Woodclaw's 2E - Hercules, Iolaus, Xena, Gabrielle

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Woodclaw's 2E - Hercules, Iolaus, Xena, Gabrielle

Post by Woodclaw »

Woodclaw's Build Thread

Welcome everybody to this highly unlikely build thread. I don't know where I'll end since I have very little plan for the future, maybe I'll stat up some comic book characters, but for now the thread will contain my own original characters (for my still unfinished Generationverse), plus some extra like conversions of some of my group old characters form other gaming systems.

I hope you'll enjoy.

Constructive critics are very welcome.

My collected Home Rules

Showdown in Old Detroit (Robocop vs Snake Plissken)

Woodclaw's armoury


Comic books builds


Marvel Essentials

Cloak & Dagger
Daughters of the Dragon (Colleen Wing & Misty Knight)
Doctor Doom
Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage & Iron Fist)
The Hulk
The Kingpin
The Mandarin
Nick Fury
The Punisher
The Red Skull
Scarlet Spider
Spider-man (classic, symbiote)

- Amora the Enchantress
- Loki, god of mischief
- Lady Sif
- Skurge the Executioner
- The Warriors Three

- Black Knight
- Black Panther
- Black Widow
- Captain America
- Falcon (with Redwing)
- Hank Pym
- Hawkeye
- Hercules
- Iron Man
- Jarvis
- Mockingbird
- Ms Marvel
- Photon
- Quicksilver
- Scarlet Witch
- She-hulk
- Thor
- Thunderstrike
- U.S.Agent
- Vision
- War Machine
- Wasp
- Wonder Man

Fantastic 4
- Human Torch
- Invisible Woman
- Mr. Fantastic
- The Thing

- Chase Stein
- Karolina Dean
- Molly Hayes
- Nico Minoru

- Angel
- Banshee
- Beast
- Colossus
- Cyclops
- Gambit
- Havok
- Iceman
- Jean Grey (with the Phoenix Force)
- Jubilee
- Nightcrawler
- Polaris
- Professor X
- Rogue
- Shadowcat (with Lockheed)
- Storm
- Sunfire
- Thunderbird
- Wolverine

DC Animated Universe

Brainiac (with Brain-ship)
Jax-Ur & Mala
Morgaine le Faye
Solomon Grundy
Vandal Savage

The Thin Blue Line
Gotham City Police Department
- Commissioner James Gordon
- Lieutenant Harvey Bullock
- Detective Renée Montoya
Metropolis Special Crimes Unit
- Commader Maggie Sawyer
- Inspector Dan Turpin

The Bat-Clan
- Alfred Pennyworth
- Batgirl
- Nightwing
- Robin

The Justice League
- Batman
- The Flash
- Green Lantern (John Stewart)
- Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol)
- J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter)
- Superman
- Wonder Woman

- Aquaman
- Black Canary
- Captain Atom
- Captain Marvel
- Doctor Fate (with Inza)
- Etrigan & Jason Blood
- Green Arrow
- Hawk & Dove
- Hawkman (Carter Hall)
- Huntress
- The Question
- Shining Knight
- Stargirl & S.T.R.I.P.E.
- Steel
- Supergirl
- Vigilante
- Vixen
- Wildcat
- Zatanna

- Amanda Waller
- Galatea
Task Force X
- Colonel Rick Flag
- Captain Boomerang
- Clock King
- Deashot
- Plastique

Arkham Files
- Bane
- Catwoman (with Isis)
- Clayface
- Harley Quinn (with Bud & Lou)
- The Joker
- Killer Croc
- Man-Bat
- The Mad Hatter
- Mr. Freeze
- Poison Ivy (with Giant Venus Flytrap)
- The Penguin
- Ra's al-Ghul (with Ubu)
- The Riddler
- Talia al-Ghul
- Two-Face

The Rogues
- Captain Cold
- Mirror Master
- Trickster

Legion of Doom
- Cheetah
- Giganta
- Killer Frost
- Lex Luthor (with Mercy)
- Livewire
- Star Sapphire
- Tala
- Volcana
- Weather Wizard

The New Gods
- Big Barda
- Darkseid
- The Female Furies (Lashina, Mad Harriet, Stompa)
- Granny Goodness
- Kalibak
- Mr. Miracle (with Oberon)
- Orion
- Parademons

Weird Western Tales
- Bat Lash
- El Diablo
- Jonah Hex
- Sheriff Ohiyesha Smith

WW2 heroes
- Blackhawk
- Sgt. Rock
- Steve Trevor

Valiant comics
Archer & Armstrong
The Armorines
Dr. Mirage & Carmen (with Rico)
The Eternal Warrior
The H.A.R.D. Corps (Harbinger Active Resistance Division)
Secret Weapons (Livewire & Stronghold)
The Timewalker

- AX
- Faith Herbert
- Toyo Harada
- Dr. Silk (with Fitzhugh)
- Ninjak
- Mr. Ishmael
- Master Darque & Sandria
- Shadwoman I (Maxim St.James)
- Shadowman II (Jack Boniface)
Turok, the dinosaur hunter
- Mon-Ark (with bionisaurs minion)
- Turok
- Andy
- Regan Howell
X-O Manowar
- Randy Cartier
- Sniper
- Spider Aliens
- X-O Manowar (with Ken Clarkson)


Ready-to-Play Archetypes

Aquaman (Amphibian [Underwater King])
Banshee (Energy Controller [sonic])
Captain America (Super Soldier [the Original])
Deathlok (Cyborg [cybertrooper])
Flash (Speedster [classic])
Hawkeye (Weapon Master [archer])
Human Torch (Elemental [fire])
Invisible Woman (Energy Controller [Barrier Warrior])
Mockingbird (Agent + Martial Artist [staff fighter])
Mr. Fantastic (Gadgeteer + Shapeshifter [elastic])
Nightcrawler (Swashbucker + Speedster [teleporter])
Nightwing (Costume Detective/Martial Artist [Acrobatic Fighter])
Phoenix (Psionic [Telepath-Telekinetic Combo])
Power Girl (Paragon [Flying Brick])
Rogue (Paragon/Power Mimic [Blessed with Sucks])
Storm (Weather Controller [total manipulator])
The Thing (Powerhouse [High Density Brick])
Thunderstrike (Paragon [Demi-God])
Vampirella (Demon [vampire])
War Machine (Battlesuit [Military Grade])
Wolverine (Living Weapons [Claw Guy])
Wonder Woman (Paragon [Demi-Goddess])
Zatanna (Mystic [Stage Magician])


Manga & Anime builds

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Princess Mononoke / San

Lone Wolf and Cub
- Ogami Itto and Daigoro
- Yagyu Retsudo

- Kerberos panzer cops

Record of Lodoss War
- Deedlit
- Etoh
- Ghim
- Parn
- Slayn
- Woodchuck


Literature builds

Conan of Cimmeria
Elric of Melniboné
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (PL6, PL7, Other PL7)
Geralt of Rivia (the Witcher)
Molly Millions
Red Sonja
Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson

- Fred Colon
- Detritus
- Carrot Ironfoundersson
- Nobby Nobbs
- Lady Sybil Ramkin
- Angua Von Überwald
- Sam Vimes

Dresden Files
- Will Borden & Georgia McAllister (from the Alphas)
- Waldo Butters
- Charity Carpenter
- Michael Carpenter
- Molly Carpenter
- Harry Dresden
- Karrin Murphy


Videogames builds

Arcanum: of Steamwork and Magick Obscura
- Mogg Blackpowder

Assassin creed lineage
- Giovanni Auditore da Firenze

- Jen
- Scree

Monkey Island
- Guybrush Threepwood

- Stalker (with Dragoon modications)
- Zealot
- Zeratul
- Ghost
- Marine
- Jim Raynor
- Sarah Kerrigan (human)
- Tychus Findlay
- Hydralisk
- Zergling
- Queen of Blades

Street Fighter
- Chun-Li


Movies, TV & Animations builds

Brother Cadfael
El Mariachi
Indiana Jones
Mad Max
The Man with No Name
Number 6
Snake Plissken

The 13th Warrior
- Ahmad ibn Fadlān
- Buliwyf

Alien / Predator
- Predator
- Ellen Ripley
- Xenomorph drone/soldier
- Xenomorph queen

- Brother Gilbert of Glockenspur
- Draco
- Sir Bowen

- Gabrielle
- Hercules
- Iolaus
- Xena

- Gojira

- ED-209
- Robocop (Officier Alex Murphy)

- T-800

Firefly / Serenity
- Serenity (with support shuttles)

- Shepherd Derrial Book
- Jayne Cobb
- Kaylee Frye
- Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
- Inara Serra
- River Tam
- Simon Tam
- Hoban "Wash" Washburne
- Zoë Washburne

- Marshall Bravestarr
- 30-30
- Deputy Fuzz
- Judge J.B. McBride
- Handlebar


Other games conversions

Ethaner & Kelian (D&D)
Hida Toshimoru (Legens of the 5 Rings)
Count Strahd von Zarovich

Adventurers (original setting)

Warhammer Fantasy
Gotrek & Felix

Warhammer 40,000
Commissar-Colonel Ibram Gaunt (Tanith First-and-Only)


Original builds

Naga, the Poisoner

Amalgam builds
Steve Rogers (Blue Lantern)
Darth Maul (Red Lantern)

Generic fantasy

Generic Modern
Police Detective
Police Officer (basic)
Special Forces Trooper
S.W.A.T. Trooper

Historia Maris


Ancient races


Common races
Giants (Fir-Bolg)



Choker Vine
Eater-of-Death (Ghoul)
Snow Ape (Yeti)

Generationverse builds
Atlanteans Template
Avians Template
Grue Template
Lor Template
Muan Template
Ultiman Template
Utopian Template
Zultasan Template

Pulp / Golden age

Codename: Flammenwerfer - German expert of psycological warfare
Le Ange de Revanche - winged French resistance fighter
Mech Maddie (heroine of two worlds) - split personality gadgeteer/adventurer
Młotek I - Polish powerhouse
Prince Thallor (the Sea Warrior / Generations of Freedom)
Prof. Oberschelden - Nazi expert in grafting and surgery

The Liberty League
- Envoy (Generations of Freedom)

Silver / Bronze age

The Last Guardian - undead hunter construct from ancient Egypt
Młotek II - invulnerable Polish reporter and political dissident
Professor Mephistos - student of occult and professor of ancient literature at Athen's university
Queen Khana (Generations of Freedom)
Tisiphone - queen of European underworld

Euronet/Old Euroforce
- Atalanta - immortal heroine from Greek myths
- Björn Grímsson - immortal viking warrior
- Damu - Lebanese plant based powerbouse
- Κουκουβάγια (Owl) - Greek precognitive costumed adventurer

Iron / Modern age

Loki - morphing spymaster
Star Khan (Generations of Freedom)
Talona (Generations of Freedom)
Witchling - witch in training, daughter of professor Mephistos and the second Owl

Claremont Academy (Generations of Freedom)
- Bankshot
- Bolt
- Changeling
- Elite
- Emissary
- Heartbreaker (Daisy Gibbons)
- Magni
- Megastar
- Mindforce
- Nereid
- Raptor
- Ripper
- Seven
- Sonic
- Ultiteen
- Zarana

Freedom League (Generations of Freedom)
- Pseudo

United Nations Metahuman Crisis Team (UNMeCT)
- Commander Jhask - Muan military atache and commander of the UNMeCT

Office for Paranormal Studies (O.P.S.)
- Director Satō - the man in charge of everything
- The Black Rider - motorcycle riding hero
- Kumori - high tech ninja
- Minagawa Yumiko (the wolf princess) - exorcist and keeper of demon dogs
- Takeshi Yasuo - Spear wielding martial artist and occasional street punk
- Witch Lady Umi - dark magical girl

- Blitzkrieg - German commando and weapon creator
- Fomorian - Irish shapeshifter
- Hood - British weapon master and super agent
- La Picara - Spanish adventurer and former thief
- Młotek III - third generation Polish powerhouse
- Morrighan - scout battlesuit
- Perun - Slovak earth and magma controller
- Tarrasque - French powerhouse, granddaughter of Le Ange
- Valkyrja - Icelandic battlesuit and engineer
- Zefiro - Italian speedster and former firefighter

The Knights of New Avalon
- Gawaine / Anne Kao - Security chief
- Lancelot / Matteo Basile - Cook
- Leodegrance / Micheal Fitzpatrick - Chief engineer
- Kay / Géraldine Charrette - computer technician and hacker
- Mordred / Stefan Banica - pilot
- Perceval / Francisco Cunqueiro - Medic

Angel Falls
- Mindy Marvel
- Soviet Superwoman
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#1 Steve Rogers (Blue Lantern)

Post by Woodclaw »

A first build to start.

In hopeless days, in fearful nights,
When darkness cover everything in sight,
As long as one will stand and fight,
In the darkest hour there will be light.

Amalgam build
Blue Lantern

Steven "Steve" Rogers

Power Level: 12 (266pp)

Abilities: STR: 24 (+7), DEX: 24 (+7), CON: 24 (+7), INT: 14 (+2), WIS: 18 (+4), CHA: 20 (+5)

Skills: Acrobatics 12 (+19), Climb 4 (+11), Concenbtration - (+4), Craft [Artistics] 4 (+6), Diplomacy 12 (+17), Disguise 4 (+9), Drive 4 (+11), Escape artist - (+7), Gather information - (+5), Handle Animal - (+5), Intimidate 3 (+8), Knowledge [History] 8 (+10), Knowledge [Tactics] 12 (+18), Languages 1 (German, Native: English), Medicine 4 (+8), Notice 8 (+12), Pilot 4 (+11), Search - (+2), Sense motive 8 (+12), Stealth 4 (+11), Survival 8 (+12), Swim 4 (+11)

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Assement, Benefit: Masterful tactics, Connected, Diehard, Fearless, Inspire 4, Interpose, Leadership, Luck 1, Precise Shot, Ricochet 2 (Ranged attacks), Takedown Attack 2, Teamwork 2

Blue Lantern ring (Device [hard to lose] 18; PF. Restricted [to those capable of inspiring hope, 2+ rank of Inspire feat]; Drawback: Power loss [when out of others hope; -1] 72pp)
Linked power: Odym Power Ring (Enhanced feats 10 [Minion 10]; 10pp)

Hope reserve (Power reserve 10 [Flight, Space travel, Blue light control (Array)]; Flaw: Uncontrolled; 11pp)


Blue Lantern ring (90pp of effects)
- Communication 20 (Mental / Anywhere in the universe; Flaw: Limited [only other ringbearers] 10pp)
- Enhanced feats 3 (Enviromental adaptation [zero gravity], Quick change 2; 3pp)
- Flight 8 (2500 mph; 16pp)
- Green Lantern ring recharge (Enhanced Feats 1; Alternate power [to Hope reserve]; 1pp)
- AP: Boost 10 (Green Lanters' Willpower reserve only)
- Immunity 10 (Aging, Life support; 10pp)
- Protective field (Linked: Impervious toughness + Force field]; 12pp)
-- Linked: Impervious toughness 8
-- Linked: Force field 3

- Solid light shield (Shield 2; 2pp)
- Space travel 1 (1c; 1pp)
- Blue light control (Array 14; PF: Alternate power 6, Variable descriptor 2 [any electromagnetic]; 32pp)
-- Base power: Light shield toss (Blast 9; Extra: Area [shapeable])
-- AP: Light shield (Deflect 9 [all ranged attacks])
-- AP: Light constructs (Create objects 7; Extra: Impervious, Moveable)
-- AP: Healing 6 (PF: Persistent; Extra: Energizing, Total)
-- AP: Immunity 9 (Life support; Extra: Affect others [only], Area [shapeable])
-- AP: Nullify 12 (Red lanterns' Rage infection)
-- AP: Telekinesis 9 (PF: Precise; Extra: Damaging; Flaw: Feedback)

Combat: Attack +15; Damage +7 (Unarmed) / +9 (Light Shield Toss); Defense +12/+14 with Solid light shield (+6 flat-footed); Initiative +7

Saves: Toughness +7 (+10 [Impervious 8] with Protective field), Fortitude +10, Reflex +10, Will +10

Drawbacks: Normal identity (without the power ring [full-round action]; -4)

Abilities 64 + Skills 27 (108 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 93 + Combat 54 + Saves 12 – Drawbacks -4 = Total 266

Complications: Code of Honor, Fame (as Captain America), Responsibility (as Blue Lantern of Sector 2814)

Tradeoff: +3 Att / -3 Dam; +2 Def / -2 Tou

:arrow: a while ago I stumbled on topic where people were throwing in the most likeable candidates for the various Lantern Corps, and someone suggested Dr. Doom as a Yellow Lantern, from that I started wondering which Marvel character can get to another Corp, and that's the answer

:arrow: first I have to thank Taliesin, both the mechanics for the power ring and the power reserve were borrowed straight from his builds, and also the basic of Cap build came straight from his thread

:arrow: in my build I tried to point out the two things I consider basilar about this amalgam, first Steve has a monster level ability to inspire people and creating hope, this makes his ring's constructs extremly tough and his ability to heal stronger than usual; but at the same time he is very narrow-minded and tends to stitch to what he knows better, usually he simply creates a solid light copy of his old shield and use it the old fashioned way, for the same reason his constructs tend to be quite simple and lacking moveable parts (and like John Stewart's they are usually solid)

:arrow: the ability to supercharge a Green power ring was nightmare to figure out, in the end I went for something as simple and elegant as possible and gave the ring the ability to AP the user Hope reserve to a Boost (Green Lanters' Willpower reserve) with the same number of ranks.

:arrow: since the Blue Lanterns depend on others hope (like the Yellow Lanterns depends on others fear), it seem resonable to me make the Power Reserve Uncontrolled, so the GM can decide how much of it is avaible

:arrow: since this character comes from a little amalgamated setting I was thinkering, and in this world Steve Rogers never felt in the Artic sea, I add the Immunity to aging to the ring to justify how he can be still young and kicking

:arrow: the ring stats are essentialy the same of Taliesin's Oan power rings

Odym Power Ring (Minion Rank 10)


Abilities: STR: -- (--), DEX: 20 (+5), CON: -- (--), INT: 20 (+5), WIS: 10 (+0), CHA: 10 (+0)

Skills: Computers 12 (+17), Knowledge [Civics] 12 (+17), Notice 12 (+12), Search 12 (+17), Sense Motive 12 (+12)

Feats: Assessment [Inspire feat], Eidetic Memory


Corps database link (Datalink 20; Flaw: Limited [to Blue Lantern Corps database only]; 10pp)
Flight 8 (2,500 MPH; 16pp)
Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects; 30pp)
Environmental playback (Illusion 1 [Visual and Auditory]; Flaw: Limited [to playback]; Power Feat: Progression 2 [area; 25 ft. radius]; 4pp)
Morph 1 (any object; 3pp)
Protection 16 (16pp)
Quickness 6 (x100; Flaw: One Type [mental; -1]; 3pp)
Shrinking 20 (Extra: Continuous [+1]; Flaw: Permanent [-1]; Power Feat: Innate; 21pp)
Space Travel 1 (1pp)
Super-Senses 19 (Mental sense type 12 [Accurate, Radius, Ranged 3], Danger Sense [mental], Detect Life 2 [mental; Acute], Electromagnetic Awareness 3 [mental; Acute, Analytical] Time Sense; 19pp)
Universal translator (Comprehend 3 [Languages (speak, understand, read any)]; Extra: Affects Others; 9pp)

Combat: Attack +0 [+12; size]; Damage +0; Defense +0 [+12; size]; Initiative +5

Saves: Toughness +16 [+11; size], Fortitude [Immune], Reflex +10, Will +0

Drawbacks: Disability (no hands; Common, Major; -4pp)

Abilities 0 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 132 + Combat 0 + Saves 5 - Drawbacks 4 = Total 150
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From a dark corner of my mind (my build's thread)
From another dark corner of my mind (my Deviantart page)

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Post by Tattooedman »

Nice build!! I hadn't thought of that idea before, plus the pic of the Blue Ring is just great!
World of Freedom Setting 3E

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Post by MorningKnight »

I truly truly love that Blue Lantern idea.

Cap with a Ring.

Plus, the Blue Lantern powerset seems like it matches one of my character ideas better.

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Post by Wasabi »

Woodclaw wrote:A first build to start.

Amalgam build
Blue Lantern

Steven "Steve" Rogers

:arrow: a while ago I stumbled on topic where people where throwing in the most liaebale candidates for the various Lantern Corps, and someone suggested Dr. Doom as a Yellow Lantern, from that I started wondering which Marvel character can get to another Corp, and that's the answer.
Excellent build and a very interesting idea! Will we been seeing more of these "Marvel" Lanterns in the variety of colors out there? Dr Doom as a Yellow Lantern would be interesting yes but what about the other possibilities.
~ Wasabi ~
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#2 My uncool power character: The Wanderer

Post by Woodclaw »

This was character I put together on a moment notice after reading the "uncool powers" topic. In spite of this I think I'll use it in my Generationverse sooner or later. To be honest I got quite carried away from my original idea and the final build is quite more powerful than I originaly intended despite the low PL.

Image from Pau-Norontaus gallery on Deviantart (the image isn't quite right, Ed is supposed to be maori, but it's evocative enough)

There're things, nasty ones, lurking just beyond the border of your dreams guys and I'm the first, last and only line of defense you'll ever get.

Original build


Ed Grady

Power Level: 6 (157pp)

Abilities: STR: 12 (+1), DEX: 14 (+2), CON: 14 (+1), INT: 16 (+3), WIS: 18 (+4), CHA: 16 (+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+6),Bluff 5 (+8), Climb 3 (+4), Computers 1 (+4), Craft [Artistics] 5 (+8), Diplomacy 3 (+6), Drive 3 (+5), Gather information 3 (+6), Intimidate 3 (+6), Knowledge [Dreamlands lore] 5 (+8), Languages (Native: English, Maori), Medicine 1 (+5), Notice 2 (+6), Ride 2 (+4), Sense motive 4 (+8), Stealth 3 (+5), Swim 4 (+5)

Feats: Attack specialization 2 (Shards of Dreams), Benefit 1 (Lord of Dreams patronage), Distract (Bluff), Dodge focus 4, Eidietic memory, Enviromental adaptation (Dreamlands), Equipment 3, Fascinate (Bluff), Fearless Inspire 2, Leadership, Light sleeper, Luck 3, Second chance (Mind controls)


Dream magic (Enhance feats 2 [Artificer, Ritualist]; Flaw: Only in Dreamlands; 1pp)
Dream tongue (Comprehend 3 [Languages - Understand all, You're understood]; 3pp)
Lord of Dreams Protection (Immunity 10 [Mental effects]; Flaw: Only while sleeping; Drawback: Power loss [if he lose the patronage] 4pp)
Summon 6 (Kain the direwolf; PF: Innate, Mental link; Extra: Heroic; Flaw: Uncontrolled; 7pp)
Super-senses 9 (Detect 2 [Dreaming people; Mental], Dream Awareness [Mental], Analytical [Awareness], Accurate [Mental senses]; PF: Blind-fight; 10pp)
Dream journey (Array 5; PF: Alternate power 2; 12pp)
- Base power: Dream travel 10
- AP: Teleport 9 (20000 miles; PF: Change velocity; Flaw: Long range only, Medium [Sleeping people])
- AP: Super-movement 1 (Dimensional 1 [To the Heart fo Dream]; Affect Others)

Dreamscape mastery (Array 10; PF: Alternate power 2; 22pp)
- Base power: Dream control 6 (PF: Subtle 2)
- AP: Twisting dreamscape (Damage 5; PF Indirect 3; Extra: Alternate save [Will], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Limited [Only in Dreamlands])
- AP: Dream gift (Dream control 6; PF: Triggered; Extra: Indipendent)

Shards of dreams (Array 8; PF Alternate power 1; Flaw: Check required [Knowledge: Dreamlands lore]; 9pp)
- Base power: Memories of dreams (Emotion control 8; Extra: Indipendent)
- AP: Stuff dreams are made of (Gadgets 2; Flaw: Easy to lose)

Equipment: Camera (1ep), Cell Phone (1ep), Laptop computer (1ep)
Trenchcoat (Protection 2; Subtle; 3ep)
Motorcycle (Medium; Tou 8; Speed 5; 9ep)

Combat: Attack +2 (+6 with Shard of Dreams); Damage +1 (Unarmed) / or by Gadgets configuration; Defense +7 (+2 flat-footed); Initiative +2

Saves: Toughness +2 (+4 with trenchcoat), Fortitude +4, Reflex +4, Will +5

Abilities 30 + Skills 13 (54 ranks) + Feats 21 + Powers 78 + Combat 10 + Saves 5 – Drawbacks 0 = Total 157

Complications: Fame (painter and illustrator), Responsibility (Oath to the Lord of Dreams)

:arrow: the Lord of Dreams is a generic entity that rules over a dimension composed of people dreams, similar to Gaiman's Sandman

:arrow: more or less all or Wanderer powers are based upon the stunt that Morpheus/Sandman did in the first issues of his serie

:arrow: Wanderer dream manipulation powers can be divided in three big groups represented by his 3 arrays: first the ability to move inside people dreams and to the Heart of Dreams; second the ability to reshape the landscape of dreams (dreamscape for short) according to his needs, including the ability to use it against other people (this ability can also be used to provide someone a pre-programed dream or nightmare); third the ability to conjure little pieces (called shards) of the dreamland into reality, these can take form of images of past dreams (that usually triggered an emotional response) or little objects (usually weapons or utility objects).
Typical configurations:

- Nightmare forged battle axe (Strike 4; PF: Incurable, Mighty; Extra: Penetrating 4)

- Spectre of a gun (Blast 4; PF: Affect insubstantial 2)

- Lantern of truth (Supersenses 4 [Counters concealment (Visual), Counters illusion (Visual)]; Extra: Affect others)
:arrow: Ed is able to summon his "dream companion" a huge speaking black wolf that refer to himself as Kain. Kain is an indipendent living entity so he can't be nullified, and he can decide not to answer the call based on his mood so the power is uncontrolled. Kain is a better fighter than Ed by a long shot and so he can be considered a "reversed minion". The build is based upon Jab's animal builds.
Image from Jocarra gallery on Deviantart

Kain the direwolf (Minion Rank 6 / PL 8)

Abilities: STR: 22 (+6), DEX: 14 (+2), CON: 20 (+5), INT: 10 (+0), WIS: 16 (+3), CHA: 6 (-2)

Skills: Escape artist 2 (+4), Intimidate 5 (+6), Notice 5 (+8), Sense motive 3 (+6), Stealth 9 (+7), Survival 3 (+6)

Feats: Attack focus 4 (Melee), Dodge focus 2, Endurance, Improved grab, Improved trip, Set up, Teamwork

Growth 4 (Large size; PF Innate; Extra Duration 1; Flaw: Permanent; 13pp)
Speed 1 (1pp)
Super-movement 5 (Sure footed 3, Trackless, Water walking; Extra Affet others [Trackless only]; 11pp)
Super-senses 4 (Darkvision, Scent, Tracking 1 [Scent]; 4pp)

Combat: Attack +5 (+9 melee); Damage +7 (Bite); Defense +7 (+3 flat-footed); Initiative +2

Saves: Toughness +5 , Fortitude +5, Reflex +4, Will +5

Drawbacks: Disability (No hands; -4pp)

Abilities 16 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 31 + Combat 24 + Saves 4 – Drawbacks -4 = Total 90

Full name: Eruera Grady
Citizenship: New Zealand citizen with minor criminal records for drunkness and unarmed assault
Birth: March 17th 1979, Wellington region, New Zealand
Profession: illustrator

:idea: I corrected a couple of details, added Kain's picture, the Subtle PF to the standard Dream control and reduced the cost of the Shards Array, I'm sorry for the bad editing.

:idea: Another small update, I revisioned the way the third array works
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The Wanderer is very nifty.

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Post by Woodclaw »

Wasabi wrote:Excellent build and a very interesting idea! Will we been seeing more of these "Marvel" Lanterns in the variety of colors out there? Dr Doom as a Yellow Lantern would be interesting yes but what about the other possibilities.
:oops: I'm sorry for the dealy in my answer. :oops:

Anyway I don't think I'll stat any other "Marvel lantens", at least for a while. The problem with the lanterns is that their power set are usually only half defined, what I mean is certain authors portaried the Green power ring to be able to perform any feat imaginable (a friend of mine called it "The ring of infinte wishes"), and the fact that I doesn't read much comics recently doesn't help either.

But if there is anyone out there that care to try there are a couple fo ideas that I put together with some friends of mine.

Green lantern
- Ben Grimm

Yellow lantern
- Dr. Doom (also a possible Green lantern, over the top ego-fuelled willpower)

Black lantern
- Jean Grey
- Wonder man

Red lantern
- Sabertooth
- Omega red
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The wanderer build is very compelling. I like what I see here.
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#3 Generationverse (Golden age): Le Ange de Revanche

Post by Woodclaw »


The following is my first Generationverse build posted on the ATT. So there are a couple of notes, since these builds are med for my campaign I used the Graded language option (I'm a former student of "Foreign languages and literatures" so the usual 1rank=full proficiency rule always bothered me) a certain number of extra feats plus the extra skills of Demolitions and Gambling are used. Plus I usually remade certain pieces of equipment to match my needs, sometimes in the future I'll post a revised weapon table on this topic.

Another element is the Gene-factor, a lot of my builds will have this descritor. In my campaign the Gene-factor is a micro power suite (usually worth 1-5pp) that is Innate, this represent a certain genetic advantage (faster recovery, knack for calculations, a better night vision etc.) usually transmitted to one's descendants

Ami, entends-tu le vol de le Ange sur nos plaines ? (Friend, do you hear the Angel flight over our plains?)

Le Ange de Revanche (The Angel of Revenge)
Isabeau Leferre

Power Level: 8 (133pp / 127pp Minionless)

Abilities: STR: 14 (+2), DEX: 18 (+4), CON: 14 (+2), INT: 14 (+2), WIS: 14 (+2), CHA: 16 (+3)

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+6), Bluff 5 (+8), Climb 4 (+6), Craft [Mechanical] 3 (+5), Diplomacy 5 (+8), Disable device 2 (+4), Drive 1 (+5), Gather information 5 (+8), Intimidate 3 (+6), Knowledge [Current events] 4 (+6), Knowledge [Tactics] 4 (+6), Languages 3 (English [poor], German [fair]; Native: French [good]), Medicine 3 (+5), Notice 6 (+8), Profession: Nurse 4 (+6) Search 3 (+5), Sense motive 6 (+8), Sleight of hand 1 (+5) Stealth 3 (+7) Survival 2 (+4), Swim 3 (+5)

Feats: Attack Focus (Ranged) 2, Connected, Defensive Roll 3, Dodge focus 2, Elusive target, Equipment 7, Favored Enviroment (Airborne) 4, Favored Opponent (Airplanes) 1, Interpose, Minions 6 (10 Veteran French Partisans, 45pp each), Move-By Action, Seize Initiative, Sneak Attack 1, Teamwork 2

Grafted Wings (Array 5; PF: Alternate Power 1, Improved Trip; Drawback: Power Loss [when wings are restricted, damaged or immobilized; Common, Minor, -2 pp]; 10pp)
- Base Power: Flight 4 (100 mph; PF: Moving feint, Subtle 1)
- AP: Visual Dazzle 5 (Extra: Cone Area; Flaw: Range I [Touch]; Drawback: Power loss [Only when within 10 feet from the ground, Uncommon, Minor, -1 pp])

Gene factor (Regeneration 2 [+2 recovery checks] PF: Innate; 3 pp)
Chemical boosted regeneration (Regeneration 4 [Disabled / 1 hour, Ability damage / 1hour]; PF: Persistent; Flaw: Tiring; 3 pp)
Symbol of Hope (Enhanced feats 6 [Inspire 2, Leadership, Luck 3]; Flaw: Limited [Inspire and Leadership works only on French partisans], Limited [Luck can only be used on Symbol of Hope Feats]; 3pp)

Equipment: Aviator Googles (as Flash Googles, 1 ep), Binoculars (1 ep), Flashlight (1 ep), First-aid Kit (0 ep)
Custom-fitted Leather Jacket (1 ep; Protection 1)
Knife (4 ep; +1 Piercing Damage; crit 19; Mighty, Throw)
Salvaged German Arsenal (Array 23 ep)
- MP-40 (+3 Ballistic Damage; crit 20; 30'; Autofire 1)
- P08 Luger (+3 Ballistic Damage; crit 20; 30')
- M-24 Stielhandgranate (+5 Explosive Damage; crit 20; Area [Explosion/50']; Throw 2, Indirect 2)
- Jury-rigged Panzerfaust (+8 Explosive Damage; crit 20; 80'; Area 4 [Explosion/40'])

4ep in mission specific equipment

Combat: Attack +4/+6 (Ranged), (+6/+8 Airborne); Damage +2 (Unarmed) / +3 (Knife) / or by weapon; Defense +8/+10 Airborne (+3 Flat-footed); Initiative +4

Saves: Toughness +5/+6 with jacket (+2/+3 flat-footed), Fortitude +7, Reflex +8, Will +7

Abilities 30 + Skills 18 (72 ranks) + Feats 32 + Powers 19 + Combat 20 + Saves 14 – Drawbacks 0 = Total 133

Complications: Reputation (French Resistance icon), Enemy (prof. Oberschelden)

Tradeoff: +2 Def / -2 Tou

:arrow: for my first official Generationverse build I choose to do something simple, Isabeau is basicly a classic winged hero, mixed with a low end blaster and with a couple of extra twists to ensure she has a little more options.

:arrow: airborne Isabeau use the full rank of the Favored enviroment obtaining a +2 to attacks and a +2 to her dodge bonus

:arrow: her Dazzle power simulate a sweep of her wings used to throw dust or sand on her opponent's faces attempting to blind/choke them, likewise the Improved Trip PF simulate her ground-based fighting style using her wings to get an advantage on her opponents.

:arrow: on the ground Isabeau operates offensivly as a PL 5-6 (7 with the Panzerfaust) character focused on ranged combat, defensivly she work as a PL 7 character. While airborne and armed with a Panzerfaust, or another equivalent anti-tank weapon, she hits all her PL caps operating at her full role of flying blaster.

:arrow: only 4 ranks of the Panzerfaust damage are explosive, if I get the rule right this means that the main target (the one at the center of the explosion) has to save a +8 damage, any other target in the area will be struck by a +4 explosion effect. This is the best way I found to simulate a vectored explosion.

:arrow: for her minions use the partisan archetype from Golden Age modifing the stats to represent various roles and adding up top 5pp as needed by specialization (medic, saboteur, radio operator, sniper etc.).

:arrow: this build is meant to simulate Isabeau around the end of 1943, before that she packed a Panzer Knacker anti-tank grenade or a modified Tellermine 35, instead of the Panzerfaust (it wasn't avaible yet) and she doesn't have any minion. The arsenal should be replaced with the following, the Equipment feat reduced to 5 ranks, the minion feat eliminated and she will end costing only 125pp.
Salvaged German Arsenal (Array 16 ep)
- MP-40 (+3 Ballistic Damage; crit 20; 30'; Autofire 1)
- P08 Luger (+3 Ballistic Damage; crit 20; 30')
- M-24 Stielhandgranate (+5 Explosive Damage; crit 20; Area [Explosion/50']; Throw 2, Indirect 2)
- Panzer Knacker / Modified Tellermine 35 (+8 Explosive Damage; crit 20; Area 4 [Explosion/40']; Triggered [goes off 1 round after the placement])

1 ep in mission specific equipment
Personal notes

Isabeau spawned from two considerations about winged superheroes, first I never understand why winged heroes are always portrayed as close combat fighters, in a world where everybody can fly under his own power (like the DCAU Thangar) it makes sense, but on Earth forcing a winged flyer close to the ground enough to attack with his bare hands is a suicidal idea; second, except for a couple of panels of Claremont's second X-men run, I never see a winged hero using his wings in close combat while on the ground (Archangel metal wings are another story). It's true that the position is quite awkward to use them as attack points, but they can be quite useful to feint, trip or otherwise distract a opponent.


Full name: Isabeau Iréne Leferre
Citizenship: French citizen with no criminal records
Birth: October 3rd 1914, Brest, France
Profession: French resistance fighter (former nurse)
Active as hero: December 1940 - April 1945


Isabeau's most defining trait is are her willpower and her care for others. Like most of her female relatives she is an extremly resolute woman, before the war this trait was tempered by a feeling of empathy with the rest of the world. This changed after the operation that gave her the wings, all her suppressed rage exploded in a moment and for several months it became a trait so dominant to suffocate any other, as time passed her rage subsided and she was slowly turning back to her original personality. The loss of her wings in 1945 was a relativly minor trauma for her, since she linked them to several unpleasant memories and felt them as a barrier between her and the rest of the world.

Genetic factor

Isabeau's family have superior recovery abilities that enhable them to heal faster than a normal human being, by consequence they are usually healtier and stronger than their appareance suggest.

Generation factor

Isabeau is the maternal grandmother of Iréne Durand, the iron/modern age French mutant superheroine Tarrasque, she is also related, through her granduncles, to the Canadian cyborg soldier Thomas Morgan Wales (a.k.a. Siege).


Born in Brest at the beginning of WWI, Isabeau first memories were the trails of wounded soldier coming back from the front, somehow this scene conditioned all the rest of her life. When she was 10 years old she announced her decision to became a medic, what looked like a child's caprice become a driving force in her life. Unfortunatly her family couldn't afford the expenses to send her to the college for a proper medical education, so she turned to became a nurse. In 1940 she witnessed the German invasion but she choose to lie low and watching the events, but after her fiancèe Jean Aulant joined the resistance she did that too, forming a makeshift cell in Brest. During one of their first operations the partisans were surprised by a mixed unit of German soldiers and Breton collaborationist, she was captured and sent to Germany. She was enlosed, alongside other irregulars (people who aren't P.O.W., and that the Reich needed out of the way nonetheless) in a secret prison camp near Kleve, they became the subjects for the experiment of professor Rudolf Oberschelden, one of the Reich top biologist. Obershelden's experiments were focused around the possibility of grafting artificially growth tissues on the human body to replace missing limbs. After his first successes Oberschelden's experiments grew increasingly erratic, up to the point that he decided to implant nonhuman appendages on a human body to test the limits of his technique, he met a series of failures except with Isabeau. Thanks to her Gene-factor, not only she survived, but her body was able to adapt the muscular and nervous systems to her new wings. Using this fact at her own advantage she was able to escape destroying a large part of the camp equipment and wounding Obershelden in the process. She fleed to France where she rejoined the Resistance with a newfound confidence and a lot of extra anger. After her first exploits against the german troops the French propaganda turned her in a sort of icon against the german superhumans, and dubbed her Le Ange de Revenche, she didn't like it but there was nothing she can do about it.

Final destiny

Le Ange remained active during the whole war acting as a scout, courier and aerial support for the Resistance, particulary Combat-zone nord, quite often she did the same for other Allied superhumans operating in France. She apparently met her fate on April 6th 1945 during a scout patrol over West Germany, a unidentified pilot flying a Messerschmitt Me 163 "Komet" shot her crippling her wings. She survived the fall, but suffered several crippling injuries, a British scout patrol recovered her a few hour later. It took multiple surgical operations to save her, in the end her wings had to be amputate along with the lower part of her right leg, she used a prothesis for the rest of her life. Somehow she coped well with her loss, she said that a leg was small price to pay to remove the worst memento of her whole life, and lived a long happy life. She married Jean Aulant in spring 1946 and they moved to Tarrascone the same year, they had daughter, Marie, in 1950, that didn't have any superpower. In 1956 she return to the college and five years later she became a medic. She died on April 6th 1995, during the last years of her life she wrote several articles and a book against the "Vichy Syndrome", the épuration sauvage ("wild purge", the wave of executions, public humiliations, assaults and detentions of suspected collaborators that hit France after the liberation) and the revisionism of several of her contemporaries.
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I adore Isabeau. Nice work on a classic archetype made pretty powerful, and very adept.

I like the incorporation of her wings into her fighting style - the Dazzle and Improved Trip are brilliant.

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Got some good work going on here; Keep it up. 8)

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Generationverse (Modern age): Euroforce

Post by Woodclaw »

I have decided to keep things into family, so after Le Ange I stated her granddaughter Tarrasque, but since Tarrasque is a member of my European based team, I decided to post some informations on the team first.

NOTE: the team rooster is still unfinished if anyone have some good idea for a European, Middle east or North African superhero, please let me know.


Group shot: (front row, from left to right) Hood, La Picara, Młotek, Blitzkrieg (behind Młotek and Morrighan), Morrighan, Zefiro, Perun;
(back row, from left to right) Fomorian, Valkyrja (in flight), Tarrasque


After WW2, Europe experienced a sudden reduction in the active superhuman population. Too many unplesant memories where linked to the SS-Leibstandarte "Siegfried", the Nazi superhuman team active from 1942 onward. And, at the same time, the large population basin of the east Europe was under the control of the KGB, which scrutinized the population looking for new potential metahuman to use as part of black ops units.
This situation started to change around the 70s, when many B and C-league American supervillains crossed the Atlantic and attempted to make fortune in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to the fragmented nature of the European territory they where quite successful.The Interpol decided to undertook some steps to correct this situation starting the so-called "Project Euronet". In theory Euronet was communication network between all the european superheroes meant to make easier to coordinate the efforts, but in the end it became more of a unit of superhumans that enjoyed the Interpol supranational status. For almost two decades Euronet was the premiere European superhuman team. In 1992, after the Maastricht treaty the Euronet project passed under the Europol's control.
The team faced his worst crisis two years later in 1994, during the so-called Bruxelles crisis. During a full assembly of the European Council a team of supervillains broke in and took several Prime Ministers hostage. Euronet was called on the scene and after a tough battle was able to save the situation. In the wake of the battle, the British mercenary known as Murderer approached Hood - then team leader - and balckmailed him.
Murdered knew Hood's real identity and threatned to kill Hood's sister. Hood didn't answer and simply shot Murderer in cold blood. A BBC cameraman recorded the scene - but was too far to get any audio - it became one of the most know scene of the decade. Hood never explained his actions to the press but immediatly resigned his position and went undergound.
To avoid more sever repercussions the European Commission decided to enforce a more strict control on the team, introducing more restrictive regulation for the use of superhuman resources and making their approval mandatory for all the new members (before team operated on volunteer base). Several goverments, particulary French and Germany, seized the chance to place some govermental-sanctioned representative in the team, but this move backfired quite rapidly.
By the end of 1996 Euroforce was in a complete state of disarray, some historical members - like Κουκουβάγια - resigned their position in protest against the new regulations. Fleur de Lys (the French representative) disappeared after severing all her links to the French goverment. Blitzkrieg (the German representative) and Zefiro were wounded during a mission in Bosnia, forcing both of them out of action. Due to the grievous situation the EC decided to disband the team.

In 1998 a joint effort from Tarrasque, Zefiro and Morrighan to stop S.H.A.D.O.W. from hijacking an uranium transport created the basics for the creation of the new Euroforce.
In the following years the new team work hard to gain recognition and to fill the void of experience. They recruited members of the old Euronet as members and trainers, seek the patronage of the Interpol and - after getting their base operational - recruited a team of specialist to act as pit-stop crew.
Today Euroforce enjoys a special mandate as Interpol indipendent superhuman crisis unit, this mandate allows them to act as recognized law officiers in the whole Europe and some countries of the Middle east and North Africa. The team is formed by a core unit of 4-7 members and several local affiliated that are contacted according to the need of the moment.

Euroforce includes three levels of membership Alpha, Beta and Gamma.
  • Alpha: all the current members of the core team enjoyed this level of membership. Alpha membership includes an international mandate to pursue recognized criminals (like the Interpol's) and a limted access to Interpol's and Europol's databases. When a member left his position in the core team is usually moved to Beta membership. According to the team chart there must be at least 4 Alpha members at any given time but no more than 7
    Beta: this level identifies local heroes or mission specialist that are affiliated with Euroforce, usually they are called in on a local or mission basis. They have a reduced degree of autonomy can pursuit criminals within the courtries of the EU or, if specificaly asked by the local goverment, in other countries
    Gamma: the honourary membership level, Gamma identifies those heroes that aren't members of Euroforce but are usually contacted to handle certain specific emergecies. As a mark of respect all the members of the odl Euronet team are automaticly considered Gamma members
Current Team Rooster

Alpha Level Beta Level
  • Britannia (Maragret Collins; see "Book of Magic" p. 107)
  • Fomorian
  • Młotek III (often working as a Alpha)
  • Peacemaker (As-Salaam; see "Paragons" p. 162)
  • Valkyrja
Gamma Level ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Thrash'em, 'Force."
Team usage: Euroforce (an earlier version was used by Euronet during the Bruxelles Crisis)
Individual User: usually Hood or the appointed team leader
Effect: Usually shouted while lauching themselves into the fray under the worst condition, what started just as one of Hood bad jokes have become a sort of lucky charm for the team and a memento of the need to stand their ground as a team no matter the chances
Mechanics: Enhaced Feat 2 (Last Stand, Teamwork 1; PF: Selective; Extra: Affects Others, Area [perception, auditory]) (7pp)

In the first months of 2001 the team experienced a major crisis when O.D.I.N. (Valkyrja's experimental AI) tried to destroy the team in an attempt to safeguard Valkyrja's life. After that Valkyria reprogrammed it so that it can't access Euroforce Equipment without explicit authorization.
Image from Talros gallry on Deviantart

HQ: New Avalon

Size: Gargantuan (building)
Toughness: +15

Features: Communications, Computer (Pendragon System), Defense system (autocannons, anti-naval mines, ECM and ECCM), Dock, Fire prevention system, Hangar, Infirmary, Isolated, Laboratory, Living space (very cramped), Power system, Security system 2, Workshop

Total cost: 20ep

:arrow: New Avalon is a former offshore platform built North-East of the Shetland Islands by the Dynlar GmbH. After the bankruptcy of Dynlar the platform was acquired by the Völundr Enterprises and refurnished as a research facility, after the creation of the new Euroforce Katrin Sigurðdottir "sold" it to the team

:arrow: the New Avalon mainframe was nicknames Pendragon by Morrighan - which caused b- it's a simplified and not completly self-avware version of the O.D.I.N. system

:arrow: the base is served by a team of specialists usually referred as "The Knights of New Avalon"
Image from Gideon020 gallery on Deviantart

Vehicle: Merlin

Size: Gargantuan
Toughness: +13
Strength: 55
Defense: +6 (+10 vs electonicaly guided weapons)

Features: Alternate movement [swimming], Communications, Navigation system 2, Remote control

Immunity 6 (Envrionmental Conditions [all], Suffocation 1 [drowning]; 6ep)
Jammers (Shield 4; Flaw: Limited [electronicaly guided weapons]; 2ep)
Sensors (Super-senses 9 [Distance sense, Time sense, Infravision, Radar (Radio, Accurate, Extended 2)]; 9ep)
Stealth system (Concealment 4 [Infravision, Radio senses]; Flaw: Passive [Radar only]; Extra: Duration 1 [Continuous]; Flaw: Permanent; 6ep)
Variable geometry jets (Flight 8 [2500 mph]; Drawbacks: Forward Only, Power loss 1 [no space flight capability; -1]; 12ep)
Weapon Systems (Array 11; PF Alternate powers 2; 24ep)
- Base power: Twin-Linked Mauser Bk-27 (Blast 7; PF: Improved Range 1, Progression 1 [range]; Extra: Autofire 1)
- AP: Excalibur anti-tank missile (Blast 10; PF: Improved Range 1, Progression 1 [range], Homing 1; Extra: Area [Explosion, Targeted, 4 ranks], Penetrating [6 ranks]; Flaw: Unreliable [5 uses])
- AP: 3M rockets volley (Blast 7; PF: Improved Range 1, Progression 1 [range], Progression 2 [Increase area]; Extra: Area [Shapeable, General]; FLaw. Unreliable [5 uses])

Totale cost: 75ep

:arrow: Merlin is Euroforce primary vehicle, a very tough prototype VTOL plane recovered from one of the team first missions

:arrow: opposite to the usual superhuman team tradition, the Meraln was originally a military vehicle and it still carries some weapons

:arrow: the engines and the stealth system were modified using Morrighan's and Valkyrja's technology, whioch makes Merlin capable of operating underwater, but the vehicle is still incapable of flying outside the atmosphere
Euroforce communicator

Commlink (plus Progression 3 [up to 10 other communicators at once] and Subtle 1 [military scrambler]; 4ep)
GPS locator (1ep)

Total cost: 6pp
The standard Euroforce's comunicator uses a very high frequency band making it a lot more difficult to jam or intecept, but also incapable to comunicate on normal frequencies. To communicate behind the normal distance (about 5 miles) the communication can piggyback upon other signals (like phone calls, CB radios etc.) to reach the intended destination. Each commmunicator has a unique electronic signature that enable the user to choose who to communicate with, plus it can act as a GPS locator.

:idea: A slight update on HQ and Vehicle after re-reading "Agents of Freedom", plus I added the team battlecry based upon the mechanics proposed by BatgirlIII in her build thread.
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#4 Generationverse (Modern age): Tarrasque

Post by Woodclaw »

As I said keeping things within family.

Saving people is something running into the family, being a superhero... not so much.

Iréne Durand

Power Level: 10 (160pp)

Abilities: STR: 18/22/36 (+4/+6/+13), DEX: 14 (+2), CON: 18/32 (+4/+11), INT: 12 (+1), WIS: 14 (+2), CHA: 14 (+2)

Skills: Climb 1 (+10), Drive 2 (+4), Intimidate 5 (+7), Knowledge (current events) 3 (+4), Knowledge (life sciences) 3 (+4), Language 4 (English [fair], French Sign Language [fair]; native: French [good]), Medicine 3 (+5), Notice 6 (+8), Profession (shopkeeper) 3 (+5), Search 4 (+5), Sense Motive 5 (+7), Stealth 4 (+6), Swim 1 (+10)

Feats: Attack Focus 3 (melee), Attack Specialization 1 (massive hurled objects), Distracting Looks 3, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 2, Interpose

Amateur Savate de Rue (fighting style): All-Out Attack, Improved Critical 1 (unarmed), Power Attack, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 1

(Crushing Pin, Fast Overrun, Improved Initiative 1)


Density 4 (Strength +8, Imeprvious Toughness +2, weight x2; PF: Buoyant, Fast Overrun, Crushing Pin; Extra: Duration 1 [Continuous]; Flaw: Permanent; 29pp)
- Immovable 1 (Extra: Unstoppable)
- Super-Strength 4 (heavy load: 30 tons; PF: Bracing, Groundstrike, Dynamic, Dynamic Alternate Power 2)
  • -- DAP: Leaping 8 (jumping distance x500)
    -- DAP: Multiple Powers (Speed + Swimming)
    • Speed 4 (100 mph; PF: Moving Feint)
    • Swimming 4 (25 mph)

Enhaced Constitution 14 (14pp)
Enhaced Strength 10 (10pp)
Fast (Quickness 2 [task speed x5]; PF: Improved Initiative 1; 3pp)
Impervious Toughness 3 (3pp)
Regeneration 12 (Bruised [no rest], Injured [1 round], Staggered [1 minute], Disabled [1 hour]; 12pp)
Resilient (Immunity 7 [Disease, Environmental Condition 3 (heat, cold, pressure), Starvation & Thirst, Suffocation 2 (all)]; Flaw: Half-effect [all but Environmentals]; 5pp)
Super-Senses 7 (Extended 1 [all Visual and Auditory], Low-Light Vision, Scent, Ultra-Hearing; 7pp)

Equipment: Euroforce Communicator (6ep), Polarized COntacts and Earplugs (see notes; 2ep)

2ep in mission equipment

Combat: Attack +4 (+7 melee, +6 hurled objects); Damage +4/+13 (unarmed), or by power of choice; Defense +7 (+2 Flat-footed); Initiative +2/+6

Saves: Toughness +4/+13 (Impervious 5), Fortitude +4/+11, Reflex +5, Will +7

Drawbacks: Vulnerable (perception based effects [Very Common, +50% DC]; -4pp), Weakness (sensory overload [common, instant Stun effect]; -3pp)

Abilities 30 + Skills 11 (44 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 83 + Combat 18 + Saves 8 - Drawbacks 7 = 160

  • Enemy (the Project): while the Project at large was shut down for good some rigue agents are still around and targeting Iréne
  • Prejudice (openly mutant): Tarrasque openly admitted being a mutant a long time ago, which made her subject of much racism and questioning
  • Reputation (goverment-sponsored heroine): while she cut all her ties with the French secret service a while back, some people still consider her the French goverment pet-hero
  • Responsibility (victims of the Project): as former poster-girl of the Project Iréne feel responsible for the security and the well-being of the other survivors
  • Secret (identity): Iréne is 2.10 meters tall (around 7 feet) and built like a olympic swimmer, while she usually wear a blonde wig and dark contacts to diguise herself, it's still hard not to relate her two idenities
:arrow: Tarrasque is a back-to-basic paragon, which means a human being dialed up to 11. I stripped pretty much all the kryptonian style extras (flight, heat vision, x-rays, super-breath ecc.) in order to simplify the build

:arrow: opposite to the usual paragon/tank build, Tarrasque isn't particulary Impervious to damage, she can soak up anything up to a standard assault rifle, but anything bigger than that will hurt her, on the other hand she regenerate damage at superhuman speed, so she can be back in business in just a couple of minutes

:arrow: the sensory based weaknesses are my unique twist to the build, having all her senses amped up to 11, Tarrasque is especially vulnerable to sensory based attacks and is more prone to sensory overload than normal people. The polarized contacts and earplugs help her dealing with this by decresing the Vulnerability intesity by one rank (+1 save DC) and weakness frequency to Uncommon

:arrow: as usual the stats before the slashes are those of her basic form, the Strength score has 3 values unpowered, with Density and full power

:arrow: like my Superman build Tarrasque has the Half-Effect Immunity to Suffocation, which means that she can keep her breath for 32 rounds (64 if prepared by taking a deep breath) and can continue to keep it for another 22 rounds before the Fortitude save DC is worst than 50%. This along with her Swimming speed and Super-Strength makes her one of the premiere underwater fighters of Euroforce


Full name: Iréne Paulette Durand
Citizenship: French citizen with no criminal records
Birth: July 9th 1973, Tarrascone, France
Profession: Baker
Active as hero: 1992 - present


Iréne passed through two very different phases, during her Fleur de Lys days she was quite cocky and self-centred, too focused on the idea of doing big tasks and "being special" to care about others. After the discovery of her grandmother's diaries and her past heroic efforts during WW2 and her retraining she became more level-headed and reliable, but still quite headstrong and carefree. Some people commented that she exchanged the excessive care for herself with an excessive care for others, nevertheless she is now a very reliable member of Euroforce.

Generation factor

Iréne is the granddaughter of Isabeau Leferre - the WW2 heroine known as Le Ange de Revanche - but she was oblivious of her grandmother superhuman days until after her death in 1995. Like Isabeau, Iréne can heal at accelerated speed but, like many other thrid or fourth generation superhumans, to a scale a lot higher than her predecessors.
Plus she is she is also very far related to the Canadian cyborg soldier Thomas Morgan Wales (a.k.a. Siege).


Iréne have always been a big girl - 6 Kg at birth, two times a normal baby - so big in fact that some people suspected she suffered of some form of acromegaly, but she lacked any other sign of the illness. Neither she displayed any anomaly in her Pituitary gland like people affected by gigantism, she was simply big and extremly strong, without sufferign of any apperent lack of coordination or mental problems. Over the years that gave her a incredible edge in sports, to the point that when she was 16 she was took under scrutiny to compete at next Olympics (Barcelona 1992) as a decathlete. The dream to become a professional athlete shattered about a year later in 1990, when Iréne was involved in a freaky car accident, not only she survived with only minimal bruises, but she was able to rip the wreckage with her bare hands and extract other people from it before help arrived. As her power became apparent and she realized that she was a mutant, Iréne quitted the olympic team and for the next months kept a low profile.
About 6 months later she was contacted by representative of the goverment. At the time several European countries were worried about the increasing number of mutants appearing on the scene, so sevreal of them (including France) were starting experimental programs to study, educate and help mutants to integrate. The obvious secondary objective of these programs was to test the possibility to use these metahumans for military scopes. Iréne was by far the most powerful they had found and so they molded her into the "poster-girl" for the program. With the codename Fleur-de-Lys Irene debuted in 1992, barely 19, and immediatly became a media icon. Being superhumanly powerful, under the constant spotlight of the media and surrounded by people who constantly reminded her how special she was, Iréne developed a inflated ego and cocky attitude, which caused her to misjudge situations sevral times.
It took tragedy to bring her back to earth, in 1996 her grandmother Isabeau died and left Iréne her diaries and several mementos of her own adventures during WW2. Discovering that she wasn't the first superheroine in the family and that her grandmother had kept it secret for 50 years was a big shock for Iréne. First of all she revealed her secret idenityt to her parents who, while disapproving how she was handling herself, didn't fully descouraged her from continuing. A lot more cautious now Iréne stumbled upon a second discovery shortly thereafter: one of her best friends in the program, a speedster called Tornade, disappeared. Looking for her Iréne stumbled upon a file about using mutants in black-ops, it included a list of young mutants from the program that the DGSE had "loaned" to the NATO to perform espionage operations in the Middle East, Tornade was one of them and she was listed as MIA. Enraged she stormed the Program main lab in Noisy-le-Sec, the DSGE agents were able to drove her away, but not before a large part of the installation was trashed and various mutants freed.
While the same DSGE covered the events, Iréne was now a wanted woman and too make things even worst Euronet has disbanded just a while ago. Pulling some strings and asking lots of favours back from old comrades and some Interpol agents she helped in the past Iréne was able to move to Greece. There she contacted Cassandra Phocas (aka Κουκουβάγια) a former member of Euronet that helped her to hide and retrained her into fighting without relying too much on her powers. While still wanted in 1998 Iréne was forced out of retirement to stop a S.H.A.D.O.W. operation to hijack a freight-train filled with uranium. Alongside Zefiro and Morrighan she was able to save the situation and this created the basic for the creation of Euroforce. With a new name - Tarrasque after the legendary monster of her home city - and a new more reliable and more calmer attitude Iréne was among the founders of the new team.

Recent Developments

Currently Iréne divide her time between Euroforce missions and helping the victims of the Project. Unfortunatly this leave her little time for her personal life and her boyfriend left her about 6 months ago.

:idea: UPDATE: total restyle, I decided to remove the Growth effect, simplify the power construction and completly revise the background and the complications
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Tarrasque is an excellent Powerhouse/Brick build. I like your house rules for Improved Initiative, but I don't quite understand your ruling for Impervious. Does that mean that even a Snare 5 effect cannot affect a hero with an Impervious Toughness of 8?