[GGtG] Tech Specialty & Technological Mastery

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[GGtG] Tech Specialty & Technological Mastery

Post by Dr Archeville » Wed Aug 17, 2005 1:30 pm

All glory to the Ken-Sun!


The Tech Speciality stunt on Scientific Genius sez you reduce the total cost of any gadgets invented using the chosen power by 2. The Technological Mastery stunt on Spontaneous Inventor sez the same thing.

Does this refer to the total cost of the power, or the cost/rank?

Example: Dr. Archeville (Scientific Genius 10 w/ Clever Inventor x3 [Invention Pool 100 pp, up to 40 pp on hand] and Tech Speciality [Mind Control]) whips up a Dictator Ray. Normally, the Dictator Ray looks like this:
Dictator Ray [Effect: Mind Control 10; Extras: Mental Blast, Mind Blank; Flaw: Device; Cost: 4pp; Total: 40pp]
For Archeville, would his Tech Specialty reduce the final cost by 2 (maknig the Dictator Ray cost 38 points), or the cost/rank by 2 (making it cost 2pp/rank, or 20 points total, for him)?
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Steve Kenson
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Post by Steve Kenson » Thu Aug 25, 2005 12:40 pm

It's final cost, not cost per rank.
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