You are mine: Mind controlled

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You are mine: Mind controlled

Post by Circeus » Fri Jul 08, 2005 8:06 am

Granny Weatherwax said that everything evil stems from treating people like obkects. If this is true, cretures that lives by feeding off other peoples' minds and controlling them are the evillest of the all. Dangerous, discrete creatures, they hide amongst normal people, waiting for the right moment to strike.
Possessed clothes are artifacts embodied with a ghost of some sort, whose sole goal is to find its murdered and get rid of him, or perform some other similar sort of task. They control their wearer in order to ultimately carry out their living goal. The poor voidmindeds have been turned into a nonthinking servant by a dark master of some sort. Their origin is not well-known, although the green goo tat replaces their brain likely means that their masters are not human...

Possessed clothes template:
PL adjustment: 0
Stats: BAB +3 [Source: Mystical; Cost: 3pp; Total: 9pp;]
Skills: Gather Information [Wis bonus]+4
Feats: Attack Focus (choose one), Iron Will
Powers: Astral Projection +3 [Flaws: Missing Effect(no Telepathy), Device(linked to clothes); Source: Mystical; Cost: 3pp; Total: 9pp;], Boost +3 [Extra: All Attributes(physical); Flaw: Device(linked to clothes); Source: Mystical; Cost: 3pp; Total: 6pp;], Super-Constitution +2 [Flaw: Device(linked to clothes); Source: Mystical; Cost: 3pp; Total: 6pp;], Super-Wisdom +2 [Flaw: Device(linked to clothes); Source: Mystical; Cost: 2pp; Total: 4pp;].
Weaknesses: Berserker, Transformation, Quirk(Obsession), Vulnerable(Items of faith)

Voidminded template:
PL adjustment: +1
Stats: Int 0
Feats: Blind Fight, Extra Limb(green tentacle shooting from forehead), Greater Fortitude, Improved Grapple, See Invisible, Talented(Spot and listen)
Powers: Disintegration +7 [Extra: Disruption; Source: Unknown; Cost: 3pp; Total: 21pp;]
Weaknesses: Disturbing, Disabled(mute)
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