World of Freedom 2.5 (DVD Commentary)

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Re: World of Freedom 2.5 (DVD Commentary)

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this is so missed so bump
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Re: World of Freedom 2.5 (DVD Commentary)

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Project Freedom: The Aftermath


August 2008

* "Oddities": Assorted personal stories take place. Most significantly, Zane witnesses AEGIS Director Horatio Powers being transformed into a paperweight, and Charlie is informed that Wainwright has terminal cancer.

September 2008

* "Lockdown": Project Freedom's Team B is disbanded due to a mission gone wrong, and its paroled personnel are transported to be imprisoned in Buckner Ridge. However, this is all part of a secret operation conducted by AEGIS, temporarily under the command of Interim Director Edward Ritter following Horatio Powers' transformation into a paperweight. The members of Team B are able to uncover the criminal activities committed by the prison's staff and defeat their agents, as well as exposing the cartel behind the prison. They are reinstated after this success.

* "VIPER's Nest": AEGIS finally discovers the location of VIPER's main base in Freedom City and invites Project Freedom's Team B to accompany them on a raid. They encounter some old friends now working for VIPER as support personnel (Thunder and Lightning) as well as several new enemies. Ultimately, VIPER's attempt to build a superweapon is thwarted.

October 2008

* "Project Vengeance": Team B comes under attack from a variety of individuals who have grudges against them collectively and individually, such as Danni Chambers and Moses Nebogipfel, who have all gained superpowers from an unknown source. While they are dealing with this, one branch of the Meek launch an all-out assault against Project Freedom's headquarters. Nightmare and Wight are forced to expose themselves as Overpower and Trouble while defending themselves, ending the Taskforce's infiltration of Project Freedom. In the process, everyone on both of Project Freedom's teams learns about the Terminus portal in the basement.

* "Never Sleep Again": Team B is caught up in a sequence of terrifying events at Providence Asylum that result in the apparent deaths of their former team-mate Vox and Dr. Ashley Ellis, the destruction of most of the asylum and escape of many of its prisoners, and the summoning of an Elder Evil known as the Lord of Bitter Laughter. Their failure to prevent any of this is spun as a failure on the part of other heroes, such as the Freedom League, to inform the city administration of the possibility of these events.

November 2008

* "Finale": On election night, as it becomes apparent that Jonathan Grant will be the next mayor of Freedom City, Wainwright asks her people to accompany her on an invasion of the Terminus. She has acquired a powered armor suit from Japan, made friends with it, and will be using it in the invasion, whether anyone come with her or not. The fate of Project Freedom is decided. Ultimately, Wainwright sacrifices her life to send the survivors of her invasion force back through the gate. Some of those survivors receive pardons as a result of their participation in these events, others continue to serve as members of the Project in the grim years ahead.

Where Are They Now?

Robin "Songbird" Greyfaulks was the only member of Team B to refuse the "invitation" to participate in the invasion of the Terminus. This wasn't an act of cowardice, exactly; she had begun to develop serious concerns about certain of her father's activities during the "Lockdown" episode, and felt obligated to stay alive and investigate them. Wainwright respected her choice ... and then activated a failsafe that left Robin locked in her normal form and sealed in her room for the duration of the mission, preventing her from "interfering". Needless to say, this choice has driven a serious wedge between Robin and the survivors of the invasion. Toxic in particular is inclined to spit at the mention of her name.

In the intervening years, and since her father went to prison for several acts of financial malfeasance (for which she's fairly sure he was only partially guilty) Robin has largely focused on keeping her family's interests afloat, with very little time for superheroics. This may be for the best; her name is still mud in the police department and district attorney's office. However, she has managed to act as a financial benefactor for Project Freedom, providing much of the backing for the refurbishment of their current headquarters -- without the knowledge of the current team.

Charlie "Strong Girl" Graham survived the invasion of the Terminus, though she suffered serious wounds in the fierce battles that ensued, particularly while fighting against a renegade Ultiman from another universe. She accepted the pardon offered to the survivors and moved back in with her parents, having reconnected with them before all this happened. At Wainwright's funeral, she attempted to offer her services as a contracted civilian employee to the interim head of Project Freedom, only to be told that due to a change in policy, all current contracts were being rescinded and no new ones would be established.

In the intervening years, Charlie has bought the bowling alley/bar where Project Freedom spent an enjoyable evening at one point, and serves as its landlord and part-time manager. Where she got the money for this, no one knows, but some suspect it has something to do with her frequent absences from Freedom City. She's known to spend a great deal of time all over the world in the company of Hercules, and rumored to be an informant for the Raven.

Fredrik "Dr. Sane" Zane, much to his own stunned amazement, survived the invasion of the Terminus without serious injury. He also accepted the pardon, making a great show of enjoying his freedom in the process. Despite this, he managed to persuade the new director of Project Freedom to hire him as a technical consultant within twenty-four hours of the man's installation, claiming that he simply thrived on the challenges involved. No one who saw his reunion with Toxic is inclined to believe this claim.

In the intervening years, Zane has largely rebuilt his business as technological consulting firm, with a focus on making medical "super-science" safe and affordable. The medical monitor he pioneered has been one of its most successful projects, and an improved version is included in the security bracelet worn by every inmate of Project Freedom's current iteration. SaneTech is also a leader in AI research, though as yet they have not produced a finished product.

Donnie "Curve" Benis lost an arm in battle with Madrigal Martinet during the invasion, but despite massive blood loss, managed to overcome the Annihilist and escape with his life. He also accepted the pardon from his hospital bed. Wainwright, perhaps anticipating her own demise, made arrangements to assist him in making a new life for himself as a security consultant, putting his illegal skills to legal use, after he convalesced.

In the intervening years, he has stayed out of trouble and done his best to stay in Mallory’s life. She's now around nine years old and just starting to manifest powers similar to his and will definitely be attending Claremont when she graduates from elementary school. He has also acquired a SaneTech-manufactured cybernetic arm, which has undergone periodic upgrades as new technologies become available.

Zalman is thought to have been killed during the general retreat from the Terminus, having sacrificed his life to buy his teammates an escape route. His body is believed to have been consumed by the explosion he set off, and so the death cannot be verified. There was a mild outcry from the public when the Heroes Knoll Preservation Society announced that they would not be erecting a statue in his honor, allegedly due to pressure from the Grant administration. That outcry has not resulted in a change in policy, however.

Rachel "Toxic" Baldwin, alone among the survivors of the invasion, refused the pardon offered to her. She believed that she had a responsibility to remain as part of Project Freedom to honor Wainwright's memory, at least until she could complete the terms of her probation. The fact that she was now in position to be the one giving the orders to the newbies who'd be joining up didn't hurt either.

In the intervening years, she has remained as one of the team's few constants. Her role as team leader has not been one of those constants -- she frequently gets booted down to the ranks, only to rise up again when things change. She is still involved with Zane, though they try to keep their rule-breaking relationship in a state where the new director isn't forced to take notice of it and take steps to end it.

Dieter "Commander" Krieger was killed in action saving Zane in the latter's confrontation with Shadivan Steelgrave. He attempted to put Steelgrave in a chokehold, only to be electrocuted by the Annihilist's armor and then blasted at point blank range by his repeller rays. However, the distraction allowed Zane and Rachel to escape unharmed, and he murmured "Fair trade," before expiring in Charlie's arms. As with Zalman, he has not been given a memorial statue on Heroes Knoll.

Jimmy "The Old Man" Hooker survived the invasion, distinguishing himself in combat with the Twenty-One Gun Kid. He even came out of it slightly ahead, since some unknown radiation within the Terminus altered his regeneration to make him become younger, rather than older, when it was active. By the time that he escaped with the others, he looked his biological age of twenty-six.

Unfortunately, this coincided with the termination of his contract with Project Freedom. Bidding a sad farewell to his comrades at Wainwright's funeral, he declared his intention to head out west and somehow find something like the life he knew in the nineteenth century. A year later, he sent a postcard claiming that he'd managed to buy a ranch. That was the last time anyone heard from him.

Sebastian "Savant" Gregory considered refusing Wainwright's "invitation" until he deduced her intended response to Robin's refusal. Suspecting that he wouldn't enjoy anywhere nearly as polite a fate, he reluctantly agreed, and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being proved right when the mission went wrong practically from the get-go. To his amazement, he survived, and even scored a few blows against Physician Friendly and his minions.

He was pleased to accept the pardon and didn't bother to attend Wainwright's funeral. He has not remained in contact with his former team-mates, but is known to still be in Freedom City. Some gossip claims that he was promptly hired by the new administration to serve as the head of something intended to eventually replace Project Freedom, the rumored Project Redemption, but as yet nothing concrete has come of such claims.

Current Status of Project Freedom as of 2011

The project is still ongoing, though its headquarters has been relocated from the building in Lincoln to a renovated hotel in the Fens. Its current director is one Matthew Rooney, a veteran administrator of the Freedom Department of Public Works. For the most part, their activities are fairly low-key and involve more assistance for public works and less crime-fighting than in the past, though the team continues to provide superhuman support to AEGIS when requested. There is currently a single "permanent" Project Freedom team which is frequently supplemented by "short-term" members who've been sentenced to community service or are under the jurisdiction of the Probation Department.
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Re: World of Freedom 2.5 (DVD Commentary)

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Two years of my life were involved in playing Zalman. He is one of the longest running character I've ever played, and certainly the one I did the most with. When Davies PMed us about our thoughts on the fates of our characters, it made me very happy. Now we have some closure to the game, no longer stuck in Limbo.

Thank you Davies. It was a hell of a ride. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
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Re: World of Freedom 2.5 (DVD Commentary)

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An excellent read. Thanks.

One question: What about Mona and Keller?