HyperGirl - Speedster -

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HyperGirl - Speedster -

Post by hypervirtue » Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:10 am


Alias: Amanda Miller
Age: 27
Apparent Age: 14
Height: 5'6" (As Ms. Miller) 5'3" (As HyperGirl)
Hair: Redish Brown (As Ms. Miller) Red (As HyperGirl)
Eyes: Blue

Hyper-accelerated metabolism due to "Hyper Particle" saturation.

HyperGirl came into existence while Amanda Miller (at the time age 26) was working with her father, Dr. Lance Miller, as his laboratory assistant. Dr. Miller had been experimenting with biological regeneration by way of introducing specific types of what he referred to as "Meta-Particles" which he discovered a few years earlier while experimenting with dimensional travel.

Meta-Particles are microscopic "ambient matter" that are collected from the locations of dimensional portals. These particles are gathered from dimensions where the laws of basic physics are different.

Dr. Miller had discovered that Meta-Particles could "contaminate" matter in this dimension and could cause them to operate differently. These changes could potentially improve the matter they were near in ways previously unimagined. It was Dr. Miller's hope that he could somehow use these meta-particles to cure disease or even end world hunger.

Unfortunately not everyone who had learned of Dr. Miller's experiments understood his altruistic dreams. One such individual, a mobster named Virgil Marcone, wanted Dr. Miller to use the meta-particles to grant his "associates" (hit men) superhuman capabilities. Dr. Miller refused, explaining to Mr. Marcone that not only would he not help him but also that the contamination's effects were unpredictable and dangerous, it would be a long time before he could refine the process.

Marcone did not take too well to being told no, so one night, while Amanda was working late with her father he sent his thugs to "retrieve the good doctor" as well as instructions to "leave no witnesses."

The thugs broke into the lab and took Dr. Miller, however they locked Amanda into one of the saturation chambers and turned it on, assuming she would die. She did not.

The chamber saturated Amanda's body with Hyper Particles, from a dimension where time flowed at a much higher rate, this saturation would gift Amanda with amazing abilities as her metabolism kicked into a never before imagined level. Her body gained extreme regenerative capabilities, speed, and reaction time. There was also a price that she had to pay as well.

Her regeneration however caused her body to regress physically to it's "prime" or in the case of humans to hear early teenage years. There was no way for her to know what else the saturation would do to her if left unchecked so the young woman would be forced to employ her newfound powers to rescue her father from Marcone's clutches.

After recovering her father the two would explore her abilities and in time he developed a "particle nullification band" which Amanda could wear. The band would allow her to return to her normal age, however only while she had it active, once the band shut off the particles would once more "hype" her metabolism up. This turned out to be a blessing as it would provide Amanda with a near perfect disguise in her new role as the teenage super heroine sensation HyperGirl!

Power Build: (This is just her powers, not her full sheet)

Hyper Particle Saturation 5 (5/Rank)
Base Power: Super Speed
Rapid Attack

Regeneration (1/Rank) 17 levels
HyperGirl regenerates 1 bruised level and 1 injured level each combat round.

Device: Particle Nullification Band 2 (4/Rank)
Base Power: Age Change 3 (3/Rank)
Flaw: Side-Effect (Character gains Power Loss as long as Age Change is in effect)
Feat: Quick Change (The band stores her costume in a sort of dimensional pocket)

Power Cost: 50 total

One can lift a rock with pure power, but a pure heart can move mountains.

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Post by catsi563 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:28 am

one complication for overeating coming up. :lol:

nice bio. =^_^=-d
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Post by hypervirtue » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:00 pm


Also I forgot:

Device: Battle Gauntlets 1 (4/Rank)
Base Power: Strike 4 (1/Rank)
Feat: Mighty
One can lift a rock with pure power, but a pure heart can move mountains.