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New Vindicators, Chapter 1120

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:40 am

Chapter XX: Haven’t Got a Clue
He had hit a dead end. Adonis had given him all of the information the Affiliation had gathered concerning Autumn: he knew that her birth certificate named Arthur and Bethany Colbenson as her parents; he knew that Autumn had actually been sired by one of the Fallen—by Samael—making her a Nephilim capable of channeling white hellfire; he knew that Autumn had a sister; he also knew that that sister was the leader of a militia devoted to hunting down Neo-Sapiens and leashing them.

He knew that Autumn’s mother’s maiden name was Fischer and that her sister, Amy, had married Forrest Bedford; much like her sister, Amy had one child with her husband and one with Samael—Autumn Colbenson and Chienne Bedford were cousins and half-sisters; he knew that Autumn’s mother was now one-half of the administration at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe—a fact that worried him as he considered the opportunities Doctor Colbenson, Senator Bedford’s sister and Forrest Bedford’s sister-in-law had handed to her in Vienna.

He knew that at some point in the mid-80’s, Autumn had been handed over to Doctor Noah Meinstein. He knew that the man began trying to find a way to clone the girl and that Project Prime was one attempt at replicating the girl’s power. He knew that three Primes had been created, using her genetic tissue as the mother and DNA from another of Samael’s children—Autumn’s half-brother, Michuru—as the father. He knew that Fathom had encountered those three boys during the White War and that Adonis and the Affiliation had used them to seal off all of New York City with an impenetrable barrier while they staged their attack.

Magnus Loder knew more now than he did several weeks ago, but he was now facing a dead end: without the aid of Adonis and his network of spies, Magnus had no inkling how to take his investigation further. Adonis had Lurker and Gabrielle to teleport into an area and find out what they could; he had Beekeeper to fly through vents and retrieve data; he had Morph to alter her appearance and slip into secured locations; he had Bluetooth to access computers remotely… What the Affiliation lacked in raw power, they more than made up for it in subterfuge and information gathering.

On the other side of the coin, Magnus was a wanted criminal whose face was too well known; he had no contacts—at least none he trusted with this information…. As the son of Noah Meinstein, David could have found things out; Doctor Jenkins had devoted years of his life to serving the elder Meinstein and might have known more; Quinton Jorgenson could have hacked his way into a secured system; Colonel Sidell might have been able to use the information to obtain a warrant allowing the Vindicators to legally scour Patriot Robotics for pertinent information… but handing this over to anyone else meant that he wouldn’t get the credit when the truth came out!

Not only had the Vindicators been reinstated as America’s premier super-powered team but their victory over the Aeolian Empire’s planned invasion months ago had begun to make the country see them for what they were: heroes. A distinction was being made between Neo-Sapiens and Neo-Sapiens who used their powers for selfish gain or to sow fear. This was the era he dreamed of leading the Vindicators in! One where they weren’t booed when they saved the world but applauded—cheered! He wanted a life where the Lodestone name hadn’t been despoiled by the misconceptions propagated by Forrest Bedford’s lies—one where parades where thrown for him and confetti rained down over the motorcade! Instead, he was believed to be a political assassin and sentenced to life inside this school, sleeping with a wife who didn’t let him touch her and a newborn set of twins who never let him off of the rollercoaster of crying and pooping they manned.

It was a further slap in the face to look at the roster of Vindicators: the Aurelia and Boson had only just graduated high school and Wilt wasn’t that much older than they were. Granted, he was only a year older the Wilt and only had two years on the girls, but they were children—inexperienced children wearing the black and white while he rubbed his wife’s feet or changed another dirty diaper. Making things even worse, Wilt had no control over his powers. Even Mirage—a normal human with no super-powers to speak of—was on the team….

Meanwhile, Magnus was training the students to use their powers more effectively. In most cases, he was teaching them how to simply defend themselves but every time he looked at them and saw the potential their abilities possessed he wondered if he was training the next Vindicator….

He wondered just how many of his students would pass him up on the road towards destiny….

It was these thoughts that had made him so apathetic to training the students. When they first started, he and Chienne had taken a week to look over the student’s file and theorize effects that should have been possible: John Titus should have been able to draw his weapon of choice from the moisture in the air around him; Pandora Filash should have been able to fly; Carl Hamilton should have been able to employ his powers in the same manner the Wreck Room created tangible illusions; Jude Bellows should have been able to turn insubstantial… Some had been more successful than others: while Pandora could fly and Jude could phase through solid matter, Gregaro still could not focus the energy inside of him to form intricate ice shapes and Rick Tasker still could not channel the energy orb he evoked into a beam to attack his opponents from a distance.

Even those who had no control over the abilities—like Wilt—were more suitable candidates for the Vindicators than he was at this point. It was a depressing realization for the goateed man.

“All right,” Magnus groaned, “who are we meeting today?”

Chienne raised an eyebrow at the question. “Didn’t you read the kid’s file?”

Magnus shrugged. “Sorry, sweetheart, but it’s become increasingly difficult for the same boring background to hold my attention. Give me the Cliff Notes version: what’s this kid’s name?”






“Black’s the kid’s name?”

Chienne nodded.

“What kind of name is ‘Black’?”

“What kind of name is ‘Magnus’ or ‘Chienne’?” she asked rhetorically as she fished under her arm for the student’s file. “Black Francis Falkenrath, born March 4, 1995 in Castle Danger, Minnesota—”

“Wait, what?” Magnus asked. His body whipped around and his hands liberated the file from his blonde partner. His eyes hurriedly scanned the student’s dossier, as if he would find it contradicted everything Chienne had just said. “There’s really a city named ‘Castle Danger’?”

Chienne nodded before taking the file back.

“And his name is really ‘Black Falkenrath’?”

“It’s German for ‘keeper of the falcon’.” Magnus turned and took in the sight of the fourteen-year-old boy crossing the Wreck Room to join them. He wore a plain black ‘V’ neck shirt with olive green shorts; if the crinkling from his bulging hip pocket was indicative, that was where he stowed the bag of Dum-Dums he had a slight addiction to. The white stem of a half-finished cherry sucker bobbed up and down as he the messy-haired boy talked. “The ‘Black’ part… well, my mom was a huge Pixie’s fan and named me after their frontman.”

Magnus looked from the boy to Chienne and then back to the boy. Black merely fixed him with an icy cool, apathetic gaze. “Any other questions?”

“Yeah: what are your powers?”

Black said nothing; instead, he extended his arm and bent all of his phalanges save the index finger inward, forming a hand gun. His thumb slowly rose back to point upwards when, suddenly, his thumb flicked downward and a red beam of light erupted from the tip of his extended finger.

An odd sound accompanied the beam as it shot past Magnus and Chienne; it reminded Magnus of the Fourth of July—how every year his family would sit in lawn chairs on his grandfather’s front yard and watch the fireworks sail up and out of the nearby stadium. The odd scream slowly faded as the head of the beam traveled away from them; it made no sound when it struck the farthest wall of the Wreck Room.

“That’s it?” Magnus asked. “You’re a human laser pointer?”

“Go check out the spot of impact, Magnus,” Chienne suggested.

Grudgingly, Magnus marched across the floor of the Wreck Room only to find that the wall now had a miniscule hole cleanly burned through it. With the naked eye, there was no telling how deep it went but the plates were ferrous and Magnus could sense them with his abilities: he could feel that the hole went through the wall but he couldn’t tell if it went any further than that. He imagined it did not: given how far underground they were, if the blast of energy had continued, the East River would have been trickling through the walls.

As Magnus made his way back, Chienne was explaining what she postulated about the young man’s abilities. “-only from your fingertips, but what happens if someone binds your hands—or breaks them? I want to work on having you project the beam from other parts of your body: specifically, you’re eyes.”

“You want me to try and shoot eye beams?” Black asked. The boy shrugged. “Okay. How?”

“Well, how do you shoot the beam from your finger?”

Again, Black shrugged. “I dunno; I just do it.”

“You don’t have to think about something or… tell the energy where to do? Black, if you just ‘did it’, you wouldn’t be able to stop doing it. Each time you use your powers, you make a conscious decision to do so. What goes into each use? Figure that out and we know how to make the beams come from other places.”

Black eyed her oddly, as if this was the dumbest idea he had ever heard in all his life. Then, his expression contorted into a look of thought: the more he considered it, the more valid her theory seemed to be. “So, is that it?” Black asked. “Is this just like… homework? You tell me to practice firing laser beams from my eyes and then I go back to my room and stare at a wall until I burn holes through it?”

“Well…” Chienne said, rubbing the back of her neck, “we tend to keep you kids in here and make you try to make some headway on-”

“Ignore her,” Magnus said, “some of us want to get out of here at some point tonight…”

“So, I can go?” Black asked.

“Yes,” Magnus said as Chienne said, “No.” The two instructors exchanged looks before Chienne continued, however grudgingly: “We had an ulterior motive in bringing you in here, Black… You know about Jude Bellows? The kid who was transferred to the Tokyo school?”

“Yeah,” Black muttered apathetically, “guy harassed my roommate…”

“That’s just it,” Chienne said. “When Doctor Howell had a little pow-wow with this kid, he told him everything…

“He told him that you had threatened him…”

“I used the threat of my ability to stop a fight,” Black said slowly—angrily. “I got tired of him harassing Eddie. I mean, yeah, with Eddie’s ability, there was nothing Jude could do but… that also meant Eddie couldn’t do anything to make him so away. I had to step in; I had to make him leave Eddie alone.”

“And if Jude didn’t?” Chienne asked.

Black shrugged. “I would have crossed that bridge when I got to it.”

“So you see nothing wrong with how you handled things?”

“Again: Eddie couldn’t do something, so I did it for him.”

Something clicked with Magnus then… He had hit a dead end in his investigation: he couldn’t go further; he needed someone to get him to that next step.

He knew he could trust David with the information but he didn’t trust David to not hand it over to Colonel Sidell. David would make their investigation a group project and that would damn Magnus’ chances of using this to climb out of the hole he was in…

He was somewhat close to Ben—he felt like he could trust Ben—but Ben was in the same boat he was: what if Ben took the credit for everything and used it as a way of clearing his name?

It was the same with Lex: after Deimos’ defeat, Lex had declined to stay at the school, saying that there was still too much blood on his hands. “Seeing what Deimos did here showed me that I’m not worthy of coming back here,” Lex had told them months ago. “Not yet, anyway…” Even if he could find Lex, he couldn’t be sure that Lex wouldn’t see this as the redemption he was looking for…

Magnus Loder needed someone who had cut their ties with the others and had no reason to try and steal the credit for his hard work. He needed someone who could function like Adonis’ agents—someone who could easily get in and out of a place with the knowledge he needed.

Two names came to mind and luckily for Magnus Loder, one of them was still living here in New York City…
To Be Continued... wrote:Mommy Dearest.

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1121

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:42 am

New Vindicators #103: Thriller

Chapter XXI: Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games
Doctor Colbenson woke up, laying in water and immersed in perfect darkness. She moved to sit up and bumped her head against the low ceiling of her prison. Feeling around at her surroundings she registered her cell to be something akin to a coffin. Still, the water around her was enough of a giveaway that she had been stowed in a sensory deprivation chamber.

There was no use in screaming.

For hours she lay like that—forced to endure her own thoughts and recount what had happened: a shinobi able to negate sound had attacked her. No doubt she was the girl’s captive. She struggled to recount everything she had learned about the other students the American school had encountered: by the girl’s appearance she was Japanese and the background as a kunoichi marked her as Kaze or Kunai, a pair of sisters equally adept with utilizing the air as a weapon.

Was it possible that one of the Ichigo twins had come after her? Had Neo-Sapiens from outside of the United States heard about Black Box and elected to move before the group was able to establish a foothold in other countries? If so, it was ironic: Black Box’s true objective did not call for them to have an establishment anywhere but in the United States…

If it was one of the Ichigo twins, Doctor Colbenson tried to mentally conjure what she had read about them in the files she had taken from the school: the New Vindicators had dealt with the Ichigo family prior to the twins coming to America to participate in the Trials… Michuru had gone to secure the Imperial Regalia and had taken some of his students with him. There they encountered Kurenai Kage: a falling clan of ninja who the heroes learned had evolved into a group of assassins in order to ensure their survival.

They were normally paid to use their abilities to kill Neo-Sapiens—why then would they come after her—a human—and to merely abduct her?

When the chamber opened she was hardly surprised to see Hajime Hanyou, the twin’s half brother, standing over her. Likewise his underling, B.B. Jones, was another recognized face.

“So, who hired you and how much am I worth?” she asked.

“I hired them.”

Doctor Cheryl Colbenson’s eyes widened at the sound of that voice. Immediately she sat forward and sought the woman out.

She sat in a chair behind the ornate, antique desk that dated back to the reign of King Louis XV. Doctor Colbenson didn’t need the small woodcut adorning the desk, announcing the woman behind it as “Headmistress Bethany Fischer” to know who her hostess was or where she had been brought.

“I heard about your father. Is he—?”


“Excuse me?”

“Don’t pretend to care about him,” the woman growled. She considered climbing out of the sensory deprivation chamber but ultimately could think of no dignified way to do so. “You’re the one that walked out on us, mom! You don’t get to pretend to—”

“After what he did to your sister—”

“Like he had a choice!”

“He chose his career over his wife and daughter!”

“Cheryl, I…” The headmistress trailed off as she realized how high her voice had raised in anger. It was night over Vienna; the majority of the school was asleep. She didn’t want to risk waking them; she didn’t want to have any questions asked about her guest’s presence or the means of her arrival.

Her mind thought to some of her American charges: considering the digits burned into their arms, Armande, Jack and Doug would not be happy to know just who their headmistress had hosted tonight… She only hoped Dag would stay silent about the meeting…

“I didn’t bring you here to argue, Cheryl: I brought you hear to talk.”

“If you wanted to talk, you could have picked up the phone. You didn’t have to send your goons to-”

“I have called, Cheryl. I have called and never had my calls returned.”

“Maybe if you weren’t betraying your race by… teaching these filthy speeblings—”

“These filthy speeblings saved the world from a monster you and your people helped engineer,” Doctor Fischer growled. “If it hadn’t been for the catastrophe you unleashed in America, Laputa never would have—”

“Please! The information I received paints the Lamperogue woman as a sociopath—not a messiah to these people!”

“Erudite was a sociopath,” the elder woman said, nodding slowly, “but a charismatic sociopath. The chaos you sowed in the States instilled fear in a great many people, making them more susceptible to the dogma that woman perpetuated. She was only as powerful as you made her, Cheryl.”

Doctor Colbenson laughed. “Funny, the intelligence report I read seemed to think it was your administrative decisions that enabled her to go as far as she did. She played you, mother… and you walked right into her trap.” She inclined her head towards a framed photo at the side of her mother’s desk. “Is that him? Is that the boy she killed before that fiasco ended? Is that why his picture is there? To remind you of how you failed him?” The woman shrugged. “You didn’t fail, mother: you did the world a favor—one less speebling for the rest of us to worry about…”

Doctor Fischer was done with speaking to her as a mother; now, would interrogate her daughter as if she were a prisoner: “Where is she?”

“She’s dead,” Doctor Colbenson said, knowing whom her mother meant.

“To you? I don’t doubt that. To me though… I would do anything to have my daughter back…

“Both of them,” she muttered.

Doctor Colbenson said nothing.

“Where is she, Cheryl? What have you done with her?”

Doctor Colbenson continued to sit in silence.

“Kaze said she found you visiting your father in the hospital. She even acquired his medical record. Hajime even investigated his home… You have to know that Neo-Sapiens are moving against you, Cheryl. They’re looking for her. If they find her—if they know what she can do—they’ll kill her. I want to ensure she’s safe…”

“With who!?” the doctor snapped. “With you? Here? In this school full of Neo-Sapiens!?! Which of your precious students would kill her first, do you think? Which of your students will prove me right about their kind?”

“She isn’t safe where she is!”

“You don’t know where she is!”

“Cheryl, just tell me where-”

“Where!?! Where do you think, mother!?!” A knowing smile appeared on Doctor Colbenson’s face. “Where do you think she is!?!”

And suddenly Headmistress Fischer knew where her youngest child was: “New York City,” she said, finally beginning to understand the missing piece of the puzzle from so long ago…

Suddenly, May 27, 2007 made sense…

“She’s at Patriot Robotics, isn’t she?”

Doctor Colbenson grinned viciously. “You should meet your grandchildren, mother. Then again, if they’ve never met their mother… what hope do they have of meeting you.”

Headmistress Fischer rose up and opened the door of her office, signaling to the members of the Crimson Shadow that she was done with the one they had brought her. “One more thing, mother: I won’t forget this insult.” Hajime forced her back into the sense deprivation chamber, ready to take her back to America now that the meeting they had been hired to ensure transpired was finished. “I promise you, mother: we’ll be seeing each other again soon…”
To Be Continued... wrote:Meet Carl.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1120 & 1121

Post by Arkrite » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:57 am

Embarressing, do we tell her that Alina was a girl? ;~)

So, bets on who bit it?

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1120 & 1121

Post by Horsenhero » Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:56 pm

No, I think the student pictured on Dr. Fischer's desk is a bigger player than Alina was. What I'm trying to decipher is, whether it's Lexus or one of the PC's. I could see arguments for several male deaths.

1) Lexus or Vlad because they both infiltrated her organization in order to bring it down.

2) Jason, because he's her wayward, traitorous son and the only person approaching her raw intellect.

3)Cornelis, Juozas, Gaspar or others for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

4) Jack because he's the single most threatening NS student she has to cope with. I know most would say Martin, but Martin has a habit of advertising his moves and being indiscreet, making him as much a playable pawn as an enemy to be feared. (sorry flynn, but that's the way I see it)

5) Lex because...well, just because. That goes for Viktor too.

6) Finally, Kas because he got so dang lucky in his fight with Tantivy and Therianthrope, it could easily be assumed he's more powerful than he really is.

6a) Oh...and Matt, because he's a threat to good hygiene everywhere.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1120 & 1121

Post by Arkrite » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:24 pm

Horsenhero wrote:1) Lexus or Vlad because they both infiltrated her organization in order to bring it down
Very possible, but I don't know why she'd feel responsible for them dying since they joined of their own accord...
Horsenhero wrote:2) Jason, because he's her wayward, traitorous son and the only person approaching her raw intellect.
And no super genius with an ego likes competition.

*Shakes Fist* DAEDELUS!!!!
Horsenhero wrote:3)Cornelis, Juozas, Gaspar or others for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Depending on how things go I could see it being Juozas. He seemed to want to prove that his powers were vindicators worthy (which they honestly seem to be) so who knows what he might do to prove himself.

Hopefully it's not Fiore, the future world needs his farming tallents.

Gaspar of course has the edge of being mentioned by Mich in this fashion once... Which would be a shame now that Emily has discovered the joys of eye candy ;~)
Horsenhero wrote:4) Jack because he's the single most threatening NS student she has to cope with. I know most would say Martin, but Martin has a habit of advertising his moves and being indiscreet, making him as much a playable pawn as an enemy to be feared. (sorry flynn, but that's the way I see it)
I'd have to agree. Martin isn't as ruthless as Jack seems to be, and he's a bit more subtle.
But it'd be far more likely that Jack just pissed of his father again...
Horsenhero wrote:5) Lex because...well, just because. That goes for Viktor too.
I keep seeing this sequence of Lex blowing up the reactor core of the flying island while everybody else escapes...
And put an injured woman into the frey and either of those two would likely fight to the death to defend her...
Still for some reason it seems unlikely to be them... for no apparently reason.
Horsenhero wrote:6) Finally, Kas because he got so dang lucky in his fight with Tantivy and Therianthrope, it could easily be assumed he's more powerful than he really is.
Yeah, he's pretty much doomed, better work on character number 3 ;~)
Horsenhero wrote:6a) Oh...and Matt, because he's a threat to good hygiene everywhere.
Sadly Matt has a lot of potential as a villain.
Mould can be a scarey thing.
But currently he's just a traumatized stink factory with no social graces :~P

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1120 & 1121

Post by Michuru81 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:03 pm

Arkrite wrote:
Horsenhero wrote:4) Jack because he's the single most threatening NS student she has to cope with. I know most would say Martin, but Martin has a habit of advertising his moves and being indiscreet, making him as much a playable pawn as an enemy to be feared. (sorry flynn, but that's the way I see it)
I'd have to agree. Martin isn't as ruthless as Jack seems to be, and he's a bit more subtle.
But it'd be far more likely that Jack just pissed of his father again...
Hate to break it to you but Jack's clearly ruled out. Reread the last chapter: the narration mentions that Armande, Jack and Doug wouldn't react well to knowing Doctor Cheryl Colbenson was at the school. That implies Jack is still alive. It also shows Doug is still alive and that implies that Armande will defect... 

If you haven't caught it, Armande is the real name of Rheid, the one-eyed pawn on Laputa. His name was dropped by Lexus to Vlad and Dale mentioned it to Jack before he went down. 

If Rheid could join between now (PBP present) and now (narrative present), others could, making it possible that the dead boy is someone we haven't seen yet. However, Horsenhero forgot a few suspects--both of which are competing for Beatrice's heart, ironically enough... ;)

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1120 & 1121

Post by Arkrite » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:12 pm

I'm going to be honest here...
I don't know who Armande is.

As for the other two, well, we both have high hopes for Otso.
And are trying to forget Larriken ;~)

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1120 & 1121

Post by Michuru81 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:37 pm

Arkrite wrote:I'm going to be honest here...
I don't know who Armande is.

As for the other two, well, we both have high hopes for Otso.
And are trying to forget Larriken ;~)
Armade's information has been fairly connect-the-dotsish...
Michuru81 wrote:“We, uh… we don’t tend to use our real names,” Lexus said. “It’s like a sign of respect—like when you call your teacher ‘Mister Prohel’ instead of ‘Howard’. In private, you may still call me Lexus but… in public, I am known as Manticore. Same as with all of the others—it’s not ‘Pirjo’ but ‘Felsic’ and it’s ‘Rheid’, not ‘Armande’. Basically, don’t be offended if the others introduce themselves by their codenames—it’s not that they don’t trust you but how we refer to each other here.”
Before Vlad met the boy, Lexus had told him that Rheid's real name was Armande; then, Vlad met Armande...
Michuru81 wrote:On the right sat a young man with one eye. Immediately, Vlad was reminded of Jack: just below the black pawn tattoo each of the junior members of Laputa wore, this boy had five digits forever seared into the inside of his right arm. The boy with a mop of chestnut hair had been an inmate in that concentration camp the Americans had erected then. He had seen the same atrocities Jack had. “This,” Lexus said, gesturing to the boy, “is Rheid."
As for Rheid's powers?
Michuru81 wrote:Something else caught Candyman's eye just then: something hard hit the ground. The cobblestone street shuddered as what appeared to be a boulder began to move. The strangest thing about it was that the boulder seemed to slosh--almost like it was a sludge. Soon, the odd material condensed into some semblance of Rheid. The American seemed to have the power to transform into a sort of liquid rock. "You're going to have to go through me, Basilisk," he said.
Most recently though...
McGuffin, Michuru81 and Tattooedman wrote:"Monsters like you are what they use as justification."

The second blow dazed. While it kept Therianthrope from retaliating, it did nothing to stop his mouth. "Armande," he said weakly. His eyes drifted to his son. "Do you remember a boy in the camp... named Armande? The boy lost his eye trying to get away from Black Box. In the camp, the only medical aid he got was from someone named Norman--a human--but they didn't have supplies and the eye became infected. They took him from the camps. They wanted to turn him into a soldier--brainwash him into hating his own kind.

"We saved him.

"We've done more than you'll ever know. We're not heroes, no. We're just tired of living in fear and persecution. You think we want to have to fight you? You weren't supposed to be in Kaiserslautern, Jack! You weren't supposed to capture Basilisk! That girl wasn't supposed to die and Nadja wasn't supposed to find out about our agent!"

Suddenly, his eyes bulged as if he realized he had said too much.

Jack paused for a moment. “I remember Armande…and what? Instead of letting Black Box turn him into their soldier for their war you made him one for yours? And you were giving Prodigy $#%@ about being stupid….” Jack shook his head with obvious disgust. “You‘re using the same tactics as the people you‘re fighting against use and then tell us that you‘re doing this to make the world better? Guess there‘s the proof that drinking too much does kill brain cells Dale. The Vindicators can take Armande and any other kid you've brought into Laputa and help them and hopefully take out all the $#%@ you've crammed into their heads.” Jack drew in a short, deep breath. “But you? You‘re just a sick dog old man, and you‘ve need to be put down.” With that Jack let loose with all of his arms in a way that he'd developed during his time in the Wreck Room with Vlad. It made the most of all of his limbs, giving each one the most momentum possible so that the claws on their ends could tear through his father and put an end to his threat.
At present, the only PCs who know anything about Armade are Vlad, Otso and Jack but... that'd be who the new kid is.

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1122

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:23 pm

Chapter XXII: Walking on Sunshine
For as long as he could remember, he had dreamed of becoming a doctor. When Carl Hamilton was nine, he had been placed with a foster family who had three other children in their care. Doctor and Missus Dorigatti couldn’t have children and had opened their homes to those in need of their love and care. Amongst the other children in the house was Jade, a four-year-old suffering from CHARGE syndrome. Deaf-blind and stricken with a heart defect, the young girl needed plenty of care and attention and never suffered for either. Carl had watched the couple tend to her—to all of their foster children—with such love and care that he yearned to emulate the way the elderly couple had touched the lives of so many children…

After Missus Dorigatti followed her husband in death less than a year after he passed on, the children had been shuffled back into the system. Carl never saw Jade again, or Lewis or Joan for that matter either. He bounced from family to family; some were good and some were far from that mark. As he endured the worst homes, he thought back to Doctor Dorigatti and found the inspiration to one day follow in his footsteps: Carl yearned to become a doctor and open his home to the children who needed him.

Of course, that had been before his abilities first manifested… It happened months ago, when he got tired of watching his new foster parents funnel their aggressions into the smaller kids. Tony and Dawn Kirchgesner had managed to convince the State of Ohio that they were fit to be entrusted with foster children. To them, each child was just a check—an excuse for neither to seek employment. They had never been abusive exactly—just negligent. Until Carl came along, they had been given younger children—none with an age in the double digits. Carl was sixteen going on seventeen when he was placed with the Kirchgesner’s. To the couple’s dismay, he took one look at how they had been caring for his siblings and threatened to report them.

Tony had taken a phonebook to the boy and locked him in an upstairs closet. It was there—in the dark—that the first glimpses of his abilities appeared: it started with Carl simply illuminating the small room. Soon, light was gushing out from under and around the doorframe. Before he could even think of attempting to use his abilities to free himself, Tony opened the door and told him to get out—not just out of the ambry, but out of their home. He threatened the boy with something far worse than violence: “I’m gonna tell your social worker you ran away,” Tony had said. “You ever turn up, I’ll tell everyone about what you are. I’ll tell ‘em you’re a dirty speeb and they’ll come for you. They’ll come for you and putchya some place worse’n a closet!”

He couldn’t contact his social worker. He couldn’t reenter the system. Carl was on the streets and on his own. For weeks, he struggled to get by. He found work and that put food in his belly but he missed school. He missed learning. He feared that his dreams of becoming a doctor were slowly drifting out of reach when he saw the news: a battle was being waged in the sky over Chicago; on the streets, the river had emptied itself to make another battlefield. The Vindicators were fighting some unknown enemies—Vindicators from every continent.

They were his answer. Carl knew that if he could find the Vindicators, they could help him. They could help him get the education he needed; they could put a roof over his head that didn’t need to be replaced after each rain; they could feed him without asking him to wash a single dish. They were just like him—Neo-Sapiens feared and hated by the world for being born different.

They were going to be his new foster family.

He spent a week hitching his way to New York City and then months trying to find them. When he saw the pillar of light, it seemed like the sort of thing they would be drawn to—like moths to a flame. Carl sought them out and now, here he was…

It was nothing like he imagined: he envisioned himself as an apprentice to the Vindicators—flying through the air, fighting villains and saving damsels in distress; instead, he was writing papers on how United States oil production contributed to an Allied victory in World War II or arguing that Israel is not much different culturally from most urban areas of America; tonight, he was trying sitting in the library, try to focusing on Gray’s Anatomy while Will Loder made out with Jessie Martin two tables over.

Carl tried to bury his head in the book but he found that the soft sounds of pleasure kept drawing his eyes up. He tried to change his seat—moving to put his back to them—but their reflection was right before him in the large mirror that hung behind the information center.

Tired of waiting for the couple to stop to breathe, Carl closed his finger in the book and left the table for the stacks: his plan had been to bury himself between two rows of books and try to shut out the sound of their kissing. “Why do they even have to do that in here?” he grumbled as he slid his back down to the floor.

“Because when Christmas and I got back from my sister’s wedding, she walked in to find them on Jessie’s bed,” a voice a row over said. “Jessie was half-naked and screamed at Christmas to get out… which drew the attention of anyone else in the hall.” Carl started to move the books aside; he dug to find the source of the timid voice. “Word got around about what happened—the truth got stretched. By the time Doctor Howell heard about it, news was that Christmas caught them having sex. Now boys can’t be on the girls’ floor and vice versa.”

Carl peeked through the hole he had made and took in the sight of Candace Strange sitting in the same position he was in, in the adjacent aisle. Immediately, his mind conjured what little he knew about his classmate: the brown-haired girl was an Esper whose abilities compelled everyone around her to tell the truth. It was impossible to lie in her presence and if even a rhetorical question was asked within her vicinity, an answer had to be given.

Ordinarily, she was in the company of her roommate: Laura Geraldo’s ability rendered everyone within fixed environs of her immune to the affects of psionic abilities… like those Candace was unable to control. Every class that Carl had with the young woman, he had yet to feel the effects of her abilities because of Laura’s presence. It seemed, however, that Laura was nowhere to be found tonight though…

“Oh,” Carl said nervously. Though he had nothing to hide, the notion that he could disclose something he did not particularly want to offer was disconcerting. Still, he wasn’t about to be rude and run for the nearest exit. “So, what are you reading?”

Canterbury Tales,” offered Candace, holding the book up to the hole Carl had made between them. “Mister McDougall’s British Lit class…”

“Ah.” Carl was reaching to make small talk. “How’re you finding it so far?”

“It’s boring,” she admitted. “So far, the whole semester’s been this way: he started us out on Jude the Obscure—I almost fell asleep reading it… His syllabus has Brave New World and Jane Eyre on it so… I have soma and Byronic heroes to look forward to but…”

Carl couldn’t help but chuckle. “It could be worse,” he offered sympathetically. “We’re reading The Scarlet Letter in Missus Goodman’s class.” While both educators shared the English department, the former Vindicator focused on American Literature while her younger colleague pushed masterpieces composed across the Atlantic Ocean. “You know, for a book about love and lust, it’s just… cold and unfeeling. I dunno: maybe it was more appreciated in the nineteenth century but Hawthorn’s language did not age well. Could be worse, I guess: Missus Goodman could be making us watch the Demi Moore version of the book…”

Candace couldn’t help but giggle. “Maybe we can find a scarlet ‘A’ for Jessie to wear: you know she was seeing Topher Emerson at the same time she was making out with Will?” A frown cascaded across her face. “At this rate, she’ll make her way through the student body before the semester is over…”

“She can try,” Carl said, “but not every guy is going to jump at a chance to play tonsil hockey with her.”

Candace rolled her eyes. “Yeah, the gay ones…”

“No,” insisted Carl. “I’m not gay and I’m not interested in her.”

“Really?” Candace asked, raising an eyebrow at such a remark. “Why? I mean, she’s so pretty…”

“Yeah, but she has no shame; it’s kind of a turn off: I’m not exactly attracted to easy girls.”

“Oh? And what kind of girls are you attracted to, pray tell?”

“Girls with a modicum of modesty—who don’t try so hard to get a guy’s attention… A girl like you, I guess.” Suddenly, Carl’s eyes bulged: this was what he had been hoping to avoid...

“M—me?” Candace stammered as she joined Carl in the time-honored tradition of letting her eyes widen with surprise. “You… You like… girls… like me?” She had practically squeaked out the last two words.

Carl closed his eyes as tight as he could—as if that would somehow spare him from the mousy girl’s abilities. “Yes,” Carl was forced to admit.

There was no stopping Candace from blushing now. “I didn’t know. I… Why didn’t you ever say anything before?”

“Because I was afraid you’d turn me down,” Carl said. Again, Candace’s abilities pulled the truth from his lips: “My parents gave me up not long after I was born; I bounced around the foster system: no one ever wanted me—why would you?” He grimaced when he was finished answering her. “Wow, that’s annoying.”

Cancade frowned. “I’m sorry,” she whispered before rocking forward and stumbling into a standing position. “I’ll leave you alone now…”

“No!” Carl exclaimed, shambling to his feet to hurry after her. His voice boomed through the library; any other time, he would have been embarrassed, but as the only other patrons he could disturb were Will and Jessie, he actually felt proud of his outburst. “I didn’t mean it like that just… I don’t…” He sighed. “I don’t think I’ve ever really admitted that to myself so... it was unusual to hear it come from my lips, y’know?”

Candace was doing everything she could to keep from crying. “Yeah, well… it’s not something I can control. I mean, who’s going to want to be with a girl who constantly forces them to tell the truth?”

“Me,” Carl was forced to say. Instantly, he found himself wishing he hadn’t been forced to answer that rhetorical question.

Hope shined in Candace’s eyes. “Do you… do you maybe wanna… go out some time? Like a date?”
Carl nodded. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

The mousy young lady could not stop grinning. “Aweat.” When Carl raised an eyebrow at her, she began to blush. “I started to say ‘awesome’ and ‘great’ at the same time and… I’m just going to stop talking now.”
Carl could not help but smile at her. There was something about her sheepishness that seemed so innocent. Her carefree air was as refreshing as it was inviting: when Carl watched her bashfully make her exit—backing into a table in the process—he couldn’t help but anticipate Monday’s battery of classes when he would see her again.

As he gathered his own books and made his way back to his room, he thought that nothing could erase the smile from his face. As he made his way across the Common Room for the entrance to the dormitories’ wing, the universe reminded him that it was still in control—it was more than capable of bringing him down…

Carl rounded the corner and found his path barred by Raanan Lumanta…
To Be Continued... wrote:Boson versus a frat boy...

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1123

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Chapter XXIII: How You Love Me Now
It was shortly after what was now being called The Great Kiwi Incident of 2009 that David Meinstein and Quinton Jorgenson sat down with their respective girlfriends and told them that they needed some time apart. It was not that they were breaking up but that each couple was spending so much time together that their relationships were beginning to suffer. A compromise was reached: every other Saturday night, David and Cassandra spent time apart from each other and Quinton and Clarissa followed suit.

While David and Quinton had elected to spend these alternating Saturdays together, playing video games, Cassandra was spending time with her mother and elder brother and Clarissa was getting to know some of her classmates. While her boyfriend was playing through Tales of Vesperia with his half-brother, she was enjoying the end of Strategic Pork Reserve’s set at Hell in a Handbasket.

Any other night, she would have been denied entrance: the bar carded everyone at the entrance but, tonight, the eighteen-year-old had managed to slip in through a back entrance by coming with the band’s lead singer…

Clarissa had met Adrasteia Brady in her History 231 class—the History of East Asia. Adrasteia was a tall young woman whose waist-length black hair sported twin blonde streaks that framed her elfin face. Her athletic body was more emphasized tonight, courtesy of the leather vest that alone adorned her torso: a leather cords crossed paths as they ran from her navel to clavicle—fighting to ensure she did not flash her audience during her kinetic performance.

At twenty-three-years-old, Adrasteia was just beginning her fifth year at Columbia University. As she had told Clarissa, she only went part-time to keep her on her father’s insurance while her band tried to land a contract.

As she climbed down from the stage, she was interested in landing something else though…

“That was amazing!” Clarissa said as Adrasteia began to walk towards her. She was oblivious to the fact that the vocalist was also looking past her. “You guys rocked!”

“Yeah, that’s great,” Adrasteia said apathetically. She pushed the tall blonde out of the way and continued onwards towards a man sitting over in the bar area.

Clarissa turned to follow her friend with her eyes. She watched as she approached a young man in a Phi Alpha Tau sweatshirt surrounded by women.

At Adrasteia’s approach, he pushed aside one of the girl’s who was leaning in to nibble at his ear. He held out his arms and Adrasteia pushed her way through the throng to plant herself in them. Their lips locked as his hands squeezed the rocker’s waist. When his fingers began to slip down her waistline, Clarissa turned back to find Adrasteia’s bassist watching the exchange in wonder. “Man, Greg is gonna be pissed…”

Clarissa could only nod. Greg, Adrasteia’s boyfriend, had not been able to get the night off to make it to her band’s show.

The blonde’s eyes narrowed in suspicion: the frat boy was not even remotely attractive, leaving her suspecting he had some sort of Neo-Sapien ability that allowed him to attract so many women.

Clarissa wondered if he was somehow distantly related to Adonis Skraag…

The alternative was that he was an Esper with some sort of mind control ability. Regardless of the source, his powers likely were not based on proximity as he had affected Adrasteia while Clarissa stood between them. The heroine rationalized that it was a targeted effect: he had seen Adrasteia singing and liked what he saw—he had chosen to use his powers on her. That meant he had to be aware of what he was doing…

For a split-second, she considered contacting the Vindicators. Adrianna was on call tonight with Alex, Owen and Connor: with one phone call, Clarissa could have half of the team magically appear out of thin air. Still, that would jeopardize her identity; even if she hung back and played at being a civilian, there was no telling what the Curler would say or do.

Ultimately, she elected to settle this herself…

Clarissa made her way to where Adrasteia and the frat boy were making out. She put a hand on her classmate’s shoulder and gently steered her face away from his. “Sorry,” the young man said, grinning at Clarissa, “no fat chicks.”

“Just let me get my friend and get out of here,” she growled.

“Hey, she’s a big girl,” he said, smiling at Adrasteia, “she can make her own decisions. If she wants to stay, she can stay.” He took curled one of her blonde streaks with his finger. “Do you wanna stay, baby?”

Adrasteia nodded enthusiastically. “I wanna stay with you,” she said weakly.

“See?” the man asked. “She wants to stay, so…” He waved Clarissa away dismissively. “Move along.”

Clarissa glared at the man. “I know what you’re doing to her,” she growled low. “To all of them.”

The man chuckled. “I seriously doubt you know the first thing about what I’m doing.”

“I know you’re a…” She dropped her voice to a whisper as she said, “Neo-Sapien.”

The man gestured for his harem of enthralled girls to back away and give him some room. Clarissa was stunned to watch as he curled the middle finger of his right hand in while curling the index and pinky finger of his left hand in to touch his thumb. Suddenly he was weaving his hands through the air, making the gestures Clarissa knew all too well to be the signs of spell casting. “Phaner Croms,” he intoned.

The next thing Clarissa knew she was standing outside of the club. She looked around in confusion, struggling to understand how she had gotten her. Had he teleported her? Was that what he had cast? She slapped herself in the forehead for even considering that: given everything she had seen, it was obvious he had cast some sort of mind-control spell over her.

She took out her cell phone and dialed the number for the Vindicators’ headquarters. “Hey, Rissa,” said Adrianna after one-and-a-half rings, “how’s the band?”

“Enchanted,” Clarissa offered. “There’s some guy at the bar casting spells, Anna; he’s built himself a damn harem.”

“I’ll get who I can and meet you there ASAP.”

“Leave Connor behind,” Clarissa said. “I don’t want to have to deal with this guy putting the magic whammy on him.”

Shoving her phone back into her pocket, Clarissa stormed her way back across the street. Now that she knew what she was dealing with, she was determined to bring an end to this. She knew her teammate’s greatest weakness: mages could not cast spells if they could not utter the proper incantations or make the necessary somatic components with their hands. If she could not bind this man’s hands with her powers, she would gag him with an invisible ball of force.

Of course, all of her intentions meant nothing when she met the bouncer at the door. “ID?” he asked.

“I was just in there,” she insisted.

The doorman nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t see a mark on your hand so… ID?”

Clarissa glared at him. Short of using her powers and exposing her status as a Neo-Sapien to him and everyone else affected by New York’s smoking ban, there was nothing the young woman could do to get back inside—not without Adrasteia’s help. Ultimately, she was going to need the help of her teammates on this one…

It was then that her ears registered the sound of glass shattering. She turned towards the source, only to see a silhouette reach inside the door of a parked car. As the car’s alarm sounded, he unlocked the vehicle and hastily used the bat to try and sweep the shards of broken glass out of the seat. “Oh, for the love of… Hey, you! Didn’t your mom teach you not to take things that don’t belong to you!?!”

Tossing the bat in the passenger seat, the car thief turned and began to weave his hands through the air. “Seriously?” Clarissa asked. “Two in one night?”

As she moved to pin him in a cage of force, the man uttered the incantation: “Noisulli.” Suddenly, a giant, transparent floating head appeared before the heroine. Bald and with an enlarged cranium orbited by a ring of sapphires that revolved around his brow like satellites around a planet, he spoke in a booming voice: “Halt! I come to you from eons into mankind’s own history! For the good of our utopia and universal peace, you must not accost this man!”

Clarissa rolled her eyes. “I know magic when I see it, idiot…” She watched as the young man climbed into the driver’s seat and moved to try and hotwire the car. Suddenly, he found himself unable to move—his limbs were clutched in invisible bands of force.

Walking through the illusion dispelled it. “That the mage?” she heard the Aurelia asked from behind her.

“One of them,” Clarissa grumbled. She stopped once she was standing by the door of the sports car and paused at the sight of a Phi Alpha Tau T-shirt adorning the man’s chest. Like the man at the bar, this magus couldn’t have been but a few years older than she was. “There’s another one inside… and they’ve both pledged the same fraternity.

“Looks like the boys at Phi Alpha Tau have been taken on some independent studies, Anna…”
To Be Continued... wrote:Carl versus Raanan

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1124

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Chapter XXIV: Sweet Talking Hippie
Ever since Jude Bellows’ expulsion, Maxwell Swift had not been himself… The revelation that Max possessed two distinct personalities eclipsed Jude’s departure in the realm of gossip amongst the student body. Upon learning that the sophomore possessed an alter ego, almost every student on campus had Googled “multiple personalities” and were now convinced that they were experts in Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Not everyone’s interest was simple curiosity: Maxwell’s two best-friends, John and Lloyd, hoped to find out what had triggered the change. Since Lucas’ personality had surfaced, their friend ceased to be interested in sports; he seldom joined them for trips to Taco Bell; he was hardly ever seen working out in the gym. While Maxwell was the quintessential jock, Lucas’ aims were academic and left him spending hours on end in the library. More and more, he was devoting the majority of his time to Razi’s company—a fact that only seemed to agitate the other Lumanta all the more…

“Give me my Max back!” Raanan was screaming as he throttled Lucas.

Last week, Carl had come across Raanan charging Lucas with a baseball bat. According to John and Lloyd, Lucas had surfaced after Max had been knocked out in the Wreck Room; Raanan reasoned that knocking him out cold once more would simply cause the other persona to return.

Carl had managed to bind Raanan in bands of hard light until Doctor Howell arrived. When punished with Saturday School, Raanan tried to bribe his way out of it by using his powers to grow several banana trees in the halls. “C’mon, Doctor Monkey Man,” Raanan had said, “I’ll give you all the bananas you can eat! Ook-ook?”

Carl had no clue how the school’s administrator had kept from snapping the Filipino boy’s neck. Watching how the headmaster handled the situation made Carl envious for the amount of patience the man must have had. Now, with no one else in sight to save the more passive of Max’s personalities, Carl decided it was time to test his tolerance…

“Leave him alone, Raanan.”

The dark-headed boy turned around slowly and showed Carl a face contorted into an expression of pure fear. Only when he laid eyes on their guest did he relax. “Oh,” he said, half-laughing, “it’s just you, Ken.”

“My name is Carl.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Raanan muttered half-heartedly as he returned to shaking Lucas violently. “Each year, countless children suffer from crappy first names. Look, I’d love to talk but I’m a little occupied here…” Raanan grabbed the collar of Lucas’ shirt with one hand and slapped him with the other.

Carl sighed as he conjured the incandescent bands to constrict the youth’s movement. “What part of ‘leave him alone’ are you having such a hard time understanding?”

“Dude!” Raanan exclaimed as Lucas fled for the safety of the dorms. “Do I go to your mom’s house and jump up and down on the bed? No! So why are you screwin’ with my livelihood!?!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I just… Look, just let me go so I can get my buddy Max back.”

“No! I’m not going to let you go so you can keep tormenting that poor kid!”

“I’m not going to torment him! I just need to knock him out so that he goes back to normal!”

Carl sighed. “You don’t know that it’s going to work…”

“I have it on very good authority that it will!”

“Whose authority?”

“A doctor friend of mine…”

“What’s this doctor’s name?”

Raanan stared blankly at Carl. “Doctor… Wikipedia?” Carl couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Hey! I’ll have you know that ‘Wikipedia’ is a traditional surname from the old country!”

“Are you really this stupid or do you just think everyone else is?”

“Depends… If I guess the right answer, are you going to let me go?”

“If I let you go are you going to go after Lucas again?”

“Yes,” Raanan said.

Carl stared at him incredulously.

“What!?! Don’t I get points for honesty!?! I figure that’s gotta be worth letting me go…”

“Why would I let you go!?! You just told me you were going to go after him again!”

“This is true,” Raanan said, “but I ask you to consider… isn’t it within your best interests to let me go?”

“No,” Carl said automatically. “No, it is not.”

“Hear me out! Okay, so… you spent how many days and nights shadowing Dell McLinux-”

“His name is Sergio Leone.”

“What’s in a name, Carter?”


“Whatever. I mean, just think about it: you gave up all of your free time to watching over Dell-”


“-to make sure nobody harassed him about keeping that cannon he’s got in his arm a secret—and I’m not talking about his fastball… Now, I think you and I both know that I can be pretty persistent when I want to be. Also, I know where they keep the sporting equipment. Now, do you really intend to spend every waking hour watching over Lucas, making sure I don’t knock him out cold? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let me do what you and I both know has to be done and then everyone can get on with their respective lives?”

“I’m not going to let you knock him out.”

“Why not!?!” Raanan whined.

“Because it’s…” Carl closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn’t know how Doctor Howell did it… “Look, you are not knocking anyone out!”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not,” Raanan said.

Carl sighed. “Reverse psychology won’t work, Raanan.”

“Stupid cartoons lied to me…” Raanan grumbled. His eyes flashed with realization then as he thought of a new tactic to winning such an argument: “Yes, I am, infinity times two, always ahead of you. Schoolyard rules dictate that I now win this argument. You have no choice but to let go of me and let me-”

“Look, I am not letting you go clobber Lucas-”


“-so why don’t you just give up on it?”

“Why is this so important to you!?!” bellowed Raanan. “Are you and Lucas best friends? No, you’re not. Are Max and I amigos? We are indeed. He is my wingman and I need him. So, just let me go and hit him-”

“No! No one is getting hit!”

“You can’t hold me like this forever, you know,” Raanan said. “You have to sleep sometime…”

“Carl does, but I don’t.” Carl knew the apathetic voice as belong to his roommate; he smiled as Sergio emerged from the Common Room—no doubt drawn from his vigil at the television by the sounds of their arguing.

“Yeah,” said Gregaro as he followed Sergio into the room. “If Carl says you’re not allowed to hurt Lucas, then you’re not allowed to hurt him.” Ever-garbed in his fedora and coat, the temporally-stranded youth cast an imposing shadow as he folded his arms across his chest and fixed the young man with an intimidating glare. “Understood?”

Raanan rolled his eyes at the trio of seniors. It was not in him to back down but he could tell this was not going well—not when Carl could restrain his movements, Gregaro could knock him out with one or two jabs and Sergio could obliterate his remains with a blast from the cannon retracted in his arm.

Torn between the desire to not look weak and the desire to not get beat up, Raanan was happy to watch as his own roommate appeared from the dormitories and stopped at the realization of what was before him. “Yeah, well, if you guys want me, you’ll have to get through my buddy Gage!”

The trio of seniors eyed their classmate strangely; the blind youth merely shrugged. “I don’t know what he’s done and I don’t wanna know what he’s done,” Gage said. “I’m just on my way to the kitchen…”

Before Gage could make his way past the others, another guest hurried into the foyer that acted as the nexus for all three buildings: Solon Carlyle was out of breath as he pushed his way past Carl and planted himself before Raanan. “I need your help,” he said between fits of ragged breathing.

Raanan stared at him. “Help? You? After you cock-blocked me at the bar a few weeks ago?”

“My cousin has notified me of an emergency within the arcane realms I seek to police!” Solon bellowed. “However, this mission calls for me to infiltrate a den of college students engaged in a social activity that I freely admit is not within my realm of expertise! I seek your aid, Raanan!”

Raanan looked to Carl. “You’re smart, right? What did he just say?”

“I think he just invited you to a party,” Carl said.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Gregaro asked. “Let’s agitate the gravel!”

Raanan was not the only one who looked at Gregaro oddly. “Does everyone here speak some kind of crazy moon-speak but me?” he asked.

Solon sighed before beginning to weave his hands through the intricate gestures requisite for the casting of his teleportation spell. With a quick incantation, he instantly transported those within his immediate vicinity away from the New Vindicators Academy of America and to the campus of Columbia University.
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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1123 - 1124

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Just a note to say that you got Raanan just right. I hope I still get to kill him . You know what i mean. I aso like the back story for Carl. It is very well done. i can't wait for more

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1123 - 1124

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Is there a lineup for the "Beat up Raanan train" because I'm all for it ;~)

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1123 - 1124

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Please join the line I know of at least 2 people that have killed him and the list to at least beat him up is keeps growing as he talks to people.

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Re: New Vindicators, Chapter 1124

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To Be Continued... wrote:Please, God, no...


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