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New Vindicators, Chapter 1140

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Chapter XL: Chewin the Apple of Your Eye
Once upon a time, he had been able to fly the Blackjack. The plane was nothing more than the frame of a Russian bomber; lacking engines, it was propelled solely by Magnus Loder’s ability to mentally influence metal. The trouble was that planes had a propensity for showing up on radar. Fortunately, Magnus Loder had been able to divide himself into two beings and while one focused on flying the plane, the other focused on making the plane invisible to anything but the naked eye.

Since Deimos had killed Magnus’ positive side, the man had not been able to fly the plane—at least, not without attracting some unwanted attention…

He could have asked Portal to open him a gateway. He could have asked the Aurelia to teleport him. There were a million and one other ways he could have gotten across the country but many of them would raise questions.

Inside, he had elected to drive.

Much like the Blackjack, Magnus’ car had no engine or ignition—no power steering or functional brakes. It was a metal box on wheels that was powered purely by his ability. While that meant he did not have to stop for gas, he was still human and had to stop to sleep.

For the past four nights, he had been sleeping in the car. He drove all day—stopping only to refill his stomach or to empty his bladder—and when he felt weary, he pulled into a rest stop and reclined his seat.

He had not showered in days. Every so often, he would bring his hand to his face—to itch his nose or to stroke his goatee—and he recoiled at the grimy smell that had permeated his skin.

The long drive meant he had a lot of time to think—he thought about Adonis’ arrival and Atlanta’s odd departure; he thought about Maria and the twins and whether or not he had a shot at getting back with Chienne.

As he continued to make his way through the American northwest, his cell phone rang. Maria had been calling him every half hour or so. This time, he had decided to answer it, thinking that might make her finally stop pestering him: “What do you want?” he asked as he picked up the phone.

Silence answered him. He hung up. She called him again. “What!?!” he thundered.

“I was worried about you,” she said. “I haven’t heard from you since you left-”

“Not much to say,” he growled.

“Have you found Adonis?”

“I’m busy, okay? I’ll talk to you later.” With the push of a button, he hung up on his wife again and tossed the phone into the seat beside him.

He kept his eyes on the road as he reached down to a can of Monster Lo-Carb resting in the cup holder. What little remained soon traveled past his lips and down his throat and the empty bottle joined the wrappers of beef jerky in the passenger-side floorboard. He considered pulling off for provisions, but this close to his destination, he elected to press on. Within the hour, he would reach his target…

Within the hour, he would be on Alexa Hawk’s doorstep.

She had left the day after Deimos’ attack on the school. She hastily backed all of her family’s things, entrusted Cassandra Goodman to oversee their shipping and drove away with her step-daughter. Within a week, she had called Cassandra with an address: she had returned to Oregon and found employment at a nearby hospital. She moved into an apartment complex with a small playground; she had enrolled Lexi Stanton in school.

Alexa Hawk was devoted to living a perfectly normal life and Magnus Loder was determined to change that.

It was a little before 2 o’clock when he found the apartment complex she listed as her address. It took a few minutes of wandering the handful of handsome two-story buildings before he found her apartment.

When no one answered his knock, he peered in through the large picture window to the left of the door; it was dark inside and the lace curtains conspired with the glare from the sun to keep him from getting a good view. Still, he could make out toys strewn about and a kitchen table converted into a small office by the look of the paper tower dotting its landscape. Pictures of Mia Stanton—some with Alexa, some with Lexi and some with all of them together speckled the walls. He had the right place but his target was not home…

He headed back to the car. He left and found a small diner—a family-run Italian place where he had the worst lasagna he had ever eaten. After using the restroom he left a five and three ones on a $7.89 tab and made his way back to Alexa’s apartment. His intention had been to wait for her to pull up but weariness claimed him.
He awoke to knocking on his window. He opened his eyes and saw Alexa Hawk, glaring down at him. Her hair was shorter than he remembered and colored red.

It reminded him of his other half.

“What are you doing here?” she asked with a hint of agitation in her voice.

“I came to see you,” he called through the glass. “Can we talk inside?”

She hesitated. After considering it, she gave in and motioned for him to follow with a wave of her head. She led the way and as he got out of his car, he saw her holding her step-daughter’s hand. Her purse was slung over her shoulder while a brown bag was cradled in her other arm.

At her door, she fumbled with her keys. Magnus waved her aside and used his powers to magnetically unlock her door. She glared at him for a moment and held Lexi’s hand firmly. Lexi pulled at her and finally won her freedom: she darted into the apartment and ran right for the television. “Buzz!” she exclaimed as she pulled Toy Story from a shelf of movies. The six-year-old needed no help in working the devices: she was well-versed in operating the television and Blu-Ray player.

Alexa made her way in and dropped her keys on the table by the door. She held the portal open and motioned for Magnus to come in. “Pretty nice place,” he said, trying to be as polite as possible. He needed her to help him; he could not afford to repel her the way he did most people.

“This your first time seeing it?” Alexa asked reticently.

Magnus understood her tone: the access his powers gave him to her sanctuary unnerved her. “I peeked in through the window earlier. Didn’t look like you were home so I went to this shitty mom and pop-”

“Can you watch the language?” Alexa asked as she kicked off her shoes and punted them down the hall. “I, uh… I kind of got called down to Lexi’s school when she heard me use the F-word once. I swear she’s part parrot.”

Magnus watched her slip into the kitchen and start emptying the contents of her grocery bag. “How’s she doing? I mean, after… what happened to her mom?”

“We get by.”

“I’ll bet,” he said. “The kid gets Social Security now, right?”

Alexa nodded. “And I haven’t touched a penny of it. Hopefully, that’s Lexi’s college fund.” She sighed and rubbed her neck cagily. “What do you want, Magnus? You didn’t travel across the damn country to bring me an invisible house warming gift.”

“I need your help.”


“You haven’t even heard what I was going-”

“Does it involve funny costumes and super-powers?”

“Maybe not the funny costumes…”

She turned her back on him and occupied herself with making dinner. “I’m out of the game, Magnus. I won’t get pulled back in.”

Magnus traipsed into the kitchen and shook his head at her. It took everything he had to keep from chuckling. “Channeling your inner Michael Corleone there?”

“It may be cheesy but it’s true. God, Magnus… When Mia died, I wanted out of there… Then Libra let Aquarius take over my body and Deimos… Michael died, that Breeze kid? Sandy’s brother’s boyfriend lost his leg! Why would I want to come back to that? Why would I want to expose my daughter to that?” She shook her head. “Why do you and Maria expose your kids to that?

“How is Maria, anyway?”

Magnus shrugged. “Cold,” he said. “Bitch won’t let me touch her and the kids? You’re lucky: you basically got a textbook someone wrote all the answers in—no shi—no poopy diapers or late-night feedings…” An awkward silence fell over them and was filled with the sound of Alexa chopping carrots. “Adonis showed up in my apartment a while back—said something big is coming down the pipes. Our enemies are planning to engineer a little genocide.”

“You mean ‘your’ enemies,” Alexa said. “Only enemy I have is that witch Deb who expects me to do all her work and that R.N. Cindy who won’t throws a hissy fit whenever I try to get my shift swapped.”

“You really don’t care at all that Patriot Robotics, the CGP and Black Box are planning to go all Hitler on us?”

Alexa slammed the knife down and turned on him with a tired look. “How is that any different from what they’ve been doing for years, Magnus?”

“It’s about those three boys you found in Patriot Robotics-”

“I’m done with this Magnus.”

“Their mom’s some kind of crazy powerful woman who they think can kill us all.”

“Magnus, this…” She sighed dejectedly. “This isn’t anything new! Primes, Zero, Peoria—it’s one thing after another with these people!”

“And you’re just going to what, Alexa? Stop fighting? Lay down and wait for them to mow you down?”

“No, I’m going to live my life with the decisions I’ve made and trust that people like David and Sandy and all of the other Vindicators will do their jobs and…” She trailed off as she saw the look in his eyes. “They don’t know about this, do they?” she asked. “You son of a bitch! It’s the Affiliation all over! You’re trying to do this by yourself so you won’t have to share the credit when you save the day!”

“They know,” Magnus lied, “but they don’t think it’s enough to move on. The information came from Adonis, Alexa—ADONIS! Do you really think after everything the Affiliation has done, the Vindicators are going to put any stock into anything he says?”

“Then why are you? From where I stand, you have more reason not to trust him than they do. I’m just saying, it’s more likely that Sandy’d believe him before you!”

Magnus said nothing. He simply began to grind his teeth at the realization that Alexa would not budge on this: she was not going to help him fight what was coming… but there was another purpose behind his visit…

“So, if there’s nothing else?” Alexa asked. “I’d invite you to stay but I’m only making enough for two…” She moved to walk past him to reach the refrigerator when Magnus grabbed her around the waist and steered her into a kiss.

The instant their lips touched, Alexa began to push against him. She slapped at his chest and when he wouldn’t let go, she shifted forms.

In her aquatic form, Alexa’s clothes dropped to the floor where she had been standing. She refused to revert back to her human form—she refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her nude. “Get the hell out of my home,” she growled.

“C’mon,” he said, “you’re not a lesbian, Alexa—you’re bi. You like guys and girls.”

“Get out!”

“I’m betting you haven’t gotten any since Deimos offed your girlfriend.”

“I said-”

“I bet it’s been even longer since you had a man, right? Someone who could just bend you over-”

“Get out of my house, Magnus!”

“Have you ever even had a man? How do you even know you’re bi or gay or whatever? C’mon, Alexa, why don’t you go for a ride on my South Pole and you can tell me which you liked having inside you better: Mia’s tongue or-”

Alexa’s limbs elongated and slammed into his face. The volume of her appendages shifted to form an orb of water she maintained around his head. The cutting knife she had been using flew from the counter; it shot through Alexa’s liquid body and over Lexi’s head, burying itself into the wall beside her.

Alexa released him. “I ever see you so much as look at my daughter funny and I will kill you!” she snarled. “Do you understand me, you sick son of a bitch!?! Get the hell out of my house and don’t you ever come back!”



He said nothing. He simply turned and made his way for the door. As he cut through Lexi’s field of vision, he stopped and blocked the television screen. He made sure not to look at her—he did not want to test whether or not Alexa had been bluffing. “Hey, kid,” he growled. “Here’s a new word for you: your mommy’s a cock tease.”

As he continued his egress, he emitted a small electromagnetic pulse that left the screen blank. “Buzz!” Lexi moaned as the door slammed shut behind the blue-haired man…
To Be Continued... wrote:Black Box loses a man...

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1141

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NEW VINDICATORS #105: Hey, a Movie!

Chapter XLI: Danger! High Voltage
Three hours after the blonde woman had given the order to activate the Vienna Protocols, the phone that had been used to activate Jack Rexroth, Levi Carmichael and Doug Droll began to ring. Though Doctor Colbenson paid the phenomena no mind, Phase was troubled and watched anxiously as one of Black Box’s technicians answered the phone.

“Hello?” he asked. He listened for a moment and then began to blush. “I think you have the wrong number,” he said as Tinnitus started to chortle.

Phase looked to his junior suspiciously. “It was the video store,” he whispered to his cohort, “saying that his copy of ‘Uncircumcised Dwarf Studs’ was overdue.”

The phone rang again; again, the technician answered it. “Hello?” he asked, followed by, “You have the wrong nu—no, this isn’t Dick Lesman’s resid—yes, I’m sure it’s not.”

Again he hung up only for the phone to begin to ring again. Before he could answer it, Phase moved over to the switchboard and put the caller on-speaker. “Hello?” he asked suspiciously.

“You owe me for one jelly donut!”

The speaker sounded suspiciously familiar to Phase. “Who is this?” he asked.

“You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will learn by the numbers! I will teach you! Now, get up! Get on your feet!”

One of the other technicians eyed them strangely. “Is that… the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket?” he asked.

“Let me see your war face!” R. Lee Emery’s voice shouted across the chamber’s loud speakers.

Phase hung up the phone and turned to Doctor Colbenson. “We need to evacuate the building,” he said as he made his way towards her. He did not know how much time they had but he was determined to be in a place to defend her if the need arose… even if it was obvious that by the look on her face, she had no idea what was coming.

The phone began to ring again. “Don’t answer it!” Phase shouted. He composed his face as he turned back to the director. “The Vindicators are onto us.”

“How?” she asked incredulously. She found it preposterous that their location could be discovered. “They did that… spoofing-”

“Yes, but I told you that was not foolproof. The only reason we’ve been able to keep any government agency from using Eschelon to pinpoint our locations have been our helpers in the capital but the Vindicators could have employed an independent method of tracking our IMEI.” He released a sigh before adopting her appearance. “We’re wasting time—figure out how they found us after we’ve gotten away! I’ll stay here and distract-”

“Doctor Colbenson?” one of the technicians exclaimed. “There’s something going on in the engineering wing…”

“You need to get out of here,” Phase said as the phone continued to ring. “We’ll rally in New York!”

Doctor Colbenson looked at the monitor and then back to Phase. She nodded to him before leading Tinnitus to the exit.

“Contact the other Sins—send them to cover the director,” Phase ordered, remaining in the guise of Doctor Colbenson.

Nodding in affirmation, the clearly-panicked agents began to make the calls. Only when they had finished did Phase dismiss them. “You know how to get out of here,” he intoned darkly, “and you know where to go.” The phone continued to ring. “Go. I’ll hold them off.”

When he was alone, moved to the phone and picked up the receiver. “It’s done,” he said.

An orb of energy crackled in the chamber and expanded into a doorway large enough to accommodate the Curler. Ahead of him, Portal and Hourglass hurried into the room. Hourglass moved to run towards the imposter doctor but a gauntleted hand on her shoulder stopped her. “I was expecting a little more of a heavily-armed reception,” Portal said as the other Vindicators followed them through the portal: Boson, the Curler, Horde and Mirage stood with them. “Underestimating us, aren’t you, doc?”

“Too bad for you,” Phase said, reverting to a simulacrum of his true form—albeit one forged from water, “our director is in another castle.”

He lunged for Portal and the armor was suddenly surrounded by an aura of electricity. The two collided and Phase screamed. His body reverted back to its true form: Hourglass watched as Cloud Goodman fell to the floor at her boyfriend’s feet. “Cloud?” she asked. She moved to run to her twin brother’s side, only for Portal to grab her. She remained in her human form—none of her other forms were capable of crying.

Mirage hurried to the boy’s body. He knelt beside him and checked for a pulse. “He’s gone,” he said sadly. Hourglass screamed and no sound came from Portal.

“Dude,” the Curler, “and I thought my old teammates were stupid!”

“Not now, man,” Horde said.

“This one time? We were trying to rescue Steeeeeeeve Potter! from his dad and then dude threw himself out a window! True story! And then this other time-”

“Connor…” Portal said warningly.

“Bulwark when I’m in the-” The colossus caught himself. “I mean, ‘the Curler’. I’m the Curler now, right? Anyway, this other time, Gabe was all like, ‘Here is my spleen! It will make a fabulous beret!’ They were stupid, but none of them ever went up against a electric-guy made out of water! Wasn’t he part of the Pokémon generation? Isn’t that why those games were made? To teach Neo-Sapiens who to not screw with?”

Portal opened another gateway. “Connor, go back to the base and radio in that we need a cleanup team, okay?”

“But you can just do that from your armor, can’t you? I mean, it has built-in walkie-talkies and-”

“Just go, Connor!”

The Curler corrected his leader under his breath as he made his way back to their base. Within an hour, a team of agents from the Department of SPB Affairs had arrived in the warehouse. Leaving Horde to handle the sweep of the captured facility, Portal left to accompany Hourglass in transporting her brother’s remains.

As soon as they had crossed through the gateway, Hourglass opened the body bag. “We’re clear,” she said.

Phase opened his eyes. “Finally,” he grumbled. “Do you know how hard it is pretending to be dead?”

The armored figure shrugged. “You should be an expert at this point.”

Phase rolled his eyes and then groaned as Hourglass threw her arms around him. She was crying again—this time for real. At first, he began to hug her back but when she neglected to let go, he looked to Portal for help. “Sandy? It’s… it’s good to see you too but I kind of need to breathe.”

Hourglass let go of him and took a step back. “Are you sure we can’t go to the school?” she asked, looking to Portal. “Mom needs to see him—and Norman!—even if Norman doesn’t remember him…”

Cloud bit his bottom lip. “That was… Asmodeus’ doing…” he muttered.

Portal shook his head at his girlfriend’s request. “We can bring Victoria here but… Sandy, you know the plan: the less people who know Cloud is alive, the better. I mean, after what Anna said just went down in Vienna, how do we know that Black Box doesn’t have a sleeper agent or two at the school?”

“How did that work out?” Phase asked. “I mean… Vienna?”

“Everyone was subdued,” Portal explained. “I guess there’s an alumni there who deals with this sort of thing. She went into their heads and sort of… I dunno, erased the subliminal messages you guys put there? Thankfully, she’s agreed to come back with our kids to New York and do the same for the other refugees from Peoria.”

Phase nodded. “So, getting down to business? We’ve managed to shut down every facility Black Box has. There’s only one place left to go: Doctor Colbenson is running straight to Patriot Robotics… and as Black Box is presently operating illegally?”

“My dad will be aiding and abetting.”

“We expose them both and we kill two birds with one stone,” Phase said. “We’ll free the other Neo-Sapiens Black Box has mind controlled into working for them, free your brother… and I can finally come home. We just need someone on the inside…” Phase smiled as his eyes changed color; his hair turned lighter and thinner; his face looked harder and his nose grew bolder. No longer did Cassandra Goodman’s twenty-year-old brother sit on a stretcher in morgue; now, seated before them, was a man in his mid-forties. “You were right, Dave,” Phase said in a voice much more gravely than his own.

“I am becoming an expert at playing dead.”
To Be Continued... wrote:Everyone versus everyone.

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1142

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Chapter XLII: Is It Any Wonder?
Only a few days had passed since the Americans had departed Vienna and returned home. Only a few days had passed since two of the European school’s students and one teacher had suddenly turned into mindless pawns with mysterious objectives. Only a few days had passed since Emily Adler dug into the trio’s minds and removed the subliminal programming. Only a few days had passed since Gage Morris worked with Jason Lamperouge to trace the signal from the trio’s cell phones.

Only a few days had passed since Carl Hamilton had been eviscerated by Jack Rexroth and only a few days had passed since he made a miraculous recovery.

Solon Carlyle was suspicious of his upperclassman’s strange rejuvenation. His classmates—even Doctor Howell—were content to chalk it up to an unforeseen effect of his abilities: it was documented that when Carl first encountered the Vindicators only a few weeks ago, he had absorbed an enormous pillar of light into his body. Shortly after Jack had sank his talons into Carl’s stomach, Gideon had hammered the tattooed teenager with a colossal blast of light. In theory, it stood to reason that Carl’s body could have absorbed the light and used it to heal himself from a fatal injury, but Solon was not so sure…

There was a race of humans who had long ago been blessed with powers similar to those Neo-Sapiens wielded. They were the Æsir and like Neo-Sapiens, their abilities were heritable. Though the power varied from family to family, one thing was constant: all of the Æsir were immortal.

It was certainly possible for Carl to be an Æsir. The senior was a product of Ohio’s foster care system and claimed to have never met his parents. His mother or his father could have been a being once worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians or Greeks. Horakhty, Apollo, Artemis, Hyperion, Baldur—there were hordes of gods of light and Carl could have been the child of any of them…

Still, now was not the time to concern himself with such questions: clad in the black and white uniform the school issued to each student, Solon stood alongside every member of the student body—both human and Neo-Sapien—in the Wreck Room.

None of them knew why they had been summoned or why they had been ordered to suit up, but they did. Stragglers were still traipsing out of the locker room at a steady interval. No doubt they were having trouble latching the Kevlar uniform in the way so many of them had. For most, it was their first time wearing the uniform. For Solon, it was his second time, having been loaned one his first day in Vienna.

The ten students who had just returned from Austria were not the only ones experienced with the garment: Christmas Clark had been the first one out of either locker room and stood stoically in the center of the Wreck Room with a determined look on her face.

It was obvious that she was anxious for whatever was planned to begin. No doubt she had assessed the situation just as Solon had: there were very few reasons for them to be called to Wreck Room in full uniform—many of which involved fighting. This inevitability seemed lost on some of the younger students, however: beside the magus, Andrew Woodford sidled up close to Razi Lumanta. “So,” he said, trying his hardest to make his voice sound smooth and suave, “come here often?”

Razi turned her head slightly, stared at him and then turned her head back. “We were all called her, you idiot.”

“Must be fate.”

“It’s called an intercom.”

Though the sophomore’s attempt to woo his classmate had failed miserably, Solon still found himself envious of the boy’s boldness. The junior was infatuated with a girl in his History class. He wanted to ask her out but fear of rejection kept him from so much as smiling at her. His father always said that when you asked a question, there was a fifty-percent chance you would hear the answer you wanted to hear. His father was not a gangly boy with a pimply complexion though—how could he even hope to understand what it was like?

Solon’s attention shifted to Mister Loder and Miss Bedford making their way into the massive chamber and split off to scour the locker rooms. The last few laggards came galloping out ahead of the instructors; only when they were confident that the entire student body was presented before them did they speak.

“Listen up, maggots!” the goateed man spat. “When you see me in this uniform, you will address me as ‘Lodestone’—not Mister Loder or Mister Kennedy or whatever those idiots upstairs have been telling you my name is this week.” He gestured to the blonde standing beside him. “This—the star of your masturbatory fantasies—is Chienne Bedford… because some of us are too good for codenames.” He turned and glared at the next generation of New Vindicators. “None of you are too good for a codename. Hell, none of you are even good enough to be wearing that uniform.

“As fate would have it, the universe has conspired with the administration to laden us with the responsibility of teaching you how not to get yourselves killed.

“We have our work cut out for us.

“Recent events in Vienna have caused this school to realize that the world will never stop trying to kill us. It is for that reason that we are going to divide you into groups and focus on training you to defend yourselves. From now on, every Friday, you will meet as a class in this room. It will be brutal but it will be nothing compared to what the world wants to do to you.

“For now, the non-powered students are allowed to leave. You will wait for us in the hall. You will be one class. Just because you don’t have powers doesn’t mean that you don’t need to learn to defend yourself.

“The rest of you will be divided based on your capabilities. Your capabilities are what we are here to judge.” He pressed a button on a remote and the chamber morphed from a void of white to what looked like ghost town straight out of the old west. “On my count you will all engage in a school-wide free-for-all. Think of it as ‘last man standing wins’.”

“NO!” Raanan screamed. “You can’t leave me in here! Most of these people want to kill me already and you’re just giving them an excuse!”

“Three,” Lodestone declared, ignoring Raanan’s outburst. “Two.” Raanan curled into the fetal position. “One.”

Pandora was the first one into the sky. It was still staggering to Solon just how much speed the sophomore possessed: he had seen her in flight thrice now and each time was just as impressive as the last.

The purple-haired girl wasted no time in picking her targets either: as she flew over the town, she trained her outstretched limbs on one of the few students who could still influence her from that high up… It took her only one burst of plasma to bring down Jessie Martin; Solon’s classmate fell to the floor at his feet. His gaze flew to Pandora; his face contorted into a look of pure terror. As he anticipated her coming for him, one of the freshmen came to his rescue: Black Falkenrath raised his arm towards the sky and pointed at Pandora. His thumb flicked and a pencil-thin beam of green energy erupted from the tip of his index finger.

Pandora dodged the blow and wheeled through the sky. Training her arms on the boy, Pandora sent another pulse of energy towards the ground. Black leapt back, avoiding the blow but lost his sour apple Dum-Dum in the process.

Before Pandora could even think about finishing the job, one of Black’s classmates—Agatha Neswander—swatted at the flying girl. Solon turned and watched as Rick Tasker charged Lloyd Hilton with an orb of erratic energy hovering over the palm of his hand. Though Lloyd was occupied with taking down Mort Norris, John Titus had the Nephilim’s back: a whip of water lashed through the air and brought Rick to his knees—a few more took him down for the count.

Not far off, Carl Hamilton was shielding Candace Strange while Gideon Newton remained at his roommate’s side. Topher Emerson charged at Gregaro Vincentsson with a psionic sword that he was far too inexperienced with: one uppercut from the trench coat-clad teen put the Esper out of the fight but left him open to a titanic punch from Lucas Webb.

All around him, Solon watched as his teammates—the youths he had fought the Damned and the Viennese students besides—excelled in doing what they did best. Mister Loder said the class was going to be divided based on their performances: Carl, Pandora—even Lloyd would undoubtedly be put into a class for those who excelled. Those like Mort Norris or April Pratt—Neo-Sapiens capable of breathing underwater or social cloaking—would be placed in a class for those who could not fight with their abilities.

Solon wanted to become the Aurelius. He needed to show that he was just as good—if not better—than those students who stood in awe of.

Solon’s eyes fell on Orencio Arevalo. The Latin-American boy was a member of the freshman class and one of the more dangerous members of the student body. His ability was called neurocognitive deficit—with nothing more than the force of his own will, the Esper could shut off a target’s mind, rendering them unconscious. In order to do it, he needed to be able to perceive his target…

“Yisibilivitin,” he intoned once he had completed the somatic components of his spell. Once he had finished, his body vanished from sight. He rushed forward and planted himself behind his prey. “Eshat.” The incantation caused Orencio to turn an stare right through Solon. The magus appeared behind him suddenly—his invisibility dispelled as he lunged in for the strike.

His blows came with uncanny speed and allowed him to bludgeon the boy into submission faster than his opponent could react. With Orencio out of the picture, Solon set his eyes on the biggest threat in the room…
“Larpren esnoge,” he said before his body began to grow several times its normal height. Though he did not match Agatha in terms of height or power, his speed and Pandora helped him to stay in the fight. Seeing him attack her opponent, Pandora hurried to make use of the openings he provided her.

Only when Agatha fell to them did Solon catch sigh of Raanan tackling one of the senior girls: Cheyenne Ford’s ability allowed her to teleport liquids. Though it had numerous uses, as far as Solon could see, it was not a very combative power.

Solon reached down and hoisted Raanan from the young woman, suspending him over the battlefield. “Hey!” the Filipino exclaimed nervously at the sight of a twenty-foot-tall magus. “How’s it goin’, buddy? I was hoping I could talk to you about a potential team-up! I thought the two of us could-”

“Who wants to take out Raanan?” Solon announced.

Pandora’s hand was not the first one up: from the ground, Raanan’s roommate Gage threw his hand—and a bolt of lightning—into the air. Christmas Clark’s hand went up as did John Titus’. So close to Candace Strange, Carl and Gideon had no choice but to answer honestly: “I do!” both exclaimed. Even Lucas—who normally adhered strictly to pacifism—couldn’t help but raise his hand.

The battle did not continue much longer after that. After getting a feel for how most of them carried themselves, the test’s proctors abolished the simulation and ended the fight.

Only then did they begin to divide everyone into two groups. It was just as Solon had predicted: they were dividing the students based on the combativeness of their abilities. Some of their decisions, Solon hardly agreed with: though several of the freshmen were still standing at the battle’s end, none of them had been placed in the advanced class. Though Black, Agatha and April had all survived, they had not used their powers in a way that suggested to the instructors that they were ready for the advanced course.

In the end, only eleven had made it in: Christmas Clark, Pandora Filash, Carl Hamilton, Lloyd Hilton, William Loder, Razi Lumanta, Gage Morris, Gideon Newton, John Titus, and Gregaro Vincentsson would be joining Solon in the advanced class.

Not all of them were happy with the pair’s decisions.

“This is a fuggin’ joke, man,” John was growling. “If Max had been in control and not Lucas, he’d be in here too.”

“But he wasn’t,” Miss Bedford said. “If someone is going to come after you, they’re not going to wait until Lucas’ personality relinquishes control over to Max. Lucas needs to know how to fight using what he has and that’s what he’ll get in the beginner’s class.”

“Just be thankful Raanan didn’t get in,” Gage laughed.

Christmas rolled her eyes at the blind boy. “So, what is this then?” she asked. “A team? I mean, advanced implies that we already know how to handle ourselves so… what? Are you going to train us to be Vindicators?”

“Slow down a bit,” Miss Bedford said. “It means you’re one a different level than the others. The non-powered students will be taught basic self-defenses. The beginner’s class will be taught to incorporate their powers in new ways—basically, what we’ve been teaching you all in the one-on-one sessions. This class, however…”

“Most of you have had a few fights already,” Mister Loder said, interpreting his cohort’s trailing off as hesitation. “The sophomores got locked in the Wreck Room against a simulation of Paragon and his buddies. The seniors dealt with the Damned and the Rhino. Most of you were able to hold your own when you were in Vienna.”

“And the rest of you are Christmas,” Miss Bedford pointed out.

“Fact is, you guys have a little more experience than the others. If you were all in the same class, you’d be benefiting nothing. That’s what this is all about.” Mister Loder shrugged. “So, welcome to the New Vindicators—hope you survive.”

“YES!!!” All eyes went to the young boy standing off to the side. The elfin child was garbed in a tunic and breeches with thick, leather boots and a bulging pouch that hung from his belt. Over his shoulder was a staff whose tip formed into a small slingshot-like device. His brown hair was pulled back into a long topknot.
The sight of him made Mister Loder tremble.

“They’re finally official!” he declared.

Gregaro pointed at him. “What the hell is that?” he asked, agitatedly.

“Not what,” the boy insisted, “but who! I’m Elemenoh P. Quarez. My parents needed to learn Common.”

Mister Loder looked to the students with a panicked look on his face. “Everyone get out of here! We have to evacuate the school!”

Sensing the urgency coming off of the seasoned veteran, the students looked towards where the doors should have been and instead saw only a wall. Their eyes darted about—none of the walls bore an exit.

Elemenoh counted the number of walls, pointing to each of them in turn. He stopped on the last and walked up to it; he put his palms against it and leaned back before throwing his head through it, breaking it apart with a devastating head butt. “I can see you, flynnarrel! Just know that I’m coming for you! You won’t know when I’m coming or how or what I’ll do when I’m there, but know that I’m coming for you!”

Pulling head back through, Elemenoh began to walk towards the New Vindicators. “Sorry, just something I had to take care of. Where was I?”

“What happened to the hole?” Lloyd asked, noticing that the hole Elemenoh had just made was now gone. “What’s going on?”

“He’s a psychotic little imp capable of warping reality to his whims!” Mister Loder said. “The last time he was here was my bachelor party… He turned me into Edward Scissorhands and made me fight Godzilla.”

“Dude!” John exclaimed. “Fuggin’ sweet bachelor party!”

“I know, right?” Elemenoh asked.

“So, what’s it gonna be this time?” Mister Loder asked. “Make us dungeon crawl through Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Turn us all into Civil War reenactors?”

“If anything, I would hate to be predictable. So, I thought we’d do something that none of you would see coming: I’m going to pitch my idea for a movie script at you all! On the surface, it’s a space opera about anthropomorphic ninja rabbits fighting an empire ruled by mechanized ducks who are also anthropomorphic but if you look to the actual context of my story, you’ll see that it’s really a social commentary about how Young Bosnia wasn’t really the catalyst that started World War I—the fault lies entirely at the feet of Australia.”

Lloyd looked around, taking in the reactions of his teammates. “I think it’s safe to say that that is the exact opposite of predictable.”

“You know, maybe it’s not enough that I tell you about my movie…”

“No,” Mister Loder said, realizing what was coming.

“Maybe I need to show you!”

Mister Loder grabbed Solon. “Teleport us out of here!” he thundered. “You have to get us all out of here now!”

“Yeah!” Elemenoh exclaimed. “That’s a great idea! Instead of telling you the story, I’ll have you live it!”

Elemenoh snapped his fingers and suddenly the room transformed into the bridge of an intergalactic battleship plunged in the middle of the grueling space battle.

“Annnnnnnd action!”
To Be Continued... wrote:Go screw yourself, Michuru81. I'm done.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by flynnarrel » Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:36 pm

Holy Shiiii..... I was not expecting him to look out of the screen at me.... call me by name.

Seriously freaky.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by Arthur Eld » Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:19 pm

There's breaking the fourth wall, and then there's literally head-butting your way through it to address a specific audience member by name. Totally awesome.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by Horsenhero » Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:27 pm

Wow. Elemenoh just went all "Flynn, I am your kender". Niiiiiiice.

Oh yeah, and 'wet clean up...flynnarrel's chair.' :twisted:

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by Michuru81 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:54 pm

flynnarrel wrote:Holy Shiiii..... I was not expecting him to look out of the screen at me.... call me by name.

Seriously freaky.
Words cannot describe how eager I am to bring Elemenoh over to the Vienna school... I don't want to tip my hand yet but what I've got in store is going to be so much fun. At least you and Arkrite will have some experience dealing with what's coming... :twisted:

On a side note, normally the session/issue/whatever titles come from songs some folks might actually recognize. This is not the case so much with this one. "Hey, a Movie" is the song that starts at about 2:44 here.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by Arkrite » Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:21 pm

Darn it, now I'm wishing my memory lasted for more than two weeks at a time ;~)

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by flynnarrel » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:45 am

Arkrite wrote:Darn it, now I'm wishing my memory lasted for more than two weeks at a time ;~)

Now you know why I comb through the thread every so often. The annoying thing is that Mich could have been just messing with us.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1140 - 1142

Post by Arkrite » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:38 pm

Mess with us?
Now would he really do something like that? ;~)

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1143

Post by Michuru81 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:53 pm

Chapter XLIII: Hey, a Movie!
Before any of the New Vindicators could question what had just happened, a massive bay door retracted into the walls and legions of anthropomorphic rabbits clad in ninja costumes poured into the room the teenage heroes occupied. Prompt led Solar Flare, Dipole and Phaeton into the air—leaving their classmates in the path of the ninja rabbits.

Thinking fast, the Theurgist began weaving his hands through the air. One incantation later, he had summoned a wall of iron to shield his teammates from the charge. At Chienne’s command, the grounded students began to scurry behind the wall just as Solon moved to conjure another. He had effectively formed a ‘V’ in the middle of the room—giving the New Vindicators something to sustain them against the flood of ninja rabbits. There, inside the embankment, the young heroes readied themselves against an attack that never came. Instead, they watched as the stampede of warrior rabbits spilt around them and continued towards an exit adjacent from the doors they had entered from.

“The hell?” Maalik asked, staring strangely at their backs. “They weren’t after us?” Solon could not help but detect a hint of disappointment in the sophomore’s tone—it was almost as if Lloyd had wanted to fight innumerable, cottontail shinobi.

“Look outside,” Kudzu said, jutting her thumb towards the window into outer space. “They’re in the middle of a war. I’m guessing a few stowaways aren’t their top priority at the moment.”

“I’m still a little confused by what’s going on,” Solar Flare said. As Sentry nodded in agreement, his roommate looked around uneasily. “Where did the kid go?”

“This is all some sort of test, right?” Torrent asked. “I mean, we are in the fuggin’ Wreck Room! This has to be some elaborate scenario you two set up, right? You’re still testing us?”

Lodestone sighed and shook his head. “Unfortunately, this is not the Wreck Room. Elemenoh is… I don’t really know what he is. I think he’s some kind of magical entity, which puts him in Solon’s area of expertise. You got anything, kid?”

The Theurgist just shrugged. If this truly was not a Wreck Room program, then he was clueless as to what Elemenoh was: in order for someone to cast a spell, they had to be able to move their hands and utter the proper incantations; Elemenoh did neither when he altered their surroundings. “Thanks,” Lodestone growled, “you’ve been a big help. Hard to see why the Aurelius didn’t want to pass on the title to you.

“Like I said before, Elemenoh’s some kind of… entity that delights in warping reality. From what I can gather, he’s harmless but… the things he’ll put people through are a little on the unnerving side. Make no mistake: just because we can’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not around. Once he sets things in motion, he becomes scarce. I guarantee you he’s watching us though.

“He’s waiting to see how we interact with the scenario.”

Torrent rolled his eyes at the instructor. “So, how is this any different from what you did? I mean, you make us all go into the Wreck Room and duke it out with kids on a level different from where we are while you watch?”

“Watch the mouth, Tide Junior.”

“It’s Torrent, thanks.”

“Whatever,” Lodestone growled. “I don’t even know why Chienne vetted you for this group. You’d think she’d have learned her lesson after her big brother abducted, violated and tried to kill her!”

“Actually, Pete’s just my cousin, but since we’re laying the blame down, remind me again who offed her mom on television?”

“Her dad,” Lodestone growled, “morphed to look like me.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet the justice system hears that one all the time.”

“Boys!” snapped Chienne as Phaeton thundered, “The sooner you two put away the tape measurers, the sooner we can get out of this.”

“You said that Elemenoh’s still watching us, right?” Solar Flare asked, looking to Lodestone. “He’s just waiting to see how we interact with his movie? Maybe we need to stop arguing and focus on getting through this. Personally, I vote we follow the bunnies.”

“I’m with Carl,” Sentry said.

“It’s the only lead we have so far,” Coulomb said.

Chienne rounded on Lodestone while Phaeton planted her fists on her hips and scowled at Torrent. “You two think you can play nice?” the Nephilim asked.

Lodestone simply turned and made his way for the door the rabbits had flowed through. “Follow me,” he grumbled, leading the path towards the inevitable battle.

Two rooms beyond, the New Vindicators found several strange ships littering an enormous docking bay. On both sides the room was flanked by glowing energy fields that separated the room from the depths of space. Before them, the ninja rabbits were fighting anthropomorphic ducks who wore futuristic samurai armor. “It’s like The Last Samurai and Tron got busy and had a baby,” Maalik said.

“Which side are we on?” Kudzu asked.

“The ducks’ armor might have neon accents but it’s mostly black,” Solar Flare said. “The ninjas are all in shades of grey. We’re in a movie and black equals bad guy, right?”

“Kill the ducks,” Maalik said as emerald flames crackled in his eyes. “I think I can do that!”

Without another word, Maalik charged headlong into the fray. The Theurgist was stunned at just how fast he was able to move. He understood the mechanics of it slightly: at any given time, the Nephilim’s abilities would allow him to either be super-strong, super-tough or super-fast. At the moment, it seemed he wanted to be fast…

Those who could fly took to the skies and the magus watched the backs of the others as they followed Maalik into battle. Solar Flare and Phaeton’s respective energy beams lit up the room—as did the blasts fired off from Sentry’s cannon. Lodestone, Chienne and Dipole each worked to hoist the armored ducks into the air: they slammed them into each other or dropped them from the ceiling. One by one his teammates worked to aid the rabbits in repelling the ducks.

On the ground, the Cold Detective swung haymaker after haymaker while Torrent lashed out with a mace forged from water. Maalik, meanwhile, continued to swing his spectral warhammer around while Kudzu rushed through the thick of battle in her tree-form. Even Coulomb—despite his handicap—had waded into the thick of things. It helped that they had elected to aid the side not technologically endowed as the blind boy was able to see his armored opponents by sensing the energy signal given off by their armor.

Determined to ford the fight, the Theurgist moved to make his way to his teammates’ side. He raised his arms up in preparation to begin working through the rehearsed movements that would result in the desired effect. He opened his mouth to utter the incantation. He felt a hand close on the back of his skull. He felt himself flung to the ground. He felt a knee stab into the middle of his back and he felt hands grab at his wrists.

“You’re coming with me, mammal,” the duck threatened. “Our emperor will be very interested to find another of your kind here.”

The Theurgist cursed himself for his weakness. He had spent years working to mastery an array of spells that he felt would be the most useful in his tentative tenure as the Aurelius. Still, his father had always warned him that despite all of their power, they had a great weakness: without the ability to speak and move their hands, they were powerless.

It was one of the reasons his father strove to perfect both his mind and body.

A shape lunged from out of nowhere and tackled the Theurgist’s would-be captor. Rolling onto his back, the magus hurriedly scampered away. When his back hit what he presumed was some sort of fueling station, he stopped and looked upon his savior…

The man savagely beat the armored duck. Only when the faint gurgling noises the duck had made ceased to rise from within the sundered kabuto did the man rise up. “You okay, kid?” he asked, turning around slowly.

Suddenly, the Theurgist wondered if he had hit his head harder than he thought when the duck tackled him. After all, there was no way that he had just been saved by Kiefer Sutherland…
Elemenoh P. Quarez wrote:Well, since the To Be Continued Box curls up in a ball and cries whenever I show up, and since we've already established that I suck at teasing the next chapter, let's try something different! I'm the Cosmic Kender, right? I can do anything! So, it stands to reason I should be able to dig through his files and post builds he hasn't posted!

Let's start with the one Arthur Eld keeps requesting...

TORO (Power Level 8)
Real Name: Hercules Rodriguez
Height / Weight: 6’2” / 224 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Brown
Place of Birth: Oviedo, Asturias, Spain (July 7, 1988)
First Appearance: New Vindicators #13

Physical Appearance: As one might expect from his namesake, Hercules is a tall, muscular man—even before his Neo-Sapien powers activate. His head is normally kept shaven to a dark, black stubble.

Tattooed on his right arm, the words “luctor et emerge” (“Struggle and emerge”) form a ring around a sun burst.

Relationships: Leocadio Rodriguez (father; deceased), Edmund Cortez / Indalo (teammate), Jesus Manuel / Tartessos (teammate), Mary Roberts / Delores (teammate)

Biography: For as long as he could remember, Hercules dreamed of being like his father: Leocadio Rodriguez was a hard worker who strove to do right by his family. The man worked all hours of the day to provide for his wife and their five children. He never cursed or swore and embodied what it was to be a good Catholic.

The man also possessed a secret: he was a Neo-Sapien who had inherited the power to transform into an anthropomorphic bull from his father.

While Hercules lacked his father’s wisdom and fix-it-man know-how, he more than made up for it with a determination to work hard and do whatever it took to get a job done. Still, that ethic hardly stilled the tongues of his peers—boys who mercilessly taunted Hercules for his doltishness.

When he was fifteen, Hercules had been held back in school. While he wanted to simply drop out and get a job, his father reminded him that it was not in him to give up. The boy pushed on and his new classmates mocked him.

Fed up with their jeers, Hercules attacked them. Their numbers made up the handicap his size and strength gave him and Hercules went down. It was then that his Neo-Sapien powers manifested—the only one of his siblings to display such an ability.

The sight of him in his transformed state sent the other boys running. They told their teacher how Hercules had attacked them and at the sight of him, the local authorities were summoned.

The incident put Hercules on the radar of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe. Though he did not want to leave his family, his father insisted that it was the path to a better life and insisted he accept the school’s invitation. Though he returned frequently, during his senior year he headed home without the joy he had every other time: he returned home to bury his father—whose heart had simply given out.

With his elder siblings moving on with their lives, Hercules returned to the school and elected to stay on after graduation, insisting that no matter how menial the job he was given, he would do it with the same spirit his father did.

NEW VINDICATORS: sic simper tyrannis—In the summer of 2007, Hercules was picked by one of his classmates—Tartessos—to join a team consisting of Spaniards during the Trials. Under Tartessos’ guidance, the group was able to make it to the Fourth Trial, where they were eliminated following a battle with the Rhino and Rush—a battle that was broken up by Ark.
  • STR 18 [26] (+8), DEX 12 (+1), CON 18 [22] (+6), INT 9 (-1), WIS 11, CHA 10

    SKILLS: Intimidate 6, Knowledge (popular culture) 3 (+2), Languages 2 (English, German, Spanish [base]), Notice 4, Profession (janitor) 5, Sense Motive 4

    FEATS: Equipment 2, Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack, Startle

    POWERS: Container 6 (Minotaur form; Enhanced Attack 1, Enhanced Defense 1, Features 1 [insulating fur], Growth 4 [Extras: Duration {Continuous, +1}; Flaws: Permanent {-1}], Protection 2, Speed 2 [25 MPH], Strike 1 [Horns; Power Feats: Mighty], Super-Senses 2 [Additional Senses: Low-Light Vision, Scent], Super-Strength 4—33 points)

    Equipment: cell phone, comm link, New Vindicators Uniform (+2 Toughness, Immunity [cold and heat])—4 free points

    COMBAT: Attack +4, Grapple +8 (+20 minotaur form), Damage +4 (+8 minotaur form), Defense +4 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -2 (-8 minotaur form), Initiative +1

    SAVES: Toughness +4 (+8 minotaur form), Fortitude +11 (+13 minotaur form), Reflex +3, Will +2

    COMPLICATIONS: Prejudice (Neo-Sapien), Temper

    Abilities 18 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 35 + Combat 16 + Saves 10 = 90 points
Any requests? Seriously, I've got like... his entire stat bible. I could post whoever I wanted... even characters who haven't appeared yet! [rubs hands together fiendishly] That'll teach him to write me back into the story!

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1143

Post by Arthur Eld » Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:41 pm

Detective and Gumshoe stats please. Any of em.

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Re: NEW VINDICATORS: Chapter 1143

Post by Horsenhero » Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:38 pm

Saved by Keifer Sutherland? Oooooo...I can hardly wait until reality gets split screened into 4 different screen views, accompanied by the sound (?) of the digital clock ticking down. That will be so cool!

And kind of unnerving for the cast I imagine.

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New Vindicators, Chapter 1144

Post by Michuru81 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:29 pm

Chapter XLIV: Fuzzy
As he approached the magus, Kiefer Sutherland bent down to pick up the battered and beaten New York Yankees cap he had lost in the scuffle. Punching the inside pounded it back into place; the man smiled as he slipped the cap back on. “Hi,” he said as he offered his hand down to the Theurgist. “I’m Jack Bauer.”

The magus stared up at him blankly. “What?” he asked.

“I’m Jack Bauer,” Kiefer repeated.

The Theurgist continued to stare at him incredulously. “What?” he asked again.

With the armored ducks dealt with, the other New Vindicators were congregating around the pair with confused looks to match the Theurgist’s. “Dude, is that Kiefer Sutherland?” Maalik asked. “I loved him in…” He thought for a moment before shrugging. “I got nothing. Honestly, aside from 24, I don’t think I can name a single thing this guy was in.”

“Oh, come on!” Kiefer Sutherland bellowed. “I’ve been in lots of movies! I have a very long and varied body of work! Stand By Me? The Lost Boys? A Few Good Me?”

“Dude, are you Kiefer Sutherland or Jack Bauer?” Maalik asked. “I mean, if you’re Jack Bauer, you shouldn’t know about any of Kiefer’s roles…”

“What, you think that they don’t have movies in the world of 24?” Kiefer asked.

“No, it’s just…” Maalik scratched his head. “Okay, if those movies actually existed then wouldn’t everyone Jack Bauer meets be like, ‘You totally look like Kiefer Sutherland!’”

“And then they’d be like, ‘I know who he is but I can’t think of anything he’s ever been in’,” Torrent added with a smirk.

“Burn…” Maalik cooed.

Kiefer Sutherland rolled his eyes. “Fine, I’m really Kiefer Sutherland but the Rabbitalian’s think I’m Jack Bauer so… let them have this, okay?”

“Come again?” Prompt asked, raising an eyebrow at the actor.

“Maybe… you guys need to talk to Captain O’Hare…”

“Captain O’Hare?” Lodestone asked. “As in Bucky-”

“No!” exclaimed Jack. “The captain’s name is Abednego O’Hare.”

“Abednego?” Phaeton asked. “Dude, crappy name.”

“Like Kiefer’s so much better,” Torrent muttered before following Kiefer Sutherland to the bridge of the Rabbitalia Battleship. Once there they were greeted by an anthropomorphic buck dressed in a military uniform that appeared to have been stolen from one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s officers. “So, the captain dressed like a Frenchman and commands an army of shinobi?” Torrent asked. “Ebert is going to tear this movie apart…”

“Fool!” Torrent turned to find Elemenoh no longer clad in his tunic and breeches. Instead he wore an old fashioned suit jacket with a frilly collar. A top hat topped his skull and a cane was in his hands.

Also, he was not wearing any pants.

“Dude!” Torrent exclaimed at the sight of the Cosmic Kender’s genitalia. He recoiled in horror and averted his eyes.

“You looked!” Elemenoh proclaimed, thrusting his staff—er, cane—at Torrent. “That means you’re on a government watch list and no longer allowed within five-hundred feet of a school!”

“My movie will be praised for its intertextuality! The critics will call it reverent for the anachronisms I’ve intentionally placed in it! You simply lack the vision to see it for the symbolism it truly is!”

As the Theurgist watched them, he still could not help but feel troubled by Elemenoh’s presence: he still could not understand how it was the boy was able to manipulate reality without a wave of his hand or a word spoken in the Language of the Birds. Was the power he possessed attainable? Was it something he could gain? Something he could use to overcome his own weaknesses?

Would that sort of power cement his place as the next Aurelius?

As if Elemenoh could hear what the magus was thinking, he turned and shook his head. It startled the Theurgist until Elemenoh said, “You shouldn’t stare—I’m just a kid!”

Maalik pointed at the blushing sorcerer and started to laugh. It was only when Captain O’Hare cleared his throat that everyone stopped and turned towards the rabbit. The Theurgist looked around and noticed that Elemenoh was gone once more.

“Years ago, our people received a satellite transmission of your television programming,” Captain O’Hare intoned. “We assumed that we were observing historical records and had no way of knowing that they were actually for entertainment purposes only.”

“Isn’t this the plot from Galaxy Quest?” Torrent asked.

Captain O’Hare walked slowly up to Torrent. When he was standing before him, he stared him in the eyes. Suddenly, he swung his foot up and kicked Torrent in the crotch. As Torrent crumbled to the ground, curling into the fetal position and cradling his privates in his hands, Captain O’Hare turned and slowly walked back to where he had been standing.

“As I was saying, our fascination caused us to apply our best and brightest to create a means of transporting these great and noble heroes across time and space. The first one we summoned was Jack Bauer—perhaps the greatest champion your world had. I mean, it’s like John McClain and Batman got drunk and made a baby and then left that baby to be raised by Macho Man Randy Savage. Surely, only Matt Damon has ever surpassed his greatness…

“We felt as though Johnny was robbed by Daniel as so we had the true hero of the Karate Kid transported here.

“Wayne Coyne’s breakthrough performance in Christmas on Mars so astonished us that we summoned him as well. Unfortunately, we were not aware that Wayne was the keeper of the galaxy’s most powerful artifact. Bringing him here helped to turn the tides of war against us when the Imperial Army of Ducktron claimed that great and terrible power for themselves.

“You see, we were unaware that the inhabitants of Ducktron had viewed the same transmissions and had summoned Bret Farve. They employed him as a military strategist, but he was slain on the frontlines when Johnny slew him with his mastery of Cobra Kai Karate and the genki dama. Now, just like the inhabitants of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the inhabitants of Ducktron worship the image of Bret Farve.

“While I would have hoped that battle would have been the turning point in the war, Johnny was soon defeated by the only one who could hope to match him in unarmed combat… Eric Estrada.

“It was during this battle that Wayne was captured and Ducktron’s emperor took the artifact he was entrusted to safeguard all of creation from. Please, noble heroes from Earth! I implore you to join our cause—not for the sake of my home world but every world in existence! Please help us save the entire cosmos from the Emperor of Ducktron!”

None of the New Vindicators knew what to say—none of them save the Theurgist… “Wait, so… you people know that Kiefer isn’t really Jack Bauer?”

Captain O’Hare shrugged. “I know but… believing that the legendary Jack Bauer fights beside them helps boost my men’s morale.”

The Theurgist looked to his teammates in vexation. “I’ve got nothing,” he admitted.

Lodestone sighed. “The only way out of one of Elemenoh’s little adventurers is to just keep moving forward. We can see the hook—all we can do is bite it.

“We accept,” he said with a heavy sigh. “We’ll go to Ducktron and dethrone the emperor.”

Suddenly, the New Vindicators were in a window in the top-left corner of the screen. A soft tink noise accompanied its appearance, followed by a low ba-bum. In the center of the screen were glowing yellow digits reading, “01:37:00.”

The two noises echoed as a second image appeared—this time in the lower-right corner—showing Doctor Howell looking up from his computer screen. “What now?” he asked as the sounds played again and the image of a duck-billed platypus appeared above him. In the remaining corner, the image of Elemenoh picking his nose appeared as the sound played again.
Elemenoh P. Quarez wrote:DETECTIVE (Power Level 12)
Real Name: Wayne Bruce
Height / Weight: 6’0” / 180 lbs.
Hair / Eyes: Black / Blue
Place of Birth: New York City (August 19, 1964 – November 10, 2007)
First Appearance: Detective #1

Physical Description: Wayne Bruce is a physically fit, handsome man in his early forties. As the Detective, Wayne wears a black, featureless bodysuit with a helmet.

Relationships: Robert Bruce (father; deceased), Lidia Bruce (mother; deceased), John Long / Gumshoe (sidekick)

Biography: Philanthropic is the word most often used to describe Robert and Lidia Bruce. The two often used their affluence as a sword in their campaigns against poverty and disease or in their crusaders for education, the arts or the environment. As a young man, Robert had inherited his father’s stake in Patriot Robotics and he used that to try and make the world a better place for his son.

When the people saw the Bruces use their privilege for something other than to live the life of another spoilt socialites, they held them up. Robert and Lidia Bruce were beloved by the people and, when Robert announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City in 1977, it looked like a done deal.

His opponent, the incumbent, knew that he would not see his fourth term if Robert ran. Looking to discredit the Bruces with the people, he turned to local underworld figure, Jimmy “The Samoan” Sawyer. Jimmy sent his associates to knock on the doors of every member of the Bruces’ inner circle. Their accountant began to leave puzzling discrepencies in their books; their stock broker began to record losses for the couple; their personal assistants began using the couple’s credit cards to live an extravagant night life; the managers of their charities began to undercut themselves—when they were finished, Mayor Gardener was able to come forward with proof that the couple was embezzling money from their charities. He claimed that their record losses in the stock market were failing to allow them to live the opulent lifestyle they had become accustomed to… and Robert and Lidia could not fathom how any of it had happened.

As dispositions appropriated through embezzlement are includable in gross income, the charges brought the eyes of the IRS upon the Bruces. Stripped of everything, humilitated and with Lidia suddenly ill, Robert descended into a bottle. Lidia died in a hospital bed and her husband seemingly chose alcohol poisoning as the method to follow her.

They left behind a teenage boy—Wayne—who had witnessed the momentus fall of his family. Left with nothing but his stake in Patriot Robotics, Wayne was taken in by an associate of his father’s and strove to educate himself on the world they occupied. As he grew into a man, he learned everything he could about the business world—accounting and law, management and logistics. Everyone assumed he was simply pushing himself to be a better businessman than his father but in reality, he was learning the tools of the trade that had been used to bring his family done.

Wayne donned a black bodysuit and began his investigation with his father’s entourage. Since the Bruce family had been toppled, those they trusted had done very well for themselves. Wayne investigated his father’s accountant, financial advisor, banker, attorney—everyone in a position to set him up for the fall. By working outside of the law—breaking and entering and threatening those he questioned, Wayne was able to get to the bottom of what happened and knew who to blame.

Once he had brought down those who profited from the Bruces’ fall, Wayne went after the mafia. He brought down the Samoan and his men and then he set his eyes on Mayor Gardener.

In a matter of months, Wayne Bruce had shaken up New York City and brought the corrupt to justice. He had done so without compromising his identity: the press heralded the mysterious detective who had cleared the names of the late Robert and Lidia Bruce. Still, their son knew that corruption still existed. Now, Wayne Bruce goes where the law cannot: he investigates the offices of those who dare to exploit, extort or blackmail their way to success. He exposes those guilty of malfeasance. He is the champion of the people his parents were once viewed as. He serves to protect the common man from the rich and powerful.

He is the Detective.
  • STR 16 (+3), DEX 18 (+4), CON 16 (+3), INT 18 (+4), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 14 (+2)

    SKILLS: Bluff 4 (+6), Climb 4 (+7), Craft (mechanical) 5 (+9), Diplomacy 4 (+6), Disable Device 6 (+10), Drive 5 (+9), Gather Information 4 (+6), Intimidate 8 (+10), Investigate 10 (+14), Knowledge (behavioral sciences) 6 (+10), Knowledge (business) 13 (+17), Knowledge (civics) 12 (+16), Knowledge (current events) 5 (+9), Knowledge (streetwise) 8 (+12), Knowledge (technology) 4 (+8), Languages 2 (English [base], Japanese, Mandarin Chinese), Notice 4 (+7), Profession (industrialist) 8 (+11), Search 8 (+12), Sense Motive 4 (+7), Stealth 8 (+12)

    FEATS: Accurate Attack, Attack Focus 6 (melee), Attractive 1, Benefit 8 (Status 2 [Patriot Robotics, Vindicator], Wealth 6 [Filthy Rich]), Connected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 6, Endurance 1, Equipment 11, Evasion 1, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Sidekick 24, Startle, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 1, Well-Informed

    POWERS: none

    Equipment: BlackBerry (as camera, cell phone, digital audio recorder, laptop, PDA, video camera), brass knuckles, concealable microphone, costume (as armored jumpsuit, camo clothing), handcuffs, helmet (as commlink, gas mask, night vision goggles), lock release gun, mini-tracer, motorcycles, multi-tool, smoke grenade, stun gun, Warehouse (Toughness: 10; Size: Medium; Features: Communications, Concealed, Garage, Gym, Living Space, Power System, Security System)—2 free equipment points

    COMBAT: Attack +4 (+10 melee), Grapple +13, Damage +3 (+4 brass knuckles), Defense +10 (+2 flat-footed), Knockback -5 (-3 flat-footed), Initiative +8

    SAVES: Toughness +10 (+6 flat-footed), Fortitude +7, Reflex +8, Will +11

    COMPLICATIONS: Obsession (fighting corruption), Responsibility (Gumshoe), Secret (Identity)

    Abilities 38 + Skills 33 (132 ranks) + Feats 77 + Powers 0 + Combat 16 + Saves 16 = 180 points

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