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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »


PL: 8 PP: 120


SAVES: Tough +9 (+4 w/o Plate-Mail) Fort +8 Ref + 7 Will +8

COMBAT: Attack +8 (Sword DC 23, Bow DC 23, Spear DC 23) Grapple +13 Defense +7 Knockback -2 Initiative +4

SKILLS: Bluff 8(+10), Climb 3(+8), Diplomacy 8(+10), Handle Animal 8(+10), Intimidate 8(+10), Knowledge[Geography] 8(+10), Knowledge[Tactics] 8(+10), Notice 8(+10), Ride 8(+12), Sense Motive 8(+10), Survival 8(+10), Swim 3(+8)

FEATS: All-out Attck, Assessment, Benefit 1[Tactics for Master Plan], Connected[Military, Mercinaries, Adventurers], Equipment 4, Leadership, Master Plan, Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2

ENHANCED FEATS (ADRIAN THE WAR HORSE): Improved Overrun, Move-by Action

"Adrian the War Horse", Speed 4 [Flaws: Platform ; Feats: Improved Overrun, Move-by Action] * 4 PP

Plate-Mail Armor [+5 Toughness] * 5 EP
Telescope [reduce range penalty for visual Notice checks to -1 for every 50 feet. But 5x as long to make] * 1 EP
Bow [+3 damage, 40 ft. range increment ; Feature: Silver Arrows, Cold Iron Arrows, Wood Arrows, Blunted Arrows] * 12 EP
- Lance [+3 damage, 19-20 Crit, 15 ft. Reach] * 1 EP
- Sword [+3 damage, 19-20 Crit] * 1 EP

Reputation - Urborg had a shining career in the Amn military. He was a hero of the Northern campaign fighting giants. His career also ended both prematurely and poorly with the slaughter of his men in an ambush while escorting a prominent Cowled Wizard.
Giant Foe, Ogre Bane, Orc Slayer - There are going to be a lot of "giants" and "goblinoids" that have strong negative feelings towards Urborg.

Abilities 38 + Skills 22 + Feats 13 + Powers 4 * Combat 30 + Saves 13 = 120/120

Urborg was born into a moderately successful mercantile family with contacts in Calamshite territories to the South of Amn. Amn being where he was born and grew up. At a young age he was sent off to boarding schools. His parents having little time for him. When he expressed an interest in the military, the boarding schools were left behind for the military academy base in Athkatla. At the age of eighteen he entered the military and was encouraged to undergo officer training by his academy friends.

The like of a young officer wasn't all that exciting at the time. There were no wars to be fought. Only bandits that needed rebuking. Nobles and other prominent figures that needed escorting. That is, until the Orcs in the Northern parts of Amn stirred the giants into a fervor and together started tearing through the country side. Urborg was the aid to a field commander sent to intercept a branch of the horde before it reached the prosperous city of Trademeet. When his superior fell in battle Urborg distinguished himself as both a a leader and a soldier, rallying the Amn force and turning back the Orcs and their giant allies.

It took some time to clean the aggressors out of the countryside. But the Council of Amn's leaders wanted to ensure there would be no further aggression, now or in the future. Urborg, among others, was sent to lead a force to the North and crush the horde's military. It was brutal and bloody, and the Northern campaign was a success and Urborg's superiors wanted to turn him into a symbol. They pulled him away from the field when a reputable Cowled Wizard required an escort in Saradush where some Murder Cultists needed to be dealt with. A short time after entering the walled city they were ambushed in the streets and killed to the man. Save for Urborg, who escaped the attackers.

The Cowled Wizards are a powerful organization in Amn, and loosing one of their senior members earned Urborg no love. Through their pressuring Urborg's military career met an abrupt end, and when he was offered the chance to retire quietly, rather than under go the wrath of the Cowled Wizards and what they had in store for him, Urborg chose to retire quietly. Since then Urborg has traveled a great deal. He has worked extensively with mercenary groups, adventurer guilds, and lone questing parties, having had made some early contact with them in the military. But none of their quests were truly his own.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Stronghold here is a bit like Clark from SmallVille. He has this untapped potential that is just beneath the surface, bubbling up on occasion. For example he can fly. We know he can fly. He knows he can fly. But for some reason he can't tap into that reliably. Thus the power amplifier costume was created to bring more to the surface consistantly.

Thorpocalypse gets credit for the build. Stronghold is modeled after his Captain Britain. It has only been tweaked in some minor ways. Such as dropping the "Braddock Bond". EPIC also helped in the design of Stronghold's "Combat Leader" and "Coordinator" powers.

PL: 13 (190 pts) - OPL: 13 ; DPL: 13


SKILLS: Acrobatics (+2), Athletics (+16), Close Combat [Unarmed] 2 (+10), Deception (+4), Expertise [Tactics] 9 (+12), Insight 7 (+10), Intimidation (+4), Investigation (+3), Perception 4 (+7), Persuasion 6 (+10), Stealth (+2)

ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Initiative (1), Interpose, Power Attack, Takedown 1

Battlefield Commander: Luck Control 1 (Bestow Luck) [Flaws: Limited: Requires Interaction (-1), Increased Action: Free Action (-1) ]; 1 pts
Combat Leader: Enhanced Trait: Improved Initiative 1 [Affects Others Only(+0), Area:Perception(Auditory)(+1), Selective(+1), Triggered(Roll Initiative)(+1), Instant(-2), Unreliable(Limited Uses)(-1)]; 1 pts
Coordinator: Enhanced Trait 1 [Teamwork], [Affects Others Only. Preception Area(Auditory), Selective, Quirk (lasts until beginning of your next turn), Unreliable (Limited use)]; 1 pts
Uncanny Strategist: Senses 4 (Precognition) [Flaws: Limited: Tactical/Combat insights (-1)]; 2 pts
Super Strength: Enhanced Strength 5 [50 kTons; Flaw: Limited to Lifting]; 5 pts
Super Senses: Senses 5 [Normal Vision [Extended, Counters Illusion], Normal Hearing [Extended], Ultra-Hearing]; 5 pts
Flying: Flight 10 (2000 mph); 20 pts

Stronghold Costume: 25 pts, Removable (-5 pts); 20 pts
Force Field: Protection 5, Impervious 5 (10 ranks), Immunity 5 (All Environmental Conditions); 20 pts
Mind Shield: Enhanced Will 5 (Flaw: Limited to Mental Effects); 5 pts


Initiative +6
Close Attack +8
Unarmed +10 [Unarmed +16]
Ranged Attack +1

Dodge +10 [DC20] Parry +10 [DC20]
Toughness +16 (+5 Impervious), Fortitude +13, Will +8 (+13 against Mental Effects)

Power Loss: Unless he wears his amplifier costume, he gradually loses his powers and his Strength and Stamina (to a minimum of 8 ).
Reputation: Stronghold is the reformed criminal, formerly known as Red Death. He has also been labeled as a terrorist by some countries prior to joining Earth's defensive efforts against the Incursion.
Relationships: The Covenant, a group of meta-human supremacists he helped found.
Enemy: Naga Corp. A globe spanning mega-corporation bent on world domination with power and influence to rival countries. They also have their own meta-human teams.
Motivation: Making the world a better place.

Abilities 96 + Skills 14 (28 ranks) + Advantages 7 + Powers 55 + Defenses 18 = 190 / 190

Zorry Lavronenko was always better than everyone else. He was different, but better. His family was poor, but he showed such promise in school. His parents pushed him. His siblings badgered him, and he succeeded in just about everything he set himself to do. Sports, academics, even his social life were all very successful. His greatest talent, and most enjoyable past time was found in the study of military history, and it is that which he chose to pursue when he eventually enrolled in college.

It was during his adolescence that Zory realized how different he was. His strength, which was always something to be admired, leaped beyond all mundane means, and he woke from a dream one night floating over his bed. Zory conducted a lot of self study and experimentation after that. When he went into college he found other meta-humans, and they banded together talking about their nature and realized the things they could accomplish if they set their minds to it.

The group stayed in contact, and after school Zory started networking the between the distant parties. It was small group, but he could do a lot with very little. While one of his companions was conducting research into the meta-human phenomena he was badgered by representative from a corporation named Naga Corp, which wanted to buy his company. Zory persuaded him friend to refuse, and when he did they stole his research. Zory and his comrades struck back, destroying one of their research complexes, and erasing the data they had stolen.

After his raid on Naga Corp he contacted the group grew closer. When Zory suggested they work together to solve their personal problems the Covenant was bore. Initially their goals were purely self interest. Someone was persecuting one of them, they teamed up against the threat, for example. But as meta-humans became more common placed they began recruiting, they developed their own propaganda. A meta-humans first outlook began to take shape.

During the Incursion event a lot of the Covenant's members died, or were changed. Those that weathered the storm did so in part by hiding. Zory lost contact with most, and he couldn't bring himself to hide. The UN offered to sweep his criminal record clean in return for aiding in Earth's defense he agreed, with the added condition that he be placed in command of a group of metas. It was also during the Incursion that Zory wore his power amplification costume for the first time. A gift from a member of the Covenant. At the end of the Incursion Zory tried to rally some of his comrtades in arms, encouraging them to stick together with ideas of stability through their unity.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »


PL: 10 PP: 150


SAVES: Tough +0/+12 Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +10/+15

SKILLS: Concentration 12 (+17), Notice 8 (+13), Sense Motive 8 (+13)

FEATS: Trance, Ultimate Save (Will), Uncanny Dodge (mental)

Force Field 12 * 12 PP
Mind Shield 5 * 5 PP
Super-Senses 2 (Danger Sense [mental], Mental Awareness) * 2 PP
Telekinesis 12 (Heavy Load: 50 tons; Extras: Damaging) * 36 PP
AP - Mental Blast 9 * 1PP
Telepathy 9 (anywhere on Earth) * 18 PP
AP - Mind Control 8 [Power Feats: Mental Link] * 1 PP
AP - Power Control 9 * 1 PP

COMBAT: Attack +8, Grapple +8 (+20 with telekinesis), Damage +0 (unarmed), +9 (mental blast), +12 (telekinesis), Defense +8, Knockback -6, Initiative +1

Abilities 18 + Skills 7 + Feats 3 + Powers 76 + Combat 32 + Saves 14 = Total 150

"Enemy: Section 13", Section 13 is a mysterious government agency working with Alien arms dealers to create living weapons for a war taking place on their world.

"Amnesia", Inquisitor cannot remember his past. Only brief and vague memories float to the surface in nightmares. Likewise whatever profesional knowedge or skills he may have had were stripped from him.

"Relationship/Enemy: Penny Dreadful", Penny is the only link Inquisitor has to his past. This insane terrorist somehow knew Inquisitor before Section 13 experimented on him.

"Ugly as Hell", Whatever Section 134 put him through, it didn't just damage his mind, it left his body twisted as well. His entire body is covered in terrible burn scars. Leaving him with a monsterious face and no finger prints to trace.

The man who became The Inquisitor was something special. Not only did he had exceptional training, he was a latent psychic. This is why he was targeted by Section 13, a group of power hunger men working with extra terrestrial arms dealers. The aliens were using back water Earth to develop living weapons for a war taking place on their homeworld, and Section 13 gained technological advancement through their alien allies. Inquisitor would find this out, perhaps for the second time, but first he had to wake up.

He woke up in pain. His mind and body felt like they were seared by fire. Apparently he wasn't supposed to be away because people in sterile white medical garments came rushing over to subdue him. They died as Inquisitor lashed out at them. A lot more people died as he struggled past the pain and fought his way out of a bunker in the middle of some woods in Southern Kansas. He found a cabin some distance away where he cleaned up, ate, got some clothes, and screamed when he discovered what he looked like.

Inquisitor didn't have much time to dwell on his situation before Section 13 agents were after him again. Fleeing Inquisitor hitched a ride on a train out of Kansas and would come into confrontation with Section 13 repeatedly as he tried to find a place to settle down long enough to get some answers. More often than not he was on the run. Until he came to Freedom City, where metahumans were abundant, if concealed. If made his trail more difficult to follow. Freedom City was also were he met Penny.

She called herself Penny Dreadful, and she was a mentally unstable woman. Their first encounter was during an attack on a sanitarium that Penny made to get some of her friends out of state custody. She was both amicable and violent. She also knew Inquisitor, despite his disfigurement, yet she was the first person neither his Telepathy nor mental assault affected. They would meet again over the years, both helping and hindering one another. Penny would occasionally make comments that stirred fleeting memories in Inquisitor, but she had a lot of stories, and it was hard to tell which were true and which were false.

More often than not Inquisitor was on his own. He had no place to call home and moved around the city frequently to avoid being pinned down by the local authorities, criminal elements that he had begun to fight, and Section 13 who was still hunting him.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Casimiro, the Great Destroyer, is inspired by Thorpocalypse's Bane build. The character's backbround is partially inspired by Bane's as well.

CASIMIRO(Emesto Silva)

PL: 10 PP: 150

ABILITIES: STR 20(30) DEX 16 CON 20(24) INT 20 WIS 14 CHA 14

SAVES: Tough +8(+10) Fort +9(+11) Ref +7 Will +8

COMBAT: Base Attack +6, Melee +11(DC 20 Tough), Surged +10 (DC 25 Tough), Defense +11(+10 Surged), Initiative +7, Knockback -4(-11), Grapple +18(+28 Surged)

SKILLS: Acrobatic 5(+8), Bluff 5(+7), Craft[Chemical] 5(+10), Disable Device 6(+11), Escape Artist 9(+12), Gather Information 8(+10), Intimidate 11(+16/+21), Knowledge[Streetwise] 4(+9), Knowledge[Tactics] 6(+11), Languages 4 (German, Portugese, Spanish, Latin, Base: English), Notice 6(+8), Sense Motive 10(+12), Stealth 6(+9)

FEATS: All-out Attack, Assessment, Attack Focus[Melee] 5, Attack Specialization[Grapple] 1, Benefit[Strength for Intimidate], Chokehold, Contacts, Defensive Roll 1, Dodge Focus 2, Eidetic Memory, Improved Critical(Unarmed) 1, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Pin, Jack-of-All-Trades, Master Plan, Power Attack, Skill Mastery[Disable Device, Escape Artist, Intimiate, Sense Motive] 1, Startle, Stunning Attack, Takedown 2, Ultimate Effort[Grapple] 1, Well-Informed

Protection 2 * 2 PP
"Surge Bracer", Device 2 [Hard to Remove: 10 PP Container] * 8 PP
[Linked] - Enhanced Strength 2 * 2 PP
[Linked] - Growth 4 [Extras: Continuious Duration(+1) ; Flaws: Full Round Action(-3)] * 4 PP
[Linked] - Imovable 2 * 2 PP
[Linked] - Super-Strength 1 * 2 PP


Abilities 44 + Skills 22 + Feats 30 + Powers 10 + Combat 30 + Saves 14 = 150/150

Enemy(Agenda): The Agenda is the group that imprisoned Emesto as an infant. They're still active. Still looking to cleaning up Nazi messes, and for some reason they think he needs cleaning.

Relationship(Cadre): Emesto maintains a friendly relationship with the men he escape prison with. They call themselves the Cadre and though everyone works seperately, they help each other our when the need arises.

Near the end of WW2 a Nazi scientist fled to South America. He settled into a small out of the way township in Brazil and there he continued his experiment in eugenics. The population was none the wiser. Emesto's father was born there, eventually immigrated to the United States, and came to live in Manjipoor. He met a local woman, they married, and Emesto was born. But they never saw their child.

Emesto was taken from the hospital by a group of Nazi hunters, who made it their mission to pass judgment on them and clean up the damage they had done. Like eugenics experiments. They didn't kill Emesto though. Like hundred of other messes, he was locked away in an underground prison complex outside of Manjipoor and left to rot. Emesto grew up surrounded by monsters and war criminals.

Though imprisoned, his natural abilities allow him to develop extraordinary skills. He reads as many books as he can get his hands on, builds up his body in the prison's gym, and learns to fight in the merciless school of prison life. Despite his circumstances, he finds teachers of various sorts during his incarceration, ranging from hardened former SS soldiers to scientists and professors, under whose tutelage he receives a traditional education.

Emesto commits his first murder at eight, stabbing a man who wanted to exploit him. Eventually Emesto came to take up a leadership role amongst the inmates of the prison. He began making plans a prison wide assault on their captors resulting in the escape of at least some of his more useful fellow inmates. But there was a Judas among them, and someone informed on the plan. But Emesto had planned for betrayal as well.

In fact, it was the plan. While the guards were making a preemptive effort to contain would-be rioters Emesto and his cadre were already making an escape. Behind them, a series of home made explosives detonated, collapsing the prison. After their escape the cadre kept in loose contact, but went their separate ways. Emesto made his way to Manjipoor. There he made a name for himself in the city's underworld, and even came into conflict with super powered opponents. One of which, Surge, he took his Surge Bracer off of.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Michael here is a young sorcerer, and he's also an innate medium (he can see and communicate with ghosts). He was originally a Mage character from White Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness setting.

Also, I brutally mugged Thorpocalypse and stole his designs for the Darkhold, and used them for Michael's Book of the Dead.

NECROSAVANT(Michael Carter)

PL: 8 PP: 120


SAVES: Tough +2/+10 Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +11

COMBAT: Attack Bonus +0, Melee +0, Range +0, Mystic Spells +8(Blast DC 23 Tough, Nullify Magic DC 19 Will), Grapple -1, Defense +6(+3 Flat Footed), Knockback -5, Initiative +0

SKILLS: Concentration 6(+10), Craft[Artistic] 5(+7), Diplomacy 6(+8), Gather Information 6(+8), Knowledge[Arcane Lore] 10(+12), Languages 3 (Latin, Arabic, Egyptian Base: English), Notice 4(+8), Sense Motive 4(+8)

FEATS: Artificer, Attack Specialization[Mystic Spells] 4, Benefit 1[Ghost Friends], Ritualist

ENHANCED FEATS (BOOK OF THE DEAD): Ultimate Effort 1[Arcane Lore checks]


"Book of the Dead", Device 1 [Easy to Loose 5 PP Container] * 3 PP
- Enhanced Trait 1 [Ultimate Effort(Arcane Lore checks)] * 1 PP
- Quickness 12 [Flaws: One Task(Arcane Lore checks)] * 4 PP
"Speak With the Dead", Communicate 1 [Spirits ; Flaws: Limited(Ghosts) ; Feat: Innate] * 2 PP
"Death Sight", Super-Senses 6 [Detect Ghosts(Accurate, Acute, Ranged,Free Action) ; Feats: Innate] * 6 PP
"Mystical Force Field", Force Field 10 * 10 PP
"Ghost Informants", Enhanced Traits 2 [Contacts, Well-Informed] * 2 PP
"Memories from Beyond the Grave", Super-Senses 4 [Postcognition ; Flaws: Limited(Requires Ghost who witnessed the events)] * 2 PP
"Mystic Spells", Magic 8 [Base Power: Blast 8 (Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2)] * 18 PP
AP - Nullify 8 [All Powers of One Type(Magic) ; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2] * 1 PP
AP - Telekinesis 8 [Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2] * 1 PP
AP - Teleport 6 [Extras: Accurate] * 1 PP
"Sense Magic", Super Senses 2 [Magical Awareness(Acute)] * 2 PP


Abilities 18 + Skills 11 + Feats 7 + Powers 49 + Combat 11 + Saves 15 = 120/120 (Accounting for the house rules on base Abilities.)

"Bridge Between Works", Michael is a bit of a modern shaman, in the sense that he seeks to solve problems between the dead and the living. Likewise ghost frequently approach him for help, such as passing messages along or seeing to the safety of a prized personal item they can no longer touch.

"Relationship: Ghost Friends", There are a number of ghost that Michael works closely with on a daily basis, such as his mentor Aldhelm.

"Relationship: Parents", John and Susan Carter are distant, and often absent parents dedicated to their jobs, but they're still Michael's parents.

"Relationship: Aiden Thatcher" Aiden is Michael's friend at morgue who let him check out the corpses from time to time. Though there is a significant age differance, they're also video game buddies.

Micheal is the product of the union between a man possessed by a ghost and a his childhood sweetheart, who at the time was a prostitute. His father never knew of his existance and his mother readily abandoned him to foster care. Born New York, he was still a baby when he was adopted by the Carters, who shortly after gaining legal care of Micheal left the state and moved to Angel Bay, as his foster father had taken a job in the area as a legal consultant.

In his youth Micheal had many "imaginary friends" that he now knows to be ghosts. He was also a very agressive child, quick to temper, and quick to offense. From time to time he would be viewed as a bully. Just as often he was defending one of his peers from bullying. His foster parents found it difficult to control the youth. It took Aldhelm, to calm the boy. After the ancient ghost took Micheal under his tutiledge the boy began to calm.

At an early age Micheal became very curious about death. Not dying, but death and what lays beyond the mortal shell. Initially he didn't hide this but upon discovering the reaction it garnered from friends and family Micheal became less open. It was about this time that Micheal began neglecting his peers in favor of spending time with his edlers. He would quietly listen to their stories and gleam what an understanding of the world, to some degree, from their experainces.

It wasn't long before Micheal also became more active in his efforts to satisfy the curiosities he held concerning death. A friend of his mother's who worked at the Perth morgue began letting Micheal visit, while Aldhelm was also teaching him the more mystical side of both worlds. However, when he entered highschool one of the living finally took notice of Michael's talents. Mr Conte asked to speak with him ...
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »


PL: 8 PP: 120


DEFENSES: Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fort 8 Tough 6 Will 8

SKILLS: Acrobatics 4(+7), Athletics 7(+7), Insight 5(+6), Perception 5(+6), Persuasion 4(+6), Ranged Combat[Water Manipulation Array] 5(+8)

ADVANTAGES: Defensive Roll 3, Favored Enviroment 1[Underwater], Uncanny Dodge

"Water Manipultion", Create 8 [Flaws: Quick 1 (acts like normal water after Steven leaves the scene) ; Extra: Increased Duration Continuious(+1), Indirect 4, Innate] * 28 PP
AP - "Exponge/Dehydrate", Ranged Affliction 8 [1st Dazed, 2nd Stunned, 3rd Incapacitated, Resisted by Fort ; Extras: Cumulative(+1), Increased Range(+1), Indirect 4] * 1 PP
AP - "Droplets like Bullets", Ranged Damage 8 [Extras: Increased Range(+1), Multiattack, Indirect 4] * 1 PP
AP - "Hydro-Surge", Shapeable Area Damage 8 [Extras: Shapeable Area 2, Indirect 4] * 1 PP
AP - "Floods and Tidal Waves"Enviroment 5 [Impede Movement 2 ranks ; Extras: Selective(+1)], Move Object 8 [Flaws: Limited to Water(-1) ; Extras: Indirect 4, Precise] * 1 PP
"Aquatic Adaptation", Immunity 3 [Enviromental Cold and Pressure, Drowning] * 3 PP
"Water's Restoration", Regeneration 2 [Extras: Persistent(+1) ; Flaws: Source(-1)] * 2 PP
"Sense Water" Senses 4 [Detect Water(Ranged, Accurate)] * 4 PP
"Water Mobility" Speed 6 [Flaws: Limited to Swimming(-1)] * 3 PP
"Eye Dialation", Senses 1 [Low-Light Vision] * 1 PP

Initiative +3
Affliction , +8 [DC 18 Fort]
Ranged Damage, +8 [DC 23 Tough]
Shapable Damage, [DC 18 Dodge, DC 23 Tough]

"Need ... water", Steven's Water Manipulation array is dependent on the pressence of water, or sufficient moisture in the enviroment. He can control it, not create it. Steven can gather dispursed moisture, he can even take it out of plants and animals, but if there isn't enough in the area he has nothing to work with.

"Damsels in Distress", Steven has a bit of a hero complex. He can't resist trying to help someone in trouble. Even if it is a kitten in a tree.

"Comet Quest", It isn't quite an obsession, but Steven is intent on collecting as many pieces of the comet that he can.

Abilities 26 + Powers 45 + Advantages 4 + Skills 15 + Defenses 29 = 120/120

Steven's father is a historian and his mother is a professional landscaper. They moved to Viking Bay shortly after Steven was born. From an early age he was an active child. Sometimes it was even hard to keep him at school, as during recess he would wonder off on impromptu field trips of his own. Adventures, he called them. Steven liked to explore, and a lot of his childhood was spent running around Viking Bay doing just that, and sometimes he managed to persuade a few people to join in on his adventures.

School itself wasn't all that interesting to Steven. Except English, where in reading books he could learn about new places and creative ideas; and gym, where he could be active a mobile. Steven is largely an unmotivated underachiever when it comes to the classroom. While he's a personable guy, repeatedly has neglected a social life too. Parties and chasing girls weren't nearly as exciting as sailing, hiking through previously unexplored nooks of the surrounding landscape, or concocting his own adventures. Steven has also taken a curiosity to the local rune stones, and he's usually on the look out for something, anything, linked to them. Certain that there is more to uncover about them.

When the comet came Steven was surfing. Out in the water, away from any reasonable shelter he sat and watched it's approach. Yes, he was freaked out. The impact would be worse than a nuclear missile. But he was also in awe. When he didn't die Steven immediately began a search for pieces of the shattered comet. Weird things started happening during his quest for pieces of the comet ... wet, and weird things. He still doesn't understand what is going on, but he knows what he can do.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Jonathan is a normal man, albeit one with extra ordinary talent and intensive training. He's a full fledge Inquisitor. A Warrior priest who has risen through military and church hierarchy, and has the authority and status to go with it. Not just a monster hunter contracted by the Church. Thus the Status, Security Clearance, and Diplomatic Immunity Benefits.

Under Equipment I've listed two swords, one cold iron and one silver. The extra Multiattack is attached to represent his prefered style of using them together. Jonathan also carries Holy Water. My idea was two fold for this. One being that it could be used as a thrown attack to hurt things that are suseptable to damage versus Divine descriptors. Also that he could soak weapons in it to temporarily give then the Divine descriptor.

I've also included an Advantage called "Thurgey". This covers rites and rituals employed the the Chruch. Such as for exorcisums.


PL: 8 PP: 120


DEFENSES: Dodge 8 Parry 8 Fortitude 8 Tough 8(5 w/o armor) Will 8

SKILLS: Acrobatics 5(+9), Athletics 5(+10), Deception 1(+5), Expertise[Priest] 6(+8), Insight 8(+11), Intimidation 6(+10), Investigation 6(+8), Perception 8(+11), Persuasion 6(+10), Stealth 4(+8), Treatment 2(+4)

ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Assessment, Benefit 3[Diplomatic Immunity ; Status(Inquisitor) ; Security Clearance(Church)], Close Attack 3, Equipment 3, Improved Disarm, Languagess 1[Latin ; Base(English)], Ledership, Power Attack, Thuregy[Perform Rituals with Expertise Priest], Ranged Attack 4, Takedown 1, Uncanny Dodge


Chain-mail [+3 Tough] * 3 EP
Holy Water [Divine Descriptor] * 1 EP
Telescope [+5 equipment bonus for overcoming distance penalties] * 1 EP
Bow [+3 Dmg, Crit 20 ; Features: Silver Arrows, Cold Iron Arrows, Wooden Arrows] * 9 EP
Alt - Silver and Cold Iron Swords [+3 Dmg, Crit 19-20 ; Extras: Multi Attack ; Features: Cold Iron, Silver] * 1 EP

Bow, +8 (DC 23, Crit 20)
Grab, +8 (DC 15)
Sword, +8 (DC 23, Crit 19-20)
Throw, +8 (DC 20, Crit 20)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 20, Crit 20)

"A Heretic is a Heretic", Athiest. Pagan. Monster. They're all the same, and deserve the same punishment in Jonathan's eyes. Though due to his time working near and around the Holy Land he has developed more tolerance for Jews and Muslims.

"Dangerious Secerets", Jonathan has been confessor and investigator for the Inquisition for years. He has heard or uncovered other's secerts that they might be paranoia, or concerned about someone know. Thess include nobles and other members of the clergy.

"Relationship: Knights Hospitaller/Knights of St. John", Before being transfered to the Inquisition Jonathan served with the Knights of St. John, and still holds times to this militant order of warrior monks.

Abilities 64 + Advantages 22 + Skills 19(3/rank) + Defenses 15 = 120/120

Jonathan is an orphan. He was born two poor sinners, pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. The group his parents had been traveling with was beset by brigands, and they were killed in the attack. Fortunately the Hospitallers traveling with the pilgrims saved young Jonathan. He was five at the time, and spent a year with the monastic order before an older member of the order took him to back to his homeland, England, where Jonathan grew up in the church under the watchful eye of the militant monk's tutelage.

After taking his vows to become a priest Joathan showed an interest in joining the same order his mentor came from. He received a sponsorship from one of his mentor's comrades, and traveled to the isle of Rhodes where he trained and served in the order for over ten years. During his last three years with the Order Jonathan had begun assisting Inquisitors working in the Middle East, and came to see a rising tide of darkness that too few were fighting. When he recieved an invitation to work directly for the Inquisition Jonathan took it, and began a new career path.

Since then Jonathan has spent nearly a decade as a member of the Inquisition. He has put to fire witch, and banished unholy spirits as a vessel for God's will on earth. Jonathan wasn't always hunting monsters and abominations though. He rooted out blasphemers, and heretics. He was directed to noble holdings and monestaries, and sometimes he found evil that needed to be purged. Other times he only found those of minor falterings in faith and gave stern rebukes for their failings.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

I need to re-write this one's background. The short of it is: Jason Summerled is a low level psychic, such that no one notices. Not even himself. He is a cop that turns bad. Gets some neat gear from a special project that is considering sponsoring the police. Then he goes rogue. Later he is inducted into a group called "the Organization" that is the power local polatics and crime

PERILUS (Jason Somerled)

PL: 10 PP: 150


DEFENSES: Dodge 12 Parry 12 For 10 Tough 8 Will 10

SKILLS: Expertise[Law Enforcement] 8(+8), Insight 9(+12),
Intimidation 3(+15), Perception 9(+12), Stealth 9(+12)

ADVANTAGES: Assessment, All-out Attack, Benefit 2[Security Clearance
(The Organization) ; Fighting For Intimidation
], Hide In plain Sight,
Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Smash, Move-by Action, Power
Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 9, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge

"Warmind", Precongnition [Flaws: Limited: Tactical and Combat Insights (-1)], Danger Sense * 3 PP
"Battlefield Commander", Luck Control: Bestow Luck [Flaws: Limited: Requires Interaction (-1), Increased Action: Free Action (-1), Quirk: Directions Must be Followed (-1 flat) ], Enhanced Luck 2 [Flaws: Limited to Battlefield Commander] * 1 PP
"Nano Screen Lenses", Senses [Dark vision / Accute, Analytical, Ranged Detect Weakness] Hard to Remove Device * 5 PP
"Nano Disassembler Blade", Weaken Toughness 8 [; Resisted by Fort ; Extras: Affects Objects(+1), Linked(Str based Damage) ], Strength Based Damage 6 [Removable(-2) ; Extras: Linked (Weaken) ; Advantages: Improved Critical 4] Easy to Remove Device Array * 16 PP
Alt Device - "Modular Handgun(Rapid Fire)", Ranged Damage 8 [Extras: Multiattack] Easy to Remove Alt Device* 1 PP
*Alt Effect - "Modular Handgun(Grenade)", Ranged Damage 8 [Extra: Burst Area 1]
*Alt Effect - "Modular Handgun(Sidewinder and Ether Scope)", Ranged Damage 8 [Extras: Indirect 4], Senses 4 [Vision Penetractes Concealment]
*Alt Effect - "Modular Handgun(Soul Shot)", Ranged Damage 8 [Extra: Alternate Resistance(Will)]
*Alt Effect - "Modular Handgun(Specialty Round)", Ranged Damage 8 [Extras: Incurable, Variable Descriptor 3(Any Descriptor)]
"Tactical Armor" "Protection" 5, Speed 3 Hard to Remove Device * 6 PP

Init +7
Nano Disassembler Blade, +12 (DC 23 Tough, Crit 16-20), Weaken Toughness (DC 18 Fort)
Grab, +12 (DC 12)
Throw, +12 (DC 17 Tough)
Unarmed, +12 (DC 17 Tough)
Grenade Round (DC 23 Tough)
Rapid-Fire, +12 (DC 23 Tough)
Soul Shot, +12 (DC 23 Will)
Specialty Shot, +12 (DC 23 Tough, Crit 16-20)

Abilities 52 + Powers 32 + Advantages 24 + Skills 19 + Defenses 23 = 150/150

Relationships His family. While Jason isn't close to them, blood is
Reputation Jason has a reputation as a brutal and dangerious combatant.

Nano Screen Lenses: These micro-scanners feed Jason information about a
person's weaknesses on screens over his eyes in a HUD. They detect
magical energies, innate abilities, and estimate developed talents to the
extent for formulating vulnerabilities of those scanned.

Nano Disassembler Blade: This is a sword composed of nanites programmed
to disassemble what the sword strikes.

Modular Handgun: This is a hefty handgun with a mingling of
transmutation magic and nanotechnology. It fires a variety of ammunition and
can even manufacture specialty rounds crafted to maximize damage potential
against a given target.

Tactical Armor: A for fitting suite of armor with nano-tube
pesudo-muscles woven into the frame to support greater ease of movement.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »


PL: 10 PP: 150


DEFENSES: Dodge 12 Parry 12 Fort 10 Tough 4(9 w/Armor) Will 10

SKILLS: Acrobatics 3(+7), Athletics 5(+8), Deception 4(+7), Expertise[Military] 5(+7), Insight 6(+8), Intimidation 5(+8), Perception 6(+8), Persuasion 5(+8), Stealth 4(+8), Technology 2(+4), Treatment 2(+4), Vehicles 1(+5)

ENHANCED SKILLS (WINNONA): Ranged Combat[Winnona] 1(+11), Expertise[Military] 1(+8)

ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Benefit 4[Spectre 4], Equipment 1, Power Attack, Precise Attack 2[R. Concealmenat, R. Cover], Ranged Attack 6, Sidekick 19, Uncanny Dodge

ENHANCED ADVANTAGES (WINNONA): Improved Critical 4 [Winnona], Luck 4, Skill Mastery 1 [Ranged Combat(Winnona)]

"Tactical Armor", [Removable Device(-1/5)] * 5 PP
Protection 5 [Extra: Spectre Issue] * 6 pp

Comlink * 1 EP
4 EP left over

Initiative +4
Winnona (Automatic Fire), +11 (DC 25 Tough, Crit 16-20)
Winnona (Concusive Shot), +11 (DC 25 Tough, Crit 16-20), (DC 20 Special, Crit 16-20)
Winnona (Grenade), (DC 20 Dodge, DC 25/20 Tough)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 18, Crit 20)
Grab, + 8 (DC 13, Crit 20)
Throw, +8 (DC 18, Crit 20)

"High Expectations" - Commander Shepard, the savior of the galaxy and exemplar of the Citadel Age, was human, and the galaxy expects nothing less from the humans who remain
"Relationship: Winnona" - Winnona isn't just a weapon, it is a platform for a Geth. A Geth which Willard considers an advisor and friend.

Abilities 60 + Powers 5 + Advantages 35 + Skills 24 + Defenses 26 = 150/150

Willard was born on the Titan colony in the Sol system. When he was five years old the colony was attacked by terrorists. The attack threatened the collapse of the colony. But help came. Not in the form of humans, which the colony primarily consisted of, or even the former Citadel races. No, it was a group of Rachni warriors who beat back the terrorists and it was Rachni workers that helped the colonists repair the damage that was done. Willard's family was slaughtered in the attack, but it was a Rachni that saved him. Naturally all of this left an impression on the child.

He lived in foster homes until he was old enough to enter the military. Inspired by his own childhood trauma and stories of the Reaver War, Willard wanted to learn to protect himself, and his people. A few years into his military career Willard got the chance to repay the Rachni for saving his life when he was dispatched to a Rachni mining operation in the asteroid belt. It was being relentlessly raided by pirates and the UGC dispatched a team, including Willard, to deal with the issue. During the operation Willard met a Geth for the first time. A squad mate he nicknamed Winnona. The two of them came face to face with the pirate leader, a man who had used Synthesis to hack into people's minds and either harm them drive them mad, or control his victims. Willard and Winnona managed to kill the pirate leader. In the conflict his psyche suffered terrible damage. But Winnona got him out of harms way while the pirates were fighting to withdraw.

It took some time before Willard was back on his feet. Though psychiatrists and doctors poked at him, Willard weathered the experience well and was allowed to return to active duty. He and Winnona continued to serve together, off and on during their careers. Some time later he and the Geth were serving under a Spectre sent to clear out a nest of indoctrinated Reaver cultists on Mars. The team could bearly deal with the Synthesis augmented cultists until Willard came across a weapons research lab in their complex. There he discovered a prototype directed energy weapon. But the cultists couldn't get it to work, and neither could Willard. Not until later when Winnona's mobile platform was badly damaged and an engineer with the team was forced to transferred her to the prototype to keep her alive.

It was an awkward start but Winnona reworked the gun's operating systems in a way the cultists could have never conceived. The combination of Willard and Winnona played a crucial role in the strike's success. When they returned from the mission Winnona was confiscated and taken from Willard. The weapon was studied, and imperfections ironed out. Unfortunately Winnona couldn't be extracted from it. Whatever the Geth had done to make the weapon functional had made it a life sustaining part of the Geth. Winnona was later returned to Willard when the Geth/weapon would operate for no one else. Shortly afterwards Willard also received a recommendation for Spectre training from the Spectre that had commanded his team during the operation.
Sidekick wrote: WINNONA

PL: 10 PP: 95


DEFENSES: Dodge N/a Parry N/a Fort IMMUNE Tough 11 Will 10

SKILLS: Expertise[Science] 5(+12), Insight 6(+10), Perception 6(+10), Technology 5(+12)

ADVANTAGES: Benefit 1[Tech Familarity: Geth], Eidetic Memory

"Automatic Fire", Ranged Damage 10 [Extras: Affects Others Only (+0), Spectre Issue (1 pp), Increased Range 1 (+1), Extended Range 2 (2 pp), Multiattack (+1)] * 33 PP
AE - "Concusive Shot", Ranged Damage 10 [Extras: Affects Others Only (+0), Spectre Issue (1 pp), Increased Range 1 (+1), Linked to "Move Objects"], Move Objects 10 [Flaws: Limited Direction (Away) ; Extras: Affects Others Only (+0), Spectre Issue (1 pp), Linked to "Ranged Damage"] * 1 PP
AE - "Grenade", Ranged Burst Area Damage 10 [Extras: Affects Others Only (+0), Spectre Issue (1 pp), Increased Range 1 (+1), Extended Range 2 (2 pp), Burst Area 1] * 1 PP
AE - "Security Measures", Reaction Damage 8 [Extras: Incurable (1pp), Reaction: Touching Winnona (+3) ] * 1 PP
"Networking", Feature 4 [Computer, GPS Reciever, Comlink, Holo/Sound Recorder] * 4 PP
"Synergistic Combat", Enhanced Trait 10 [Extras: Affects others Only ; Advantages: Luck 4 (Limited to Misses with Winnona [-1]), Improved Critical 4, Skill Mastery 1 (R. Combat: Winnona) ; Skills: R. Combat Winnona 1, E. Military 1] * 8 PP
"Assault Rifle Frame", Shrinking 6 [Extras: Continuious (+1), Innate (1 pp) ; Flaws: Limited "No Skill or Defense Bonus" (-1), Permanent (-1)] * 7 PP
"The Most Durable Gun You'll Find", Protection 11 [Feat: Spectre Issue] * 11 PP
"Machine", Immunity 30 [Fortitude Effexts] * 30 PP
"Sensor Suit", Senses 6 [Radius Tactile, Radius Vision, Extended Vision 2, Ultravision, Danger Sense] * 6 PP
"Enhanced Targeting Scope", Senses 3 [Extended Vision 2, Ultravision ; Extras: Affects others Only (+0)] * 3 PP

Security Measures (DC 23 Tough)

Abilities -30 + Powers 106 + Advantages 2 + Skills 11 + Defenses 6 = 95/95
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

This build is based off of Nineofspades' nanotech transmuter, with some personalization mixed in.

SINGULARITY (Vincent Irons)

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 LB.
Age: 21 yr.
Hair Color: Brown (silver when Nanite Hive is active)
Eye Color: Brown (silver when Nanite Hive is active)
Handedness: Right
Native Language: English

PL:10 PP: 165


SAVES: Tough +2/+10 Fort +10 Ref +9 Will +10

[COMBAT: Base Attack +2, Melee Attack +2, Range Attack +4, Blast +10(DC 25), Grapple +2, Defense +10(+4 flat), Knockback -5, Initiative +1

SKILLS: Bluff 8(+10), Computers 7(+12), Craft[Electronic[]] 12(+17), Craft[Mechanical] 12(+17), Diplomacy 8(+10), Disable Device 7(+12), Knowledge[Physical Sciences] 12(+17), Knowledge[Technology] 6(+11), Notice 8(+10), Sense Motive 8(+10)

FEATS: Attack Focus(Ranged) 2, Dodge Focus 2, Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Leadership, Master Plan, SkillMastery 1 [Computer, Disable Device, Kn. Physical Sciences, Kn. Technology]


"Nanite Hive", Device 16 [80 PP Container ; Flaws: Hard t Remove ; Feats: Restricted 2] * 66 PP
"Nanite Swarm" Summon (nanites) 11 [Extras: Fanatical (+1), Heroic (+1) Feats: Mental Link] 45 * PP

"Reinforced Armor", Protection * 8 PP

"Flight Disk", Flight 3 [Flaws: Platform (-1) ; Feats: Move-by Action] * 4 PP

"Compressed Particle Beam", Blast 10 [Feats: Accurate 3) * 23 PP


"Enemy: Section 13", Section 13 is a rouge government agency working with alien arms dealers to create living weapons. Both for the aliens to sell to the galactic community, and for their humans to strengthen the US meta-human forces.

"Relationship: The Covenant" Inquisitor is a psychic super soldier. A product of Section 13's labors that Vincent helped escape. Penny Dreadful has been both an enemy and an ally, which the mood suits her. She's somehow involved in the Section 13 plot and tends to take a perverse joy in making Vincent's life "more exciting". Praxis is Penny's brother. A reformed super villain working for the government. These three briefly worked with Vincent as a super hero team before Penny's mood swings took her in another direction and the team disolved.

"Dangerious Knowledge", Vincent came across a lot of dangerious, covert, hush-hush things while he was in Section 13's computers. Powerful people, black mailed by or connected to Section 13 don't want someone having that knowledge. Other people want it for their own purposes.

Abilities 24 + Skills 22 + Feats 9 + Powers 66 + Combat 20 + Saves 24 = 165/165

Vincent Irons. son to Alice and David Irons, was groomed from childhood for a future in science. For his mother he was a study in accelerated learning techniques. For his controlling physicist father Vincent was the heir to his mantle. Otherwise his childhood was normal. Vincent was energetic, creative, and tended to get into all the expected kinds of childish and adolescent mischief.

By eighteen Vincent was already out of graduate school with a handful of degrees. Though it was at time awkward being around people older than him in schools, Vincent was a well adjusted you man with adequit social skills, and coped well. Right out of school he had a dozen offers from leading corporations, think tanks, and other private interests but he took a job at Naga Corp. They were beginning to deal with some ground breaking work in something that had always captivated Vincent's imagination: nano technology.

Naga Corp was a front for something bigger. Something malevolent. A few late nights on the job Vincent noticed some supicious activity in a few of the labs. When he later found a recently dead body Vincent started digging. Hacking into their systems he came across uncovered a link to a group called Section 13. He also found notes suggesting that they were planning to weaponize the project he was working on.

A week later a virus wiped out all information on Vincent's work and a fire destroyed the prototype. Or at least he made it look that way. He quit a month later, all the while looking into leads on Section 13. What he found led him to a remote underground science faciluty. With the early model of his Nanite Hive broke into the faciluty and discovered an anmesiac soldier gifted with psychic abilities fighting for his freedom.

Things got wild after that. Vincent found himself swept up in a conspiracy and found strange allies. Somehow an insane terrorist, a reformed criminal, and a soldier with no memory of his past came together with Vincent to fight Section 13 and other threats for a year before splitting up and going their own ways. Afterwards the worked together from time to time, but until the GUlf Coast Guardians took an interest in Vincent, he's been working the super hero buisness on his own.

Nanite Swarm wrote:Nanite Swarm:
Strength: ---
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: ---
Intelligence: 6 (-2)
Wisdom: 6 (-2)
Charisma: 2 (-4)

Initiative: +2
Attack: -4 Melee, -4 Ranged
Grapple: ---
Defense: +6 (-2 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), -2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -7

Saving Throws:
Toughness: +14 (+0 Con, +14 [Other])
Fortitude: Immune
Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8)
Will: +5 (-2 Wis, +7)

Knowledge (Physical Science) 12 (+1)
Intimidate 0 (+2)

Stealth 0 (-12)
Notice 8 (+6)
Search 8 (+6)

Dodge Focus 8
Eidetic Memory


Swarm (Growth 12 Flaws:Dispersal (-2))Feats: Innate) [13PP] (Massive Cloud of Nanites)

Nano-scale (Insubstantial 2 Flaws: Permanent (-1) Feats: Innate ) [9PP]

Flight 3 [6PP]

Feature 1 Charged [1PP] (may act as a power source and charge equipment and devices)

Immunity 40 (Mental Effects, Fortitude Effects) [40PP] (Machines)

Nano-engineering (74pp array Feats: Alternate Power 2 ) [76 PP]

  • Base Power: Self-Repair (Healing 10 Extras: Total (+1), Area (Shapeable)(+1), Affects Substantial (+1), Affects Objects (+1),Standard Action (+1) Feats:Stabilize, Regrowth, Persistent, Precise) * 74 PP
  • Alternate Power: Disassembly (Corrosion 10 Extras:Area (Shapeable)(+1), Affects Substantial (+1), Penetrating (+1)Feats: Reversible, Precise, Slow fade 3 (1/20 minutes), Incurable) * 1 PP
  • Alternate Power: Nano-manipulation (Transform (inanimate) 10 Extras:Area (shapeable)(+1),Continuous (+1), Affects Substantial (+1) Flaws: Touch Range (-1) Feats: Precise ) * 1 PP

Nanovision (Vision: Analytical(2), Microscopic Vision (4) ) [6PP] (Scanning matter at a molecular Level)

Protection 14 [14PP]

Construction Software (Variable (Any One Skill At a Time) 5pp array Extras: Free Action (+3) Flaws: Limited (Craft Skills Only)(-2)) [5PP] (Large databank of substances and designs)

Drawbacks: (-4) + (-4) = -8PP

Vulnerability (Area Attacks) (Area attacks hit a large number of nanites, +50% DC Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate) [-4PP]

Disability (Mute) (Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate) [-4PP]

Totals: Abilities (-32) + Combat (4) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (7) + Feats (9) + Powers (170) - Drawbacks (8) = 165/165 Power Points
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

This is my take on "what if the Joker were a good guy".

BLACKJACK (Jack Naypier)

PL: 10 PP: 160


DEFENSES: Dodge 13 Parry 13 Fort 8 Tough 7(4 w/o Blackjack Suit) Will 12

SKILLS: Acrobatics 6(+10), Athletics 6(+10), Close Combat [Unarmed] 5(+15), Expertise [Science] 2(+8), Expertise [Streetwise] 2(+8), Insight 5(+8),, Intimidation 12(+14, Startle) , Investigation 8(+14, Contacts), Perception 7(+10), Ranged Combat [Thrown] 13(+15), Stealth 9(+13, Hide in Plain Sight), Technology 2(+8, Inventor), Vehicles 3(+5)

ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Beginner's Luck, Benefit 2 [Wealth 1 ; Fient as a Move Action], Contacts, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 1, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 4, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Disarm, Inventor, Jack-of-all-tades, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Redirect, Startle, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge


"Blackjack Suit", Protection 2 * 2 EP
"Cape and Cowl", Senses 2 [Infravision ; Communication Link with Teammates], Flight 3 [Flaw: Gliding (-1)] * 5 EP
"Reinforced Gauntlets", Damage 1 [Advantages: Improved Critical 1] * 2 EP
"Blackjack Suit", Protection 2 * 2 EP
"Cape and Cowl", Senses 1 [Infravision], Flight 3 [Flaw: Gliding (-1)] * 4 EP
"Reinforced Gauntlets", Damage 1 * 1 EP
"Bolo", Affliction 5 [Extras: Alternate Resistance "Dodge"(-0), Extra Condition (+1) ; Flaws: Limited Degree (-1) ; 1st Degree Hindered and Impaired, 2nd Degree Defenseless and Immobile] * 10 EP
AE - "Grapple Gun", Movement 1 [Swinging ; Extras: Linked to "Speed" (+0)], Speed 2 [Extra: Linked to "Swinging" (+0)] * 1 EP
AE - "Shuriken" Strength Based Ranged Damage 1 [Extras: Increased Range (+1), Multiattack (+1) ; Advantages: Improved Critical 1] * 1 EP
AE - "Blinding Dust", Affliction 5 [Extra: Increased Range (+1) ; Resisted by Fort: 1st Degree Vision Impaird, 2nd Degree Vision Disabled, 3rd Degree Vision Unaware] * 1 EP

Initiative +4
Bolo, +15 (DC Dodge 15, Crit 20)
Grab, +15 (DC 14)
Reinforced Gauntlets, +15 (DC 20, Crit 20)
Shuriken, +15 (DC 20, Crit 19-20)
Blinding Dust, +15 (DC 15, Crit 20)

Mistaken Identity - Blackjack is sometimes mistaken for his counterpart in this unviserve, The Joker.
Masked Vigilante - Blackjack is an unregistered crime fighter that doesn't work within the laws. Sometimes law enforcement doesn't like that.
No Civilian Identity - Blackjack is a full time crime fighter. When he arrived in this universe, he never bothered to try to register as a citizen.
Enemy - If the Batman from his universe survived, he would certainly count as Blackjack's arch-enemy.
Relationship - Tim Robins, his mentor and friend. That is, if he survived Omega's attack.

Abilities 70 + Defenses 27 + Skills 41 + Advantages 22 + Powers 0 = 160/160

Jack Naypier was born in Gotham City. He was a young street tough with a life leading nowhere. Jack wasn't a bad kid, he just had no hope of climbing out of the street in the dystopian Gotham City controlled by The Batman.

The youth probably would have been dragged into one of Gotham's gangs, or killed, where it not for one fateful day. Jack was lurking about a chemical plant, looking for something he could snag and sell for a few meals without notice.

The place was closed, and from the outside it looked like no one was there. But inside chemicals were churning. There were voices too. When Jack investigated he discovered Batman in the process of discussing plans with a man in a lab coat. Something about dispersing "Dose 9" on time.

Jack was going to turn and run, right then, but Batman noticed him. Apparently he felt Jack had heard or seen too much, because he was ready to kill the kid. Jack struggled to get away, and in the process fell into a vat of chemicals.

There was a lot of pain, and Jack blacked out. At some point the chemicals were drained out into the bay. An old man homeless man in a wheelchair fished Jack out of the bay and cared for him. The man's name was Tim Robins, and Jack later found out that he was once Gotham City's vigilante protector: the Grey Ghost. But that was before the Batman crippled him and left him for dead.

Tim took care of Jack, and helped him through the physical and psychological trauma of what he had experienced. Instead of snapping, the boy hardened. At first he wanted revenge, but after talking with Tim it become more than that. He decided he wanted to make sure what had happened to him never happened to anyone again.

When he became apparent Tim couldn't persuade him to change his mind, the old man started training him to take back the city from people like the Batman. All through his teen and early adulthood Jack fought for the people of Gotham City under the guise of Blackjack. But he never had his showdown with Batman. Not until the day Omega came to destroy their world. Then, after a short fight that was interrupted by the invasion they joined forces to fight the destroyer of worlds.

It didn't do any good. The world ended all the same. But Jack lived. Somehow he was shunted into an alternate reality. This one, where Batman was the good guy and he was the villain.
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »

Man is this guy Complicated. I didn't realize it until I finished, but his list of Complications are almost as long as his background.

BALLISTIC (Luke Davis)

Weight: 171 lb.
Height: 5'9
Age: 20 yr.
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Eye Color: Milky White (R.), Blue (L.)
Hair Color: Brown
Handedness: Right

PL: 10 PP: 165


DEFENSES: Dodge 5(15) Parry 5(15) Fort 8 Tough 5 Will 8

SKILLS: Acrobatics 4(+8), Athletics 7(+10), Expertise [Crime] 6(+6), Insight 5(+7), Perception 5(+7), Stealth 4(+8), Technology 5(+5), Vehicles 2(+6)

ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Close Attack 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge

ENHANCED ADVANTAGES (SPEEDSTER REFLEXES): Close Attack 5, Improved Initiative 4

"Faster than the eye ... or anything else.", Concealment 4 [Visual - Flaws: Limied to "While Moving" (-1)] * 4 PP
"Speedster Reflexes", Enhanced Dodge 10, Enhanced Parry 10, Enhanced Advantages 9 [Improved Initiative 4, Close Combat 5] * 29 PP
"Super Speed", Speed 15, Quickness 10 * 25 PP
"No Limit Running", Movement 3 [Wall-Crawling 2, Water Walking 1 ; Flaws: Limited to "While Moving" (-1)] * 28 PP
"Air Control", Cone Area Move Objects 8 [Extras: Burst Area (+1) ; Flaws: Reduced Range (-1)] * 16 PP
AE - "Flurry of Blows", Shapable Area Damage 5 [Strength Based - Extras: Shapable Are 2] * 1 PP
AE - "Hypersonic Punches", Damage 5 [Strength Based - Extras: Multiattack (+1), Selective (+1)] * 1 PP
AE - "Kinetic Theft", Affliction 8 [Res. Will, 1st Degree Hindered, 2nd Degree Immobile, 3rd Degree Paralyzed - Extras: Cumulative] * 1 PP
AE - "Vertigo Attack", Affliction 8 [Res. Fort, 1st Degree Dazed, 2nd Degree Stunned, 3rd Degree Incapacitated - Extras: Cumulative] * 1 PP

Initiative +21
Air Control, 60 ft. Cone (DC 18)
Flurry of Blows, 60 cubic ft. (DC 18 Dodge, DC 23/19 TOugh)
Grab, +12 (DC 13)
Hypersonic Punches, +12 (DC 23 Tough)
Kinetic Theft, +12 (DC 18 Will)
Throw, +4 (DC 18 Tough)
Vertigo Attack, +12 (DC 18 Fort)

"Villian Legacy" - Ballistic is the son of Dr. Dead-Knight, a mad scientist and criminal mastermind. This no doubt reflect poorly on Ballistic's reputation.
"Relationship: Dr. Dead-Night" - The bad docotor, no matter how evil and deranged, is Ballistic's father. He cares about him and wants his father to be proud of him.
"Relationship: Diana Farsworth" - Ballistic's state appointed psychiatrist. She helped him get past his father's conditioning in prison, assisted him in getting a start on college classes, and is still seeing Ballistic to this day.
"Relationship: The Sergeant" - At first a harsh taskmaster of a mentor. Then an on again off again partner in crime. They were on good terms when Ballistic was put in jail. The Sergeant was even concocting a scheme to break him out until Ballistic asked him to back down.
"Criminal Record" - Ballistic was a bad boy, working for his father for the majority of his teen and young adult years. Eventually this landed him in prison.
"Enemy/Rivalry: Judgement" - Ballistic was aprehended by the violent vigilante called Judgement. He suffered grievious wounds from the encounter, both to his body and pride. He still hasn't forgiven Judgement.
"Disfigured" - Ballistic's battle with Judgement left him badly scarred. The entire right half of his face looks like someone took a flamethrower to it ... which is exactly what happened.
"Dead Eye" - Thanks to Judgement, Ballistic is blind in his right eye. While his sight is still keen, and he's learned to compensate, his right side has an extended blind spot that can be exploited by someone sneaking up on him.
"Compedative" - Ballistic has a lot of pride in how fast he is. Especially his foot speed. He likes to think he's the fastest guy around, and he'll go out of his way to prove it if a challenger arises. Likewsie he eagerly jumps into situations that encourage him to push the limits of his speed.
"Accelerated Metabolisum" - Ballistic eat a lot. He needs a lot of fuel (food), especially if he's been moving at high speeds a lot. If he doesn't get it, he'll suffer effects similiar to low blood sugar including headaches, irratability, dizyness, nausea, and lathargy.
"On Parole" - Ballistic has only recently gotten out of prison and is on parole. The authorities are going to be keeping a close eye on his activities and behavior.

Abilities 42 + Powers 81 + Advantages 11 + Skills 19 + Defenses 12 = 165/165

Luke's childhood was surreal. Right out of one of those black and white 'leave it to Beaver' style shows from the 50's. It was all part of some bizarre social experiment his father, Dr. Dead-Knight put him through to condition Luke. Though the moral lessons learned in those shows were minimized in favor of what most people would consider antisocial behavior. Though controlled, and constructive.

Luke's father was also his doctor, and prescribed the boy special "vitamins" and periodically gave him 'flu shots' to keep Luke healthy and strong. Later Luke learned this was part of another of his father's experiments. When he was thirteen Luke's powers surfaced and his father started sending him on 'errands' that no one else could do for him. By fifteen Luke had lost his naivety about what was going on ... all of it. But he still loved his father, even though he was being used and exploited from day one.

That's when he got in deeper. Dr. Dead-Knight contracted The Sergeant to help educate Luke. He was a mercenary known for training prominent criminals into formidable combatants, and helping them improve the quality of their henchmen. The Sergeant ran Luke through his process and the teenager came out the better for it. If with a few scars. After that Luke's criminal career became more violent, and he encountered more metahumans of a heroic disposition.

More often than not Luke came out ahead, until he met Judgment. Luke had to run from their first encounter, but Judgment tracked him down, and put the teenager down hard. At the age of nineteen Luke went to a high security prison for metahuman criminals. Dr. Dead-Knight was a man of great repute and influence in the criminal world, so Luke was a golden boy to them. He had plenty of allies and 'friends' to watch his back. The kid could coast until an escape was arranged.

The state appointed him a psychiatrist, Diana Farnsworth, and his sessions began shortly after his imprisonment. It took some time, but Luke came to realize he wasn't happy with where he life was learning. His father had controlled everything, and Luke was set on a course he had no say in. Diana encouraged him to think about what he wanted and after talking with the warden arranged for some opportunities to explore educational paths that he might enjoy, and help him when he got out.

The Sergeant, who had been a comrade in crime after Luke's training, wanted to break him out from day one. But once Luke began his rehabilitation he called off the planned prison break. His father still hand plenty of money and influence, and didn't want his son in jail. Between his father and Diana pulling for him only served a year's time before he was a free man. Well, almost a free man. He was on parole.
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Here is a character whose powers are inspired by the Succubus abilities from Lost Girl. Though kissing, rather than stripping clothes and going wild, will do for the character's needs.


PL: 10 PP: 150

ABILITIES: STR 20(30) DEX 20(30) CON 20(30) INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 22

SAVES: Tough 5(10 Boosted) Fort 10(15 Boosted) Ref 10(15 Boosted) Will 10

Initiative +9(+14 Boosted), Base Attack +10, Defense +10, Knockback -2
Unamrmed +10(DC 20/25 Tough)
Grapple +20
Enthralling Passion, +10 (DC 20 WIll Drain, DC 20 WIll Emotion COntrol)
Overwhelming Pleasure, +10 (DC 20 Fort)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 4(+9/+14 Boosted), Bluff 7(+13/+17 Attractive), Diplomacy 7(+13/+17 Attractive), Drive 2(+7+12 Boosted), Gather Information 4(+10), Intimidate 4(+10), Notice 8(+8), Profession [Model] 2(+8), Perform [Acting] 2(+8), Sense Motive 8(+8), Stealth 4(+9/+14 Boosted), Swim 4(+9/+14 Boosted)

FEATS: Attractive 1, Chokehold, Improved Disarm 1, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative 1, Redirect, Takedown 1, Taunt, Uncanny Dodge 1 (Visual)

"Chi Siphoning", Boost 10 [Physical Attributes - Flaws: Personal (-1), Source "Passion" ; Extras: Slow Fade 2 (2 pp), Total Fade (+1)] * 22 PP
AE - "Chi Exchange", Healing 10 [Flaws: Source "Passion" (-1) ; Extras: Persistent (1 pp), Regrowth (1 pp), Total (+1)] * 1 PP
AE - "Enthralling Passion", Drain Will 10 [Res. by Will - Flaws: Limited to "Oliver's Emotion Control" (-1) ; Extras: Linked to "Emotion Control" (+0), Insidius (+1), Alternate Save "vs. Will" (+0), Subtle 1( 1 pp)], Emotion Control 10 [Flaws: Touch Range (-2), Limited to "Love" ; Extras: Linked to "Drain Will" (+0), Insidious (+1), Continuious Duration (+1), Subtle 1 (1 pp)] * 1 PP
AE - "Overwhelming Pleasure" 10 Nauseate 10 [Extras: Incuravle (1 pp), Reversible (1 pp)] * 1 PP


"The Hunger" - In addition to a normal human diet Oliver feeds on sexual energy. He doesn't have a choice if he wants to keep living.
"Accident" - If Oliver takes too much chi from someone he could hurt, or even kill them.
"Reputation" - Oliver has a reputation for getting around, due to his feeding habits.
"Part Time Super Hero" - In addition to his Television commitments, Oliver is a crime fighter. Fighting bad guys and saving lives.

Abilities 42 + Skills 14 + Feats 9 + Powers 25 + Combat 40 + Saves 20 = 150/150

Oliver had a childhood in the spot light. Everyone said he was a beautiful baby, and that's where it started. From infancy to preteens Oliver was hired out by his parents as a model for advertisements and actor in various commercials. He even had a few walk on roles in some less noteworthy TV shows. He had a lot of friends growing up. Though they weren't really his friends. They were people who wanted to be around him for superficial reason, or children of his parent's friends.

School didn't seem very important, but he studied because it was the thing to do. Oliver was a perfect C student, and never gave college a thought. Everyone expected him to either be an actor, a model, or both. In middle school he got into theater, and it came easily for him. He had a presence that was undeniable, but was lazy in developing his method. Oliver never really tried at anything. He didn't seem to have to. Sports too came easy to Oliver, and he enjoyed playing them. Football, basket ball, wrestling, he took part in all of them.

Oliver's breakout occurred in highschool when he was sixteen. He was making out with his girl named Sarah at them time. Things were getting real steamy when OIiver started to feel really good. Better than he'd ever felt before. Sarah was enjoying herself too, but when she started trembling noticeably Oliver backed off and realized something was wrong. Somehow he was hurting her. On his way out of her room Oliver crushed the door knob and ripped the bedroom door off it's hinges without even trying. He was confused, and that confusion turned to fear when Sarah didn't come to school the next couple of days. Her parents said she was real weak.

The hunger started a week after that. It was like teenage lusty hormones and stomach pangs combined. When he tried to deny it he got weak, and ill, until he gave in. The risk of hurting anyone he was with was scary, but he needed something from them, and somehow that made him better. More. It also gave him the desire to do more than act or play sports. When he walked a girl home one day and they were mugged. Oliver gave the muggers a sound thrashing, he'd even been shot. But was unharmed. That put the idea of being a crime fighter in his head.

He didn't do a good job of covering it up, because his parents found out. They were very unhappy, and gave him an ultimatum, stop crime fighting, or leave home. Oliver left him right after graduating from highschool. He didn't have the grades for college, and while he didn't have the money for acting school. His parents, through some spiteful legal maneuver had managed to keep all the money he had earns from modeling, acting and advertising. Out of school Oliver dragged his feet around for a year bouncing around low paying theater gigs, and trying to work his way into an acting career while still fighting crime in his local area to the best of his ability.

He just couldn't get a break. Playing super hero was complicating things, and he refused to abuse his abilities just to get a good job. But when Oliver was told about the reality TV show about Paragons, he jumped for a chance at an audition. Not only would he get his face out there again, he'd have room and board paid for. So what if people were watching all the time ... right?
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I took some inspiration fromThorpocalypse's Jack Hawkmoor build for this guy.

METRO (John Doe)

Height: 6' 3 "
Weight: 210 lb.
Age: 5 yr.
Apperant Age: 25 yr.
Eye Collor: Gray
Hair Color: Ashen, gray/black
Handedness: Right

PL: 10 PP: 150

ABILITIES: STR 10(30) DEX 12(22) CON 16(24) INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 14

SAVES: Tough +10 Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +8

Base Attack +6, Defense +6(+10 In City), Initiative +6, Knock back -5
Melee +6(+10 in City), Unarmed (DC 25 Tough)
Grapple +16(+20 in City)
Range +6(+10 in CIty), Blast (DC 25 Tough)m Snare (DC 20 Ref)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 6(+12), Craft[Structural] 9(+10), Intimidate 6(+8), Knowledge[Streetwise] 9(+10), Notice 5(+8), Sense Motive 7(+10), Stealth 6(+12)

FEATS: Favored Enviroment 8 (+4 Atk/Def in Cities), Hide in Plain Sight, Move-by Action, Takedown 1

"The city is always talking ...", Comprehend 2 [Speak to and Understand Cities] * 4 PP
"... and watching", Super Senses 6 [Mental Danger Sense ; Low-Light Vision ; Postcognition{Flaws: Touch Range (-1)}] * 4 PP
"Leaping small buildings in a single bound", Leaping 4 * 4 PP
"This city will walk all over you", Super-Movement 7 [Flaw: Limited "in cities or requires urban materials/environments" - Permeate 2 ; Slow Fall ; Sure Footed 1 ; Trackless ; Wall Crawling 2] * 7 PP
"Flexible Infastructure", Enhanced Dexterity 10 * 10 PP
"Enduring Essence", Protection 3 * 3 PP
"Urban Survival", Immunity 4 [Aging ; Sleep ; Starvation and Thirst ; Suffocation for "Permeate in Urban Material"] * 4 PP
"Built to Last", Enhanced Constitution 8 * 8 PP
"Strength of the Spirit", Enhanced Strength 10, Super-Strength 1 [Feat: Dynamic (22 pp Array)] * 23 PP
DAP - "These are mean streets", Animate Object 10 [Flaws: Limited to "Urban Materials" (-1)] * 2 PP
DAP - "Hit the road, and the road'll hit back.", Blast 10 [Feats: Variable Descriptor 1, Indirect 1] * 2 PP
DAP - "... bog you down worse than rush hour traffic", Snare 10 [Feats: Variabel Descriptor 1. Indirect 1] * 2 PP


"Responsability" - Metro has a responsability to protect cities and their enhabitants. He also has a responsability to the City Fathers, the spirit of each city.
"Power Loss" - Metro looses all powers, except those under "Voice of the City Fathers", when outside of a city or sufficiently city-like enviroment.
"Urban Connection" - Metro is linked to whatever city he happens to be in. If the city begins to suffer damage, or the people in it are affected by something on a significant sacle, he'll suffer similiar hinderances.
"Relationship" - Metro has a strong friendship with Darrel and Anna Walsh, the couple that took him in when he first manifested.

Abilities 20 + Skills 12 + Feats 11 + Powers 73 + Combat 24 + Saves 10 = 150/150

Metro wasn't born, he was made. Fully formed and aware. The City Fathers, the spiritual identity of a given city, grew weary of a world plagued by the rising terrors that beset their cities. Some were contented when heroes rose to defend their boundaries. But the spirit of Metropolis foresaw a supernatural darkness and intervened. It formed the ephermal into the physical to act as a new guardian and Metro was manifested on the city's streets. That was in 2007.

For the first couple of minutes Metro was overwhelmed by the experience of existing. So caught up in the experience of just being, he had overlooked the fact someone was trying to mug him. A middle aged man and his wife noticed this, and came to Metro's assistance. While the spirit made flesh felt more curious than threatened, the couple scared the mugger off. Being that Metro was naked at the time, and that they though he was nearly mugged, they took him home with them.

They gave him clothes to wear and tried to figure out who Metro was. But he had no history, no past, and thought him an amnesiac. Anna and Darrel tried to take him to a doctor. But Metro had wondered off when the city spoke to him of danger elsewhere. They called the police, worried about Metro, but he came back. Their efforts to try and find out who he was would continue for the better part of three months. At which point it became apparent that he didn't exist on any records.

Metro would continue to disappear every so often to combat threats to the city's well being, but the Walsh's grew use to this occurrence and stopped asking as many questions when some of those queries turned up strange answers. Over time Metro's actions, and later Metro himself, inspired urban legends.
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Cosmic Scion
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Re: Character Cache

Post by Sakuro »


PL: 10 PP: 150

ABILITIES: STR 14(Na/50 lift/84 lift) DEX 12 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 12 CHA 10

SAVES: Tough +10 Fort +8 Ref +8 Will +8

Base Attack +6, Grapple Na/+8/+15/+22, Defense +10(+4 flat footed), Knockback -5, Initiative +1
Melee Attack +6; Unarmed +6 (DC 17 Tough), Quantonium Might +6 (DC 24 Fort, DC 29 Tough)
Range Attack +6; Quantonium Blast +6 (DC 24 Fort, DC 29 Tough)
Area Attacks; Quantonium Surge (10 cubes of 125 cu. ft; DC 20 Fort, DC 25 Tough)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 7(+8), Notice 7(+8), Profession[Handyman] 7(+8), Sense Motives 7(+8)

FEATS: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Dodge Focus 2, Enviromental Adaptaion 1 [Zero G], Extraordinary Effort, Power Attack

"Star-Born Form", Alternate Form 2 [Flaws: Quirk "Standard Action to Activate" (-2 pp); 34 PP Alternate Form] * 8 PP
* "Immaterial but not Insubstantial", Reduced Strength -24 [No Strength while at -10 Strength]
* "Space Fairer", Immunity 7 [All Enviromental Conditions ; All Suffocation] * 7 points
* "Atmospheric Flight", Flight 13 * 26 points
* AP - "Space Flight", Spave Travel 20 * 1 point
"Physically Fortified", Protection 8 [Flaws: Noticable "energy surges when struck" (-1 pp)] * 7 PP
"Quantonium Blast", Disintegration 14 * 56 PP
AP - "Quantonium Might", Corrosion 14, Super-Strength 14 * 1 PP
AP - "Quantonium Surge", Corrocion 14 [Extras: Incurable (+1 pp), Precise (+1 pp), Reversible (+1 pp), Slow Fade 3 (+3 pp), Shapable Area(+1/r)] * 1 PP
AP - "Matter-Energy Conversion", Create Object 10 [Extras: Innate (+1 pp), Precise (+1 pp), Impervius (+1/r), Continuious Duration (+1/r)] * 1 PP
AP - "Matter-Energy Restoration", Healing 8 [Extras: Persistent (+1 pp), Regrowth (+1 pp), Total (+1/r), Precise (+1 pp), Standard Action (+1/r), Shapeable Area (+1/r), Affects Objects (+1/r)] * 1 PP
AP - "Matter-Energy Rearrangement", Transform 10 [Any Inanimate into Any Inanimate ; Extras: Precise (+1 pp), Shapeable Area (+1/r), Continuious Duration (+1/r) ; Flaws: Equivalent Exchange* (-1/r), Reduced Range (-1/r)] * 1 PP


"Man Out of Time" - While Ferris grew up on a comparitively primitive reserve, he's still from another time period, and another culture.
"Responsability" - Protecting humanity and saving it from the fate of his future.
"Enemy/Hatred: Kilraxianss" - Given what the Kilraxians did to the people of his time period, Ferris understandibly has strong ... negative feelings about this race.
"Accident" - Ferris is a vessel for phenomial power. Power that was never meant to be harnessed. He can't always control it.

Abilities 12 + Skills 7 + Feats 7 + Powers 76 + Combat 28 + Saves 20 = 150/150

NOTES: * Equivalent Exchange is separated into two parts:

The Law of Conservation of Mass, which states that energy and matter can neither be created from nothing nor destroyed to the point of elemental nonexistence. In other words, to create an object weighing one kilogram, at least one kilogram of material is necessary and destroying an object weighing one kilogram would reduce it to a set of parts, the sum of which would weigh one kilogram.

The Law of Natural Providence, which states that an object or material made of a particular substance or element can only be transmuted into another object with the same basic makeup and properties of that initial material. In other words, an object or material made mostly of water can only be transmuted into another object with the attributes of water.

BACKGROUND: Quantonium. It is the life blood of galaxies. Fuel of creation and engine of destruction. Primal. Powerful. Beyond the limitations of space and time. It is uncontrollable. Or so it was thought. For eons scientists across the cosmos have studied the phenomena from a distance unable to pierce the veil of it's mysterious nature. That was until the Crusaders of the Kilraxian Empire discovered the center of the universe in their holy war amongst the stars. There they found the Source. The first clue to the mystery of Quantonium, but before they could explore it a human intervened ...


In the 69th century humanity had become a complacent Utopia. All needs and wants were taken care of by a benevolent cyber intelligence that catered to humanity's whims. Humanity was decadent, soft, and ceased to advance beyond this lofty plateau of global peace and prosperity. But not all were content. Ferris was a handyman working at a reserve for discontents. The Utopian Earth's way of conceding to the demands of those who would never be happy, no matter how good life was.

Ferris had grown up in the reserve and when he was twenty-one, decided to go on a pleasure filled vacation to Bermuda. After a weeks worth of seeing what the Utopians enjoyed everyday, he was tempted to never return to the reserve again. That is, if he hadn't discovered the awful truth: Utopia was a facade. Ferris met an attractive young woman who was being chased by peace keepers, and when he tried to help her he they were captured and taken to a holding facility where he saw people being butchered like cattle ... and Kilraxians were eating them.

Earth, Ferris' companion explained, had been conquered. So long ago that no one remembered. Historical records were altered, a cybernetic intelligence was installed to control and monitor the planet. Humanity was made content, made docile. A planet of cattle for Kilraxian consumption.

Through teamwork and luck Ferris and Tatiana escaped the Kilraxian kill shop. Stealing an air ship they flew out into the sea, to the one place on Earth that was still truly untouched, and that they could reach: The Triangle. A place of bizarre events and curious, unexplainable disappearances. Even the Kilraxian's Utopian facade hadn't conquered the Bermuda Triangle. Utopian peacekeepers followed, and their ship was shot down. They crashed ... on land that hadn't been there moment's ago.

After recovering from the violent landing, and not finding Tatiana, Ferris explored the island only to find a group of Kilraxians there. Mean, well equipped warriors, and another being from Gnome-like species: a Morgul. Tatiana too was amongst them. Lead by a chain to a shimmering convulsion in localized space. Looking at it was difficult, comprehending it impossible.

Whatever the thing was, whatever the Kilraxians intended to do, Ferris had to save his friend and escape. So, with some explosive he had salvaged, Ferris made a daring rescue attempt that was sure to end in failure ... and his death. When the explosions started, everything stopped. Then went away. Ferris didn't exist, and yet he was in pain. For centuries, as he was flung back in time. Changed.

Ferris next found himself on the island, but the Source was gone. The Kilraxians, Tatiana, and the Morgu were all gone. The island was dissolving under like a cube of sugar in water. When he returned to the mainland, actually flying there, he found himself in a younger world. Now, touched by the Source of Quantonium, Ferris endeavors to rewrite history and change the fate of the human race.
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