Godfallen's Characters:Forerunner, James Bond

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Godfallen's Characters:Forerunner, James Bond

Post by Godfallen » Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:20 pm

I'VE REACHED 100 BUILDS!!!!! And I reached that build in the best way possible, by giving the #100 spot to one of the figures that deserves it the most, THE PHANTOM!!!!

I am currently working on statting out Mary Marvel and Zatanna...and then I will be moving on to Monarch and Forerunner. I will then be doing Silver Surfer, Namor, and Thanos!!
Sirius *Revised*
The Spriggan

Sirius Force
Dragon Fist*Revised*

Street Team
Red Panda

Anarchist Blue
Arinak, the Bone Hunter
Blackmoore *Revised*
Black Orchid*Revised*
Donatello Berrilia
Dr. Necrosis
Mr. Calm
The Green King
The Myrmidon
The Solution

Legion of Mobius
Dr. Mobius "Revised"

Gon Mi Pai
Bai Sou Quian
Blood Flower
Dyan Nhi Quian
Vali Adin

Aquaman II
Archangel-Post Horseman
Black Adam
Black Alice
Black Canary
"Black" Mary Marvel
Bond, James
Bruce Banner - PL 13
Bruce Lee
Cheetah, The
Ellis{Hunter Killer}
Flash, The
Gorilla Grodd
Green Arrow{Oliver Queen}
Green Lantern{Hal Jordan}
Hulk, Grey
Hulk, Savage
King Shark
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
Lavonna Jackson{Hunter Killer}
Martian Manhunter
Mr. Wink{Hellboy II}
Scorpion II
Star Sapphire
The Baroness
The Green Hornet
The Joker (TDK)
The Phantom
The Rocketeer
The Sandman
The Shadow
Toph Bei Fong{Avatar: the last airbender}
Vandal Savage
Wolf{Hunter Killer}
Wonder Woman

Batman Universe conversions
Batgirl (C. Cain)
Great White Shark, The
Harley Quinn
Jason Todd (Red Hood build)
Joker, The
Killer Croc
Mr. Freeze
Penguin, The
Poison Ivy
Ras al Ghul
Riddler, The
Robin (Tim Drake)

Re-write work

What If?
Black Adam-2040
Green Lantern (Stateside)
Tony Stark- Capt. America

Final Fantasy
Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart

Jeffrey Nothing - Vocalist
Waylon - Vocalist
St1tch - Sound Effects
Skinny - Drums
Schmotz - Keyboard
Pig Benis - Bass
Gravy - Guitar

Sol Nimbus Characters (Alt universe- Magic based)
High Priest of Baal
Lady of The Winter
Red Witch*Re-CREATED*
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Post by Godfallen » Thu Apr 05, 2007 10:41 am

Well...this WAS Poltergeist....till, in her revision...I decided to can her...buh bye!!!
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Murderdoll- Revised

Post by Godfallen » Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:37 am

Ooohhh, boy.....I'm gonna make you bleeeeeed for me!
Name: Julia Wallace


Abilities: STR: 14; DEX: 16; CON:16; INT:15; WIS: 13; CHA:11

Saves: Tough: 3; Fort: 6; Ref: 5; Will: 3

Atk: 10 (Melee: 14, Rngd: 10)
Def: 12
Ini: 3

Feats: All-Out Atk; Atk Focus (4 ranks, Melee); Chokehold; Equipment (4 ranks); Fearsome Presence (3 ranks); Power Atk;

Absorption: Physical (12 ranks, Limited: Blood Only, Boost Regeneration, Side Effect: gain minor mental derangement for duration of boost effect)
Emotion Control (15 ranks, Perception, move action, limited: fear only)
Regeneration (12 ranks, Resurrection)
Concealment (12 ranks, Passive)
Dimensional Pocket (2 ranks)

Equipment: Butcher Sword: Strike (9 ranks, Extra: Penetrating, Mighty)

Skills: Disable Device: 14; Intimidate: 15; Knowledge (Medicine): 19; Knowledge (Biology): 17; Notice: 11; Profession (Surgical nurse): 16

Backstory: The person that was once Julia Wallace is now the infamous and deranged killer known as Murderdoll. Ms. Wallace was fine until an accident during an operation coated her face in the blood of the emotion-controlling, mind jumping killer Mr. Calm. Some of the victims' blood cells entered her bloodstream by way of her mouth and eyes. Calm reportedly died on that operating table due to three severed blood vessels.
Several days later, Julia started to hear voices. This was soon to be followed by deranged visions of gruesome murders. Psychiatrists and doctors of all kinds examined Julia's worsening condition. Within a month and a half, Julia was sent to the West River Mental Facility. Confined to a padded room and a straight jacket, Julia was given medicated observation for the next 3 months. The voices in her head convinced her that the food given to her was poison. She wasted away to a simple 98 pounds.
During numerous evaluations, doctors documented that Julia's derangements has several distinct results. Julia tells of hole in the wall of her cell, a hole that she sometimes will stick her head into to escape the voices. She also repeatedly says that she likes to pretend that no-one can see her.
After three months of evaluation and failed medications, Julia was scheduled for shock therapy. However, when they arrived at her cell, Julia was no where to be found. Alarms flared and the whole south wing of the building was roped off. After four days of investigation, terror struck the south wing. The head nurse was found near Julia's room, strangled to death with an bandage wrap. Several murders were to follow soon after. One of the leading psychiatrist was found in his office, his hands and feet removed. Another nurse killed, this time her throat cut and her breast removed. A patient clubbed to death in the back of the head.
Detectives scrambled to find Julia Wallace, who was beyond a doubt the prime suspect.
The murders, however, never moved past the south wing. Officials made the descision to seal off the wing. Several weeks were spent bricking up the entire wing, windows and all. Not one patient was removed and media of the seal were kept mute. Without care or food, the condition of the patients within the sealed wing worsened, growing into a mass derangement so brutal that you could hear the cries through the brick walls. It was within this sealed wing that Julia Wallace died and Murderdoll was born.
Several years passed till one day, a passing nurse found part of the wall torn down. A note was left among the rubble: "I love healing the sick. it makes me feel so important." Investigation into the wing revealed a mass of decayed bodies, several looked to been operated on and body parts removed, then attached to other bodies. The body of Julia Wallace was never found.

*: I completely revised ALOT of Murderdoll's powers with this one. Not only did she rise 3 lvls, I added a very nasty, specific Absorption power, inspired by her pic. When blood hits her, she gains a temporary boost to her Regeneration abilities, but also get the side effects of gaining temporary mental delusions.
I like that a violent kill will heal her faster, if need be, and also add to her madness...adds nice flavor to the character without spending a half ton of points for fluff.
I buffed up her Emotion Control, her Concealment, and gave her some serious Regeneration abilities. I also pumped up the sword again, giving it the ability to cut through things better.
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Post by Godfallen » Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:37 am

Same shyt, different day, huh?.....lemme tell you something, buddy...

Real Name: Pandora

Abilities: STR: 11; DEX: 16; CON: 20; INT: 18; WIS: 21; CHA: 19

Saves: Tough 5; Fort 5; Ref 3; Will 5


Feats: Attractive (2 ranks); Benefit: Wealth (6 ranks); Eidetic Memory; Favored Opponent: The Keres (4 ranks); Fearless; Master Plan; Jack-of-all-trades; Ritualist; Well-informed.

Immortality (7 Ranks, Passive, Personal, Permanent)
Power Resistance (6 Ranks, Reaction, Personal, Instant, Limited: Magic)
Device: Pandora's Box (10 ranks, Easy to Loose, Unique: one in existance at a time)
--Exorcism (10 Ranks, Limited: The Keres)
--Boost: Mind Shield (4 ranks)
--Reflection Field (2 ranks, Limited: Magical Effects)
--Boost: Clairaudience (8 ranks)

Bluff: 16; Craft (pottery): 20; Diplomacy: 16; Disguise: 12; Gather Info: 20; Intimidate: 16; Knowledge (Theology): 16; Knowledge (History): 16; Knowledge (Arcane): 16; Notice: 13; Sense Motive: 13; Survival: 9;

Back story:
"For ere this the tribes of men lived on earth remote and free from ills and hard toil and heavy sickness which bring the Keres upon men; for in misery men grow old quickly"
Mother of Misery. Bringer of the Eternal Sorrows. Echidna. Pandora has gone by these and many more titles in the past. She is forever known by mankind as the first woman, the foolish creature that released the Keres upon the human race.
If one was to read the myths that surround Pandora, they would find that she was given gifts by the gods upon her creation. She was also gifted a container and told to NEVER open it. After some time, Pandora fell into curiosity, like the rest of the human race. She opened the container and out poured the Keres, the 10,000 servants of the original Seven Sins: Greed, Pride, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony. She closed the container too late and the Keres flew out and spread over the earth, raining misery upon mortals.

What the myths omit is that it wasn't curiosity that took hold of her. Before opening the "box", Pandora was visited by the embodiments of the Sins in her sleep, disguised as avatars of the gods. They told her of pain and suffering that the world was going through, and that the only cure was to open the container. They told her that everything that man deserved was in that box, and that she was to heal mankind and relieve it of their sorrows. Tricked by them, Pandora opened the box upon awakening and the sorrows and pain that were told to her flew out and inflicted mankind.

The myths also speak of Hope, the one thing left in the box. That is a mis-interpretation. The container itself IS hope, because it has the power to re-capture all the Keros, as well as the Seven Sins themselves, thus ending the sorrows and miseries that have visited mankind. Unfortunately, it has a flaw: it requires the holder to track down and re-capture each servant and Sin one by one. After several millenia, Pandora still searches for the Keros and their masters. She has managed to capture a thousand of the Keros, but that still leaves thousands more to track down and capture, along with the Sins.

*explaining the specifics on "Pandora's Box"*
First off, it's not a "box" per-se.
It's an alabaster jar, about the size of an urn.

Secondly, the item is Unique, meaning that it cannot be copied in exact form, abilities, artistry, etc. This prevents duplicates of the container from being constructed, either by Pandora or an outside source. This, in and of itself, has a slight exception.
I wrote in "one in existance at a time" for a damn good reason. The jar itself can be stolen, lost, captured, even destroyed. Should the latter happen, Pandora herself has the abilities to re-create the jar, then "dedicate" it to the gods, who will re-assign the powers of the origional to the new container. She cannot, however, create more than one, preventing her from creating hundreds upon thousands of the jars.

The container has the ability to exorcise and trap the Keres, grants the abilities of Clairaudience and Mind Shield to the bearer, and has Reflection Shield when it comes to magical effects (it cannot be damaged, transported, captured, etc. by magical means.)
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Post by Godfallen » Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:24 am

Moved the explination of Pandora's Box to actually be included in the write for Pandora herself...see above
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Post by Wordmaker » Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:29 am

Oh wow! I love your Pandora build! I was a student of classical civilization, and hers was one of my favourite myths! Well done on the build and making a really cool twist on the box!

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Post by Godfallen » Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:35 am

thank you.
I edited her and re-defined some things about the jar. While it is easy to loose, and can be destroyed, I made it where she can craft another jar, but only when the other is destroyed. if that ever happens, she has to track all the Keres down again. it's a "unique: one at a time" item, meaning it can be created, but there can only be one in existance at a time.

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Post by Godfallen » Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:57 pm

Mr. Calm will be up tomorrow.

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Mr. Calm

Post by Godfallen » Thu Apr 12, 2007 10:56 am

Mr. Calm
Be very, very quiet.....I'm hunting ....you....

PL: 10
PP: 150

Abilities: STR: 16; DEX: 17; CON: 14; INT: 12; WIS: 14; CHA: 16

Saves: Tough: 2; Fort: 3; Ref: 4; Will: 4

ATK: 7
DEF: 6
INI: 3

Feats: Accurate Attack; Attack Focus: Melee (2 ranks); Attack Focus: Ranged (2 ranks); Defensive Attack; Eidetic Memory; Elusive Target; Device (2 ranks); Inventor; Sneak Attack (3 ranks)

Darkness Control (5 ranks, Standard, Ranged, Sustained)
--Teleport (2 ranks, limited: shadows only)
--Create Object (3 ranks)
Emotion control (12 ranks, Standard, Will, Sustained)
Quickness (3 ranks, Free, Personal, Continuous)
Obscure (2 ranks, Standard, Sensory, Ranged)

Device: Mask ( Gas-mask, flash goggles, Immunity: 2 ranks, Nullify (mental): 3 ranks.

Bluff: 15; Climb: 11; Concentration: 14; Disable Device: 14; Disguise: 19; Drive: 11; Escape Artist: 15; Intimidate: 15; Knowledge (Electronics): 9; Sleight of Hand: 19; Stealth: 11; Survival: 12

Back Story: The greatest killers of all time are surrounded in mystery. As it is with Jack the Ripper, the Son of Sam, and the Zodiac Killer, so it is with Mr. Calm. He has been reported as a man with no face, tall, strong, doesn't make a sound when he walks, and one of the most brutal, yet precise, murders of all time.
Mr. Calms' greatest advantage is his Emotion Control power, first making his victims so calm till he walks up to them, then fills them with fear and despair. He likes to leave notes placed inside the body cavities of the victims.
His next great advantage, which investigators have only recently added, seems to be that Mr. Calm has learned how to make the area of his kill become blanketed in a shroud of sense-consuming darkness. This ability has only been documented in the past few years, making many detectives and people wonder what else he has up his dark sleeves.

*notes on Mr. Calm*: any GM needs to understand that Mr. Calm isn't a single person. Rather, Mr. Calm is a legacy. There has been a "Mr. Calm" for the past 200 years!!. Jack, Zodiac, SoS ... all were part of the Mr. Calm lineage. The newest Mr. Calm has been operating only for the past couple years, since the last Mr. Calm died during surgery.
Every Mr. Calm has had some form of emotion control, whether it be through telepathy, hypnosis, etc.. It has only been the latest Mr. Calm that has displayed extra abilities.
Also, on the latest Mr. Calm, I pulled the "Dick Tracy" Movie bit, where the villain is really a female dressed like a man. I think it's a nice twist.
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Post by JoshuaDunlow » Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:40 pm

Two thumbs up!
For your Pandora character.

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Post by Godfallen » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:13 pm

I trounced the King Nothing character....Perish is such a better route of where I wanted to go with the character.
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Post by Godfallen » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:15 pm

JoshuaDunlow wrote:Two thumbs up!
For your Pandora character.
wow...I have to say, I'm really suprised that everyone likes that build that much. I guess I did ALOT better then I thought, even though I am very happy with it!!

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Post by Godfallen » Sun Apr 15, 2007 6:12 pm

sorry...i been a little lax...computer went down friday night and I have been spending the weekend re-formating....yeah...ughh....I will have several new characters up in the next few days.

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Post by Godfallen » Sat Apr 21, 2007 2:23 pm

I capped Flux too...nothing really origional about him...buh bye Flux...
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Black Orchid - Revised!!

Post by Godfallen » Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:34 am

Black Orchid
Some things are just better left unsaid

Name: Camillia Ysuki

PL: 12
PP: 180

Abilities: STR: 13; DEX: 15; CON: 14; INT: 17; WIS: 19; CHA: 14

Saves: Tough: 4; Fort: 4; Ref: 5; Will: 10

Atk: 10 (melee: 10, rngd: 12)
Def: 8
Ini: 3

Feats: Atk Focus: Ranged (2 ranks); Atk Spec: Mental Blast (3 ranks); Attractive (3 ranks); Benefit: Wealth (4 ranks); Benefit: Yakuza Status (6 ranks); Contacts; Equipment (2 ranks); Precise Shot (2 ranks); Well Informed; Fighting Style: Judo (7 pnts: Accurate attack, Defensive attack, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Imrpoved Trip, Stunning attack)

Telepathy (12 ranks, Perception, Move, Concentration)
--Mind Control (20 ranks, Flaw: Tiring)
--Mind Switch (16 ranks, Flaw: Side Effect: Stun)
--Mind Shield (10 ranks, linked: Mental Deflect) + Mental Deflect (10 ranks, linked: mind shield)
--Mental Blast (8 ranks, +6 bonus)

-Heavy Pistol
-Taser Stick

Skills: Computers: 13; Diplomacy: 15; Gather Information: 14; Intimidate: 15; Knowledge (Criminal Organizations): 18; Language (Japanese, English, Mandrian, Russian, Spanish): 5; Perform (Singing): 19; Search: 17; Sense Motive: 18; Swim: 8

Backstory: There are few women in the heirarchy of the Yakuza, but there is one that stands out, not only among women, but among the Yakuza in general. Camillia Ysuki is the eldest child of Mishawro Ysuki, leader of the Kabuki-mono, the largest recorded yakuza gang in history. She has been many things in her life: daddy's little princess, rebelious teen, and world hopping jet-setter. Now in her late 20's, Camillia Ysuki has bloomed into something no-one ever thought possible: the position of Orchid.
The position of Orchid is the top enforcer and most trusted advisor of the Kabuki-mono gang. There are men that have spent decades trying to win the coveted title, and now Camillia has done in 3 years what most men can't do in a life time.
Much of her placement as Orchid is due to her development of astonishing mental powers. At the age 23, Camillia was hospitolized for migraines so severe they were almost paraliyzing her in pain. After numerous prescriptions didn't work, her father resorted to the last choice: a series of electrical shock sessions.
During on of the last sessions, Camillia began to scream at the top of her lungs. Several attendees rushed in to quite her, only to fall to the ground screaming and clutching their heads. After Camillia quieted down, doctors noticed a severe change in her brain waves. It almost seemed as if she had an increased mental activity of 3x her normal readings.
3 more years of tests and hospitalization saw Camillia Ysuki return home with incredible mental abilities. Her first act home was to shut down the brain activity of every single guard her father had, including the current Orchid at the time. She "convinced" her father that they were trying to weaken him by convincing him of her terrible headaches. She clouded his mind and inserted lie after lie.
After installing herself as the new Orchid, she relized that none of the other gangs would accept her as leader of the Kabuki-mono. She has been content to play the puppeteer to her fathers' marionette, and has vowed to the other families be ever watchful, ever-loving, and ever obediant to her father, while she promises herself that she will be powerful beyond any of their wildiest imaginations.
She has since then grown tired of being behind the scenes, and has ordered several attacks on some of the other Yakuza families. With her father's political and finacial power, she has severe plans on ruling the Kabuki-mono, no matter the costs.

* Black Orchid got a revision just like everyone else. Pushed her up a few lvls, which helped in boosting somethings, but not alot.
I lowered the lvl of her Mind shield, and linked it to a Deflection: Mental. It's gonna be fun trying to get into her head!!!
I also added a Side Effect: Stun flaw to her Mind Switch, as well as slapping a Tiring flaw to her Mind Control. She isn't the most powerful mentalist on the planet, but she is still very dangerous.
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