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Re: Flynnarrel's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Subject: Warhammer fantasy. (OOC)
flynnarrel wrote:Viriella's story begins when a Gospodar woman is taken as with by an accomplished Ungol horseman. Dissappointed not to have a son, he raises his daughter to the ways of mounted archery and the soldier's life. The day that her mother found her spitting on a freshly swept floor the woman had had enough. She dressed Viriella as a young girl and took her to a Choosing they were having in the village where an Ice Witch was testing the girls for the Ancient Widow's Touch. Viriella's mother knew how rare it was but wanted to do something to counterbalance her father's crude influence. Viriella was taken away on the spot.

Throughout her forced apprenticeship and then training as a Maiden of Ice, Viriella swore to herself that she'd not forget where she came from and that she would stay true to her Ungol heritage. She suffered for it from the other acolytes but she told herself that her people had suffered far worse and survived and grew in strength. And, indeed, every time she was jostled while learning a tricky and dangerous application of Ice Magic, where any mistake could turn an unwary Novice to solid ice, she learned *that* much more control and strength.

It was at a rare Erengrad Caucus where Tzarina Katerin herself was in attendance, that the novices were invited to show what they could do amidst the diminishing rays of the Summer sun. There was much muttering when Viriella took the stage for every Sister had heard of the half-Ungol that threatened the purity of their Order. Even in the sun's full light, Viriella froze a nearby fountain solid, erected a substantial ice dome, and gave herself over to the Frostfiend's form... some of the hardest disciplines of the Lore of Ice. All on-lookers watched as, unbidden and without ceremony, her eyes turned glacial blue and her flesh grew pale. Everyone, including Katerin, could not help but be impressed.

The Tzarina put out word and found out Viriella's history there was some curiosity when it came to light that her father's mother was Hag of some power. Viriella became unwitting recipient of Katerin's patronage and soon doors of education opened to her. She learned of magical arts, not just of Kislev but of the Empire as well and trained in it's language.

Viriella Suricheck was recruited by the Tzarina herself to be her eyes in the Southern lands. Portents and signs have indicated an upheaval and danger of unspecified nature. The ripples of it are felt even up here. Viriella was chosen for her training with the Ungol Horse Archers and also for her excelling gift with the magic that streams from the very heart of Kislev. The fact that she was approaching Katerin herself in mystical strength was not lost on young Viriella and she suspects this is a way the shrewd Tzarina is ridding herself of a potential rival.

Viriella is to travel the Southern Empire investigating strange occurrences and determining what she can of the source. Katerin will contact Viriella routinely in dreams to receive a report. Viriella also knows that, should she perish, her spirit is bound to make one final report before it moves on to the afterlife. The fact does not comfort her.

Loyal to Kislev – Viriella is fiercely loyal to the land of her birth and its people. Insults to Kislev (maybe common in the Empire) will not go unchecked.
Outsider – Her facial features and accent mark her as Kislevian. Likewise, she may not understand cultural norms and could be seen as ‘uncivilized’.
Power Loss – Viriella must be able to gesture to access much of her magic.
Marked by power – Her skin is pale and cold to the touch and her eyes are the deep blue associated to Ice Witches for any who recognize the significance.
Cold-blooded – She is acclimatized to the land of snow and frost. Being in a warm environment will cause discomfort which she will bear stoically. Being in an extremely hot environment for a prolonged period of time could impose penalties.
Cult of Ursun - if it ever comes up, she is a follower of Father Bear and all his pragmatic teachings.
Distrust of Men with Magic - She's learned from an age even before the Lore of Ice that men playing with magic are likely to both corrupt the magic and go insane. She will watch male casters suspiciously for when their insanity takes them, and will not hesitate to use the Ritual of Pacification... or an arrow.


Viriella Suricheck
PL6 90

Str 0
Con 4
Agi 1
Dex 4
Fgt 0
Int 2
Awe 2
Pre -1

Toughness 4+2armor = 6
Dodge 1+1buckler+4 = 6 [4pp], 5 in Frostfeind form
Parry +2+1buckler = 3 [2pp], 6 in Frostfeind form
Fort 4+0 = 4 [0pp]
Will 2+4 = 6 [4pp]

Horse Bow, +8 to hit, Toughness DC 19
Shardstorm, +6 to hit, Toughness DC 21, Multiattack, Secondary Attack
Freezing Cloud, Ranged, Area-Cloud; Dodge DC 16 for half, Affliction; Fort DC 16 (Daze,Stun) & Transforms liquid to ICE
Frost Fiend, *Unarmed Claws +6 to hit, Toughness DC 19 or
*Shriek, Area-Cone, Sense-dependent Dodge DC 16 negates totally, Will DC 16 (Entranced, Compelled to flee),
Invocation of the Ice Storm, Deflect +8, Redirect +6 to hit
Midwinter's Kiss, Area-Cone; Dodge DC 16 for half, Affliction; Dodge DC 16
Glacial Barrier – Entrap, +6 to hit, Dodge DC 16 or trapped. Drop, +6 to Hit, Toughness DC 21

Advantages [8pp]: Ranged 2, Equipment 3, Ritualist, Improved Initiative, Precise(Range, Cover)
Languages: Kislevian (native), Reikspiel (the Empire)

Skills[16pp]: Ranged(bow) 2(+8.), Riding 1 (+5), Perception 7(+9), Expertise: Magic 8(+10), Investigation 5(+7), Insight 1(+3), Stealth 4(+5), Expertise: Survival 1(+3), Sleight of Hand 1(+5)

Equipment: Horse Bow (Blast 4), Light Leathers (Protection 2), bowman’s hide buckler (Dodge+1, parry +1), Dark cloak (Urban Camouflage), Feature: hidden pockets, Lantern,


Immunity (cold environment) [1pp]

Wind-assisted Movement: Speed 1, Leaping 1 [2pp]

Ice Magic: [24pp+ 5AEs]
Shardstorm{Shards of diamond hard ice is emitted from the hands of the caster, striking the enemy viciously.}
Blast, Multiattack, Secondary Effect. Pr 6
AE: Freezing Cloud{This freezes any water based terrain, creating a sparkling, flat surface over which armies can walk. Otherwise it can freeze an enemy unit, inhibiting them with frozen muscles.}
Affliction, area-cloud, ranged, Limited Degree, Distracting, (Resist by Fort, Dazed, Stunned) pr 6
Transformation, area-cloud, ranged, Continuous, Permanent, Distracting, liquid to ice pr6
AE: Form of the Frostfiend{The caster changes into a beast of Kislev legend, coming closer to the Ice Magic than humanity. They will last like this until they die or cancel the invocation. Due to the magical nature of this form, most magical equipment becomes useless.}
*Feature/Quirk – equipment melds into form but becomes useless
*Flight pr 2
*Enhanced Strength4
*Enhanced Parry 4
*Enhanced Skill: Close Combat, Claws +6
*Protection 2 (since armor absorbs into form)
*Terrifying Shriek – Affliction, area-cone, Concentration, Cumulative, Distracting, Instant Recovery, Sense Dependent – hearing, Limited Degree (Resist by Will, Entranced(by Fear), Compelled(to flee)) pr 6
AE: Invocation of the Ice Storm{A harsh blizzard can be cast by the wizard chanting a few words which engulfs ranged weaponry. A blast of air blows many ranged objects off course or even stop a unit from firing at all. Some Ice Mages gain the precision to send the missiles back or even elsewhere.}
Deflect, reflect, redirect, pr 8
AE: Midwinter's Kiss {The breath of the caster is turned into a raging torrent of ice, freezing all in its path. Icicles form a barrier around the affected, preventing them from moving.}
Affliction, area-cone, extra condition 2, limited degree, cumulative, (Resisted by dodge then STR (as Snare), hindered and impaired and vulnerable, immobile and disabled and defenseless) pr 6
AE: Glacial Barrier - {This erects vast ice shapes that are impassable and cannot be seen through. They can be dispelled by the caster to aid movement and attacks.}
Create [ice], Continuous, Impervious pr 6

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Re: Flynnarrel's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Subject: D&D Type Fantasy Setting (Recruiting Ends June 17) 3E
flynnarrel wrote:Tania Glimmerwing was one of the Fae Queen's own Handmaidens. When she was called upon by her queen to serve as ambassador to a monarch of the local Big Folke who claimed dominion just outside of their forest. Actually, he claimed the forest was IN his dominion but that was one of the first things to be sorted out. The Queen's instructions were quite clear - work within the interests of the Fae Folke and try to come to reasonable if not good terms with this ruling monarch.
She knew what her queen wanted. There were better diplomats within the Queen's court, but if she were sending Tania it could only be to have the sizes of her forces misrepresented believably, to have the King's castle scouted accurately, and to have counter-intelligence prepared. Tania would not fail Her Majesty.
Once she came to know the King, however, she became impressed by his valiance, forthrightness, and intelligence. She started to doubt her original mission. She told the Fae Queen of her doubts and Her Majesty dismissed her on the spot. It was only due to her years of good service that she wasn't killed on the spot. Exiled from the forest Kingdom of the Fae, and having no where else to go, she returned to the King. She told him everything and he offered to make a place for her at his court until such time as she another destination. Tania would be at his beck-and-call should he need her.

About Half Actual Size

It's a big world: Her size may limit how she can interact with the world.
Exiled faerie: The tale has been spread that Tania is no longer under the Queen's protection. There are many creatures and wizards that would like to capture or kill a faerie free of reprisals.
Debt to a king: She owes the Human Monarch much and will strive to repay him and/or his family however she can.
Vulnerability: Cold-iron. Cold Iron is a bane to Fae and Fae Magics.

pl8 135

Str -1/-3
Sta 4
Dex 4
Agi 6
Fgt 0
Awe 4
Int -1
Pre 0

Tough: 4
Dodge: 2+6agi+4size= 12 [2pp]
Parry: 6+4size = 10 [6pp]
Will: 6+4 = 10 [6pp]
Fort: 2+4 = 6 [2pp]

Advantages [8pp]: Evasion 2, Set-up, Ranged Attack 4, Equipment

non-combat Skills @3/per [17pp]: Deception 12, Acrobatics 3(+9), Perception 9(+13), Sleight of Hand 9(+13), Stealth 3(+17), Expertise - Woodlands 6(+5 ), Insight 3(+7), Technology (limited: Security)(2pp used @ 2-for-1) +12[+11]

Bow (Ranged damage 2), 4ep
Continual light coin 1ep

Shrinking Permanent, innate pl8 [9pp]
-2 Str, -1 Speed, +8 Stealth, +4 defenses, -4 intimidate
Flight, Winged pr3 [3pp]
Low-Light Vision [1pp]
Immunity Aging,Sleep [half effect] [1pp]
Shrink Items: Dimensional Pocket 2 [2pp]

Pixie Archer:
Advantages: Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment, Cover), Power attack, [3pp]
Skill: Ranged-Attack (Bow) 6(+14) [3pp]
Add Multi-Attack and Penetrating to Bow [4pp]

Pixie Tricks
Concealment, Affects Other, Precise, pr 10 [31pp+5AEs]
{She can Make herself and one being in contact with her invisible}
AE: Sack of Pixie Dust: Concealment, Attack, Area-Cloud 2 (30'radius), Secondary Effect, Trigger [Impact] pr 5 (All Vision, Normal Olfactory)
{She produces a sac of Pixie Dust that when dropped or jostled will explode into glittery green motes smelling of pine.}
AE: Fey Magic: Illusion, All Senses, Independent, Area 1 [15'diameter], Precise, Tether pr 4
{She can cover something or some area with an illusion that stays attached to it.}
AE: Irrestistible Dance Arrow: Ranged, Affliction, Progression (Resist by Will, hindered and vulnerable, immobile and defenseless) Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Activation - Move pr 8
{Taking a Moment to conjure a bright blue arrow, she launches it at a foe that will start dancing}
AE: Sprinkle of Sleep Dust on the Wind: Affliction, Area-Shapeable, Cumulative, Extra Condition (Resist by Fort, Fatigued and Dazed, Exhausted and Stunned, Asleep), Subtle 2, Insidious 1, pr 7
{She sprinkles dust over her fluttering wings and an invisible trail snakes out from her causing drowsiness in all it touches.}
AE: Grease: Affliction, Area-Cloud, duration - continuous(+3/r), Permanent, Secondary Effect, (Resisted by Dodge, Hindered and Impaired, Prone and Disabled) Extra condition, Limited Degree, Limited (those touching the ground), Effect Fades, pr 8 linked Move Object, Area-Cloud, Range-Perception, Duration-Instant, Limited to Disarm, pr 7
{Releasing a conjuration of slippery grease onto the ground, every surface is coated by it. People can be rendered unable to move or get up, and everyone is subject to a Disarm, strength vs. DC 17.}

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Re: Flynnarrel's Folio

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Here's Wally as a PL 10 bad guy. I took his Redirecting-Deflect and weaponized it. Now, through portals he can grant a whole group of people perception range to their attacks directed at one person.

PL10 150
Wally Iverson

str 14
dex 10
con 16
int 8
wis 10
cha 8

Tough 3+7 = 10

Ref +10
Fort 3+7 = 10
Will +10

Skills [20pp]: Concentration +12, Notice +12, Bluff +12, Acrobatics +8, Sleight of Hand +16, Disable Device +12, Stealth +8,

Adv [23pp]: improved init 2, Attack spec [Deflect] 5, Attack spec Unarmed 4, Dodge 5, uncanny dodge Sight, Evasion 2, Equipment 1, Luck, Sieze initiative, Hide in Plain Sight

Equipment: Tools, Radio, Night Vision goggles, Camo clothing (Desert/Forest),

0BDB+Dodge5+shield5 = 10, 0 if flatfooted

init +8

Deflected attacks +10
Unarmed, +8

odd angles: Shield 5, Protection 7 [12pp]

Immunity Suffocation, Complication {Must be within 200 miles of breathable air} [2pp]

Low-light Vision [1pp]

Teleport, short-range only pr 2 [2pp]

Deflect (All), Ranged, Reflect, Redirect, Distracting, pr 10, Indirect 4, [54pp +3AEs]
AE: Elongation, Affects Others, Indirect 4, Subtle, Projection, Feedback, pr 10, (25/54) Super Move: Permeate 3, Affects others (9/54), Vision gains Penetrating (4/54), Flight, Affects Others, Subtle, Duration: Instantaneous pr 6 (7/54)
AE: ESP, Visual/Hearing, Feedback PR 7 (14/54), Communication, Auditory, pr 7, (7/54) Teleport, portal, Change Direction, Progression size 3 [25x25 entrance], Easy pr 7 (33/54) {200mi}
AE: Increased Range +2/r (can turn even a close attack to perception ranged), Affects Others Only, Selective Attack, Area-burst, Ranged. Quirk: Skew picks the target of Attacks, Subtle, Indirect 4, pr 10 (54/54)

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Re: Flynnarrel's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Chaplain Benjamin Dixon was an Evangalist's Son raised in a Fire-and-Brimstone household in the Southern United States. He grew up hearing of Sin and his place in Hell should he stray from the Path of Righteousness. (There were a lot of capitol letters in his childhood).

He knew he was destined for a life of prosletyzing, evangelizing, and succoring the injured. That was, until his father saw him with a dazed look talking about what their neighbors were doing. That is when Pastor Dixon knew his son was consorting with demons. He began to berate his son for being a satan-loving sinner when, the scared 11-year old cried his denials and the Heavens answered.

With a mighty crack there appeared a 6-winged Seraph, shinig bright as the sun and pointing spear at the Evangelist. The elder Dixon fell to his knees. And the Angel relented. Though it would be many years before he could reliably act as conduit for the Heavenly Hosts, his father raised Benjamin knowing of a great role he has to play in the world.

His talents with the inspiring word and at medicine only reinforced this notion. When the Great War came about, he knew his calling was overseas so enlisted. He's been fighting the Central Alliance ever since. Codename: Benediction.

Appearance: Height: 5'10"
weight: 175
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue


Benjamin 'Benny' Dixon
PL8 120

Str 2
dex 0
agi 3
sta 3
fgt 2
awe 4
int 2
pre 0

Toughness 3+2armor+3defensive roll = 8
Dodge 8 [5pp]
Parry 8 [6pp]
Fort 7 [4pp]
Will 9 [5pp]

Advantages[18pp]: Languages 3[English (native), French, German, Latin, Italian], Equipment 1, Defensive Roll 3, Extraordinary Effort, Luck 2, Inspire 4, Skill Mastery (Treatment), Skill Mastery(Perception), Improved initiative, Benefit - clergy

Equipment: Armor Protection 2 (2ep), med kit (1ep), Blast Goggles (1ep),

Skills[23pp]: Insight 4(+8), Perception 12(+16), Stealth 4(+7), Treatment 8(+10), Expertise - Religion 6(+8), Expertise - Actives 4(+6), Ranged (Guns) 8,


Angel Array [25pp+2AEs]
Seraph ... -28048.jpg
Summon, Heroic, Duration - Concentration, Mental Link pr 8
120 points

dex 0
agi -1
sta --
fgt 2
awe 5
int -2
pre 0

Toughness 10,
Dodge 6 [7pp]
Parry 6 [4pp]
Fort --
Will 8 [3pp]

Advantages[8pp]: interpose, Power Attack, All out attack, Move by Action, Fearless, improved initiative 2, startle

Skills[11pp]: Intimidate 10(+10), Perception 5(+10), Acrobatics 7 (+7),

Fear Not the Darkness: Environment Light, pr 1 {up to sunlight, 30ft radius} [2pp]
Flight pr 5 (winged), Aquatic [6pp]
Holy Spirit: immunity to fort [30pp]
Does God's Will and No Other: immunity to mental descriptor, [10pp]
Regeneration 1 (recovers normally despite no sta) [1pp]
{So that, if incapacitated, will eventually be available again}

Holy Armor: Protection pr 10, [10pp]

Flaming Spear of Light; Damage, str-based, pr 4, Secondary effect 8 (Target catches alight with holy flame), Improved critical 2, Accurate 3, +5' Reach [18pp+2AEs]
AE: Thrown Spear of Judgement; damage, str-based pr 4, ranged 8, Improved critical 1, Accurate 4, Precise 1 (Ranged, cover)
AE: Light of Heaven's Grace; Affliction, Will based, Area-Cone, (impaired, disabled, incapacitated), Variable (Intense holy light or cacophonous heavenly chorus) pr 8
{The spear the angel carries is a holy construct that he can summon at any time, (thus not removable). He can wield it or throw it or cause the head to burst with a projection of holt light or a chorus of heavenly voices that causes all inside to be overwhelmed and distracted by the brightness and holy cacophony.}

AE: Cherub
Actual Size
Remote Senses (Sight and Sound), Feedback, Noticeable but Subtle [see below] pr 9 (18/25) {2 miles away}
Move Object, Perception, Precise, pr1 (3/25) {This indicates the Cherub can move things that the priest sees with str 1, but risks exposing itself further.}
Senses: Dark Vision, Extended Vision, Tracking (4/25)
{Chaplain Benny summons a palm-sized Cherub - an angelic being with 4 wings and multiple faces [Noticeable manifestation] that hides well [Subtle, hard to spot]. It scurries about while the Chaplain sees through it's many eyes and hears through it's excellent ears. It is a physical manifestation and can move small things, but is much more easily spotted (and attacked). Any damage to it prompts a Toughness save from the Father at +9.}

AE: Ophanim ... Angels.jpg
Create, Duration - Concentration, Moveable, Limit-can only form Ophanim shape, pr8, Accurate 4 (12/25)
Flight 2, Attack, Area-Burst, limit - only as long as surrounded by Ophanim (6/25)
{I put it at limit since normal area-burst Flight, people could control their own Flight. Being tied to the Ophanim is a bigger limitation.}
Immunity Suffocation, Affects others, Area-burst, Quirk: inside Ophanim (5/25)
Immunity Cold Environment, Affects Others, Area burst, quirk: inside Ophanim (2/25)
{Chaplain Benny calls forth an Ophanim, a Throne of God. It is a pair of flaming, spinning rings studded with eyes that can trap or land on things with crushing force. It can also surround and protect a group of people, floating them through the air and shielding them from the rigors even high flight while coasting through the Heavens.}

Delusional - He really believes that these are Angels from Heaven doing God's Will. He believes his prayer and concentration are what enable them to take earthly form and enact God's Righteousness. When the Seraph especially is around he talks to it in Latin and hears its answers... in his head.
Hatred - Demon Summoners. Those God-forsaking Heathens need to relearn the Healthy Fear that the One True God inspires. Chaplain Benny will be all too happy to Explain it to them.
Christian holy man - he holds fast to the sacraments and vows he took and takes the scripture and bible seriously.

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Re: Flynnarrel's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Johnny 5


pl5 105

Str 3
Sta --
PRE -1

Skills [8pp]: Technology 10 (+14), Perception 6(+7), Investigation 8 (+12)
Combat Skills [2pp]: Close (Unarmed) 4, (+6)

Advantages [8pp]: Jack of All Trades, Inventor, Equipment 2, Well Informed, improved Initiative, fearless, Skill Mastery Technology

Built-in Equipment:
Fire Extinguisher
Night Vision Goggles
Parabolic Microphone
Audio Recorder
Cutting Torch (Damage 1, linked Weaken toughness, affects objects 1) 3ep

Tough 8
Dodge 2 [2pp]
Parry 2
Fort --
Will 1

Gold-colored Shell: Protection 8 [8pp]
Robot: Immunity: Fortitude, [30pp]
Immunity: Mental Descriptor [10pp]
Treads: Speed 2 [2pp]
Synthetic overdrive: Quickness pr3 + Quickness (Mental) pr 4 [5pp+2AE]
AE: Comprehend Machine pr 2 (Speak and Understand), Rapid
AE: Enhanced Strength (Power Lifting/Breaking) pr 5

Sensor: infravision, Radio Sense [2pp]

Gadgets 20pp(All Removeable - 4) [16pp]
Universal Remote: Remote Control Affliction (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled) Affects Machines Only, Perception, Subtle, pr 5 {16+4AE}
AE: Mobile Cell Tower: Communication (Radio), Area, Long Range, Subtle 2
AE: Movement: Speed 3, Swinging, Flight (Gliding) 5, Burrowing 5
AE: Grapple Line: Move Object, Damaging, Limit - toward or Tethered, Accurate 2, PR5 Fast Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Grab
AE: RC Plane: Summon, Active, Mental Link pr 5

Ability10+Skill10+advantages8+defense2+Powers75 = 105

RC Plane, PL5

STR 1/-1
STA --
INT -3

Toughness 2
Dodge 2+4(size) +2 = 8 [2pp]
Parry 2+4(size) +2 = 8 [2pp]
Fort --
Will 0

Skills [7pp]: Deception 10 (+10), Stealth 6(+8/+16), Perception 5 (+6)
Combat Skills [3pp]: Ranged Dropping 6

Advantages [8pp]: Move by Attack, Equipment 4, Set up, Teamwork,

Treat at grenades, Tear Gas (Cloud Area Affliction 4) 16ep, Smoke Screen (as Vehicle) 1ep, Caltrops (as Vehicle) 1ep, Video Camera 2ep

Protection 2 [2pp]
Shrinking 8 (Permanent) [8pp] (1foot long, -2 str, -1ground speed, +4 defenses, +8 stealth, -4 Intimidation)
Senses: Radio, Extended Sight 2 [3pp]
Immunity: Fort, Mental descriptor [40pp]
Flight 3 [6pp]

Powers 59 + Skills 10 + Advantages 8 + Defenses 4 + Abilities -6 = 75



"No dissassemble!" - Johnnyis against killing of living things.

"Number Five, Is Alive... No, Really." - Johnny has had trouble getting people to believe he is a free-thinking entity.

"Input!" - Johnny is insatiably curious about the world.

"Sh!t? What Sh!t? No see Sh!t." - Naive. Johnny 5 will believe almost anything. Combat application: He doesn't get a chance to resist Daze(Deception) or many interaction-based effects.

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Re: Flynnarrel's Folio

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Still an experimental build.

When the The Overseers made a bid for power one of the Heroes they took out first was GizWiz, a brilliant man with a stout heart and an unfortunate sense of naming things.

They'd shot him with an ensnaring device with Technological nullifying capabilities to neutralize his battle suit and dispatched the somewhat fragile man underneath, burying him under the remains of a concrete building. They didn't know that he was experimenting with a newly developed batch of nanobots whose cumulative induction fields powered the flight and some defensive capabilities of his suit. When the device keeping his suit dormant finally ran out of power the nanobots, instilled with a rudimentary AI with directives toward protection and support of superheroic endeavors, flowed from the cracks in the battlesuit, out from under the rubble, to search of some way to fulfill her directives - they sought out a new wearer.

The self-powered and self-replicating nanobots keep in a cluster where their cumulative movement fields can do the most good. Although capable of independent action, they are more 'comfortable' taking the appearance of whatever clothing their wearer expresses desire to be wearing, supporting the wearer in all their pursuits.

She thought she had a likely candidate in a street-level superhero whose paramour had been killed by criminals. This brilliant Psychology student used his education to begin striking fear in the hearts of wrongdoers. NICKIE offered help in this regard. They were partners until a head wound caused a sustained coma.

She is programmed to be self-sacrificing and tireless in their pursuit of justice. She is just looking for a new direction now.

Nanobots Integrating Communication and Kinetic Induction Enhancement
NICKIE (or Nicky, though it responds to ‘Suit’)

Abilities [4pp]
Str 0
Sta --
Fgt 0
Agi 3
Dex 0
Int 2
Wis 3
Cha -1

Defenses: [15pp]
Toughness 13
Dodge 3+4 = 7
Parry 0+7 = 7
Fort --
Will 3+4 = 7

Skills [14pp]: Stealth 8 (+11), Perception 10(+13), Technology 10 (+12)

Advantages [9pp]: Interpose, Evasion 1, Improved initiative, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge (Radar), Fearless, Teamwork, Jack of all trades*, Equipment,
*on board computer databases allows NICKIE to offer helpful reference guides
Equipment: laptop, cellphone, mini-tracer, binoculars, night Vision goggles
{The Suit has functions for any of the above.}

Init +7
Tractor Beam, +10, Move Object pr 10
Tractor Rip +10, DC 25 Toughness, Precise 2
Repulsor Field Area Burst, Selective, DC24 Toughness & Move Object- Away PR 9
Tractor Field, +13 DC 17 Affliction{Snare}

Immunity Fortitude effects [30pp]
Regeneration 1 [1pp]
{for a Construct this mean Heals as normal, not 1/10rnd}
Immunity (Mental Descriptor, half-effect) [5pp]
Communication Link (Affects Other, Quirk: Only between suit and wearer, Mental) [1pp]
{GizWiz designed a rudimentary mental interface to allow the nanobots faster reaction times to the thoughts and desires of the wearer. Unfortunately, that did leave the NICKIE collective open to mental influences}

Living Armor:
Interpose (Limited Half-effect, Limited:Wearer only, Extra: Continuous, Extra: Multiple attempts) [1pp]
{This 'power' represents NICKIE granting some degree of protection to the Wearer regardless. The Interpose in her Advantages means she can take the full brunt of an attack once but then can only half protect the wearer from subsequent attacks.}
{The suit also imparts the following to the wearer}
Evasion (Affects Others Only), Second Chance (affects others only) (Toughness vs. area affects) [2pp]
Immunity (Sustained, affects others only): Suffocation, Heat, Cold, Radiation environments [5pp]

Radar: (Radio Sense, ranged, radius, Accurate) [5pp + 1AE]
AE:Comprehend Machines, pr 2, Link Radio Sense
{NICKIE narrows her sensory band to send and receive a universal machine language to one device. Though still capable of receiving signals in this mode, she cannot project them to get a model of her environment (and loses Uncanny Dodge).}
Contact Sensors: Touch gains Analytical [1pp]

Protection 13 [13pp]

Flight 1, Continuous, Subtle [4pp]
{The Suit is capable of minor flight and can move or hold up a user with its inherent strength (Max Load 200lbs), even when incapacitated. She uses this to keep the wearer from having to bear her weight so the effect is nearly undetectable}

Insubstantial 1 [5pp+1AE]
AE: Feature 2 Quick Change [affects others], precise,(free action change into any set of clothes)

Tractor beam: Move Object, Subtle, Precise, Accurate 5 pr 10 [27pp+6AE]
AE: All Environment Mobile Field: Flight, Affects Other, Subtle, Aquatic; pr 7, Link Immunity (Affects others only): Pressure, Vacuum, link Space Flight pr1
AE: Repair-field: Healing (Affects objects, Stabilize, Extended Touch, Split Attack) pr 8
AE: Tractor Rip: Blast, Precise Attack 2 (Ranged, Cover, Concealment), Accurate 5 pr 10
AE: Repulsor Field: Move Object, Damaging, Range-Close, Duration-instant, Area-Burst, Selective, Limited Direction - Away, pr 9
AE: Targeted Tractor Field: Affliction (Snare), Ranged, Cumulative, (Resist by Dodge then Damage/Escape, Hindered and Vulnerable, Immobile and Defenseless) Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Accurate 6, Activation-Move, Enhanced Adbantage:Ranged Combat 1 pr 7
AE: Communication (Radio), Area, Selective, Subtle, Precise pr 4

Points: Abilities4+Skills14+Advantages9+Defenses15+Powers108 = 150

Suit - As a suit, NICKIE will always delay until the person s/he designates as 'wearing' it acts, moving with the person. It will try to support the actions of that person.
i.e - She will ALWAYS Interpose and Aid Other on skill checks (Using her Jack of All Trades and Teamwork to try for a DC10 to give a +5 to Wearer's result).
Clingy – NICKIE has what could classically be called abandonment issues. It wants to be around a humanoid person.
Loyal - Like a puppy, the NICKIE suit forms attachments and sticks to them.
Inhuman – NICKIE doesn't understand human emotions even though its AI is programmed to try to respond to them.
GizWiz – NICKIE still regrets not doing more for GizWiz, she will feel responsible for his safehouses and inventions, especially if she sees him using them for immoral purposes.
Living Dead Man - NICKIE still feels affinity for LDM and will check on/protect him and his legacy when possible.

Age: A few months old, though the nanobot design is years old, always undergoing refinement.
Hometown: The battle-suited techno genius, Gizwiz, had established bases of operation in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. The wealthy inventor felt this was the best way to do some good in the world (and field test his inventions). He came to Sapphire City to help out where he could in order to redeem the name of supers.
Family: Gizwiz had many inventions that could be considered brothers and sisters to NICKIE, but no familial bond exists between them.

Default suit form, unless requested otherwise or trying to blend in:
(But with full arms and full head hood)

or simply a dark cloud as the nanobots swarm.