Justice League: War

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Re: Justice League: War

Post by Ares » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:01 pm

The following are some example strength placements based on where I would put the characters based on my own “what should they have” philosophy.

Class 00

Class 01 – Aunt May, Dr. Sivana, the Leader, Molecule Man

Class 02 – The Riddler, Scarecrow

Class 03 – Alfred, Felix Faust, Jarvis

Class 04 – Animal Man (non-agumented), Cannonball, Fire, Human Torch, Ice, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Kitty Pryde, Mr. Fantastic, Rick Jones, Robin, Scarlet Witch, Vixen (baseline), Wasp

Class 05 – Adam Strange, the Atom, Black Cat, Catwoman, Cyclops, Doctor Strange, the Flash, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Lex Luthor, Storm

Class 06 – Black Knight, Black Lightning, Black Widow, Booster Bold (baseline), Deadshot, Gambit, Green Arrow, Grifter, Guy Gardner, Hawkeye, Huntress, Katana, Nick Fury, Nightcrawler, Prometheus (baseline), Psylocke, Punisher, Silver Sable, Star, Warlord (Travis Morgan)

Class 07 – Backlash, Black Canary, Blue Beetle II, Bronze Tiger, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Lady Shiva, Mr. Terrific, Moon Knight, Nightwing, the Question, the Red Hood, Richard Dragon, Roy Harper, Shang Chi, Shinning Knight, Red Sonja

Class 08 – Absorbing Man (baseline), Batman, Black Panther, Cable, Colossus (human form), Deadpool, Hawkman (baseline), Ka-Zar, Karate Kid, Manhunter (Paul Kirk), Prometheus (armor augmented), Ra’s al Ghul, Wildcat

Class 09 – Bane (non-augmented), Captain America, Conan, Deathstroke, Ravager, Red Skull, Sabertooth, Wolverine

Class 10 – Bane (Venom boosted), Clayface, Eternal Warrior, Hawkman (Nth-metal boost), Kingpin, Midnighter, Mr. Freeze (exo-suit), Ox, Paladin, the Persuader, Predators, Red Tornado, X, Zealot

Class 20 – Beast, Blockbuster, Congorilla, the Creeper, Dove, Dracula, Firestorm, Gorilla Grodd, Hellboy, Jolt, Killer Croc, Kraven the Hunter, Magnus Robot Fighter, the Man-Thing, Spider-Girl

Class 30 – Battlestar, Blue Beetle III, Darkhawk, Gamora, Ghost Rider, Gold (Metal Men), the Green Goblin I/II, Guardian/Vindicator (James "Mac" / Heather Hudson), Hawk, the Hobgoblin, Lightray, Metamorpho (baseline), Mr. Miracle, Platinum (Metal Men), Ragman (baseline), the Scorpion, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Stargirl, Super Patriot, Swamp Thing, USAgent

Class 40 – Hourman I/II, Kilowog, the Lizard, Tigra, Venom, Zauriel

Class 50 – American Eagle, Blue Devil, Carnage, Jack of Hearts, Monet, Officer Dragon, Sabra, Star Fox, Starfire, Stingray

Class 60 – Adam Warlock, the Blob (lifting strength), Captain Comet, Cheetah, Cyborg, Damage, Dr. Doom, Isis, Luke Cage (lifting strength), Miss Martian (baseline), Moonstone, Sersi, Sunspot, Timberwolf, Valkyrie, the Wrecking Crew, X-O Manowar

Class 70 – Aquaman, Arn “Iron” Munro, Black Bolt (baseline), Booster Gold (suit augmented), Grace (Outsiders), Hardware, Iron Man, Lead (Metal Men), Lex Luthor (power armor), Loki, Metamorpho (max), Namorita, Robotman, Rocket Red, Steel (John Henry Irons), Strong Guy (baseline), Vision (baseline), War Machine, Warpath

Class 80 – Badrock, Barbaric, Big Barda, Big Bear, the Blob (striking power), Blok, Captain Marvel Junior, Citizen Steel, Colossus (metal form), Doc Samson, Donna Troy, Etrigan the Demon, Geo-Force, Grace (Comic’s Greatest World), Ikaris, Iron (Metal Men), Luke Cage (striking power), Mammoth, Martian Manhunter (baseline), Maul (average height), Metallo, Miss Martian (density shifted), Nova (standard power levels), Osiris, Rage, Ragman (max soul augmentation), Red Star, Rhino, Rom the Space Knight, Ronan the Accuser, Solomon Grundy (average incarnation), Superboy, Super Skrull, the Thing, Thundra, Uncle Sam (baseline), Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman

Class 90 – Apollo, Atom Smasher (max height), Beta Ray Bill, Black Bolt (energy amped), Captain Atom, Colossal Boy (max height), Firelord, Hank Pym (max height), Heimdall, Namor (sufficiently hydrated), Nova (amped strength), Thena, Thor, Vision (density shifted), Wilderfire

Class 100 – Abomination, Atlas (max height), Bizarro, Black Adam, Blue Marvel, Captain Britain, Captain Marvel, Chemo, the Eradicator, the General, Gladiator, Hercules, the High, Hulk (normal combat rage), Icon, Invincible, Juggernaut, Lobo, Majestic, Major Force, Mary Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Martian Manhunter (density shifted), Maul (extreme height), Mighty Man, Mongul, Mon-El, Omni-Man, Orion, Power Girl, Sabbac, Sasquatch, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, Solomon Grundy (strongest incarnation), Supergirl, Superman, Supreme, Terrax, Titan, Ultraboy, Uncle Sam (max height), the Vortex Entity, Wonder Man

Class 125 – Allen the Alien, Champion of the Universe, Darkseid, Despero, Hulk (extraordinary rage), Maul (max height), Thanos, Thragg

Class 150 – The Destroyer, Doomsday, Kurse, Trigon

Class 175 – Surtur, Validus, Ymir

Class 200 – The Celestials, Galactus, the Spectre

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Re: Justice League: War

Post by Goldar » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:42 am

I am glad you posted your STRENGTH rankings, Ares! Thanks so much.

I am glad we are currently discussing Strength Level. This is an interesting topic because it does have so much to do with all characters to some degree or another, no matter what the powers may be! Even the weakest and most energy-hurling person eventually belts someone! Just think of a blind-induced Sue Storm physically attacking the Mole Man, a shrunken Janet Van Dyne fighting off an ant in an ant hill with a toothpick or Wanda flipping Princess Python!

1) I like the idea of so many categories since the scale of STR and LIFTING is so vast. However, personally, I prefer to put them together and call them strength, since one definition of strength is how much one can lift.

2) I also concur with the ideas you mention about someone of a weaker nature beating and/or knocking unconscious someone who is much stronger. There are many factors that come into play, such as, how the person feels on a particular day (tired, sick, etc), accuracy of hits, going all-out, anger, adrenaline and so forth. I also agree with the levels you mention and that after 3, you probably are outmatched. Sometimes even at 2 levels below you are outmatched, while at other times, perhaps 4 levels down you can still win with significant-one-time-only effort and LUCK!

3) *Character Rankings* This is where you lose me somewhat! Just trying to help here and share what I know. I believe my numbers are correct for those I list below, but if you know otherwise, please advise me.

For instance, Black Cat, with her enhanced costume can lift 800 pounds, Black Widow can lift 500 pounds as a result of the Rusian varient of the SSS. So B Cat should be about 6, but Natasha has always been described as better than an Olympic-level athlete, so at least a 7,if not an 8. (What woman do you know who can lift (no costume augmentation) 500 pounds?)

Cl 80: Donna Troy, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman are all the same level of Strength? Can't be. Donna is shorter and lighter, a mirror image of Diana literally and not as good as Diana at everything, although she is very close. But Cassie isn't even near Donna's levels.

Thena can only lift about 25 tons, Vision's max density of 90 tons does not increase his strength to that level; his max strength is 50 tons. I never heard of Luke Cage having Cl 80 stirking power; however, Rage, a CL 75 strength limit has a fist-hitting power of 200 tons; Beta Ray Bill (Thor) is as strong as Thor, Gladiator is way above Cl 100 and most in the general "CL 100" category and I would place him in the Cl 125 minimum, Ms Marvel is only now at about 70 tons up from a previous 50 tons, although in her Binary incarnation, she was probably about 125 tons. Sunspot is nowhere near Class 60, maybe more like Cl 30, Tigra is nowhere near Cl 40, more likely Cl 20.

I would have thought you would have placed Superman in the Cl 150 level as the strongest regular adventurer.

It gets really hard trying to figure all of these out correctly!!! I mean, Kurse is 4X stronger than Thor, so about 500-600 tons, Validus is only a little stronger than Superman, The Destroyer is a cosmic/Asgardian Magical construct, Trigon is a demon-god, and where is the Maestro who is the strongest Hulk form we've yet to see? He was listed at baseline 200 tons.

Not meaning to add any confusion here, so sorry if I did. Any additional insight and info would be most appreciated! I love to learn new things about all these great characters and I may be missing a lot of info since many of them I would have put into a different category. Thanks.