Energy Points - Alternate rules

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Energy Points - Alternate rules

Post by BlueLantern » Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:09 pm

I am trying to use/adapt the energy points rule from mastermind manual for my setting.

My setting has pretty much only one single power source for "super-powers", in essence is a form of mental ability that can manifest in any given power of choice (even physical ones), it is culturally called "magic" or "psionics" or just "supernatural". In theory people can have lesser non-super abilities that would be brought as powers if they aren't as feats.

To fit the whole mental aspect, I wanted to make changes in the energy points rule:
*Change the base stat for energy points, instead of using Constitution use Wisdom. It fits the whole "mental" description better. The energy points would represent "magic energy" or "mana points" and the like.
**The problem with that: "Muggles" shouldn't have any kind of magic energy. I am considered having two types of energy points stamina points (based on Constitution) and magic points (based on Wisdom), but I am unsure if that is balanced or even too complicated.
*Other changes include add a few modifiers, feats and powers (most of the later two are still too early in development)
**Cost per activation (+1 extra): Used only on non-instant powers you spend your energy points only to activate your power and not to maintain it. This combines two instances of the reduced energy modified with limited.
**Cost per use (+1 extra or -1 flaw): Proper for passive powers. Energy points are only spent when the benefits of a power are used (such when you force field protects you from damage), it is only necessary to spend the energy points once per round. This can be added as a flaw to permanent powers. This combines two instances of the reduced energy modified with limited, or simple a instance of the increased energy cost
**Energy Recovery (feat, ranked): Each rank of this feat increases energy recover by +5 points every minute. I am NOT sure if this balanced yet, the use of the value five is to be roughly equal to the following power.
**Energy Recharging (Power. Sustained. Free Action. Personal. 2pp/rank): Once per round, regains one energy point per rank. This power doesn't cost energy points when recharging oneself, but costs when charging others (through the Affect Others modifier).