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Howler's Heroes

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Howdy yall! Welcome to the Howlerverse I'm gonna put up my characters and backgrounds for yalls viewin' pleasure. I ain't doin' tha builds so MDSnowman will be tha one who will answer build questions. Thank yall an I hope ya like tha characters.

Civic Alliance:
Double Take

The Atomic League:
White Howler

Lyger III
Night Mask
Paper Tiger
Eiji Takani

Sindicate Seven:
Lumière L'artiste

Suporting Villains:
Lieutenant Strife
Doctor Elena Cook

New Breed:
Lyger IV

Suporting Cast:

New Sindicate Seven:
* Twilight
Doctor Cameron Hartforge
:arrow: In tha works!

Suporting Villains:
* Kage
* Shiv
* Transit
* Brimstone
:arrow: In tha works:
* Chaos
* Recon
* Doctor Elena Cook

New Protectors:
Black Lion
:arrow: In tha works:
Death Mask

Largos Mizwraith
Kraven Darkheart

The Collective:
Nicholas Henning
:idea: more in tha works.

Living Dead Girl

S.T.R.I.K.E. [Strategic Tactical Research Initative and Keepers of Enforcment]
Silent Strider
Hajime Saito
:arrow: More in tha works:
General David Striker

Crystal Core:
:arrow: More in tha works:
Sora Raxlore

Holiday Characters:
Halloween: Night Terror
Christmas: Candy

Glamour Girls:
:arrow: In tha works:

Claremont Academy:
Chloe Scabella

Chronicles of Gods & Monsters:
Halldor Gamble
:arrow: In tha works:
an more.

Lyger II
Azoth The Wanderer
Lion Heart

Young Freedom:
Aberrant Girl

Solo Heroes & Heroines:
The Valkyrie
Snake Charmer
Thunder Woman
Rune Hunter
:arrow: In tha works
Lady Pendragon
Doc Sonic

Golden Age Heroes & Heroines:
Lyger I
Mother Russia
:arrow: In tha works.
Union Jill

Hollow Point
:arrow: In tha works.
Dr. Karver
Dr. B.H. Day
Prima Donna

Golden Age Villains:
:arrow: In tha works.

Hailey Beckett

Emma Frost

Legacy Characters:
The Lyger Legacy
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While I am excited to see WH's characters and such, I'll be honest when I say I mainly clicked to see what Power Girl avatar she was using. :oops:
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Art by: Nick / Prymaster @deviantART

"Njördr in Nóatún begot afterward two children: the son was called Freyr, and the daughter Freyja; they were fair of face and mighty. ... Freyja is [/img]the most renowned of the goddesses; she has in heaven the dwelling called Fólkvangr, and where so ever she rides to the strife, she has one-half of the kill, and Odin half ...

Her hall Sessrúmnir is great and fair. When she goes forth, she drives her cats and sits in a chariot; she is most conformable to man's prayers, and from her name comes the name of honor, Frú, by which noblewomen are called. Songs of love are well-pleasing to her; it is good to call on her for furtherance in love."

Holly Giefer / Freya
PL 10 (150pp)

Abilities: Str: 18 [+4], Dex: 16 [+3], Con: 16 [+3], Int: 16 [+3], Wis 14 [+2], Cha: 14 [+2]

Skills: Acrobatics +13 [10], Diplomacy +10/+14 [4], KN (Arcane Lore) +15 (12), KN (History) +13 [10], KN (Norse Mythology) +13 [10], Notice +14 [12], Sense Motive +14 [12], Survival +12 [10]

Feats: Attack Focus (Melee) 6, Attractive, Defense Focus 6, Fighting Style (Swordfighting) 7 (Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Improved Block, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Taunt), Luck 1, Ritualist, Trance

Sword of Freya (Device 4: Hard to Lose)
Power Feats: Restricted 2 (Holly Only)
Strike 6 (Power Feats: Alternate Power 1, Improved Critical 2, Mighty; Extras: Autofire 1)
> AP: Strike 6 (Power Feats: Improved Critical 2, Mighty; Extras: Penetrating)

Bringsamen (Device 2: Hard To Lose)
Power Feats: Restricted 1 (Norse Deities Only)
Emotion Control 8 (Flaws: Love Only)
Enhanced Diplomacy 1
Fascinate (Diplomacy)

Freya's Armor (Protection 7)

Enhanced Strength 8

Enhanced Dex 6

Enhanced Constitution 6

Combat: Attack +4 (+10 Melee); Defense 20 (13 flat-footed); Init +4/+7

Saves: Toughness +10; Fortitude +10; Reflex +10; Will +10

Drawbacks: Normal Identity (Free Action To Change, Speak Command Word; -3pp)

Cost: Abilities 14 + Skills 20 (80 ranks) + Feats 23 + Powers 54 + Combat 20 + Saves 23 - Drawbacks 3 = 150

Complications: Responsibility, Enemy (Mr. Gamble), and Secret (Identity).

:arrow: Ritualist and Trance represent her abilites in Seidhr, or Sorcery.
:arrow: The Way the Devices work is, she gets them when she transforms, but they can still be taken from her in that form.

The Saga of Freya

“Child, look upon me and know that ye are of my blood. Of all the shining jewels I have cast upon Midgard, ye are my brightest. Though mortal born, ye are blessed for the blood of the Vanir courses in your heart and magick in your soul.”

Holly grew up a bright and happy child. Intelligent and bright, inquisitive and curious, she had always had a vivid imagination. Her best friend was a toy stuffed dragon named Beauregard. Her bedtime stories were those of Norse myth and legend as told by her mother Saeun, a native of Iceland. Holly adored her mother, who was a grade school teacher. Saeun was probably the greatest influence in her life, fueling her imagination and nurturing her intelligence.

“My child, dark days approach for the world of man. Mighty Jormungandr stirs in the sea ready to swallow Midgard. Great Fenrir stalks the earth, his shadow casting darkness over the world. Dread Hel readies Naglfar to sail to Vagrond. The end time nears and Midgard lies in peril.”

Growing up in Georgia, her father Harland adored his only child. A deputy Chatham County, Georgia, he became sheriff when Holly was twelve years old. He was a good man and diligent in his work. Holly looked up to her father, he was her hero who could do no wrong. It was from Harland that Holly learned integrity, honesty and honor.

“My shining jewel, beware for Baldr is dead. Struck down by treachery, slain by the hand of his own poor brother Hoor. For his perfidy, Loki has been bound and now suffers for his crime. Child, do ye know what this heralds? The time all Asgard has feared but knew one day would come is upon us.”

Holly went to school at Georgia Southern University, studying history, medieval literature and archaeology, all specializing in Scandinavian Lore. She became quite well known for her insightful dissertations on the nature of Norse legends. By the time she was twenty-five she was dividing her time between home in Georgia and a variety of archaeological sites in Scandinavia. It was while in Norway at a dig site she was contacted by a Mr Halldor Gamble, a prominent Icelandic businessman. While his company was searching for mineral resources in Greenland, they came across the buried ruins of an ancient Viking settlement and many artifacts in marvelous condition. Mr. Gamble contacted Holly to authenticate the artefacts.


Holly agreed after Mr. Gambled offered to pay a handsome fee as well as an endowment for her almamater. A Gamble Enterprises private corporate jet picked up Holly in Norway and brought her to Reykjavic, where the artifacts have been moved. Mr. Gamble offered to allow Holly a few days to rest but she was too excited. She wanted to dive right in. With mud still caked in her boots she was shown the collection. Items of all sort were there. Weapons, pieces of armor, incredible jewels and objects of art were laid before her. A fortune in precious metal and gems, not to mention the great historical wealth such a find would generate.

“My daughter, for I am your mother as much as the mortal who bore ye, these are the first days of Fimbulwinter. A time when all morality will fade, when the blood of mortal man will boil and old feuds are reignited. Brother will fight brother, a parody of the final battle that will take place in Asgard. Gods and giants will fall, the old world will die with them.”

One item in particular drew Holly’s attention the most. A sword encrusted with clay and the grime of centuries. The sword alone took three days to clean, ever so careful to not damage the ancient blade. The more she uncovered however the more she was surprised to find the blade was near pristine condition. Steel blade, gold gilt hilt and bejeweled with a king’s ransom of precious jewels. Etched with runes and depictions of the goddess Freya. As she read the runes, a bright golden light grew and a surprised Holly was overcome.

“Oh my precious daughter, I have heard the prayers of man and in these dark days the old gods shall not abandon Midgard. My shining daughter, ye must protect Midgard from the machinations of Loki, who while bound still influences the realm of mortal man. Ye must guide them through the Fimbulwinter. With love born in one hand, my sword in the other, ye will shield Midgard from the ravages of Ragnarok.”

Holly awoke, the blade still clutched in her hands. The dream was so vivid, so powerful that her head was still spinning. “She is the one! Get the sword, quickly!” she heard a voice call out. Disoriented she spun to face the voice and saw Mr. Gamble with half-a-dozen men of his corporate security force. They rushed the surprised Holly. The sword swung easy in her hand, and a word fell from her lips...

“My hnoss, my jewel, my bright and beautiful daughter, ye shall be my avatar on Midgard. Ye shall be my aspect and take upon yourself my mein. I shall teach ye the mystic arts of the Seid. I will teach ye the way of war so ye may bear my blade with skill on Midgard. The Bringsamen will be yours to use. The power of the old gods lies with you. The blood of the Vanir beats in your heart. Speak my name and my power will be yours to wield upon the world of Midgard. Ye know my name for it has always lay in your heart since your birth, imprinted on your soul by the Norns themselves.”

The power of the Vanir goddess filled Holly and she did do battle with Mr. Gamble and his guards. Mr. Gamble was in actuality one of the bastard get of Loki himself. An agent to work his mischief on Midgard. Through luck and new found skill, Holly was able to fight her way free and escape. Taking the name of her patron, Holly fights the growing dangers of the Fimbulwinter as Freya.
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Woot!! Good going Howler!

Nice to see you make your own thread. :D

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White Howler
The World’s most powerful Southern Belle

PL: 10 (150pp)

Abilities: STR: 16 (+3) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 16 (+3) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 16 (+3)

Skills: Bluff 2 (+5/+17), Diplomacy 2 (+5/+17), Gather Information 8 (+11), Knowledge [Civics] 6 (+7), Knowledge [Technology] 6 (+7), Notice 6 (+7), Sense Motive 6 (+7)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Attractive (3), Benefit [Wealth], Dodge Focus (4), Fascinate [Bluff], Power Attack

Powers: Telekinesis 12 (Dynamic; Extra: Move Action [+1], Wide Array [+1]; Alternate Powers: Blast –Dynamic, Enhanced Strength – Dynamic, Force Field –Dynamic, Flight –Dynamic, Super Strength –Dynamic; 69pp)

Combat: Attack +8 [Unarmed +3] Defense 18 (12 flat-footed) Init +3

Saves: Toughness +3 (3 flat-footed) Fortitude +8 Reflex +3 Will +5

Cost: Abilities 28 + Skills 9 (36 Ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 69+ Combat 24 + Saves 9 – Drawbacks 0 = 150pp

Complications: Enemy (Gaea), Responsibility (Family), Secret (Identity).

:arrow: White Howler is part Psychic, part Paragon, and with a Wide Array she can be downright nasty
:arrow: I decided to go for Tactile Telekinesis for this particular build, simply because I’ve been itching to use Tactile TK for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect chance.


The woman who would come to be called White Howler was born to a pair of parents who remain unidentified to this day. Soon after their daughter Jessica’s birth however they died in a mysterious house fire. Hannah and Nathan Hulett took Jessica in as they were her godparents. Hannah in particular took Jessica under her wing giving her a strong moral center and teaching the rambunctious little girl how to be a lady. The birth of the Hulett’s son Joseph only added to the wonderful family atmosphere. The Hulett family was truly happy, but that was not meant to last.

On her twelfth Birthday Jessica began to suffer from crippling migraines. The Hulett’s naturally were extremely worried and nearly went broke paying for exotic examination from doctor’s all over the country. In the end the doctor’s were unable to discover the cause, but Jessica discovered it on her own. One evening while suffering the throws of an especially brutal migraine alone in her room she cried out in pain. In that moment she discovered her powers because suddenly it was as if everything in her room was hurled three feet to the right. Naturally, there was a lot of damage. Ashamed of what she did Jessica began to exercise her mind to prevent her powers from ever going off again. As a bi-product the migraines came to an end.

Jessica would have continued to ignore her powers had she not gotten a used car for her 16th birthday. That evening she took her brother Joseph out for a drive, and were promptly ran off of the road by a drunk driver. Jessica lost consciousness on impact.

When she awoke she was ten feet away from the remains of the car without a scratch on her. She could hear Joseph crying out in pain from under the overturned car. Without thinking she released her power for the first time in three years. She used her telekinetic power to lift the car off of Joseph… and in her excitement she hurled it across the street and into a barn. Jessica was Joseph was heavily injured so she called upon her powers. She took him into her arms, enveloped the two of them in a force field and flew to the nearest hospital so fast she traveled nearly 50 miles in a matter of moments.

Soon afterward the Huletts came to be with Joseph and Jessica. Jessica’s powers had saved Joseph’s life but he would be paralyzed from the waist down for the remainder of his life. Tearful Jessica admitted her powers to her parents. They embraced her and told her it was okay, and that no one had to know. This struck her as odd she’d saved her brother’s life, she could save other lives as well.

Jessica shook her head and told her parents that they had taught her better than to hide her gifts when innocent people suffered. She promised that she would never let her actions harm her family, but she knew what she had to do.

For the next several years Jessica managed to perform heroic acts around her home remaining entirely incognito at the same time. Those who remembered her remembered her as a guardian angel swooping out of the sky to save them when they needed her the most.

All that changed late in 2005 when a group of JUDGE members running from HEROIC hid in her home town of Blue Ridge. Jessica tried to fight them off, but they overpowered her. Before they were ultimately rooted out JUDGE had caused a great deal of damage to her home. She knew that she still had a lot to learn about being a hero so she sought out the world famous Atomic Think Tank. She was accepted there with open arms, both by the general populace, and by HEROIC.

Then one day at the Atomic Think Tank she discovered a quiet hero working sharpening his powers of creating facsimiles of heroes from other dimensions. Where everyone else saw a useful man who kept to himself occasionally make a smart-ass remark in regards to a random subject. Jessica, or White Howler as she called herself, saw a hero who had lost himself. She could help him, and he could in turn make her a better heroine.

She thought it would be hard to talk him into taking a sidekick, but it turned out that this New Yorker was a sucker for a woman with a Southern accent. It might not have been the best of reasons to take on a sidekick, but it was enough for this man, MDSnowman. In the months since they’ve teamed up she’s tried to reawaken the hero in him with mixed results. For MDSnowman’s part he seems to genuinely enjoy her company. The success of her endeavor has yet to be determined, but one thing is for certain these days when White Howler goes to right wrongs MDSnowman is not far behind.
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MDSnowman wrote:Woot!! Good going Howler!

Nice to see you make your own thread. :D
Thank ya darlin' I been workin' with ya for quite a bit an I just wanted ta showcase some character I've worked on with my sweet friends here on that ATT. Thank yall an thank ya Mr. Snowman cause with out my hero I'm not much of a sidekick.

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Welcome to the party! Fashionably late, but that's all southern charm, I gather! :D

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Setsuki Yasu / Paper Tiger

PL: 11 (165pp)

Abilities: STR: 12 (+1) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 12 (+1) INT: 16 (+3) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 18 (+4)

Skills: Bluff 10 (+14/+18), Concentration 9 (+12), Craft [Creative] 16 (+19), Diplomacy 12 (+16/+20), Knowledge [Art] 10 (+13), Notice 8 (+11), Sense Motive 10 (+13), Languages (English; Base: Japanese)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Attack Specialization [Paper] (3), Attractive, Connected, Fascinate [Diplomacy], Power Attack

Powers: Animate Objects 13 (Extra: Horde [+1], Wide Array [+1]; Flaw: Paper Only [-1]; Power Feats: Progression [3] -Dynamic; Dynamic Alternate Powers: Blast (Extra: Penetrating; Power Feat: Affect Insubstantial), Blast (Extra: Explosive Area, Selective; Power Feat: Affect Insubstantial), Create Object (Extra: Movable, Duration - Continuous; Power Feats: Progression [2], Stationary), Dazzle [Visual], Snare, Force Field, Shield; 69pp), Super Senses 2 (Extended Mystic Awareness; 2pp).

Combat: Attack +3 (+9 w/ Paper) [Unarmed +1] Defense 19 (15 flat-footed) Init +2

Saves: Toughness +1 (1 flat-footed) Fortitude +3 Reflex +6 Will +10

Drawbacks: Power Loss (Animate Objects; When Unable to use Hands; 1pp)

Cost: Abilities 28 + Skills 19 (76 Ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 71+ Combat 24 + Saves 13 – Drawbacks 1 =165pp

Complications: Responsibility (Family), Phobia: Merinthophobia, and Secret (Id)

:arrow: Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up.

Tiger by the Tail
Paper Tiger's Background

One of the Four Affirmations of the Shinto Spirit is Tradition and the Family. The Family is the main mechanism by which traditions are preserved.

Marine Staff Sergeant Dwayne Sullivan and Noriko Setsuki were married in small private ceremony. After all, she did come from a traditional Japanese family and he was an African-American United States Marine, stationed at the Iwakuni Air Station. Noriko thought it strange that she would fall in love with the tall, dark foreigner and he was certainly not what her parents wanted for a son-in-law. It was generally thought that after she completed college, she would find a nice “Japanese” man to marry, mayhap even a son of one of her father’s colleagues. At first her parents thought it was some sort rebellious streak in her, but she knew it was love. Despite the protests of her family, she chose to marry for love, instead of duty.

Dwayne was a good man, after all. He spoke his mind truthfully and without malice. Did not hide behind polite lies and feigned smiles. He had integrity and in his own way, a quiet honor that bespoke his strength of character. It gave him the confidence to approach the then college student Noriko in the first place and try his not quite yet fluent Japanese. From that simple meeting, a relationship slowly bloomed.

After a two year courtship, they were married and a year after, they had their first child, Yasu. Yasu was a precocious child. She had her mother’s pride and her father’s strength of character. Those alone would’ve been enough for her to stand out, but it was her half-breed nature that most people generally reacted to first. She really stood out and in a conformist society such as Japan, it is not generally a good thing. She was oft the target of bullies or outright ignored.

These things however, only pushed her to be as Japanese as possible. Her mother was a student of the classical arts and schooled young Yasu in origami, ikebana, haiku, calligraphy, the samisen and dance. These things she did master at a young age and even started to compete in regional competitions. In doing so, Noriko instilled in Yasu a strong sense of Japanese honor. Dwayne had only one piece of wisdom to impart to her. “What other people think of you is only half as important as how you think of yourself.”

One must strive to live a simple and harmonious life with nature and people. Do not forget the world is one great family.

After Desert Storm in the early nineties, Dwayne retired from the Corps and the family moved to Freedom City, where he joined the police force there. He easily passed the detective’s test and was partnered with Chiyoko Scabella, a long time police detective veteran. Noriko got a job teaching Japanese language and arts at Freedom University, while Yasu was enrolled in school. Again she stood out, but this time she stood out because of her extremely instilled Japanese heritage. Despite this, she was better accepted here than she was in Japan and excelled, especially in her art. Noriko’s teaching and her instilled drive for excellence in all things, brought out the artist in Yasu. Her innovative blending of classical Japanese style painting and modern techniques, garnered her quite a bit attention, especially for an artist so young.

By the time she was seventeen, her works were being regularly showcased in galleries all over Freedom City. Her series entitled Ancient Japan in the Modern World even garnered her attention from several galleries in New York who wanted to show her work. Her pride however got in the way.

While in New York, she attended other gallery showings including one by the French artist simply going by the name Rosa. Not knowing the artist (and finding her work to be rather blase), she made several comments that ended up in the local art magazines. Seeing a chance for publicity, the rival galleries inflated the situation and set up their respective artists as bitter rivals. Art critics began to compare the two artists that only inflamed the situation. Yasu merely laughed it off in youthful spirit. While Rosa, also known as Lumiere L’Artiste, took it all to heart and plotted to discredit the young artist.

The heart of the person before you is a mirror. See there your own form.

Back in Freedom City, the hubbub of New York forgotten, Yasu received a strange gift. It was a painting of her while she was in New York. No return address, no name attached to it save a not saying that it was from an admirer. Then the blackouts started to happen.

Yasu did not notice them at first, the missing time spent in her studio or the gallery she worked with. Several hours may have passed, she merely thought she filled the time with mundane chores. Until the paintings started showing up. Yasu would mysteriously find herself painting scenes of her doing terrible things. In one she was beating a old woman. In another, it showed her destroying the art of other people in a gallery. Yet another, she was burning down the same gallery. Every day, a new painting and every night, she would learn of the crime being done. Yasu thought she was going mad. She did not remember doing these terrible things and yet she painted every crime. The last painting she did was her standing over her sleeping parents with her father’s service pistol in hand.

Yasu freaked out and ran away, convinced she was going crazy. Her studio was a mess, she had taken a knife to every painting there, but her parents could piece together something strange going on. Yasu lived on the streets for seven weeks, spending her eighteenth birthday hidden in an abandoned warehouse.

Where you have sincerity, there also is virtue. Sincerity is a witness to truth. Sincerity is the mother of knowledge. Sincerity is a single virtue that binds Divinity and man in one.

Yasu might still be lost on the streets if not for happenstance. She was staying near a small park, next to where a building was being built by a prominent Japanese businessman, Kai Ishikawa. A small purification ceremony was being held, a common Japanese custom. Yasu, her mind a mess, recognized the ceremony for what it was and had a moment of clarity.

Kaname Gosetsu, a High Priestess from the Grand Shrine of Ise, was flown all the way from Japan to do the purification ceremony, as a favor for Ishikawa. Yasu watched the ceremony and the fragmented pieces of her mind started to fall back into place. Kaname felt something was odd and after the ceremony found the bedraggled Yasu sitting under a tree. After studying the girl for a moment, she took a slip of paper from her sleeve and cut the edge of it across her finger. With her own blood she etched a single kanji onto the paper and then placed it Yasu’s forehead.

Yasu’s mind snapped back into place. Memories, hidden from her mind came flooding in. She remembered everything she did, from severely beating an old woman to standing over her sleeping parents with a gun in hand. She sat there shocked, tears streamed from her eyes unbidden.

“Recognize the truth now child,” Kaname said softly. “Some ill spell held you in thrall but your mind is yours once more.”

To admit fault is the beginning of righteousness.

Dwayne and Noriko were relieved with the return of their daughter. Though it took some time to sift through the truths of what happened. Even though Kaname explained that Yasu was not in control of her mind, Yasu still took responsibility for her actions and sought to make restitution.

Strangely enough Kaname stayed in Freedom City. She sensed a great potential in Yasu and asked if she would like to be taken on as an apprentice. At first Yasu said that she could not see herself as a Shrine Maiden, but Kaname clarified herself. She took a slip of paper and with deft fingers made an origami crane. She set the crane on Yasu’s outstretched palm, who then looked on with wonder as the little paper crane flew away. Not blown away by the wind but flew!

“This, I can teach you.”

Yasu said yes.

So, in her freshman year in college, beside her course studies, she also began to learn the secrets of Shinto sorcery, of talisman magic. Paper charms and talismans are commonly used in Shinto rituals, but Kaname had mastered the magicks behind it. How to animate paper forms, to blast targets with a storm of paper talismans, or snare them or shield herself or other with the same. Yasu’s dedication and drive allowed her to quickly master the talisman magicks Kaname had to teach.

Warning: Mature content

Leave the things of this world and come to me daily with pure bodies and pure hearts.

Kaname spent two years in Freedom City teaching Yasu, taking time away from her duties in Japan, staying with the local Shinto shrine, hosted by Kai Ishikawa. Noriko was extremely flattered and honored that a High Priestess of Kaname’s caliber would take such an interest in her daughter. Yasu, finding it hard to pick up a paint brush again, threw all of her energies into mastering the magicks, which she did surprising fast.

When Kaname announced that was returning to Japan, Yasu was disappointed. Kaname just smiled. “Ever since I found you sitting under that tree, I knew you were different. You have a great spirit that your parents nurtured wonderfully. I knew with such a spirit you would be a powerful sorceress. Mayhap one day, you will come and visit an old woman in Japan and maybe even take my place as High Priestess.”

Yasu would’ve continued to live a peaceful life if not for a singular event, during her senior year of college. She was sharing an apartment near the campus with her best friend Vanessa Cook. Vanessa, a beautiful and athletic young woman, who was on the honor roll and captain of the lacrosse team. One night she went missing, never coming home after a practice. After two days, Vanessa’s body was found. She was raped and tortured before dying of her wounds. Yasu was shocked and decided upon herself to avenge Vanessa. She felt confident in her new sorcerous skills to be able to bring her killer to justice. She was wrong.

Retribution for good or ill is as the shadow after substance.

Brad Danvers... Kage... sadist... murderer... serial rapist. He was casing the university for some time, as Dr. Karver asked him to retrieve some research and equipment from the science department. He came across Vanessa one night and took her on a whim. Yasu came across him by pure luck as he was breaking into the science department to steal what he came for. Thinking he was just a petty criminal, she held back on her first attack.

Kage, even though take by surprise was a much more dangerous fighter then Yasu could even dream. She was immediately put on the defensive. Flinging out her arms, paper talismans flew from her sleeves, attempting to snare Kage in a blizzard of paper. It slowed him down long enough for her snatch a piece of paper fluttering about. Floating between her hands, she focused and the paper quickly folded and shaped itself into an origami tiger. Kage broke free, just as Yasu flung the origami tiger. It grew taking on the size of a real tiger, however Kage easily sidestepped and backhanded the tiger, shredding it pieces.

“Silly bitch,” he sneered charging her before she could cast again. “Don’t you know paper tigers have no teeth!”

When Yasu awoke again, it was in a nightmare. She was naked, bound spread eagle on a bed, dark save for the single spotlight that shown down on the bed. Once her initial shock wore off, is when the pain flared through her hands. Besides being bound, the index fingers of both her hands were broken. Not knowing how long she was unconscious, a dread chill filled her and she was terrified. She struggled trying to free herself but was so securely bound, the bindings cut into her flesh. Then the little red lights started appearing in the darkness around her.

“I do love the color of your skin. So like a creamy mocha latte.”

The voice chilled her to the bone. As Kage appeared in the ring of light, his physically perfect, chemically attained form, naked under the harsh light. So did Yasu become another victim of Kage.

Yasu did not know how long she held by Kage. It was clear to her though, that it was he who killed Vanessa. Every time she attempted to escape, he would dislocate another one of her fingers and bind her a bit tighter. Never once was she left unbound, Kage had dealt with spellcasters before and knew better.

A single sincere prayer moves heaven. You will surely realize the divine presence through sincere prayer.

Yasu was sure she was going to die. Every time he took her, she was sure it was going to be the last and as time passed she kept praying that it would end. When she was finally rescued by Lyger and Shrike (who were still intently hunting the sociopath), she nearly lost the use of her hands. Bound so tightly and so long, some of her flesh began to necrotize and she had six dislocated fingers. It was three months before she regained the full use of her hands, though to this day, she still has terrible scars where the cords cut into her wrists and her ankles, as well as horrible nightmares.

She was having quite a bit of trouble dealing with what happened to her and it would’ve gotten worse if it were not for Lori de la Rocha (the hero known as Shrike). As a surviving victim of Kage, she knew exactly what the young woman was going through. Lori was also surprised to learn what Yasu could do, as one day Lori found her making origami cranes. It was something Yasu was doing as therapy to regain the use of her hands.

“There is an old saying,” Yasu said to Lori without turning around. “That if you make one-thousand origami cranes, your wish will come true.” Her apartment was filled with hundreds of cranes. She held up one in her hand. “This is my one thousandth crane.” And with that said, all the cranes started flapping their little wings and flew about the room before flying out the window.

“I know it was you with the Lyger, Lori. I know you are Shrike. It is my wish to join you and Lyger.”

So did Yasu join the Lyger and Shrike and the other Protectors. In defiance, she chose her own codename, going by Paper Tiger to prove that this tiger has teeth.

:arrow: Here is the rest of Paper Tiger’s background.
:arrow: The nature of her magics deals with paper. Her blasts are swarms of paper talismans. The same swarms of talismans can also snare or shield or blind foes in a blizzard of paper. Her power over paper allows her to nearly instantly create origami forms that she animates, a swirl of paper growing it in size and shape to match the original origami construct.
:arrow: Don’t know if people noticed. Her father Dwayne was partnered with Chiyoko Scabella, the mother of the hero Night Mask.
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Taliesin wrote:Welcome to the party! Fashionably late, but that's all southern charm, I gather! :D
Thank ya darlin' an yup it's all part of that lovable southern charm. :P

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Brandy Matherson / Lyger III

PL: 11 (165pp)

Abilities: STR: 12 [18] (+4) DEX: 10 [16] (+3) CON: 12 (+1) INT: 18 (+4) WIS: 18 (+4) CHA: 18 (+4)

Skills: Bluff 16 (+20), Diplomacy 12 (+16), Disable Device 6 (+10), Disguise 8 (+12), Gather Information 12 (+16), Intimidate 8 (+12), Investigate 8 (+12), Knowledge [Business] 6 (+10), Knowledge [Streetwise] 6 (+10), Knowledge [Tactics] 8 (+12), Notice 12 (+16), Sense Motive 16 (+20), Stealth 12 (+15), Languages (Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Cantonese, Greek; Base: English)

Feats: Assessment, Attack Focus [Melee] (8), Attack Specialization [Shuriken Launcher] (4), Benefit (5) [Wealth x 3, Alternate Identities x2], Contacts, Connected, Defensive Roll (2), Dodge Focus (10), Equipment (3), Inspire (2), Leadership, Sneak Attack, Well Informed

Powers: Device 10 [Lyger Battle Armor – Blast 6 (Extra: Auto-Fire), Enhanced Strength 6, Enhanced Dexterity 6, Protection 5 (Extra: Impervious), Strike 2 (Power Feat: Mighty; Alternate Power: Wall Crawling), Super Movement 1(Slow Fall), Super Senses 2 (Low Light Vision, Scent), Leaping 2; 40pp]

Combat: Attack +6 (+14 Melee / Shuriken Launcher) [Unarmed +4, Lyger Claws +6, Shuriken Launcher +6] Defense 24 (12 flat-footed) Init +3

Saves: Toughness +8 (5 Impervious)(6 flat-footed) Fortitude +4 Reflex +4 Will +7

Equipment: Stately Manor HQ [Size: Huge; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Garage, Gym, Hanger, Infirmary, Library, Living Space, Living Space, Power System, Security System; 15ep]

Drawbacks: Normal Identity [Brandy Matherson; 4pp]

Cost: Abilities 28 + Skills 34 (136 Ranks) + Feats 40 + Powers 40 + Combat 20 + Saves 7 – Drawbacks 4 =165pp

Complications: Honor, Responsibility (Professional Duties), and Secret (Id)

A Lyger’s Tale

I often think of the old man, especially on days like this. He never spoke much of himself and I find that a real pity. What drove him to become a hero? Did something happen to him in his youth to make him want to fight crime? I wish I knew what drove him to pursue such a dangerous occupation. Twenty, years from now, will I be like him? An anonymous casualty on the war on crime? Am I the only one who will miss him now that he is gone? It makes me wonder who I am, what I am doing and what will become of me.

Brandy was born into a world of wealth and privilege. The only daughter of Warren and Gwendolyn Matherson, two well known and very successful business people. Warren inherited his family company, Matherson Pharmaceuticals, well known for their line of anesthetic drugs, when he was in his mid-twenties. Over the course of his career, his company tripled in assets. Gwendolyn ran the rather successful modeling and talent agency, simply called Elite.

Brandy’s parents’ success came at a price. Always busy with work they barely got to know their daughter. Brandy was left in the care of a succession of nanny’s and tutors. She had everything a little girl could ever want, but she realized at a young age, she didn’t necessarily get what she really wanted.

I remember hearing of Lyger as a kid, before I left Freedom City to travel. Sure, he never got the publicity like some of the other heroes of the time like Raven or Captain Thunder but he was out there doing what he could for the greater good. I wonder how many lives he touched, how many people he helped over his career. I wonder if I will make such a difference and when I am gone, will I be missed?

Brandy’s first trip to Europe had a profound affect on the young girl. It was during her spring break from school when she was thirteen years old. She went with her mother to Paris who was managing a photo shoot with six of her models. While her mother was busy with work, Brandy drug her nanny all over the city, exploring every tourist site and a few places off the beaten path. Brandy was enthralled with the city and the culture. She just wished she could’ve shared her experiences with her mother.

On the flight back from Paris, Brandy hit upon an idea. She was hooked on the travel bug. She somehow convinced her parents that summer that she wanted to study abroad. While her parents had little time to spend with her, they were hesitant at first but eventually relented. They hired a conservator to watch over her while she studied in a different country every year. She also spent her summers traveling to other countries. She would go home every once in a while, like on holidays to try to spend time with her parents. She always hoped that the time apart would spark their interest in her. It was hardly the case however.

Her first year she studied in England and traveled Europe during her breaks and summer. She went on to live and study in over half a dozen different countries: Japan, Italy, Spain, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, South Africa. She was an excellent student, learning things enthusiastically and picking things up quickly, including several different forms of martial arts. She even attended college this way, a different one every year but spent her last year back home and graduated in Freedom City.

The old man was a smart guy, I will give him that. A first rate detective and a technical whiz. The armor he made, while in no comparison to Deadalus in power, was rather ingenious. It must’ve cost a small fortune to make and maintain. I wondered more and more about what he did while not fighting crime. What was his life outside of Lyger?

So, what does a dilettante world traveler, schooled in business and martial arts do for a living? Her parents, as a graduation gift, left her the Matherson Estate while moving to a more palatial mansion. During that summer after graduation, she rambled around the house devising a plan. Brandy finally had her answer after the estate was broken into one night while she was out.

And so was born the Safeguard Agency. With her business acumen she seemed to inherit from her parents as well as her flair for the dramatic, Safeguard soon became a very popular security company. They dealt in high tech alarm systems and moved to providing security personal to guard sites and eventually bodyguard services. Brandy sunk much of her trust fund into her business, making sure her company used the best in the way of equipment and training for her personnel. She was not only the owner but also her company’s main spokeswoman, showcasing herself in magazines and television ads. Brandy became an overnight sensation and has even hired herself out in the early years of her business, as a bodyguard at several high end social functions. Safeguard is now well known for it professional and discreet services.

It took me several months to uncover and decipher the old man’s life, he hid his tracks rather well. What I found made me rather sad. Turns out he was the second person to don the mantle of the Lyger. To this day, I am not certain of their relationship, but seemed that the old man was living off a trust fund left to him by the original Lyger. He lived in a run down apartment building to which he was the superintendent of the last twenty years. The vaunted Lyger’s Lair was in the sub-basement of the building and was quite frankly a dreary place. It was filled with bits and pieces of the Lyger’s armor, newspaper clippings of his exploits and half-forgotten mementos of past victories. A life it seemed filled with nothing but his dedication to fighting crime. I did find an old black and white picture of him and a woman and they both looked so happy. It was also the only shred of evidence of a life outside of Lyger. It was overwhelming. It was all so dark and so lonely that I cried my first visit there.

Brandy’s instant celebrity status, while generating a lot of new business, also garnered herself a lot of admirers and even quite a few indecent proposals from her more wealthy clients. The majority of her admirers were harmless fanboys, a small few were stalkers and one was downright dangerous.

Brad Danvers was that dangerous man with an unhealthy obsession. A super powered misogynist and fledgling serial rapist. He had already struck twice and Brandy was unlucky enough to draw his attention. Here was someone he had grown to despise. A self-made woman, a success, a woman needing to be put in her place.

She lived alone in her estate, her servants gone for the day already. He easily bypassed all of her vaunted security and actually made his way to her security room. Ever since she started Safeguard after the estate was broken into, it has been the test bed for many of the high tech security devices that her company uses. This included a state of the art video surveillance system, that he tapped into to record his deed. Brandy never knew she was being stalked in her own home. He could’ve taken her at anytime but enjoyed her confused walk through her home as she noticed some small items misplaced. She just chalked it up to her maid cleaning up.

None the less Brandy was too happy to really think much about it. She had just completed a successful negotiation with Astro Labs to upgrade their security systems on all their Freedom City facilities. It was a very lucrative deal and the first major success of her company, the one that would (and did) put her company on the map. She was gonna go out and celebrate with several key members of her company. She was singing a happy little tune as she stepped out of the shower and came face to face with Brad.

The old man’s dedication though is what saved me. I was one of those many lives he touched, one of those many people he saved. Yet in the end, after he passed away, I was the only one who was there to lay him rest. I was the only one to mourn him, the only one to acknowledge his vast contribution.

Brandy didn’t even have time to scream as he assaulted her. Even though she was a decently trained martial artist, she was surprised by his presence and overwhelmed by ferocity of his attack. She didn’t even have time to defend herself much less scream.

“Yer not so tough, are ya bitch?” he said mocking her. “The way ya hype yerself up in those ads of yers, I thought you’d be some hotshot fighter.” He kicked her with malicious glee as she was trying to crawl away, through the bathroom door into her master bedroom. Her body was battered and bloodied and mind still reeling. “Yer just some rich bitch who don’t know her place,” he sneered kneeling down next to her. He put a hand on the back of her neck and gripped tightly, pinning her to the floor just to hear her whimper. Pulling her head up by her hair, he leaned close to whisper in her ear: “I’m so gonna love [bleep]ing you.”

Brandy tried hard not to whimper but she did when her attacker licked her ear and bit the lobe. He stood, pulling her to her knees by her hair, dragging her to the bed. Fear boiled up in her hard as she frantically struggled. She swore she would not give in nor beg; that she would fight until the bitter end. She swung out a wild blow and her would be rapist was hurled away from her, slamming against her armoire, shattering the antique wood. Her eyes went wide with surprise and was doubly surprised when she heard a mechanical voice behind her say, “run!”

She barely looked back as she stumbled out of her bedroom. She made her way to her office and hit the panic switch she had there, that alerted her company (and armed response) and the police. She grabbed for her pistol in her desk but found it missing (being moved by Brad in his stroll through her house). She huddled fearfully in her office, clutching a penknife, while she heard the sounds of battle upstairs. And then silence save for the distant sound of sirens.

She returned to her estate after a stay in the hospital, under guard by four of her best operatives. She found her bedroom in shambles, a great fight evident. Her security system completely mucked with. The police had collected all the evidence they could. She gathered a few personal items, enough to get by for a couple of days in a hotel while Safeguard upgraded the estate’s security. She dismissed her team, insisting on driving herself to the hotel. What she found was a gravely wounded Lyger in the back of her SUV.

They had a long talk on the drive into the city. The man who attacked her was named Brad Danvers, though these days he went by the name of Kage. He was tracking him for some time now, already having attacked two other women before Brandy, one dying of her injuries. He was a most dangerous man, gaining his enhanced physical prowess by means of exotic designer drugs. Lyger was growing old and even in his lightgrade battlesuit, he was finding it harder to keep up against this new breed of foe.

A covenant was struck in that ride. Lyger would teach her what he could, even redesign the Lyger armor so that she would appear as a man to hide her identity. And she would take on the mantle as the third Lyger to stalk the streets of Freedom City.

Ten years old man. Its been ten years since you saved me, changing my life forever. Ten years since I’ve taken your name, your armor and your burden. You have taught me well and I hope I have done good by you old man. I also hope you forgive me, that I hope I don’t end up like you. Wherever you are now old man, I hope you are finally at peace.

-The secret journals of Brandy Matherson
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Lori De La Rocha / Shrike

PL: 11 (165pp)

Abilities: STR: 18 (+4) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 16 (+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Bluff 8 (+11), Climb 8 (+12), Intimidate 16 (+19), Knowledge [Streetwise] 8 (+9), Notice 8 (+8), Sense Motive 10 (+10), Stealth 10 (+14)

Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Beginner’s Luck, Challenges (3) [Forceful Intimidate, Mass Intimidation, Powerful Intimidation], Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (2), Dodge Focus (8), Elusive Target, Favored Opponent [Rapists] (3), Fearless, Improved Block, Improved Critical [Unarmed] (3), Improved Critical [Thrown] (3), Improved Disarm (2), Improved Initiative (2), Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Power Attack, Startle, Stunning Attack, Ranged Pin, Rage (3) [+6 Strength, +3 Fortitude & Will Saves; -2 Defense; 10 Rounds], Takedown Attack (2), Toughness (3), Uncanny Dodge [Hearing]

Powers: Blast 7 (Extra: Auto-Fire [+1]; Flaws: Requires medium [-1]; 14pp), Strike 3 (Extra: Penetrating [+1]; Power Feat: Mighty; Alternate Power: Strike 3 (Extra: Auto-Fire; Power Feat: Mighty); Alternate Power: Drain [Toughness] 3 (extra: Insidious) 9pp)

Combat: Attack +12 [Unarmed +7; 17-20 Crit, Thrown +7;17-20 Crit] Defense 23 (15 flat-footed) Init +12

Saves: Toughness +9 (7 flat-footed) Fortitude +10 Reflex +8 Will +4

Cost: Abilities 32 + Skills 19 (76 Ranks) + Feats 45 + Powers 23 + Combat 34 + Saves 14 – Drawbacks 0 = 165pp

Complications: Enemy: Kage, Hatred: Rapists, Temper.

Lori De La Rocha / Shrike -Raging
PL: 11 (165pp)
Abilities: STR: 24 (+7) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 16 (+3)
Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Bluff 8 (+11), Climb 8 (+12), Intimidate 16 (+19), Knowledge [Streetwise] 8 (+9), Notice 8 (+8), Sense Motive 10 (+10), Stealth 10 (+14)
Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Beginner’s Luck, Challenges (3) [Forceful Intimidate, Mass Intimidation, Powerful Intimidation], Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (2), Dodge Focus (8), Elusive Target, Favored Opponent [Rapists] (3), Fearless, Improved Block, Improved Critical [Unarmed] (3), Improved Critical [Thrown] (3), Improved Disarm (2), Improved Initiative (2), Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Power Attack, Startle, Stunning Attack, Ranged Pin, Rage (3) [+6 Strength, +3 Fortitude & Will Saves; -2 Defense; 10 Rounds], Takedown Attack (2), Toughness (3), Uncanny Dodge [Hearing]
Powers: Blast 7 (Extra: Auto-Fire [+1]; Flaws: Requires medium [-1]; 14pp), Strike 3 (Extra: Penetrating [+1]; Power Feat: Mighty; Alternate Power: Strike 3 (Extra: Auto-Fire; Power Feat: Mighty); Alternate Power: Drain [Toughness] 3 (extra: Insidious) 9pp)
Combat: Attack +12 [Unarmed +10; 17-20 Crit, Thrown +7;17-20 Crit] Defense 21 (15 flat-footed) Init +12
Saves: Toughness +9 (7 flat-footed) Fortitude +13 Reflex +8 Will +7
Cost: Abilities 32 + Skills 19 (76 Ranks) + Feats 45 + Powers 23 + Combat 34 + Saves 14 – Drawbacks 0 = 165pp
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Art by: ReeboKesh

Chloe Scabella / Night Mask

Appearance: Night Mask stands 5'2" and her weight is 115 lbs with an athletic build. She has Hazel eyes an just past her shoulder length Brown hair. She wears a Black Domino mask with dark blue highlights, her costume is a tight body suit with several straps and buckles, she has a gold utility belt and full fingered martial artist gloves with metallic gold plates on tha back of the hands, she carries a gold metallic staff. She has a utility strap with several compartments around her left thigh and black high top boots with straps and a Black Leather jacket with rolled up sleeves and gold piping.

PL: 11 (165pp)

Abilities: STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 20 (+5) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 18 (+4) CHA: 14 (+2)

Skills: Acrobatics 16 (+21)*, Bluff 6 (+8), Climb 8 (+10)*, Computers 8 (+10), Disable Device 8 (+10), Drive 6 (+11), Gather Information 8 (+10), Knowledge [Streetwise] 8 (+10), Knowledge [Tactics] 8 (+10), Notice 8 (+12), Sense Motive 12 (+16)*, Stealth 12 (+17/+22)*, Languages (Hindu, Japanese, Chinese, French; Base: English)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, All-Out Attack, Blind Fight, Challenge (3) [Accelerated Acrobatics, Perfect Balance, Vanish], Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (3), Dodge Focus (10), Elusive Target, Equipment (6), Evasion (2), Improved Block, Improved Disarm (2), Improved Trick, Unbalancing Strike, Luck, Master Plan, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Redirect, Set-Up, Skill Mastery [Acrobatics, Climb, Sense Motive, Stealth], Sneak Attack (2), Takedown Attack, Teamwork (2)

Powers: Super Senses 1 (Danger Sense; Power Feats: Improved Initiative 2, Uncanny Dodge [mental] 4pp)

Combat: Attack +15 [Unarmed +2, Staff +4, Boomerang +2] Defense 25 (13 flat-footed) Init +13

Saves: Toughness +7 (4 flat-footed) Fortitude +6 Reflex +11 Will +6

Equipment: Uniform [+2 Toughness; Urban Camo; Subtle; Super Movement [Slow Fall]; 6ep], Retractable Staff [+2 Damage; Mighty; Extended Reach; 4ep], Utility Belt [(Flash Bang Grenade – Dazzle Burst 4), (Boomerang - +2 Damage; Homing), (Swing Line – Super Movement [Swinging]), (Sleep Gas Pellets – Fatigue Explosion 4), (Smoke Pellets – Obscure [Visual]); 20ep]

Cost: Abilities 34 + Skills 29 (112 Ranks) + Feats 46 + Powers 4 + Combat 40 + Saves 12 – Drawbacks 0 = 165pp

Complications: Prejudice, Enemy (Twilight), Hatred (Racists)

:arrow: Night Mask. She’s an exceptional staff fighter, quick, and fairly tough for a costumed adventurer. Here are a few tricks for her.
:arrow: Improved Trick – She can make acrobatics checks as a move action to catch a foe flat-footed without the usual –5 penalty. Using her Set Up feat she can convey her foe’s flat-footed to an ally making her an excellent team player.
:arrow: Her latent telepathy manifests in her danger sense (and the three ranks of attached improved initiative). She can decide to use extra effort to manifest this as normal telepathy either getting Telepathy 2, Telepathy 4 (Flaw: Full Round Action), or Telepathy 10 (Flaws: Full Round Action, Touch Range).
:arrow: Her uniform is good for urban warfare. It provides protection, gives her +5 to stealth checks in Urban environments, and she can use the cape to slow her falls from high buildings.
:arrow: I also gave her master plan. With her intelligence she won’t get crazy mileage out of it, however I also gave her Knowledge: Tactics. As per Mastermind manuals rules she may make a Knowledge [Tactics] roll and use that to determine the bonus she’ll get from master plan.

Whew, a real saga here. Just so you know Howler, I had to change up some parts of your story so they made better sense, but I did hit all the major points you had given me. Also, it was hard to determine if Lyger/Brandy ever revealed him/herself to her students, I am making the assumption that by the end of the origin story, Chloe and the others still do not know that Brandy is Lyger. If there is anything you want changed, let me know.

The Origin of Night Mask

“My parents are strange ones indeed.”
Kamadev Scabella finished medical school at USC and was completing his internship at USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. Life was good for the young man. An up and coming surgeon, he was offered a post at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai in their neurosurgery program. It was during the last month of his intership when he met Chiyoko Kosetsu. Chiyoko was a fiery woman, a member of the LAPD. While on duty one night she was wounded in a shot-out with Overthrow terrorists and taken to USC Medical for treatment. Kamadev was the doctor on duty that night and tended to the wounded officer. He was drawn to the young woman who had incredible resolve as well as a good dose of beauty and after she was discharged from the hospital began to court her.

Chiyoko’s mother, Naori, was the black sheep of the prominent Kosetsu family in Tokyo. She had fell in love with a gaijin businessman and run off to be with him in Los Angeles. However ten years after giving birth to Chiyoko, her father’s eye wandered and he left his bride and daughter. Naori was crushed and it took her many years for her to recover, especially since she felt as though she could never return home. Chiyoko grew up slightly bitter, having to take care of her mother and herself. She grew to be tough and self-reliant and after high school, went and joined the Los Angeles Police Academy. One night while on patrol she and her partner answered a call. Agents of the terrorist organization Overthrow were holed up in a warehouse. Chiyoko was wounded in the firefight against the terrorists.

Kamadev was insistent and soon, he and Chiyoko were seeing each other. They dated and then were engaged for a number of number of years before marrying. During this time, Kamadev became a noted neurosurgeon and Chiyoko became a LAPD detective. While Kamadev wanted to have children, Chiyoko wanted to wait until she at least became detective. She had worked too hard toward this goal to be stopped now. Though she wont admit it now, after Chloe was born, she was sorry she waited so long.

When young Chloe was but a year old, Chiyoko’s mother was diagnosed with inoperable and terminal cancer. It was her one great wish to return to Tokyo and make peace with her parents and family. She wanted Chiyoko and her family to come along too. It was difficult decision but they all packed up for a four week vacation that turned into thirteen years.

“No one bothered to ask me what I wanted to do.”
Naori made peace with her parents and died in her sleep some three years later. Chiyoko, having never been to Japan, greatly embraced her heritage. What started as a four week vacation soon turned to the Scabella family moving to Tokyo for thirteen years. Chiyoko joined the Tokyo police while Kamadev secured a position at the International Medical Center in Shibuya-ku. Chloe grew up Japanese attending school, where she showed a great talent for gymnastics. However her mixed heritage did cause her some many problems, in the purist Japanese society. She grew up picked on and even got into a few fights. She had one true and steadfast friend however, Hoshi Fushiki. Hoshi, a bit of an outsider herself because of her vast intelligence (skipping grades in school and in various advanced placement classes). The two bonded easily, helping each other with their various weaknesses.

Time passed as Chloe grew up relatively happy, oblivious the growing rift in her parents’ relationship. Kamadev was offered a job at Freedom Medical Center as Chief of Neurology. It was the crowning jewel of his career and he wanted to take it. He came to Japan, sacrificing a promising career at Cedars-Sinai for Chiyoko, he felt it was his due now. After many arguments, Chiyoko relented and it was finally decided that they would make the move. She realized how selfish she had been and did want to make her marriage work and not fall apart like her parents.

Chloe however did not understand. She loved Tokyo and because of her skill in gymnastics had made more friends and even was being scouted by Japanese Olympic Committee for a spot on the National Team. “The change will be good for you,” her parents told her. She sulked and threw tantrums and even ran away once, but Hoshi had secretly given her up. Hoshi felt guilty but was being practical. None the less before her friend left, she gave Chloe a special phone, one of a pair. Something she made, the phones piggybacked (ahem, “hacked”) onto local cellular and satellite connections and allowed the two girls to talk for free anytime they wanted.

Chloe was still crushed and lonely. She missed her friends and the hustle of Tokyo. Freedom City, for all its architectural wonders was pale in comparison. The girls on the gymnastics team at her new school were jealous of her greater ability and for the most part were spiteful. She quit the team when her parents arranged for a private coach to help her along her dreams of Olympic gold. Still school was still a bother and home was not very much better. Both parents worked long and odd hours. Kamadev was putting long hours in at the hospital, managing the neurology department. Chiyoko was on the fast-track to join the STAR Squad as a detective, because of her past investigations into Shadow and Overthrow. There was very little time for poor alienated Chloe, left alone at home with her nanny Isabella and her cat Lucretia.

“Good for me they said...”
It took nearly a year for Chloe to really feel comfortable. She continued to train with Coach Parenko and honed her skill. She had made friends with a new transfer student, one Alex Mason from Atlanta. But the best thing ever was when Hoshi called her in the middle of the night and excitedly told her that she was moving to Freedom City. Being the genius she is, she had graduated at fifteen and was offered a full scholarship to the Hanover Institute of Technology in Freedom City. Hoshi’s parents had talked to her’s and because she was still a minor, Hoshi would be living with Chloe and her family while attending college.

Sixteen and her sophomore year, she was hanging out at the Millennium Mall with Hoshi and Alex celebrating Chloe’s win at the regional gymnastics competition. Feeling a bit sore and light-headed, Chloe excused herself and went to the restroom to splash some water on her face, leaving her friends to shyly flirt with each other. As she stared at herself in the mirror, a pain bloomed in the back of her mind. She gasped, knees buckling and eyes closed tight as the pain slowly faded. What shook her out of her reverie was a cry for help and what felt like a hard slap across her face. Hoshi and Alex saw Chloe run out of the restaurant they were eating at in the food court of the mall. They looked at each other once and took after her, but they were no match for her physical prowess and quickly fell behind.

Chloe ran as fast and as hard as she could. She could feel the fear and was drawn to it. She could feel the pain and it burned in her an urgent need. It all made her sick to her stomach but as suddenly the feeling came upon her, it was gone. She continued ahead following that fleeting trail of fear, until she came upon the scene of a robbery turned murder. Three men were busy stealing the money and jewelry off of Betty. Chloe knew her name was Betty. She was 23, newly married and had just finished shopping for new husband’s birthday gift. She had felt this woman’s fear, felt every stinging blow she received as her murders beat her to death. Righteous indignation filled Chloe as she cried out in impotent rage.

“So I leapt before I looked. It’s a bad habit I know.”
The murder’s caught her before she could run away. Chloe fought back as best she could but was soon overpowered by their number and strength. She would’ve met the same fate as Betty, were it not for a brave passerby. He came out of nowhere, drawn to Chloe’s cry for help. Robert Jones saved Chloe that night. The three men were tossing Chloe around between them with a variety of blows. There was talk of taking her with them for less then savory reasons when the leader drew his knife to end it. That is when Robert charged him with a lowered shoulder, bowling the man over and slamming him into a dumpster.

Chloe fell to the ground, her left eye swollen, nose broken and spitting up blood. She still managed to grab one of her assailants by the ankles, tripping him up so that her savior could make short work of him. She saw that her hero was a skillful fighter and showed little mercy to the murders. The last thing Chloe remembered of that night was a strong, handsome face peering down at her with worry. She think she managed a smile before passing out.

She woke up in the hospital with a start. Her father was asleep in a chair next to her bed, head resting next to her. He was still wearing the surgical scrubs he was wearing when he received the call that his daughter was brought into the ER. All told she had a concussion, a broken nose, lost three teeth, suffered multiple contusions, had a ruptured spleen and would have a small scar that was half way between her right eye and ear. Over the next couple of days she was inundated with visits from friends and family alike. Her mother informed her that the three murders were caught, found sealed in a dumpster (unknown to all, thanks to Lyger) after Robert took Chloe to the hospital. Robert was there as well. Chloe’s father tried to find someway of rewarding the young man who saved his only daughter’s life.

“The good times never last.”
Despite the fact that her parents separated and then finally filed for divorce during this time, the next two years were some of Chloe’s happiest times. Life was good, filled with her new love, her good friends and wonderful fortune. She started dating the brave Robert Jones after she got out of the hospital, even though he was a couple years older than her. He also started to teach her how to fight, in the strange and fluid martial art he knew. Hoshi and Alex did eventually hook up, though it took a while because Hoshi kept overanalyzing everything. Chloe was also placing in the top three in Regional and National gymnastics competitions and had just made the Olympic Team.

She and her father were out celebrating her making the Team and discussing her upcoming training needs. They had just finished dinner in a nice restaurants near the hospital when she suffered another intense headache. The pain was so immediate, so intense, she could not warn her father of the danger in time as a young man stepped up the their car at an intersection and emptied the entire clip of a 9mm into the car.

It was the second time Chloe woke up in a hospital. She had taken two rounds to the chest and suffered a collapsed lung. Her father had shielded her from most of the gunfire with his own body as best he could and paramedics declared him dead on the scene. Chloe was in the hospital for six weeks, losing her spot on the Olympic Team to an alternate. Truth be told, Chloe did not care anymore for her heart now burned for revenge. Twice she was powerless to save someone and she vowed never again.

“So I was asked to join a different team.”
During her last week in the hospital, Robert brought a well-dressed woman to visit her. He introduced her as a Miss Brandy Matherson and she had a unique proposal for Chloe. It seemed that ever since the night they first met, the mysterious hero Lyger had taken in young Robert to train him for a very special spot on a very special team. His natural fighting ability and bravery made him a natural choice for inclusion. He lobbied for Chloe to join the Crime Fighters but her youth had made Lyger wary. Miss Matherson, representing some of the hero’s mundane interests, came to ask Chloe if she wanted to join.

“You have much in the way of raw talent and despite Lyger’s protests, Robert has been teaching you how to fight. Lyger and myself are worried that you will use what you’ve learned poorly and try to hunt down the man who shot you and killed your father. We would hate to see your talent squandered on dark revenge. Join Lyger’s Crime Fighters and let him teach you to use your talents responsibly and wisely.”

Chloe didn’t hesitate when she said yes and told her mother she was going to study with a new gymnastics trainer.

“You know what they say about relationships born in the heat of the moment...”
Besides Robert, Lyger had one other student, a young woman named Lori de la Rocha. Both her and Robert had been training with Lyger for sometime already but Chloe used her incredible drive and quickly caught up in skill and prowess. The only edge that her two fellow trainees had over Chloe were the fact that they had metahuman powers. Lyger helped them not only to develop their power and skill but also helped them to develop their own crime fighting personas. Lori was going by Shrike and Robert, Twilight. Chloe was given the code name of Night Mask.

During training, Chloe spent less and less time with Robert. While Robert wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Chloe he was a bit disappointed that she wanted to spend more time training and honing her skills instead of spending it with him. Because Chloe was also behind him and Lori, training-wise, Lyger spent more and more time with Chloe teaching her. A seed of doubt crept into Robert’s mind, that after some time, it quickly grew into jealousy. He would stand enveloped in his manifested shadows and watch them. He mistook Chloe’s intensity and Lyger’s attention for something else. Lyger knew something was wrong but did not notice the danger until it was too late, when he poisoned Chloe and came close to killing Lyger during a training session, piercing the hero’s armor with a poisoned blade. His duplicity uncovered and his jealous plot to kill his girlfriend and imagined lover foiled, Robert fled the Matherson Estate by stepping into a patch of shadow and teleporting away.

“Never again.”
The next few months went by strangely. Chloe was heartbroken, still unsure as to why Robert wanted to kill her. Her mother always talked about going back to Japan, especially after she and Kamadev divorced. Since Chloe was old enough to be on her own and training with the Matherson woman, she decided to make good on that want, after making sure that Chloe enrolled in college. Brandy managed to get Hoshi to move into the estate and stay with Chloe while she was finishing up college and started to work on her graduate degrees. Her reasoning however was two fold, for she was quite impressed with the young woman’s technical ability and wanted to enlist her skill and expertise.

Chloe also began her search for her father’s killer. It took a lot of hard work but she tracked down the gunman and cornered him in his home. He was no match for the enraged and now highly skilled Night Mask. She methodically stalked him throughout his apartment, anger burning in her heart and hatred in her eyes, while he kept asking why she was doing this. She had thrown the man against a wall covered with newspaper clippings and they came loose as he slumped to the floor. She was about to bring her staff down when her eyes glanced at the scraps of newspaper, reading their headlines.
“Man dies during simple operation.”
“Famed doctor Kamadev Scabella sued for malpractice.”
“Medical carelessness or incompetence?”
Recovering in the hospital from her beating, Chloe had no idea that her father had accidentally killed a patient that night. He hurried a simple operation after finding out she was in the ER and it left his patient dead.

She looked down at the broken man under her and gathered her resolve. With tears streaming down her face, she brought down her staff as hard as she could. The floor next to the young man’s head exploded in splinters as Chloe screamed in impotent rage. Drained, physically and emotionally she slumped to her knees beside the man and cried.

She heard Lyger creep in behind her. Lyger had followed Chloe and was prepared to stop her should she go too far.

“You knew,” Chloe whispered. “Didn’t you?”

“It was something you had to face,” Lyger said.

Chloe stood and stared Lyger in the eye. “Did I pass your little test?” she sneered. Chloe didn’t wait for Lyger to answer as she stumbled out of the apartment, leaving Lyger there to turn the man into the authorities.

Chloe stood atop the apartment building and watched the police take the man into custody. Taking a deep breath she let it go and with it the anger she had held onto for so long. She now had the skill as well as the training. She was not powerless anymore to stand by impotently while people around her were hurt or killed. She whispered two words into the chill of the night... “never again.”
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Gotta give two thumbs up on Freya. The world needs more sword wielding babes. Not to mention the background is on that character is incredibly well done.

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Vexous wrote:Gotta give two thumbs up on Freya. The world needs more sword wielding babes. Not to mention the background is on that character is incredibly well done.
Thank ya Vexous. My Hireling Pandaman is tha one who done up that Background for me. Evendur's the one who did tha Build so I had some wonderful help ta make her as good as she is.

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WH looks like you have some sweet characters! I like what you have so far. MDS you have one talented Sidekick.
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