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GAT - X303 Aegis - Prototype Commander Transformable Mobile Suit

PL: 15

Abilities: Str: 0/14*, Sta: -, Agl: 11, Dex: 7, Fgt: 7, Int: -, Awe: 6, Pre: -

Powers: Communicator: Communications 4 (Radio, Extra: Area, Selective,

Flat: Subtle 1) (25),

Construct: Immunity 30 (Fortitude) (30),

Gargantuan: Growth 14 (Flat: Innate, Flaw: Permanent) (29),

Light Armor: Impervious Toughness 14 (14),

Phase Shift Armor: Sustained Immunity 10 (Physical Damage, Flaw: Limited to Half Effect) (10),

Restricted: Feature 1 (Restricted to Coordinators) (1),

Runner: Speed 4 (60 mph) 5 Overall (4),

Sensors: Senses 7 (Accurate, Analytical, Extended 2, radio [radar], Extended Hearing,

Extended Vision) (7),

Thrusters: Flight 10 (Flaw: Limited to Space) 11 overall (10),

Alternate Effect - Jumpjets: Leaping 10 (1)

Mobile Cruise Mode - Metamorph (1) Cannot use Beam Rifle, Run, and Shield.

Decrease Agl by 2 ranks and Fgt by 1 rank (-6),

Increase flight by 3 ranks (+6)

Mobile Attack Mode - Metamorph (1) Cannot use Beam Sabers, Beam Rifle, Run, and Shield.

Add - Giant Claw: Enhanced Fastgrab, Improved Critical 2, Improved Hold,

Strength based Damage 4 (+10)

"Scylla" 580mm Multipurpose Energy Cannon: Ranged Weaken Toughness 17

(Extra: Affects Objects, Flat: Variable Descriptor - Energy) (+52)

Decrease Agl by 2 ranks and Fgt by 1 rank. (-6)

Weapons: Beam Sabers: Weaken Toughness 15 (Extra: Affects Objects,

Flat: Enhanced Ambidexterity, Split) (32),

"Igelstellung: 75mm Multi-Barrel Close In Weapon System (CIWS):

Ranged Damage 9 (Extra: Multiattack) (27)

Optional - AntiBeam Coated Shield: Enhanced Dodge 2, Parry 2,

Deflect 5 (5) Easily Removable - 4

60mm High Energy Beam Rifle: Ranged Weaken Toughness 12 (Extra: Affects Objects)

(20) Easily Removable -16

Advantages: None

Equipment: None

Skills: Intimidation 0 (+7), Stealth 0 (-3)

Offense: Initiative: +11, Unarmed: +7 (Damage 14),

Defense: Dodge: 21/14*/16**, Parry: 18/11*/13**, Fortitude: -, Toughness: 14, Will: -

* With Growth Modifiers
** With Shield

Abilities: 32, Powers: 217, Advantages: 0, Skills: 0, Defense: 21 = Total: 270

Complications: Limited Battery Energy: Only has a limited time before

shutting down. Prolonged use of PhaseShift armor shortens this time even further.

Notes: The Aegis Gundam was one of the last prototypes built under the G project.
It was the most complex due to its ability to transform into a mobile armor. The Mobile
armor mode was used for circumstances that required speed. This came at the cost of
some agility. There was also a tertiary mode transforming the suit into a giant claw
with the devastating "Scylla" Beam Cannon attack.

The ability to transform necessitated the lack of armor on the Aegis. The Aegis had
to have a unique flexible frame in order to transform. On the positive side this
flexibility allowed for a high degree of agility. The Aegis was meant for high ranking
commanders. As such it's electronics were more advance out of the gundams.

It's complexity required a high skill in piloting to fully utilize it's capabilities.
The beam sabers of the Aegis were unique in that they were built in and there were four
of them. Each limb had a beamsaber making the Aegis deadly in close combat. The Aegis
had only it's CIWS that could be used in all modes.

The Aegis was piloted by Arthrun Zala. Arthrun was a former friend to the pilot of the
Strike Gundam Kira Yamato. Arthrun was the leader of the team that stole four out of
the five gundam prototypes of the G project. Arthrun made it his mission that the
Strike Gundam (and the Archangel carrier for that matter) would never reach the safety
of friendly OMNI territory on earth.