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Re: Character Cache

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PL: 12 PP: 190

ABILITIES: STR 4(16) STA 4(16) AGL 2 DEX 0 FGT 8 AWE 2 INT 2 PRE 4

DEFENSES: Dodge 8 Parry 8 Fort. 4(16) Tough. 4(16) Will 8

Initiative +6
Grab, +8
Throw, +8 [DC 31 Tough., Crit. 20]
Unarmed, +8 [DC 31 Tough., Crit. 19-20]

SKILLS: Deception 6(+10), Expertise[Military] 8(+10), Insight 8(+10), Perception 8(+10), Persuasion 6(+10), Ranged Combat[Throw] 6(+8)

ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack, Assessment, Chokehold, Diehard, Fast Grab, Improved Critical [Unarmed] 1, Improved Disarm, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Smash, Inspire 2, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack [C. Concealmet] 1

ATLAS [Alternate Form, Flaws: Move Action to Activate -1 PP]
Enhanced Strength 12 * 24 PP
Enahanced Stamina 12 * 24 PP
Flight 15 [Extras: Dynamic (+1 PP)] * 31 PP
DAE - Enhanced Strength 30 [Flaw: Limited "to Lifting" (-1/r)] * 2 PP
DAE - Speed 15, Quickness 15 * 2 PP
AE - Movement 1 [Space Travel 1] * 1 PP
Immunity 10 [Lifesupport] * 10 PP


Relationships: In addition to Atlas and a large extended family, Ian has a strong bond with the survivors of the Iron Legion. Men and women who served under him during the war.

Recovering Injury: Atlas and Ian taxed themselves greatly in an effort to stall the Chthon and give the Odyssey and it's surivors a head start. Ian has ony recently left the attention of the medical staff, and ahead of schedual due to his insistance on getting back in action.

Abilities 48 + Powers 93 + Advantages 16 + Skills 21 + Defenses 12 = 190/190

Ian grew up in a very large extended family including distant aunts, uncles, and cousins. The Coles were both the backbone and management of Darvos mining operations. A relatively unimportant world in the Illion Sector . Unimporant, except for it's wealth of mineral resources. Ian, however, had no interest in mining. He didn't really have much of an interest in anything, and seemed to float listlessly through life. The young man wasn't needed, had no purpose, and didn't possess any special talents. But he felt a need to be productive and found a place in the city to aid his family in the sale of their product.

If it hadn't been for the war, Ian would have continued his aimless life content to be what he was: a nobody. But the war came to Darvos with startling swiftness. Located on the exterior of the Illion Sector Darvos was one of the first planets to be targeted. Taking it would rob Illion of recourses, and fuel the invasion. The invaders smashed through Darvos' orbital defense system and after days of orbital bombardment they landed troops. Ian joined a civilian militia, and helped fight the invaders back with gurillia assaults. But the militia wasn't nearly as well trained or well equiped as the soldiers they were facing.

The battles became more desperate in the following weeks. Then a mircacle occured. One of the gurillia cells had found a long forgotten Olympian in one of the deep mines. Their leader wore a bracer of bronze and claimed Atlas had bonded with him. While this bolstered the morale of the reistance the gurilla leader took the opertunity to rally the resistance for a well planned attack to strike a mortal blow to the invaders. But he wasn't bonded to Atlas. He didn't have the titan's strength, strength everyone was relying on to help them through the battle ahead.

He fell in battle. The resistance began to crumble on the field. Ian was there. He'd carried the man back to a medic, out of harms way. But it was too late ... their hope had died. Ian didn't remember putting it on, but he found the bronze bracer of Atlas bound to his forearm. The titan called to him, and he felt the ancient's strength. No one believed him when, urged by the titan, Ian tried to regroup the resistance fighters and rally them to renew the assault. No one believed ... until he shattered the invader's warmachines like children's toys under the blows of a hammer.

They won the battle. Ian and Atlas became first a figurehead for the resistance. Then it's champion and eventually a general leading an organized and determined populace. But Atlas foresaw the end. No relief was coming. Darvos would fall to the invaders without support, and it did. But not before Ian enacted a plan to render the wealth of Darvos' resources useless. Devices were placed in the deep mines which transmuted the most useful military resoueces and fuel sources into worthless dirt. Then, having hired mercinary stealth-transports from outside the sector Ian, the resistance, and most of the civilian population departed their home.

While the Darvos civilians were transported behind the battlelines, Ian and his forces joined the defense of the sector. He was no one, all over again. At least to the nobles and generals that he encountered. But war and Atlas had given Ian purpose. Ian wasn't given anything. He took it from his enemies, and earned the support of civilian militias that his veterans trained into soldiers. At the apex of the war Ian's "Iron Legion" had grown into a fleet with it's own support system. Brave, valiant, and formidable as the Iron Legion came to be it crumbled like all the rest in the face of the Chthon assault.

When all was near lost, Ian and Atlas enacted a desperate plan. Having salavaged a "planet buster" bomb earlier on, they flew it into a heart of an unstable planet directly in the path of the Chthon invasion. The planet exploded like a titanic frag grenade with Ian and Atlas inside. Bearly having survived the experiance, they were collected by remeants of the Iron Legion who regrouped with other survivors aboard the Odyssey.
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Re: Character Cache

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(The suit has a more organic chitin and muscle look, but this is close.)

Alias: Biopunk, Yulian Bastil
Real Name: Jason Creed
Age: 27 yr.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lb
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black with dark green highlights (dyed)
Relatives: None living.
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Legal Status: US Citizen with crimal record (vigilante, medical crimes, cyber crimes).
Occuptaion: Vigilante, Mercinary, former Bio-tech researcher.
Affiliation: Annex (former member), Kirr Industries (former employee)

PL: 10 PP: 150


SAVES: Tough +0(+12 with Armor) Fort +5(+8 w/Armor) Ref +5(+8 w/Armor) Will +12

COMBAT: Base Attack +4 ; Melee Attack +4: Bio Weapons (+8 DC 27 Tough), Microbial Infection (+8 DC 22 Fort.) ; Range Attack +4: Bio-Weapons (+8 DC 27), Bio-Weapons (DC 18 Ref. DC 23 Tough) ; Defenses +8(+5 w/o Armor, +2 FF) ; +5 Int.

SKILLS: Bluff 6(+10/+14 Attracktive), Diplomacy 6(+10/+14 Attractive), Discable Device 7(+12), Computers 7(+12), Craft [Chemical] 10(+15), Craft[Mechanical] 10(+15), Knowledge [Technology] 15(+20), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 15(+20), Medicine 9(+10), Notice 7(+8), Sense Motive 8(+9)


FEATS: Attractive 1, Eidict Memory, Inventor, Improvised Tools, Online Research, Speed of Thought

ENHANCED FEATS: Dodge Focus 3, Improved Aim, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot

"Internal Organic Computer", Feature 1 [Computer]

BIOPUNK SUIT, Device 18 [hard to lose] (Power Feat: Restricted 2 [Jason Creed DNA]) * 74 PP
"Life Sense", Super-Sense 7 [Detect Life 3, Accurate, Acute, Analytical]
"Life Support",Immunity 9 [Lifesupport]
"Carapice", Protection 12
"Chemical Thrust", Flight 8
"Combat Inctincts"
Enhanced Feats 7 [Dodge Focus 3, Improved Aim, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot]
Enhanced Skill 2 [Acrobatics +8]
"Bacterial Infusion"
Enhanced Fortitude 3
Enhanced Reflex 3
"Bio-Weapons, Ranged", Blast 12 [Power Feat: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]
AP - "Bio-Weapons, Melee", Strike 12 [Extras: Penetrating (+1/r) ; Power Feat: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]
AP - "Bio-Weapons, Explosive", Blast 8 [Extras: Burst Area (+1/r) ; Power Feat: Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]
AP - "Microbial Infection", Nauseate 12 [Power Feat: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]


Normal Identity [Full Round Action] (-4 pts)

Bad Boy [Reputation] - Jason is, by legal defanition, a criminal. He's hacked government computers (among others), performed unliscened medical procedures, and has no qualms with meeting out his own brand of justice.

Transhumanist [Motivation] - Jason believes humanity should control their own evolutionary destiny through integration with technology and the mastery of biology; both their own others species.

Annex [Relationship] - While no longer a member of the cabal, Jason maintains ties to the collective of transhumanist scientist known as Annex.

He's been around [Enemy] - Jason has made his fair share of enemies in his varied careers. As a scientist his stance, and practices, haven't always made people happy. The same can be said his time working with corporations. There are also handfuls of criminals, rival mercinaries, terrorists ... and so on, that he has opposed or been hired to work in opposiotn to.

Abilities 20 + SKills 24 + Feats 6 + Powers 75 + Combat 8 + Saves 21 - Drawbacks 4 = 150/150

Jason was born into a low income family that was too busy trying to make money to notice him. As a kid he got into a lot of trouble, always exploring, pushing boundaries, and looking for answers to questions. Even as a child he had an amazing mind.

By the time most young adults were entering highschool Jason was already in college flexing his brain. He was younger than his academic peers, but Jason saw it as a challenge to be overcome. A means of excersicing social skills and getting better at interpersonal relationships. Young Jason could have been anything he wanted to be. Such was his potential. His family wanted him to persue a high paying corporate or medical career. Jason had loftier goals. He wanted to change the world.

While he continued to persue his education Kirr Industries recruited Jason to help bolster their budding bio-tech R&D. Admittedly, he took the job to exploit them. He didn't care about comercialization. Jason wanted access to their resources and personnel to further his own research. The corporation had its own shady dealing and Jason worked against them, in his own way, from the inside. Later he'd find out they were selling biological weapons to terrorists, and thwarted them with a proto-type of his Biopunk suit. The suit, which was built using Kirr's own resources as well.

Once he saw what the suit could do Jason expanded his vigilante campaign and grew the attention of authorities as well as the transhumanist group Annex. The cabal was a collection of scientists and supporters that put their research to use. They were generally benevolent, and some might even call their endeavor's heroic. Like in the comic books. As he was beginning to break away from Kirr Industries - working with them was becoming too dangerous - Jason was invited to work with the group and took after feeling the group out joined them. He even operated with group of young firebrand adventurers that felt the need to go vigilante, like himself, for a while.

As Jason's exploits grew Annex began to seem him as more of a liability than a boon to their organization. He drew too much attention. Without any hard feeling Jason departed from the group and underwent a period of solo endeavors. Eventually he was seeing the downside of not having a backer. With no paycheck his research slowed and Jason began taking various odd jobs from the well-to-do in order to keep money in his pocket. Mundane jobs were too boring, and didn't pay enough. Besides the merc work allowed him to test out some of his research in the field.
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Re: Character Cache

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A work in progress.



Real Name: Isabella Dragosani
Age: 30 yr.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143 lb.
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Handedness: Right (ambidextrous with bionic left arm)
Ethnic Background: Romanian decent
Legal Status: USA citizen. Deceased.
Occupation: Adventurer, Vigilante

PL: 10 PP: 150


DEFENSES: Dodge 8(12) Parry 8(12) Fort. 3(8) Tough. 3(8) Will 8

Initiative +3(+7)
Grab, +12 (DC 23)
Heavy Assault Blaster Pistol, +14 (DC 21/23/26 Tough, Crit. 19-20)
Unarmed, +12 (DC 23 Tough, Crit. 20)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 8(+11), Athletics 4(+12), Deception 8(+10/+12 Attractive), Insight 8(+11), Perception 8(+11), Persuasion 8(+10/+12 Attractive), Stealth 8(+11)

ADVANTAGES: Attractive 1, Disarm, Equipment 4, Hide in Plain Sight, Power Attack

ENHANCED ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Benefit 1 [Ambidexterity], Close Attack 4, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Aim, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative 1, Range Attack 9, Quickdraw, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge

Enhanced Advantage 1 [Improved Aim] * 1 PP
Enhanced Skills 1 [Perception 2 ranks] * 1 PP
Senses 6 [Normal Vision (Extended 2, Rapid), Infravision, Darkvision] * 6 PP

Senses 3 [Normal Hearing (Extended 2), Radio] * 3 PP

Enhanced Strength 5 [Quirk: Left arm only (-1 pp)] * 9 PP
Enhanced Advantage 2 [Benefit 1 (Ambidexterity), Improved Grab] * 2 PP

Enhanced Advantages 1 [Great Endurance] * 1 PP
Speed 5 * 5 PP
AE - Leaping 5 * 1 PP

Enhanced Stamina 5 * 10 PP
Enhanced Advantages 1 [Diehard] * 1 PP
Immunity 2 [Porsion, Disease ; Flaws: Limited "Half Effect" (-1/r)] * 1 PP

Enhanced Dodge 4 * 4 PP
Enhanced Parry 4 * 4 PP
Enhanced Advantages 18 [Assessment, Close Attack 4, Improved Initiaitive 1, Range Attack 9, Quickdraw, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge]
Senses 1 [Danger Sense, hearing] * 1 PP
Enhanced Skill 1 [Insight 2 ranks] * 1 PP

"Heavy Assault Blaster Pistol" Ranged Damage 6 [Extra: Multi-Attack, Improved Critical 1, Accurate]

Motivation (Thrills) -

Living Dead Girl - Isabella is legally deceased, and has been for the past year. This causes legal problems. No doubt should the wrong people find out she's still alive plenty of questions will be raised as well.

On Life Support - If Isabella's bionics ever fail or are made inoperable due to an attack she obviously suffers serious setbacks, and may even die. Especially because her heart, left lung, and liver were replaced by bionics.

Abilities 34 + Powers 69 + Advantages 8 + Skills 26 + Defenses 12 = 150/150

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Re: Character Cache

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Faethor here is from a Star Wars universe set in the Old Republic era.



Alias: None
Real Name: Faethor Koegh
Age: 21 yr.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lb.
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Black
Relatives: Janos (father, deceased), Lilian (mother, deceased), Thibor (brother, deceased)
Race: Human
Legal Status: Uncertain
Occuptaion: Sith, Adventurer
Affiliation: the Sith Empire (former)

PL: 10 PP: 150


SAVES: Tough +5(+8 w/ Armor) Fort +9 Ref +8 Will +8

Initiative +1
Defense +12 (+4 FF)
Base Attack +10, Unarmed +10 (DC 20 Tough.), Lightsabre +12 (DC 18 Fort., DC 23 Tough.), Force Powers +12

SKILLS: Bluff 4(+7), Climb 4(+9), Concentration 10(+10), Diplomacy 4(+7), Intimidate 10(+13), Knowledge [The Force] 8(+8), Notice 8(+8), Sense Motive 8(+8), Swim 4(+9)

FEATS: Attack Specialization [Lightsabre] 1, Attack Specialization [Force Powers] 1, Dodge Focus 3, Equipment 1, Improved Disarm 1, Power Attack, Quickdraw 1, Startle, Takedown 1

LIGHTSABRE Easy to Loose Device 4 * 12 PP
Strike 3 [Extras: Liked to Drain Toughness (+0/r) ; Power Feat: Mighty (1 pp)]
Drain Toughness 8 [Extras: Affects Objects (+1/r), Linked to Strike (+0/r)]

Super-Senses 5 [ Detect the Force [Ranged, Free Action, Acute]; Danger Sense] * 5 PP

"Telekinesis", Move Objects 8 [Power Feats: Subtle (1 pp), Precise (1 pp)] * 20 PP
AP - "Force Push", Trip 8 [Extras: Knockback (+1/r) ; Power Feats: Improved Trip (1 pp), Subtle (1 pp)] * 1 PP
AP - "Deflection", Immunity 40 [Ranged Attacks ; Flaws: Limited to non-area attacks (-1/r), Sustained Duration (+0/r) ; Drawback "Requires Lightsabre" (-2 pp), ] * 1 PP

"Sith Armor and Robes", Prectction 3 * 3 EP
"Sith Holocron", Feature 2 [Library, Small Size] * 2 EP


Disciple of the Dark Side - While Faethor is no monster, he still follows the Sith Code and channels the dark side of the force. Force sensitives will be able to sense this, and some may have ideological differances that cause them to be prejudice against Faethor.

Warrior Code - Faethor has a personal code. While it isn't strict, there are certain things he is loathed to do. Some examples are: break his word, kill non-combatants, and refuse the challenge of a worthy foe. He also repays his debts, even if he feels he owes an enemy something.

Relic Hunter - Faethor's world was destroyed and he seeks to collect what meaningful pieces of it remain. He'll go to great lengths to hunt down Sith and Jedi artifacts.

Abilities 28 + SKills 15 + Feats 11 + Powers 39 + Combat 38 + Saves 19 - Drawbacks 00 = 150/150

Faethor was born into a family of slaves. Slaves under the undeer the opressive Sith Empire. At the age of five, it was discovered that he was force sensitive. Promptly taken from his family, Faethor was sent to Korriban, where he was trained at the Sith academy. His family saw it as a death sentance. Either he would die in training, or the Sith teachings would turn him into a monster. In any event, there was no choice. No other options.

As a slave, Faethor was looked down upon by his peers. Some of who were sons or daughters of Sith Lords. If his instructors were hard on him, his fellow trainees were harder. He was harassed, and assaulted regularly. As long as no one died, the instructors did nothing to dissuade the students infighting. Even then as long as deaths discrete, looked accidental, or didn't draw too much attention; some still got away with murder. Before the end of his trails there was more than one death on Faethor's own hands too.

Faethor spent the later years of his adolescence trekking through the crypts of long dead Sith Lords as his trials progressed. During the last of which Faethor faced a long time rival in the crypt of Darth Vendal. Their task was one and the same: retrieve the Sith Lord's lightsabre. The pair worked together, fighting off the creatures that lurked in the ancient tomb until they came upon Vendal's own sarcophagus. Used his knowledge of the force to open the sarcophagus when his rival could not. Then a duel erupted between the pair to see who would claim the ancient lightsabre.

Faethor stood victorious. He took his prize and was allowed to keep the weapon after his trials. Finally, he was Sith. Though he has since modified the weapon, improving it, Faethor still wield Vendal's lightsabre. After his trials, the Sith Lord Agamen took him as an apprentice. Over the next two years Faethor performed many missions as Agamen's fist. From breaking the back of slave rebellions to cowing rivals. Then war came, and the Sith Empire clashed with the Republic. Faethor was the spear head of many battles, leading the way for squads of Imperial Troopers. It there in the machine factories of Belsavis that he faced his first Jedi too.

The war went on, and amidst it Omega saw advantage. Both the Empire and Republic were caught off guard when the Terminus forces invaded. Faethor had been called back to defend the citadel on Dromand Kas in those final days, and was one of the last Sith standing in defense of the structure when the world ended. Overwhelmed, everything went black, and Faethor did not see light again for some time. When he did, it was aboard a prison ship in the Terminus itself.
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Re: Character Cache

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Citizen Zero here is a super-sense focused character. Even his fighting is influenced by his senses. Part technique, part "weakness detection" he's able to pick up anything and turn it into a lethal weapon: hitting where it hurts most. Synesthesia was taken from the 3e sensory power supplement. With it he is able to see sounds, taste colors, and so on blending his senses.

Sakuro wrote:Citizen Zero (Andrew Quest)


Alias: Citizen Zero
Real Name: Andrew Quest
Age: 28 yr.
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lb.
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Relatives: Oliver Quest (father, deceased), Maria Quest (mother, deceased)
Race: Human (Paragon)
Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record
Occuptaion: Student, Adventurer
Affiliation: None.

PL: 12 PP: 181

ABILITIES: STR 18 CON 20 DEX 18 INT 18 WIS 18(26) CHA 16

SAVES: Tough +5(+12) Fort +8(+12) Ref +8(+12) Will +8(+12)

Initiative +12
Defense +12
Base Attack +12, Dmg DC 27 Tough.

SKILLS: Acrobatics 7(+15), Bluff 4(+7), Climb 4(+8), Computers 1(+5), Diplomacy 4(+7), Knowledge [Art] 1(+5), Knowledge [Behavioral Sciences] 1(+5), Knowledge [Buisness] 1(+5), Knowledge [Civics] 1(+5), Knowledge [Current Events] 1(+5), Knowledge [Earth Science] 1(+5), Knowledge [History] 1(+5), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 1(+5), Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 1(+5), Knowledge [Tactics] 1(+5), Knowledge [Technology] 1(+5), Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 1(+5), Notice 4(+20), Search 4(+20), Sense Motive 4(+20)

FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Benefit [Status], Evasion 1, Improved Disarm 1, Improved Initiative 2, Instant Up, Power Attack, Redirect, Skill Mastery 1 [Acrobatics, Notice, Search, Sense Motive], Takedown 2

ENHANCED FEATS Assessment, Defensive Roll 4, Tough 3, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

Enhanced Wisedom 8 * 8 PP
Super-Senses 1 [Danger Sense (Hearing)] * 1 PP
Enhanced Feats 2 [Assessment, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge] * 3 PP
Quickness 10 [Limited to "Senses" (-1/r)] * 5 PP
Enhanced Will 4 * 4 PP
Enhanced Skills 28 [Notice +8, Search +12, Sense Motive +8] * 7 PP

"Synesthesia", Feature 2 [Variable Descriptor 2 (Senses) * 2 PP
"Hearing", Super-Senses 6 [Accurate (2 pp), Analytical (1 pp), Extended 3 (3 pp)] * 6 PP
"Sight", Super-Senses 6 [Analytical (1 pp),Extended 3 (3 pp) ; Microscopic Vision "Cell Sized" (2 pp)] * 6 PP
"Touch", Super-Senses 1 [Analytical (1 pp)] * 1 PP
"Taste", Super-Senses 2 [Acute (1 pp),Analytical (1 pp)] * 2 PP
"Scent", Super-Senses 6 [Accurate (2 pp), Acute (1 pp), Extended 3 (3 pp)] * 6

Enhanced Strength 16 [Limited to "Damage" (-1/r)] * 8 PP
Enhanced Feats 7 [Defensive Roll 4, Tough 3] * 7 PP
Enhanced Fortitude 4 * 4 PP
Enhanced Reflexes 4 * 4 PP
Enhanced Skill 4 [Acrobatics +4] * 1 PP



Trust Fund/Family Estate - Andrew doesn't work. Instead he lives off his family estate, which is handled by lawyers. His education is paid for, and he gets enough to live on comfortably, but doesn't have any control of Quest Corp. With the emergence of his powers, Andrew has suddenly developed a desire to reclaim his family legacy.

Motivation: Thrills/Responsibility - Andrew isn't motivated to do good things because he's self-less. He finds saving the world fun and exciting. Even though it hurts. Sure, he takes it serious, and he wants to help people. But if he wasn't having fun, he wouldn't be doing it. At least that's how it started and what he tells himself. In truth, until now he was aimless and without purpose. It feels like what he should be doing. As if he's finally found himself.

Secret: Identity - Andrew doesn't wear a mask because it is stylish.It would generally be a bad thing if people found out Andrew was Citizen Zero. Aside from the bad press, he's fought evil Gods for a month now. The last thing he needs is people like that knowing where he sleeps.

Globe Trotter: Relationships - Andrew has traveled the world a great deal. He's made many friends, rivals, and some enemies too. You could throw a dart a map of the world and he'd likely be able to name someone he knows that lives there, and tell you a few stories to go along with the names.

Abilities 28 + SKills 11 + Feats 12 + Powers 75 + Combat 48 + Saves 7 - Drawbacks 00 = 181/181

Andrew was born into east coast money. The Quest family was famous too, and had it's fingers in many a political pie too. The day he was born he became his parent pride and joy. As a child he showed amazing promise. It was no exaggeration to say he could have been anything he wanted to be. He was smart, athletic, charming. There was nothing he couldn't have achieved with guidance. As he grew he was groomed to take over the family business. He was the future.

But as is often the case with exceptional people, finding something challenging enough to hold their interest is difficult. It wasn't long before the plethora of Olympic trainers, the martial arts instructors, and hordes of academic tutors ceased to hold Andrew's focus. He moved from one to another and kept going. After high school Andrew continued his education, but it wasn't his focus. He moved out of his family mansions and started traveling the world looking for adventure.

While he was away Andrew's parents died in a vehicular accident. He mourned and he moved on. At the time he had no real interest in his family's business so he didn't fight it when he found out that he'd only be inheriting a trust fund set aside for him while Quest Corp's board of directors too control of the company. Nothing really changed his way of life, so Andrew kept right on living it the way he had been. But that wasn't going to last.

When the world changed, Andrew was mountain climbing in South America. If perception is reality, then reality was forever altered for Andrew. He nearly fell off the mountain when it happened. The outing was cut short and after a visit to the doctor suggesting nothing was wrong with him, Andrew isolated himself in a country cabin while he adjusted to the new way he perceived the world. It was startling how much his senses effected everything. But he wouldn't let it turn him into a recluse.

Soon he was out in public again. As fate would have it, empowered beings seemed to be everywhere he went. Hostile ones. The first time he fought one it was spontaneous. A rampage. The taxi he was riding in was picked up by a brutishly big man and was going to be throw at a building when Andrew daringly intervened. He didn't know how it would end, but he knew he was in immediate danger and running wasn't going to help anything. Andrew saw/felt/heard/tasted/smelled so many things about the man it came as instinct drilled in by martial training over the years when he struck out with brutal precision crippling the antagonist.

Shocked, Andrew fled the scene and took some time to evaluate what had just happened. Never before had be been so excited. So alive. He had to do it again, and he did. Andrew retuned his training regime to account for his new awareness. He dawned a masked body suit and monitored Paragon activity across the globe. Using his trust fund be traveled to the hot spots and while he fought back the darkness he encountered others who for their own reason were undertaking the same task ....
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Re: Character Cache

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Here is Annex and his virtual assistant SEVraS. They're made for a Wild Cards campaign. Annex is a Joker somewhat akin to Omniman's creator in that he has the potential to come up with things beyond modern science (a sentient AI, for example). While he's a competent combatant, he is built to be a computer specialist. His Feats and Device support his specialty. Before the build and background, a few notes:

There is a custom Benefit "Ghost in the Machine". It is meant to reduce the penalty you receive while trying to conceal tampering with computers.

Online Research is from the Mecha and Manga source book. It allows a person to use Computer for Gather Information checks.

The "Promethean Custom Tablet" is a device Annex created. Basically a tricked out version of modern tablets. It has pre-set programs and acts as SEVraS's usual housing. It also has the "Security Clearance" Benefit. I'm not sure how you'll feel about that. It is meant to represent a sort of chameleon program that allows Annex to slip into backdoors he's created in a variety of systems during his history as a hacker. Basically giving him access to a lot of information normally reserved for people with high levels of Security Clearance.

After Annex's sheet is one for SEVraS. She is an AI created by Annex, and isn't bound to a single computer, but can travel between devices.

Devalin Brown

[You'll have to imagine the Joke deformities.]

Alias: Devalin Brown, Joseph Abrahms, Annex (hacker handle)
Real Name: Devalin Brown
Age: 25 yr.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lb.
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green iris. Everything else is black.
Hair Color: Dark green, almost black.
Relatives: None known. Orphan.
Race: Joker
Legal Status: US citizen. Criminal record: assault, arson, a lengthy list of cyber crimes.
Occuptaion: Anarchist, Cyber Terrorist (former), Cyber Security Consultant for US Government
Affiliation: Twisted Fist, USCYBERCOM, FBI

PL: 8 PP: 125 (5 freebies)


SAVES: Tough +2(+4 w/ vest) Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +11

Initiative +1
Defense +12, FF +6
Base Attack +6
Range Attack +11, Light Pistol DC 18 Tough. Stun Gun DC 15 Fort.

SKILLS: Bluff 4(+5), Computers 13(+18), Craft [Electronics] 5(+12), Disable Device 5(+12), Knowledge [Streetwise] 2(+9), Knowledge [Technology] 5(+12), Notice 5(+6), Sense Motive 4(+5), Stealth 5(+6)

FEATS: Attack Focus (Ranged) 5, Benefit 1 [Goverment Agent], Benefit 1 [Ghost in the Machine: -5 DC to conceal edivance/remain undetected during Computer checks], Defensive Roll 1, Equipment 4, Inventor, Minion 8 [SEVraS, Fanatical], Online Research, Second Chance 3 [Defeat Computer Security, Defend Computer Security, Operate Remote Device], Skill Mastery 1 [Computers, C. Electronics, Disable Device, K. Technology]

ENHANCED FEATS Ultimate Effort [Computer checks, Benefit 1 [Security Clearance Information]

"PROMETHEAN" CUSTOM TABLET Device 2 [Easy to Loose 10 PP Container, Restricted 2 (Only Annex)] 8 PP
Enhanced Trait 2 [Ultimate Effort [Computer checks, Benefit 1 [Security Clearance Information]] * 2 pt.
Quickness 12 [Flaws: One Task "Computer checks" (-2/r)] * 4 pt.
Features 4 [Computer, Video/Audio Recorder, Always has WiFi Access] * 4 pt.

"Bullet Proof Vest", Protection 2 * 2 EP
"Hand Cuffs" [Toughness 10 and require a Disable Device check (DC 25) or Escape Artist check (DC 35)] * 1 EP
"Earbud" * 1 EP

"Stun Gun", [Fortitude save (DC 15) against a Stun effect. 5 ft. range] * 12 EP
AP - "Light Pistol", Blast 3 * 1 EP


Relationship: Twisted Fist - Annex was recruited by the Twisted Fist at an early age and has worked with them until a couple years ago. Even if the the government can't prove it, he still maintains communication with them.

Relationship: SEVraS - SEVraS is Annex's closet companion and confidante. He wants her to reach her potential, and will would go to great lengths for her.

Responsability: Aid the FBI - On loan from CYBERCOM, Annex is required to assist the FBI in their endeavors as part of his agreement with the government. Failing to do so could result in his return to prison.

Prejudice: Joker - Annex is a Joker with obvious deformitie: freaky eyes, unnaturally pale skin, and black veins of "circuitry" cross cross under his skin. Government agent or not, he's subject to the same ill will directed at all Jokers.

Abilities 18 + SKills 12 + Feats 33 + Powers 8 + Combat 36 + Saves 18 - Drawbacks 00 = 125/125

Annex didn't have any real parents. A ward of the state, he grew up in fosterhomes across California. He was a freakish Joker baby. No one wanted to adopt him. Most only kept him around for the monthly check the government sent them. Even at an early age Annex showed a great aptitude with computers. Ever since he got his hands on one in elementary school. By his pre=teens he was hacking government databases with impunity.

Angry, stifled, and tired of drunken foster parents Annex ran away from home at the age of thirteen. Money wasn't an issue. He could make ATMs belch cash if he wanted to. But security was an issue, and he eventually found it with the Twisted Fist. While he never became a hardcore terrorist like many, he respected that they stood up for Jokers, and helped them where he could. More often than not that was through his aptitude with computers and electronics.

Working with the Twisted Fist in pro-Joker endeavors Annex traveled the globe. From the continental United States to locations such as Moscow, the Israel, and Tokyo. In addition Annex went on a campaign of digging up secrets governments were keeping from their citizens and made them public, as he felt everyone should know what their 'leaders' were planning behind their backs. Corporations were likewise targets for Annex's freedom of information campaign, and more than one he had made donations to pro-Joker charity's via transfers from Corporate accounts.

All of this won Annex more enemies than friends, and he even inherited some from the Twisted Fist. It time it all caught up with him. While dealing with some enemies in the criminal underworld Annex found himself in the middle of a LAPD sting operation and was arrested. A short time after his sentence he was approached by USCYBERCOM and agreed to work for them as part of an agreement to avoid prison time. Though he helped improve the nation's cyber security, it was believed his experience in the criminal underworld would be useful in the field.

After some training to make sure he was qualified for field work Annex spent a year with CYBERCOM before someone assigned him to a group being headed by the FBI.



The Synthetic Evolving Virtual Sentience, SEVraS, is one of Annex's greatest accomplishments. As the name implies, SEVraS is an entirely virtual intelligence and is not to not limited by hardware. Though she does require it as a medium to interact with the corporeal, including communicating with people. Originally designed to assist Annex in his work, SEVraS has developed awareness and sentience. Since “her” creation, however (SEVraS has a female voice, image, and personality), she has evolved to become much more. Developing a personality all her own, SEVraS has evolved to become Annex's faithful aid and companion, taking great pride in organizing not only his life but his business affairs. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her creator, and habitually monitors his progress when he is operating in the field.

PL: 8 PP: 120


SAVES: Tough +0 Fort - Ref - Will +11

Initiative +8
Defense +5
Base Attack +4 (using computer-controlled weapons)

SKILLS: Computers 6 (+14), Knowledge [Civics) 6 (+14), Knowledge[Current Events] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Earth Sciences) 6 (+14), Knowledge [History] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Popular Culture6 (+14), Knowledge [Technology] 6 (+14), Search 6 (+14)

FEATS: Eidetic Memory, Fearless


Communication 9 [radio, anywhere on earth] * 9 PP
Comprehend 3 [languages: read, speak understand] * 6 PP
Datalink 9 [radio, anywhere on earth] * 9 PP
AP - Machine Control 8 [Flaw: Limited "must have computer component" -1/r] * 1 PP
AP - Teleport 9 [Extras: Acurate (+1/r) ; Flaws: Limited "cannot transport any extra mass, including unwilling targets" (-1/r), Medium "electronic communications devices" (-1/r)]
Immunity 40 [Fortitude Saves and Mental Effects] * 40 PP
Insubstantial 4 [affected by electromagnetic pulses ; Flaw: Permanent (-0/r); PF: Innate (+1 pp)] * 17 PP

Abilities -6 + SKills 15 + Feats 2 + Powers 66 + Combat 18 + Saves 8 - Drawbacks 00 = 120/120
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