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Pandaman! Ethan Coll, Lady Vai

Post by Pandaman » Fri May 12, 2006 7:49 am

Millennium Heroes
Been working on my game world for some time now and I thought it would be fun to add and share my own setting and characters as so many other have. I will be slowly be adding characters and world details and history.

For a quick rundown of the character Click Here

Cadre and Sactuary International Notes
Avatar of Humanity
Mecha 8

Sanctuary International
Aurora "Ro" Sakamura
Dana White
Hanori "Hal" Hasegawa
Jack Pfeiffer
Piper Matthews
Rachael Cross
Robin Pfeiffer-Leeds

Baroness Blitz
Dieter von Kleistad
Hans Felker
Ilse, the Iron Witch
Klaus Brun
Major Krauss
Victor Krieg

Federal Imperium
Charles Montgomery
The General
Federal Clones

Dreadnaught (Sergi)


Knights of Avalon
The Pict


Montrose Academy Staff
Autumn Leaf Owens
Carlos Ilario
Conrad Barlet
Elizabeth Montrose
Quay Lo
Teresa Monterose
Monterose Academy Students

Oktober Guard
Dreadnaught (Antonvich)
Red Wolf

Charles Montgomery
Evelyn Reyes
Markus Grossman
Steven Ross

Psirens Notes

Sentinels of Liberty
Lady Liberty

The Eighth House

United Nations Overwatch Initiative
United Nations Overwatch Team Notes
Additional Overwatch Notes
The Black Vault Protocol
Director Dedyet Devaraux
Thunder and Lightning

LA Junkies: Heroes of the Hellman Stripmall
Billie the Knob
Diner Dan
Steel Dragon

Independants and Miscellaneous, Heroes and Villains
Abbey Montgomery
Agent Vai
Amazon Warrior (minion)
Angel of Death
Angela Fortune
Atomic Kitten
Balor of the Green Eye
Black Rose
Cassidy Adair
Catherine Borchardt
Christana McLyn
Chirstov Kolichev
Dark Angel
Dheyla Coviso
Dreadnaught (Dimitri)
Dreadnaught (Vasili)
Dreadnaught drones (minon)
El Jaguar
Evangeline Gray
Evening Star
Flower Power
Gillian Coviso
Goll Warrior (minion)
Helen Lang
Hugh Black
Ironhead Jackson
Jack Leung, the Lucky Bullet
Jolie Stein
Ko Hasegawa
Krieg's Dragons (creature)
Little Girl Lost
Napalm Kitten
Patriot I
PUG, the Pick-Up Group
Red Dragon
Richard Sorensen
Rising Sun
Shadow Weaver
Shalla Hazat
Shooting Star
Sister Mary Vitae
Skarbs (alien creatures)
Spring Rain Owens
Summer Storm Owens
Sydney Chase
Teri Sorensen
The Contractor
The Ebon Witch
The Exalted
The Ghost
The Gnome. The Gnome's Picture can be found HERE
The Magician
The Marshal
The Militiaman
The Scorpion
The Zodiac
Valeria Antonia Calligari
Winter Snow Owens

New Powers
Shadow Control

New Equipment
A compiled list of new equipment can be found here.

Heroes of Hellman Avenue (Billie the Knob, Diner Dan, Steel Dragon and Bandito) versus the Gnome

Characters for Other People
Halldor Gamble, for White Howler

Misc. Chara
Chrissy the Chirstmas Witch
Emily, in MDSnowman's game
Pandaman by Fisdenallus, for Crisis on the ATT
Pandaman by MDSnowman

Background Write-ups for Other People
A Life of Thorns, for White Howler.
A Lyger's Tale, for White Howler
Bedlam Rising, for White Howler
Chronicles of Gods and Monsters, for White Howler
Shades of Twilight (complete), for White Howler
Street Cred, for Super Nova
The Lyger Legacy, Part One, for White Howler
The Lyger Legacy, Part Two, for White Howler.
The Lyger Legacy, Part Three, for White Howler
The Lyger Legacy, Part Four, for White Howler
The Lyger Legacy, Part Five for White Howler.
The Origin of Night Mask, for White Howler
The Saga of Freya, for White Howler
Tiger by the Tail, Part One, for White Howler
Tiger by the Tail, Part Two, for White Howler

Misc Tales
Emily, Part One: Memory
Emily, Part Two: Sacrifice
Emily, Part Three: Beginning
From the Files of the Atomic League, A Gathering of Villains, Chapter One, with Fisdenallus
From the Files of the Atomic League, A Gathering of Villains, Chapter Two, with Fisdenallus
From the Files of the Atomic League, A Gathering of Villains, Chapter Three, with Fisdenallus
From the Files of the Atomic League, A Gathering of Villains, Chapter Four, with Fisdenallus
From the Files of the Atomic League, A Gathering of Villains, Chapter Five, with Fisdenallus
From the Files of the Atomic League, A Gathering of Villains, Chapter Six, with Fisdenallus

Comments encouraged. Constructive criticism welcome.
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LA’s Sexy Avenger
Power level 10 (169 pp)
Tradeoffs: defense +7/toughness -7
Real Name: Kendra “Kennedy” Ritter
Affiliations and Allegiances: none, independent hero/vigilante
Height: 5'7" Weight:120 Hair: black Eyes: blue Complexion: pale
Appearance: Dancer employees a wide variety of costumes, all taken from a stripper’s dressing room. What she wears is usually very revealing and allow for easy movement. All this is to take advantage of her beauty and sex appeal and to maximize her potential for distraction. She also wears wigs to change her costumed appearance as well. When out of costume, she dresses the total opposite. She keeps herself inconspicuous and covered up with baggy and oversized clothing.

Str 14 Dex 18/28 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 18
Fort save (+4) +7 Ref save (+4) +13 Will save (+6) +8

Enhanced Dexterity 10
Strike 10 [kinetic; extra: aura]
Super-speed 5 [quickness 5, speed 5 (250mph); alternate powers: spinning; power feat: rapid attack]

Feats: acrobatic bluff, all-out attack, attack focus (melee) 6, attractive 2, diehard, distract (bluff), dodge focus 7, elusive target, fascinate (bluff), fascinate (perform), grappling finesse, instant stand, minion 2, move-by action, sneak attack, uncanny dodge (visual/sudden movement)
Skills: acrobatics 8 (+17), bluff 6 (+10/+19 attractive), diplomacy 4 (+8/+16 attractive), gather information 4 (+8 ), notice 4 (+6), perform (dance) 10 (+14), profession (stripper) 4 (+6), sense motive 4 (+6), stealth 8 (+17)
Minion: Honey (dog, golden retriever)

Combat (base attack +4, base defense +10)
Initiative: +29
Attacks: unarmed +10 melee (+2 damage plus +10 kinetic aura), grapple +13
Defense: +17 aware, +5 flatfooted
Toughness: +3

Complications: enemy (Calligari Crime Syndicate), obsession (find daughter), wanted (by LAPD, as an escaped prisoner (as Kendra) and as a vigilante (as Dancer)).
Personality and Motivations: Kendra used to be a carefree and happy but those days are long gone. What she has gone through has hardened her and made her rather bitter and remorseless. She does have a soft spot for people in trouble, especially women and children and will do what she can to help them or fight for them as the case may need. Many missions, homeless shelters, battered women sanctuaries and orphanages have recieved large cash donations since Dancer has hit the streets, money taken mainly from the Calligari Crime Syndicate.
History: Kendra Ritter was once a young and brilliant dancer, unfortunately in her youth, she was also rather naive. At 17 years old she was taken advantage of by a sleazy promoter/producer and ended up pregnant. When she turned 18 her foster parents tossed her on the streets. Kendra worked odd jobs and lived in dives until she gave birth. When she held her daughter for the first time, she vowed she would do anything to make sure that she would have a better life than her. One month later she became a featured dancer at a strip club called the Pussy Parlor, using the stage name of Kennedy.
She was able to make enough money to move to a better place and met a kind old lady who would watch her daughter on the nights she had to work. Kendra worked hard and completed her GED while dancing nights and caring for her daughter during the day. She worked extra hard wanting to save up enough money so she could quit stripping and attend college. Four years later she was almost to her goal but unfortunately she ran afoul of a mobster.
Tony Romano worked for the Calligari Crime Syndicate, trying to move into the LA markets with a brand new cheap drug called Fastlane. He also had a healthy appetite for women and was a regular at the Pussy Parlor, one young dancer named Kitten in particular. In trying to protect Kitten from him, Tony took a dislike for the older dancer and began to make like miserable for her, until she called the cops on him. Then Tony turned his full wrath on Kendra. Kidnaping Kitten, Tony blackmailed Kendra into a private show where he and his men abused and violated her. Afterwards, Kendra was found in the hotel room, drugged (on Fastlane) and with a gun in hand, that was used to kill an unlucky maid.
Kendra was arrested and rushed through the judicial system and ended up in prison on a sixteen year stint for murder. Kendra had a strange reaction to the Fastlane however and was sick, all during her trial and for the first several months in prison, suffering from seizures. Her weakened state made her easy prey for the other prisoners and corrupt guards and would’ve surely met her end in that hellhole if she did not meet a woman named Shiko.
While everyone in prisons are usually divided by lines, such as race or gang affiliation, Shiko stood apart. No one, gave her trouble, because Shiko easily defeated every attempt made on her. Since she usually always kept to herself anyway, people just left Shiko alone and were shocked when she took interest in Kendra. Shiko took the battered and beaten woman under her wing and taught her how do defend herself. It was also during this time that Kendra’s new abilities became apparent. Her reflexes and speed increased due to her induced mutation and her skills in martial arts due to Shiko’s training.
Kendra knew little about Shiko, though it became very apparent that the woman could escape the prison anytime she wished. It was Shiko who helped Kendra escape after they learned that someone had put a bounty on Kendra’s life.
After her escape, Kendra went about looking for the lost pieces of her life. During the two years she was in prison, her daughter Alexandra was lost in the morass of Child Protective Services. Kitten was missing, still being held by Tony Romano. The Pussy Parlor was burned down. The only thing that remained of her old life was her daughter’s dog, Honey, who was keeping her babysiter, old Mrs. Rubinski company.
Now known as Dancer, Kendra wages a one woman war against the crime and corruption in LA, targeting specifically the Calligari Syndicate as well as any pusher, pimp and would-be rapist she finds. All the while, still looking for her daughter. She has made one ally during her personal crusade, a police detective Danielle Travis, who is herself sick of the corruption she has to fight. Dancer has helped Danielle make some important busts and Danielle diverts attention away from Dancer from time to time.

:arrow: In my Millennium Earth setting, LA is even a worse urban sprawl than it is now and corruption runs rampant.
:arrow: Dancer is all about movement and kinetic energy. She is constantly moving and seems be rather fidgety when at rest. She still suffers from siezures every once in a while.

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Power level 10 (148pp)
Tradeoffs: toughness +4/defense -4
Real Name: Ian Johnstone
Affiliations and Allegiances: United Nations, Overwatch Initiative
Height: 5'10" Weight: 170 Hair: brown Eyes: brown Complexion: average
Appearance: rather average in appearance but his engaging attitude is what wins him friends.

Str 18 (30 in alternate form) Dex 12 Con 18 Int 12 Wis 12 Cha 14
Fort save (+6) +10 Ref save (+4) +5 Will save (+4) +5

Alternate Form (solid) 12 [deflect 6 (all ranged); density 6 (str +12, impervious protection 3, immovable 2, mass x50); immunity 11 (critical hits, life support); protection 7 (impervious); super-strength 4 (heavy load 12 tons)]

Feats: all out attack, attack focus (melee) 4, benefit (security clearance/UN Overwatch), equipment 1, improved block 2, interpose, power attack, take down attack, weapon break
Skills: bluff 4 (+6), diplomacy 4 (+6), intimidate 4 (+6), knowledge (civics) 3 (+4), knowledge (current events) 3 (+4), language 1 (English*, Gaelic), notice 5 (+6), sense motive 4 (+5)
Equipment: Overwatch commlink, +4 free points

Combat (base attack +6, base defense +6)
Initiative: +1
Attack: unarmed +10 melee (+4 damage, +10 damage in alternate form), grapple +10 (+20 in alternate form)
Defense: +6 aware, +3 flatfooted
Toughness: +4 human form, +14 alternate form (impervious 10)

Personality and Motivations: Dauntless loves being a hero and he revels in the attention. He loves his football (soccer) and is a rather prodigious drinker when off duty (preferably in his favorite Edinbourogh pub). He is extremely friendly and when he has to go into a fight, he goes cheerfully.
History: to be added.

:arrow: Dauntless is the UN Overwatch Team's main brick. One of his favorite tactics is to be dropped on an opponent from a great height in his alternate form.
:arrow: In his alternate form, he looks be made from a dull gray metal that can take much more punishment than his Overwatch jumpsuit.
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United Nations OVERWATCH Team
Formed in the tumultuous months after the Armageddon Incident, in which the mysterious being known only as Armageddon went on a rampage that ended in the decimation of several cities, the deaths of thousands of people (19 super-heroes perished as well, scores more were maimed and wounded), and causing damage in the billions of dollars. Nearly as worse as any natural disaster, all caused by one being.
As it was an international incident, a proposal was put forward by US Senator Richard Sorensen (a super-hero advocate) to the United Nations that an International Team of super-powered heroes be assembled and managed by the United Nations to combat such future threats as posed by Armageddon and others who seek to cause worldwide strife and destruction.
While there was much opposition to such a move, the proposal was pushed through and funding secured only three months after the Armageddon Incident. It was up to member states of the UN to recruit the heroes in their nations... and many heeded the call.

United Nations OVERWATCH Liaison, Dedyet Angelica Nekan Lifa Deveraux. The daughter of a French diplomat and an African-Egyptian mother, Dedyet had an incredible gift for languages as well as Egyptology and anthropology. Her incredible facility for languages landed her a job as a translator for the United Nations and then a job with the French and Egyptian missions to the United Nations. Her knowledge of Egyptology and her mother, inducted her into the Cult of Isis where Dedyet became a skilled sorceress. She became the OVERWATCH Liaison due to her diplomatic work with many nations and due to her contact with various heroes (such as Avatar), though her skill with the occult is a closely guarded personal secret.

OVERWATCH Team Leader, Crux. The timeless Crux is the self-titled master of time and space. His powers are just that, they deal with warping and controlling the very fabric of the universe. He is incredibly powerful and has his detractors against his leading the OVERWATCH Team. He declares no nationality other than as a citizen of the world. Yet no one can deny his leadership in how he handled the Armageddon Incident. He rallied and inspired the gathering heroes to attack the rampaging monster in a concerted effort that finally banished the powerful entity. Crux is also one of the oldest living beings on the planet, mayhap even older than the Mage himself.

Team Members: by all means not yet a complete list of heroes who have been enlisted into the OVERWATCH Initiative. But all those who are members are very powerful and very skilled. Most are also veterans of the Armageddon Incident, responding to the incredible threat posed by the powerful entity.
Alchemy (Chinese): Alchemy is one of China’s few contributions to OVERWATCH. She barely does what is required of her and even that seems half-hearted. She has a keen intellect though and her powers of transformation are very formidable.
Cross (Australian): Cross is a man of few words. After a terrible accident he was fitted with a variety of experimental cybernetic parts. He is near 60% machine and feels he is losing his humanity, yet it is these machines that are saving his life and endow him with great strength and power.
Dauntless (Scottish): Dauntless can turn his entire body into a steel like substance that makes him incredibly strong and resilient. He is flippant and cocky and very cocksure of himself. One of his favorite tactics is to drop on an opponent from a great height while is in solid form.
Forty-Seven (Japanese): rather tall for a Japanese man, Forty-Seven is graceful and slightly androgynous in a pretty boy way that makes him very popular in his home country. Forty-Seven can create multiple copies of himself.
Gauntlet (German): tall and ramrod straight, Gauntlet is efficient. He derives his powers from a pair of mystic gauntlets that grant him a variety of powers.
Hunter (English): a veteran hero and powerful mage, Hunter has been in the business for near forty years. He is rather brooding and still has yet to get over his wife’s death some ten years ago. He possess enchanted armor and a blade that can strike even incorporeal beings. He knows of Dedyet’s magical abilities but respects her wishes to keep it secret.
Helios (Greek): a researcher for Hepheastus Industries, Helios became super-powered during an experiment. Helios controls light (including lasing light into a blast), can fly and is incredibly strong. (Player character)
Ice Princess (Russian): a young Siberian ice skater who developed her powers over cold during a particularly harsh winter. (Player character)
Lightning (American): the half-sister of the hero Thunder, Lightning is a speedster. Both she and her brother were local heroes from Chicago who are America’s contribution. They are bright and positive role-models of diversity.
Monsoon (India): Monsoon was found as a baby floating on a river in India. The village that took him in was soon blessed with good luck. Rain during droughts, storms that destroyed villages in surrounding valleys were never as severe where Monsoon lived. Monsoon is a weather controller. (Player character)
Shade (Russian): a former KGB operative, Shade can turn herself into living shadow. She is probably the most professional of all the OVERWATCH members. She has years of experience and the benefit of much training, much of it in the field. She gained her powers during a secret Soviet experiment. Though she is nearing fifty, she still looks to be mayhap thirty at the oldest, her powers slowing if not eliminating the effects of age on her body.
Swanmay (French): shy, quiet and gentle, Swanmay is a shapeshifter of incredible power. Often helps in various relief efforts around the world.
Thunder (American): Thunder possesses incredible strength and durability. He is bright and happy and truly feels he and his half-sister’s contribution to the team will help the United States’ sagging image. He is half-black (while his sister is white, their mother remarried) and they do make an incredible team, having worked together for many years in Chicago.

Because of the incredible power possessed now by the United Nations and to have the Overwatch Initiative passed, one of the stipulations for Overwatch to operate, a member nation has to ask for Overwatch interdiction and even then, no more than six Overwatch team members can be in any country at any time, save in matters of global emergencies.
Many nations who do not have superheroes often ask for Overwatch interdiction when a crisis arises.

Last crisis that required interdiction was when unknown terrorist forces overtook an old Soviet weapons depot in Lithuania. Helios, Ice Princess and Monsoon were sent to deal with problem. They had to battle cold war era Soviet combat robots, mind controlled soldiers and a powerful pychic, a remain of the Soviet Battlemind Program.

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The Black Vault Protocol
There was a secret security provision that was implemented when the Overwatch Initiative was designed. Super-powered beings are extremely powerful and it is everyone’s great fear that they will go rogue. Should that happen, the Overwatch Security Commander, Colonel Paige Sakamura has been authorized to open the Black Vault. The Black Vault contains powerful specialized weapons to deal with those heroes on the Overwatch Team with particular immunities and or weaknesses as well as weapons that can counter their various powers. The Black Vault also contains experimental nullification weapons. Paige Sakamura is well trained and versed in all the weapons in the Black Vault.

The weapons were designed with the help of Doctor Stephan van Dur, the Overwatch Initiative Medical Officer from Belgium. Dr. van Dur was a student of Doctor Stanley Kenson, the preeminent expert on superhuman physiology (and developer of the Kenson Scale that measures the strength of super-human powers and abilities). All Overwatch Team members undergo constant medical inspections to measure their powers and secretly to develop countermeasures against said heroes.

Coming soon, stats for Colonel Paige Sakamura, the various weapons in the Black Vault as well as the Black Vault Operatives, who keep careful surveillance on Overwatch Team members.
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Power level 10 (166pp)
Tradeoffs: attack +2/DC -2
Real Name: Rissa Alicia Vai
Affiliations and Allegiances: United States Government, NSA
Height: 5'8" Weight: 240 Hair: red Eyes: blue Complexion: extremely pale
Appearance: tall with a powerful build. Vai’s hair is very red and her complexion is very pale (nearly albinoish). If one could look closely enough, they could see what appears to be circuit lines underneath her skin. She usually dresses in all black (favoring tactical gear and clothing) and keeps her hair long and in a pony tail underneath a black BDU cap.

Str 25 Dex 14 Con 20 Int 14 Wis 16 Cha 14
Fort save (+5) +10 Ref save (+5) +7 Will save (+5) +8

Protection 5 [extra: impervious]
Speed 3 [50mph; alternate power; leaping 3 (x10)]
Strike 1 [power feats: mighty, stunning attack]
Super-senses 4 [extended vision 1, infravision, low-light vision, radio]
Super-strength 4 [heavy load 6 tons]

Feats: all out attack, benefit (security clearance/NSA), contacts, defensive attack, dodge focus 4, equipment 6, improved block, improved initiative, power attack, take down attack
Skills: bluff 4 (+6), computers 4 (+6), disable device 4 (+6), gather information 10 (+12), intimidate 8 (+10), investigate 12 (+14), knowledge (behavioral science) 4 (+6), knowledge (civics) 4 (+6), knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+6), knowledge (tactics) 4 (+6), language 2 (English*, French, Spanish), search 8 (+10), sense motive 8 (+11)
Equipment: machine pistol, knife, +18 points as needed for the particular mission

Combat (base attack +12, base defense +6)
Initiative: +6
Attack: unarmed +12 melee (+8 damage), machine pistol +12 ranged (+3 damage, autofire), grapple +23
Defense: +10 aware, +3 flatfooted
Toughness: +10 (impervious 5)

Complications: addiction (pain-killers), enemy (the Preatorium)
Personality and Motivations: ever since her accident, Rissa has been rather depressed. She has become taciturn keeping people at arms length, afraid to get close to people again. Especially since the procedure that saved her life left her unable to have children. She prefers to work alone so no one will “contaminate my scene”.
History: Rissa Alicia Vai graduated from Quantico the head of the class. She was fast tracked for field work and proved herself diligent and effective. It was during her work with the FBI and while working with Captain Royo Gibson of Army Intelligence, that they uncovered a vast conspiracy in the U.S. military. A secret society called the Preatorium, that was made up of high ranking military personal led by General Charles Montgomery, with an agenda not that of the United States government. They were led into a trap and even though both of them escaped, both were near dead. Gibson went into hiding (and now uses the name Hugh Black), while Rissa was underwent an experiment devised by Dr. Ethan Coll (an expert in robotics and cybernetics). Rissa was injured by an exotic bio-weapon that was destroying her nervous and muscular system, causing incredible pain. The process involved a bonding a synthetic nervous system to shore up her failing system, extreme gene-therapy to help repair her degrading DNA, synthetic muscle replacement, skeletal strengthening and the cybernetic replacement of certain organs that failed. The process took eighteen months of incredible pain but in the end she survived. During this time, agents of the Preatorium killed her fiancé while looking to recover any evidence she had hidden away at home. Gibson was not idle and had continued to investigate the Preatorium working covertly with the NSA, slowly gathering a case against General Montgomery and his allies. Previous attempts to reveal the truth had ended rather disastrously with missing evidence and witness killed or gone missing. Rissa transferred to the NSA and continues to work covertly to uncover the machinations of the Preatorium and other threats the United States.

:arrow: Was modeled after a City of Heroes character I had.
:arrow: The Preatorium is a Military Secret Society that is plotting a military coup. General Montgomery is tired of seeing a weak adminstration dictate failure after failure, from Vietnam to the Gulf Wars. "Dammit. What the hell are we doing here again?! We should've got rid of this SoB the first time we were here!"
:arrow: Is an excellent investigator and interrogator as well as ferocious fighter!
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My version of amazons on Millennium Earth.

Power level 6 (minion level 5) (69pp)
Affiliation and Allegiances: Amazon Warrior Houses, Mage (the last Atlantean Sorcerer-Priest)

Str 14 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 14
Fort save (+5) +7 Ref save (+5) +7 Will save (+4) +5

Immunity 1 [aging, disease; flaw: limited, half-effect]

Feats: defensive roll 1, endurance, equipment 5, fearless
Skills: acrobatics 4 (+6), climb 4 (+6), handle animal 2 (+4), intimidate 4 (+6), language 2 (Ancient Greek, Atlantean*, English), notice 4 (+5), ride 2 (+4), stealth 2 (+4), survival 4 (+5), swim 4 (+6)
Equipment: amazon armor (+3 toughness), medium shield, bow, spear or sword

Combat (base attack +6, base defense +4)
Initiative: +2
Attacks: unarmed +6 melee (+2 damage), sword or spear +6 melee (+5 damage), bow +6 ranged (+5 damage), grapple +8
Defense: +6 aware (+4 without shield), +2 flatfooted
Toughness: +6 aware, +5 flatfooted

Notes: these are your average, young amazon warrior. Their elders and veterans can be very powerful, especially armed with ancient atlantean weapons.
Amazons live in the ruins of Atlantis. Atlantis was once an interdimensional hub, where multiple dimensions intersected. It was destroyed in a war with an inderdimensional race that was bent on conquering the multiverse. The destruction of Atlantis slammed shut interdimensional travel to many dimensions including the dimension of Millennium Earth. However those dimensional barriers were weakened with the first atomic bomb test. The Trinity Event reverberated through the dimensional veil and other dimensions started to leak in. The wandering hero Mage, the last Atlantean sorcerer-priest, felt the echo in the veil and went to work finding Atlantis. What he found were ruins sheltered in a dimensional pocket kept safe from the prying eyes of the world around them. The only survivors he found were on the islands the Amazons kept their training grounds. The Amazons were a sect of female temple guards and when Mage found them after their long lost exile, the old rites and customs were revived. They have rebuilt the temples and now guard the Mage. He had taught them English and hopes one day to introduce them to the world that has passed them by.

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GOLL WARRIOR (average)
Humanoid Alien
Power level 5 (minion level 3) (42pp) (toughness +2/defense -2)
Affiliations and Allegiances: intergalactic mercenaries

Str 14 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 8
Fort save (+2) +4 Ref save (+2) +2 Will save (+2) +3

Super-senses 3 [scent, tracking 2]

Feats: attack focus (melee) 1, defensive roll 2, equipment 5
Skills: climb 4 (+6), intimidate 6 (+5), notice 2 (+2), stealth 4 (+4), survival 4 (+5)
Equipment: goll armor (+3 toughness), assault rifle, goll waraxe (str+3)

Combat (base attack +4, base defense +3)
Initiative: +0
Attacks: unarmed +5 melee (+2 damage), assault rifle +4 ranged (+5 damage), goll waraxe +5 melee (+5 damage), grapple +6
Defense: +3 aware, +1 flatfooted
Toughness: +7 aware, +5 flatfooted

Notes: ugly, brutish and furry. They look like bestial humanoids, with muzzles and shaggy unkept fur. Golls are intergalactic mercenaries, always looking for a good fight and loot. From a primitive world, they use scavenged armor and weapons but always have their favored axes with them.
Golls are generally lazy and would probably be more of a menace if they ever got more organized than their immedicate needs.

Feel free to use them if you need a quick marauding alien menace.

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The Psirens
Interdimensional freedom fighters. The Psirens are a team of super-powered woman who fight against the totalitarian Federal Imperium. The Federal Imperium was once the United States, but there was a military coup led by General Charles Montgomery and his Preatorium.
The world of the Federal Imperium is slightly more technologically advanced than in other dimensions. Alien technology claimed from Roswell and more aggressive illegal scientific research have given them such common place technology as cloning.
The world of the Federal Imperium has very few super-powered beings compared to other dimensions. It is one of the reasons why the coup went off so successfully. There weren’t that many super heroes to oppose General Montgomery and the General also had an ace up his sleeve. In the years before the coup, he had been capturing supers and cloning them, making himself a super-powered army, as well as genetically enhancing troops. Being sent to the cloning pits is a death sentence for anyone sent there as their genetic structure is taken apart for stock material.
The Federal Imperium has control of much of North America and intimidates the rest of the world with its power, seizing control of nearly whatever it wishes. There are those who covertly oppose the Imperium. The most organized of the resistance movements are the Psirens.

The Psirens are currently based on the dimension of Millennium Earth. Their base was being raided by Federal Troops. Surrounded, Fade threw the switch on her newest invention and the wormhole pierced the dimensional veil. However their leader Evangeline Gray was captured. They proceeded to track down Miss Gray on this dimension for aid and were not disappointed. Miss Gray was as powerful here as she on their home dimension.

Roster and brief backgrounds
Bolt: field leader of the Psirens. Once a Captain in the Federal Imperium military, but when her mutant powers manifested, she was incarcerated for processing into the clone pits. She was rescued by Evangeline Gray, and now leads her main field team in their ongoing struggles with the totalitarian Federal Imperium
Fade: a young technical genius. It was her expertise that allowed the Psirens to pierce the dimensional veil and land them on Millennium Earth. She has many devices including a Phase Harness that turns her invisible.
Fantasy: not all supers in the world of the Federal Imperium were relegated to combat. Fantasy was part of a clone series of mimics, infiltrators and honeypots. Her series of clones, besides her powers of mimicry, also exuded potent mind altering pheromones. Fantasy is a clone who has broken with her conditioning.
Gateway: can create teleport portals and other spatial anomalies. Gateway was rescued before she was captured by Federal forces.
Halo: once a world class gymnast, Halo developed powers of light control. When Federal Imperium capture teams came to take her away, her mother was killed trying to help her daughter escape. Was rescued before she was sent to the cloning pits.
Rhea: a matronly woman who can grow to twenty feet in height. Was rescued before being sent to the cloning pits.
Tara-754: a mute, empathic healer. Tara-754 is a clone who has broken from her conditioning. Tara-754 mutated again after she was taken from the cloning pits and has a unique ability to see through illusions of all kinds.
Wyld: Wyld is genetic construct, one of the Imperiums fist attempts at creating clone from multiple base materials. Wyld is a composite being, being made from the material of over a dozen other mutants. Animalistic (nearing feral) and covered with armored plates, she has a prehensile tail, clawed hands and feet, can crawl on walls, has a blinding spittle and regenerates from harm quickly. Wyld is mute but has a special link with Tara-754. Any thing that harms Tara will instantly trigger a rage reaction from Wyld.

Some gear commonly used by the Psirens as well as Federal Imperium troops.
Armored Reactive Camouflage “ARC” Jumpsuit [+3 toughness; each suit can be progrmaed with two camouflage options (arctic, desert, foliage or urban) and wearer can activate one or the other as a free action once per round; cost 5ep, Federal Imperium only]
Magnum Pistol: a heavy, bulky, imtimidating pistol [damage +5 (penetrating); critical 20; ballistic; 40' range inc; medium size; 15ep, Federal Imperium only]

Stats and additional individual histories coming soon.
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No replies of any sort. Dont know if that is good or bad...
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Cadre and Sanctuary International
In the seventies, a brilliant young child prodigy was lose on the market. Jack Pfeiffer is one of those minds that come along once every several generations. In the future, it is most likely his name will appear in books along side Davinci, Newton, Edison, Einstein. Young Jack was scooped up by CORE Technologies, the premier technological company of the time, with many contracts with the US Department of Defense. He was given carte blanche to let his genius work with a free reign and he developed some amazing stuff.

However in the early eighties, Jack began to notice some rather disturbing aspects of CORE Tech and eventually uncovered evidence of unethical and amoral practices of the company. This included genetic and biological experiments on humans and what Jack found out later, aliens. Jack tried to blow the whistle on what was going on. He was able to get word out to several heroes of the time before he was captured. Not wanting to lose such a valuable mind, CORE Tech tried to woo him to their sides but what was going on horrified Jack to no end.

Word was out however and several heroes of the time started to sniff around. Jack had been corresponding with Dr. Kathryn Wagner, a noted biochemist and hero of World War II, called the Majestrix. Majestrix contacted another hero who was even older than her, the English adventuress known as the Avatar of Humanity. Through Avatar, the timeless Crux, the mystically armed Hunter, the psionic Quay Lo and finally the Atlantean Mage. All of them powerful and experienced heroes.

They found the secret base where CORE Tech was conducting many of their illegal experiments (and where Jack Pfeiffer was being held), a facility deep under the Nevada desert. The facility was huge and was connected to a large underground cave system that ran under the Rocky Mountains (which was actually an abandoned Cold War Era Science City in which the Government held its own secret experiments).

Infiltrating the base, the band of heroes found what CORE Tech was developing. Biological constructs of incredible power to be used as weapons. Most fearsome of these creatures were called Krieg’s Dragons (named after CORE Tech founder, leader and researcher Viktor Krieg). But there were also experiments dealing in what was called the GenProject, in which CORE Tech was experimenting with superhuman physiology in trying to create their own super-powered being. This usually involved the kidnaping super-powered and non-powered people and experimenting on them. CORE Tech had enough successes to keep them trying at their work, despite the cost of life.

Battle raged in the Science City as the heroes fought all manner of strange creature and CORE Tech super operatives, which included Ilse the Iron Witch, Major Krauss and Baron Blitz. The facility was destroyed, buried after it self destructed but the heroes were able to escape. All evidence against CORE Tech was lost and or swept under the rug by their government contacts.

But the good fight was fought and won, though the war kept trudging on. Jack Pfeiffer went on to start his own company. First an R&D think tank that eventually branched out to become the Tech company in 1987, now called Sanctuary International. Sanctuary International deals with all manner of technology but is known for robotics, aerospace and materials. Jack also founded the Sanctuary Foundation. The Sanctuary Foundation is a humanitarian corporation that coordinates with relief organizations around the world providing support and logistical assistance. Most of the science and technology that comes out of Sanctuary International is for the betterment of humanity the world over.

The heroes (with aid from Pfeiffer) continued to work with each other for several years, calling themselves Cadre, before separating again in 1990, but they know they can call on each other in times of need. Majestrix likes what she sees Pfeiffer is doing and has joined with him in forming his companies. She continues to do research with the company. Crux went on to lead the United Nations Overwatch Initiative and Hunter has joined with him. Quay Lo went back to her studies before being asked to teach and become the headmistress at the Monterose Academy, a school sponsored by Sanctuary International to help those special youngsters control their power. Mage and Avatar continued to work closely with Pfeiffer, liking greatly his vision for a better world.
About ten years later however, after the turn of the millennium, Pfeiffer has reformed Cadre. A group of heroes to work with him in helping people around the world. The current roster of Cadre includes: Avatar, Majestrix, Prodigy, Songbird, Frost, Seraphim, Mechanaut, Mecha 8, Continuity, Vandal, Glacier and Digital.

Original Team
Avatar of Humanity: one of the most experienced heroes in the world. Avatar still (even after 100 years) does not fully understand the nature of her powers. While being the Avatar of Humanity has granted her significant abilities, she does not have full use of them yet, as the previous Avatar died before he could finish instructing her. As is, her abilities make her the perfect human.
Crux: an enigmatic man with vast control over time and space
Hunter: a sorcerer who possess a magic sword and armor
Quay Lo: one of the most powerful psionics in the world with experience spanning a century.
Mage: the last Atlantean sorcerer-priest. Immortal and powerful, Mage has been known by many other names throughout history- Davinci and Merlin being his two most popular ones. He worries about the course humanity is on and works with Pfeiffer and the others to save humanity from the same follies Atlantis went through.
Majestrix: a biochemist in the forties, Dr. Kathryn Wagner was working on Project Majesty, a project to create super-soldiers. She was on the verge of breakthrough when her lab was broken into by the nazi spy and sorceress Ilse (also known as the Nazi Witch). Wagner and Ilse fought in the lab and in the fight, the formula reached critical and exploded. Wagner caught the brunt of the blast and Ilse, thinking the doctor dead, fled, wounded. The formula coated Kathryn soaking into her wounds created by broken flying glass. She awoke and over the course of several months became stronger, more resilient, taller and... blue. Majestrix is a seven foot tall blue amazon with the keen intellect of a scientist.

New Team
Avatar of Humanity: pretty much the same
Continity: the robotic body and splinter consciousness of the Sanctuary International mainframe AI. Currently the most advanced android in the world. Looks completely human. Its other duties, Continuity is Jack Pfeiffer’s personal bodyguard.
Digital: a young computer genius with control over machines and electricity. (Player character)
Firefly:a young graduate of the Monterose Academy who decided to work Cadre.
Glacier: an extreme sports mountain climber who gained his abilities over cold after a disastrous Everest expedition. (Player character)
Majestrix: see above
Mecha 8: the second most advanced android in the world (was number one until Continuity was built), built by Mechanaut.
Mechanaut: the worlds most prominent mind in the field of robotics (edging out Jack Pfeiffer by a nose). Many think Mechanaut is a battlesuited hero, but in actuality he suffered an accident that was destroying his nervous system. He built a robotic suit and is now permanently encased within it.
Prodigy: a young scientific genius who clanks around in a powersuit of his own design and build, that he has affectionately nicknamed "Waldo". Mentored by Jack Pfeiffer. (Player character)
Seraphim: this young woman is another graduate of the Monterose Academy. She has wing and can fly as well as some control over light.
Songbird: daughter of the owner of the Monterose Vineyard and Ranch, she developed uncontrolled sonic blasts whenever she talked. Jack Pfeiffer developed a device harness that now allows Songbird to control her powers. In gratitude, Mrs. Monterose gave over part of her ranch for a school for other children who needed a place to learn how to control their powers with help from Sanctuary International. So then was created the Monterose Academy, a special private school on Vineyard grounds.
Vandal: a superstrong young man who was a singer in a punk band (with a name I better not repeat here). After incidents at the Phoenix Extreme Expo, Vandal, Glacier and Digital were rescued by Cadre from unknown agents. Vandal now works with Cadre. (Player character)

Villians mentioned
Baron Blitz: a legacy villian, Baron Blitz was the grandson of the original Baron Blitz of WWII infamy. He was killed in the Science City with in the battle with Cadre.
Iron Witch: the infamous Nazi sorceress. She was instrumental in the destruction of England’s College of Magical Studies during World War II. After that great feat, she was shipped to America to investigate the reports of supersoldier programs. She stumbled onto Project Majesty and in the ensuing accident she was doused with a part of the formula too. So now, in addition to her considerable magical abilities, she is super-strong, has a degree of invulnerability and a greatly increased lifespan.
Major Krauss: a huge hulking form of man. A product of an early Nazi experiment on creating supersoldiers... from dead soldiers.
Viktor Krieg: a German scientist who was smuggled out of the country after WWII, along with so many others. He eventually became a citizen and in the sixties formed what would become CORE Technologies. One of the largest corporations on the planet. Viktor is in his nineties now, but his mind is still sharp, even if his body is slowly failing. The only reason Ilse hasn’t been able to move against him and take over CORE Tech is the fact Viktor possess an amulet that renders him immune to magic.

Of course more information and Character stats are forthcoming.

EDIT: May 23- fixed some historical data.
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Pandaman wrote:No replies of any sort. Dont know if that is good or bad...
I love it, thats all i can say. The detail and attention you have put into the setting is amazing. I'd love to play in your world. :D I wish i had the patience to write up the stuff i had in my head, and show it off.

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Spectacular background; I think you have all the great elements of "Shield" and post-disaster cleanup down pat.

But why no Israeli hero? :P You can go for a super-science battlesuit, Superpatriot, even a Kabbalist Mystic. Complication: Reads right to left :p
Post signing is for dweebs and lesser dorks.

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ooo! Replies!
JoshuaDunlow wrote:I love it, thats all i can say. The detail and attention you have put into the setting is amazing. I'd love to play in your world. :D I wish i had the patience to write up the stuff i had in my head, and show it off.
You just got to do it. Its like with any writing, just put a first draft down on paper. Its usually the hardest thing you can do. It doesn't matter if its good or not because after you get your first draft done, you can do all the tinkering and revisions you need to do! Then when you like it you can post and share!
Brainbot wrote:But why no Israeli hero? You can go for a super-science battlesuit, Superpatriot, even a Kabbalist Mystic. Complication: Reads right to left :p
I am assuming you are speaking of the Overwatch Initiative? I was hoping one of players would come up with one to help fill out the roster. But then there is the volatile nature of the Middle East. When the Overwatch Initiative was formed, it was up to member states to recruit heroes for the Initiative. I can see Isreal not wanting to send anyone who could better serve within the borders of Israel.

What I have listed is just a small part of what I will eventually stat out and share. If I have the time, I will continue to expand with the following-
• There are still England's Knights of Avalon
• The United States Sentinals of Liberty
• Interpol's super-powered operatives, such as the mystic Yin, the cyborg Outlaw and gentleman wizard Bartolo
• Japan's Five Rings
• The mutated D-Gens
• CORE Tech's super powered operatives, who include the whip-wielding Lash, the undead supersolider Major Krauss, Baroness Blitz (great-granddaughter of the orginal Nazi villian), the armored Panzer
• The interdimensional menace Dhahaks, who are bent on devouring the multiverse. It was their war with Atlantis that caused caused its destruction
• The forces of the Federal Imperium
• The alien Quar
• The growing power of the Preatorium
• The African scientist/dictator Nigano, who has created a utopia but with sinister leanings
The Phoenix Society, a cult based around a powerful super-human
• The Jannisaries, a sect of assassins in the Middle East, long thought to have died out
• The Dragon Eaters, real ninjas who let all the wanna-be's operate to distract others from their own shadowy movements.
• The Chinese Ascention Project
• The band of super-powered mercenaries called Force
• The Calligari Crime Syndicate and other menaces of Los Angeles such as the junkyard genius, the Gnome!
Ghostwalker yakuza clan, the Steel Stars fighting order, the Celestial Fighters tong
• A whole mess of independant heroes and other world events (such as the Trinity Event that spawned a whole mess of troubles)
• Interpol's most wanted list of international super-powered villians, such as the Black Rose, the best assassin there is and the enigmatic international jewel thief whom the papers have dubbed the Ghost.
• This is just scratching the surface!

So more to come, more to share and thanks for your input! :D

Coming up next (after I get my last Final done)
:arrow: Colonel Paige Sakamura and the Black Vault Operatives
:arrow: Stats on the Psirens (and notes on the differnces between the Federal Imperium and Millennium Earth worlds/dimensions)
:arrow: Stats on Overwatch Team members (including my current Player Characters)

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Director of the United Nations Overwatch Initiative
Power level 8 (154 pp)
Tradeoffs: -2 attack/+2 DC, -2 defense/+2 toughness
Real Name: Dedyet Angelica Nekhan Lifa Devaraux
Affiliations and Allegiances: United Nations, Overwatch Initiative, the Cult of Isis
Height: 5'6" Weight: 120 Hair: black Eyes: black Complexion: caramel and cream
Appearance: Dedyet possesses a perfect honey-caramel complexion. She had dark inquisitive eyes and her hair is usually done in elaborate braids. She is known to wear a lot of jewelry, though ever since she has taken on the heavy duties of Director of the Overwatch Initiative, she does not wear the multitudes of earrings (or tongue stud) that she once did. She still looks rather young despite being in her late thirties.

Str 12 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 22 Wis 24 Cha 18
Fort save (+4) +6 Ref save (+4) +5 Will save (+4) +11

Device 4 (Mantle of Isis) [hard to lose; flight 4 (100mph), protection 6 (impervious)]
Magic 10 [spells: fog of forgetfulness, light of truth, mystic blast, mystic binding, mystic passage, healing, illusion, telekinesis]

Feats: artificer, attack specialization (mystic blast) 1, attractive, benefit 2 (diplomatic immunity, security clearance/United Nations), connected, defensive roll 2, dodge focus 2, equipment 2, ritualist, well-informed
Skills: bluff 4 (+8/+12 attractive), computers 4 (+10), concentration 8 (+15), craft (chemical/alchemy) 4 (+10), diplomacy 8 (+12/+16 attractive), gather information 4 (+8), investigate 4 (+10), knowledge (arcane) 10 (+16), knowledge (civics) 6 (+12), knowledge (current events) 4 (+10), knowledge (history) 4 (+10), knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+10), knowledge (tactics) 2 (+8), knowledge (theology & philosophy) 6 (+12), language 16 (Akkadian, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Bantu, Berber, English, Egyptian, French*, Greek, Hausa, Hebrew, Hieroglyphics, Italian, Latin, Lingala, Swahili), medicine 2 (+9), notice 2 (+9), profession (diplomat) 8 (+15), sense motive 8 (+15)
Equipment: Overwatch commlink, ceremonial knife, carbon-silk clothing (+3 toughness, subtle) +1 free point

Combat (base attack +4, base defense +4)
Initiative: +1
Attacks: unarmed +4 melee (+1 damage), knife +4 melee (+2 damage), mystic blast +6 ranged (+10 damage), grapple +5
Defense: +6 aware, +2 flatfooted
Toughness: +10 aware (impervious 6), +8 flatfooted (impervious 6)

Complications: honor
Personality and Motivations: smart, driven and dedicated to the ideals that the Overwatch Initiative is supposed to represent and inspire. She is easy to talk to and many people do open up to her, though she herself is very tight-lipped about her own past and life.
History: Charles Devaraux met Safiya Tameri while working at the French Consul in Cairo. Smitten with each other they soon married and the couple split their time between France and Egypt and wherever the French Diplomatic Mission sent Charles. Growing up, Dedyet was exposed to many different cultures and was found to have an incredible facility with languages. She spoke six different ones by the time she was eight years old. When Dedyet reached the age of thirteen, her mother began her introduction and instruction into the mysteries of the Cult of Isis, Safiya being a High Priestess of the Cult. It seems Dedyet took to magic the same way she took languages, quickly mastering the secrets of Isis.
After she graduated from collage, with a degree in linguistics and cultural anthropology. Her father secured her a job with the French ambassador to the United Nations as a translator. That job rolled into more diplomatic work with the French Mission. She negotiated government deals, brokered agreements and handled several crises with a natural talent for diplomacy as well as a touch of magic.
After the Armageddon Incident, Dedyet listened to Senator Sorensen’s proposal and then proceeded to lobby for a place on the Overwatch Initiative. She lobbied a bit to well, and was first named liaison and eventually director. Many people were fearful of the position for several reason. Some felt the responsibility was too great. Other’s felt that much like the real United Nations, not much would be made from such a post. There are some who think she can not do the job and others who are sitting quietly, just wanting her to fail. But Dedyet felt the call and has many allies from her years of diplomatic service as well as connections with several heroes.

•Carbon-silk is a material developed by Sanctuary International. It is a light weight cloth that is incredibly tough. Clothing made from carbon-silk offers subtle protection. (+3 for a full suit of clothing, +1 for somehing as simple as a carbon-silk t-shirt). All of Dedyet's clothing is made of carbon-silk just incase of those times she is denied the use of her Mantle.

•The main transport for the Overwatch Teams are Dragonfly II SST/VTOL Transports (str 65, speed 8, defense 6, toughness 13, gargantuan size, navigation +10, cost 40pp/8ep). Developed by Sanctuary International, the corporation donated six vehicles to the Initiative and will offer more at a greatly reduced cost.
•Overwatch Commlinks are standard commlinks with satellite (2ep)
•To be a member of the Overwatch Initiative, a hero has to have the following: benefit (security clearance) feat, equipment feat (for the commlink at the very least) and 2 ranks in Knowledge (civics) and 2 ranks Knowledge (current events). Being able to speak multiple languages is also a big bonus.
•Overwatch Armored Jumpsuit is the same as a standard armored jumpsuit in the book. Just all logoed out, heh
•The Overwatch Iniative was given an old mothballed aircraft carrier. It serves a mobile base of operations to be deployed anywhere. It was exetnsively retrofited. The Trygve Lie (named after the first UN Secretary General), is captained by a retired British Vice-Admiral Harold Fitzroy-Smythe.
•A permanent base is being built in the Azores on the island of Corvo. They will be bringing online their mainframe AI, named Oracle once the base is finished. Already, two satellites are in orbit, nicknamed Seers. There are plans for the launching of four more satellites. The Overwatch base on Corvo will also house the most advanced prison ever designed to detain super-powered criminals of all sorts.