Slasher's Lab (1 Character)

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Slasher's Lab (1 Character)

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Secret Identity: Calvin Hendricks
Height: 6'7"(Empowered) 6'(Normal)
Weight: 250-300 lbs. (See Powers)

Powers: Manticore generates bone 100x faster than normal, which he can regulate to a point. This gives him increased bone density, the ability to create an armor shell for himself, and the ability to generate spikes and certain other objects, although he is still learning how to use it. The chemicals that he was exposed to also completely rewired his nervous system, giving him enhanced senses and increased intelligence. The extent of his powers has not yet been studied.

Origin: Calvin Hendricks was an unheard of chemist who was conducting research on bone marrow growth. His research would hopefully make a way to generate marrow swiftly and cheaply. However, FillerName Corporation, a leading medical supply business, got wind of the experiments and felt threatened by the possibility of a competing, cheaper marrow. They secretly sent agents, disguised as research aides, to destroy or steal Hendricks' work. But Hendricks was extremely careful with his security(would you trust grad students with this stuff? Didn't think so(jk to any grads out there)), and only he handled samples. Thus the agents were unsuccessful in stealing anything for over 2 years. But FillerName got tired of waiting. The agents were told to kill Hendricks, deeming his work better off unfinished than being used to make someone else money. They decided to use chemicals from Hendricks' own lab to poison him and the samples. Since he was the only one who worked with the samples, he was heavily exposed to the chemicals.
After a week of such treatment, Calvin became seriously ill and went home. He woke up the next day 100 lbs heavier. His gut churned in pain as the chemicals' effects became evident, through the slightly painful experience of large bones extruding through every part of his skin. He could hear the cars outside, but they were 20 stories below his apartment(I don't live in a city, but I'm pretty sure normal people can't do that without windows open). After calming down from his newly-empowered experience(which took the better part of a half-hour), Calvin learned he could control the bones and even make it extend and detach(trashing most of his apartment in the process). After figuring out how to shed his armor so he could wear normal clothes again, he snuck into his office and brought back almost all of his research, trying to figure out what went wrong. He is still trying to figure out his powers, while learning more about what caused them.

This would be him at PL11.


Fast Grab
Improved Grab
All Out Attack
Equipment 2 (Motorcycle with +2 Toughness)

Close Combat (Bone Whips) 2 (+4 Fight)
Expertise: Chemistry 6 (+4 Int)
Stealth 4 (+2)
Technology 1 (+4)
Vehicles 7
Ranged Attack (Spikes) 8
Close Combat (Fists) 6 (+4)
Intimidate 10 (+1)

Senses 4: Tracking, Danger Sense, Extended Olfactory, Ultrahearing
Bone whips: Elongate 3(60 ft), Activation(move), Str based dmg
Spikes: Blast 4
Impervious Toughness 12, Activation(move)
Movement 2 (Swinging)(120ft)
Leap 3 (60ft)
Regeneration 10

This was the first guy I ever generated and I have never played with him. I'm not sure if all my math is right, or if I did anything wrong. Feedback would be nice. This is the first time I've written on here.
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Re: Slasher's Lab (1 Character)

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Added Slasher's game stats at PL11.