Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Re: Psistrike's 3rd Edition creations

Post by Gilliam » Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:24 am

I like the fights you have put up, I am surprised that Ice went down so easily.

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Post by Psistrike » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:26 pm

Dracoant PL:12 Minion Rank:14

Concept: Powerful, ancient ant species
Environment: Any subterrainian, giant ant mounds above ground sometimes
Height/Length: 8' tall, 12' long on average
Weight: 1500-2000 lbs.
Eyes: Pure black and glossy
Hair: [if any] None
Skin/Scales/Fur/Feathers: Black exo-skeleton

Strength 12, Stamina 6, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 10, Intellect -, Awareness 1, Presence 0

Ant senses: Senses 4 [Darkvision, Scent, Tracking] • 4 points
Many buggie legs: Movement 1 [Wall-crawling], Speed 2 [8 mph] • 3 points
Giant ant: Growth 4 [+2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge/Parry, +4 Str and Sta; Permanent, Innate] • 9 points
Tough exo-skeleton: Immunity 11 [radiation, plasma-descriptor], Protection 10, Impervious • 31 points
Plasma bio-weapons: Damage 6, Penetrating, Secondary Effect ["plasma sting"], Ranged Weaken Toughness 14, Affects Objects [+1], Secondary Effect Linked to Ranged Damage 14, Secondary Effect • 98 points

Advantages Fast Grab

Skills Athletics 4 [+16], Ranged Combat: Plasma spray 10 [+10]

Initiative +1
Bite +10, Close, Damage 12
Plasma Sting +10, Close, Damage 6, Penetrating, Secondary Effect
Plasma Spray +10, Ranged, Weaken Toughness 14 linked to Damage 14, both Secondary Effect

Dodge 8, Parry 8
Toughness 16*, Fortitude 12, Will 1
*10 Impervious

Power Points
Abilities 36 + Powers 145 + Advantages 1 + Skills 7 [14 ranks] + Defenses 16= 205 Total

Insect: Dracoants are giant insects, despite their exotic abilities. Thus they are driven by instinct, can't talk, nor do they have proper hands for manipulating things.
Weak Point: The antennas on their heads share none of their protection and have Toughness 6. Aimed shots at these can disable their ant senses as well and even leave them effectively blind.

:arrow: Powerful creatures, they are extremely dangerous for their PL and can take on higher PL beings with ease. Plus they always travel in groups of 2-6 at least, sometimes swarms of up to 100.

Description of Powers: Able to lift up to 100x their own weight, they are stronger than true ants. Their exo-skeletons are extremely tough and dense, capable of taking tankfire without harm. Standing on average 8' tall and 12' in length, they weight from 3/4 to 1 ton. They have the normal senses of an ant and can climb on walls with ease.

Immune to radiation and all forms of plasma, it is unknown how they developed their attacks and defenses. Their sting can inject plasma which burns through most things, leaving only charred bones behind on living creatures. They can spray a jet of concentrated plasma which can reduce most anything to dust and slag, reserving it for tough opponents or obstacles, never prey.

Description: The Center first discovered these creatures in reality #22, several agents lost their live and 3 levels of the local base were destroyed when one escaped containment. Thus all creatures are sent to seperate facilities away from Center bases now.

Dracoants, giant ants the size of small cars. Covered in a tough, black exo-skeleton and possessing 6 legs. Tougher than a battleship, they can lift up to 100x their own weight. Able to rip through titanium with ease, their bite can pierce reinforced steel. The true threat of these creatures are their plasma-based attacks. Their sting can inject enough plasma to kill a horse and reduce it to charred bones. Their plasma spray is the biggest threat, able to corrode and destroy anything given time.

All Center operation to study them are done at a distance, even a 4 man team of field agents can be overwhelmed by just one of these. An ancient species, they were altered to the surface world only due to the actions of a mad scientist testing weapons underground. They attack anything they perceive as a threat or as a food source, needing extreme force to take down even one. Always found in grounds of 2-6 at least, some massive groups of up to 100 have been sighted outside their underground hives.

All details show that only one hive has discovered the surface world and mostly stay underground. Studies of other realities show more dormant hives and ones somehow contained underground, each only in realities where a Freedom City exist. The species was named by an arcanist staff member who loved DnD, likening the ants in power to dragons.

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Eve vs Knockout [DC Universe]

Post by Psistrike » Thu Jul 14, 2011 6:29 pm

Eve and Knockout start with no conditions and 1 HP.

Smallville, Kansas in an open field
Knockout tried to call out Superboy for a fight, but instead ended up with a buxom teenage girl wearing a costume like Power Girl's only blue with a red cape and yellow boots. "Sorry, but Superboy is visiting Superman right now. Will I do?" Eve says with a smirk. "Well, you're definately hot enough, too bad I'm into guys. Still, let's see what you got." Knockout said as she gestured for Eve to come at her.
Initiative: Eve 19, Knockout 24
With a powerful haymaker, Knockout clocks Eve on the jaw and draws blood. Wiping her jaw, Eve grins and counters with an uppercut, leaving Knockout hurt and dazed. "That is how you hit someone in the jaw."
Round 1
Knockout goes for a haymaker. +5 DC, -5 Hit. 16 vs Parry 6, just hits. 34 Toughness vs 35 DC, -1 Hit. Eve goes to counter with an uppercut. +2 DC, -2 Hit. HP to reroll, 20 vs Parry 9, hit. 24 vs DC 31, -1 hit and dazed.

Eve: -1 hit, 0 HP, Knockout: -1 Hit, dazed, 1 HP
Knockout tries to hit with both fist in a powerful blow, but misses entirely as she overextends herself. Eve tries to hit with a flurry of punches but Knockout easily parries them all. "Rookie, you are no where near the fighter even Superboy is."
Round 2
Knockout goes with a double-fisted blow to the head. +5 DC, -5 Hit. 12 vs Parry 6, miss. Eve goes a rapidfire barrage of punches. 16 vs Parry 9, miss.

Eve: -1 hit, 0 HP, Knockout: -1 hit, 1 HP
"Time to see if you have staying power." Knockout says as she delivers a swift punch to Eve's gut, hearing a grunt of pain. Only to be countered with a fast snapkick as Eve aims for the chest, only to have Knockout armblock it. "I can last longer than you can!" Eve shouts as her attack is brushed off. "Are you so sure, girly?" Knockout says as what minor cuts and bruises she has have noticably healed.
Round 3
Knockout goes for an accurate punch to the gut. 20 vs. Parry 6, hit with +2 DC. 30 Toughness vs 32 DC, -1 hit. Eve goes for a swift snapkick. 22 vs Parry 9, hit with +1 DC. 32 Toughness vs DC 32, she isn't even fazed. Knockout seems no the worse for wear now. Regens -1 hit.

Eve: -2 hits, 0 HP, Knockout: 0 hit, 1 HP
With a vicious kidney punch, Knockout hurts Eve even more. "Guess you can take the pain, but for how long, pretty girl." she snears, only to see Eve zoom up into the air. "Can't hit what you can't reach." she said as red beams lance from her eyes and leave Knockout with minor burns and her hair singed.
Round 4
Knockout does a kidney punch. +2 DC, -2 Hit. HP to reroll, 19 vs Parry 6, hit with +1 DC. 28 vs DC 33, -1 hit. Eve moves out of range of Knockout by flying 60 ft up and fires her heat vision. 23 vs Dodge 9, hit with +2 DC. 24 Toughness vs DC 29, -1 hit.

Eve: -3 hits, 0 HP, Knockout: -1 hit, 0 HP
"You are never out of my reach." Knockout cries as she rips up a huge chunk of dirt and rock, hurling it at Eve. Only to see from the settling dirt cloud Eve with her arms crossed and unharmed. "No, but it sure does limit your options." she taunts as another volley of heat vision flies from her eyes. Only to leave the ground several feet behind Knockout scorched.
Round 5
Knockout rips up a huge chunk of earth and hurls it at Eve. GM fiat to reroll, 21 vs Dodge 6, hit with +2 DC. 32 vs DC 32, unharmed. Eve fires with her heat vision again. 14 vs Dodge 9, miss.

Eve: -3 hits, 1 HP, Knockout: -2 hits, 0 HP
"Try and dodge this!" Roundout cries out as she rips up a massive chunk of earth bigger than a van and hurls it. Only to have Eve just barely avoid it and seeing it come crashing down in the distance. "Guess you are too much of a coward to come down and fight me face to face anymore." Knockout says with a look of contempt. "Guess again!" Eve cries out as Knockout sees her at the last moment in a divebomb, smashing her into the ground leaving a crater beneath her feet.
Round 6
Knockout rips up a massive chunk of solid earth. +3 DC, -3 Hit. 15 vs Dodge 6, miss. Eve power dives in a charge. Slam Attack at full speed. 23 vs Dodge 9, hit with +2 DC. 29 Toughness vs DC 35, -1 hit and dazed. Eve saves 27 vs DC 24 for no damage. Knockout regens -1 hit.

Eve: -3 hits, 1 HP, Knockout: -2 hits, dazed, 0 HP
With a quick jab to the chest, Knockout leaves Eve dazed and tries to grab her, only to have the stronger girl burst free. "Interesting, this should make our fight fun. And your death at my hands afterwards all the more enjoyable." Knockout said with a sick smile. "Not going to happen!" Eve cried out and in a blur of movement hammers Knockout with a barrage of attacks that leave her hurting.
Round 7
Knockout goes for a quick jab. +2 Hit, -2 DC. 24 vs Parry 6, hit with +4 DC. 25 vs DC 32, -1 hit and dazed. Knockout uses Fast Grab. 24 vs 26, she can't hold onto the stronger Eve. Eve uses Extraordinary Effort for a double action surge. 3 regular punches, 23 vs Parry 9, hit with +2 DC. 23 vs DC 33, -1 hit and dazed. 2nd attack, 22 vs Parry 9, hit with +1 DC. 30 vs DC 32, -1 hit. 3rd attack. 25 vs Parry 9, hit with +3 DC. GM fiat to reroll, 26 vs DC 34, -1 hit.

Eve: -4 hits and dazed, 1 HP, Knockout: -5 hits, dazed, 0 HP
"I won't lose to a rookie like you!" Knockout yells in anger as she proceeds with a barrage of powerful punches on Eve. Only to see her foe still standing and her arms crossed. "Face it, you are injured and have lost. Surrender already." Eve says with smile. "Never!" to which Eve responds with a combonation of 2 punches and a kick which leave Knockout hurting. "And now." she asked once more. "I won't surrender to the likes of you!" was all even needed to hear to punch Knockout across the jaw once more.
Round 8
Knockout goes with a powerful barrage of punches. +5 DC, -5 Hit. 18 vs Parry 6, hit with +1 DC. Rolls a 20! 31 vs DC 36 but with 20, not hurt. A fatigued Eve goes with a punch, punch, kick combo. 22 vs Parry 9, hits with +1 DC. 17 vs DC 32, -1 hit and staggered. Eve surges for another action and strikes. HP to reroll, 25 vs Parry 9, hit with +3 DC. 26 vs DC 34, -1 hit.

Eve: -4 hits, fatigued, 0 HP, Knockout: -7 hits, staggered, 0 HP
Knockout goes with a powerful double-fisted uppercut, but misses Eve. Pushing herself she strikes once again and hears bones cracking from the force of the blow, leaving Eve bloodied and rubbing her jaw. "That does it!" Eve cries out and hits with a powerful uppercut that sends Knockout flying into the air. Landing unconscious and not moving, Eve sighed with relief. "Now maybe I can get patched up so I can finish my chores already."
Round 9
Knockout surges for an extra action and uses both to attack. +5 DC, -5 Hit, +5 Hit, -5 Active Defenses. 14 vs Parry 6, miss. 25 vs Parry 6, hit with +4 DC. 25 vs DC 39, -1 hit and staggered. Eve goes with a powerful uppercut. +2 DC, -2 Hit. 15 vs Parry 4, hit. 18 vs DC 33 and she is out of there!

Eve: -5 hits, Exhausted, staggered, 0 HP, Knockout: -8 hits, fatigued, staggered, incapacitated, 0 HP

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Solomon Grundy vs a Dracoant [DC Universe]

Post by Psistrike » Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:12 pm

Solomon Grundy and a Dracoant start with no conditions and 1 HP.

Undisclosed Dimension
Solomon Grundy found himself free and standing a giant white room. "Ah, good. We wish to test a dangerous creature against another dangerous creature and you were the perfect choice. Win this fight and we will put you back on your dimension's Earth, unharmed and free. Lose and we will place you into a location which will take you a long time to escape from."

"Grundy not lose to stupid creature. Grundy strong, strong enough to take on Superman." Grundy said, before his opponent became apparent in the shadows. A giant ant standing taller than him and as long as a gator. It chittered at him with a look of hunger.
Initiative: Solomon Grundy 14, Dracoant 9
Grundy tries to smash the ant with a powerful series of blows, only to find it unharmed as its tough chiten absorbed each strike. The dracoant gets annoyed and blast him with its plasma spray, burning off huge chunks of flesh and leaving him dazed.
Round 1
Grundy lumbers towards the giant ant and strikes. 22 vs Parry 8, hit with +2 DC. 35 vs DC 35, Dracoant is unharmed. Dracoant uses its plasma spray. 30 vs Dodge 8, hit with +6 DC and Crit for +5 DC. 30 vs DC 35, loses 5 Toughness. HP to reroll, 32 vs DC 40, -1 hit and dazed. Recovers 1 Toughness.

Grundy: -4 Toughness, -1 Hit, 0 HP, Dracoant: no hits, 1 HP
Grundy is angry and slams with everything he's got, wounding the dracoant and leaving it dazed. But the plasma continues to burn into his flesh. While the dracoant bites into his tenderized flesh and rips away some flesh. But it acts like it won't do so again. Undead flesh doesn't taste good.
Round 2
Grundy strikes with everything he has. +5 DC, -5 Hit. 24 vs Parry 8, hit with +3 DC. HP to reroll, 31 vs 41 DC, -1 hit and dazed. Plasma spray acts again. 34 vs 24 DC, no Toughness loss. 26 vs. 29 DC, -1 hit. Dracoant bites. 25 vs Parry 10, hit with +2 DC. 26 vs 29 DC, -1 hit. Recovers 1 Toughness.

Grundy: -3 Toughness, -3 hits, 0 HP, Dracoant: -1 hit, dazed, 0 HP
Grundy is furious now and puts everything he has into a double-fisted uppercut, leaving the dracoant hurting. The dracoant is confused by its prey not being more tender and hits with another plasma spray. Only to see Grundy barely affected.
Round 3
Grundy goes all-out. +5 Hit, -5 Active Def, +5 DC, -5 Hit. 19 vs Parry 8, hit. 31 vs 38 DC, -1 hit and dazed. Dracoant blast him with plasma spray again. 26 vs 5 Dodge, hit with +5 DC. 34 vs 29 DC, no Toughness loss. 31 vs DC 34, -1 hit. 1 Toughness recovered.

Grundy: -2 Toughness, -4 hits, 0 HP, Dracoant: -2 hits, dazed, 0 HP
His fury worsening, Grundy keeps attacking with everything he has and leaving himself wide open. The dracoant is left unharmed as it braced itself against the blows, while the plasma continued to burn into Grundy. Suddenly the dracoant ran for it, putting as much distance between itself and Grundy.
Round 4
Grundy does the same as last round. 25 vs 8 Parry, hits with +3 DC. 34 save with 20, vs DC 41. Unharmed. Plasma spray burns again. 33 vs 24, no Toughness loss. 27 vs 29 DC, -1 hit. Dracoant runs away from Grundy, giving 120 distance with its Speed. 1 Toughness recovered.

Grundy: -1 Toughness, -5 hits, 0 HP, Dracoant: -2 hits, 0 HP
Grundy tries to hurl a large rock at the dracoant and just barely misses it. The dracoant fires its plasma spray and burns off a huge area of flesh, leaving Grundy vulnerable to further attack.
Round 5
Grundy picks up a large rock and hurls it. 17 vs 8 Dodge, miss. Dracoant fires plasma spray. 20! 30 total vs Dodge 10, +5 DC with +5 DC crit. 29 vs DC 34, -5 Toughness. 20! -1 hit only with 29 total. 1 Toughness recovered.

Grundy: -5 Toughness, -5 hits, 0 HP, Dracoant: -2 hits, 0 HP
Grundy moves at uncommon speed to try and reach the dracoant, only to have the plasma burn him even more. The dracoant came in and hit with its stinger, only to leave Grundy unharmed by it and now in melee with the undead once more.
Round 6
Grundy takes a double move to get closer to dracoant. Plasma spray burns again. 23 vs DC 24, -1 Toughness. 19 vs 29 DC, -1 hit and dazed. Dracoant moves in and hits with its plasma sting. 24 vs 10 Parry, hit with +2 DC. 24 vs DC 23, unharmed. 1 Toughness recovered.

Grundy: -5 Toughness, -6 hits, dazed, 0 HP, Dracoant: -2 hits, 0 HP
Grundy has had enough isn't going to be beat by a bug. He moves in close to slam it repeatedly with punches, til it no longer moves. "Very well, Grundy. You will be returned to Earth, as promised. We consider this a successful test of the dracoant." they stated as Grundy disappears in a flash of light. "It seems we need to increase their natural toughness and the potency of its plasma to make it a viable weapon in our upcoming war." the mysterious figures say as they fade out.
Round 7
Grundy goes all out. +0 Hit, -5 Active Def, +5 DC. 23 vs 8 Parry, hit with +2 DC. 22 vs DC 40, incapacitated.

Grundy: -4 Toughness, -6 hits, 0 HP, Dracoant: -2 hits, incapacitated, 0 HP
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The Center items #1

Post by Psistrike » Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:31 pm

"The Babel Stone"
This is an ancient stone, carved from solid obsidian. Covered in runes and symbols of many cultures, some of which are lost to the ages. All test show that anyone within 30' of this giant stone can understand any spoken or written language. But an unknown failsafe causes it to cease all functions if any exotic items [Removable or Easily Removable items described as alien, super-tech or magical in nature] come within the 30' radius, only reactivating if such items are removed. The origin of this stone are unknown, all tests to determine its place of origin have failed.

Babel Stone
Solid black obsidian stone, stands 4', 3' wide. Weight: 1.5 tons. Covered in interacte runes and symbols, from an unknown number of different cultures and languages, runes and symbols constantly emit light blue glow. Kept on sub-basement 4.

Babel Stone: Comprehend 4 [Languages, all options], Affects Others Only, Area Burst, Features 4 [Mass 4: 1.5 tons] • 16 points

Power Loss: The stone shuts off if any Removable or Easily Removable items [see description above] are brought within area of Comprehend.
"Omega Sphere"
A sphere of pure black, absorbing any light or energy which comes within a few inches of it. Capable of projecting a beam of pure destructive force, capable of destroying anything in its path. Fueled with enough energy, it can destroy everything on the surface of a planent, leaving it barren and uninhabitable. Able to respond to strong sapient thoughts [All mental scores 0+] to project a beam of destructive energy.

The energy field around it will continue to spread as it feeds on energy, eventually activating it on its own. Due to the threat it poses, it is stored on sub-basement 10, kept within a containment field with energy nullifying properties at all times.

Plot Device
The omega sphere appears to be a baseball-sized sphere of pure black, unable to reflect light.

Omega Sphere-PL X properties include: Enhanced Damage X linked to Enhanced Weaken Toughness X, Fades, Reaction [After absorbing enough to become rank 20 in both Damage and Weaken Toughness, all points go towards adding Area Effect [Burst] [+X], Disintegration: Ranged Weaken Toughness, Affects Objects [+1], Linked to Ranged Damage 15
"Twisted Fate Coin"
An unusual coin, appears to be made of tranished gold. Has the image of an angel with tiny horns on the front, "Good for One Wish" written on the back. All scans of the coin reveal impossibly strong magic and nothing more. Once a wish is made on it, it teleports away to anohter location or even reality. An unknown entity is linked to the coin, immune to all effects. This powerful artifact is known to the Center, never having been contained by it for long. Each time it is obtained, some unknown force draws one of the staff to break the rules and make a wish, resulting in it disappearing afterwards no matter how we try to contain it.

Twisted Fate Coin
A true plot device, this item can grant any wish by always twist it as much as possible. An exception to this rule is for a truely selfless wish, which are never twisted. Wishing for power, to be a superhero, etc result in reality being changed so he has it, including changing the wisher. Always PL 7-8 but possessing the Power Points of someone 2 PLs higher + 5 PP more. Part of the wish granting nature, it always gives those who wish for it a lot of power. But never in the way or form expected by the individual.
"Silver Moon Artifacts"
Believed to be from a lost civilization which lived on the moon, an unknown number of powerful artifacts both there and scattered on Earth exist. Few have been unearthed so far and it is believed there are counterparts of these in most realities. Despite this the Center has only obtained them in a few realities so far.

Most commonly they are made of a silver-like substance and have moon-themed symbols on them. Powers vary but are normally power granting devices which give the wielder it bonds to the power to transform into a powerful warrior. Some artifacts are designed to work together with other Silver Moon artifacts, reason for this is inconculsive.

Some other known Silver Moon artifacts include various powers: The power to transform into different disguises [Morph rank 2], teleport over great distances or even communicate with the holder of other Silver Moon artifacts. The most powerful and ancient of these artifacts are normally sent to sub-basement 10 til tested and proven to be not such a huge threat. The Center #1 main base have discovered a pure white crystal in a simple star-pattern, radiating powerful cosmic energy. Several times it has pulsed, the result being all power being knocked out for a minute base wide.

Another noted Silver Moon major artifact has been left alone by those in Farside City [Main Freedom City reality, number only known to leader of Center #1 base] is the Silver Moon Tear. A giant white crystal in teh form of a teardrop, it eminates powerful cosmic energy and has unknown capabilities. Some theorize it is related to the Moonstone. All test show it is related to the star-pattern crystal kept in Center #1 base. Attempts to move it have all failed, seeming light but generating a massive gravitationl pull when someone attempts to move it.

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The Center items #2

Post by Psistrike » Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:24 pm

"Titan's Tome"
Testing show this is a powerful arcane artifact, crafted ages ago. 6" by 10" tome which is bound in cured leather, it depicts a giant human on the cover. 10 pages long, each covered in parts of a long arcane formula. For those who can detect magic, it radiates strong transmutation. Those in possession of thome are imbued with superhuman strength, like the titans of legend, able to imbue such strength into others as well for short periods. It is nearly indestrucable.

Titan's Tome
An old tome, bound in cured leather with an image of a giant human etched on the cover. Pages made of true velium from the hide of a bull. Kept in sub-basement 6, considered dangerous in the wrong hands.

Titan's Tome Easily Removable -16 points
Strength of a Titan: Enhanced Strength 10, Power-Lifting 2 [Lifting Strength: 12 for average human] • 22 points
Gift of the Titans: Enhanced Strength 10, Affects Others Only, Quirk: Last 5 minutes, Power-Lifting 2 [Lifting Strength: 12 for average human], Affects Others Only, Quirk: last 5 minutes • 20 points
"Stealth Spear"
Found on a world similar to those found in fantasy, due to a runic symbol found at the base of the shaft this spear is believed to be elven in design. Of moderate magical power, it is as strong as a normal spear of its size but enchanted to grant great ability to hide and blend in to its wielder. A flaw in its creature causes some physical weakness in the wielder as long as it is held. 4' long, it is made of treated oak for the shaft, with the spear head formed from green metal designed to look like a leaf.

Stealth Spear
Finely crafted spear with an oak wood shaft and unusual spearhead, made of unknown green metal and designed to look like a leaf. Kept on sub-basement 4, as it is minor threat at best.

Stealth Spear Easily Removable -2 points
Blend into Surroundings: Enhanced Skill 4 [Stealth 8, Limited to Hiding checks] • 2 points
Enchanted Spear: Strength-Based Damage 3, Accurate, Extended Reach • 5 points
Weakens the Wielder: Enhanced Strength -1 • -2 points
"Wizard's Scarab"
A dangerous item in the hands of any arcane spellcaster. Scarab-shaped pendant made of polished silver. It is designed so only those with even some minor level of true magical power can wear it. The wearer gains increased reasoning ability and is able to tap into their own learning better. Each wearer gains the knowledge and skill to use 4 spells which they don't already have.

Wizard's Scarab
A simple scarab pendant, the size of a normal badge and made of highly polished silver. Kept on sub-basement 6, as it is considered dangerous in the wrong hands.

Device 2 [hard-to-lose; Resistricted: Only those with 1+ ranks in Magic power]

Wizard's Scarab Removable -3 points
Increased Reasoning: Enhanced Intellect 6 • 12 points
Magic of the Scarab: Magic Array [4 new alternate effects] • 4 points
"Guardsman's Helmet"
Found mostly in Europe, most are still in good shape. Simple metal helmet with padding on the inside, most commonly seen worn by town guards. Radiating minor magic to those who can detect it. It gifts its weaver with the power to see in all directions at once, as well as a strong resistance to magic of any sort.

Guardsman's Helmet
Simple steel or bronze helmet designed to cover the head but leave the face unblocked, lined with cotton padding. Several dents are noticeable on the surface. Kept in sub-basement 4 while it is studied to figure out how to make duplicates.

Guardsman's Helmet Removable -4 points
Magical Resistance: Nullify 7, Reaction [Wearer is targetted by magic], Touch Range • 21 points
See Everything Around You: Senses 1 [Normal Vision [Radius] • 1 point
Power Resistance [magical-descriptor] 7, Super-Senses 1 [Normal vision [Radius]
"Solar Stone"
These stones appear to glow with an inner light, are yellow and all studies show they are made of solid sunlight. How such a feat was accomplished annoys some of the arcanist staff members to no end. Each is small enough to be held in a child's hand. When a holder concentrates he can will it to fire beam of either pure heat or focused sunglight.

Solar Stone
Each is a small stone of intense yellow which glows with an inner light, warm to the touch. Kept in sub-basement 6 due to its dangerous nature.

Solar Stone Easily Removable -3 points
Focused Heat or Sunlight: Ranged Damage 7, Accurate, Variable Descriptor [heat or sunlight] • 15 points
"Ruby Blade of Power"
A mystery to everyone at the Center, how it was constructed is unknown. A greatsword with a 6' long blade and a hilt for someone with large hands. The blade is made of enchanted ruby, unknown if some one large ruby or several merged by magic. The hilt is of polished bronze, a coil pattern winding down it. The blade is extremely sharp, capable of slicing through stone and more in the hands of the strong. The wielder can aim the blade at an object or living being, causing a ray of red energy to project from it and surrounding the target. This energy allows the blade wielder to move objects up to many tons.

Ruby Blade of Power
A powerful weapon made by unknown means. A greatsword with a 6' long blade made of enchanted ruby and a bronze hilt with a coil pattern winding down it. Kept in sub-basement 7 as it is exceptionally dangerous, especially in the hands of someone with superhuman strength.

Ruby Blade of Power Easily Removable -10 points
Red Energy Beam: Move Object 9 • 18 points
Ruby Blade: Strength-Based Damage 4, Improved Critical, Penetrating 4 • 9 points

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The Center items #3

Post by Psistrike » Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:30 pm

"Lightning Scepter"
A powerful artifact found in the ruins of world ruled by the Greek gods til a war between the god ruined the Earth. Made by followers of Zeus, this scepter seems to be endowed with a small piece of his power. An elegant specter, made of silver, with the image of a lightning storm etched onto its surface and a large clear quartz crystal on top. It radiates power magic which even those untrained to sense can feel pulsing from it. Those who wield such a scepter are highly resistant to all forms of electricity and can project strong bolts of lightning from teh quartz crystal on top.

Lightning Scepter
A specter, 1' in length, made of the finest silver with the image of a lightning storm etched onto its surface and a large quartz crystal on top. Kept in sub-basement 7 for now, while better countermeasures against intruders are made on the upper levels of the base it is in.

Lightning Scepter Easily Removable -10 points
Lightning Bolt: Ranged Damage 10 • 20 points
Protection of Zeus: Protection 10, Limited to electricity • 5 points
"Chainshirt of the Earthlord"
Discovered in the same world as the Stealth Spear, this chainmail shirt is of dwarven design. One of the finest crafted pieces found by the Center, the skill required to forge it is most likely lost. A hidden runic mark on the inside of the collar seems to indicate the dwarven clan its creator originated from. The wearer of this armor is given great protection from harm, powerful enchantments making the chainshirt itself indestructible. But the wearer is imbued with great skill at finding things and power over the earth and its related elements, probably due to the dwarves living underground.

Chainshirt of the Earthlord
A chainmail shirt of excellent quality steel and powerful enchantments. Indestructable by all known means so far. Kept in sub-basement 7 due to the threat of its powers in the wrong hands, along with the lack of means to negate that threat.

Chainshirt of the Earthlord Removable, Indestructible -4 points
Enchanted Dwarven Chainmail: Protection 5 • 5 points
Skilled Searcher: Enhanced Skill 4 [Investigate 8, Limited to Search checks] • 2 points
Power Over Earth: Perception Ranged Move Object 10, Limited to Earth • 20 points
"Shining Armor of the Healer"
An artifact found in the ruins of a Europian castle, this artifact is of unknown origin. All records from the past don't mention any knightly order which used such a symbol. Full plate armor without the helmet, it is made of an alloy of steel and platinum and has a caduceus symbol on the center of the chest plate. Its wearer gains great protection, is granted immunity to all forms of disease, illness and poison and the power to heal both themself and others by tough. An enchantment believed designed to deal with vampire and other creatures of darkness causes it to constantly glow with the equal of sunlight in a 30' radius.

Shining Armor of the Healer
A strong full plate armor, made of an unusual alloy of steel and platinum. Lacking a helmet, it has a caduceus symbol in the center of the chest plate. Although benign in nature, it is kept on sub-basement 7 due to its great defensive powers which could make someone unstoppable by normal police. .

Shining Armor of the Healer Removable -8 points
Enchanted Plate Armor: Protection 8, Impervious • 16 points
Grace of the Healer: Healing 10, Persistent, Stabilize, Immunity 2 [disease, poison] • 24 points
Light of the Heavens: Environment 1 [light, 2pp/rank], Close Range, Permanent • 1 point
"Ring of the Crypt Raider"
All records of this artifact show it as having been created in Europe, used by a group of grave robbers around 1225 A.D. It radiates minor divination and protective magic for those who can detect it. Ring of simple brass with a piece of amber. Wearer is protected by a force field which deflects attacks away from them, enhances their agility and dexterity and grants them the ability to read any language.

Ring of the Crypt Raider
A simple ring of brass with a piece of amber to make it stand out, it is minor magic, yet still durable. The wearer is granted increased dexterity and reflexes, is protected by an invisible force field which can deflect attacks away from them and can read any language. It is kept in sub-basement 4, as it is a minor threat at best, unless combined with the True Treasure Map.

Ring of the Crypt Raider Removable -3 points
Understand All Text: Comprehend 1 [Read any language] • 2 points
Agility of the Rogue: Enhanced Agility 2, Enhanced Dexterity 2 • 8 points
Invisible Force Field: Enhanced Defenses 8 [Dodge 4, Parry 4] • 8 points
"True Treasure Map"
Who made this is unknown, why is a different matter. Appearing to be a simple map of worn velum, it is blank when first found. It radiates extremely powerful divination magic and is much tougher than it appears. Even if destroyed it will reform given time. Anyone holding it can simply ask the map to show any particular type of item in an area, whereupon it will form a map of the area with glowing yellow dots on the location of asked for item. Ranging from simple things like gold or jewels or even broad categories like magic items or god artifacts.

True Treasure Map
A simple map of worn velum to all appearances and blank. A powerful form of divination is woven into the map and it can form a map of any area up to a continent size, with glowing yellow dots on it indicating the sought after type of treasure. It is kept in sub-basement 5, for no other reason than to keep it seperate from the Ring of the Crypt Raider.

True Treasure Map Easily Removable -10 points
Ultimate Treasure Map: Variable Power 5 [Senses 25 [Detect [any one category of "treasure" [see description above for examples] with Accurate, Acute, Counters Concealment 10, Counters Illusion, Extended 6, Radius, Ranged, Rapid; Limited to Above power only [-2] • 25 points
"Shard of the Godstone"
A powerful artifact of concentrated energy, believed to be a piece of the artifact which imbued all the ancient gods with power. Crescent-shaped piece of pure golden stone, the size of a basketball. Anyone able to detect magic and most magic sensors are overloaded from the extreme magic it radiates. Indestructible by any means short of the powers of a true god. It requires 72 hours straight of meditation while holding it and a strong will to be able to use its power. It allows those who can wield its power to imbue other beings and even objects with great power. No known limits to this or what can be granted, each it drains some of the user's lifeforce each time it is used.

Shard of the Godstone
A plot device artifact, it can imbue any kind of power to other beings and objects, yet not to those who can tap into its power. Each use drains the user of 2 Stamina which take 1 week a point to recover. Most wielders only tap into it once a month, least they leave themself severaly drained and sickly. It is the most dangerous artifact which is kept in the original Center base, although debate still goes on if it should be sent to the Vault. Found on sub-basement 10, it is behind the most powerful protective fieldds and wards to keep anyone out. Any employee of the Center caught attempting to gain the power to wield it are subject to immediate banishment to one of the "apocalypse" universes which have been discovered.
"Quantum Rearranger"
The powerful alien device seems to be a reality shard, a piece of a previous reality which was overwritten by a reality quake. It is in the shape of a phaser, like on Star Trek: TNG but the casing is made of a pure black metal of unknown origin. Energy readings are unable to pinpoint the exact nature of its power source. All test indicate if it weren't contained it would explosively realse enough energy to destroy a major party of a galaxy. Only known way to destroy it would be for it to come into contact with at least a pound of anti-matter, but would trigger the release of the power source. Responds to simple vocal commands of the being which holds it, capable of literally changing the nature of any matter or energy to another form or state. Exact limits: unknown.

Quantum Rearranger
A pure black "phaser" device which responds to vocal commands on what changes to make to a target, must be told to fire after change commands are finished. Alien in origin, from an unknown ancient culture for unknown reasons. Acts as Transform X [anything into anything] power, as well as Empowerment X power when programmed to. If it ever comes into contact with at least 1 pound of anti-matter, consider 3/4th of the galaxy it is currently within destroyed. Due to the extremely dangerous nature of this device, especially in the wrong or foolish hands, it is contained in no Center base, but in the pocket dimension vault used only for the most dangerous of items known as the Vault. Once an item is placed there, it is never removed, not for study or otherwise.

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Horned Rock Snake

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Horned Rock Snake PL: 7/Minion Rank: 4

Concept: Large subterrainian snake
Environment: Underground, mountaneous areas
Height/Length: 16-30' long, 2'+ thick
Weight: 2000-4000 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Scales: Light brown

Strength 7, Stamina 5, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 4, Intellect -4, Awareness 1, Presence -4

Huge Snake: Growth 4 [+2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Active Defenses, +4 Str and Sta], Innate, Permanent • 9 points
Snake Body: Protection 3, Movement 1 [Slithering] • 5 points
Snake Senses: Senses 6 [Acute, Accurate, Ranged Tactial Sense [Limited: Both snake and target must be in contact with ground], Infravision, Tracking [smell]] • 4 points
Powerful Horns: Burrowing 6 [4 mph through soil and sand, 2 mph through hard clay and packed earth, 1 mph through solid rock], Strength-Based Damage 3 • 9 points

Advantages Fast Grab

Skills Athletics 8 [+15], Intimidation 12 [+10, includes size modifier], Perception 8 [+9], Stealth 10 [+9, includes size modifier]

Initiative +3
Bite or Constriction +4, Close, Damage 7
Horn strike +4, Close, Damage 10

Dodge 6, Parry 6
Toughness 8, Fortitude 9, Will 2

Power Points
Abilities 8 + Powers 18 + Advantages 1 + Skills 19 [38 ranks] + Defenses 14= 60 Total

Cold-blooded: Cold blooded reptiles, they take heat from their surroundings. Thus they slow down in cold weather, acting as if dazed and hindered in cold weather. Against cold-based attacks they suffer another degree of effect.
Animal: As animals they don't speak and have no manipulatory limbs to use.
Light blindness: When in sunlight or bright light [like the area of the Environment 2pp/rank version of light] they suffer -2 to attack, active defenses and any check requiring sight.

:arrow: Despite their size, they weigh a lot less than their length would indicate. Thus they are only considered large for purposes of the Growth power.

Description of Powers: These massive snakes are adapted to life underground, able to see using heat pits to target its prey and feel vibrations in the ground around it. They can burrow through even solid rock at great speed, using a combination of raw strength and their horns to tear through it.

Their light brown scales are the color of dirt and allow them to blend easily into their environment. Its deadly horns are used with a headbutt or full on body slam head first. They are a member of the constrictor family of snakes, coiling around its prey and killing it with a powerful crushing grip.

Description: One of the first creatures discovered and studied by the Center, this species of snake is so rarely seen that most discount it as an urban legend. Rarely seen above ground, the horned rock snake is the largest snake in existance discovered so far.Their scales are the color of dirt, allowing them to blend into their environment easily despite their size.

Fully adapted to life underground, normally feeding on smaller burrowing animals and only coming to the surface when food is low. Possessed of an extreme level of strength, they are capable of crushing objects of solid steel and hiding in a car from them is useless. They grow up to 30 feet long and their bodies are 2-3 feet thick on average, larger specimens have been discovered.

Their most dangerous form of attack comes from the source of their name. A pair of large, sharp horns on top of their head, each slightly curved and possessing a razor-sharp tip capable of punching through steel.

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Shrieker PL: 5 /Minion Rank: 4

Concept: Subterrainian predatory bat-like creatures
Environment: Subterrainian cave complexes
Height/Length: 2-3' in length, wingspan from 8-12' feet
Weight: 10-25 lbs. for the largest ones known.
Eyes: Red, multifacited
Fur: Short black fur all over its body except for its wings and eyes.

Strength -1, Stamina 1, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect -4, Awareness 2, Presence -2

Small creature: Shrinking 4 [-2 Intimidation, +4 Stealth, +2 Active Defenses, -1 Str], Innate, Permanent • 9 points
Winged Predator: Flight 4 [30 mph], Wings, Protection 1 • 5 points
Sonar: Senses 2 [Accurate Hearing, Ultra-Hearing] • 3 points
Tail Stinger: Damage 4 Linked to Weaken Stamina 4, Progressive, Quirk 2 [Damage must inflict at least -1 hit for Weaken Stamina to work, Progressive only works as long as Shrieker keeps tail stinger in target] • 14 points
Strange Eyes: Perception Area [visual] Affliction 5 [Resisted by Fortitude, Impaired, Stunned, Incapacitated] • 10 points
Unusual Voice: Feature 1 [Unusual voice] • 1 point

Skills Perception 4 [+6], Stealth 4 [+10, includes size modifier]

Initiative +2
Tail stinger +6, Close, Damage 4 linked to Weaken Stamina 4

Dodge 7, Parry 8
Toughness 2, Fortitude 3, Will 3

Power Points
Abilities 8 + Powers 42 + Advantages 0 + Skills 4 [8 ranks] + Defenses 6= 60 total

Evil-tainted beast: The origin of these creatures are unknown, but some believe they are a form of vampire that turned bestial in the past. They can't speak, only emiting their cry, and have no manipulatory limbs. They take pleasure in feeding on other living beings and will kill even if not hungry.
Sunlight Weakness: Another hint at their possible vampire past is their weakness while in sunlight. Sunlight causes them to be Impaired and any sunlight-descriptor based attacks have an additional degree of effect.

:arrow: Dangerous creatures that attack in groups, they are always considered minions unless a more powerful version is introduced. Any cave system they are discovered in should be sealed off with them inside.

Description of Powers: Strange, bat-like creatures the size of a dog. They navigate by sonar and sunlight causes them pain. Capable of flight with large wings, their honeycomb bone structure both reinforces their body and makes them light enough to fly. Their name comes from their distinctive cry, high-pitched and shrill, as well as sounding like two people crying at once and has a natural echo effect.

Their 1' long tail end in a stinger, which they plunge into their victim's spine and drain the fluid through it. But it is their multifacited red eyes which make them really dangerous, as any who gaze upon them begin to suffer from nauseating vertigo and can even be reduced to unconsciousness.

Description: These flying vermin are a major threat to any living creature, hunting in packs of up to 20 total, in groups of 4. The reality these creatures originate from is classified from all but the top agents of the Center. They have a desire to feed on the spinal fluid of living beings, sucked through their tail stinger. Whether this is for food or some form of twisted pleasure is unknown, making them a high threat to any reality they exist in.

When entering any large cave system, care should be taken. Any number of these creatures could be lurking about. They appear to have the body and wings of large black bats, 2-3' tall with wingspans up to 12'. They possess large, multifacited red eyes which cause any who gaze upon them to suffer from nauseating vertigo and even unconsciousness. The real threat comes from their 1' long tails, ending in a stinger. Through this they can drain a victim's spinal fluid. They will attack any suitable creature nearby, no matter how big they are. If badly injured, they will flee.

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Aquatic ninja

Post by Psistrike » Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:49 pm

Aquatic ninja PL: 6/Minion Rank: 7

Concept: Amphibious ninja clan member
Environment: Underwater
Height/Length: varies [human height range]
Weight: varies [human weight range +15 lbs. due to tentacles and muscle mass]
Eyes: Black [no irises
Hair: varies [Human range of color, plus green, sea-green and light blue]
Skin: Light blue

Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 3, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence -1

Aquatic adaptations: Innate; Immunity 3 [cold, pressure, drowning], Movement 1 [Environmental Adaptation [Underwater], Protection 2, Power-Lifting 1 [Lifting Str 4; 800 lbs.], Swimming 6 [30 mph] • 15 points
Advanced Senses: Senses 6 [Accurate Hearing, Darkvision, Low-Light Vision, Ultra-hearing] • 6 points
Shoulder tentacles: Strength-Based Damage 2, Elongation 1, Limited to Extra Limbs, Extra Limbs 2 [2 tentacles] • 5 points

Camo clothing [varies, 1ep], Climbing claws [Movement 1 [wallcrawling], 2ep], Trident [Strength-Based Damage 3, Improved Critical, piercing, 4ep], 3 ep of additional gear as needed

Advantages Close Attack, Great Endurance, Equipment 2, Favored Environment [underwater], Language [1 human language], Move-By Action, Uncanny Dodge

Skills Acrobatics 6 [+8], Athletics 7 [+10], Close Combat: Tentacle stinger 1 [+5], Deception 4 [+3], Expertise: Underwater survival 8 [+8], Intimidation 4 [+3], Perception 2 [+3], Sleight of Hand 4 [+6], Stealth 8 [+10], Technology 4 [+4]

Initiative +2
Trident +4, Close, Damage 6
Tentacle stinger +5, Close, Damage 5

Dodge 6, Parry 7
Toughness 5, Fortitude 7, Will 3

Power Points
Abilities 26 + Powers 26 + Advantages 8 + Skills 24 [48 ranks] + Defenses 14= 98 Total

Amphibious: They are so strongly connected to life in the water, extended periods away from it are harmful and can even lead to death. When away from water for an extended time they become impaired, disabled and finally incapacitated before their condition becomes dying. Immersion in water immediately removes all accumulated conditions.
Protectors of the Oceans: All aquatic ninja are raised being taught their duty is to protect the oceans. They will go to any lengths to stop those who threaten them.
Weakness: Highly vulnerable to fire and heat, adding 1 degree more of effect to all such attacks.

:arrow: A race of altered humans centuries old, good counterpart to any other aquatic races and powerful enough to be a threat when need be.

Description of Powers/Gear: Amphibious magically altered humans. Adapted to live in the deepest of oceans and resisted extreme cold. Fast swimmers with strong eyesight and natural sonar. Possess two tentacles extending from their shoulderblades which end in bone stingers.

Each is outfited with climbing claws, a trident and camoflaged outfits as fitting the mission. Additional gear is available when needed. All are trained in the skills of a ninja and learn the basics of current surface technology as well.

Description: This is a typical, low-level member of an aquatic ninja clan. From what has been discovered, including asking some of them, they are decendants of a ninja clan whom centuries ago cast powerful magic to escape the army of a local lord. It adapted them to life underwater in various ways.

Capable of surviving in the greatest depths of the ocean and the coldest of environments, they are able to reach speeds up to 30 mph and their eyesight is adapted to be able to see in the murkiest of depths, while also possessing a natural form of sonar developed over several generations. Each member of their clan appears to be a well-muscled and toned human, with the except of their pure black eyes, light blue skin and a pair of tentacles extending from their shoulderblades which end in large bone stingers.

All them wear a blue loin cloth made of fish scales, although they have a camo outfit as needed for missions. Outfited with climbing claws and a trident to fight with, most missions are on underwater foes or against towns by the shore of the ocean, although they can breath air they feel uncomfortable being out of water for too long. Each is stronger and tougher than the average human, due to living in the underwater depths for generations now.

Each tentacle can act as an extra hand and arm, able to grip things and even grapple with them. They can extend up to 15 feet in length, while the bone stingers on each can strike with deadly force. All are expert swimmers and trained in the traditional skills of a ninja, but share a weakness to fire and heat.

Having grown beyond greed and having everything they need provided by the sea, they have gained new purpose in life. Trained in sabotage missions against the surface, such as against whaling and drift-net fishing ships, oil derricks and other threats to the peace and life of the ocean. They rarely interact with Atlanteans [if they exist in the setting] but are on peaceful terms with them.
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Splicer [DC Universe version]

Post by Psistrike » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:50 pm

Splicer PL 8

Quote: "Trust me, I'm a doctor."
Concept: Mad scientist
Occupation: Geneticist, former physician
Base of Operations: Hub City
Real Name: Herbert Meltin
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Age: 34 years old

Strength 3, Stamina 5, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 6, Awareness 3, Presence 4

Gene Treatments: Immunity 2 [aging, disease [Half effect only], Regeneration 1, Protection 3 [instant regeneration] • 5 points

9 ep worth of gear as needed.
Hidden Lab: Size: Large, Toughness: 10, Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System, Effect: Gene treatment chamber: Affliction 7 [Resisted by Fortitude, Dazed, Stunned, Transformed], Progressive; Feature 1 [Genetic alteration], Limited: Subject can only undergo genetic alteration by the chamber once. , Fire Prevention System, Holding Cells [Toughness 15], Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Secret 3, Security System, Workshop • Cost: 21 ep

Advantages Benefit 5 [Cypher, Wealth 4 [multi-millionaire],Connected, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 6, Fearless, Great Endurance, Inventor, Minion 8 [anthro-dogs], Well-Informed

Skills Athletics 4 [+7], Deception 8 [+12], Expertise: Criminal 6 [+12], Expertise: Genetics 12 [+18], Expertise: Medicine 8 [+14], Insight 6 [+9], Investigation 10 [+16], Perception 6 [+9], Persuasion 8 [ +12], Sleight of Hand 4 [+7], Technology 8 [+14], Treatment 8 [+14]

Initiative +2
Unarmed +4, Close, Damage 3

Dodge 6, Parry 6
Toughness 8, Fortitude 8, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 66 + Powers 5 + Advantages 26 + Skills 44 [88 ranks] + Defenses 14= Total 155

Insane: The gene treatments which gave him health and strength also messed up his brain chemistry. He is motivated by an insane belief that hybrid lifeforms, of his own creation, are the future of Earth.
Enemy: As Splicer, he is wanted by the authorities and by The Question for unleasing monsters in Hub City and beyond.
Identity: Herbert Meltin, retired doctor and geneticist
Reputation: As Splicer, he has a reputation as a mad scientist in the scientific and medical community.

:arrow: A scientist and doctor with a nobel ideal, twisted by his own untested creation. Now he seeks to replace humanity with hybrid lifeforms. The gene treatment chamber can give others any power an existing superhuman has as a genetic power, although always of a lesser level.

Description of Powers: Splicer is stronger and tougher than he appears thanks to the gene treatments. He is highly resistant to disease and illnesses, while only aging at half normal rate. He heals faster than a normal human from injuries and so fast as to be instantaneous from minor cuts and bruises.

The real threat of Splicer is from his genetics knowledge and gene treatment chamber. He has an unknown number of anthro-dogs loyal to him and those whom he has genetically altered who owe him a favor. His lab/home/workshop is oufited with everything he needs to contain subjects and perform his experiments, while remaining hidden from the public.

Doctor, Heal Tyself
Herbert was always highly intelligent, noticable even from an early age. But his interest in medicine and genetics came from his sickly nature. Born with several illnesses, he was in and out of hospital from the day he was born and had to be home schooled.

But as he grew up, he realized there was no cure for him, not from the people currently studying medicine. There were more deadly diseases to figure out the cure for first. Thus he took it upon himself to learn all he could about medicine. Everything he could find online said his illnesses were most likely genetic, leading him to study up more on the current genetic research he could find.

By the age of 18, he was able to take medical courses from home and had his degree by the age of 20. Furthering his studies, he gained a master's degree in genetics by the age of 23. He worked as an online physician for years, amassing a small fortune and making sound investments. Til an experimental gene treatment chamber of his own design was complete, by the age of 30.

Testing it upon himself first in an act of arrogance, it worked beyond his wildest dreams. All his illnesses were gone, his strength and stamina increased beyond their previous levels. He even found, upon testing his DNA, he was more resistant to illnesses than before and even aged more slowly. But there had been a problem, it affected his brain chemistry. For now he craved to transform others in new ways, to create hybrid lifeforms, ones who in his opinion would replace humans as the new dominant lifeform on Earth.

Mad Doctor, Monster Maker
Taking all his resources and pull out of the stockmarket, he hired descrete contractors to build him a hidden lab in Hub City. Containment cells, advanced medical tools and more were in place, as was the gene treatment chamber. He would first make changes to animals, creating beings to serve him and his plans.

With a group of newly created anthro-dogs under his command, he began to collect DNA samples from known superhumans. Soon he began to abduct the homeless and those who he believed wouldn't be missed. Humans granted minor versions of the powers seen in several superheroes, he hadn't planned on the gene treatments to be unstable and wear off after mere days.

Each of his victims lost their memories of everything which happened upon their powers fading, leaving him in the clear for the time being. More tests spread out over years allowed him to finetune his gene treatment chamber, so they were permanent on his newer subjects. But most of his victims didn't survive to escape, as he dissected them to study the changes in more detail, to hone his craft.

Now with the promise of incredible power, he attempted to infuse himself with a lesser copy of Superman's powers. Only to find his gene treatment chamber can only affect each subject once. Stuck with what he had, he began to advertise his services to the underworld, for a small fortune anyone could become superhuman. If only he knew how close The Question was to locating his operations base and shutting him down.

Description: Herbert is an attractive and healthy man due to his own gene treatment. He is stronger and tougher than he looks, with a deep tan and no scars. He keeps his black hair short and trimmed, while gray eyes show a clinical detatchment to others.

He is almost always in his lab/home and wears a blue shirt and black jeans most of the time, with a white lab coat on at all times.

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Trace [DC Universe version]

Post by Psistrike » Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:01 pm

Trace PL 10

Quote: "You can't hide from me, I will find you."
Concept: Genetically altered henchman of Splicer
Occupation: Bounty hunter for Splicer
Base of Operations: Mobile
Real Name: Adam Blank [assumed name]
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with criminal record [minor crimes such as breaking and entering, etc.]
Identity: Secret [authorities know who he is]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Age: 24 years old

Strength 7, Stamina 8, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 10, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 2

Gene Treatments: Immunity 2 [aging, disease], Power-Lifting 1 [Lifting Strength: 8], Regeneration 5 • 8 points
Gene Enhanced Senses: Senses 14 [Accurate, Acute, Extended Smell, Extended Hearing, Danger Sense, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Tracking 2 [Smell], Ultra-Hearing, Ultravision] • 14 points[/b]

Weapons: Custom Heavy Pistol [Ranged Damage 4, Accurate; 9 ep], Tranq Rifle [Ranged Affliction 3, Resisted by Fortitude, Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep, Cumulative; 1 ep], Bolos [1 ep], Car with Hidden Compartments [9 ep]
Advantages Accurate Attack, Assessment, Benefit 3 [Cypher 3], Diehard, Equipment 4, Fast Grab, Fearless, Great Endurance, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Startle, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge

Skills Acrobatics 6 [+10], Athletics 8 [+15], Close Combat: Unarmed 3 [+13], Deception 6 [+8], Expertise: Criminal 8 [+10], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+10], Insight 8 [+12], Intimidation 8 [+10], Investigation 7 [+9], Perception 8 [+12], Ranged Combat: Guns 10 [+14], Stealth 8 [+12], Technology 4 [+6], Treatment 4 [+6], Vehicles 4 [+8]

Initiative +4
Custom Heavy Pistol +16, Ranged, Damage 4
Tranq Rifle +14, Ranged, Damage 3
Unarmed +13, Close, Damage 7

Dodge 12, Parry 12
Toughness 8, Fortitude 12, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 82 + Powers 22 + Advantages 18 + Skills 50 [100 ranks] + Defenses 18= 190 Total

Enemy: Any of Splicer's victims, authorities sometimes for his breaking the law. Would have authorities as full-time enemy if they knew the truth about what he does.
Programmed: Trace is completely brainwashed and totally loyal to Splicer. He will do whatever he is asked, short of self destructive behaviour.
Secret: Trace's past is a complete mystery to everyone, except Splicer. He became a blank template upon which Splicer programmed a loyal servent and powerful bounty hunter.
Weakness: Due to his enhanced senses, mostly hearing and smell, any attacks which target them cause him to suffer an additional degree of effect.

:arrow: Trace has no past, thanks to Splicer. It would take an extreme act to restore his memories or discover who he once was. Now he is simply the ruthless bounty hunter and agent of Splicer.

Description of Powers: The gene treatments performed upon him have given Trace various enhancements. Super strength capable of lifting up to 12 tons when he pushes himself, superhuman stamina and endurance where he rarely tires out, complete immunity to all diseases and illnesses, aging completely halted and an advanced regeneration able to heal from wounds in short order.

His senses have been enhanced in various ways. His vision is enhanced so he can see in any spectrum of light and in pitch darkness, he possesses an innate sense of direction and distance, his sense of smell is superhuman and can be used to target foes, detect exact smells and track with and his sense of hearing can detect sounds at 10x greater distances and in the sub/ultrasonic range.

Walking Into No Past
Who Trace was before Splicer got a hold of him is unknown. Any evidence would be useless in discovering his past now, as the gene treatments performed completely changed his DNA into something different, something not completely human. Using DNA from several superhumans, he granted Trace enhanced strength, stamina, regenerative powers and superhuman senses designed to be able to track down anyone.

Trace is brainwashed and programed to follow Splicer's orders, short of self destructive behaviour. He has acquired DNA from hard targets beyond the anthro-dogs ability, abducted targets of great interest to Splicer and retrived most of those who have escaped the lab. Only Ironheart and Undercover have eluded him so far. And it is only a matter of time til he corrects that mistake.

Description: Trace is average in appearance as to not draw attention. His hair is black and kept short, while his blue eyes show nothing but an intense driven to complete his task. He doesn't wear a disguise and simply dresses in whatever clothes will allow him to get closest to his target unnoticed, whether blue jeans and tennis shoes, formal wear or a stealth suit.

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Undercover [DC Universe version]

Post by Psistrike » Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:03 pm

Undercover PL 9

Quote: "Bet you didn't guess it was me."
Concept: Shapeshifting police detective
Occupation: Police detective
Base of Operations: Hub City
Real Name: Samual Frank
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret [known to authorities]
Marital Status: Single
Height: varies [5'8" in default form]
Weight: varies [150 lbs in default form]
Eyes: varies [Brown in default form]
Hair: varies [Brown in default form]
Age: 29 years old [can appear any age]

Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 5, Dexterity 4, Fighting 6, Intellect 3, Awareness 3, Presence 3

Gene Treatments: Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison], Regeneration 2 • 5 points
Shapeshifter: Shapeshift 4, Limited: Genetic changes based on form • 28 points

Custom blaster pistol [Ranged Damage 6; 12 ep], Car [8 ep]

Advantages Accurate Attack, Assessment, Benefit 2 [Ambidexterity, Security Clearance], Connected, Contacts, Daze [Deception], Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 4, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Aim, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Languages [Spanish; English is Native], Redirect, Tracking

Skills Athletics 4 [+6], Close Combat: Unarmed 4 [+10], Deception 12 [+15/+35], Expertise: Law Enforcement 6 [+9], Expertise: Streetwise 6 [+9], Insight 8 [+11], Investigation 8 [+11], Perception 9 [+12], Persuasion 6 [+9], Ranged Combat: Guns 8 [+12], Sleight of Hand 6 [+10], Stealth 6 [+11], Technology 5 [+8], Vehicles 4 [+9]

Initiative +5
Unarmed +10, Close, Damage 2
Custom Blaster Pistol +12, Ranged, Damage 6
Shapeshifted form +6 [+10 unarmed], Close, Damage varies by shapeshifted traits

Dodge 10, Parry 10
Toughness 6/3*, Fortitude 6, Will 8
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 58 + Powers 33 + Advantages 21 + Skills 46 [92 ranks] + Defenses 18= 176 Total

Responsibility: Samual feels it is his responsibility, both as a police officer and someone with super powers, to do all he can to protect the public from criminals.
Enemy: The gangs and mob in Hub City, as well as Splicer and his minions.
Secret: Both the fact he is Undercover, from everyone but the few cops in the know, and of the fact that he becomes truely female while in a female form. One would be a threat to his life, the other embarrassing if it came out.

:arrow: A shapeshifting police detective and undercover cop, his stats aren't capped for his PL, as he uses his Shapeshifting to fill them out. The Limited on his Shapeshift means he takes on genetic traits based on his current form, including becoming truely female when in a female form.

:arrow: Some default forms for his shapeshifting include:
• Big Bruiser: Enhanced Strength 2, Strength-Based Damage 2, Growth 2, Protection 1, Impervious, Morph 1 [current form], Power-Lifting 1 [Lifting Strength: 7]; 18 points
• Deceptively Strong Woman: Enhanced Agility 2, Enhanced Strength 2, Strength-Based Damage 4, Morph 1 [current form], Power-Lifting 1 [Lifting Strength: 5]; 18 points
• Little Martial Arts Girl: Enhanced Agility 2, Strength-Based Damage 6, Morph 1 [current form]; 15 points
• Beastial Form: Enhanced Strength 4, Enhanced Stamina 2, Strength-Based Damage 3, Morph 1 [current form]: 20 points
• Small Animal Form: Morph 1 [current form], Enhanced Athletics 4, Senses 3 [Acute Smell, Low-Light Vision, Infravision], Shrinking 4 [-1 Strength, +2 Active Defenses, +4 Stealth, -2 Intimidation]; 20 points

Description of Powers: Due to the gene treatments he underwent, he is effectively unaging, immune to disease and all toxins and heals at a slow superhuman rate. His true power comes from his ability to shapeshift, using it to shift traits as needed for his current form, including giving him superhuman strength, toughness, etc. as needed, armored skin, body weaponry and more.

Runs in the Family
Samual grew up hearing all the tales from his father and grandfather, both honest police detectives in Hub City. He knew once he grew up he wanted to go into the family business, become a hero like his father and grandfather before him. So he worked hard to improve both his mind and body, getting good grades and joining many clubs.

After graduating high school, he went into the police academy and aced each test. Walking a beat wasn't so bad, at least he got one of the nicer neighborhoods in Hub City. But he wanted more and within 2 years he finally pasted the detective's test. Rookie detective that he was, he nearly blew several bust before he learned to hold back and do his job as a detective, leaving the bust to others.

Changed for the Better
8 years of being a detective and Samual was a pro, able to find the faintest or most obscure clue. Yet the biggest case ever assigned to him was going nowhere, as Splicer remained beyond the reach of the law, his true identity unknown.

Late one night on a stakeout based on an anoymous tip when things went to hell in a handbasket. Taking a break to stretch his legs, he was ambushed from behind by an unknown assailent. He woke up in a strange chamber and heard a voice. "Ah, our guest is awake. Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Frank. I'm Splicer. Normally I wouldn't go after a target such as yourself, but you have been nosing in my business too much. Time to make you the perfect spy and servent to me."

This was the last thing he heard before his world became nothing but pain til he passed out. Upon waking he was seated in a weird chair, a metal helmet attatched to his head. "Ah, I see you are back with us. Time to make you my servent." But Samual wasn't going to have any of that, wishing to become stronger and found his body shifting, as he took on the form of a muscle man. Snapping his restraints, he ignored the cries of Splicer as he fleed for his life, not knowing what else the mad doctor could do to him.

A Chance to Improve Things
Escaping back to police HQ, he told the chief everything which happened and was ordered to be examined by a professional. His DNA was changed, that of a shapeshifter's spliced onto his own. The chief had ideas, ones which Samual agreed with. He would take a few months off, learning how to control his new power and being trained for undercover work.

Thus a new threat to the criminal element in Hub City was made. Undercover broke 3 gangs within month of being back on the job, several mob operations and even prevented people from being subjected to the same fate as test subjects for Splicer. Splicer was forced to be more careful to remain hiding in Hub City, ordering Trace to keep an eye out for Undercover and a chance to reacquire him without alerting the authorities.

Description: Samual appears to be a slightly husky man of Greek decent in his normal form. He keeps his black hair short and his blue eyes show incredible insight. But any of these traits can be changed as needed, thanks to his shapeshifting power.

He wears whatever outfit is needed for his current disguise while on the job, having outfits of various types, sizes, age category and gender as needed.

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Bio-Flux [DC Universe version]

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Bio-Flux PL 4

Quote: "Trust me, you have power in you. Let me bring it out, all it will cost you is a favor to me."
Concept: Latent mutant activator who works for Splicer
Occupation: Criminal
Base of Operations: Hub City
Real Name: Kevin Olson
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with criminal record [as minor, sealed upon turning 18]
Identity: Secret [known to authorities]
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black and greasy
Age: 18 years old

Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 1

Mutant sight: Senses 10 [Detect Mutants [Accurate, Acute, Ranged], Detect Latent Mutants [Accurate, Acute, Ranged] • 10 points
Activate Latent Mutants: Feature 1 [Activate Latent Mutants] • 1 point

Advantages Connected, Defensive Roll 3, Luck, Well-Informed

Skills Athletics 4 [+4], Close Combat: Unarmed 2 [+6], Deception 8 [+9], Expertise: Streetwise 8 [+9], Insight 4 [+6], Perception 2 [+4], Sleight of Hand 4 [+6], Stealth 6 [+9]

Initiative +3
Unarmed +6, Close, Damage 0

Dodge 4, Parry 4
Toughness 4/1*, Fortitude 3, Will 5
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 28 + Powers 11 + Advantages 6 + Skills 19 [38 ranks] + Defenses 6= 70 Total

Greed/Blackmail: He wishes to make money off his powers, have power he has never had before and help out his parents. But he can't til he breaks free of the hold Splicer has over him, getting his parents safely hidden from the mad man.
Enemy: More than a few gangs wish to punish him for his hand in helping Splicer get some of their members. The police are keeping an eye on him for a lead in to Splicer.
Reputation: Among the authorities, he has a bad rap due to running with a gang in the past. His suspected association with Splicer is another reason everything he does is questioned by the police.
Secret: The fact he is only working for Splicer due to blackmail and threats on his parents is unknown to the authorities and Splicer won't let him talk.

:arrow: A weak character, he is more of a background character and source of information. PL 4 in Defense, PL 3 in Offense unarmed, he isn't capped with any of his skills.

Description of Powers:

Dragged Down into the Scum
Kevin was raised by his parents in one of the worst areas of Hub City, having to deal with gangs and bullies on a regular basis. His parents working two jobs each to support their family, he was left alone and fell in with the wrong crowd. Runing with the toughest gang in the area, he soon proved himself as one of the best carriers for illegal substances.

It wasn't long til he went up in the gang ranks, pulling off more and more daring jobs. But one of these days, a job was bound to go wrong. And it went wrong in the worse way, as a new experimental drug tore free from its bag and Kevin accidently inhailed it. He was found by a neighboor who didn't wish to be blamed if he died, so 911 was called.

He woke up in the hospital and found both his parents standing over him. News of what he had been up to finally forced his mother's hand, as she accepted aid from her parents to move them to a better neighborhood in Hub City. Kevin was watched closely and his parents got better jobs, while his old gang seemed to have forgotten about him.

Weird New Gift
Going to a new school was one thing to deal with, but a change brought about by his exposure to the drug began to make things worse for him. He began to have headaches and see strange auras around some people, feeling an urge to touch them which he fought against.

But a big man on campus bumped into Kevin, then grabbed him and demanded an apology. Only then did his headache reach a peak and something shot from him and flowed into the jock. Both were in pain as this happened, but after it ended Kevin found his headache was gone. The aura around the jock changed as he seemed to change before everyone's eyes. His skin turned rust red and he seem to become stronger, tougher. He was a mutant, a metahuman whose powers had just activated.

But the shock of the change caused the jock to pass out, while the nurse was called. The connection of his emerging powers and interaction with Kevin were never found. Kevin began to realize what was going on. The one type of aura he saw around some people, like the jock, was that of a latent mutant, while the other kind was of an active mutant, like how he saw the jock after his change.

He could see who was a latent or active mutant, he could trigger a latent mutant to make them active! He could use this to create an army of followers, ones indebted to him for activating their powers. He would be the true power in Hub City.

Forced to Serve
But this was not to be, as Splicer found out about him and his "talents". Thus he was recruited, by force and blackmail, into acting as an agent for Splicer. To bring him both latent mutants and active ones, so he could see how each would react to his gene treatments. And thus it has been for the past 2 years, as Bio-Flux has tricked or coerced many into the hands of Splicer.

He has more than once attempted to contact The Question, to provide evidence against Splicer. But each time he has been caught in the act and Splicer has threatened to use his parents as test subjects if he ever does betray him. He still plans to do just that, but not until he can make his parents will be safe from his wrath.

Description: Kevin is a short, skinny young man. His black hair is greasy and slicked down, while his eyes turned yellow due to his "transformation" by the drug. He has minor scars on his arms and legs.

He never dresses in a costume, wearing tattered blue jeans, tee-shirts and tennis shoes most of the time, as it is all he can avoid.

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Ironheart [DC Universe version]

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Ironheart PL 10

Quote: "I just wish to live in peace."
Concept: Genetically altered victim of Splicer
Occupation: Fisherman currently, formerly store worker
Base of Operations: Happy Harbor, Rhode Island
Real Name: Andrew Witman [assumed name for now, real name Luke Perkins]
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blonde
Age: 20 years old

Strength 14, Stamina 8, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0

Iron Will: Enhanced Will 8, Immunity 10 [Mental Effects] • 18 points
Superhuman Will: Enhanced Strength 14, Enhanced Stamina 7, Impervious Toughness 8, Power-Lifting 5 [Lifting Strength: 19], Protection 6, Impervious 2, Speed 5 [60 mph] • 68 points

Advantages Defensive Attack, Diehard, Great Endurance, Fearless, Interpose

Skills Athletics 6 [+20], Close Combat: Unarmed 4 [+6], Deception 4 [+4], Expertise: Fisherman 4 [+5], Insight 6 [+8], Perception 4 [+6], Persuasion 6 [+6], Treatment 4 [+5]

Initiative +2
Unarmed +6, Close, Damage 14

Dodge 5, Parry 6
Toughness 14, Fortitude 8, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 20 + Powers 86 + Advantages 5 + Skills 19 [38 ranks] + Defenses 9= 139 Total

Peace/Responsibility: Although he simply wishes to live in peace and live a normal life, his own sense of responsibility won't let him. He may have slacked off in the past, but when it comes to the safety of others he will do everything possible to protect them.
Enemy: Splicer and his minions, especially Trace, are after him. Both to recapture an escaped test subject and study him, but also to figure out how he resisted the brainwashing.
Power Loss: Ironheart has a psychological limitation on his Superhuman Will power. Such that anything which makes him doubt himself can weaken or even shut down this power.
Secret: He keeps his true name secret, in fear of agents of Splicer disguised and attempting to find him. But there is an even bigger secret which he doesn't now himself. The fact that Wonder Woman's DNA was spliced into him and he is slowly [over a 2 year period] transforming into a younger version of her. All the Enhanced Abilities will be removed and become natural stats within the 1st year. Which is only 8 months from now.

:arrow: A powerhouse who has no idea of the true extent of his transformation. Splicer's gene treatment activated his latent mutant nature and directed it based on the DNA used. He believe it is superhuman willpower and willpower induced abilities, while in truth it is based on the DNA of Wonder Woman. He has more changes coming, although the Iron Will power is his own.

Description of Powers: Ironheart has the belief that he can will himself to gain superhuman strength, stamina, toughness and speed. Thus it is so, he can only tap into these while conscious and able to will them active. But this is a mental limitation which he will overcome in time, once he learns the truth of whose DNA he was spliced with.

His own mutant power is that of an iron will, enhancing his natural will to superhuman level and making him immune to mental powers.

Slacker with a Good Heart
Luke got away with drifting through life, making Cs in school and not trying too hard to stand out either way. His parents decided to let him live his life as he chose and thus by the time he graduated from high school, he wasn't looking toward anything more than working a normal job and staying in town, in Hub City with his parents.

His life might have simply kept going this way, if not for the day he bumped into Bio-Flux on the street. Seeing within him a great amount of power, he convinced Luke to come with him, saying he needed help changing his car tire. Being good hearted and a bit naive, he went along and never saw the blow from Trace coming.

Unbreakable Will, Incredible Power
He woke up to find Splicer frustrated, he was talking about the brainwashing not working on Luke and what went wrong. Ticked off at being treated as nothing more than a guinea pig and used, he found a surge of incredible strength within him and broke his bonds as if they were tissue paper.

He overpowered the good doctor and smashed his way free of the building. Through sheer willpower, the likes of which he never knew he had, he escaped and soon discovered the limits of his newfound abilities. Through strength of will alone, he could become superhumanly strong, tough and fast. In addition his willpower was superhuman now and he seemed immune to mental powers, based on the failure of Splicer's brainwashing of him.

But now he was on the run, with Trace and other minions of Splicer after him. Thus he moved away from Hub City, living on the streets for a time before ending up in Happy Harbor on Rhode Island. Using an assumed name, he got a job as a fisherman and has been in hiding since. But whenever trouble comes to Happy Harbor, he can't resist helping out. And thus it is only a matter of time before news gets out and Trace comes calling.

Description: Luke/Andrew is an attractive young man, possessing a strong build and great muscle tone. He is tanned from working on a fishing boat for months now, his blonde hair kept short and his gray eyes showing a gentle, caring soul.

Luke tends to wear plaid shirts, blue overalls and knee-length boots or waders. He has no costume and just tries to avoid notice when using his powers as best he can.