Metal Gear Kruezritter (Part 14)

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Metal Gear Kruezritter (Part 14)

Post by Arthur Eld » Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:30 pm

Part One: The Mission

Somewhere in the Artic

"This is your mission. If any one man knows where to find a Metal Gear, it will be him. He knows almost everything, although even his knowledge pales before my own." The man speaking smiled, his one good eye, as his left was covered by a black patch, filled with a strange maniacal glee, one not usually found on such a man. "You must go and subdue him, and then bring him before me. It will give me great pleasure to crush his spirit, and then, once we know where to find a Metal Gear, we will be ready for phase two."

The only other occupant in the small dark room, filled with television monitors that showed activity in the rest of the base, a woman, had only one question. "Where can I find him?"

The tall man smiled slightly, standing behind his desk with hands folded behind his back. "Gotham, at night. He always comes out at night. And hurry, for time is of the essence. The sooner I get my hands on a Metal Gear, the better we'll be prepared to crush those who resist us."

"Like Snake?"

"Yes, exactly. And then, the entire world will be forced to acknowledge my superiority. Or else-die!" He threw his head back and began to laugh, filling the room with the sound of what most would call madness.

The blond woman merely saluted her superior and turned to leave, already beginning to check her weapons and the straps of her suit. She had to be ready for this, because it wasn't everyday one hunted bats in their natural habitat.
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Post by Libra » Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:19 am

The title grabbed my attention. I'll be watching further developments with interest! 8)
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Part Two: The Bat and The Boss

He was a dark knight in Gotham, standing astride a roof as he watched the streets below. He had just sent two armed men packing from his city for a long time to come, and Batman felt a satisfaction in his chest that was a rare feeling for him. This city all too often demanded a harsh toll from him, and the people he protected were never truly safe, not so long as the criminals thrived and multiplied. Still, even if his best efforts mattered for little, they counted for much more than simply giving up in the face of overwhelming odds, and such was a testament to the strength of the heart that beat beneath the symbol of the Bat.

She was a soldier, clad in white and black, striding towards her opponent without fear or overeagerness. Her master had given orders, and they would be followed. His information was good, and her quarry had been found after only an hour of her landing in the city. Somewhere far away, thunder crashed as she neared the caped figure, and she spoke. Almost before the first word had left her lips, Batman turned to face her, yellow insignia clearly visible in the night.

"A true warrior gives their opponent a chance to surrender first. Turn yourself in and give in to the will of Psycho Mantis! First, you will tell the master where he can find a Metal Gear, and then you will serve him forever."

Batman's eyes simply narrowed behind his mask as he studied his foe. The Boss, also known as the Joy was the codename given to one of World War Two's most gifted operatives, possibly the most. She was supposed to be a genius at combat, a skilled leader and tactician. Psycho Mantis must have been the master she referred to, a Russian psychic with telepathic and psychokinetic powers. Batman wouldn't have thought he was strong enough to dominate someone like the Boss so completely-and indeed the woman had that scary look that showed she was both herself and yet completely in thrall to another. No luck in fighting someone with the Boss' body but a mentalist's combat skills.

"Go back to where you came from and tell your master that his cause is hopeless. Metal Gear is a dead end, and no one demands anything of me in my city. I'll give you that same chance you spoke of to leave."

There was a pause then during which no words were uttered, but both warriors knew what would happen next. They weren't the kind to surrender, not to anyone. The only question was whether defeat would be enough to break one of their steely wills.

Before Batman could make a move, the blond woman had discarded the black piece of clothing she wore like a heavy coat, rushing towards him before it had time to flutter to the rooftop's surface. The Boss was inside his hastily-established guard and she lashed out with a punch to his gut. He could feel the force behind it, surprising for her stature, but the Kevlar held-for now.

She was too quick, too strong, and he didn't know enough about her. Standing here and slugging it out would be stupid. Bruce dipped one gloved hand towards his belt, withdrawing a small black capsule. Hurling it towards the ground, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Peering through the dense cloud of smoke, the Boss grimaced. Batman was supposed to be stealthy, but she wasn't expecting someone who could hide from her. Still, she had a little experience with this sort of thing, and her body whipped into action, bending low and moving with alarming speed as she sought cover behind a nearby air conditioner. She moved slowly, dashing from cover to cover peering from behind obstacles just long enough to look for her foe.

Suddenly, she heard a strange whistling sound. A black curved piece of metal hit her in the shoulder, and she didn't have to look down to know it was a batarang, nor check her shoulder to know she was injured. She stood up then, spying the Batman's cowled head from some small distance in front of her. He rose as well and the Boss ran towards him again, with strange zig-zagging steps to throw off any forthcoming attacks he might make.

He was ready for her this time, knew what to expect. His hands were ready to block-

-and then pain exploded in his chest. Her boot sent Bruce crashing backwards, against the hard surface of the roof. He didn't know she could hit that hard. His body was telling him to stay down for a moment, try to recover, and Batman ignored it. Vaulting to his feet in a display of athletic prowess he closed with the Boss, attempting a quick but powerful jab at her face. She wasn't so quick at avoiding blows, he noticed, but as she took his fist on her shoulder, which he could tell was armored, maybe she didn't have to be.

She was close now, and moved even closer, which he thought was odd, even as she kicked out as his chest, a kick pushed aside by Kevlar and his own indomitable will. She was too close to strike him with any power now, he thought.

But then the Boss' arms snaked around his forearms and she began to twist. Batman fought back, acting quickly as he spun his body in the opposite direction which she was moving, hoping to throw her off balance. It almost worked, but then she dropped low and as he fell forward slightly, she used that momentum to pivot her body and send him crashing into the roof, where he actually bounced off and fell onto his back a few feet away.

She was a better fighter than Lady Shiva, and her blows felt strong enough to beat down Croc. His eyes blurred with pain as he heard her voice, strong and slightly derisive.

"I gave you a chance and you threw it away. Give up yet, or am I going to have to play rough?" Her hands were on her hips, but Batman knew she would return to a fighting stance with shocking quickness.

His reply came through gritted teeth. "I've suffered setbacks in the past, but nobody's ever been able to put me down for good." Rising to his feet, not as quickly as before, Batman swung out at the boss, channeling his body's pain into strength that flowed into his arm and against the Boss' head, and he felt a small sense of satisfaction as her lip curled back and split, pouring out a dark crimson flow.

Still, the Boss stood, and Batman's limbs felt heavier than before. "Who do you think you are? You're not a true fighter, just a man with a big brain and too much theatricality. I am a soldier born, and I fight better than you because I fight with my whole being. You're going to lose, little man."

"Little man?" Batman retorted, pain clearing in his mind as anger and determination swelled in him. "I'm the goddamn Batman!"

Her only response came in a concentrated attack as she threw caution aside and swung her hands together towards her skull. It was a blow perhaps a little slower than her usual, not that it mattered. Batman felt an impact like a bullet against Kevlar as she hit his head and he dropped, feeling darkness rushing to claim him.

She was all he saw, blackness obscuring her features. "That's not as intimidating as you might think. Now get ready to talk."

A low chuckle met her ears, and she scowled. "What's so funny?"

"Why bother asking me? Just have your boss read my...mind." With that, Bruce was gone into a world of sweet, blissful darkness, away from the pain of his defeat at this woman's hand. For her part, she could merely fume silently while she-and her master, so far away and yet always with her-wondered what the Batman had been laughing at.

Batman is Well-Informed and he rolls Gather Information to see what he knows about the Boss, whom he recognizes, and Pyscho Mantis. He gets a 34 and a 26, he knows who both of them are, but not as much about Mantis.

Round 1.
Initiative is rolled, the Boss gets a 27 total. Batman gets a 13. They’re on a large rooftop, with adjoining rooftops, some five feet away, some ten. The one they’re on has lots of cover-air conditoning, doorways leading into the building, that sort of thing. They’re thirty feet apart. Neither has a weapon in their hands. I’m gonna rule that its bright enough, here near the heart of Gotham, that the darkness does not provide Concealment. Batman gets another HP for being a lower PL than his enemy.

The Boss moves to Batman and attacks unarmed. There is literally no way she can miss here, cause he’s flat-footed. DC 21, Batman just passes with a 22 total, and takes no damage

Batman’s gonna Quick Draw a smoke pellet, he drops it for his standard action and then use Stealth and move to cover. I’m not sure if the Boss should even get to make a Notice check, cause of the Obscure, but just in case, I’ll roll a Notice check for listening. She fails and Bats is now hidden from her behind an air conditioner.

Batman-2 HP
The Boss

Round 2.
The Boss, not being able to see Bats, also hides. She rolls a 31, Bats gets a 19 Notice. So, they’re both hidden from each other, and I think that means that when combat resumes, it’ll only be once someone is Noticed. So, opposing Notice checks as they move around the rooftop, using cover. The Boss rolls Notice of 12, Bat’s Stealth check is an 18. She then moves to a new place of cover at half speed, and Bat’s rolls Notice, getting a 28 against the Boss’ 33. Next try, Bat’s gets a 26 stealth, Boss gets a 12 Notice. He rolls Notice 15 against 29. Finally, Batman spots her with a nat 20 on his Notice, beating her 29 by four. At this point, he’s in front of her, and she has half cover. He’s gonna draw a Batarang and rolls a 28 to attack, the Boss Defense (flat-footed but behind cover) is 18, so he hits handily. She rolls Toughness against DC 23, and passes with a 15. His next Stealth check takes a -2 penalty cause she can deduce from where the B-rang came from where he is now. He gets a 15, she gets a 24. Now they resume combat normally, rolling init again. She wins again, 22 against 10.

Round 3.
She moves and attacks again, I’m gonna rule Batman is not flat-footed this time, just because he Noticed her first. The Boss will Power and Defensive Attack for 2 each, so her damage bonus rises to +8, her defense to +14 and her attack drops to plus +14. She hits with a 31 total, Bats fails by 5. He’s Bruised and Stunned, Knockback sends him ten feet back and on his back, Knockback dc is 19, he passes with an adjusted 22. Bat’s turn, he uses an HP to act, rolls Acrobatics to stand up as a free action, he passes easily with a 32. Now he’ll close and attack unarmed, he just hits with a 24. She passes her toughness save easily.

Batman- 1 Bruise, 1 HP
Boss- unharmed

Round 4.
The Boss attacks again, she just hits with a 5. Batman fails by 10, uses a Hero Point to re-roll, passes completely. The Boss’ll choose to initiate a Grapple as a free action, so he counts as grabbed, now opposed Grapple checks. The Boss’ bonus is +24, Batman’s is +18. They both roll 37. I’m gonna rule this as a success for the Boss, because in attack rolls, if you equal you hit. Now Boss will deal damage. This time, Batman fails by 10 and is Staggered and stunned. Knockback dc 18, Batman gets another Bruise from that. On Batman’s turn, he does nothing but recover from being stunned.

Batman-2 Bruise, Staggered

Round 5.
The Boss attempts to demoralize Batman as a standard action. She gets a 32, Batman gets a 34. She doesn’t move and on Batman’s turn, he rolls Acrobatics to instant up, but fails with a 14. He then stands as a move action and Surges to attack. The Boss rolls a 3 and takes a Bruise.

Batman-2 Bruises, Staggered,
Boss-1 Bruise

Round 6
Batman becomes fatigued. The Boss attempts to demoralize again, as a move action this time, she rolls a 22, Batman gets a 32. She then Power Attacks for 3, just hitting with an 8. Batman has to save against DC 24, he rolls badly, getting a 6, for a total of 12, he fails by 12 and is Staggered again, which makes him Unconscious.
Batman-2 Bruises, Staggered, Unconscious
Boss-1 Bruise
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Post by Libra » Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:32 pm

Ouch. If a Bat ddn't quite manage things it's time to call in a snake - not to mention a double-O and perhaps GI Joe!
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Part 3: Plans and Power

The Boss stood before Bradley once more, wondering why she had to be here and not face to face with the Master. As he could read her mind, Pyscho Mantis was quick to speak through his eye-patch wearing puppet's mouth.

"Though your skills are indeed admirable, Boss, you are still a woman, and thus, not fit to be so close to my personage. Rest assured that I am pleased with your performance." Bradley's voice sounded strange, if only because Mantis' was layered over top of it, but since the Boss often experienced the same thing, it didn't bother her in the slightest.

"Did Batman know where to find Metal Gear, master?" The blond woman didn't even have to ask if Mantis had been able to break into the Dark Knight's mind, this close to the master's power, and already beaten in body, there was no hope of him resisting the most powerful telepath in the world.

"Indeed, Boss, and now I know that very location myself. I have already dispatched Ms. Go and Mr. Blake, along with some Genome troops, to recover the vehicle. Once the rail gun is here and operational, my plan to launch Chuck Norris across the entire Think Tank will be unstoppable!" Bradley chuckled then, but it was only the master's voice the boss heard now, the sound of his madness filled her mind.

She was somewhat confused as to what he meant by 'the Think Tank' but it didn't matter. Her intelligence was nothing compared to the master's and if he said his plan would work, it would work. Her only minor problem was that she had not been selected to recover Metal Gear herself.

"Emotional woman, it is not your concern which of my pawns carries out which of my desires!" The strange sound of Mantis' breathing was heavy in the room then, as though he were actually physically there. And with his stealth technology, he very well may have been, and with his powers, it didn't really matter one way or the other. "With Ms. Go gone, you shall have to serve as my bodyguard. Doubtless Snake will attempt to come here, with his compatriots, if they are not stopped at the Metal Gear facility. It will be up to you to stop them."

The room was silent, save for the slowly fading sound of Mantis' breathing, until Bradley's eye caught something strange on the monitors. He looked like he was about to speak when Mantis' voice filled both their minds.

"That insufferable oaf dares to defy me? The only thing that shall salve the wound of his insult shall be watching his inglorious death! Alert FOXHOUND at once! That simpleton must die before this day is through!

Gotham City. Six hours previous.

"Metal Gear!?" Even the Batman was surprised that someone would ask about it, even more surprised that only a few minutes ago he had learned that Solid Snake was in his city, with that femme-looking sidekick of his as well.

"Yeah, do you know where one is? Its obvious there's at least one still out there." Snake's voice was gruff as usual, even when talking to a legend like Batman. Saving the world a few times from nuclear destruction gave one that right.

"Of course," Batman replied, "But you'll have to act quick. It won't be long before Mantis tries to get his hands on as many as he can, and who knows what he'll be up to then. "

The three of them, Raiden, Snake and Batman, were in Crime Alley, a dark narrow walkway between two buildings, lit by a single streetlamp. The smoke of Snake's cigarette wafted up between the roofs of the dark city as Raiden spoke up. "Will you come with us, Batman?"

Batman, who had been expecting the question, merely shook his head. "My city needs me. But I do know someone who might be able to assist you. He's an agent of the U.S. government, and someone who almost has as much experience against impossible odds as you two. You can find him at this address."

Handing Snake a small folded sheet of paper, Batman turned away, reaching in his utility belt for his grapple gun. "Now get moving. You don't have much time-none of us do." Firing the grappling hook with a sound of compressed air being released, the Batman was gone into the darkness above their heads with a fast whirring sound.

Turning to face Raiden, Snake took his cigarette out and dropped it on the floor. "Well, I don't know who this Kennedy person is, but if Batman says he can help, we better go get him." He said and with that, the two men, desperate for hope, but still operating under the knowledge that hope was foolish in such circumstances, moved out to their next destination, and hopefully one step closer to freeing Kreuzritter from Mantis' control.
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Holy [CENSORED] asscrackers! I knew The Boss was good, but....

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Part 4. Red and White.


On a calm day, it might have been a beautiful place, the snow falling lightly to add to the ever-present whiteness, almost blinding in the full light of the sun, a vast expanse thwarting human notions of superiority and dominance over nature. The surface here seemed almost unchanging, a constant flow of alabaster ice that promised an everlasting peace, and despite the frigid nature and lack of civilization, most might be able to appreciate this place’s unique allure, if only from a hypothetical point of view. Yes, when it was calm in Alaska, there was true beauty.

Unfortunately, today was anything but calm.

Blood splattered the white snow, non-uniform splotches caused by the bleeding man’s running strides. Here there was more than white, but it was mostly the grey of fabricated buildings, manmade structures showing that man could indeed live anywhere. And die there, as well. The bleeding soldier rounded a corner of a thick metal wall, daring to hope, in one desperate moment that he had lost his pursuer. He kept one hand on his rifle, reaching for his radio. This wasn’t supposed to be happening not here, not to him. He had the best training money could buy, and genes from the greatest soldier to have ever lived. He couldn’t die here, in this snow-blasted wasteland.

Activating his radio, his voice was shaky, but not completely weak. “This is Charlie-2. I need immeadite assistance!” As he began listing his location, the soldier’s mind, addled blood loss, thought that he might just live through this.

There was a harsh snap, common in this place where great trees would creak, sway, and eventually crash under the great weight of the ice they accumulated. With a whoosh of air the soldier’s forehead vented dark blood gore, and he crumpled to the ground in a lifeless heap.

Ignoring the crackling coming from the walkie-talkie, a monster of a man with a gun in his hand strode toward the corpse, seemingly unbothered by the cold of his environment. “Well, damn.” His voice was the growl of a thousand rocks being smashed by hammers. “You didn’t have to bleed all over the coat like that.”

Before he had any time to take the man’s gun or silence his radio, some fifty yards ahead of him, beyond the walls and a few parked trucks, a set of large doors opened, and a group of men, dressed similarly to the corpse near his feet, came rushing through, guns held at the ready.

“What a selection,” the large man muttered, eyes narrowing in his caveman-like skull. “They’ve gotta have something in my size."

Snow began to fall then, whipped into a flurry by a harsh wind. From far away, Marv could hear the sound of a plane getting ready to take off. Beneath him, the bloody body’s form was already beginning to be obscured by the relentless slow, soon to be swallowed from sight by the cold hand of nature. Marv's eyes cast about, looking for a place to ambush the soldiers.

It would take all of Alaska's fury to cover the coming bloodshed...

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Part 5. Mission Plans.

The apartment was lit by a single bulb, one that was constantly flickering with a strange, annoying sound. It didn’t bother Leon, though, he had been experience dealing with unfortunate circumstances. After surviving a massive viral outbreak and almost single-handedly destroying an entire cult that threatened much of the world, a noisy lightbulb wasn’t much of a problem.

The government agent was facing one of the walls of his small room in a small town near Gotham, on which had been placed pictures, newspaper clippings, official government documents, and the like. He was trying to piece together a massive case, something that involved the U.S. government, several defunct military squads, and a man by the name of Mantis. He hadn’t come up with much so far, but he was hoping for a big break. That was how things went for him-boring enough, for a while, and then a day or so of massive terror and death. Leon would take boredom for as long as he could get it.

There was a heavy knock on his door, and the brown-haired man tensed. So much for boredom, he thought. Not reaching for his gun, but making sure his hands were near it at all times, he cautiously approached the door. Only a few people knew where he was, and none of them were likely to come check up on him. In Leon’s experience, unsolicited visitors were usually suspicious and to be treated with caution, if not out-right dangerous.

He opened the door a tad-

…and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. A gruff voice asked, “Are you Leon Kennedy?

“Yeah, that’s me.” Speaking with a calm voice, so as to not upset the man with the gun, and not being stupid enough to reach for his own pistol, Leon glanced at the man behind the weapon, and was surprised to see a familiar face. “Solid Snake?” He had never met the man, but still, in his line of work, he had heard plenty about this man, this man who had saved the world and done the impossible.

Snake lowered his pistol, standing in a more normal position, allowing Leon to see his companion, a wiry-looking blond kid. “Is there something I can help you with?” Leon asked, his voice and face neutral. He wasn’t sure why someone like Snake would be here, or who his friend was, or why he had stuck a gun in his face, but he was at least half sure that they didn’t mean him any harm.

Snake’s answer was short, his tone only slightly less abrasive than it had been before. “You got a cigarette?”
“I got gum.” A hint of a memory flashed in Leon’s mind before disappearing.
Snake sighed for a moment. “Alright then, let’s get down to business. Can we come in?”

Leon nodded and stepped aside so the two could enter, with only the slightest inkling that his life was about to enter another one of those crazy patches again.

Almost an hour later, the three men faced each other in the room, their faces resolute. “So that’s the score, then.” Leon said. “Raiden and I will go to this Metal Gear facility and attempt to sabotage any models that we find there. I should be able to get us a plane there, so we should arrive there in about five or so hours.”

Snake was near the door, his arms folded, ready to move out. “Meanwhile, Colonel Campbell has a plane waiting for me at a small Air Force base less than an hour’s drive from here. Then I’ll travel to an old FOXHOUND base in Russia. From there, it should be easy to find some way of getting to Shadow Moses.”

Raiden ran a hand along the hilt of his H.F. Blade before clearing his throat and speaking. “So if Leon and I fail, Mantis has the Metal Gears, but you’ll be able to stop him, and if you fail, hopefully we’ll have smashed the REXs by then. And if we both fail-“

Leon cut him off. “We’ll deal with that when we come to it. Now come on, kid, we don’t have time to waste.” He extended a hand to Snake then, who only hesitated for the briefest of moments before shaking it. They wished each other good luck, and were off, desperate to stop a gas-masked madman from plunging the world into destruction. It was nothing they hadn’t done before, but each of them could tell, somehow, that the stakes were higher this time; that this was the most important mission they had yet faced. At least, Snake and Leon could tell. Raiden just wanted to get the mission done without getting killed, and hopefully, without getting tortured while naked again.
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Part 6. Interesting Times

Wuji Chang did not understand how he'd come to walk across the desolate snow fields, but he understood why he had been summoned thousands of miles and hundreds of years from his native China. He could already feel it, a dark, pervasive cloud of negative chi that had even now, at this distance, was foul enough to make him feel ill.

But he understood the danger of leaving this abomination of the Tao unchecked. The continued presence of creation was more than worth his discomfort.

He could see the fortress now, even through the screaming winter wind, a sprawling plaza of steel and stone built into he mountainside.

And then he saw the giants. One stood sentinel over the hidden fortress, a great behemoth of iron, it's single eye blazing like the midday sun. In the snow, at a greater distance or from the air, it could perhaps been mistaken for a watchtower. But for Wuji, watching it turn it's massive head from side to side, there was no mistaking it for the monster it was.

The other giant, which appeared to be an ordinary young woman if not for her size, was staggering away from the fortress, her hands pressed to the sides of her head, her eyes clenched shut in either concentration or more likely, pain.

Wuji knew this, for the same putrid essence that clung to the giantess like a miasma, had begun to coalesce behind him.

Wuji turned, and looked upon the specter he knew to be Psycho Mantis.

It was no surprise that Mantis was as disturbing as his essence. A gaunt, skeletal figure, Mantis was clad in a form-fitting black bodysuit that was like eelskin, capped off by the freakish mask he wore. Mantis floated in the air like a ghost, the Alaskan winter visible through his transparent image.

"I am Psycho Mantis, That's right... this is no trick. It is true power."

"I cannot argue this," Wuji replied, "merely projecting yourself is a feat even the greatest Shao Lin monks rarely achieve."

"Now," Mantis continued, "I will show you why I am the most powerful practitioner of psychokinesis and telepathy in the world.

"I can read your every thought.

"Now... let me read your mind. No... perhaps I should say your past.

"Ah...I can see into your mind...

"You are a very methodical man, the type who kicks his tires before he leaves.

"You are a very compassionate man, ill-suited to this mission.

"However, you are a skilled warrior.

You are either very cautious, or you are a coward."

"I think my coming here alone proves I am no coward," Wuji replied.

"Still don't believe me? Now I'll read more deeply into your soul.

"You enjoy role-playing games.

"You like MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS, don't you?

"So you like FEAR - You in a World without future ?

"I see you read comic books.


"Hmmm, you have not saved very often.

"You are somewhat reckless. You will regret it."

"I am Wuji Chang of the Ming Rebels," Wuji said, nonplussed. "I have come to speak with you, to ask that you end this before anyone else is harmed. Is there no way we can end this without further violence?"

"There is, actually. this will be over as soon as You become my mindless Puppet!"

Wuji felt the miasma of Mantis' foul essence force its way into his mind, attempting to smother every last spark of free will. With supreme effort, he sat down on the snow in the lotus position, trusting his meditative training to focus his energies through the prana of Radiant 9, and resist with with his own positive chi.
Wuji makes his will save to escape Psycho Mantis' Mind Control.
The projection of Psycho Mantis reeled back, clutching his head in pain as Wuji rose to his feet.

"Never have I felt such sentimental drivel," Mantis screeched "Like drowning in honey while being strangled with a rainbow. How did you..."

"I can teach you, if you'd like," Wuji replied, faintly hoping Mantis' lust for power was greater than his hatred.

"Bah! you sound like the cover of a self-help pamphlet! The only thing that matters is power and the will to use it. Here, let me show you!"

There was a flash of light, and before Wuji stood a gigantic warrior with the head of a bull, bearing a fearsome battleaxe.

"Wuji Chang," the minotaur growled with arrogance, "I, Dominus Tusk, victor of Ten Thousand battles (and, loser of one, where I got stuck in a wall), do challenge you in the name of Psycho Mantis!"

"I, Wuji Chang, accept your challenge", the young hero replied, as he took the first stance of altered universe and beckoned the minotaur to attack.
Dominus gets 21
Wuji gets 29

Wuji uses assessment, gets 28. Dominus' unskilled bluff resistance can only get a 10. Wuji reads Dominus like a book.

Dominus all-out attacks (+4/-4), netting him a total result of 23. not only does this not beat Wuji's defense, but Wuji uses Altered Universe first stage, and with a deflect roll of 31, reflects Dominus' attack back at him.

Dominus has to make a DC 29 TOU save. 15. Dominus is staggered, disabled and stunned. He's not getting back up.
With a monstrous roar, Dominus swung his great battleaxe in a downward slice with all his might, a blow that could shatter even the strongest wall of stone to powder, if it connected. Instead, Wuji spun and ducked under the blade like a limbo dancer, in that same motion pushed his hand against the flat and using his chi, doubled the force of the blow.

Dominus tusk, victor of 10,000 battles, was not only knocked off of his feet, but spun no less than three times before falling on his face into Wuji's upraised foot. for a moment, the great minotaur was perfectly balanced, before he toppled off of Wuji's foot like a great tree.

"What has your telepathy taught you now Mantis?" Wuji asked.

That anger is a weapon only to one's opponent.

"Very good."

"And second, get in the first shot."
Mantis Fiats a sneak attack from The End. The End's all out power attacking for 28.
Wuji spun in place, plucking from the air a poisoned dart.
Wuji spends an HP to stunt danger sense off his spatial awareness, and since it's a reaction, he takes no penalty to use first stage again. and with a roll of 32, he's got nothing to worry about.
"You missed," Wuji smiled.

"Yes, well," Mantis said, clearing his throat with a cough. "At any rate you've proven your point. I honestly believe that with your martial prowess, not a one of my minions can defeat you."

"You show great wisdom."

" they'll just have to gang up on you GET HIM GUYS!

all about Wuji, there came flashes of light, each one revealing one of Psycho Mantis's brainwashed soldiers. In each of them he felt the mad psychic's killing intent, as their numbers swiftly reached nearly a thousand. An army of freaks, mutants, monsters, demigods and more.

To Wuji's credit, he showed no fear or hesitation. As the army of Psycho Mantis descended upon him, he calmly dropped into the fifth stance of Altered Universe and stilled his mind with a simple mantra:

Thousand strong army

Howling as one for my blood

It must be Thursday
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Part 7. Rumble in the Arctic.

I still don't quite remember how I got here, but that's not so surprising. I get confused sometimes, and I've lost track of where and when I was before. Its been a while since I've taken my medicine and I sure could use it now, but at least I don't have that freak-job's voice in my head anymore.

Noticing the soldiers up ahead, Marv kept his body low, heading for the cover of a nearby cargo container, one of several that were spaced out neatly in the snowy field, inside a large wall and some distance away from the main entrance to the complex. At least I have the chance to waste more of his goons. For a moment I wonder if they're being mind-controlled too, but from the way the one I killed was attacking, I doubt it. Besides, even if they are, they'd probably try to kill me or at least put his voice back in my head again, and I can't have that. My own voice is confusing enough.

Slowly, Marv peeked from behind the cargo container, Gladys feeling cold hard and right in his hand. The Genomes were all standing in a line, gun barrels not quite at the ready as they gazed at their fallen comrade. Chatter broke out as they tried to figure out what could have happened.

Gazing down the cool metal sights, oblivious to the Alaskan cold blowing against his seven-foot frame, Marv fired. That's a beaut of a shot, the mammoth man thought, watching as the soldier's cranium collapsed under the bullet's unrelenting path. Bone and brain splatted the man behind him in a ghastly spray, already steaming as the hot liquids touched the frosty air.

The soldiers began to yell, raising their rifles to point at him, advancing in standard military fashion, keeping their pattern swift, if not crisp. Their assault rifles erupted in fire and thunder erupted. For a moment, the large trenchcoat clad man looked bothered but then he rushed upon them with the force of blizzard.

It feels good to crack a few skulls. Helps get me not so confused, reminds me of what I'm good at. Of what I like to do. These guys keep some bad company, and now they're gonna pay for it.

The men's faces, twisted into expressions of doubt and disbelief. This monster had just taken bullets to his chest, more than a few, and yet he had just damn near smashed three men's faces in. They tried to spread out some, looking for better targets, aiming for vital spots. Like jackals hunting a lion they nipped at him, and blood splattered on the ground near his feet.

If he even noticed, he certainly didn't care and he dashed forward again, punching and thrashing his arms about, breaking bones and smashing open tended flesh. He was far too fast for such a big man, but he just kept on plowing through them. One man went flying into a cargo container, and other merely grunted with what sounded like his last breath as his nose was forced back up into his skull by a massive fist.

For soldiers, they can't aim so hot. From what I remember of the war I fought in, these guys were nothing. Green punks. Still, the cold must be getting to me, cause I can't move so fast no more. Still won't be taken down by pansies like this, though.

It simply wasn't possible. They kept shooting him, had to be hitting him, had to, and he just kicked one of them in the chest, collapsing rib bones, damaging internal organs. Enormous fists dropped two more and suddenly what had been a squad of fifteen was down to four men. Still they kept fighting, though fear began to spoil some of their shots. They knew Mantis had some strange underlings in this place, was this man some kind of freak then, a non-human creature that simply looked like a man?

The assault rifles ran out again, and a flying bullet caught Marv against the skull. His head was just as hard as the rest of him, and the bone held, but he now had an unsettling gash against the side of his head. Not that he minded. The snow is cold as I fall against it, getting the back of my neck all wet. I wanna get up, but my body is heavy. Lousy bastards must have shot somethin' important.

The soldiers breathed a proverbial sigh of belief, the two who were more afraid walking away from the scene of death. They felt like they were going to be sick, and knew the scenes of that brutal bloodbath would be in their minds for a long time to come. The other two fired one last time, hoping to make sure the beast in a man's body was really dead.

They're trying to get a clean kill shot, but the angles are all wrong. You gotta know how to tilt your arm, that's all. It seemed impossible, a Herculean effort, but the man stood up anyway, bleeding and panting, his breath billowing about his face as steam rose from his wounds. He looked like a mad demon and somehow he kept moving, not just getting to his feet but attacking again. The two men could only wonder what in hell this thing before them was before they joined their comrades in death as he grabbed their heads and smashed them together, breaking important but fragile bones in their spines.

I'm sore as all get out at, and shot in a number of places. But I've taken worse before. The bastards, though they weren't much of anything when it came to shooting, had good guns. I scoop one up in heavy arms and already I can feel myself getting just a little bit stronger, a little bit faster. I always was a quick healer.

As Marv walked away from the carnage, looking for a place to recover from his wounds, and hoping that no one else would see him for a while, he heard shouting and the sounds of fighting from what seemed quite far away. Not his problem though, and he couldn't even be sure of what was happening. The only thing he heard clearly was someone yelling a name he didn't know.


There are fifteen Genome soldiers, some forty feet away from Marv and the dead soldier.

Marv ducks behind a few handy dandy cargo containers and rolls Stealth. He gets a 20, the Genomes get an 8. He then attacks the nearest one with Gladys, rolling a natural 20 to hit, so that’s a critical. The Genome has to save at DC 24, he doesn’t, so as per Minion rules, he’s dead. We then proceed to normal combat.

For init, the Genomes roll amazingly well, getting a 29 ( the best they could do) against Marv’s ten.

Round 1.
The Genomes all move closer (they’re now ten feet away) in a large row, two wide. Five of them have shots, and He’s slightly behind cover, so if they hit, but Marv rolls a 15-20, it counts as a miss. Three of them hit, but one misses due to cover. Marv has to make two saves, one at DC 20, the other at DC 25, due to Autofire. He rolls a 10, and then a 19, so he’s unharmed. On his turn, he charges, Power Attacking for +2, reducing the Charge bonus, so he’s still at +9 to hit unarmed and at Defense 14 until his next turn. He hits with a 17, and the Genome has to save against DC 24. He fails, and I say two others are within five feet of both the dead Genome and Marv, so he can attack them with Takedown attack. Same bonuses, he hits em both, they both drop.

Marv-unharmed, 1 HP
Genomes-4 Unconscious, Dying, 11 unharmed.

Round 2.
The Genomes spread out some this time, they’re in between two cargo containers. They’re staggered, but only so more of them can target Marv 5. They fire, and three of them hit. Marv has to save against two DC 20s and one DC 22. He takes two levels of injured and bruised. On his turn he moves and attacks, hitting. He drops one, uses Takedown, hits another, who makes his save. He uses Move-by action to move enough to put himself in the middle of them, with four in arm’s reach, one of whom is adjacent to two others. Then he Surges to attack again. Nat 1, he re-rolls with his HP. He rolls a 1 again, but that’s an adjusted 20. He drops all 3 that he can reach.

Marv-2 injured, 2 bruised
Genomes-8 Unconscious, Dying, 7 unharmed.

Round 3
Marv becomes fatigued. The remaining Genomes all have clear shots, and open fire. Four hits. DC 20, DC 21, DC 22, and DC 23. Marv rolls really well and only takes one more Bruised and Injured status. On his turn he’ll move and attack, with a -1 for being fatigued. He hits with an 18, the Genome has to save against DC 21. He drops, as do the other two Marv can reach.

Marv-3 injured, 3 bruised. Fatigued
Genomes-11 Unconscious, Dying, 4 unharmed.

I’m gonna say that losing more than half of their comrades to one guy is scary, so the Genomes will make a DC 15 Will save or be shaken. Two pass, two don’t. They all attack again, and two hit. Marv has to save against DC 20, and DC 21. He fails by seven and three, so he’s stunned and takes two more Injured and Bruised levels. He drops prone. On his turn he does nothing but recover from being stunned.

Marv-5 Injured, 5 Bruised
Genomes-11 Unconscious, Dying, 4 unharmed.

Round 4.
The two Genomes that were shaken turn and walk thirty feet away, putting them out of sight of Marv and the other two, who open fire, just to make sure. Cause he’s Prone, they take -4 on their rolls, so they only have +1 to hit. One just hits and Marv has to save against DC 20. He rolls a natural 20! Marv’s turn. He stands up on his turn, then attacks, cause they’re right next to him. +8 to hit He hits one, misses one, the one he hit drops. He Surges again, and connects, and the Genome fails his save by five. He’s now Exhausted but the other two guards have moved away for the moment, oblivious, so he gets a chance to escape. As GM, I’ll give him a HP for triumphing, which he’ll promptly use to recover from his Exhaustion. He'll also grab one of their rifles.

Marv- Fatiuged. 5 Injured, 5 Bruised,
Genomes-13 Unconscious, Dying, 2 unharmed.
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Part Eight: Operation: Metal Gear Make Go-Boom, Part One

Leon and Raiden stretched somewhat as they exited the small jet plane, and Leon nodded his thanks to the craft’s only other occupant, its pilot. He merely waved one hand in salute.

As they stepped out into the African night, at approximately three A.M., the plane door was quickly shut behind them. Apparently, their pilot didn’t want to spend anymore time here then he had to.

The reason why was obvious. This place, which had one been a prototype development plant for Metal Gear REXs was located only a few miles from where Zanzibar Land had once been. It was obvious that someone had returned, with a landing craft parked fifty feet from the two men, and thirty feet from the entrance. They couldn’t see anyone, but both men unholstered their pistols nevertheless advancing cautiously towards the entrance.

As they neared the steel door of the large building, they saw a keypad with numbers and a slot for reading key cards. However, the light above both sensors was green and as Leon took a step to examine them, the door opened for him automatically with a slight whoosh.

The American agent looked over his shoulder at Raiden. “I guess they’re in a hurry. Mantis must really want to get his hands on a Metal Gear if his men are willing to leave the door unlocked like this.”

“Unless it’s a trap.” Raiden returned, gun still in hand.

“Yeah, well, that’s the least pleasant possibility and unfortunately, probably the most likely. So what do you think, should we split up and investigate, or stick together?” Both men walked inside the door as they talked, taking a look around. The room was only sparsely lit, with half the lights not functioning at all,, and a great majority of the other half flickering on and off. There was a complicated map on the far wall, which both men examined.

“It says there are three hangars here, any one of which could have a Metal Gear in it.” Raiden said, leaning closely to examine the schematic. “Or all three, if we’re really unlucky.”

“Well, we can’t risk them getting even one of them out of here while we’re trying to search this place, so we better split up and work as fast as we can. But quietly, because Mantis is likely to have men crawling all over this place, and probably some rough customers.” Leon was already turning towards a corridor, the right-most of three which led from the main entrance.

“Agreed. Try to find a silencer for that pistol of yours, we don’t want to let them know we’re here until we’ve found a way to destroy or sabotage the Metal Gears.” Leon simply nodded, uttering a quiet “Good luck,” as he proceeded deeper into the corridor, soon lost from Raiden’s sight.

Moving with experience and stealth, Raiden headed into the left-most corridor, SOCOM gripped tightly. Neither of the men knew what they would find, and could only hope they could be ready for whatever challenges they would face.

Metal Gear hangar 01

The man known as the Comedian took a moment to eye the large machine before him. Over thirty feet tall, REX had a slightly reptilian appearance, which Blake assumed explained the name. Not that he really cared. Mantis was going to use this behemoth in maybe the greatest practical joke the world had ever seen, and the man with the smiley-faced button was just glad he was able to help.

Shotgun in hand, the masked man suddenly heard a noise. Footsteps, heading down the large corridor leading into the room. Switching on his communicator, he spoke quietly but with confidence. “Hey, greeny, its me.”

A woman’s voice came back, with the air of one who was used to, but not okay with, such glibness about her appearance. “What is it, you violence-crazy goon?”

“Ah, that hurts my feeling sweet thing. I bet if you had a little more time to know me, you might come to like my violent nature.” Chuckling softly to himself, Blake moved to stand behind one of REX’s legs, keeping an eye on the hangar’s entrance while at the same time hopefully hiding himself from view of his approaching guest. “I just thought you should know, we’ve got company. There’s at least one person heading to hangar one, and there may be more in here, somewhere.”

“I see.” Shego’s voice was calm, but also alert, showing that she knew how to handle situations like this. “I’ll send the Genomes out to look, along with our sneaky friend. The technicians should be nearly to you as well, though, so don’t shoot unless you’re sure its an enemy. And try to take them alive, if possible.”

“Oh, of course,” Blake replied, smiling widely. “I’ll be real gentle-like.” Switching off his commlink, he kept his gaze on the corridor ready to blast a messy hole in whoever it was that was coming, their footsteps getting closer all the time...
Leon rolls stealth, getting a one, for a total of ten. The Comedian rolls 9, for a 19 total. He knows he's coming...
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Post by Thorpacolypse » Sat May 02, 2009 1:48 pm

Now that I have my baby back, I can finally give you some props on this, Eld. This is has been really good. You're too hard on yourself about your writing.

Now get back at it and foil Psycho Mantis! 8)
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Post by Libra » Sun May 03, 2009 8:07 am

Indeed! You have my blessing and my moral support too.

If Mantis keeps pushing his luck and letting his ego out sans leash you may have more than that. I may not have vassals or groupies of my own, but I do have super-groupie powers and I'm not afraid to use them! 8)
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Post by Arthur Eld » Tue May 05, 2009 11:01 am

Part Nine: Operation: Metal Gear Make Go-Boom, Part Two

Leon slowly walked down the hall, closer to the open door at the end. He was almost positive it was a Metal Gear hangar, which could mean all kinds of things, none of them good. The government agent kept a firm grip on his pistol as he entered the hangar.

And there it was. Metal Gear REX, one of the most dangerous weapons the world had ever seen. Is size was imposing enough, but it was the railgun on the back that made it so scary, able to launch nuclear ordinance from nearly any terrain. Leon was just glad he had gotten to it before anyone else had. He reached for his radio to contact Raiden when a flash of yellow caught his eye, near one of REX's legs. He had no time to recognize the object when he saw movement, and threw his body into an impressive cartwheel. He could feel the bullet go speeding past him, and knew luck had played its part in keeping him save.

"You're gonna have to do better than that, jumping bean!" The word's were meant to be derisive, to get him angry, but Leon felt only surprise, as the yellow he had seen-a smiley-faced button-and the face he just heard clicked together in his mind.

"Blake?" He knew this man, had heard about him in his early days of government training. Leon had been told he had been killed, though, so why was he here, and working for Mantis?

There was no time to think about that, though. His gun came up, held firm in both hands as he tossed off a shot, the laser sight firmly on Blake's chest. The bigger man didn't even seem fazed by it-he must have been wearing body armor.

"You're that Kennedy kid, right?" Leon dashed to cover behind REX's remaining leg. "Is Washington really stupid enough to send someone like you against Mantis? You're in over your head, you little punk." Leon remained silent, trying to keep as much of his body behind cover while he sighted in another shot, but his aim was spoiled as the Comedian fired again. Leon's arm exploded in pain, but he could tell it wasn't too bad.

Acting quickly, he holstered his gun and drew a machine pistol attached to his body via a leather strap. It was hard to get a good bead on Blake, the grinning devil was using cover well, but Leon fired off a few bursts anyway, picking and choosing multiple targets. Blake remained on his feet, but Leon could hear the man cursing in pain. He was definitely pissed.

Raising his shotgun again, the Comedian's face was somehow still a smile, though malice was clear. "Oh, this is gonna be a lot of fun, Kennedy. I haven't enjoyed stiffing someone this much since Woodward and Bernstein." His shotgun roared again, but the bullet merely ground out against REX's armored leg.

Leon knew fighting this guy at range was dangerous. His weapons just didn't have what it took to punch through his body armor. But if he got closer, maybe he'd have a chance. Blake had to be getting old, anyway, surely he wouldn't be so good up close.

Machine pistol clattering to the floor, Leon drew his knife from its shoulder sheath and ran forward, jabbing the shining metal into Blake's gut. Expecting the man to crumble, Leon was shocked as the Comedian simply smiled again, body straightening upright. This was gonna get real bad.

Blake tossed aside his shotgun and drew a wicked looking knife. He raised a finger and gestured towards himself tauntingly, all smiles again. "If you're lucky, kid, I'll let you in on a little joke. Right before I spill your guts!" He moved with surprising speed for someone so old and so big, and his blade cut Leon across the side of the neck. There was a small splatter of blood, but luckily for Leon, his vital veins and arteries were missed.

Still, this wasn't going as well as he hoped. He needed something, some kind of help. He thought of calling Raiden, but he knew that by he arrived, Leon might well be dead already. His yes cast upon the room and suddenly settled on a large metal tank. It was probably fuel for REX. A plan began to form in Leon's mind and he broke away from the Comedian, running until he was against the wall closest to the tank. Facing Blake, he brushed a strand of hair away from his face and chuckled. "I've got a joke of my own. Its about an old man who thinks who he can still do a young man's job." Flashing Blake an insolent grin, he got what he wanted.

The smile was still there, but now it was more of an angry grimace. Rushing towards Leon, the big man's knife flashed again, cutting Leon across the chest. "Well here's my joke, pretty boy," Blake snarled. "I'm not under Mantis' control at all. I'm doing this cause I like it, so when I kill ya, you'll know it was me who beat you, and no one else." His knife swung again, at Leon's face this time, but Leon was able to parry it with his own blade.

Straining, Leon was close enough to smell the Comedian's breath, to see the anger behind that mask of his. "That's a good one, Blake. But as for my joke, well, let's just say," He grunted and threw his arm forward, breaking the knife lock. Dropping his blade and reaching for his pistol, Leon sprinted away, turning and aiming at the fuel tank. Flicking the laser sight on with a finger, he smiled grimly. "Its got a hell of a punchline." It took only one bullet, and then it blew, a marvelous orange and red blossom of flame that would have been downright beautiful had it not been so destructive.

The flames enveloped the Comedian, the force of the explosion actually lifting him up o ff his feet and he landed some ten feet away. Leon turned and dived to avoid the worst of the blast, feeling the heat of his armored vest as it kept him save, although he could hear as well as feel a tiny piece of his hair being singed away.

Getting to his feet, feeling the sticky flow of blood on his body beginning to slow down, Leon stood over Blake, pistol ready but not aimed. "Laugh that one off, big man." Confident he wouldn't be trouble anymore, and knowing that this Metal Gear was out of fuel for the near future, Leon switched his radio on.

"Raiden, are you there?"

"Leon?" Raiden's voice came back, tinged with static, but clear enough.

"I've taken care of the REX in hangar 1," Leon said, glancing at the Comedian, "And its guard. What about you?"

"Hangar two was empty, but I've got one of Mantis' goon's at gunpoint, and he says there's one left, and its almost operational. But-hey!" Raiden's voice grew angry and surprised, and suddenly Leon could hear gunfire over the radio before it turned off-whether intentionally or not, he couldn't tell.

Grimacing as his body protested the action, Leon turned to leave, still dripping blood. They were close to finishing this mission, he knew. All they had to do was stay alive.
Okay, so the Comedian knows Leon’s coming, so to avoid being surprised, Leon has to roll Notice against Stealth. The Comedian rolls badly, only getting a 14. Leon rolls a 12, plus 9 that’s a 21, he sees the Comedian and is not surprised. Leon is holding his pistol, the Comedian has his shotgun. They’re about twenty-five feet apart, and we roll inish. Comedian rolls really well, getting a 26. Leon only rolls a 2, for a 9 total.  

Round 1. The Comedian fires with his shotgun, staying in his partial cover. Despite Leon being flat-footed, he still misses. He then tries to demoralize (via taunting) as a move action. He takes -5 penalty, rolls a 1, for a 6 total. Leon’s Sense Motive bonus is a 9, there’s no way he can fail. For a sense of completeness, he rolls a 13. On his turn, Leon fires and then moves behind cover of one of the Metal Gear’s legs himself, now about ten feet from Blake. He rolls a 26, beating the Comedian’s adjusted defense of 22 (+4 for being behind cover). Comedian rolls Toughness and gets a 19, passing easily.  

Round 2. The Comedian tries to Startle as a move action, but he only gets a 10, Leon beats him with a 15. The Comedian attacks and hits with a 29 total. Leon fails his toughness save by four, and is injured/bruised. On Leon’s turn he holsters his pistol, Quick Draws his MP and attacks, rolling a 7. He uses his Hero Point to re-roll, rolling a 9, for an adjusted total of 29. He hits by 7, so Autofire raises the damage bonus up to +6. The Comedian fails by 3, marking an injured/bruised.
Leon-Injured 1, Bruised 1, 1 HP
Comedian- Injured 1, Bruised 1

Round 3 The Comedian All-out Power Attacks for 2 each, and fires. He needs a 13 or more, but he only rolls a 7, so he misses. On Leon’s turn, he drops his MP, Quick Draws his knife, and moves to attack. Without the benefit of cover, Leon needs a 9 or better to hit. He gets an 14, so he hits. Blake fails his save by 11, Fiat to re-roll, he passes completely with an adjusted 27. Leon gets a Hero Point.
Leon-Injured 1, Bruised 1, 2 HP
Comedian- Injured 1, Bruised 1

Round 4 Comedian drops his shotgun and Quick Draws his knife, Taunting as a move action again before attacking. He gets a 15, Leon a 22. For his attack roll, he hits with a 15. Leon has to save against DC 22, he fails by one, takes another level of bruised and injured. Leon uses a Hero Point for Inspiration, he is suddenly aware of the fuel drums for REX nearby. They’re thirty feet away to the right of Blake and Leon (who are in a straight line). He moves against the far wall with the barrels ten feet from him on the adjacent wall. As a standard action, Trick attempt on Blake, he gets a 17, uses a Hero Point to re-roll, while Blake rolls a 19 total. He’s tricked.
Leon-Injured 2, Bruised 2.
Comedian-Injured 1, Bruised 1

Round 5. Cause he’s tricked,  the Comedian is going to move to attack Leon in melee rather than shooting at him (or the fuel). Attack roll 16, he hits and Leon has to roll  (at +6) against DC 22. He fails by 4, rolling a ten, taking another wound. Leon Quick Draws his pistol, moves thirty feet away and shoots at the fuel drum. He its it automatically (I think inanimate objects can be hit automatically, but since this is pretty much indirect attack, a roll should be necessary. Fortunately its Large, so it has a -2 to defense, so its Defense is 8 and Leon’s attack bonus is higher than that.) The drum rolls toughness 10 against DC 19, failing by 1, its injured, I’m gonna rule that’s enough to ignite the fuel, so it explodes. It’s a rank 8 Explosion. Comedian fails Reflex save, so he has to save against DC 23. He fails by 13, and is now Disabled, Stunned, and Staggered. Knockback sends him ten feet, so now he has to roll against DC 19, he fails by 2, and takes a bruise. Leon is thirty feet away so he has to roll Reflex against DC 15. He fails with a 9, but rolls a 19 toughness, for a total of 25, so he passes the DC 20 check.  I’m gonna call this fight.

Leon-Injured 2, Bruised 2
Comedian-Disabled, Staggered, Bruised 2, Injured 1
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Post by Libra » Wed May 06, 2009 9:08 am

Most excellently explosive! :mrgreen:

(I've been wanting to see Blake get his just desserts ever since I first read about him in Watchmen.)
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