dazzle)
AP: Fireglare 8 (Touch, Burst, Visual Dazzle)
AP: Flameblast 10 (Ranged Damage)
AP: Ignite 6 (Perception Damage, PF-Reversible)
AP: Smoke Cloud 10 (Obscure Visual)

Flaw: Ranged (-1), Full Power (-1pt)

Equipment: Sundial Harness 17pt (Nullifies Uncontrolled, Tiring on Fire Form and Full Power on Fire Control), Small (+0 concealment).


Initiative: +7
Defense 18 (Def. bonus 4+ D.F. 4+ Base 10) FF Def. 12
Attack: +4, Melee +4, Ranged +4, Fire Control Array +6
Grapple: +4
Knockback: -6


Abilities 22+ Saves 13+ Feats 21+ Skills 11+ Powers 44+ Combat 16= 120pp +7 Awarded PP


Prejudice: Terminus Mutant- However unfounded, Sean faces the suspicion that he and other Terminus infectees are spies for Omega.

Phobia: Losing Control- On Prom night, his powers manifested in a spectacularly destructive display, burning a good portion of his High School and immolating his date. Sean lives in absolute fear of a similar event ever happening again.

Reputation: Deadpan Snarker- In every silver lining, there is a cloud...and Sean will find it, and comment on it.

Hatred: Himself- Sean views himself as a person with no real future. He also has deep guilt over having injured Tammy Henderson, his prom date. His self-loathing borders a death wish and often will find him doing ridiculously dangerous things and taking on challenges he shouldn't. He often feels he'd be better off dead.

Temper: Hothead- Whether as a result of his powers, or the circumstances surrounding the way they manifested, Sean has become tempered. Despite his desires to remain calm and do no harm, he has an explosive temper. Coupled with his phobia, this almost guarantees Sean a lifetime of self-loathing.


Can I tell you how much it sucks to be me? I'm not really being facetious here. It sucks to be me. You see, I used to be a guy with a bright future. I was gonna be in politics. I was gonna be a player. Big time. Little did I know that life had something just a little bit different all planned out for me.

You see, when I was a baby...okay, a toddler, like there's a whole lot of difference besides mom taking away the food source all guys spend their entire lives trying to get back to...but I digress. Like I was saying, when I was a toddler, the good folks who rule the Terminus decided that invading Freedom City would be the best thing ever! Well, despite losing, they left a little gift for me and kids like me. You see, the Terminus has some pretty unique radiation associated with sayeth the all knowing and wise Doctors at the Allbright Institute. Well, this radiation affected me, and a handfull of other by-golly-aren't-we-lucky kids and over the years we've all developed super-powers.

Mine showed up at prom. I nearly burned my school down and killed my date. Aren't super-powers cool? anyway, after I got done burning off my clothes, destroying the High School Gym, putting my date in the hospital...I really am sorry Tammy...and generally going on an uncontrolled and completely accidental rampage, I got dumped here. For my own good of course.

Now, in order not to have anything like my personal "Carrie" incident happen again, I've got to wear this power control harness...since I turn into a human bonfire, the clever doctors call it the "Sundial" harness, on account of the dial on the front that I can use to allow me access to some, or all of my powers. Now, i'm training to use them. Yeah...that's right, mama's little boy is training to not be a threat to mankind. Ain't he special?

This is the big issue; I could be a super-hero. I could train real hard, get these powers under control and "save the world" time and time again. I know a lot of kids who think that would be cool, most of them are either brain-dead jocks or in the Dungeons & Dragons club from school. Truly though, when has a super-hero done anything that mattered long term? Do they solve the fiscal crisis or poverty or world hunger? No. they go out and smack around super-villains...another stupid career I'm now suited for. People don't vote for the guy who hospitalized his prom date for mayor though, so I'm kinda stuck.

Like I said so sucks to be me.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by ZuluEchoNovember » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:41 pm

I'm submitting Oliver Smith, a.k.a. Icarus. I'd like to have his history for the game be the same as in my incomplete story plus an as yet unwritten account of him creating some supertech to compete with other metahumans.


Real Name: Oliver Smith

Power Level: 8 (120pp)

Abilities: STR: 1 [8/28] (-5 [-1/+9]), DEX: 1 [8] (-5[-1]), CON: 6 [10] (-2[+0]), INT: 24 [30] (+10), WIS: 12 (+1), CHA: 10 (+0)

Skills: Computers 12 (+22), Craft [Electrical] 12 (+22), Craft [Mechanical] 12 (+22), Disable Device 12 (+22), Knowledge [Physical Science] 12 (+22), Knowledge [Technology] 12 (+22), Notice 4 (+5), Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Feats: Inventor, Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft [Electronic], Craft [Mechanical], Disable Device)

Device 6 "Nanotech Mobility Suit" (Hard to Lose; 24pp)
Device 14 "Vehicular, Utility & Logistical Combat Armor Nexus (V.U.L.C.A.N.)" (Hard to Lose; 56pp)
Enhanced Intelligence 6 (6pp)
AP: Mind Shield 6 (1pp)
AP: Super-Senses 4 (Postcognition; Flaw: Limited [to own life] -1; 1pp)

Nanotech Mobility Suit (30pp)
Removes Disability Drawback (4pp)
Datalink 1 (1pp)
Enhanced Strength 7 (7pp)
Enhanced Dexterity 7 (7pp)
Enhanced Constitution 4 (4pp)
Enhanced Feats 5 (Attack Specialization [V.U.L.C.A.N. Weapon Systems] 2, Dodge Focus 2, Speed of Thought; 5pp)
Protection 2 (2pp)

Vehicular, Utility & Logistical Combat Armor Nexus (70pp)
Enhanced Strength 20 (20pp)
AP: Blast 10 (1pp)
AP: Strike 10 "Laser Blade" (Extra: Penetrating +1; 1pp)
Flight 7 (250 MPH; Dynamic; 15pp)
DAP: Super-Strength 7 (2pp)
Immunity 9 (Life Support; 9pp)
Protection 8 (Extra: Impervious +1; 16pp)
Shield 2 (2pp)
Super Senses 4 (Radar; 4pp)

Combat: Attack +2 / +6 (V.U.L.C.A.N. Weapon Systems); Damage -5 [-1/+9] (Unarmed) / +10 (Strike; Penetrating) / +10 (Blast); Defense +2 [+4/+6] (+1 flat-footed); Initiative +10

Saves: Toughness +0 [+2/+10 (+8 Impervious)]; Fortitude +0 [+4]; Reflex -1 [+3]; Will +6 (+12 vs. Mental effects; +6 Impervious)

Drawbacks: Disability (Paraplegic; Common, Major; -4pp)

Abilities -6 + Skills 20 + Feats 2 + Powers 88 + Combat 8 + Saves 12 - Drawbacks 4 = 120
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by ClassDunce » Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:09 pm

It probably won't be until tomorrow that I can get Kid-Quick finished up. It's proving more challenging to build a functional speedster than originally estimated... The last time I did this it was a lot simpler or at least looking back on it I think that it was, but I could just not be remembering all that well.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by Foomy » Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:12 pm

I'll be submitting a build tomorrow for my electricity controller. Hooray :D

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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

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Richard "Diamond" Dunn

Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 125/125

STR: +11 (16/32), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +13 (18/36), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +13, Fort: +13, Ref: +6, Will: +5

Skills: Craft (artistic) 2 (+2), Craft (structural) 6 (+6), Diplomacy 4 (+6), Intimidate 2 (+4), Knowledge (Football) 4 (+4), Knowledge (popular culture) 2 (+2), Notice 7 (+7), Perform (singing) 2 (+4), Search 2 (+2), Sense Motive 5 (+5)

Feats: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Attack Specialization (Other Attack), Improved Initiative, Interpose, Lionheart, Luck 2, Minions, Ultimate Effort (Toughness)

Appears as same species and ethnicity as the onlooker (Features 1)
Comprehend 3 (languages - speak all, languages - understand all, languages - you're understood)
Enhanced Constitution 18 (+18 CON)
Enhanced Strength 16 (+16 STR)
Flight 5 ([0 active, 0/8 PP, 2/r-2], Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd; Forward Only, Runway Required)
. . Super-Strength 4 (Alternate; +20 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 16.6 tons; +4 STR to some checks)
Immunity 2 (uncommon descriptor: Terminus Energy)
Immunity 5 (enviromental conditions (all); Limited - Half Effect)
Impervious Toughness 6
Invisibility 2 (Total concealment from normal vision; Limited (Psychic powers (ESP, Telelocation, Detect) Only), Permanent)

Attack Bonus: +3 (Ranged: +3, Melee: +5, Grapple: +16/+20)

Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +5 (DC 26)

Defense: +3 (Flat-footed: +2), Knockback: -9

Initiative: +5

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 20 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 64 + Combat 12 + Saves 10 + Drawbacks 0 = 125

Name: Richard Dunn
Alias: Diamond
Age: 20
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Life isn't fair.

I'm not saying that to whine, I'm just saying it. Right here and right now, life isn't fair. Life just happens. Sometimes it's unfair in your favour, sometimes it forgets you even exist, and sometimes it's just not fair to you.

Sometimes you can't tell the difference until it's too late.

My name is Richard. But people call me Rich. Or Dick. Depends on if they like me, I guess. I grew up into the standard family. My mom and dad loved us. That'd be me and Jeanie. She's five years younger than me. Means she just got to be there when the crap hit the fan.

It was one of those times when life wasn't fair to anybody else. Us? We got through without a scratch. Surrounded by people whose lives had been ruined we came through unscathed. So while other people were morning and trying to figure out what to do next, we went back to our lives.

We got checked out by some science wiz who told us we were fine, but he wanted to keep track of us just to be sure, right?

God I wish they'd done a better job of it. I had a good life. I got lucky, I was big, tough, and just good enough looking that most of the bad stuff at school ghosted by me. I got to play football, and I was good at it, even got to be QB at times. Life was looking good. At least from the outside.

My mom went crazy. Not "got mad at me" crazy, she went... nuts. Nobody could explain it, just one day she stopped being Mom and we had some... thing sitting around our house who looked like her. We tried to pretend it didn't happen, hoped it would get better.

It got worse. When I was thirteen she was committed to a mental ward. When I was fourteen she died. They cremated her body by mistake. We never even got to bury her. Jeanie was distraught, I was heartbroken, Dad... Dad was never the same.

He started drinking. It wasn't so bad at first, but the next thing you knew he was drinking all the time. He forgot to cook dinner, he forgot to get groceries, forgot to pick up Jeanie, forgot to go to work. He had money saved up, and there was money from the insurance when my Mom died so it wasn't too bad at first. I looked after Jeanie, got a part time job and asked Misses Veltorio to watch Jeanie when I was working.

Misses V was a sweetheart, never had a kid of her own, so she loved Jeanie and kept her out of trouble.

When I was fifteen my Dad died. He just... didn't come home one day. I didn't even think that there might have been something wrong. I mean, I was mad. I needed him and he went all to pieces, left everything on my shoulders. Yeah, I never thought something might have happened.

Two days later a police officer shows up on my doorstep. I didn't have the money to bury him, I asked them to just cremate him too.

I still feel like crap about that, but what was I going to do?

That's when the real trouble started. Jeanie was ten, I was fifteen. We didn't have anybody we could go to. Mom's family lived in europe and we'd never really met any of them, and my Dad's family weren't happy he married my Mom.

I wasn't about to let my sister end up in the system. I watch TV, I know how that goes. I wasn't about to let her go to live with people who treated her like crap, or abuse her, or... hell, it just didn't matter. We were all we had left.

So we lied a little. Okay, a lot. We forged some paperwork, got Misses V pretend she was our Aunt. Worked better than expected, we ended up living with her. Problem was she couldn't afford to keep us around, she barely had enough money to get by herself.

I worked every night doing afterschool jobs to pick up some cash, but it wasn't enough. My sister was on the verge of being a teen, and I was eating like I was starving to death every day, we didn't have money for clothes, or school supplies, my grades were dropping because I didn't get enough sleep.

Eventually I just stopped going to school and got a full time job. I was sixteen.

I didn't have a diploma, I barely had any useable skills, so I got the only jobs I could. Heavy manual labour. I worked at a lumber mill for a couple years, and moonlighted as an assistant for a roofing company on the weekends. It was brutal. I hated my life.

But we had enough to eat, Jeanie got new clothes, we even got Misses V a good present for her birthday. We fixed her car. Okay, a little self serving, but she couldn't afford it thanks to us so I was just trying to help her out.

Anyways, I found the heavy labour jobs getting easier and easier. After awhile I wasn't so tired I needed to crawl into bed after getting home and showering. But that didn't make it any less painful, or dull. So after awhile I did whatever I could to get a job with the roofing company. They finally took me on, showed me how the job worked, then I got another job with a construction company and just kept bouncing around until I knew what I was doing.

It was fun at first, but after a few years it's just as boring as picking up heavy wood and moving it around.

Jeanie keeps telling me I should just join the Freedom League. Turns out that those scientist guys might not have been wrong. I'm getting stronger all the time, and I can't remember the last time I got hurt. But things aren't going well for me.

When I get mad, or excited, I'm starting to glow. And I'm losing feeling in my hands, hell, everywhere. I drop things because I don't realize I'm holding them, or crush them by accident. I'm too afraid to give Jeanie a hug anymore, and the last time I gave her more than the faintest peck on the cheek I gave her a welt that didn't go away for a week.

Even worse? I think I'm going deaf. Everything seems to be getting quieter. It's getting hard for me to live a normal life.

Heh, "normal life".

Seriously though, I have to be so careful with my tools so I don't break them, I can't lose my temper or I could kill somebody, I'm wondering if I'll even be able to hear people talk in another year, and if I even talk at a normal level everybody around me is deafened.

Jeanie's got me working with clay, sculpting. Says it'll help me learn control, since it's got to be all light touches. I'm starting to hate it, honestly.

I miss my friends, I miss football, I miss being able to kiss my little sister goodnight.

I'm scared, and I'm worried. Even if I can figure this out, what next? I can't have a girlfriend if kissing her could hurt her. I can't work if I destroy everything I touch.

I've got that address from those science guys, I'm going to go see them again soon. I'm terrified. What if I'm not going to get better? What if this is how it's going to be for the rest of my life?

Jeanie said she'd come with me. Said somebody has to protect her brother the superhero.

Then she laughed at me.


Family (Jeanie - Would do anything for his little sister.)

Friends (Misses Veltorio is a nice old lady who took them into her little house and made them feel at home. Richard owes her a few dozen times over)

Butterfingers (Richard's invulnerability means he has a hard time handling anything because he simply can't feel it. Things capable of getting past his invulnerable toughness, or surviving his immense strength are the few things that can, but since 90% of all things on the planet fail to fall into either of those categories he's got to be very careful not to drop whatever he's holding and not to hold it too tightly and accidentally destroy it)

Big Mouth (Richard's powers have also increased his speaking volume to intolerable levels. If he forgets to whisper, or yells by accident he could deafen the people around him)

Hard of Hearing (Maybe it's the invulnerability, maybe it's hereditary, either way he's having a hard time hearing things these days)

Parents (Both of Richard's Parents are dead. Or are they?)

Uneducated (Richard isn't dumb, but he's a high school dropout. He'd need another two years in school to get his diploma. Sometimes that can make life a little more difficult.)

Perpetually Broke (Richard make enough money to take care of himself, Jeanie, and Misses V and rarely has anything left over)

Notes on Powers: Took the "Terminus Inhabitant" template from the Worlds of Freedom book and added it to Richard. The feature seems a little overwhelming until you realize it doesn't really help him hide who he is, it just makes him look like the same race/species as the viewer. He's still as recognizable as anybody else. At best it's a +4 to a disguise check to blend in. At worst it does nothing.
The permanent Invisibility is only to detection powers with the psychic descriptor. A mental blast will still hit him and still do damage, but attacker can't use ESP, Telelocation, or a psychic descriptor detection power to find/target him. Telepathy, Mental Blast and any other power will work just fine on him as long as the user is using, say, their own eyes to see him, or a surveillance camera.

EDIT: Dropped Light Control for a third rank of Comprehend as I had forgot to buy one rank.
-Powerpoint spent on Jeanie to buy her as a minion
-Two Power points spent on buying two ranks of Luck
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

Post by The_Watchman » Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:47 am

Real Name: Johanis Laurencio Thomas, III

Power Level 8; Power Points Spent 120/120

Str: + 7 (16/24); Dex +7 (16/24), Con +7 (16/24), Int: +7 (16/24), Wis: +7 (16/24), Cha: +7 (16/24)

Tough: +7/8, Fort: +7, Ref: +7, Will: +7

Feats: Attack Focus (Melee) 7, Defensive Roll 1, Dodge Focus 7, Jack-of-All Trades

Power: Duplication 6 (Horde, Feedback, Progression 3, Drawback: Limited to 6 Duplicates)

Enhanced Abilities (Linked) All Abilities 8

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged +2, Melee +9, Grapple +16)

Attacks: Unarmed Attack +9 (DC 22)

Defense 8 (Flat Footed +1)

Initiative +7

Totals: Abilities 36 + Skills 0 + Feats 16 + Powers 62 + Combat 6 + Saves 0 + Drawbacks 0 =120

Background: Some guys have all the luck. Fortunately, I'm one of them. That's what most people would have you believe anyway. See, I'm the only heir to one of Freedom City's wealthiest families. Yeah, yeah, silver spoon, life of wealth, destined to be another idle rich playboy. Not to say I minded getting all the best things money could buy, but there's a bit more too it than that.

You know how the kids of wealthy people always seem to bring shame to their families? Yeah...I know a little something about that too. But I'm pretty sure my parents would rather see me crashing cars and showing up in incriminating tapes than doing what I do. I'm a mutant, you see. When the Terminus broke into our world all those years ago, our palatial penthouse got caught in the middle of a battle between the League and a group of invaders. No, no, I don't have the death of my parents to add to my angst. Doctor and Mrs Thomas emerged unharmed and other than a dose of extradimensional radiation, so did I. The League saved us from death or whatever strange horrors lurked inside the Terminus.

Around the time other kids started noticing hair in new places, I started experiencing some changes of my own. I started developing superhuman strength, speed, and agility and a mind to go along with it. Beyond that, if I concentrated hard enough, I could duplicate myself. Personally, I think I'm drawing versions of myself from slightly different moments in time but my data is lacking. I tried to hide this from my parents and pretend to be as normal as I could but I felt the need to excel. Pride has never been exactly lacking in my family. So I got a few things together to try and make a go of being a hero. I figured it would be easy enough. I could leave one of my doubles at home while I went out and my parents would be none the wiser. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew one night and barely managed to come home at find my parents waiting. My double had vanished before their eyes and even in the sorry state my 'uniform' had been left in, well, they put two and two together. I was forbidden from ever doing such a thing again or I'd be cut off completely.

Lucky for me, the Albright Institute had seen my fight the night before. They offered to help me get better with my powers. They even helped me set up a fake identity to keep from showing up on my parent's radar.

Secret (Identity) - In addition to the normal need to hide who he is, if Jack's parents knew he was still using his powers, they might completely cut him off. Because of this, he doesn't currently make use of his family's wealth to avoid attracting suspicion. He also thinks his real name is incredibly humiliating and prefers to go by Jack or Johnny.

Pride - Jackpot is superhumanly capable but not nearly as good as he thinks he is. He's got quite an ego and no matter how he tries to rise above it, it often gets in the way.

Fortunate Fool - While he's wise and brilliant, Jack has never really applied himself to mastering any skills and gets by more on his innate abilities. He thus tends to have problems with anything that requires a lot of effort.

Face It Tiger... - Jackpot is an incurable Casanova and playboy.
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Re: Another Freedom City game 2E [Recruiting]

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Curt Mardis

Alternate Identity: Tracer

PL8 / 123pp

Abilities [ 20 pp]

STR 10 {+0}
DEX 18 {+4}
CON 16 {+3}
INT 12{+1}
WIS 14{+2}
CHA 10{+0}

Saves [ 12 pp]
Toughness +8
Fortitude +7
Reflex +8
Will +9

Combat [ 28 pp]
Defense +8 Flat Footed +3
Attack Bonus +8 Ranged +8 Melee +8
Damage +8
Initiative +4

Skills [ 9 pp]

Acrobatics {+8}
Knowledge: Streetwise {+9}
Notice 2 {+10}
Stealth 3 {+16}
Sleight of Hand {+8}

Feats [ 8 pp]

Eidetic Memory
Hide in Plain Sight
Uncanny Dodge (Visual)
Power Attack
All-Out Attack
Takedown Attack
Sneak Attack

Powers [ 49 pp]

Vibration Control 11 (22pp pool) [28pp]
Blast 8 [Extra: Penetrating 4]
AP: Nauseate 8 [Feats: Extended range 2; Subtle 2]
AP: Stun 7 [Extra: Range; Feat: Homing]
AP: Blast 7 [Extra: Area, Cone]
AP: Strike 7 [Extra: Vampiric]
AP: Obscure 5 [Extra: Selective; Visual senses, Hearing; Feat: Subtle 2]
AP: Drain Toughness [Ranged; Affects Objects; Flaw: Limited to Objects Only; Reversible; Precise; Subtle] 8

Super Movement 3: Permeate [Normal speed] [6pp]
Immunity: Suffocation (full immunity) [2pp]
Super-Senses 4: X-Ray Vision [Can’t see through lead] [4pp]
Extended Hearing 2 (100x normal range) [2pp]
Wall-Crawling [2pp]

Protection 5 [5pp]

Rationale: Tracer is a Vibration-themed build. His power is the manipulation of matter, which allows him to create vibrations and movements of anything from individual molecules and atoms up to large groups of them. He can move and shift matter to allow him to move through it, although very dense matter is problematic; he can manipulate matter so he can see through it, or use it to blast a target with ultra high speed particles, leach nutrients and energy from someone else to refresh himself, shift and blur air and thus manipulate visual sight and sound waves, and so on.

Drawbacks: [-1pp]

Illiterate [Common: minor; 1pp]

Abilities (20) + Saves (12) + Combat (28) + Feats (8) + Skills (9) + Powers (49) + Drawbacks (1) = 125pp


Murky Background: Tracer worked as a courier for various criminal organisations in his youth. His ability to go anywhere was most useful for dodging cops and getting into all sorts of places. Curt committed many crimes, mostly breaking and entering and possession of various illegal items and substances.

Who am I?: Curt is not his real name – he doesn’t know who he was, who his parents were, anything much about himself up until the age of three, when he was found on a busy highway. Maybe, just maybe, he has a family out there somewhere.

Sensitive: Curt is quite sensitive about what he sees as embarrassing things in his life. He’s never been to high school, he can’t read or write, and he’s a lost boy with no parents or family. Curt reacts poorly to teasing or joking about these parts of his background, and is over-sensitive to the point where he sometimes misinterprets an innocent remark.


Curt can’t really remember the Terminus invasion as an event, rather he remembers that his parents ‘went away’ and he never saw them again. Something had happened to him when the city was attacked. He was found crying, covered in abrasions and grazes, in the middle lane of a highway. Lucky not to be run over, Curt was rescued by a motorist and handed in to a local hospital. Passed on from agency to agency, Curt grew up an orphan. As he got older he began to gain more and more conscious control over his powers. Before long, he was able to slip through walls and come and go from orphanages and foster homes at will. It was a short step from that to living on the street completely, and from that to falling in with the kind of people who saw a use for a young boy who could get into any place at all, almost always unseen.

Curt spent his late childhood and early teens working as a courier and messenger for an organised crime group. He was almost the perfect agent for them; illiterate, he could be trusted with the most sensitive documents; and somehow he had a knack for remembering names, faces, routes, verbal messages – all faultlessly.

As far as Curt could figure out, his parents were leaving the city in their car when it was attacked. Somehow he ‘phased’ out of his carry cot and through the car floor, landing on the road and getting bumped and bruised. At least that’s what seemed most likely to Curt from the little he knew of where and how he was found. Most likely his parents were killed in the Terminus invasion, at least they never came to look for him.

The break came when Curt was 15. Manny, the gangster who Curt felt closest to, asked him to do a ‘special job’ one day. Curt was to take a package and leave it in a storeroom in some club. Easy enough and it was just another job until Curt saw the news on TV. Thirty eight high school kids killed in a nightclub fire. “Prom night tragedy”, the reporter said, standing in front of the smouldering remains of the very club Curt had snuck into the night before. Curt was shattered… as the tv showed a series of yearbook photos he realised that one of them could have been his brother or sister… …heck, it could have been him. That was the beginning of a change in Curt’s life. A change that was cemented when Manny was taken out and Curt barely escaped with his life. The very guys that had taken Curt in and become his family were now willing to kill him to cover up their vicious crimes.

Curt went on the run, and in the guise of ‘Tracer’ began working against crime and the thugs and gangsters he’d once worked for. He realised that his powers could be effective getting him in somewhere that the gangsters wanted kept secure, and taking things they didn’t want taken. Before long piles of papers, briefcases stuffed with money, stashes of drugs, secret account books and the like began mysteriously turning up on the desks of vice squad detectives all over the city. Curt didn’t know enough about legal procedures to understand that most of what he ‘gifted’ to the police wasn’t going to be admissible in court – he just wanted to get back at the people who had killed Manny and tried to kill him.
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