World That Needs Heroes: Vanguard Academy: Continuum

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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World That Needs Heroes: Vanguard Academy: Continuum

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Now, this is a list of all the characters running around the World That Needs Heroes. I will strive to indicate where they operate, if they have a distinct locale...but only the Barrow characters are really stationary. The Legion of Vigilance characters mostly operate in Neopolis. As the characters get (re)built and posted, I'll link to them. yes, there are a lot of characters here, the product of years of sporadic play and compulsive character generation. This world is chock full of supers, like Marvel or DC. The other GM's in my group are handling the low incidence worlds.:)

Vanguard East aka the Bronze Brigade
Megin: daughter of Thor
Doc Bronze: the Century Man
Soulfire: Pan-Dimensional Policeman
Honey:Android Beauty, remote body for the base computer
Sgt. Savage:regenerating soldier who has fought in every major conflict from WWI to Desert Storm.
Frost: Amabael, Angel of Frost, turned mortal for a woman's love.

The Legion of Vigilance

Signifer: He leaps tall buildings, he outruns cars, he's strong and tough. He's called the Signifer because he carries the standard for the Legion.
Shadowmask:He has powers over shadow, granted to him by cursed gloves of shadow demon skin. The soul of the demon still rests within them.
Osprey:An Atlantean Princess, she always wanted to fly. Her uncle, a magus, gave her wings.
Vitriol: Her touch can burn like acid, as can her spittle. Her pheremones induce certain emotional states. Not to mention, she's an assistant DA.
Supple:Her elastic form stretches, compresses, twists...she can even look like other people. Great talents for a crime fighter...or an exotic dancer, which is
Cheriour: An angel of vengeance...her more human alter ego works in the DA's office with Vitriol.
Facet: a diamond life form from a far planet. He's the last of his people, brought here by a mighty alien foe called the Collector, along with 100 other unique alien life forms, all of which escaped when the Vanguard destroyed his ship.
Metalstorm: a theoretical physicist with a magnetic battlesuit.
Valiant: a mighty medieval knight with a secret: he's a paralyzed kid, trapped in a wheelchair. His brilliant mind allowed him to create a battlesuit that only masquerades as his wheelchair.
Crash: a comic artist given the powers of the character he created. Possessed of Unstoppable flight.
Dauntless: an Irish American with the god given power to strike back at enemies with the very force of their own attacks.
Stillness: an exiled Lin Kuei assassin
Suffragette: super strong women's rights advocate
Savage: An urban Tarzan or Kamandi rip-off. He grew up in an alternate dimension where the great city had reverted to savagery.
Rigger:The ultimate gear girl.

Neopolis Villains
The Firm
The Advocate: untouchable super-lawyer
Aegis:his bodyguard
The Rush: a drug-enhanced speedster and chemist
Flashpoint: over-privileged teenage arsonist
Tremor:vibration powered street kid
Doppleganger:a German shapeshifter
Scab: a regenerating brick with a carapace made of his own coagulated blood
the Juice, drug enhanced gang bangers
Adrenaline: Rush drug powered lieutenant
Diehard: a mutant tough guy
Mind Rape: a subtle mind control specialist and telepath
Sledge: a hammer wielding brick

Independant Villains of Neopolis
Pandemonia: Lady of Nightmares and Screaming Insanity
Tantrum, Kid Monster
Mach: alien pilot in a super-fast battlesuit
Glitter: cold powered gem thief

Philosopher: small time mastermind, on his way up
Firedrake: a carnivorous firebreathing dragon...and a carney performer.
Python: super wrestler with extendable snakelike limbs.
Hellion: a demon from Hell.
Shiv:Assassin, thief, he's known for the knife.
Labrys: Axe wielding criminal Amazon.
Fusillade: Solar powered blaster who pretty much can't miss.

Barrow City
Professor Miles Sterling: famous archeologist and occultist

The BCPD Special Crimes Unit
Nightstick: the toughest cop on the force, a highly trained practitioner of Escrima
Sniper: the best shooter the Marines and SWAT could train.
Quickdraw: an astonishingly fast pistoleer.
the Shield: unlike the rest of the BCPD, he has powers. He's tough and strong, but is still all cop.
Cooldown: the team's negotiator

Barrow Heroes

The Wardens
Specter: a Shadow like pulp hero. He died in the twenties, and has been fighting the Mob ever since.
Predator: a devil of punishment in a teenage
boys body. He's a wall crawling, blending killer from hell. He regenerates, and has nasty claws.
Hazard, a blind martial artist and detective. She favors chain weapons.
Bruiser:a big, mean, tough biker. He looks like he's getting hurt...but he isn't.
Grief: a sad goth angel. She shares her body with an ancient greek spirit of anguish.
Brownstone: a bad boy gone good. Former gangster turned brick
superhero. Literally.
Quarrel: Homeless, orphaned child of a millionaire family. Raised to hunt supernatural evil, she now does so to avenge her family.
Saint: Street level vigilante, doing God's work.
Cerberus: A once normal dog, granted the powers of the Guardian of Hell's Gate.
Spelltwister: He's immune to magic, and can mimic its effects.
Tattoo: His tattoos protect him from harm, and come to life when called.

Barrow Villains:
The Motley Crew
King of Fools: an undead jester with a taste for flesh and mayhem aka Jack Motley, Tom Fool, Fool, Tom Motley

Carrion Crow: a flying, betaloned, murderer and thief who won't stay dead
Grimalkin: the devil's cat
The Traditionalist:A deranged 'vigilante' who engages in serial killing of those who are, by his standards, sexually immoral.
Famine: A doctor and nutritionist who hunts her overweight patients and drains their lives to feed her own eternal hunger.
Springheel Jack: A demonic psycho killer, he used to be a hellhound, until he went rogue.
Decay: Embodied spirit of decomposition.
Pack: a werewolf who is her own support
Scarab: mummified remains of a murderer and thief from ancient Egypt.
Athanor: An alchemical mass changer looking for eternal life.
The Exile: A twisted and evil Unseelie Fae Lord, exiled for being even more depraved than the Dark Court.

The Vampires
Judas Barrister: a lawyer (and a vampire)
Lonesome: a vampire
Weeper:a vampire
The Barrow Devil: a vampire...orangutan?

the Whale's Krew
Ishmael: the ghost of New Bedford
Queequeg:the zombie harpooner
Ahab: the obsessed and undead captain
Moby Dick:the Whale itself

That Which Crawls Beneath
The Crawler:A nameless horror from beyond time and space
The Deep Ones: Its subterranean, submarine, subhuman minions
Plus any number of deluded cultists.


The Wild Hunt (the big guns)
Maelstrom : The Storm Wielder
Beltane:Lady of Solar Fire, Mistress Salamander
Naiad: Lady of the Waters, the River Daughter
Tsunami:The Ocean's Fury
Geomancer: The Gnome, the Earth Mage
Mercy: the Healer
Wylde:Lord of the Wood

AMP( American Metahuman Police, USA) Federal law enforcement agency, specializing in metahuman crimes. A large percentage of the force is powered, all are highly trained and well-equipped. Clashes with the Wild Hunt during that groups frequent extra-legal excursions. First chapter house was Atlanta, Georgia.
Stone: a short, rock-skinned brick, sumo trained
Rebel: a brick with a sonic attack
Laughing Raven: an Amerind shaman
Sparks: a pyro and electrokinetic
Troubleshooter:a gunman and detective

Atlanta Villains:

Wash: brainwashing ex-cop

Jacksonville/St Augustine
Vanguard Academy for Parahuman Youths
Man-O-War: A young Cuban-American with the powers (and some of the appearance) of the aquatic invertebrate
Anshar: A frail young man, almost a a vessel for the power of Marduk.
Grenouille: A young man who has the unfortunate appearance of a green tree frog...amazing agility and teleportation abilities.
Prodigy: He's good at everything. Too bad he knows it.
Eisengard: She's made of iron, and can build anything out of it, with a thought.
Manticore: An alien refugee from a dimension overrun by horrors.
Starstrike: A Puerto Rican paragon, who gained his powers from a chunk of is, of course, more complicated than that.
Nephil: Child of one of angelic's complicated.
Goo: A humanoid pile of goo.
Rainbow: Color controlling grafitti artist and skater grrl.
Continuum: Hawai'ian time and space controller.

Allapattah: A huge, humanoid alligator, Seminole raised, living in the Everglades.

Washington DC
The Libertarian: A covert agent, he polices politicians and covert ops. Quis custodi custodiet? Him.

Liberty's Shield (DC based, USA) Privately sponsored patriotic super-team. Has no official gov't ties.
Ranger: a stealthy gunman with tracking powers and keen senses
The Eagle: a flying brick in a red, white and blue uniform
Liberator: an African-American (Somali born) female brick with enhanced charisma and a total immunity to anything that might confine her or slow her down. She has also demonstrated an uncanny ability to destroy things confining others.
Fireworks: a flying blaster with pyrotechnic powers, and secretly a diplomats adopted daughter
Bunker: a psychokinetic specializing in force-fields. Portrays himself as a bodyguard trained brick.
Colonel Freedom: a product of the same program as Eagle and Minuteman. A brick with kinetic eyeblasts.
Minuteman: a speedster with enhanced strength and stamina as well.

Portland, Oregon
The Paladins aka the Vanguard West
The Green Knight: inheritor of the ancient armor of his namesake
Rook: cursed to fight evil and protect the innocent...or become, forever, a carrion bird.
Durendal: trapped in an impenetrable metal form...all the power of Roland's ancient sword is in him.
Marius: an anthropomorphic killer whale, a product of government experimentation...trained as an aquatic super soldier
Alicorn: holder of the artifact of the same name (the horn of a unicorn) that can be used for healing and other great White Magic.
Hyperia:Amazon Daughter of Helios

New York

Major Courage: an early product of the super-soldier program that produced Eagle, Colonel Freedom, and Minuteman. A legend among super-heroes.

Pinball: the World's Fastest Teen
Pinball PL9
Shadowfire: Alien paragon girl, wielder of shadowfire, fits in by use of her morphing belt.
Jovian:Artificial hybrid cybernetic/genetic lifeform designed for gas giants.
Trick: Teen genius, his eidetic mind is computer swift. So they trained him as a techno-ninja...
Spellstar: Home schooled star-magess.
Bloodshift: A feral, shapeshifting creature that is always red, and always predatory.

The Cray Family: The whole family gained powers from a secret gov't project, starting with the father.
Basilisk: the scientist father with a deadly radioactive touch and eyeblasts
Eerie:an always incorporeal being with a killing scream
Nyx: who has powers of darkness, disintegration, nothingness.
Witchlight: whose fell green radiance can be used for many things, both illusionary and real.
Thrasher: a madcap berserker, angry at the world's pain

Brooklyn Irregulars / A loose confederation of street level crimefighters. Many non-powered members.
Trouble O' Toole: An Irishman who's only apparent power is total disregard for his own safety, and a knack for finding trouble..and surviving it.
Ballista: Italian-American girl with uncanny accuracy and a hatred for the mob that can only come from inside knowledge.
Sherlock : A super-intelligent detective with a sharp tongue and a quick wit. Likes to wear the hunting cloak made famous by her namesake.
Penance: A religious vigilante

North Dakota
Kid Flare, aka the Sundance Kid: A ten year old solar powered hero training to be a Lakota medicine man.

Midwest/ Chicago
Vanguard Central, aka Adventurers/
Razor:an extradimensional swordsman
Slamdance:a brick with a punk rock sensibility
Locus: a detached teleporter
Acrobat:a humanoid squirrel, produced by the same gov't project as Marius.
Luminary: who can become light as well as control it.

Chicago Villains
Donny Capone: An up and coming metahuman mob boss.
Supremacist: Former Nazi superman.

Primal: A savage hulk of a man.
Boreas: Ancient Greek deity, the north wind personified.
Jade Lotus: Immortal Japanese Origami Artist...and martial artist.

St. Louis
The Boxer: As a youth, he idolized Muhammad Ali. He grew up to be his equal...then Fate made him a hero.
Majestic: Movie fan turned illusionist hero by the Spirit of a derelict Theatre.
Impetus: Professional student turned Kinetic manipulator.
The Cahokian Moundbuilder:Last vestige of a vanished Amerind tribe, he is a mighty warrior and earthmover.

Missouri Heroes
Frontiersman:what the name says, but modern

Missouri Villains:
Ghostface: Bounty hunter, biker, serial killer...urban legend.

Southwest General/
The Black Rider :He rides the night, anonymous, alone, chosen to fight evil.


Bearclaw: totem empowered Amerind scrapper and paragon.

Nightrunner:half-Cherokee, half-Japanese, all ninja hero.

Los Angeles

Street Angels /
A loose confederation of street level crimefighters. Many non-powered members.

Risk:A daredevil acrobat and martial artist with the devil's own luck...but he works alone, because everyone else's luck is as bad as his is good. Also works in Hong Kong a great deal.
Roughhouse: superpowered bodyguard and PI...hero for hire ala Luke Cage.
Puno Rojo, "Red Fist": A Hispanic/ Native American brick who's skin is bright red.
Ataque Aereo, "Air Strike": A flier with kinetic blasts
Gunslinger, a wild west pistoleer


White Wood Bison: Supernatural protector of the Boreal Forest
Worthy: battlesuit built by a military armour company, named after a famous Canadian tanker.
Radical Jack: Patriotic super soldier of Canada. He is a tad too fond of Anglophones over Francophones.
Thorium: Radiation powered Francophone activist and elementalist.
Cutter: Ex-con, ex- thug, sharp handed sharp dressed speedster.

Canadian Villains

The Wendigo:Cannibal spirit of the cold north wind.
Noirceur: Black magician from Colonial French Detroit
Sans Souci: His anorexic horse demon familiar.

Anywhere in North America:

Captain Philadelphia: Composite cosmic being formed by the Philadelphia Experiment.

Thunderbird: legacy paragon empowered by the Great Spirit.

Sun Wu Kung: The original Monkey King
Dao Tian: Master swordsman, wielder of the Heaven Blade.
Warlord: A nigh invulnerable martial artist, soldier, and leader.
Shi: 'Force', a telekinetic police inspector.
Huang: "Phoenix", a girl paragon with a few unusual traits.
JuLang: Great Wave, an amphibious naval superiority battlesuit.

Morgravia (Central Europe, near Hungary and Romania)
Dr. Apocalips: power armored master mind (obvious Homage)

Panteao: (The Pantheon)/
O Encoberto aka El Rei Sebastian: National hero, reputed to be the famous King reborn.
Galo de Barcelos aka the Rooster: Costumed adventurer who takes his name from a national symbol of honesty and justice.
Bruto: A massive powerhouse, he looks like a caveman, but has the intellect of any two scientists
Estrela:Light wielding flyer, fast and ferocious. A little cruel, and not as pretty as her name suggests.
Melhora: She believes her powers as a paragon come from her alien heritage but she's actually just a home grown metahuman.

Yeniceriler (the Jannisarries) /
Kedi: The cat. She has one blue eye and one gold eye, and wears a white outfit. A bit of a speedster and acrobat.
Bozkurt: The Gray Wolf. A feral paragon imbued with the power of the ancestor of the Turks.
Aykiz: Moon daughter: an albino girl with powers over both light and darkness
Taru: the Hattian and Hittite storm god and bull god
Seri and Hurri: His divine bulls.
Toprak Ana:(Earth Mother) an Earth elementalist
Mamluk: pragmatic ultra-loyal super-soldier

Turkish Villains/
Erlik: a devil prince or demon lord, known across Europe and Asia
Illuyankas: a dragon
Ullikummis: a giant
Rezil Bey:(roughly, Mr. Villain) An American expatriate dedicated to destabilizing the Middle east for fun and profit.

Azim: A mighty warrior, his name means Defender. But this defender has a secret.
Ma'at: Costumed adventurer who strives for justice above all.
Anput:Ma'at's canine sidekick
Asad al Allah : the Lion of Allah, whose roar strikes enemies both deaf and afraid.
Mansur: 'Victorious' The Egyptian super-soldier.

Egyptian Villains/
El Naddaha: The Caller, a water spirit that calls men to their deaths by drowning in the Nile
The Asp: A mighty serpentine supervillain. He's a nihilist, and wants to put out the Sun.
Spawn of Apep: Nasty serpentine creatures that serve the Asp.

Israel/Samson:His is the strength of 100 men, by the grace of Yahweh
Arye:The Lion of Judah
Solomon: Kabalist wizard of the House of David.
Golem: The original Golem of Prague, brought to Jerusalem to act as a guardian...he's not *as* likely to go haywire, anymore.

Israeli Villains/
Dybbuk: The bodiless spirit of a former thief, obessesed with revenge on Israel and Lebanon alike.
Nimrod: A young serial killer and extremist Zionist...he targets non-Jews living in Israel.

The United Kingdom/
Jack the Giantkiller: a faerie tale hero trapped in the modern world
Jack PL 10
Samhainach: An exiled Unseelie fae monster turned remorseful hero.
Lamplighter: Light controlling wielder of the Lamplighter Staff
HMS Harrier 'Her Majesty's Superhero': Britain's most famous flying artillery piece.
Paragon: the Heroic Role Model from the Regency era
The Smoke: A fog powered investigator, possibly empowered by London itself.
Adeiladwr aka the Builder: An ancient dwarfish hill spirit, one of the Colblynau.
Mormaer, the Sea-Lord: half-fae merman from Skye.
Glasgow Warrior:rugby player turned super-soldier
Polymath:Edinburgh native whose superior intellect makes her good at everything.

UK Villains:

British Boy: rascist skin head powerhouse...strong, but not too wise.
Totaliser: Cyborg super assassin, former SAS man.

Anarchy in the UK
Kid Chaos: Chaos in a gangly frame. Confusion on two feet.
Demagogue: Idol of rebellious teens, his charisma is dangerous.
Breakdown: A raging maelstrom of destructive power
Galligantus: A descendant of giants, he can grow to their size, and has their cannibalistic tendencies.

The Drunkards
the Brewer: Chemist and alchemist, he used to be a druggist in Liverpool. Now he plans big heists and searches for the Philosopher's Stone.
Scotchman: Scotch powered powerhouse and struggling poet
Thundermug: A Scot from Inverness who bears the drinking mug of Taranis

Trailblazer:a speedster with a fiery forcefield and an outdoorsman's skills.


The Fianna

Fionn Mac Cumhail: Reawakened leader of the Ancient Fianna.
Bastard: Offspring of Heaven, Hell, and Faerie, exiled to Earth.
Shamrock: A young man, made lucky and given duplication and healing powers by St. Patrick.
Silverhand:A mystic smith, fae inspired, with a Hand of silver like unto that of Nuada.
Cuchulainn: the resurrected Hound of Ulster
Scathach: The Lady of Shadow, mightiest of all woman warriors. Teacher of Ireland's heroes.
Hurler: Just the world's best hurley player, a little overwhelmed by the company he keeps.
The Malleable Man: Super powered contortionist from a circus family.
Blood Raven:Chosen herald of the Morrigan.


Blackthorn: Mage and terrorist, neo-druid.

Beowulf : Geatish Hero
Beowulf Reborn: That same hero in his prime, returned from death in modern day.

Utopia:An old and frail mentalist and psychiatrist who doesn't fight crime so much as keep the peace.
Brandmand: A firefighter who gained enormous physical strength and toughness in a freak fireworks factory fire.
Summer:Cheerleader with seasonal powers: flame, heat, light, plant growth.
Stal Torden:Steel Thunder, a battlesuit legacy begun during the German occupation of Denmark in WW2.

Grendel: massive scaled sea-troll from the waters near Denmark
Sverte Hamlet: Black Hamlet, honorable modern day pirate and his ship, Ophelia's Lament.


die Eiche:A man of oak, strong, tough, plant powers.
Mauer: the Wall. He cannot be moved, and trying will hurt you. He stands between the innocent and harm
Engelfaust: Winged female paragon, with uncanny luck. Or perhaps divine intervention...
Krieger (modern):The Golden Age super soldier returned to serve his nation.
Wilhelm Wurfel:A secretive occultist, he sees it as his job to shepherd the heroes of Germany. And police them, if needed.
Schwerkraft: Prize winning scientist turned gravity controller.


Blutspinner:lab assistant infected with wierd blood powers
der Bergkristall: a teenager made of crystal, alienated. Part of the metahuman underground.
Schlactstern: teenage girl who unknowingly stole an alien super weapon
Till Eulenspiegel: psychopathic 'trickster' villain who took the name of a folklore hero.


Toxarchos: Olympic Archer and professional hunter blessed by the gods with a magic bow. He's still kind of new at this.
Adonis: His faithful wolfhound.

Vorhut: The Vanguard, blessed by St. Mauritius, an inexperienced paragon.
Reislaufer:The One who goes to war, a pike-wielding super-soldier
Cervus: The incarnated spirit of the Matterhorn.
Tell: Swiss super agent + Legacy hero, heir to the legend of William Tell.

Mfalme Simba: King Lion, mightiest hero of the Bantu
Mondo ("Serval"):Not totemic at all, actually. He just liked the name. Urban crimefighter, low level metahuman. Self trained from Jackie Chan movies.
Mkimbiaji 'the Runner': Former Olympic track star given supernal speed by the spiritual essence of her tribe.

Zimwi: A monstrous ogre: rapist, cannibal, thief.
Obsidian: a mercenary made of razor sharp stone.
Damu-kali (Blood hot):Geothermally powered environmental extremist
Piga Kichwa: A head butting terrorist.

Glissant "Slick": A non stick traceur.

Worldwide Threats:

Arachnophobia The Spider Queen
Jumping Spider

Terror Inc : An international terrorist and criminal empire.
Professor Neutron: Doc Bronze's aged and evil archnemesis, an archetypical mad scientist.
Candy: His android bodyguard, built using stolen software based on Honey's OS.

The Shadow Syndicate:
Dr. Umbros:shadow mage, mastermind, vampire
Livewire:a golem of wire animated by a lightning spirit
Hellwing: a young Romanian dragon
Vermin: a humanoid rat, possibly from Project Moreau
Bonedancer:a necromancer
Gauntlet: a brick with magic gloves
Resin: a bizarre rubber construct
Automaton: a bronze mechanical being animated by magic
Styx: electrified jo-stick/kama wielding assassin in skull mask and ninja garb
Cairn: the Gravestone Killer (stone brick)
Gargoyle: rooftop urban predator with powers over statuary

The Bretheren of Apotheosis

Maniac: a clawed, regenerating female psychopath
Gorgon:Her gaze is death.
Thundercloud: He is worshipped as an angry storm god in much of Africa.
Fiend: He gets his name from his appearance...and the way he abuses the life sciences.
Ghoul: An ancient Roman gladiator, raised from the dead by an Osirian cult. He needs raw flesh to survive. He prefers human...
Talos: A bronze man in the mold of the Ancient Greek legend..he's artistic, for a heartless killer.
Missile: The Blonde Bombshell. She's an unstoppable flyer, an airborne wrecking machine.
Panic: He draws forth your greatest fear...and kills you with it.

Project Moreau: (humanoid animals, embittered by the way humans have treated them. They still act as gov't agents...but they also undertake missions of revenge and terrorism against normal human targets whenever they can.)
Shrew, an assassin whose name is very accurate. Her bite is poisonous, and she's *very* fast.
Berserker, an ursinoid bred for rage and strength...and trained in modern heavy weapons.
Pit, a lupinoid, tougher than he is smart. Bite worse than bark.
Vampire, a batlike humanoid with a taste for blood
Minotaur, obviously, a demihuman:bovinoid. Charges by preference.
Zap, a humanoid electric eel

The New Reich
Jaeger: the Hero Hunter
Zeitgeist: the Spirit of Time, a german time controller
Scheusel: A Frankenstein's Monster made by the Nazi's.
Winter: A frozen German soldier possessed by the spirit of Winter itself.

The Ocean and Atlantis/

Tethys: Mystic water controller.

Extra-Dimensional Threats:

Frost Giant
Jarnsaxa:Frost Giant Queen, lover of Thor, mother of Magni and Modi, enemy of Megin
Loge: personification of fire
Kari: Wind giant
Hugi:Thought of Utgard-Loki. Giant speedster.

Thor: God of Thunder, Protector of Mankind
Magni: Thor's son, God of Strength
Modi: Thor's Son, God of Fury
Sif: Thor's Wife, Goddess of Fidelity, Harvest, and Defense
Baldur: dead God of Light and Beauty
Loki: God of Trickery, Odin's blood brother
Odin: The All Father, Lord of the Gallows
Sleipnir: The eight-legged steed of the Valfather.
Valkyrior: Choosers of the Slain
Wolves: Freke, Gere, ('Hungry' and 'Ravenous') and the steeds of the Valkyries
Ravens: Hugin and Munin, 'Thought' and 'Memory'
Freya: Vanir, consort of Odin, Lady of the Valkyrior, Goddess of Beauty, Wealth, and War


The Host: (Unseelie Fae sent on inexplicable missions to earth)
Windmaster:Ailill, an Unseelie sidhe lord with wind powers
Stonetroll:what his name suggests. Big, strong, dumb.
Kelpie: the shapeshifting water horse
Lhiannan:the alluring vampiric fae
Redcap: bloodthirsty goblin, squat but mighty,eager to destroy the first being to hold his name and position
Balor: ancient Fomor warrior, deadly gaze
Hob: a malevolent goblin king. He's a trickster.
Hob's Goblins: made dangerous by their mindless hunger and impossible numbers
Pooka: a shapeshifting trickster
Barghest: hound of the moors
Black Annis: iron skinned she-troll
Nuckelavee: skinless centaur like sea monster
Aillen: The Burner
Buggane: A tunneling Ogre

The UnderWorld:
Fist of Hell: (demons, devils, and fallen angels in the service of hell itself)
Duma, Angel of the Silence of Death
Malebranche, a horned brick
Succubus, demonic seducer
Hellhound, dog-man super-tracker that breathes fire
Wyrm, purple wyrm demon with a human form
Inferno, a fire demon
Imp, a feral and vicious little creature

The Golden Age:

Krieger: Honorable and chivalric German super soldier who abandoned his country for the atrocities they committed.
Hauptmann Sturm:imbued with the powers of the storm giants, this former Fallschirmjager is a staunch Nazi.
OberstMann: the supreme man, first and greatest of the Ubersoldaten. Golden Age name of the Supremacist.
Jaeger II: The Second Jaeger.
Winter: The early career of the spirit of ice.
Scheusel: the monster when first made

Old West

Red Jaguar:An Aztec and Native American feline totem hero. A lot like Sabretooth.
Wild Horse:A Comanche chosen by the Horse spirit.
Gambler: An Irish con man and card-sharp. Not a bad hand with a pistol, either.
The Black Cavalier:A Negro cavalry soldier from the Civil war...but from which side? Magic sabre and pistol.
Padre Tempestad: Catholic Priest and Theurgist, he calls the storm of God's fury on evil. Mexican, originally.
Serene Dragon: traveling Shaolin monk

Miscellaneous Builds:
Undead Joker
Goddess: a PL 15 version of Suffragette. Also, sort of a Doc Savage or Buckaroo Banzai good at everything character. Not in continuity.
Mancerbear: Genetically engineered bear-minotaur ninja necromancer.
The Aged Master: a true martial arts master, far beyond his prime.
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I really like Shadowmask and Osprey. Is there any chance of getting stats?
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I'm putting up stats for everybody...I'm just not going to do it at Superspeed.:)

First up:

The Signifer
PL: 6 (90 pts)

ABILITIES: Str 20[22] (+6) Dex 10 Con 20[22] (+6) Int 12 (+1) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 14 (+2)

SKILLS: Concentration 3 (+5), Intimidate 3 (+5), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 5 (+7), Knowledge (tactics) 5 (+7), Language (Latin),
Notice 3 (+5)

FEATS:Attack Specialization:Unarmed, Attack Focus:Melee, Improved Initiative, All Out Attack, Power Attack, Fearless, Improved Critical (unarmed), Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Chokehold, Improved Block, Grappling Block

POWERS:Super Strength 6 (hvy load12 tons) (12 pts), Leaping 6 [1600' running long jump,400' high jump (40 stories or so) AP: Speed 4 (100mph) + Dodge Focus 2](7 pts) ,Impervious Toughness 6 (6 pts), Immunity (aging, disease, poison, heat, cold) (5 pts) Enhanced Str 2 (2), Enhanced Con 2(2)

COMBAT: Attack +3 (+4 melee, +6 unarmed), Defense 14 (flatfooted 12, 16 when using Speed), Initiative +4
unarmed damage +6 (dc 21)

SAVES: Toughness +6 (Impervious), Fort +6, Ref +3, Will+6

Drawbacks:Vulnerable (unknown energies) +50% damage bonus, rare occurance (2 pts)
Weakness (unknown energies) -1 cumulative drain to all stats, including con, every minute, rare occurance (6 pts)
Power Loss (All Powers, when exposed to unknown energies, rare occurance) (4 pts)

The Signifer was almost literally born yesterday. He appeared from nowwhere in a West End bank in the Ashton Mall, just in time to help a few other heroes stop a robbery. He has no memory of his past, and no name. He resembles the Centurion strongly, although he is heavier and slightly more muscular looking than Mark Leeds (6'0", 240 lbs, blonde and blue eyed). Physically, he appears to be about 16. He does not know where he came from...AEGIS, after genetic testing on a hair sample, has told him that he is a clone. But if he is a clone, why does he know nothing of this world, while possessing an innate understanding of a highly technologically advanced *Roman* society?

The Signifer wears (for reasons unknown even to himself) a Superman t-shirt, a wide black leather lifting belt, and tight black spandex bicycle shorts. The back of his shirt, instead of being blank, bears the spread golden eagle sigil of the Roman legions.

He has yet to encounter his vulnerabilities, and does not know what they are. Possibilities include Terminus energies, odd energies or radioactive minerals from Centurions homeworld, some unusual substance used in cloning him, or perhaps magic. Only time, and my GM, will tell.

The Signifer is much like Superman when he first appeared: Able to outrun trains, leap over tall buildings, bounce bullets smaller than a shotgun blast off his broad chest, etc. The big difference is he seems to have the trained combat skills of an experienced Pankratist (Greco-Roman wrestling and boxing)

His Roman code of honor and sense of duty to the State cause him some difficulties, and no end of culture shock. The fact that some people think he is the Centurion returned has already been inconvenient as well.

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Post by teleportingbassist » Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:59 am

I like everything but the shorts. Nice build.
"Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why" Slaughterhouse-Five

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Post by JackGiantkiller » Sun Sep 03, 2006 12:07 pm

Thank you.

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Post by JackGiantkiller » Tue Sep 05, 2006 1:51 pm

I have to wait and get copies of the character sheets for Shadowmask and Osprey. Meanwhile, here's:

PL 6 (90 pts)
Vickie Vinson

ABILITIES Str 12 (+1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 12 (+1) Int 16 (+3) Wis 16 (+3)
Cha 16 (+3)

SKILLS Bluff 5 (+ 8/+12 w/Attractive), Computers 5 (+ 8 ), Diplomacy 5 (+ 8/+12), Disable Device 1 (+4), Drive 1 (+4), Gather Information 5 (+ 8/+12), Intimidate 5 (+8 ), Knowledge (civics) 5 (+8 ), Knowledge (current events) 5 (+ 8 ), knowledge (streetwise) 5 (+8 ), Notice 5 (+8 ),
Perform(Oratory) 5 (+8 ), Profession (Lawyer) 5 (+8 ), Sense Motive 5 (+8 )
Languages 3 (Spanish, Japanese,German, English (native))

FEATS Attractive, Defensive Roll 5, Attack Specialization (Acidic touch), Attack Focus (melee), Connected, Contacts

POWERS Acidic Touch (Strike Aura +6, AP: Acidic spit (Blast 6)) (13 pts)
'Acidic' Pheremones (Emotion Control 6 (Sense-Dependant, Olfactory)) (6 pts); Immunity (Acid)

COMBAT Attack +3 (+4 melee, +6 acid touch), Defense 16 (13 flatfooted)
Initiative +3 Acid touch +6 dc 21 Acid spit +6 dc 21 unarmed +1 dc 16

SAVES Toughness +6 (+1 flatfooted), Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +3

DRAWBACKS Vulnerable to Bases (+50% dmg dc, uncommon, +2pts)
Power Loss (When bathed in a basic solution, acid touch and pheremones, +2 pts)

Vickie Vinson's a streetwise Assistant DA. She takes martial arts because she has a job that sometimes turns dangerous. Not that martial arts helped any when an accident in the CSI lab exposed her to the acid power battery used by a supervillain's doomsday device: she gained acidic powers, which she carefully kept secret. Realizing she could use her powers to help in the fight against crime, she recently joined Signifer,Osprey, Kensai, the Questioner, and Misery in preventing an illegal eviction being carried out by a street gang. This turned out to have its roots in a demonic possession...during the investigation, she realized she could accomplish more if she had a secret identity for the things that might get the ADA in trouble, and so Vitriol was born. Donning a costume from the local super hero costume shop, a black body suit trimmed in neon green, with green mesh gloves, she joined the fight against evil, and was a founding member of the newly formed Legion of Vigilance.

She took drama, debate and public speaking, in school. As well as several foreign languages.
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King of Fools: Madcap Undead Archvillain

Post by JackGiantkiller » Fri Sep 08, 2006 3:07 pm

Here's an arch-villain from the nearby goth metropolis of Barrow, Massachussets.


King of Fools

Power Level: 10 (225 power points)

Abilities: STR 24(+7) DEX 30(+10) CON 24(+7) INT 20(+5) WIS 20(+5) CHA 20(+5)

Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+20), Bluff 10 (+15), Climb 5 (+12), Computers 1 (+6), Diplomacy 1 (+6), Escape Artist 10 (+20), Intimidate 10 (+15), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5 (+10), Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 5 (+10), Knowledge (Tactics) 5 (+10), Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 5 (+10), Language (French, German, Spanish), Medicine 1 (+6), Notice 10 (+15), Perform (Acting) 5 (+10), Perform (Comedy) 10 (+15), Perform (Dance) 5 (+10), Perform (Oratory) 6 (+11), Profession (Jester) 5 (+10), Sense Motive 9 (+14), Sleight of Hand 10 (+20), Stealth 5 (+15), Survival 5 (+10), Swim 1 (+8 )

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Artificer, Defensive Roll, Distract (Bluff), Eidetic Memory, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Fascinate (Perform), Fearless, Inspire, Leadership, Master Plan, Minions 20, Power Attack, Startle, Taunt, Well-Informed

Powers: Corrosion 4 (F: Uncontrolled, Unreliable),
Device (easy to lose) 4,
Immunity 5 (Aging, Disease, Need for Sleep, Poison, Starvation and Thirst),
Leaping 2 (5x distance, running 85’ long, standing 42’ long, high jump 21’ +5 feet per point over 15 on an acrobatics check.)
Regeneration 4 (Recovery Bonus (+2),Recovery Rate (Unconscious - 1 Round),Resurrection (1 week)),
Strike 1 (claws and teeth)

Combat: Attack +12
Damage Claws and teeth +8 (dc 23)
Corrosion (fort dc 14, toughness dc 19)
motley blast +8 (dc 23)
Defense 22 (Flat-footed: 16) Initiative +10
Grapple: +19 (Attack - +12,Strength - +7,Size - +0)

Saves: Toughness +7 (+8 with defensive roll)
Fortitude +12 Reflex +10 Willpower +10

Lifting: 700 lb.
Motley's Marotte (Easy to Lose): Nauseate 8 (PF:
AP-Blast 8,
` AP-ESP (Visual and Auditory) 8,
AP-Emotion Control 8 (dc 18 )
AP-Teleport 5 (E: Portal; F: Limited (extended range only)))

Vulnerable (variable; Very Common, Major) (changes each time he resurrects)
Weakness (must eat human flesh daily; Very Common, Major)

Cost Summary:
Ability 78 + Skills 36 (142 Ranks) + Feats 37 + Powers 26 + Combat 48 + Saves 10 - Drawbacks -10 = 225 / 225

Size: Medium

Created With Mutagen! version 0.8.7a - beta

I used Mutagen for this one, then made some changes by hand. Tom Motley is a court jester from jolly old England who betrayed his master and made a pact with the forces of darkness, after his master exercised his privilege of prima nocte with Tom's beloved bride.

After his pact, which included the ritual sacrifice of his master, he became an immortal, flesh eating undead monster. In payment for his immortality, not only must he kill and feed daily, but he must also do bizarre homage to the Mad God who granted him his power, leading to all sorts of sinister yet nonsensical schemes.

Every time he is killed, the Mad God resurrects him with a new bizarre plan and a freaky vulnerability.

Think of him as an undead Joker with a magic wand shaped like a jester's scepter, and you've pretty much got it. I was inspired by a picture from the WOTC website of the fang faced jester in white and black.

Edit: revised the format for readability, made some minor tweaks.
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Post by JackGiantkiller » Sat Sep 16, 2006 7:32 am

Adrian Michaels

Power Level: 6 (92 power points)

Abilities: STR 14(+2) DEX 14(+2) CON 14(+2) INT 10(+0) WIS 14(+2) CHA 32(22)(+11(--))

Skills: Computers 1 (+1), Diplomacy 5 (+16), Drive 1 (+3), Gather Information 2 (+13), Intimidate 5 (+16), Investigate 2 (+2), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 2 (+2), Knowledge (Tactics) 5 (+5), Medicine 1 (+3), Notice 3 (+5), Search 5 (+5), Sense Motive 5 (+7), Survival 3 (+5)

Feats: Connected, Fearless, Leadership, Luck 2, Force of Personality, Contacts

Powers: Device (hard to lose) 13

Combat: Attack +2 Shadowblast +6
Damage Shadowblast +6 (dc 21) Shadow aura +1 (dc 16)
Defense 12 (Flat-footed: 11) Initiative +2
Grapple: +4 (Attack - +2,Strength - +2,Size - +0)

Saves: Toughness +2 (+6 Impervious with Force Field)
Fortitude +2 Reflex +2 Willpower +2 (+11 with Force of Personality)

Lifting: 175 lb.
Shadow Gauntlets (Hard to Lose):
Enhanced Ability (Charisma) 10,
Darkness Control 6 (Affects Insubstantial 2,Progression (Area, 2 Steps))
AP-Blast 6 (PF: Accurate x2),
AP-Telekinesis 6 (PF: Precise x2),
AP- Strike 1 (Aura)
Immunity 9 (Life Support),
Flight 4 (E: Affects Others; PF: Progression (Subjects, 2 Steps))
Force Field 6 (E: Impervious)

Involuntary Transformation (shadow demon possession; Common, Major)
Normal Identity (must put on gloves, full round; Common, Major)
Vulnerable (holy items; Uncommon, Minor)
Vulnerable (light; Common, Major)

Cost Summary:
Ability 28 + Skills 10 (40 Ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 52 + Combat 8 + Saves 0 - Drawbacks -13 = 92 / 92

Size: Medium

Created With Mutagen! version 0.8.7a - beta
Adrian Michaels was a cadet at a major military academy when, due to a tragic 'training' accident, both of his older brothers were killed, leaving him the sole heir to his family name. Shortly thereafter, his father died of heart failure, and his only inheritance was a strange pair of leather gauntlets. As it turns out, the gauntlets were made of the skin of a shadow demon, and grant their wearer great a cost. Shadowmask discovered that it was his family duty to guard the gloves, and decided to use them to fight evil, as well, since he had been excused from his military obligations as the only son of his family.
Adrian is trained to be a military officer. He knows the skills of command, but has no real experience. He depends on the gloves to grant him skill in combat. He calls himself Shadowmask because it occurred to him that advertising the real source of his powers might be unwise. He always generates a mask made of shadow immediately after donning the gloves.

From time to time, the demon whose skin the gloves were made of tries to take Shadowmask over, and he must resist with all his Will. Note that his save bonus in this case is only +6, as he does not get the bonus from the gloves. In addition, while he wears the gloves, he is hurt by holy items and bright light, just as the demon is.

Adrian is 5'9" tall, with black hair and green eyes. He weighs about 200 lbs...he's pretty stocky.

edit: For readability.
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Carrion Crow

Post by JackGiantkiller » Sat Sep 16, 2006 7:51 am

Carrion Crow

Power Level: 8 (120 power points)

Abilities: STR 16(+3) DEX 16(+3) CON 16(+3) INT 16(+3) WIS 16(+3) CHA 16(+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+13), Bluff 4 (+7), Climb 5 (+8 ), Computers 4 (+7), Disable Device 5 (+8 ), Escape Artist 10 (+13), Gather Information 2 (+5), Intimidate 5 (+8 ), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 2 (+5), Knowledge (Streetwise) 5 (+8 ), Language (French, Spanish), Medicine 5 (+8 ), Notice 5 (+8 ), Profession (Doctor) 5 (+8 ), Sense Motive 5 (+8 ), Stealth 10 (+13)

Feats: Attack Specialization (talons) 2, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 4, Evasion, Improved Initiative, Elusive Target

Powers: Flight 4 (F:Limited (winged))
Immunity 4 (Aging,Cold,Disease,Poison)
Regeneration 7 (Recovery Bonus (+6), only for Resurrection,
Resurrection (1 week))
Strike 5 (E: Penetrating ; PF: Mighty )talons
Super-Senses 4 (Danger Sense ,Extended (Low-light vision),Extended (Normal sight),Low-Light Vision)

Combat: Attack +4 (+8 talons) Defense 18 (Flat-footed: 12) Initiative +7
Grapple: +7 (Attack - +4,Strength - +3,Size - +0)
Damage:+8 talons (penetrating, dc 23), +5 grenades (explosion dc 15, dmg dc 20)
Saves: Toughness +3(+8 w/vest, +6 flatfooted)
Fortitude +5 Reflex +5 Willpower +5

Lifting: 230 lb.
Equipment (20 points):
Undercover Vest (4), Fragmentation Grenade (15), Lock release Gun (1)

Cost Summary:
Ability 36 + Skills 21 (84 Ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 26 + Combat 16 + Saves 6 = 120 / 120

Some men are just born bad. Gerard Emil Manoit was one of them. Born in France in 1886, his native intelligence (and bloody instincts) first led him to be a doctor, until he discovered that hurting people on purpose was far more fun.
During the vivisection of a screaming victim in early 1910, he had an epiphany. Drawn to blood and slaughter, as well as to the shine of valuable objects, he would become the Carrion Crow, master thief, assassin, thrill-killer. He sought out, and found, a way to gain the power he needed for his new avocation. What that method was is not yet known.

Carrion Crow is immortal, mostly, although he only regenerates when killed. He has large nasty talons, and winged arms much like the Vulture. He is an exceptionally skilled thief...although not as good with modern alarms and locks. He tends to try his lock gun, then claw things upon, depending on speed and stealth for his getaway. He always leaves an abattoir behind him, slaying any guards, witnesses, or bystanders he encounters.

edit: Minor tweak...he had one more rank in Regen than needed. Traded it out for a feat.
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Post by JackGiantkiller » Sat Sep 16, 2006 8:11 am

the Specter

Power Level: 6 (90 power points)

Abilities: STR 22(+6) DEX 14(+2) CON 22(+6) INT 10(+0) WIS 12(+1) CHA 6(-2)

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+6), Climb 2 (+8 ), Drive 1 (+3),Gather Information 4 (+2) Intimidate 10 (+8 ), Investigate 5 (+5), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 1 (+1), Knowledge (Civics) 1 (+1), Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+4), Language (Spanish), Profession (Police Officer) 4 (+5), Sense Motive 5 (+6), Stealth 5 (+7)

Feats: Attack Focus (Melee), Attack Specialization (Unarmed), Contacts, Equipment 2, Fearless, Fearsome Presence 5( 25' dc 15), Hide in Plain Sight

Powers: Device (hard to lose) 9 (PF:Restricted x2)

Combat: Attack +3(+4 melee, +6 unarmed) Defense 12 (Flat-footed: 11)
Initiative +2
Grapple: +12 (Attack - +3,Strength - +6,Size - +0, Super-Strength- +3)
Damage unarmed +6 dc 21, pistol +4 dc 19

Saves: Toughness +9(+6) Fortitude +6 Reflex +2 Willpower +1

Lifting: 1.5 tons
St. Christopher's Medal (Hard to Lose):
Immunity 5 (Aging, Disease, Poison, Suffocation),
Protection 3,
Regeneration 34 (16 pts)(Ability Damage (1 hour),Recovery Bonus (+3),Recovery Rate (Bruised - No Rest),Recovery Rate (Disabled - 1 Round),Recovery Rate (Injured - No Rest),Recovery Rate (Staggered - Std. Action),Recovery Rate (Unconscious - 1 Round),Resurrection (1 minute);PF: Persistent , Regrowth , Unreliable)
Anatomical Separation 1 (Variable split, any one body part)
Super Strength 3 (1.5 tons hvy load)
Darkness Control 1 (Linked to Environmental Control: Cold)
Environmental Control: Cold 1 (linked to Darkness control)
Ghost Speech (Detect Ghosts, Comprehend Ghosts, Affects Incorporeal)

Equipment (10 points):
Heavy Pistol (8 ), Caltrops (1), Handcuffs (1),

Hatred (those who killed him), Temper (angered by injustice), known to be dead, masochist

Vulnerable (holy items ;Uncommon ,Minor )
Weakness (starts dying without his medal; Common, Major )

Cost Summary:
Ability 26 + Skills 12 (48 Ranks) + Feats 13 + Powers 38 + Combat 10 + Saves 0 - Drawbacks -9 = 90 / 90

Size: Medium

Created With Mutagen! version 0.8.7a - beta

Christian di Fillipo was a cop, and a good one, during Prohibition. Gunned down in front of his church by mobsters, along with his wife, son, and other innocent bystanders, he clutched his St. Chrisopher's medal, as he lay dying, and prayed to God for the chance to avenge his family. God, or someone, listened. Three days later, he rose from his grave. Obtaining a cloak and mask from a nearby theater to cover his undead flesh, he began to wage a one revenant war on the mob. He has fought crime ever since...still wearing the tuxedo he was buried in. He's not a subtle creature, and it has never ocurred to him to avoid being hit, as he is both hard to hurt, and as far as he knows, impossible to kill. He does not yet know what method of killing him is permanent, or even that there is such a way.
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Post by Fisdenallus » Sat Sep 16, 2006 10:19 am

Nice stuff!

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Post by JackGiantkiller » Sat Sep 16, 2006 10:31 am

Thanks. I helped build most of the chars, but the ones that aren't villains belong to my whole group.

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Post by JackGiantkiller » Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:35 pm


Power Level: 6 (93 power points)

Abilities: STR 18(+4) DEX 16(+3) CON 16(+3) INT 14(+2) WIS 10(+0) CHA 16(+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 5 (+8 ), Computers 1 (+3), Diplomacy 5 (+8 ), Intimidate 5 (+8 ) , Knowledge (Life Sciences) 1 (+3), Language ( Atlantean ), Survival 5 (+5), Swim 6 (+10)

Feats: Attack Specialization (claws), Dodge Focus 2, Environmental Adaptation (Underwater), Favored Environment (Air), Favored Environment (Underwater), Quick Change, Force of Personality

Device (hard to lose) 2
Flight 5 (F: winged ; PF: retractable)
AP-swimming 5
Immunity 3 (Cold, High Pressure, Suffocation (drowning))
Super-Senses 5 (Blindsight (sonar), Low-Light Vision)
Super-Strength 2

Combat: Attack +3 (+4 in air or water, +5/+6 w/claws)
Damage Claws +6 dc 21 unarmed +4 dc 19
Defense 15 (Flat-footed: 11) Initiative +3

Grapple: +9 (Attack - +3,Strength - +4,Size - +0, Super-Strength - +2)

Saves: Toughness +6(+3 Impervious)
Fortitude +7 Reflex +7 Willpower +5

Lifting: 1,200 lb.
claws (Hard to Lose): Strike 2 (PF: Mighty, retractable)
armor (Hard to Lose): Protection 3 (E: Impervious)

Vulnerable (dehydration; Uncommon, Major ),
Weakness (dependant on immersion 1/day;Uncommon,Major)
Power Loss (Flight, when unable to summon wings)

Cost Summary:
Ability 30 + Skills 10 (40 Ranks) + Feats 8 + Powers 27 + Combat 12 + Saves 10 - Drawbacks -6 = 91 / 93

Osprey is a young princess of an Atlantean noble house, a distant cousin of Nereid. All her life, she was drawn to the surface world...not by dreams of dancing, or of fire, but of flight. She watched the sea birds with envy and awe, entranced by their effortless aerial grace. The air was so much like the ocean, but more free, less confining.
Recently, a kindly uncle , a master of transformative magics, devised a spell that would grant her wings when a magic word was spoken. She immediately set out to explore the surface world, starting with Freedom City, where her cousin lives. They have a bit of a rivalry.
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Post by JackGiantkiller » Fri Sep 22, 2006 2:00 pm


Power Level: 8 (120 power points)

Abilities: STR 16(+3) DEX 18(+4) CON 16(+3) INT 16(+3) WIS 16(+3) CHA 16(+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 5 (+9), Climb 5 (+8 ), Computers 1 (+4), Concentration 3 (+6), Diplomacy 1 (+4), Drive 1 (+5), Escape Artist 5 (+9), Intimidate 5 (+8 ), Investigate 5 (+8 ), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 1 (+4), Knowledge (Civics) 2 (+5), Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 1 (+4), Knowledge (Streetwise) 5 (+8 ), Knowledge (Tactics) 3 (+6), Language (Spanish), Notice 10 (+13), Pilot 1 (+5), Search 5 (+8 ), Sense Motive 5 (+8 ), Stealth 10 (+14/+19 in city), Survival 2 (+5), Swim 2 (+5)

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, All-out Attack, Ambidexterity, Attack Focus (Melee) 2, Attack Specialization (Tonfa), Blind-Fight, Dodge Focus 4, Elusive Target, Equipment 5, Improved Block, Improved Critical (tonfa), Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rage, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Weapon Bind


Combat: Attack +6 (+8 unarmed, +10 tonfa) Defense 20(18 raging) (Flat-footed: 13) Initiative +8
Grapple: +9 (Attack - +6,Strength - +3,Size - +0)
Damage: +3 unarmed dc 18 +4 tonfa dc 19 (+2 to either while raging)(crit 19-20)
+4 pistol dc 19

Saves: Toughness +3(+6 w/ costume) Fortitude +6(+8 raging) Reflex +6 Willpower +6 (+8 raging)

Lifting: 230 lb.
Equipment (25 points):
Tonfa (2), Tonfa (2), Heavy Pistol (8 ), Smoke Grenade (4), Armored Jumpsuit (3), Camo Clothing (1), Gas Mask (1), Flash Goggles (1), Rebreather (1), Night Vision Goggles (1), Handcuffs (1)

Fame (known to every criminal in Barrow), Obsession (crimefighting), Secret (ID), Secret (other heroes), Temper (battle madness)

Cost Summary:
Ability 38 + Skills 20 (80 Ranks) + Feats 30 + Powers 0 + Combat 24 + Saves 8 = 120 / 120

Size: Medium
Slim, densely muscular. Wears an urban camo
bodysuit with a badge on his left breast.
Has utility belt, bandolier, and two tonfa
style nightsticks strapped to his thigh,
as well as a pistol in a shoulder holster.
Rebreather and gas mask are built directly into full face mask, night vision goggles slide down over eyes.

Nightstick, aka Detective Lieutenant Tomas Mendoza, is a highly trained former SWAT officer with many years of practice in the art of escrima and other martial styles. He is the field leader of the BCPD SCU. His real name is kept secret from the general public, especially the press, for safety reasons.

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Post by JackGiantkiller » Sat Sep 23, 2006 4:22 pm


Power Level: 6 (90 power points)

Abilities: STR 26(+8 ) DEX 16(+3) CON 30(+10) INT 10(+0) WIS 12(+1) CHA 6(-2)

Skills: Climb 1 (+9), Drive 3 (+6), Intimidate 12 (+10), Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+4), Notice 4 (+5)

Feats: All-out Attack, Diehard, Endurance, Equipment 2, Fast Overrun, Improved Critical (Unarmed) 2, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improved Pin, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2

Powers: Impervious Toughness 10, Super-Strength 2

Combat: Attack +4 Defense 12 (Flat-footed: 11) Initiative +7
Grapple: +14 (Attack - +4,Strength - +8,Size - +0, Super-Strength - +2)
Damage Unarmed +8 dc 23 up to +13 dc 28 w/ full power attack crit on 18-20

Saves: Toughness +10 (Impervious) Fortitude +10 Reflex +3 Willpower +1

Lifting: 1 tons
Equipment (10 points):
Motorcycle (9), Handcuffs (1)

Cost Summary:
Ability 40 + Skills 6 (24 Ranks) + Feats 18 + Powers 14 + Combat 12 + Saves 0 = 90 / 90

Bruiser is a sort of scary gent, a very large, very muscular, very *ugly* biker, by the name of Matt Stone. While he takes no actual damage from any attack stopped by his impervious toughness, he *looks* like he takes, he bleeds, bullets leave holes, fire scorches him, he bruises, etc. ( I'm really not sure if i should have added the Subtle feat to his Impervious toughness or not, if I should have, we can just toss it on, he's played a session, now. He's modeled, in some ways, mostly attitude, on Marv from Sin City. Which is why the handcuffs...