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NEW VINDICATORS: Basileus Arc Complete

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:07 am

  • You’ve got the power in there
    Waving your wand in the air
“People of the world, my name is Adonis Skraag and I am a Neo-Sapien.”
  • Time after time those fanatical minds
    Try to rule all the world
The gunfire stopped and the men moved to reload. Michael screamed as his powers surged, blasting all of the standing soldiers with a cone of force that hurtled them through the wall and embedded their corpses into the pavement… several thousand feet from where they had been standing.
  • Telling us all its them who’s in charge of it all

“Listen up, maggots!” Lodestone spat. “When you see me in this uniform, you will address me as ‘Lodestone’—not Mister Loder or Mister Kennedy or whatever those idiots upstairs have been telling you my name is this week.” He gestured to the blonde standing beside him. “This—the star of your masturbatory fantasies—is Chienne Bedford… because some of us are too good for codenames.” He turned and glared at the next generation of New Vindicators. “None of you are too good for a codename. Hell, none of you are even good enough to be wearing that uniform.

“As fate would have it, the universe has conspired with the administration to laden us with the responsibility of teaching you how not to get yourselves killed.

“We have our work cut out for us.”
  • I got a trick—a magic stick—that will make them all fall

Phaeton rocketed across the night sky, leaving a trail of brilliant energy in her wake. The aura of ionized gas she surrounded herself with was channeled through her outstretched arms and projected in a beam she aimed at the legions of undead.
  • We got the power now mother *******
    That’s where it belongs
Maalik caught Greystone’s fist in his hand and swung his other into the youth’s face. The blow left Greystone momentarily stunned and the Nephilim wasted no time in taking advantage of such a minor victory: his free hand joined its brother in clutching the youth’s wrist. The green flames that filled Maalik’s skull left a trail behind his head as he spun around and hurled Greystone into the air.
  • You’ve got that right
    (You’ve got the power in there)
“So your power lets you transform into any state of water, huh?” Before Phase could turn all the way around, his body rose into the air. He now looked down at the young man, garbed in a uniform he had once worn as a student here.

“Handle’s Torrent,” the boy from Buffalo said by way of introduction. “I control water with my mind. Sucks to be you, huh?”
  • You know that it is
    (Waving your wand in the air)
“I have experienced persecution first hand,” Adonis said. “I have experienced heart ache and loss… simply because I was born different. I have met many others like me who have been made to suffer at the hands of normal humans, ignorant humans who fear us simply because they do not understand…”
  • They got their weapons to solve all their questions
    They don’t know what they’re for
    (They don’t know what they’re for)
“You call that music?” the Cold Detective growled as he removed his coat. It was at times like these that he missed his pistol. Even without it, his father had trained him as a boxer. The Icelandic youth could settle this if he could get in close but the sonic pressure put out by Stratocaster’s wild strumming nixed that notion.

He needed a distraction. He needed to take off his coat.

Almost instantly a wave of cold spread out from his body, sending shivers up Stratocaster’s spine. “Bill Haley and the Comets!” the Cold Detective screamed as he charged the rocker. “Now they were musicians!”
  • Why can’t they see that’s not power that’s greed
    To just want more and more
    (Just want more and more)

Max waved at n00b. Once he knew he had the older man’s attention, he pointed to the criminal’s feet. “Your shoelaces are on fire,” he said matter-of-factly. The power_gamer idly looked down and discovered that the teen was hardly lying: the aglets of his laces had indeed burst into flame.
  • I got a plan
    And it’s here in my hand
    A baton made of light

He was the only one still standing. Noah’s speed was too much to keep up with—he was almost impossible to tag with an attack. Having nothing left up his sleeve somehow always seemed synonymous with having nothing left to lose: Solar Flare rose up into the air and began to rain a volley of light blasts from the ceiling of the lab.
  • We’re the enforcers
    The sorcerer’s orphans
    And we know why we fight
    (And we know why we fight)

Hickory was considered the hardest of woods: its trees were small, but dense. With a thought, Kudzu’s body mimicked the traits of such a plant, leaving the minute heroine’s opponents cursing when their punches landed on her or vice versa.
  • You’ve got that right!
    (You’ve got the power in there
    Waving your wand in the air)
“You want a villain to rally against?” thundered Adonis. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am the villain of this story.”
  • You’ve got the power in there
He was surprised at the hissing sound of air escaping his arm: plates retracted back, revealing crevices in his skin that he hadn’t ever known were there. His palm swiveled around counter-clockwise on a ball hinge as metal coils slowly moved through the frame that just seconds ago had been his right arm.

He gaped in astonishment at the lens aligned throughout the bionic appendage and then something akin to instinct took over: he took careful aim on his opponent and watched as a blinding blast of energy rocketed from the cannon his arm had transfigured itself into. “Oh…” he muttered at the startling display. “Well, that’s different…”
  • You’ve got the power in there
“Hold on,” Coulomb said apathetically, “I’ll save you.”

“What the hell are you-” The gunman screamed as the blind youth placed his hands over the man’s chest and released an electric current into his body.


“What do you think-” Again, his demands were cut short as another current was released into his body.

“Clear,” the New Vindicator said as the man lost consciousness. “Clear.” He released another charge, followed by another and another. “Clear. Clear. Clear.”
  • You’ve got the power in there
Once upon a time, C. John Holden had been one of New York’s finest. That changed three years ago, when his wife and son’s killer was let loose on a technicality. Realizing that there was no justice in the world, the officer sought to become Justice.

Adonis Skraag, the mastermind behind the White War, was responsible for the deaths of one-hundred and thirty-seven thousand people. Justice had the leader of the Affiliation in his sights: the crosshairs of his scope intersected between Adonis’ eyes.

Justice pulled the trigger and buried a bullet in Adonis’ skull…
  • Waving your wand in the air
“I hereby declare war on the people of Earth, for crimes against humanity. Like it or not, that is what Neo-Sapiens are: humans. We are humans—humans who are tired and exhausted and we have a message from the oppressed and persecuted:

“We got the power and we’re not going to take it anymore.”
  • You’ve got that right!
    You know it is!
NEW VINDICATORS: condemnant quod non intellegunt

“They Condemn What They Do Not Understand”

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Book 12 Complete

Post by GPrime » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:07 am

Oh god, that's only the second arc. Holy crap.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Book 12 Complete

Post by GPrime » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:11 am

And I didn't realise we had a preview.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Book 12 Complete

Post by Horsenhero » Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:06 pm

GPrime wrote:And I didn't realise we had a preview.
Yeah, Loving the preview.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Book 12 Complete

Post by Arkrite » Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:24 pm

Congrats on finishing another book, Mich!

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Book 12 Complete

Post by GPrime » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:12 am

It's funny, somehow I imagine all of the previews as like, cinematic trailers, but I don't do it with the actual chapters. Like, I actually visualise everything. I love it.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Book 12 Complete

Post by Michuru81 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:33 am

GPrime wrote:It's funny, somehow I imagine all of the previews as like, cinematic trailers, but I don't do it with the actual chapters. Like, I actually visualise everything. I love it.
I do the same thing as I'm plotting the narrative.

This officially begins the departure from filler so... what's coming is an adaptation of the tabletop game. Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes" sets the tone for what I thought was one of the coolest moments of the game. When we played through the session, I was looking at what was happening and thinking how it could translate to the narrative. The scene is, essentially, the PCs divided into four areas: Carl is trying to save his girlfriend and things aren't looking good for her, Bogart has one of the PCs locked in a dog carrier, half the remaining PCs are fighting one villain, half are fighting another villain and I would do a round with one group, then shift to the other and then to the other...

Listen to the song and think about the scene: tension is building. Everyone has this frantic energy about them. At the end, two characters die.

Now, imagine it from a cinematic perspective. If we're talking television, you advertise it by saying something something like, "On this week's episode, someone won't make it..." When you get to that scene, you frantically cut between the various scenes and when the song gets to about 4:01, the music makes this dramatic shift. On camera, you have a hail of gunfire. Slow motion shot of a character taking bullets to the chest and falling backwards; reaction shot of a PC screaming silently... End the song with a glazed over look in the character's eyes as people work to save his life. The last beat of the song has the scene cut to black and commercial.

It's badass in my head and I've spent the last couple of years trying to figure out how to translate that to a narrative where I typically tell each chapter from the point of view of one character. I can't just go flipping between perspectives in a single chapter and it breaks the story's tempo if I do it that one time. Not cool.

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Arc I: Apocatastasis

Post by Michuru81 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:40 am

BOOK ONE: radix malorum est cupiditas
  • September 8 has always been an important day. In 1945, it marked the day in which the world first learned of the existence of Neo-Sapiens. In 2001, September 8 would be forever remembered as the Ragnarok, the day the Vindicators VII defeated Atlas and in their bittersweet victory disbanded.

    In 2006 it marked the day Drew Jenkins discovered he was far from a normal human being.

    Plunged into the world of the New Vindicators Academy of America, Drew makes many new friends; amongst their numbers are Adonis Skraag and Magnus Loder- two men destined to change the world. As Drew and his new friends attempt to have some semblance of a normal senior year of high school, a mysterious organization, the Affiliation, begins to attack the students one-by-one.

    As the New Vindicators learn, the Affiliation is composed of current students and alumni both; worse, even their teachers appear to be part of this clandestine group. With war on the horizon, the young heroes are forced to wonder just who they can trust…
BOOK TWO: sic semper tyrannis
  • Three months after the devastating events surrounding their graduation, the New Vindicators return to their school to compete against the graduates from their sister schools for a chance to join the Vindicators. The New Vindicators Academy of Asia and the New Vindicators Academy of Europe introduce heroes from around the globe to the Americans and a new battle begins…

    Underneath it all though, something sinister is biding its time and waiting for the moment to strike. Ghosts from their mentors’ pasts are gathering and plotting against some of their new opponents. If they hope to stand any chance against this tyrant, the New Vindicators are going to be forced to push themselves and their abilities further than they ever dreamed and work beside young heroes they might have seen as opposition…
BOOK THREE: memento mori
  • Magnus Loder dreamed of inheriting the mantle of the Lodestone dynasty. When his grandfather and father were killed in the White War, he was suddenly forced to accept everything that came along with the name… including old vendettas.

    An old enemy of his grandfather, the Wisent, is now in command of a criminal empire. Learning that the man who he’s spent a lifetime hating has passed on, he shifts his attention to Magnus and his life friends. Orchestrating a plot to take away everything the Lodestone has and leave him only with his life, the Wisent declares war on New York City and the New Vindicators are forced to give everything they can to stop him.
BOOK FOUR: absit omen
  • In the wake of the Vindicators’ defeat, Lodestone and Loess have been promoted. Frostbite, Fathom, Jetstream and Hourglass have been promoted as well: as teachers, each is assigned a team of five students and given the task of teaching the next generation of New Vindicators.

    As Frostbite takes on the role of mentor to Bulwark, Oscillator, Gabriel and Gabrielle Farouk and Blur, a mysterious boy appears, warning the heroes of things to come. Identifying himself only as Hikari, the young attempts to prevent a nightmarish future he claims to hail from: one where an immortal monster named Apocatastasis rages out of control and has crushed legions of Vindicators.

    Still, the world faces threats in the present: Senator Amy Bedford’s campaign engine is building steam and it seems that Neo-Sapiens are the fuel she’s burning. If elected president, things will only be harder for Neo-Sapiens, but someone is moving to ensure that the senator’s ambitions are never realized…
BOOK FIVE: para bellum
  • Apocatastasis has been freed and everything Hikari warned the New Vindicators of appears to be about to come to pass… Still, Hikari is more dedicated than ever to stopping Apocatastasis before he has a chance to come to power. Breaking the gathered forces apart, the boy from the future begins to steer the heroes on separate missions.

    As Loess leads her graduating class (and Portal) on a hunt to find Lodestone, Hikari leads a team into Atlantis to stop the possession of Coup Field. Gabrielle Farouk takes command of a small squad of New Vindicators and goes off in search of Operation: Black Box’s concentration camp while their remaining classmates deal with unforeseen dangers in Canada. Unbeknownst to everyone the Aurelius has taken new student under his wing, educating them to the truth of arcana far off in Europe.

    Though divided they will all have to unite once more as they prepare for the war with Apocatastasis.
BOOK SIX: et spe
  • An army of heroes from around the globe enters the warped version of New York City created by Apocatastasis and finds an army of Nephilim in their path. In order to take on the immortal monster they'll have to fight through droves of beings from ancient history and those they once considered friends, family, or more...

    Divided, the New Vindicators will be forced to rely on their wits and their training. New alliances will be formed; old alliances will be tested. Questions will be answered and revelations will abound as the young heroes fight to survive and end the threat to the world and to the future.
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Arc II: Basileus

Post by Michuru81 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:43 am

BOOK SEVEN: hostis humani generis
  • At Hikari's request, Gabrielle Farouk teleported Bluetooth, Fluke, Renewal and Suicide King away. Now, Apocatastasis has been defeated and these five young heroes have no means of knowing the outcome of that battle. With no means of contacting the New Vindicators Academy, they are forced to survive on their own in a world that fears and hates them...

    Lured back to Peoria, Illinois for unknown reasons the five youths enroll at Central High School for their senior year and find more to worry over than their grades and love lives; how do they support themselves without the New Vindicators Academy, is it worth it to go on being heroes and is there something sinister lurking in their adoptive city?
BOOK EIGHT: beatae memoriae
  • In the months after Apocatastasis’ defeat the New Vindicators are still fugitives. Lodestone and Coldfire have tried to settle down with the women they love, Fathom has begun searching for her mother while Jetstream prepares to be one. Meanwhile Blitzkrieg has begun cobbling together a new team of Vindicators while Rumble searches for one of the lost ones…

    Unbeknownst to her, the one she searches for—Deimos—is plotting against his old friends…
BOOK NINE: dulcis amor
  • Magnus Loder and Maria Espada are getting married. Naturally, the love trapezoid these two have long found themselves in shifts to interfer as Adonis Skraag, Chienne Bedford, Jack Olsen, Marcos Veron, Ben and Alicia Altair surface and complicate their pending nuptuals...
BOOK TEN: felo de se
  • With David Meinstein and Magnus Loder gone, the Vindicators look to Ben Altair to lead them when a new villain surfaces. Castor and Pollux serve Pisces, one of the Areopagus, who strives to bring calamity to the world in an attempt to turn Ben into the destroy Semyazza yearns for him to be.
BOOK ELEVEN: contratia contrariis curantur
  • Just as our heroes begin to reunite, they are slowly taken out by a mysterious pandemic. A villain from their past has surfaced and in order to stop him, the Vindicators and the New Vindicators will be forced to align themselves with Adonis Skraag and the Affiliation...
BOOK TWELVE: sanguis ac ferroque
  • With the Basileus' arrival eminent, the Vindicators make one last ditch effort to thwart his plans for invasion: following Asmodeus' orders, the heroes scour the globe for the Alpha--a mysterious power that can be both their salvation and their damnation.
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Arc III: Bio

Post by Michuru81 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:11 am

BOOK THIRTEEN: condemnant quod non intellegunt
  • The next generation of heroes is guided to the lighthouse as the New Vindicators Academy of America opens its doors once more. While things have never been better for Neo-Sapiens, the Affiliation has uncovered a conspiracy that threatens to drive their kind to extinction. It's up to the Vindicators, their students and their enemies to rally together and protect SPBs around the world from Autumn, the Daughter of Samael...
BOOK FOURTEEN: ira deorum

BOOK FIFTEEN: arma et fusus exitium

BOOK SIXTEEN: beati pacifici

BOOK SEVENTEEN: trial de novo

BOOK EIGHTEEN: vita brevis

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Post by Michuru81 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:42 pm

Four hours ago, the people of Claremont, New Hampshire watched the sun set over Mount Ascutney. A waning gibbous moon heralded the night and portended to shatter the darkness that threatened to smother the city. Aiding the moonlight in its war on the shadows were the streetlamps that sidled down Charlestown Road. They baptized the curving street in muted light and reached up the lawns that flanked them. One yard defeated the light, however. Three acres of a meticulously-manicured lawn stood between the source of light and the stone manor that triumphantly rose from the short hill.

As if trying to bolster the luminosity to press forward, a late-summer breeze grazed the terrain. In the end, the wind continued on alone to the manor’s doorstep; there, it confronted the quartet of intruders who stepped out of the shadows of the shrubbery…

One of the four men stepped up to the door and raised his hands to his face. He licked his thumbs and pressed them to the doorknob and deadbolt of the door. His touch evoked a faint hissing sound as his acidic bodily fluids won them access.

On the inside, the men heard the ornate brass doorknob fall to the floor with a clank. The man closed his eyes and berated himself mentally as he realized the entryway was not carpeted. “Sorry, mate,” the tall man whispered.

“It’s fine. Just keep moving forward.”

As the Australian pushed the door open, his thumb ate through the enamel coating the door, leaving proof that he had been here. He entered and the man behind him immediately transformed.

The transformation began by lowering his head. He bent down at the knees and put his hands out as if he were about to start crawling. His nose and mouth elongated into a blunt muzzle. His ears slide up the sides of his skull and became more triangular as his forehead widened.

His limbs began to contract and contort: his elbows now bent inwards and his thumb receded into his now-padded palm. As his abdomen retreated inward, his back sloped and a tail with a faint curl slowly bulged in the back of his pants.

The process took only a few seconds and when it was complete, the man had turned not into one wolf but six of them—all with a shared consciousness.

They knew the plan: fan out and sniff out the manor’s sole occupant. They expected him to be armed and thus were commanded to move with caution. Immediately, the wolf in the lead—the one that walked straight away from the entrance—froze and unleashed a low growl to warn his pack.

His keen nose had detected the faint scent of a solvent not far off from kerosene and synthetic oil. “Gun,” the wolves whispered in unison, recognizing the agents used in cleaning a firearm.

Another of the intruders closed his eyes. Cloaked in darkness, he was able to displace his senses through shadows. While his body remained by the front door, his eyes and ears skimmed the manor for what his canine companions had detected. Soon, he found him: an aging man in black socks, boxer shorts, a white T-shirt and glasses. Hiding behind the door dividing the foyer from the dining room, the invader’s transposed vision beheld the mustachioed man clutching an M1911A1—the standard issue firearm for soldiers in the United States Army.

Opening his eyes, the dark-haired man nodded to the last in their company: the hooded figure turned and felt along the wall beside the front door. Like his companions, he was a Neo-Sapien—an individual who had inherited uncanny abilities from one of his parents. Like his associates, he had experienced persecution first-hand because of those abilities: like the other three men, he was feared and hated for what he was capable of.

Unlike the others, however, his powers did not allow him to see perfectly in the dark or smell the chemicals used in the cleaning and maintenance of the firearm. His spit could not eat through the strongest of metals and he could not turn into a single wolf—let alone three.

His name was Adonis Skraag, and his Neo-Sapien ability granted him a silvered tongue and an unearthly beautiful visage.

Soon Adonis’ tactile sense registered the rim of the decorative plate that surrounded the light switch. With a little more fumbling, he was able to bathe the room in light—an act that brought a wince from one of his friends. The baby of the group, he had only just turned twenty-years-old. In his teen years, he had dyed his hair ebony and used gel it to stick up in short, twisted spikes; these days, he had let it revert to its natural, dark blonde color and wore it slightly longer and laid flat against his skull. A matching patch of fuzz tipped his chin.

His face was scarred: the piercings he had once worn in his nose, ears, lip and eyebrow had long ago been forcibly removed. The only constant in his appearance was the black T-shirt and matching jeans he was garbed in.

The son of the Shadow, Lurker’s ability allowed him to do more than see through shadows: he could walk into one and exit out another. So long as he stood in the dark, his body was perfectly invisible. In the light, however, he felt vulnerable: he could be seen and couldn’t run if things escalated. As the young man in the navy-blue hooded sweatshirt turned on the lights, Lurker flinched as if he had been struck.

Adonis’ other allies—Bile and Pack Master—were hardly as uncomfortable in the light as Lurker was, but they were still anxious: they were playing a dangerous game by coming here… yet they had to. They alone had begun to uncover the truth of what their enemies—enemies of Neo-Sapiens all over the globe—were planning. Unless someone did something, they were facing extinction…

As Adonis moved to take the lead, Bile cast a worried look his way. The Australian nervously scratched at his head, upsetting the faux hawk he had worked hard to form before they had left their headquarters. Like the others, he wore street clothes; unlike the others, under his wrinkled shirt and hole-riddled jeans, he wore a Kevlar body suit that was predominantly black. If he started to sweat, his perspiration would devour his clothes and destroy his modesty. The remnant from his alma mater was something he was never seen without.

The lead wolf stirred when Adonis walked past him and stood between them and the door their attention was focused on. The youth kept his head bowed and the hood of his sweater was pulled low over his face, bestowing a veil of shadows over the upper half of his face. “General Colbenson?” he asked. Ordinarily, his voice was a susurration—a soft, breathy murmur. He deliberately raised his voice to ensure the sixty-seven-year-old man in the next room heard him. “I assure you, we mean you no harm…”

The door swung open and banged against a curio installed in the wall. Inside, the porcelain flatware inherited from his grandmother trembled. Bearing the trademark of Royal Doulton—a nineteenth century company based in Lambeth—each piece was considered priceless. The white-haired man valued it only as something he had managed to keep away from his ex-wife. The anthropologist wanted it for the status symbol it would be in her new home and towards the end of their marriage, his life’s mission had become denying her what she wanted.

The barrel of his gun was trained on Adonis. The group’s leader stood out front, garbed only in a hooded sweatshirt, faded, thread-bare jeans and ratty Nikes whose aglets had been transformed into an explosion of stripped threads.

Unlike Bile, he wasn’t wearing a protective suit beneath his clothes. Unlike Lurker, he couldn’t retreat into a shadow. Unlike Pack Master, he couldn’t reabsorb a wounded duplicate to negate a fatal injury. The only thing protecting Adonis was his ability to turn enemies into friends. Looking at General Colbenson, the others realized Adonis had his work cut out for him…

“Who are you people?” the gunman coolly demanded. There was no hint of distress in his voice; he sounded as if he were in command of the situation. “What do you want?” He took in the sight of the wolves amongst the trio and sighed mournfully. “You’re Neo-Sapiens, aren’t you? If you think you can use me to get to my daughter-”

“Leave us.” Though the others hesitated, they obliged. Without a word of argument, the others left the chamber and abandoned their leader to the grizzled soldier’s mercies.

“What’s your ability then, eh?” General Colbenson kept the gun trained on the young man who had the audacity to break into his home. “You’re certainly confident. Bulletproof? Turn intangible?”

“I just simply believe that you won’t discharge that weapon unless I act in aggression. My friends? One is a teleporter, one has acidic spit and the other becomes a pack of wolves.” Adonis kept his hands in the air—his arms were bent at the elbows. “I assure you, my ability is hardly offensive… though several individuals—such as Forrest Bedford or your daughter—find my existence offensive.”

“You control people’s minds?” asked the General. “Make them think the way you want them to?”

“If it were that simple, my kind would not have so many enemies, would it? Please, sir: as I said, I just want to talk.” Adonis kept his palms facing forward, to show that he was unarmed. His hands slowly moved to his head; his thumbs caught on his hood and slowly pulled it back.

Part of Adonis’ powers caused whoever was looking at him to mentally distort his appearance. Adonis’ skull was topped with a gleaming mop of shoulder-length blonde hair. While General Colbenson was hardly attracted to men, he was attracted to redheads. When he looked at Adonis, he didn’t see a blonde but a redhead. He didn’t see a man who had not shaved in days but a smooth jaw. To the general, Adonis’ eyes were tilted; his eyelashes were longer. He looked slightly more effeminate and the sight of him made the career soldier’s heart to beat faster.

All it took was one look and the general’s senses abandoned him. He couldn’t help but slowly lower his gun. Logically, it didn’t make sense: his daughter was the leader of a militia devoted to rounding Neo-Sapiens up. Two-hundred and fifty-four Americans could testify to the cruelty Black Box employed by merely rolling back the sleeve of their shirt and showing the digits branded in their arms upon entry to the internment camp his daughter had organized.

It was why he carried his sidearm with him at all times—even if he had only gone downstairs to fetch a warm glass of milk to help him sleep. Many Neo-Sapiens possessed dangerous abilities and might have attacked him to get to his daughter. He shouldn’t have lowered the gun but looking at Adonis, he suddenly couldn’t understand why so many people hated people like him.

General Colbenson only wanted to help the young man standing before him.

“You guessed right, sir: we came here because of your daughter… but I doubt the one you’re thinking of...

“This has nothing to do with Doctor Cheryl Colbenson… and everything to do with her little sister. Tell me everything you know about your youngest daughter,” the leader of the Affiliation said.

“Tell me about Autumn Colbenson.”

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Book 13: condemnant quod non intellegunt

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:50 pm

NEW VINDICATORS #101: Race for the Prize--As the New Vindicators Academy of America reopens her doors, several new students arrive. As they struggle to adapt to life at the school and in New York City, the fresh recruits run into some faces their teachers find familiar: the power_gamers... (Played on September 6, 2008)
NEW VINDICATORS #102: Shiver--In the years the New Vindicators Academy has functioned, several students and even a few of its faculty members have been cut down too early. When Pandora and Razi's room is visited by a specter, the question becomes whether the school is haunted or a spirit has unfinished business with either girl... (Played on October 4, 2008)
NEW VINDICATORS #103: Thriller--When Boson notices several co-eds distributing an odd penchant for the arcane arts, the Aurelia becomes involved. So do Solon Carlyle and his new classmates and as they follow the breadcrumbs in the mystery of how a group of frat boys learned to wield magic, their paths cross with the Damned and the Rhino. (Played on November 9, 2008)
NEW VINDICATORS #104: Father and Son--Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose? Nicknamed Dell McLinux by his peers, one of the newest students has a lot of questions about his existence and many of them are answered on a field trip to visit the institutes' sister school, the New Vindicators Academy of Europe. (Played on December 7, 2008)
NEW VINDICATORS #105: Hey, a Movie!--After watching their students in Vienna, the administration has fully deputized them as New Vindicators. Doing so may prove to be one of the biggest mistakes ever made as someone arrives on campus to initiate the new class by welcoming them in his own special way... (Played on January 4, 2010)
NEW VINDICATORS #106: Open Your Eyes--One of the New Vindicators has a secret. One of the New Vindicators has used their powers to kill. One of the New Vindicators is now Justice's target. With Candace and Andrew as hostages, the New Vindicators have to make a decision to hand one of their own over or risk letting the innocent pay the ultimate price... (Played on February 7, 2009)
NEW VINDICATORS #107: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth--For months, Carl has felt something inside of him. He's heard voices--voices telling him to become someone he's afraid of being. When Ranaan pushes Carl too far, will his dark side come out? NEW VINDICATORS #108: We Cry--Psychiatrist Doctor Bell has come to talk to the New Vindicators and assess how they are holding up after the Governor's Island mission. NEW VINDICATORS #109: You Can't Always Get What You Want--Doctor Howell and Doctor Talley are getting married and Doctor Howell can think of no one he'd rather have as his best man than the one responsible for bringing him to the New Vindicators Academy in the first place... As the headmaster prepares for the big day, he asks the New Vindicators to track down Lex Sway and bring him back home--but with Solon still on the injured list, a familiar face has returned to take his place...
NEW VINDICATORS #110: The Time Warp--Two of the New Vindicators are out of time; one is from the past and one is from the future. Neither the Cold Detective nor Sentry knows how they ended up in this period, but they're both about to find out... (Played May 2, 2009 & June 13, 2009)
NEW VINDICATORS #111: Ana's Song (Open Fire)--Autumn Colbenson has been activated and now the New Vindicators are in for the fight of their lives. Students from both the American and Austrian school band together with the Vindicators and the Affiliation to strike at Patriot Robotics and stop Autumn while their friends, family and loved ones struggle to survive against Black Box. (Played July 11, 2009)

NEW VINDICATORS #112: Everlong--A trigger is pulled. A gunshot shatters the night. A man dies. Vengeance is demanded. Sides are chosen. More blood is shed. More lives are lost. One young man has the power to make a difference... (Played August 1, 2009)

NEW VINDICATORS #113: The W.A.N.D.--When one young man moves to prevent a nightmare from coming to fruition, things go from bad to worse and Gideon watches as history begins to play out just as it did in the time he hailed from... (Played September 6, 2009)
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New Vindicators, Chapter 1101

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NEW VINDICATORS #101: Race for the Prize

Chapter I: Here to There
At the sound of knuckles wrapping on his office door, Doctor James Howell raised his head and removed his reading glasses as carefully as his thick fingers could manage. Though his Neo-Sapien power had left him trapped in the form of a gorilla for several decades now, the man often found himself employing more of his considerable strength than was necessary. He evoked his guests to enter with a deep and velvety voice most would have killed for. When the door opened and Prompt led Torrent into the room, he flashed the two a welcoming smile. “Good morning,” he intoned. “Excited to be starting a new school year?”

He knew it was a sore subject for one of the two teens—months after the Basileus’ defeat, she still begrudged the Department of SPB Affairs and the New Vindicators Academy of America for not letting her skip her senior year and deputize her as a Vindicator. He knew she was bitter, but the younger of the two harbored no such acerbity and the school’s headmaster was hardly about to dispense with pleasantries on the girl’s account.

While Prompt simply folded her arms across her generous chest, Torrent shrugged. Just because he was not overflowing with umbrage did not mean the athletic young man was not apathetic. “More curious than anything,” he said. “Why, on the day before classes kick off, are we told to come here, suited up in these uniforms?” It was the first time Torrent had worn the formfitting uniform the students of the New Vindicators Academy wore. The costume was black save for a white ‘V’ that slashed down from the shoulders and formed over the chest. White, elbow-length gloves and boots that cut off just above the ankles finished the designated attire. “We expecting another attack or something? The way some of the others talk, it sounds like we’re setting a new record: it’s been how many weeks since Deimos popped in here?”

Doctor Howell opened his mouth to offer a retort, only to be cut off by the entrance of two more guests clad in the team colors. Unlike Prompt and Torrent, they were not students of the school but were members of the faculty. “Miss Bedford and Miss Wellor,” Doctor Howell offered cheerily as the pair of blondes entered. “How are you both this fair-?”

“Save it, doc,” Chienne hissed as she leaned against a bookcase stuffed with reference material. “The sooner we get on with this little assignment, the sooner I can get out of this idiotic costume. It may move better than leather and it may be more durable than spandex but really, I’d rather just be in my jeans and a shirt.” She stretched, as if to test the flexibility of the Kevlar bodysuit. “Any particular reason I absolutely have to fly the colors?”

“Thanks to the efforts of the Vindicators over the last few months, the public is starting to view us as heroes, rather than… say, walking, talking nuclear weapons.” Prompt rolled her eyes at such a statement; it was a gesture that did not go unnoticed by the headmaster. The prestige the Vindicators were enjoying was due to their saving Chicago from the Basileus’ invasion and it was Prompt who had stopped the Basileus. “There’s some cachet to the uniform, Miss Bedford. I dare say, it may come in handy out there today.

“I have a small recruitment mission for you,” he offered in an attempt to veer them on course. “However covert our relationship with the Department of SPB Affairs may be, it affords us the full use of their resources. When local law enforcement suspects that they’re dealing with an SPB, they notify the Department of SPB Affairs. When the situation relates to a teenager, we’re notified and given the chance to find resolution to the issue.”

“So you want us to go nab some kids on the fast track to juvie?” Torrent asked. “Fuggin’ nuts, man…”

“Mister Titus, please watch your-”

Torrent threw his hands up in surrender and leaned back, away from the headmaster’s desk. “Dude, I said ‘fuggin’—not an actual word.”

The headmaster shook his head. Already he was regretting his decision to include Torrent in this assignment. While the youth had proven himself months ago on the night of Deimos’ raid, the fifteen-year-old’s juvenile behavior was beginning to grate on the administrator—not that he expected maturity from a sophomore, no matter the roots of the word.

“In any case, these young people are not all criminals. Police in Alaska found a boy living on the streets of Juneau. When they attempted to bring him in, several things combusted and the boy used the chaos to escape. They assume that the boy was a Neo-Sapien—one possessing some sort of flame ability. Maybe they’re right and maybe they’re wrong. Regardless, it’s best to err on the side of caution: it the boy is a Neo-Sapien, he may need our help. If not… nothing is lost.

“I would like to divide you into two groups in order to more quickly cover these cases. Miss Bedford will take Prompt while Miss Wellor will take Torrent.”

“And, uh… which of us is Alaska-bound?”

“Miss Bedford’s group will be handling the assignments on the west coast,” Doctor Howell said as he turned towards Torrent once more. “Aside from Mister Loder, Miss Bedford is the only one capable of piloting our jet… seeing as it has no engines.”

“Right,” a bored Chienne said, “so we’re headed to Juneau and where else?”

“Seattle.” The doctor slid a manila folder towards Chienne. He met her eyes with a warning glance and only removed his oversized paw when she stepped forward to claim it.

As Chienne skimmed the contents of the folder, Prompt fixed the blonde with a curious look that she soon turned on the headmaster. Suspicion flashed in her eyes as she realized that there was something about the case the headmaster was not willing to disclose before the group. “I got it,” Chienne said soberly. If anything, she no longer sounded bored. She handed the file back to the man and gave him a curt nod. “If there’s nothing else? Prompt and I will be heading out.” When the administrator said nothing, the woman turned and made her way out into the hall of the school. Prompt hurried after her and nearly ran into Boson and a young man she had not seen before.

The boy looked to be several years her junior. His dark brown hair was worn in an unkempt mop and his glasses idly slid down his nose. The short boy’s face was as gaunt as his body—his thin frame was pronounced by the skintight uniform he had donned.

He gave Prompt pause but the threat of being left behind by Chienne had her hurry to catch up. “Miss Wellor, Mister Titus, may I introduce you to Solon Carlyle? Mister Carlyle has just transferred here and will be joining you on today’s assignment.”

The short, skinny boy eagerly offered his hand to Torrent in greeting. “Great,” Torrent offered apathetically. “So, what am I s’posed to call you?”

Solon turned to the headmaster with his jaw agape. “Well, if we get to pick our own codenames… I’m partial to ‘the Aurelius’.” The name meant nothing to Torrent or his chaperone. It was Doctor Howell who explained…

“Solon’s family is descended from the same man the current Aurelius and Miss Covington are.”

“I’ve been homeschooled up until now,” Solon said, interrupting the headmaster excitedly. “My dad taught me everything he knows about the mystic arts. When we found out about Doctor White’s… inability to continue…” He couldn’t help but chuckle at the Aurelius’ handicap: well over a year ago, Earth’s Master Mage had lost an arm in the war against Apocatastasis. Though outfitted with a prosthetic, without the ability to weave the intricate hand signs through the air, his career as a sorcerer was at an end.

At the revelation that his daughter had picked up some degree of arcane ability, he had hoped she would pursue such studies and take over for him. When it became clear that she had no desire to follow him down the path he had taken, he had offered her cousin, Adrianna Covington, the chance to learn under him as his apprentice. She too had declined, preferring instead the life of a Vindicator.

Another descendant of the original Aurelius—Joseph Anvil—used his magical mastery as an investigator for the Department of SPB Affairs. In a sense, he was doing everything it was the Aurelius’ job to do: if the reports were to believed, the man had fought Xolotl in Acayucan, Veracruz, uncovered a shtriga as the cause of mass infant deaths in Punta Gorda, Florida and forced Hanako-san to her final resting place… all within the last month. Despite that he was acting as the Aurelius would, he too had declined the job offer, preferring to work as a freeland detective the Department of SPB Affairs kept on retainer.

Solon, however, was eager to assume the Aurelius’ duties in monitoring the mystical world. He had presented himself before the Aurelius only to be found lacking. After learning that the man’s first two choices had been graduates of this school, Solon had petitioned his parents to enroll him, that the experience might make him a better candidate.

While the boy was certainly eager to prove himself, Doctor Howell detected a smidgen of hubris in him. The man knew little about the Aurelii gens but judging from the conversation he had had with Solon’s parents, he took it that the boy came from an affluent home and lacked anything that remotely resembled understanding of how the real world worked.

Suddenly, the headmaster knew why the Aurelius had turned the boy away…

Regardless, one thing could not be denied: with Portal and the Aurelia on the Vindicators’ active duty roster, they could not be expected to shuttle the faculty around the world on a whim.

Then again, as Doctor Howell understood it, Portal had dispatched the Aurelia on a similar mission for the school…

“Amongst Mister Carlyle’s repertoire of arcane talents is the ability to teleport those standing within his vicinity from one place to another simultaneously. His range is limited, true, but he should have no trouble in escorting you both to Michigan and West Virginia.”

“What’s in Michigan and West Virginia?” Torrent asked as Boson moved to quietly excuse herself. She was halted by Doctor Howell, who merely asked her to wait while he finished up with Fossick’s group.

“A boy in Michigan was being beaten up by some of his new classmates. According to the police report, when he moved to fight them back, green flames appeared in his eyes and a spectral hammer formed in his hand.

“As for West Virginia, a foster family threw a young man out of their home after he suddenly disappeared from the dinner table, only to reappear in his bedroom.

“You’ll find Mister Hilton at the Wayne County Justice Center. As for Mister Bellows, your guess is as good as mine. That’s where you’ll come in, Miss Wellor: your ability should allow you to locate the boy and Mister Carlyle can keep up with him through teleportation.”

“And… what am I supposed to do?” Torrent asked. “I mean, it makes sense: Miss Bedford transports while Christmas finds the kids. You’ve got Miss Wellor and the magic man so… why did I bother getting out of bed?

“Mister Carlyle only arrived on campus late last night,” Doctor Howell explained, “whereas you have been living here for several months now. You’ll be able to talk to these young people on their level, communicating with them in a way Miss Wellor cannot.”

“I’m bait, huh?” Torrent considered it for a moment before finally shrugging. “Whatever, I guess. I’m ready to go when you guys are.”

Only when the trio left was Doctor Howell left alone with a former student of this school: though she had never technically graduated, the young woman born Clarissa Townsend had been tested in more ways than one and was awarded her diploma. Now, Clarissa was a full-time Vindicator and a part-time student at Columbia University. At the moment, she was also curious as to why the headmaster had asked her to stay…

“As you know, a few months ago, the Affiliation raided Black Box’s headquarters to liberate our stolen files. I’ve spent some time reacquainting myself with them in the hopes of pinpointing latent Neo-Sapiens, just as Black Box did. I came across the file of a young woman I found quite fascinating…

“Her name was Veronica Cambridge and she was a year ahead of you. Do you remember her?”

Clarissa shrugged. “Vaguely. I mean, I didn’t know her but I knew of her, I guess. Why?”

“Miss Cambridge was a Neo-Sapien capable of imbuing others with protective barriers. She could not generate such a barrier around herself, however, and that led to her death during the Massacre. Her powers appear to be very similar to yours. I’ll admit, it’s not much: Alicia Gladstone and Gale Weathers both possess abilities that grant them dominion over the elements but there is hardly a genome shared between the two women. I very likely would not have noticed, had it not been for her picture.” Doctor Howell leaned forward and offered the young Vindicator a picture of the girl cut down in her junior year of high school. Veronica was blonde with high cheek bones. She was tall and sported a thick frame—broad shoulders and wide hips. “The similarities are fairly striking. I’m honestly surprised that no one ever said anything.”

“Doctor Styles asked me if I had a sister once—said I looked like someone… I told her I was adopted and she left it at that…”

“What if I told you that Miss Cambridge was also adopted?”

Clarissa froze.

“There are several instances of Neo-Sapiens being adopted: Max Fitzpatrick, the young man codenamed Tusk, was adopted. James and Doug Kirk were adopted. In these instances, Black Box failed to incarcerate their adoptive parents. They were only concerned with restraining possible Neo-Sapiens and were actually above abducting those without a genetic tie to a Neo-Sapien. This is why your mother—Doctor Townsend—was never taken. It’s also why Miss Cambridge’s parents were left unmolested.

“According to your record, you were born in New Castle, Wyoming. So was the late Miss Cambridge.”

“Wait… Are you telling me this girl…” Clarissa brandished the picture of Veronica angrily. “She was my sister?”

Doctor Howell could only respond with a shrug. “I don’t know,” he said sadly. “Without testing, it’s impossible to be certain but-”

“But what?” thundered Clarissa. “If there’s a chance that I had a sister, I want to know!”

“I understand. However, I think we should be considering-”

“Was she buried here? Did her adopted parents have her body sent back to… to wherever she grew up?”

“Miss Townsend-”

“We have to dig her up…”

“Are you familiar with the Gospel of Luke?”

The question was so strange that it successfully silenced her.

“After Jesus’ death, his mother and others went to the tomb to prepare his body, only to find the stone rolled away and two men—widely accepted as angels—lazing about the crypt. The angels look at the women and ask them, ‘Why seek ye the living among the dead?’

“You’re so adamant to find out if you have a dead girl as your sister but haven’t you given any wonder as to whether or not the people who put the both of you up for adoption are still alive? I was adopted. My parents—the Howells—they don’t have a Neo-Sapien power. I’ve often wondered if my mother is permanently trapped in a similar state. Is my father able to freely transition from being a human to being an ape? I know that Mister Reagan has been frequenting Vienna—talking with his aunt Iulia in the hopes that he can find a way to bring his powers under control—but what about you, Clarissa?

“It takes you an exuberant amount of focus in order to maintain anything more complicated than simple geometric shapes. Perhaps if you had a teacher—someone with more control over their Neo-Sapien abilities—you might be very well become one of the strongest members of your team.

“What say you, Miss Townsend? Can I help you find your biological parents?”
To Be Continued... wrote:Enter: The Lumantas.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Prologue and Chapter 1101

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Just reading the description for NV#105 on January 4th 2010 made my anxiety increase.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Prologue and Chapter 1101

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flynnarrel wrote:Just reading the description for NV#105 on January 4th 2010 made my anxiety increase.

Why? Are you thinking that the students are going to become involved with powers beyond human ken(der)? :twisted: